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Pension Application of Rhodam Moxley BLWt597-200

                Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Loudoun County  Sct                                     May 13th 1811

It being proved to the satisfaction of this Court that Joseph Moxley and William Moxley are the only Heirs of William Moxley dec’d. which said William Moxley was the heir of Rhodam Moxley dec’d who was killed in the army of the United States in the revolutionary war and the same is ordered to be certified

[This certification is followed by a power of attorney assigned to William B. Harrison to obtain bounty land.]


Fairfax County  Sct.

Daniel McCarty [pension application W8275] made Oath before us two of the commonwealths Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid & State of Virginia that he was well acquainted with Rhoadham Moxley who was a Lieutenant in the same Regiment  that this deponant belong to in the Revolutionary War and that the said Moxley was kill’d at Bufords defeet in Carrolina [defeat of Col. Abraham Buford at the Battle of Waxhaws SC, 29 May 1780] for this deponant actually saw him after he was dead on the ground and that this deponant belong to the same Reg’t of Buford and was wounded in the same defeat on the same day                                                                                                             [signed 19 Aug 1811] Daniel McCarty


The Deposition of John Powell [pension application S25368] of Full age, Taken this 24th day of Aug’t. 1811. In the County of Fairfax & State of Virginia. Who being First duly sworn deposeth & saith that he was well acquainted with Rodham Moxley, and knows of his own knowledge that he was kiled in Beauforts defeat in South Carralina on the 29th day of May 1780, having seen him Buryed. I Belonged to the same Troops & was badly Wounded in said action myself. I further state that said Rodeham Moxley Ranked as Lieutenant and suppose he was duly Commissioned and Further this deponant saieth not

                                                                                                                                [signed] John Powell