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Misc. Abstracts 

James Paterson - w. 19 Feb., 1735-6, p. 9 March, 1735.  All estate to friend Peter Dowty; witness Daniel Eshon.

John Terry - w. 8 March, 1735-6, p. 13 April, 1736.  Brother-in-law Thomas Dodd; sister-in-law Katherine Dodd; sister-in-law Elizabeth Dodd; mother Ann Dodd; father-in-law Joseph Dodd to be executor; witnesses Robert Wadsed, Abigail Williams, John Stratton.

Margaret Baily - w. 24 March, 1735-6, p. 13 April, 1736.  To William and John Pettit; to Elijah and Jonathan Edmunds; to William Pettit, Jr., to Amy Pettit; executor Jonathan Edmunds; witnesses Agnes Pettit, Jonathan Edmunds.

Benjamin Dolby - w. 19 Jan., 1735-6, p. 13 April, 1736.  Daughter-in-law Joanna Stott and her children Abel, Laban, Bridget and Jonathan Stott; Joanna Stott to be executrix; witnesses Littleton Eyre, Jacob Waterfield, Jonathan Edmunds.

Dixon Knight - w. 22 March, 1736, p. 13 April, 1736.  (Comment: Planter) Wife Martha; daughter Ann; son Dixon; daughter Susanna; daughter Abigail; son Southey; son Jonas; son John executor; witnesses Hillary Hunt, Charles Thompson, Jonathan Stephens.

Azariah Hunt - w. 14 March, 1735, p. 13 April, 1736.  Wife Ann to be executrix; daughters Mary and Elishe; witnesses William Willet, George Willet, John Nelson.

John Firkettle - w. 22 March, 1736-7, p. 12 April, 1737.  Sister Comfort Berry; brother William Firkettle; brother-in-law Cornelius Berry executor; witnesses Rachel Walter, Barthl. Pettit.

John Mapp – (No Dates).  Daughters Sarah and Ann; son Samuel; wife Tamar executrix; witnesses Caesar Evans, Thomas Tatum, Rachael Spratlin.

Ann Fathery - w. 7 March, 1736, p. 12 April, 1737.  Son William; granddaughter Susannah Griffith, daughter of William Griffith; Elizabeth Griffith, daughter of William Griffith; granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of Luke Griffith; daughter Ann, wife of William Griffith; grandson Benjamin Fathery; son John executor; witnesses William Tazewell, Sophia Tazewell.

Thomas Moor - w. 11 Feb., 1736-7, p. 12 April, 1737.  (Comment: Planter)  Sons Levy, Matthew and
John; daughters Elizabeth, Lesly and Esther; wife Frances executrix; witnesses Isaac Moor, Tilney Dixon, Elizabeth Griffen.

Thomas Savage - w. 30 May, 1736, p. 12 April, 1737.  John Savage, son to Sophia Costin; to Savage Bloksom; daughter Sarah; wife Esther executrix; witnesses Hillary Stringer, Henry Harmanson, Rose Harmanson.

William Satchell - w. 30 April, 1737, p. 10 May, 1737.  Daughter Susanna; children Elizabeth Comfort, Sarah Mears, James and Henrietta Satchell; wife Susanna executrix; witnesses Hillary Stringer, Nich. Eyre, Benjamin Dixon.

Thomas Jenkins - w. 7 Feb., 1733, p. 10 May, 1737.  Son Rabyshaw Jenkins; daughter Mary; son Richard; wife Anne executrix; witnesses George Harmanson, John Thomas, Hillary Stringer, Charles Roberts.

Savage Bloksom - w. 24 Feb., 1736, p. 14 June, 1737.  Wife Mary and my father Jacob Stringer executors; witnesses Hillary Stringer, William Brumfield, Esther Stringer.

Michael Dixon - w. 9 Nov., 1736, p. 14 June, 1737.  Sons Benjamin, John and Tilney; daughter Susannah; wife Elizabeth executrix; witnesses Thomas Marshall, John Benson, Richard Parramore.

Esther Saunders - w. 2 Nov., 1734, p. 14 June, 1737.  Sons Richard and James; to Michael and John Williams; granddaughter Esther Dolby; brother William Dolby; son Branson Dolby executor; witnesses Edward White, John Williams, Elizabeth Dolby.

Thomas Wilson - w. 15 Nov., 1734. p. 14 June, 1737.  Daughter Sarah Benson; daughter Susannah Jones; daughter Rebecca Smith; sons Thomas and Solomon; daughter Leah; daughter Rachel Wilson; daughter Ansly Wilson; grandson George Wilson; my wife Susanna and my son Thomas executors.

John Wilkins - w. 27 June, 1731, p. 14 June, 1737.  Grandsons Jonathan, Henry, John and Nathaniel Wilkins; Thomas Watts; overseers Peter Bowdoin, William Wilkins, Sr., Benjamin Stratton, Jonathan Stott, John Wilkins, Jr.; grandson Jonathan Wilkins executor; witnesses Peter Bowdoin, William Bromfield, Hillary Willett.

Esther Sanders - w. 6 May, 1737, p. 11 Oct., 1737.  Son Branson Dolby; sons Richard and James Sanders; sister Elizabeth Dolby; brother Thomas Dolby’s two daughters Margaret and Mary; brother John Dolby’s two daughters Tamar and Bridget; brothers John and Thomas Dolby executors; witnesses Edward White, Elizabeth Dolby.

John Forbes - w. 31 Aug., 1737, p. 11 Oct., 1737.  Cousin Thomas Knight; cousin Forbes Turner; friend Isaac Smith; Peter Doughty; Jonathan Johnson; Mary Gray, daughter of Dingley Gray; sister Ann Overton; Forbes Turner, son of Andrew Turner; Robin Parramore, son of Obedience Parramore; brother Peter Forbes; Dingley Gray and his wife Mary to be executors; witnesses John Smith, Golden Fox, John Pitts.

John Clay - w. 4 Sept., 1737, p. 11 Oct., 1737.  Brothers Isiah, Leverit, Thomas, Benjamin, Benony and Peter; sister Betty Clay; John Segar; mother Elizabeth Warriner executrix; witnesses John Pigot, John Williams, Thomas Spady.

Henry Clegg - w. 23 Sept., 1737, p. 14 Dec., 1737.  My seven children; son John; son Clark; wife Ann executrix; witnesses Joseph White, Peter Clegg, Amy Clegg.

Jacob Stringer - w. 26 July, 1737, p. 14 Dec., 1737.  Wife Elishe; daughters Elishe and Isabel; daughter Betty Harmanson Tilney; daughter Mary Blocksom; son-in-law Hezekiah Tilney; cousin Hillary Stringer; grandson Stringer Tilney; my wife and son-in-law Hezekiah Tilney executors; overseers Capt. William Tazewell, Hillary Stringer and Thomas Cable; witnesses Anne Custis, Margaret Cable, Thomas Cable.

John Benson - w. 1 Dec., 1737-8, p. 13 Dec., 1737.  Son-in-law Thomas Fiske; brother Jonas Benson; John, son of Samuel Benson; Daniel Watson; wife Sarah executrix; witnesses Thomas Marshall, Patience Marshall, William Dunstun.

Nathaniel Dewman - w. 25 April, 1729, p. 10 Jan., 1737.  Brother Jacob; my three sisters Elizabeth Giddens and Esther and Margaret Dewman; my loving mother; brother Jacob executor; witnesses Richard Parramore, John Parramore, Thomas Marshall.

Neech Eyre - w. 7 Jan., 1737, p. 14 Feb., 1737.  To Sarah and Kendall Harmanson by virtue of my marriage with Isabel Harmanson; my uncle Matt. Harmanson; my daughter Ann; cousin Littleton Eyre; my aunt Sophia Tazewell; Rose Harmanson; Hillary Stringer and Alicia, his wife; Bridget Eyre and her son Severn; Arthur Robins, Jr.; Isaac Moor; Frances, wife of Joseph Solomon; father-in-law William Burton, Littleton Eyre and William Tazewell executors; witnesses William Tazewell, Thomas Elliott, Robert Trouer. 

Hillary Warren - w. 26 Dec., 1737, p. 14 Feb., 1737.  Brother Joseph; John Lun; John Lowary; William Shores; wife Gertrude executrix; witnesses John Stringer, Thomas Cowdry.

John Dillon - w. 20 Dec., 1737, p. 14 Feb., 1737.  Wife Patience and my children; witnesses Wm. Waterson, Marriot Parsons.

John Lowry - w. 12 Dec., 1730, p. 14 March, 1737. (Comment: of Savage's Neck)  Sons William and Josiah; grandson Thomas Lunn; grandson John Bird; wife Sarah executrix; witnesses Eliz. Bird, Ann Lunn, Edward Poyner

Abstracted & transcribed by F. H. Taylor, 2006
From Virginia County Records Vol. X; ed. by Wm. Crozier


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