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Will of Thomas FURR
signed 3 Nov 1734
found in Loudoun Co., VA

Posted by Rich Furr, on Thu, 11 Feb 1999

"Thomas Furr of Hamilton Parish in the County of Prince William being sick of body. Unto Malachi Cummings one hundred acres of land whereon he now lives during his life and his wifes life the said Malachi Cummings to make no waste or sale of timber only for the plantation, etc, and after the decease of them and my wife the said two hundred acres to fall to her son Thos. Unto my loving wife Elizabeth Furr all my household goods, cattle, horses, mares, hoggs, sheep that in any wise belong to me. After my wife Elizabeth's decease that plantation whereon her son Thos. lives to her heirs and case of his death to her son William. After my wife's decease the plantation whereon I now live to her son William and after the decease of my loving wife what household stuff, goods and stock there is to be equally divided between her two sons Thos. and William except one pewter dish which I leave unto her daughter Elizabeth Cummings. I desire Jonathan Gibson when he lays of his land to lay of mine with it and for what land William Allen has taken from me to get it again if possible and let the children have a part as otherwise if he does not like of it take it out of the estate. I desire that if John Lattimore is disturbed about his land and will lay it off to have it done by a sworn surveyor and chain carryers and if any be wanting to take it where his knoct off. Unto my loving wife one servant woman and an orphan boy called by the name of Thos Mcantier. It is my will that my wife have all my tobacco, debts due and whatsoever belongs to me. I do make, ordain and constitute my loving wife my executrix of this last will and testament to see it performed and furthermore I do ordain and appoint my loving friend Jonathan Gibson overseer and assistant to my wife.

Thos (X) Furr

John Boystone 3 Nov. 1734
Ralph (RH) Hues
Thos (T) Cummings