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John W. Keyser's diary
Library of Virginia catalogue # 24023

Some of the death dates here are not to be found anywhere else. There is a decided preponderance of Marksville area names, not surprising considering John W. Keyser's biography. Keyser was in a uniquely good position to serve as community chronicler as he was a school teacher and was the primary Marksville correspondent to the Page Courier and Page News and Courier to circa 1917, under the pen name Novus Homo. Excerpts are as Keyser wrote, Keyser's diaries are not paginated, but each page corresponds to a date.

•       30 Mar 1872- Albert Nichols died this evening
•       6 Apr 1872- Stopped at Mike Buracker’s a while, he moved today to Grand Pa’s house
•       8 Apr 1872- Saml Buracker and John Henry Cave started to the west today to the state of ohio.
•       April 26 1872- then went up to Andrew Jenkins for his daughter’s funeral… the girl of Andrew’s died of consumption.
•       21 May 1872- Grubbing don’t go as easy as school teaching by a good deal.
•       2 jun 1872- Mike Buracker and wife joined the church at Taylors school house today
•       17 sep 1872- went to uncle johns in the evening he is very poorly went to uncle johns at night & stayed till near 9 o’clock he had a hemorrhage just before he died.

•       4 Jan 1873- Mrs. Mildred Richards died today. Saml. Larkins is making the coffin. She died with dropsy & they say that she has not laid down for 7 weeks.
•       5 Jan 1873- Mr. Daniel Burn’s wife died this morning. She has been sick a long time with dropsy.
•       28 Jan 1873- Old Mr Wilson was buried today- H.M. Mayes made the coffin. He was buried at Mr. Huffman’s graveyard- Rev Lauck preached his funeral.
•       27 Jun 1873- Old Mr. Larkin Jenkins died today about one o’clock- up on the ridge- he has been paralyzed for some time.
•       19 Jul 1873- Polly Berry daughter of Buckner died this evening.
•       21 Jul 1873- Polly Berry was buried too.
•       28 Jul 1873- Mrs. Nancy Night who was bit by a snake[?] & got locked jaw died.
•       21 Sep 1873- Old Mr Joel Price was buried today.
•       16 Sep 1873- and then went out to Leaksville at the Masonic b..?..t of Mr. Joel Price.
•       30 Nov 1873- Jacob Freeze’s wife was buried today- of consumption.
•       21 Dec 1873- to preaching the funeral of Old Aunt Hannah J. Cave

•       31 Jan 1875- Uncle Benjamin Keyser’s wife died today.
•       2 Mar 1875- Old Mrs. Woodard around Printz Mill died today.
•       10 Mar 1875- Old Mr. Nathan Turner died today
•       3 May 1875- Hamp Cubbage died this evening with paralysis.
•       6 Aug 1875- Old Mr. John Buracker died this morning.
•       17 Oct 1875- I hear that Abe Campbell died last Thursday after giving his wife a beating.
•       10 Nov 1875- Old Mr. Jonas Foltz died yesterday morning with old age I suppose.
•       6 Mar 1876- Clinton Jenkins died yesterday of consumption
•       29 Aug 1876- Old Mrs. Jona Middleton was buried last Thursday . She was 84 years of age.
•       26 Aug 1876- Aunt Samantha Glenn died last night at Honeyville. She has been sick for a long time.
•       9 Oct 1876- Mr. Simeon Cave died this evening with consumption.
•       3 Dec 1876- Mr. Andrew Jenkins’ wife died this morning with consumption- has been sick some time.
•       8 Jan 1877- Old Mrs. Taylor (Thornton Taylor’s mother) died last night. She was 87 years of age.
•       20 May 1877- Old Mrs. Anna Mayes died this morning.
•       21 Sep 1877- John Shorts wife died of dropsy. She has been ill for sometime.
•       21 Mar 1878- Caleb Campbell’s wife died this morning.
•       16 Apr 1878- One of Presly Buracker’s girls died today of consumption
•       28 Apr 1878- Mr. Acra Cubbage died this morning of consumption.
•       3 May 1878- Old Mr. Wm Rogers wife died last night of consumotion; Benjamin Broyles wife was buried today at the head of the Hawksbill.
•       9 Jun 1878- Grandmother Glenn died yesterday evening at 4 o’clock.
•       17 Jul 1878- Sam Purdham beat his wife this morning- I heard her hollow & scream here at my home.
•       28 Aug 1878- Abe Aleshire committed suicide this morning by shooting himself in the head with a pistol.
•       1 Oct 1878- Jane Jones died yesterday about sundown of Cancer & was buried this evening at sundown.
•       17 May 1879- Old Mr. William Pettit died this morning at ten o’clock- of Dropsy of the chest, He is 61 years, 10 months and 5 days old.
•       14 Jun 1879- Old Mr. Church Thomas who lived up on the Blue Ridge is dead & will be buried this evening.
•       6 Sep 1879- Old Mrs. Coffman died this morning at 5 o’clock.
•       16 Sep 1879- Old Mrs. Nichols wife of Isaac Nichols was buried yesterday.
•       19 Dec 1879- Widow Rachel Stoneberger died today just before noon of liver complaint.
•       13 Feb 1880- Old Mr. Jacob Freeze was buried today.
•       7 Mar 1880- Lewis Stoneberger’s mother died today- of pneumonia. He lives in Wm Gaines house got his Blacksmith shop.
•       3 Jun 1880- Mr. George Bailey preached Mr. Jacob Breeden’s funeral at Sharon today at 3 o’clock.
•       8 Jun 1880- Old Mr. Jacob Aleshire died yesterday evening at an advanced age of 83 years about.
•       19 Jun 1880- George Campbell’s wife fell dead out of the bed last night. I suppose of heart disease- She will be buried at Graves Chapel tomorrow at 11 o’clock.
•       10 Oct 1880- Thornton Weekley died last night at ten o’clock- of typhoid fever.
•       13 Nov 1880- Old Mrs. Johnson Weekley died this morning of consumption
•       2 Feb 1881- Mrs. Elizabeth Price died Monday & buried today.
•       17 Feb 1881- Old Mrs. Higgs at Leeksville died this morning.
•       24 Feb 1881- Old Mr. Brice Connell died today.
•       25 Apr 1881- Old Mr. Thornton Clift died this morning- He is very old.
•       23 Jan 1882- Miss Lucinda Jenkins at Mr. Reuben Longs died lat night of Inflamation of the bowels.
•       20 Feb 1882- Old Mrs. Wm Petitt died this morning. She has been suffering with cancer on her breast for some time.
•       1 Mar 1882- Mrs. Jerry Purdham died today about 1 o’clock- She has been poorly for some time.
•       20 Apr 1882- Old Mr. Ben Nauman died today.
•       18 Jun 1882- Old Mrs. Alger died yesterday evening & will be buried tomorrow at ten o’clock- she had been paralyzed
•       24 Nov 1882- Old Mr. John Nauman died last night- he had been poorly a long time.
•       30 Dec 1882- went to Uncle Hardens- again. He died this morning at a quarter of 9 o’clocl- no one except David Judy & myself except the family present when he died.
•       31 Dec 1882- buried at “the church” Rev. John A. Cave preached funeral
•       15 Nov 1883- Old Mrs. Purdham died today. She is near 80 years old.
•       Make Campbell died last night of typhoid fever.
•       23 Feb 1884- Mr. Wm S. Middleton died last night at E.T. Brumbacs, 7 will be buried at Graves Chapel.
•       7 Mar 1884- John Cubbage died of cancer last night
•       27 Mar 1884- Whit Breeden’s wife died this morning- she had consumption.
•       8 Apr 1884- Old Mrs. Elizabeth Parks died this morning at Christian Aleshire’s. She is about 87 years old.
•       14 Apr 1884- Old Mr. John Dofflemoyer died last night.
•       22 May 1884- Old Mr. Valentine D. Taylor died this morning- aged 88 years, 8 months and ten days.
•       2 Aug 1884- Mary Campbell died this evening- of dropsy. Old Mr. Ben Printz died today. He was paralyzed.
•       18 Aug 1884- Abner Cave on the Ridge died yesterday.
•       27 Aug 1884- Christena Nauman died this evening- She lived over the River.
•       1 Nov 1884- Uncle Paul Offenbacker died one day this week- I never heard it till today.
•       27 Jan 1885- Old Mr. David Burns died this morning.
•       30 Jan 1885- Old Mrs. Pence died this morning- She is very old.
•       10 Feb 1885- Mr. Reuben Lucas near Ingham died this morning of dropsy.
•       8 Apr 1885- Old Mrs. Samuel Griffith died today- over the ridge in Madison.
•       30 Apr 1885- Old Mrs. Phoebe Burns died today at the age-
•       18 Jul 1885- I heard this ?... to Coon Nighton had killed his wife.
•       10 Aug 1885- Miss Sallie Painter died last night- She has been sick a long time, & Miss Mary Susan Nauman died this morning- She has consumption- has not been sick very long. They were both my school girls.
•       21 Nov 1885- David Middleton’s wife died yesterday.
•       8 Jan 1886- Daniel Jenkins died this morning- He has had consumption for a good while.
•       21 Mar 1886- Susie Cubbage died at the Poorhouse this morning
•       22 Mar 1886- They dug a grave for Susie Cubbage at the poorhouse but will bury her at George Weavers. They moved her body to Geo. Weavers this evening.
•       30 Mar 1886- Old Mr. Tommy Knight died this morning- He has been receiving his support off the county for a long time.
•       21 Feb 1887- Old Mr. Seal died today- at the Alms House.
•       8 Sep 1887- John Cubbage son of Amanda died yesterday- He had been sick a long time.
•       20 Jan 1888- Old Mrs. Mildred Foltz died last night of dropsy of the chest.
•       28 Jan 1888- Received a telegram this morning that Mrs. Helen Buracker died yesterday- She had consumption for some time.
•       4 Feb 1888- Old Mrs. Nancy Cubbage died yesterday- She is very old, and also old Mrs. Lucy Yager- who is also very old. I heard they were digging her grave- Old Mrs. Yager was nearly 84 years old and old Mrs. Cubbage was nearly 93 years old.
•       17 Feb 1888- Mr. Alexander Rogers died today at 2 o’clock of pneumonia.
•       20 Feb 1888- Mr Henry Getts near Honeyville died- this morning I heard.
•       23 May 1888- Old Mrs. Phoebe Seekford died yesterday- of pneumonia, Sam Purdham’s child died this evening.

•       3 Jan 1889- Old Mr. Johnson Weekly died last [night] about 8 o’clock- He is about 84 years old age.
•       16 Oct 1889- Old Mrs. Paschal Cave died this morning- She is very old and has been sick a good while.
•       26 Dec 1889- Old Mrs. Cassa Purdham died today. She is the wife of James Purdham. She has been blind for a good while and of a weak mind.
•       24 Feb 1891- Old Mr. Rodham T. Mays died this morning at 8 o’clock- He is very old in his 92nd year.
•       25 Mar 1891- Buchannan Cubbage died this morning- was hurt in the Iron mines a couple months ago had both legs broken $ his back hurt.
•       16 Apr 1891- Old Mrs. Nancy Turner died today.
•       22 May 1891- Old Mr. Thornton Burns died this morning.
•       29 May 1891- Mrs. Katy Aleshire, wife of Christian Aleshire died last night- She had an abscess in the side.
•       10 Sep 1891- Old Mr. Chris Nauman died this morning at Honeyville.
•       12 Oct 1891- Old Mr. Jacob Coffman died at Harvey Coffmans last night at 10 o’clock. He is about 90 years old. He has been poorly for some time.
•       6 Jan 1892- James Jenkins a cousin of P.S. Jenkins died at P.S. Jenkins this morning of dropsy. He is from Chambersburg, Pa, a shoemaker by trade.
•       19 Mar 1892- Old Mr. Abe Painter died last night
•       12 Jun 1892- Old Mr. John Good at Alma died this morning.
•       2 Jul 1892- Old Mr. David Freeze of Newport was buried this morning.
•       27 Jul 1892- Old Mr. Matthew Lucas died today near Honeyville.
•       8 Sep 1892- Acra McCoy’s wife died yesterday and was buried today.
•       11 Oct 1892- Mr. Strawther Jenkins died last night at 2 o’clock. He has been sick of dropsy for a long time.
•       21 Oct 1892- Mrs. Phoebe Stoneberger died today- she is old.
•       27 Oct 1892- Old Man Joe Campbell was buried today- he died yesterday morning.
•       13 Jan 1893- Old Mrs. Peter Painter was found dead in the bed this morning. She is getting tolerably old.
•       15 Jun 1893- Mrs. Susan Cave, Newman Cave’s wife at Elkton is dead, died this morning.
•       11 Sep 1893- Mr. Henry Good died this morning. He has been complaining some time.
•       Old Mrs. Litha Aleshire died yesterday- She is nearly a hundred years old.
•       25 Jan 1895- Old Mr. Joseph Blosser died last night at 1 o’clock. He will be buried at the Adventist church tomorrow.
•       28 Jan 1895- Old Mrs. Elizabeth Offenbacker died this evening. She has been poorly a long time with dropsy.
•       27 Feb 1895- Mrs. Stillwell died this morning between 7 & 8 o’clock. She had been sick along time. The doctors say it is syphillus & her husband gave it to her. She was always a nice lady.
•       12 May 1895- Israel Jenkins died yesterday of consumption. He was buried this evening.
•       14 Jun 1895- Old Mrs. Sucky Berry was buried today
•       4 Jul 1895- Old Mr. Jacob Parks died today at 10 o’clock.
•       20 Jul 1895- There is strong talk of lynching Timme’s Jack, on account of being too intimate with Mack Aleshire’s wife which caused them to separate.
•       22 Feb 1896- Old Mrs. Nancy Berry was buried at the Alms House this afternoon. She was nearly 76.
•       30 May 1896- Old Mr. Levi Lucas died yesterday at 11 o’clock P.M. He is very old, 85 years.
•       Saturday, 4 Jul 1896- Old Abe Good died last Tuesday night at 9 o’clock at Skeets. He was 80 years old.
•       5 Sep 1896- Old Mr. Noah of Noah’s Good died last Wednesday and was I believe buried on yesterday.
•       25 Sep 1896- Cousin Fanny Keyser died last night at 6 o’clock at East Liberty. She was supposed to have cancer of the stomach. She has been poorly for a couple of weeks.
•       29 Jan 1897- Old Mrs. Stephen Price died today or last night. She is 97 years.
•       31 Jan 1897- Old Mr. Robert Dinges was found dead in the bed this morning.
•       3 Apr 1897- Old Mrs. John Lucas died today.
•       22 Jun 1897- Mr. Sam Nauman died today. He has been sick some time.
•       9 Aug 1897- Old Mr. James Cubbage died yesterday morning before day. He was in his 85th year. He was noted for his great strength, yet he was quiet and peaceable. He is said to have carried a wheat fan across the Blue Ridge & said it was not so heavy, but very unhandy. He told me he did not, but he carried it across a little mountain from Ham Cubbages.
•       27 Aug 1897- Uncle Michael Buracker died at the poor house last night. He has been sick a long time.
•       20 Nov 1897 Old Mr. John Lucas was buried today. He was about 80 years old.
•       17 Jan 1899- Old Mrs. Blosser, mother of the Blosser boys in Piney Wood died last night.
•       29 Jun 1899- called at Graves Chapel at the funeral of Old Mrs. Amanda Purdham. Elder Daily of the Old School Baptist preached her funeral. She was 77 years, 16 days old.
•       4 Nov 1899- Old Miss, or Mrs, Matt Painter died today. She is old 75 about.
•       12 Dec 1899- Old Mr. Noah Sigler died today at 1 o’clock at his home near the Ochre Bank. He is about 86 years old.
•       12 Mar 1900- Mrs. Sallie Sigler died last night about 71 years old. She is widow of Noah Sigler.
•       14 Apr 1900- Mr. John Thomas on the Ridge died this morning.
•       13 May 1900- Old Mrs. Frances Purdham died this morning. She has been sick a long time with dropsy.
•       18 May 1900- Old Mr. Thomas Cubbage died yesterday morning.
•       7 Jul 1900- Aunt Christina Keyser died this morning at 8 o’clock. She is in her 85th year of age.
•       9 Feb 1901- Frank Turner died above Shenandoah & is buried today.
•       4 Mar 1901- Aunt Nancy Offenbacker died last night at Newman Berry’s. She is up in 80s.
•       8 Mar 1901- Mr.Harden Alger died suddenly yesterday and was buried today.
•       4 Apr 1901- Old Mrs. Milly Via died last night.
•       Wednesday, 9 Oct 1901- Old Mr. Jim Parks died on Tanners Ridge Monday night. He was paralyzed.
•       Thursday, 12 Oct 1901- Mr. Thornton Richards died suddenly Thursday and is buried today.
•       21 Oct 1901- Mrs. Mary Nauman died this morning. She is Matt Nauman’s mother.
•       20 Jun 1902- Mr. Jacob Buracker dropped dead today at noon. He is getting old and palsied.
•       9 Aug 1902- Mr. John Purdham in Jordan Hollow died this morning of dropsy.
•       5 Jan 1903- Sid Breeden’s wife died last night of cancer of the breast.
•       23 Dec 1903- Old Mrs. Barbara Knight died at Needmore today.

•       15 Jun 1907- Mr. Adam Pressley Buracker was buried today, he was about 70 years old.

•       8 Mar 1908- Mrs. Lucretia Buracker widow of Jacob Buracker died today.
•       28 Mar 1908-Mr. Jack Turner died yesterday morning and was buried today after noon.
•       29 Mar 1908- went to Elkton on the train to Aunt Polly Berry’s funeral. She died yesterday. Rev. Cupp preached her funeral. She was 89 years, 10 months, 14 days old.
•       2 Dec 1908- Mrs. Martha Buracker wife of Harry D. Buracker died yesterday . Will be buried at the Advent church tomorrow.
•       Tuesday, 15 Dec 1908- Sarah Nichols died died Sunday and was buried today. She was paralyzed
•       20 Mar 1909- Jim Campbell died and will be buried tomorrow
•       19 Oct 1909- Early Cubbage died at the Charlottesville hospital. Was buried at Alma today.
•       5 Nov 1909- Mr. Henry Blosser died suddenly this morning. He has been feeble some time.

•       13 Mar 1911- Mr. Banks Jenkins died today on the Blue Ridge
•       29 Jan 1912- Louize Campbell died yesterday.
•       15 Mar 1912- Elzy Jenkins died this morning of Hardening of the muscles.
•       19 Mar 1912- Cousin July Berry died last night. She was paralyzed.
•       13 Apr 1912- Andrew Turner’s widow died at Ingham last night.