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County, VA

Col. James Wilson (1644-1712)of Norfolk County, VA and brother Col. William Wilson (1646-1713) of Elizabeth City County, VA

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Church of the Latter Day Saints geneological records
give the following birthdates for the children of James Wilson:

Willis (1654), John (1656), Solomon (1658), Samuel (1662), James (1671,
≥Yorkshire England≤ - ?), Thomas (1673 ), Lemuel (1675 ≥Yorkshire, England≤
-?) Affiah (1689), Elizabeth (1692), and Mary (1697).

1) Were James and Lemuel REALLY born in Yorkshire, England? They are known
to have lived as adults in the Norfolk VA area. If they were really born in
Yorkshire, WHY? ShouldnĻt brother Thomas have been born there, too?

2) Also, note that Col James Wilson was supposed to have been born in 1644,
and son Willis in 1654. (What a man! He fathered his first child at the age
of ten!)


Genealogies of Virginia Families
>From the William and Mary College
Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. IV, Neville-Terrill
Indexed by Judith McGhan, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1982

"This family begins with James Wilson, whom a record in Norfolk County shows
was a brother of Colonel WILLIAM WILSON, of Elizabeth City County. He was
Lieutenant-colonel, sheriff, burgess, and justice of Norfolk County, and an
eminent merchant. He made his will November 12, 1712, which was recorded
Dec. 19, 1712. It names wife Elizabeth, and children 2 John, 3Willis, 4
Thomas, deceased, 5 Samuel, deceased, 6 Solomon, 7 Lemuel, 8 James to whom
he left " his pistol and sword", 9 Elizabeth, wife of Henry Tregany of
Philadelphia, 10 Apphia who married George Newton, 11 Mary. He names also
grandson James, son of Thomas, deceased, grandson Willis, son of deceased
son Samuel, and grandson Solomon, son of James Wilson. Of these 7 Lemuel
Wilson was clerk of Lower Norfolk county in 1711. He married Katherine,
widow of Rev. Roger Kelsall, minister of Elizabeth River Parish, who in his
will (1708) names his son John Kellsall and an estate left him by Roger
Kellsall, "minister of Royden, decd, known by the name of Byers St. Marys
adjoining to Colchester." 8 James Wilson, son of Lt. Col. James Wilson, was
major, justice, &c. He made his will January 13, 1749, which was proved
February 7, 1756. He names wife Dinah and children 12 Solomon, 13 James, 14
Willis, to whom he gives that plantation bought of Joseph Church adjoining
the land of his grandfather BUTT, 14 Caleb, 15 Josiah, 16 Nathaniel, 17
William, 18 Malachi, 19 Elizabeth, married Thelaball, 20 Mary married Butt,
21 Prudence, married Tatum, 22 Diana Nicholson 23 Apphia, married Willis
Langley, 24 Ann, 25 Euphan. He names also grandsons Jeremiah Wilson, Sr.,
and Wilson Nicholas. The Wison family scattered over the nearby counties. In
1782 Josiah Wilson of Surry county made a deed of gift to his children
Peggy, John, Samuel and James Wilson. Willis Wilson was sheriff there the
same year. Willis Wilson, Sr., probably the son with that name mentioned by
Colonel James Wilson, made his will in Norfolk county in 1758, and names his
children Lemuel, Thomas and Euphan, wife of Joseph Alston.




1. George Newton, Colonel
Birth Date: 1678
Birth Place: London or Lower Norfolk County?
Death Date: 20 Jun 1762
Death Place: Norfolk Borough

Spouse: Aphia Wilson
Spouse Father: James Wilson Colonel (1644-1712)
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Willis

Marriage Date: 1706

Children: Elizabeth, George, Thomas, Lemuel, James Wilson, Ann, George,
William, Frances, Mary

1.5 James Wilson Newton
Birth Date: 19 Apr 1718
Death Date: 1763
Death Place: Borough of Norfolk, VA

Spouse: Rebecca Elligood
Birth Date: 1720
Death Date: 1779
Death Place: Princess Anne Co.
Spouse Father: Unknown Elligood

Marriage Date: 1742

Children: Frances, Mary Rebecca, George, Ann, Elizabeth

1.5.2 Mary Rebecca Newton
Birth Date: 1749
Death Date: 1794

Spouse: Bassett Moseley
Birth Date: 1745
Birth Place: Princess Anne Co., VA
Death Date: Before 24 May 1782/1789
Death Place: Norfolk, VA
Spouse Father: Edward Hack Moseley Colonel (1716-1782)
Spouse Mother: Mary Bassett (1716-1755)

Marriage Date: 27 Jan 1768
Marriage Place: Norfolk, VA

Children: Mary Bassett, Rebecca, Frances Frances Moseley*
Birth Date: 1776
Birth Place: Norfolk, VA
Death Date: 1836
Death Place: Petersburg, VA
Burial Place: Norfolk, VA

Spouse: John Greenwood Marsden
Death Date: 20 Apr 1809
Death Place: Norfolk, VA
Spouse Father: James Marsden
Spouse Mother: Mary Calvert (1742-1827)

Children: James Jefferson, John Blake Lining, Mary Ann Eliza, Rebecca

Other spouses: John French Reverend Frances Moseley*
(See above)

Spouse: John French Reverend
Birth Date: 1772
Birth Place: Goochland Co., VA
Death Date: 13 Oct 1839
Occupation: Medecine, Ministry
Religion: Methodist Protestant
Spouse Father: William French (-1820)
Spouse Mother: Rachel

Marriage Date: 5 Apr 1818
Marriage Place: Norfolk, VA

Children: Samuel Bassett

Other spouses: John Greenwood Marsden Samuel Bassett French Colonel
Birth Date: 31 Mar 1820
Birth Place: Norfolk County, VA
Death Date: 25 Apr 1898
Death Place: 1104 Porter St., Manchester, VA
Burial Place: Maury Cemetery
Occupation: Lawyer and judge
Education: Hampden-Sydney College; studied law under Robert Y. Conrad
Religion: Methodist

Spouse: Helen Bland Lyle
Birth Date: 27 Jan 1827
Birth Place: Whitby Plantation, Chesterfield Co., VA
Death Date: 28 Dec 1909/1910
Death Place: Manchester, VA
Burial Place: Maury Cemetery, Richmond, Va
Spouse Father: James Lyle III (1798-1850)
Spouse Mother: Jane LeVert Davidson (1803-1854)

Marriage Date: 5 Mar 1846
Marriage Place: Whitby, Chesterfield Co., VA, by Rev. Dr. Plumer

Children: Jane Lyle, Frances (Fanny) Moseley, Helen Bland, John Marsden,
Sallie Bassett, Bassett Charles, Annie Cooper, James Lyle, Robert Lee, Cary
Brodnax John Marsden French
Birth Date: 29 Dec 1853
Death Date: 27 Jun 1926
Burial Place: Richmond, VA, Maury Cemetery

Spouse: Florence D. Holland
Birth Date: 1853
Death Date: 1893
Burial Place: Maury Cemetery, Richmond, VA
Spouse Father: Henry Holland
Spouse Mother: Sarah Hamilton Ferguson

Marriage Date: 8 Oct 1884
Marriage Place: Washington, D. C.

Children: Lewis Marsden, Henry Holland, Francis Marion, Sarah Brownleigh Henry Holland French
Birth Date: 8 Dec 1889
Birth Place: Manchester, VA
Death Date: 3 Apr 1950
Death Place: MCV Hospital; Richmond, VA
Burial Place: Richmond, VA, Hollywood Cemetery
Occupation: Accountant/bookkeeper

Spouse: Ellen Lucile Lumpkin
Birth Date: 25 Nov 1890
Spouse Father: Junius Garrett Lumpkin (1861-1923)
Spouse Mother: Julia Clyde Lawton (1867-1943)

Children: Marion Lawton, Constance Lucile

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