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Will of Walter Elgin
signed 2 Aug 1836
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will Book X, pg. 139.

Transcribed and provided by Betty Frain,

In the name of God Amen: I Walter Elgin of the County of Loudoun and State of Virginia, being weak in body, but of sound mind, and disposing memory, do hereby make and constitute this my last Will and Testament in the word following, to wit,

First - I devise, that all my just debts, and funeral charges be first paid.

Secondly - I give to my son Ignatius (and his heirs forever) 150 acres of land it being a part of the tract of land which I purchased of George Carter, and lying on the North side of Goose Creek, and containing 408 acres; the same to be cut off in such manner as to include all the buildings pertaining to that tract on which said Ignatius now resides.

Thirdly - I give to my son Mordicai (and his heirs forever) 150 acres in the aforesaid tract to be so cut off as to include all the buildings from which said Mordicai lately removed.

Fourthly - I give to my son William and his heirs forever the balance of said tract 108 more or less, which bequests, I desire, shall be in full of the shares of my three above named sons, respectively, of all my estate, both real and personal, having advanced each of them certain sums of money heretofore.

Fifth - Having given my son Walter the sum of One thousand dollars some years ago, I desire that the same shall be in full of his portion of my estate both real and personal, of every kind and description whatsoever.

Sixth - I also give to my son John 160 acres of Land, on the north end of my Home farm, to be cut of by a line beginning at some point in a line of the said of William's land SW on the West, and running an Easterly course to some point in a line between said Home farm and the land of Samuel Elgin on the east.

Seventh - I also give to my three unmarried Daughters, Sally, Diadama and Rebecca and my married daughter Mary Fulton all the balance of said Home farm to be equally divided between them according to quality and value; and it is also my desire that if the division line cutting off my sons John's 160 as above described shall fall south of my present dwelling House, Dairy, Meathouse, Stables, and Orchard, my above named Daughters Sally Diadama and Rebecca shall hold and enjoy the use and benefit of one half of said dwelling house, Dairy, Meathouse, Stables and Orchard so long as they respectively shall remain single or unmarried, but in the event of the Marriage of either of the above named daughters, the priviledges hereby devised shall cease to be enjoyed by them after such marriage, and the same shall revert to the sole use and benefit of my son John.

Eighth - I give to my son Samuel and my Grandson (Walter Thomas Rogers) Infant son of my deceased daughter Nancy Rogers the entire tract of Land purchased of R. H. Henderson as agent for Greenup, the same to be equally divided between them according to quality and value.

Ninth: - I also hereby give to my four daughters Sally, Diadama, Rebecca and Mary Fulton and my aforesaid Grandson Walter Thomas Rogers in addition to the bequests already herein to them devised, all my personal property consisting Negroes, Stock, farming interests of every description, house hold furniture, Cash, bonds, and all other papers representing money, the same to be equally divided among them in such manner as the commissioners appointed for that purpose by the County Court of Loudoun shall direct - I desire, however, that my aforenamed son John, shall have three of my horses, the same that he claim to be his, to have and to hold the exclusive use and benefit of the same prior - In the event of the deaths of either of my unmarried children, John, Samuel, Sally, Diadama and Rebecca or my Grandson Walter Thomas Rogers aforesaid or Mary Fulton, without lawful issue, then the property herein devised to such deceased, shall revert to my remaining children, or their heirs, to be equally devided among them.

Lastley - I hereby constitute and appoint my Son in Law William Fulton and my son John the joint Executors of this my last Will and testament. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 2nd day of August 1836.

Signed sealed and delivered

Walter Elgin (Seal)

published and declared as for the last Will and Testament of the above named Walter Elgin in presence of us
Asa Jackson
John Littleton
B. Shreve Jr.