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             In Madison County Court October 26, 1865

            Ordered that Henry Lillard, T.G. Fletcher, George L. Rivercomb, B.F. Smith and Wesley Weakley, any three of them or more of whom being first sworn may act & appraise all the Estate of Wallace Corbin, deceased, to them produced, and make certain thereof under their hands to this Court            

                                                                        A Copy- Teste                        

                                                                                    T.H. Hill Clerk

            Madison County To Wit

            This day Henry F. Lillard, Thomas G. Fletcher, and George L. Rivercomb were duly qualified to execute the above order according to law, Given under my hand this 10th day of November 1865                                                       A.H. Simms J.P.


            A list of the property appraised by us belonging to the Estate of Wallace Corbin dec. on the 10th of November 1865



Two Tubs and Two old Flour Barrels                                     $.50

One Iron Kettle                                                                       .75

Two Baskets                                                                           .75

One Axe                                                                                  .50

One Tray                                                                                 .25

One Bucket                                                                             .25

One Chest                                                                               .37

One Feather Bed                                                                     1.00

Two ditto      ditto                                                                  2.50

Two ditto      ditto                                                                  1.25

Two striped Blankets                                                              2.00

One Bed Stead                                                                                   .25

One Stone Pitcher                                                                   .20

Two Balux & One Tea Kettle                                                 2.00

One 8 day Clock (at Rufsel Jenkinses)                                               3.00

One Bed Stead (at sd. Corbins)                                              1.00

One Table                                                                                1.00

Two Hogsheads $2.00 each                                                    4.00

One spotted sow & six pigs                                                    18.00

Six Bushels corn (at S. Corbins)                                             4.50

One Iron Pot                                                                           1.80


Thos. G. Fletcher

Henry F. Lillard          Appraisers

Geo. L. Rivercomb


In Madison County Court March 22 1866

            Appraisement of the Estate of Wallace Corbin deceased returned and ordered to be recorded                                           Teste T.H. Hill Clerk