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Will of Joseph Morin
signed 14 Nov 1769
found in Loudoun Co., VA Will Book "A", pgs. 238-239. 1770.

Katy married SAMUEL SIMPSON, Margaret married Jacob SPEARS John Married Sara FISHBACK

Transcribed and provided by Dolores Morin Stelling, morin@Alaska.NET

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I JOSEPH MORIN of the County of Loudon and Province of Virginia being of Sound Memory but of a Weakly and Low condition of Body do this 14th day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine make and ordain this my last Will and Testament for the manner and purposes therein Mentioned that is to say. ____

First I give and bequeath My Soul into the hands of the Creator God Almighty hoping that the Merits of Jesus Christ he will receive into Mercy and My Body I Commit to the Ground to be Interred in a Decent and Christian like manner. _____Then as to my Goods and Chattels I give and bequeath them to my loving Wife Molly Morin as long as she remaineth a Widow both cattle and Furniture either of Household or Plantation except as is hereafter Mentioned. Next unto my son James Morin I give my Negro Wench named Hanna when he arrives at the age of Twenty one Years and one Horse Colt together with one Bed and Furniture...Then unto my Daughter Peggy I give one Bed and Furniture with one Horse and Saddle and one Cow Calf if she goes to and with the Consent of her Mother and her Uncle John Metcalfe. Next unto Daniel Morin I give one Negro boy named Arch. Unto John Morin I give one Negro Wench named Lucy. Unto Joseph Morin I give one Child or the Chance for the one with whom my Negro Wench Moll is now big if it should Chance to Die he is to be made up with an Equivalent out of the moveable Estate. Unto My Daughters Katy and Nancy I give Equal unto my Daughter Peggy out of my moveable Estate. Unto my Daughter Prudence I leave Equal part of my moveables with Katy and Nancy. and I do for the intents and Purposes mentioned in this my last Will and Testament make and ordain my trusty Friend John Metcalfe and William Picket to be Overseers of this my Will to take Care and see the same performed according to my true intent and Meaning. ___In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set my Hand and Seal this fourteenth Day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine.

Signed by the said JOSEPH MORIN} as his last Will and testament in} the Presence of us who were } Present at the Sealing and Delivery} his of the same ------------------}


mark John Metcalfe
James Metcalfe
William Picket

At a Court for Loudoun County. March the 12th, 1770. this will was Proved by the oaths of John Metcalfe, James Metcalfe and William Pickett the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be Recorded and on the Motion of John Metcalfe and William Pickett the Executors therein named who made oath according to Law Certificate is Granted them for obtaining a Probat thereof in due form giving Security-whereupon they together with Elisah Chinn and James Metcalfe their Securities entered into Acknowledged their Bond in the Penalty of One thousand pounds Current Money of Virginia with Conditions as with the Law directs.