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Will of Timothy HIXSON
signed 5 Sep 1811
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will Book K, Page 89

Posted by Donald L. Kear, on Sat, 13 Mar 1999

In the Name of God Amen I Timothy Hixson of Loudoun County and State of Virginia Farmer being of sound mind and memory Calling to min the uncertainty of Life knowing that it is appointed for all men to Die Do make and ordain this my last will and testament as it hath Pleased God to Bestow upon me somewhat or the Goods of this world I have thought fit to Dispose of them in the Following manner First of all my Funeral Charges and Lawful Debts be paid

Item I Give unto my Beloved Margaret Hixson Her Thirds in the Plantation I now live on to have the mention house that I Live in also one third of my movable Property but what I shall mention hereafter to be Returned at Her Death also one third of the Plantation I Bought of Capt. John Hambelton also Forriston and Kate his wife to work for her support to be her Share of the Slaves the Land and negroes the whole to be Returned at her Death to go as I shall Direct with the increase of the slaves.

Item I Give unto my three Sons Samuel and Andrew and Flemon Hlxson the Plantation that I live on with that I Bought of John Hambelton with all my movable Estate with my slaves also what I may be Possessed of at my Death the Land is to be Payed for by them and all my Lawful Debts if not Done in my Life time to be Equal Shares to my three Sons, above named but what I shall otherways Direct my wife to have Flemons part untill he arrives to the age of twenty one years or should marry:-

Item I Give to my Daughter Elonor Hixson Hixson to be paid out of my Estate two Hundred pounds and a negro Girl named Phillis if the Girl should be Living when Elonor arrives to the age of twenty one if not to hsve the worth of such a girl Paid her by my three sons above mentioned Equal alike also one feather Bed and Bedding Case of Drawers also a Cow and horse and Saddle and other things so as to Begin housekeeping she is to have them when she arrives to the age of twenty one or when she marrys the money not to be Called for without on hand in less than twelve months after my Death to be Paid her by my three sons above named if any of the above mentioned sons should Die before they arrive to the age of twenty one or should lave Lawfull Issue it shall be Divided amongst them that survives and their heirs.

Item my will is that the Price of the Plantation that I Got of my son Rewben Hixson which my wife nor the abovementioned Children to have no Claim to nor Part in which I have sold for Fourteen Hundred Pounds to go to my first wifes Children sons and Daughters, as I shall Direct the Price of said Land to Go. Elijah Hixson to have 30 pounds if living at Death if not to his son Timothy Hixson or his heirs, Ruben Hixson heirs his Daughter Jean Rachel Mary Catherine to have 50 pounds to have Equal alike Having have done more for him than the Rest which is the Reason for not making him Equal with the Rest and John Hixson, William Hixson, Benjamin Hixson, Timothy Hixson, Sarah Hixson, Rachel Davis Mary King Margarett Gregg the Price of the said Plantation to be Eqally Divided amongst them except Wlliam to have £50 the most being a Cripple Land that I Bought of henly Boughgese and he of Ja. Binns said Binns Bought himself to make a good and Sufficient Deed for which he has not done if taken away by older Claims to Return the money with the intust Bought in the 1797 which the article will shew the Sum I Gave 180 pounds which Land or the money to go to my that I shall name them to my first wifes children Elijah Hixson if he should Living at My Death if not to his son Timothy Hixson 200 acres if a deed is Got if not his Part of the money that was paid for the Land with intust Reuben Hixsons sons Stephen and Noah 200 acres or their Part of the money Equal John Hixson 200 acres if not an equal part of the money William Hixson 200 if not his Part of the money Equal Part Timothy Hixson 200 acres if not an equal Part money and Benjamin Hixson he to have a tract of Land in Harrison County Virginia which have a deed for to be his part in Land the part of the above is 1000 acres in flemon county Caintucky on Indian creek the money that hatch Been advanced To any of them the Bonds or notes to come out of their Part or open accounts will shew to come out of the Price of the said Plantation sold the Balance If I should not make Distribution in my Life time go to my three sons Samuel and andrew and Flemon Hixson Do appoint my Beloved Wife Margarett Hixson Hixson my Executors of my Last will and Testament Revoking all other Wills by me heretofore made Confirming this and this only to be my Last will and Testament Given under my Hand and fifth Day of September one Thousand eight Hundred and eleven.

"Timothy Hixson"(Seal)

Probated March 9th 1812