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Middleburg UDC Applicants and Their Confederates
Loudoun Co., Virginia

The following list was transcribed and provided by Theresa Perkinson of the Thomas Balch Library and is used with her permission. Please direct any questions to her. Theresa writes:

"Here is the list of UDC Applicants. Some of the applications have very minimal information, very few have genealogical information other that what I've given. It seems in those early years, most everyone personally knew that you were so and so's daughter or granddaughter, so you didn't have to go through the documentation many organizatioins require today. Please refer to the key at the bottom of the list which explains the d/o, n/o, etc. relationships. I hope this helps someone. -
Theresa Perkinson, Thomas Balch Library."

Name of Applicant		Confederate		Date of Admission
ADAMS, Genevieve		d/o W. H. ADAMS		1897
ADAMS, Mary Elizabeth		d/o W. H. ADAMS		1897
ADAMS, Mary Louise		n/o T. W. ADAMS		1897
ALEXANDER, Laura B.		w/o M. J. ALEXANDER	1902
CARRINGTON, Georgie Adams	w/o Dr. William F. CARRINGTON and
				n/o Thomas Wren ADAMS	1911
CARTER, Bessie Noland		d/o Burr P. NOLAND	189?
CARTER, Kate E.			s/o B. F. CARTER Jr.	1897
CARTER, Margaret Rutledge	c/o B. F. CARTER Jr.	1899
CARTER, Rebecca Y.		s/o B. F. CARTER Jr.	1897
DISHMAN, Beulah Benton		d/o James W. DISHMAN	1917
DISHMAN, Hazel(?) Elizabeth	d/o James W. DISHMAN	1917
DUDLEY, Anne Haxall		ggd/o B. P. NOLAND	1907
DUDLEY, Gertrude Wyman		d/o Thomas Underwood DUDLEY	1897
DUDLEY, Katherine		d/o Bishop J. N. DUDLEY	1896
DUFFEY, Alice Pagand		n/o Thaddeus E. PAGAND	1902
DUFFEY, Anna M. L.		d/o Edward Samuel DUFFEY	1899
DUNAWAY, Roberta J.		w/o W. F. DUNAWAY	1897
FLETCHER, Marion Carter		c/o B. F. CARTER, Jr.	1900
FLETCHER, Tacie G.		d/o Robert FLETCHER	1902
FRED, Nannie Conway		nrg Frank Lee FRED	1914
GARTRELL, Dixie Gray		gd/o John Craig GRAY	1946
GOODLOE, Hallie Dudley		d/o Bishop J. N. DUDLEY	1898
HATCHER, A. M.			w/o Welt HATCHER	1897
HATCHER, Hattie E.		s/o D(?) C. HATCHER	1897
HATCHER, Meta			d/o D. C. HATCHER	1897
HAXALL, Anne Triplett		gd/o B. P. NOLAND	1897
HAXALL, Louise Triplett Harrison    gd/o B. P. NOLAND	1897
HAXALL, Susan Noland		gd/o Burr P. NOLAND	1897
HENDERSON, Christine		n/o Dr. J. N. UPSHUR	1902
JOHNSON, Kate Edmondson		w/o V. M. JOHNSON	1911
KIRKPATRICK, May Dudley		d/o Bishop T. N. DUDLEY	1898
LEE, Minna Leata Monroe		gd/o James Monroe BENTON   1946
LEITH, Alice R.			d/o T. B. LEITH		1915
LEITH, Anna			w/o T. B. LEITH		1900
LEITH, Corrie Rawlings		n/o Dilwin Stuart CARTER   1905
LUCK, Lucile Ashton		d/o Charles H. ASHTON	1906
LUCK, Roberta Rector		w/o William J. LUCK	1897
MACKENZIE, Ella N.		d/o Lloyd NOLAND	1902
MARTIN, Lizzie R.		d/o J. J. RUTTER	1897
MARTY, Elizabeth Lloyd Tabb	gd/o John Prosser TABB, MD   1930
MAYERS, Josephine Hart Simmonds	n/o Albert SIMMONDS	1924
MCCORMICK, Katherine Reynolds	n/o Dr. E. P. REYNOLDS	1897
MEADE, Mary Alexander Johnson	d/o Valentine Mason JOHNSON   1911
MILHOLLEN, Agnes F.		w/o E. A. MILHOLLEN	1901
NOLAND, Charlotte Haxall	gd/o Burr Powell NOLAND	1909
NOLAND, Rosalie Haxall		gd/o Burr Powell NOLAND	1912
O'BANNON Lizzie C.		gd/o Walter O'Bannon	1919
REAMER, Mary Katherine Keeler	gd/o Francis Marion COLE   1919
RECTOR, Winnie Lee Nelson	d/o Joseph H. NELSON	1919
ROGERS, Ada H.			s/o J. S. ROGERS	1897
ROGERS, Ida H.			Personal Service (not military)	1909
RUSSELL, Bessie			n/o Dallas FURR		1900
RUSSELL, Cosmelia V.		n/o Dallas FURR		1900
SKINKER, Ann E.			w/o T. J. SKINKER	1897
SMITH, Lucy Adams		d/o W. H. ADAMS		1897
TABB, Nellie MacKenzie		ggd/o Lloyd NOLAND	1902
TAYLOR, Ben (Miss)		Staunch Supporter & Sympathizer	no date
TIFFANY, Pamelia Hamilton	n/o John TIFFANY	1904
UNDERWOOD, Lucy B.		d/o Bush UNDERWOOD	1897
WATERS, Mary E.			m/o J. H. WATERS	1897
WELSH, W. W. (Mrs.)		d/o John W. MCDONALD	1905
WOOD, Morinnia(?) Mason		d/o W. Roy MASON	1902
WOODWARD, Fanny Dudley		d/o Bishop John N. DUDLEY   1897
WOODWARD, Katharine		gd/o Bishop John N. DUDLEY   1902

c/o = cousin of
d/o = daughter of
gd/o = grand-daughter of
ggd/o = great grand-daughter of
m/o = mother of
n/o = niece of
nrg = no relationship given
s/o = sister of
w/o = wife of