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Newport News - Warwick Historical Preservation
Association of Virginia, Inc.

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Annual Report 2001




As the year 2002 progresses, it becomes necessary to reflect on the events of the past year and look forward to what is in store for spring, summer, and autumn. The strength of the NNWHPA has been defined by its resiliency to the growing pains of finding, acquiring and restoring a “home”:  the Local History and Genealogical Center. This Center, known to many as the Old Warwick Courthouse Complex, has finally reached a state of completion. It is once again inviting and open for public use, while ongoing restoration is to commence in April and end mid-summer on the 1884 Courthouse main lobby and grand staircase.  Occupancy will continue throughout other areas of the Old Warwick Courthouse Complex as our Association settles in and begins daily operations.

The current strength of the NNWHPA remains stable due to the tireless efforts of our dearly departed Past-President Everett Hogg.  On many occasions, Everett was the lone voice heralding the cause of the Association, assuring it’s future place among the community. This voice of resolution must now continue through the joint volunteer efforts of our Board of Directors and our members. The past six months has witnessed spurts of excitement towards the onset of operations at the Courthouse Complex, while at other times meeting attendance has suffered.  A volunteer “offers and bestows services without solicitation or compulsion”.  The future of our organization relies on the volunteer: one volunteer working with others.

As the Association looks towards the future, we have begun to experiment with the most effective means of encouraging participation and informational exchange between members.  The NNWHPA now has a bi-monthly General Membership Meeting Schedule.  In addition, the Board of Directors will meet during opposing bi-monthly sessions.  Recently established committees must begin to function as independent bodies to maintain the strength of this Association and propel us forward.  Our current goals are to increase membership, launch fundraising efforts, implement a master plan, maintain beautiful buildings and grounds, and offer special events and programs.  Most importantly, our ultimate goal is to preserve history through the Local History and Genealogical Center.  These goals established by the Association must find its members engaged in the process with enthusiasm and dedication.  Out of 120+ members, the same handful of individuals cannot continue to maintain the strength and longevity our Association needs or deserves.

The NNWHPA is constantly in search of volunteers from the current membership and the community.  Volunteers are critical in preserving our mission to establish a historical center that recognizes the Warwick County-Newport News stories and the lives touched throughout the years.  Anyone is welcome to join the Association.  So please encourage a friend, a politician, a neighbor, a student, a spouse, or a child to get involved.  Volunteer yourself and help strengthen this Association into becoming one of the largest and most influential historical societies in Virginia!  Make history with us!

Russell Parrish, President

Last updated Sunday, 17 March 2002