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Will of William Dulin
signed 8 May 1812
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will K153 1812

Transcribed and provided by Betty Frain,

In the name of God Amen I Wm. Dulin of Loudoun County and State of Virginia do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner following that is to say. I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife, Mary Dulin four Hundred Acres of land for and during her life, it being a part of two Tracts containing five Hundred and fifty acres whereon I now Reside in which I wish to include so much only of the Tract purchased of Woolards Heirs as Shall take in the Spring and Houses on that part and Make a convenient division between the Land I thus Devise to her and the One Hundred and fifty acres hereafter devised to my Son Edward, also I give to my wife during her life, Negroes, Moses and his wife, Nelly and their children John and Lewis, Nancy, and ?, Tom and little Moses, her choice of Six horses and a waggon and her choice of Ten head of Cattle, choice of Twelve hogs and ten sows and pigs choice of fifteen Sheep, and also all household and Kitchen furniture and as many of the farming utensils as may be necessary for carrying on the Farm, also a sufficiency of the pigs and Years crops for the comfortable support of herself and Family to use and dispose of as She may think proper. The slaves I have given to my Wife during life Shall at her death be equally divided among my Legatees, all the rest of Slaves to be valued, and all my other property to be sold and after paying my Debts to be divided with the Slaves directed to be appraised unto three equal parts, One third to my son Edward, one third to my Daughter Hannah, and one third to my two grand Children Wm. and Mary Wren.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Edward the plantation he now lives on also one hundred and fifty acres, the Residence of the Tract I now live on.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Hannah Smith the plantation She now lives on and that Sandford Wren lives on which together with her part of all the Slaves shall at her death be Equally divided among all her lawful children except her son George Smith, he to have no part thereof, he having been already fully provided for by his fathers last will.

Item I give and bequeath unto my two grand Children Wm. and Mary Wren, the four Hundred acres of Land which I have given unto my wife during her life at her death to be equally divided between them and it is my will and desire that if either of them die without lawfull children then all the property hereby Devised to them shall belong to the Survivor, but should both of them die childless, then it is my will that the property devised to them be equally divided between my Son Edward and my Daughter Hannah and their Heirs. I hereby constitute and appoint my Beloved Wife Mary Dulin my Executrix and my Brother John Dulin my Executor to this my last will, I also Hereby constitute and appoint my wife Guardian to my two Grand Children Wm. and Mary Wren, and should she die before they arrive at age, then it is my Will that my Brother John Dulin become their guardian and that he take them under his care and protection, and that he take into his possession all the property devised to them which he will carefully keep for their use and benefit until they arrive at age, unless my Grand Daughter Mary Wren should sooner marry on which event it is my will that she be put in possession of her part thereof. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty eighth day of May eighteen hundred and Twelve hereby revoking all former wills and testaments.

Signed and acknowledged
William Dulin

in the presence of
Wm. Minn
George Weagley
Wm. A. Summers