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Will of Issachar BROWN
signed 19 May 1840
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will Book Z, Page 273

Posted by Julie Rogers, on Wed, 13 Jan 1999

Be it remembered that I Issachar Brown of the County of Loudoun and State of Virginia, reflecting on the uncertainty of this life and being of a sound and disposing mind and memory, do this 19th day of May in the year of our Lord 1840 make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:

1st, I do direct my Executors hereinafter named to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses out of the proceeds of my personal estate as soon as may be after my decease.

2nd, I do direct and order my Executors to place out at interest $1,000, and the interest thence arising to go to my beloved wife yearly during her natural life or her marriage, and I order and direct that she have a room in any house for her to remain and to keep her goods in until she may have sufficient time to settle elsewhere and I direct that she shall have her firewood cut and haled to her door and one years provision found out of my estate and likewise pasture for her two twin heifers which I have given to her. I do furthermore give to my wife Margaret a good watch and her bed and beding, two coverlids, two blankets, two sheets out of my bed cloaths and a bureau, her walnut able and also return to her all the household goods she brought with her at our marriage.

3rd, After the decease of my wife I do will and direct that the $1,000 so placed out as aforesaid, the same be equally divided amongst my five children, namely Thomas, William, Giles and Craven Brown, and Mary Gregg, wife of Thomas Gregg.

4th, I will and direct that my executors due make sale of the whole of my estate both real and personal at such time and on such terms as they may deem expedient, but as soon as practicable after my decease, except what I have already disposed of to my wife, I devise that the proceeds of the sale of my said estate together with cash and bonds on hand at my death be distributed amongst my heirs as follows:

5th, I bequeath to my son James Brown's children $100 each to be paid to them as they come of age.

6th, I bequeath to Mary Jane, daughter of my son, Samuel Brown $100 to be paid to her as she comes of age, or if she marries before she is 21 years old my executors are at liberty to pay her, and if any one of the children of James and Samuel Brown above named should die before they arrive at age, I desire his or her part to be equally divided between my sons William, Thomas, Giles and Craven and my daughter, Mary Gregg, equally.

7th, I bequeath to my son Joel $100.

8th, I bequeath to Edith M. Mullen $10.

9th, I desire and direct my executors after the payment or after receiving the means of payment of the foregoing legacies to divide the residue of my estate equally among my children namely, William, Thomas, Giles and Craven, and my daughter, Mary Gregg, equally. I omitted to state above and now accept the wish that my executor provide out of my estate a head and foot stone to be placed at the grave of my deceased wife, Hannah, also a head and foot stone for myself and also for my present wife, Margaret. My large bible I leave to William Brown.

10th and lastly, I constitute and appoint Craven Brown and Mason Chamblin executors of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills by me at this time made. Witness: Philip Griffith, Enos Persel. At a court held for Loudoun County, July 10, 1830, this paper to be the Last Will and Testament of Issachar Brown, dec'd, was this day presented to the court proved by the oaths of Phillip Griffith and Enos Pursel, two of the subsiding witnesses.