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Volunteers may do unlimited lookups if and only if:

  1. The lookup volunteer is the actual author and copyright holder of the publication or
  2. The lookup volunteer is using primary source documents...whether they are trekking to the courthouse or using their own Xeroxed copies of public domain documents or
  3. The lookup volunteer has written permission from the author/copyright holder to use their publications for lookups
  4. Volunteers may be able to make certain limited scope lookups in copyrighted publications under the "fair use" provisions of existing law. Potential volunteers are encouraged to review the explanations of copyright protection, especially the "fair use" provisions, available elsewhere on the Web.

Having said that, if anyone would like to volunteer to do lookups, within the above guidelines, please send me an e-mail with the particulars. Qualifying material will be posted on this web page.

Title Volunteer
The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I. Author: James K. Bass, Jr. Documents the various migrations of the Weaver families from Virginia and the Carolinas into Georgia, and then the westward trek to Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and further. Jim Bass
Tombstone Inscriptions of Orange County, Virginia --
Orange County, Virginia: deed books --
The Colonial Churches of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange County, Virginia --
List of the colonial soldiers of Virginia: Special report of the Department ... --
Orange County, Virginia: deed books 5, 6, 7, and 8, 1741-1743 --
Marriages of Orange County, Virginia, 1757-1880 --
A history of Shenandoah County, Virginia --
Probated wills: Orange county, Virginia, 1861-1865 --
A history of Orange County Virginia: from its formation in 1734 (O.S.) to the end of reconstruction in 1870 --
Germanna Road: Three Hundred Year History of Lower Orange County --
The history and people of Clark Mountain, Orange County, Virginia --
The Genealogist's Address Book. 6th Edition --
The Revolution Remembered: Eyewitness Accounts of the War for Independence --
A history of the valley of Virginia --
Constables and Tobacco Planters in Orange County, Virginia, 1735-1769 --
Jonathan Davis of Orange County, Virginia and Wilkes County, NC --
James Madison: the founding father --
Virginia's Civil War --