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MADISON COUNTY, VA WILL BOOK 2, pgs. 381 & 382

             In the name of God Amen I William Hurt of the County of Madison & State of Virginia being sick & week in body but in my right mind & memory for which I desier to Thank almity God for his merceys & blefsings bestood on me & calling to mind the uncertainty of life & the certainty of death doe constitute make & ordain this my last will and testament revoking all others heretofore made by me...

            First I give unto my beloved wife Sary Hurt all my Estate both real & personnal during her naturel life with these restrictions that is that my daugtters Sary Hurt & Mary Hurt & Anney Hurt live with my wife during her life or until they marry as the case may be & further that my will is that if my son Joel Hurt will live with my family or near them & maintain them comfortablely that is to say in the same manner that he has done heretofore= that is & will be understood among themselves the maner in which he did live with them & maintain them & then only if this he should do my will is that he shall have all the rest of the profits of the Estate= I have give my wife during her life but if not my wife will get whom she pleases to asist her about her businefs.

            2dly     I give unto my son Joel Hurt my tract of Land containing two hundred & sixty acres a grant to my father James Hurt 1770 which he devised to me among other Lands in 1785 which lower tract of Land I give to my son Joel Hurt & his heirs forever for the services he render'd me in my lifetime.

            3dly     My will is that no demand be made against my son Joel Hurt for what he ow'd to the estate of my mother for what he purchased there at the sale on my account.

            4dly     After my beloved wife Sary Hurts death My will & desire is that my son Joel Hurt receive my lower tract of 269 acres= & the balance of my estate be sold both real & personnal be sold & the money equally divided between my childre or their heirs as the case may be deducting from thos that has had advancements which advancements I here describe

            Frances & Augustin Bradley twenty pounds James Hurt five pounds Benjamin & Elizabeth Thomas five pounds

            5dly     I lastly appoint my friend Zacharias Shirley & Thomas Shirley my Executors of this my last will & Testament In witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this nineteenth day of April Eighteen hundred & eleven


witnesses                                                                     William Hurt   (SEAL)

Thomas Shirley

Moses     X      Smith

Mary       X      Berry

            At a Court held for Madison County the 24th day of September 1812

            This last Will and Testament of William Hurt...