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Will of Asa Moore
signed 16 Sep 1820
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will Book "O", pg. 310.

Transcribed by Bronwen C. Souders,, Education Committee, Waterford Foundation

The Moores and Bonds lived on Bond Street in Waterford. Asa Moore was the third son of the five children of Thomas Moore Senior and Elizabeth his wife. Thomas Senior, or HIS father are SUPPOSEDLY the people who named Waterford after "his birth place in Waterford, Ireland." I have seen no proof of this: the family came to Waterford in 1780 from Uwchlan (later Goshen) Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania. Obviously they could have lived in Ireland before that; I welcome any information anyone might have. Asa had older brothers Thomas and James; his younger sister Elizabeth married Joseph BOND; sister Ann married Evan TAYLOR. I have file information on several of the names if researchers need them. - Bronwen Souders

I Asa Moore of Waterford in Virginia this sixteenth day of the ninth month l820 do make and ordain and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following to Wit,--

First, it is my will, that as soon after my decease as convenient all my estate both real and personal, be appraised by judicious men, as near to the real value as possible, from the amount of which let all my just debts (which I direct my Executors hereafter mentioned to pay be taken so that the nett amount of my estate be ascertained, clear of all debts and expences whatever. It is my will that as soon after the appraisement as she may think proper my dear wife be allowed to take at the appraised prices of my personal and real estate whatever she may choose of my mansion house in part) to an amount not to exceed one third part of the amount of the whole clear estate which one third part I give, bequeath and devise unto her and her heirs forever,-- one other third part of my clear estate it is my will be disposed of as follows, Viz--that there be paid out of it to Eliza Morgan and Ann Eaches each three hundred dollars to John and Thomas McCormick (all children of James McCormick) each one hundred dollars, to my brother Thomas' four children, Mary, Asa, Ann and Caleb each fifty dollars, and to Anne Deaver two hundred dollars, and that the balance of said third part be placed in such way as it will be likely to produce the best interest for the support of my wife, her daughter Sarah Ann Littler, and her grandson, James L. Bond, which interest I give and bequeath to my said wife for and during her lifetime and after her decease, it is my will that the principal be equally divided among James L. Bond, Sara Ann Littler, my brother James' two daughters, Sarah Steer and Elizabeth Janney, Mary McCormick, Eliza Morgan, and Ann Eaches, which equal those I give and bequeath to each of them forever. --and out of the remaining third part of my clear estate, I direct that there be paid to my Brother James' son, James Moore Jr. and to Joseph Bond (my sister's son) each five hundred dollars and to James McCormick two sons, John and Thomas each one hundred dollars, which sums I give and bequeath to them forever, and it is my will that the profits or interest arising on the balance of the last mentioned third part be paid to my sisters, Amy Taylor and Elizabeth Bond, one third part to Amy and two thirds to Elizabeth for and during their life times, and after their decease, I direct that the principal thereof be divided between the then surviving children of Thomas Philips, of Abner Moore (my brother's son) and of my sister Elizabeth Bond to be paid to them when they arrive at legal age to receive it, in such proportion that each of my sister Elizabeth Bond's children may have double as much as each of the children of Thomas Philips and Abner Moore,--which shares I give and bequeath to each of them forever. And it is my will that all sums of money or property that may be found charged in my books to any of those to whom I have left legacies at my decease as aforesaid be considered as so much of their legacies respectively.

And lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my partner Thomas Philips and my nephews James Moore Jr. and Joseph Bond my executors to this my last will and testament, hereby authorizing them or the survivor of them to make sale of and convey such parts of my real and personal estate as may in their opinion be necessary or best, in the executiono f this my will. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above-written--note the word clear in the l8th line intertined at the execution.

Asa Moore acknowledged the above signature and declared the above instrument to be his last will and testament in the presence of

Edwd. Dorsey
Isaac Walker
Daniel Stone
J. Mendenhall.

Asa Moore SEAL

I Asa Moore maker of the foregoing will, ordain this my first codicil thereto in manner following--that is to say--It is my will, that from the specific legacies, bequeathed to my brother James' son James Moore Jr. and my sister Elizabeth's son, Joseph Bond, there be deducted each two hundred dollars, and that the amount four hundred dollars be given to my sister Elizabeth, out of the first monies of which it may be convenient to pay it-- Given under my hand and seal this second day of the eleventh month eighteen hundred and twenty one- signed and acknowledged in presence of Isaac Walker, J. Mendenhall, Edwd. Dorsey, Daniel Stone.

Asa Moore SEAL

At a court held for Loudoun County November 10th, l823, This last will and testament of Asa Moore Decd. was presented to the Court and together with the Codicil thereunto annexed was proved by the affirmations of Isaac Walker, and Daniel Stone, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Thomas Philips and Joseph Bond, two of the Exors. therein named and who made affirmation as executors according to law and who together with John Williams and Amasa Hough, their securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of forty thousand dollars conditioned according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form and liberty is reserved the other executor to join in the probate when he shall think fit.

Teste C. Binns, Clerk