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Index to Surnames in Posted Nelson Co. Queries

Selecting a Surname from this index, will take you to the latest occurrence of that Surname.  If there are previous occurrences, there will be links to those queries.

These pages are no longer being added to.

Adams Aldridge Aliff Allen
Anderson Arisman Armistead Arrington

Baber Bailey Ball Barker
Barnett Beard Beckman Bellomy
Bernard Berry Biggs Black
Blair Bolen Bolton Bond
Boothe Booz Bouler Bourne
Bowers Bowling Bowman Bradshaw
Bridgewater Bridges Brittingham Brooks
Brown Bryant Burford Burks
Burnett Burton Butler Button

Callarman Camden Campbell Canody
Cantin Carr Carter Cary
Carroll Cash Cheatham Chewning
Childress Christian Clark Clarkson
Coffee/Coffey Coleman Collins Cook
Cox Craig Crank Crawford
Cress Crist Critzer Cullen
Cunningham Currier

Daft Dameron Davenport Davis
Dawson DeMasters Dennis DeQuasie
DeHaven Dickinson Dinkle Dobbins
Dodd Drumheller Dudley Dunbar

Embly Emett Emmerson Epps
Essex Eubank(s) Evans Everett

Faber Farrar Farrell Fauver
Ferguson Fields Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick
Flanagan Floyd Fogus Forkner/Fortner
Fortune Foster Fox Fulcher

Gaines Gerald Giles Gilpin
Glass Goings Goode Goodwin
Goolsby Gordon Grant Grass
Graves Gray Green Griffin
Grouh/Grow Grove

Hager Hailey Hall Hamblett/Hamlet
Hamersly Hamilton Hamner Hamson/Hanuss
Hardbarger Harlan Harper Harris
Harvey/Harvie Hatter Haskins Hawk
Hawkins Hays Henderson Hendricks
Herndon Higginbotham Hight/Hite Hill
Hogg Holt Housewright Hubbard
Hudson Hughes Hunt Hunter

Jackson Jacobs Jefferies Jefferson
Jenkins Johnson Jones Jordan

Keerans Kidd Kilpatrick Kimbrough

Lacy Lane/Layne Langham/Lanham Lankford
Lawhorn(e) Layton/Leighton Lee Leebrick(e)
Lilly Litchford Llewellyn Lloyd
Lobban Lotts Loving Lunsford/Luntsford
Lyle Lynch Lyon

Maddox Magann Mantiply Martin
Massie Mathews Maupin Mawyer
May(s) Mayo Mays McAlexander
McBride McCauley McClain McClaine
McComb McCue McDaniel McGann
McGinnis McLain McLane McQueen/McWane
McQuery Mead(e) Meeks Melton
Messencop Metts Micklem Miller
Millner Mills Mitchell Monroe
Moore Moran Morgan Morris
Moses Murrell

Nash Nelson New Newcomb

Offley Offlighter Oliver Orfett

Pace Page Painter/Paynter Pannell
Parr Parrack Parrish Patterson
Patton Pence Pendleton Perry
Phillips Pidgeon-Henson Pilson Pleasants
Plumb Poage Poindexter Ponton
Poor House/Farm Powell Proctor Proffit
Pugh Puckett


Ragland Rainey Raikes Ramsey
Rea Riley Rippetoe Roberts
Robertson Robinson Rodes Rogers
Rose Rossen Ruby Ryan

Sanders/Saunders Sandidge Savage Schuyler
Scruggs Seay Sheeler Sheffield
Shelton Shepherd Shirkey Simpson
Sites Skinner Small Smith
Smoot Snead/Sneed Spears Spencer
Spradling Sprouse Stephens/Stevens Stewart
Stinnett Stokes Stover Sturdivant

Tabscott Taylor Tebo Thacker
Thomas Thompson Thorp Thurmond
Thurston Tinnell Tinsley Toms
Townsend Toms/Tomes Tribble Trusler
Truslow Tunstall Turner Tyler

Vaughan Via Viar Vier

Wade Wales Walker Wallace
Ward Ware Warren Warwick
Wasson Watts Weeks Welch
West Westbrook Wheeler White
Whitney Wickliffe Wilbourn Williams
Wills Wilson Winegardner Wingfield
Witt Wood(s) Woody Wortham
Wren Wright

Yancey Yochum Young  


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