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Henry Seal***

Page Courier, Thursday 17 Mar 1898

Death of Mr. Henry Seal

MR. HENRY SEAL, who for many years was a citizen of the Ida section, this county, died at his home in Rappahannock county (where he had been living since last March) on last Thursday, March 10th, 1898, aged about sixty-eight years. The deceased was born and raised in Page county, and has many friends here whose hearts will be saddened by these lines. His remains reached here last Saturday and were interred in the grave yard at Antioch church, near Luray. Mr. Seal had been a member of the Disciples church for a number of years; his funeral was preached by Elder John A. Racer. He leaves a wife- who was a Miss Good, of Shenandoah county- and thirteen children, ten sons and three daughters. 

Mrs. Henry Seal

Page Courier, Thursday 3 May 1900

Mrs. Henry Seal died of dropsy at her home near Mount Zion Dunkard church (about 2 1/2 miles south of Luray) on Monday, April 30th, aged about 70 years. She leaves a family of 13 children- 3 daughters and 10 sons. She was a member of the Disciples church, and her funeral was conducted by Elders Racer and Rothgeb. Mrs. Seal was a Miss Good, of Shenandoah county.

Adam Seekford (1)

Page Courier, Thursday 24 May 1906


After a long illness, Mr. Adam Seekford died at his home at Alma this county on Wednesday morning of this week. Mr. Seekford has been a great sufferer for a number of years, and his condition enlisted the sympathy not only of his neighbors, but of an extensive acquaintance throughout the county. He leaves a widow and a number of children… 

Adam Seekford (2)

Page Courier, Thursday 31 May 1906


In addition to the notice THE COURIER last week on the death of Adam Seekford, a correspondent sends us the following: Mr. Seekford was for many years the faithful ferryman at Alma, and was accommodating and obliging to all. He was a kind-hearted neighbor and friend. About four months before his death he professed conversion and was baptized by Rev. W.T. Walters. He leaves a widow and the following children: Mrs. Hubert Painter, Mrs. Cora Painter, Mrs. Otis Leake, Mrs. Mildred Burner, and Misses Lena and Blanche Seekford; and Messrs. Cally, Newton, Jacob, William and Luther of this county; Mrs. Alice Wysong, of Shepherdstown. Also the following brothers and sisters: David, Noah, and John W. Seekford, and Mrs. Sarah Alger and Mrs. Robert N. Jenkins, all of Page. 

George Seekford

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Mar 1889

Home Happenings

Death of a Prominent and Useful Citizen

Mr. George W. Seekford, one of the most prominent citizens of the northern section of this county, and the Supervisor of his District (the Springfield) died suddenly at his home near Cedar Point last Monday night. The announcement of his death early Tuesday morning startled and grieved his many friends in this place. He had retired for the night as well as usual, so far as we have learned, except that he was suffering from an operation for corns performed during the evening preceding by a strolling “Corn doctor”. He had not been in bed a great while, when complaining of the pains in his feet, he arose and walking across the room several times, told his wife to call his sons that he was going to die. Before they could arrive he was dead. We have heard no authentic statement of the cause of his death, tho’ from his full habit we think it not improbable that it was apoplexy. He was about 54 years of age… As a member of the Board of Supervisors he was frequently called to Luray and had made many friends in the town. He had been for a number of years a consistent and zealous member of the Old School Baptist Church at Big Spring… 

Miss Mattie Seekford

Page Courier, Thursday 30 Jul 1891

Actions Around Alma

Alma, Va, July 27, 1891

We regret to chronicle the death of Miss Mattie Seekford, daughter of John Seekford, which occurred on Saturday. The funeral services were conducted by Elder P.W. Yates. The deceased was 16 years and some months old. 

Peter S. Seekford***

Page Courier, Thursday 10 Oct 1901

Compton Cullings, Compton, Page Co, Va, Oct. 8, 1901

DEAR COURIER: Death has again visited our community and claimed for its victim Mr. Peter S. Seekford, son of the late George W. Seekford, who died at the residence of his brother, Thomas L. Seekford, Esq, on Monday evening, Oct. 7, 1901. Had he lived till Nov. 26th he would have been 40 years old. For two years he has been suffering from consumption... His funeral was preached by Elder Daily, of the Primitive Baptist church, to a large concourse of relatives and friends, after which his remains were conveyed to Rileyville and laid to rest in the village cemetery.

Mrs. Phoebe Seekford

Page Courier, Thursday 29 Mar 1888

Death of Mrs. Phoebe Seekford

This estimable lady departed this life at the residence of her son, Mr. Adam Seekford, at Alma, on last Friday morning, aged 74 years and 6 months. She was the widow of Geo. Seekford. She had been a member of the Old School Baptist church for 55 years. She was buried on Sunday in the family burying ground near Sands, Elder Paul Yates preaching her funeral in the church at Alma. Two daughters and five sons, Geo. W., one of the county Supervisors, Adam, Noah, Jno. W. and David survive her.

Mrs. Capt. B.F. Shenk

Page Courier, Thursday 26 Apr 1900

Mrs. Shenk, wife of Capt. B.F. Shenk, died at the home of her husband on the pike near Thornton's Gap, on Monday, April 23rd, aged about 66 years. Mrs. Shenk was a member of Bethlehem (Brick) church for many years, and her funeral was preached this morning by her pastor, Rev. J.N. Stirewalt. Mrs. Shenk had been ill for several months. She leaves a husband and three daughters- Mrs. B.W.F. Shenk, Mrs. Will Bradley, and Mrs. John G. Bradley.

Mrs. Martin Shenk

Page Courier, Thursday 14 Mar 1895


Mrs. Shenk, widow of the late Martin Shenk, died at an advanced age at her home on Pass Run, this county, the first of the week. 

William H. Shomo

Page Courier, Thursday 4 Mar 1908

Mr. William H. Shomo died February 21st, near New Market aged 86 years. Mr. Shomo was born in Shenandoah county, and when a young man came to Newport, Page county, where for 63 years he was the village blacksmith. Soon after coming to Page he married Miss Frances Louderback, and is survived by the following children: Mrs. Isaac Price, Mrs. Anna Breedlove, Mrs. Nannie Rinehart, Mrs. Minnie Alger, Mrs. Rebecca Propes, Mrs. Catharine Gaines, Mrs. Sarah Fox, and Messrs. Samuel and John William Shomo. 

Amazon Short***

Page Courier, Thursday 8 Dec 1904


In our hurry in getting to press last week we omitted the death of Mr. Amazon Short, which had been furnished us by our Leaksville correspondent. Mr. Amazon Short was born in the year 1816 in what was then Shenandoah county, and died November 25, 1904, and was consequently in his 83rd year. The cause of his death was a complication of diseases. Mr. Short was a member of the Lutheran church.

Mrs. Emma Short***

Page Courier, Thursday 9 Jul 1903

Marksville Mention & Stanley Statements, Marksville, Va July 7

Mrs. Emma Short, wife of Mr. George W. Short, died last Monday evening at Stanley of consumption, aged 29 years. She leaves a bereaved husband and one little boy, also an aged mother, two sisters, Misses Alice and Mattie Booton, and two brothers, Messrs. Geo. C. and John H. Booton, of Luray.

Mrs. Jane Short***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Feb 1901


Mrs. Jane Short, beloved wife of Mr. James W. Short, of Leaksville, Va., departed this life February 2, 1901, after a protracted illness of dropsy of nearly four years. The deceased, Charlotte Jane Dovel, eldest daughter of Abram Dovel, was born December 5, 1833, and attended the age of 67 years, 1 month and 28 days. From the presence of her sister, Mrs. Mayes, who was assisted to administer to her comfort, the messenger summoned her, while one other sister, Mrs. Susan Rodgers, and six children, Messrs. Lewin, Newton and Robert Short, Mrs. D.P. Lillard, of Luray, Mrs. W.D. Dofflemyre, of Shenandoah county, and Miss Virgie Short, of Leaksville, and relatives in the west are left to mourn her departure. She was a faithful, consistent member of the Christian church for about 47 years.

Mrs. John Short

Page Courier, Thursday 18 May 1899


MARKSVILLE, PAGE CO., VA Monday, May 16, 1899

Mrs. John R. Short died in Baltimore at the Johns Hopkins hospital on last Friday morning, and her remains were brought to her late home near here the same night on the 8:35 train. She was buried near old Mount Zion church in the Koontz grave-yard on Sunday afternoon. Her funeral was preached in the Adventist church near Stanleyton, by Elder T.S. Dalton… She leaves a husband and seven children… She was a member of the Primitive Baptist church for a number of years… She was 40 years, 8 months and 29 days old. 

Miss Rebecca Short***

Page Courier, Thursday 3 Mar 1898


Near Alma, Feb. 23, 1898, Miss Rebecca Short, daughter of Amazon Short. The deceased had been afflicted for many years, even to such an extent that she was not able to do any work. Her funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. R.H. Cline. She leaves a father and several brothers and sisters to mourn their loss... R.H.C.

Mrs. Susan Short

Page Courier, Thursday 15 Dec 1898

Marksville Matters

Mrs. Susan Short wife of B.F. Short died near Stanley last Wednesday, age 54. She was a good member of the Methodist church… 

Mrs. Catharine Skelton

Page Courier, Thursday 14 Apr 1881


At the residence of her son Jefferson Skelton, Saturday, April 9th, Mrs. Catharine Skelton, at the advanced age of eighty six years, two months and six days.

Frank Skelton

Page Courier, Thursday 28 Oct 1886

An Afflicted Family

It again becomes our painful duty to chronicle the death of another member of the family of Mr. Morgan Skelton, who lives on the eastern suburbs of Luray. On last Saturday at 1 p.m., his son, Frank, died after a lingering illness of several months from that fearful and relentless malady, consumption, in the 17th year of his age. He was buried on Monday in the Cemetery, Rev. L.R. Milbourne, conducting the funeral service. Only last November this family was caused to mourn the loss of another son, and another in January of this year, all from the same disease...

Jefferson Skelton

Page Courier, Thursday 20 Jul 1899


Mr. Jefferson Skelton, an aged citizen of this place, died very suddenly last Friday at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Beauregard Level; aged about 67 years. He had been at work as usual in the forenoon, though about 10 o’clock complained of a pain in his chest and quit work. He went to his home and a few minutes after reaching there fell from his chair and expired before medical aid reached him… Mr. Skelton was buried at the old Kimball graveyard, Elder Daily conducting the service. 

Mrs. Jefferson Skelton***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Feb 1901


Mrs. Skelton, widow of the late Jefferson Skelton, died at her home in this place last Thursday. She was about 64 years of age. She was a member of the Old School Baptist church, and was much respected by all who knew her. Her funeral was conducted by Rev. Mr. Daily and her remains were buried in the Cemetery on Friday.

Morgan Skelton

Page Courier, Thursday 31 Jan 1889

Death of Mr. Morgan Skelton

Mr. Morgan Skelton died at his home near Luray, on last Monday evening, January 28th, about 8 o’clock. As heretofore announced, he had been ill for some time, though recently his decline had been very rapid. His disease was consumption, his being the fifth death in his family from that terrible malady within the last three years. He was a member of the Baptist church, and all through his illness expressed himself as ready for his departure. His remains were interred at Green Hill Cemetery on Wednesday morning, Rev. L.R. Milbourne conducting the funeral services. He was 44 years, 6 months and 16 days old. 

William Skelton

Page Courier, Thursday 19 Nov 1885


At his father’s home, near Luray, on Monday night, November 16, 1885, of consumption, WILLIAM SKELTON, son of Mr. Morgan Skelton, aged 22 years and 14 days. His funeral took place on Wednesday from his father’s residence, Rev. L.R. Milbourne officiating, and his remains were buried in the cemetery.

Mrs. Abe Smelser***

Page Courier, Thursday 25 Apr 1901

Beahm's Budget 22 Apr 1901

Died, at her home in the Ridge on Friday, April 19, 1901, Mrs. Abe Smelser, aged 59 years and 19 days. Mrs. Smelser was confined to her bed for some three or four weeks, with measles, which terminated in pneumonia. Her body was laid to rest in the Morning Star cemetery... She leaves a husband and four children to mourn her loss... The deceased was a member of the Lutheran church, and her funeral was preached by Rev. J.N. Stirewalt.

Mrs. Delaney Smelser (1)

Page Courier, Thursday 15 Apr 1909


Died, at her home at Compton, Page county, April 11th, 1909, Mrs. Delaney Smelser, widow of the late Wharton Smelser, after an illness of short duration, aged 65 years, 10 months and twenty-five days. The deceased was a most excellent woman, a daughter of the late Sinnett Atwood. About 30 years ago she united with the Dunkard church at Dry Run, and ever after lived a consistent Christian. May years ago she was left a widow, with the care of a large family; by economy and industry, she reared a most creditable family, all of whom were present at the funeral. One brother, Mr. Nehemiah Atwood, near Oak Hill, and one sister, Mrs. Nancy Triplett, of Rileyville, survive her, together with the following children: Mr. John N. Smelser, at Compton; Miss Annie Smelser, at home; Mrs. Mary Heiston, Camden, New Jersey; Mrs. CL. Shenk, Luray and Mrs. Maggie Heiston, Columbus, Ohio… Her funeral was conducted by her pastor, Elder Wm Peters, of Shenandoah county, assisted by Elders Abram Racer and J.B.F. Huffman..

Mrs. Delaney Smelser (2)

Page Courier, Thursday 15 Apr 1909

Rileyville News and Compton Cullings

Death of Mrs. Smelser

At seven o’clock on Sunday morning, Mrs. Laney Smelser departed this life at her home in Compton, Page Co., Va., aged 66 years.- Paralysis was the immediate cause of her death. Mrs. Smelser was a member of the Dunkard church, having united with that denomination some thirty years ago. She is survived by the following children: Mrs. Nannie Shenk, of Luray; Mrs. Maggie Heiston, of Ohio; Mrs. Mary Heiston, of N.J., and Miss Anna and Mr. J.N. Smelser of Compton, while only one sister and brother survive her, Mrs. Nancy Triplett, and Mr. Nehemiah Atwood, of Rileyville. Funeral services conducted from her late home by Elds. Huffman and Rothgeb and Rev. H.M. Strickler. Interment at Rileyville. 

Mrs. George Smelser

Page Courier, Thursday 22 Sep 1892


Mrs. Smelser, widow of the late George Smelser, whose death THE COURIER reported a month or so ago, died at an advanced age last Sunday, at the residence of her husband near Rileyville, this county. 

Abram Smith***

Page Courier, Thursday 19 Nov 1903

Mr. Abram Smith, who lived on the west side of the River, in the Egypt neighborhood, died suddenly last Saturday near Mr. P.M. Kauffman's mill. Mr. Smith, who had been complaining for several days, was returning home from the White House by way of Mr. Kauffman;s mill, the latter taking him across the river. From this point Mr. Smith started for home, and had only gone a short distance, when he suddenly expired, presumably from heart disease. Mr. Kauffman was the first to discover the body. Mr. Smith was in his 70th year, and is survived by a wife and three children, Mrs. D.W. Cave, Mrs. John P. Kibler and Mrs. Trenton Kibler. The funeral was conducted by Eld. Martin Rothgeb.

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Page Courier, Thursday 6 Oct 1892

In Memory of my Mother

Died at her home on Mill Creek, this county, April 3rd, 1892, Mrs. Barbara Smith, with of Emanuel Smith, aged 57 years, 6 months and 27 days. Her funeral was preached by her pastor, Rev. J.N. Stirewalt…


Mrs. Bettie Smith

Page Courier, Thursday 4 Nov 1880


At her husband’s residence, near Criglersville, Madison county, Va., MRS. BETTIE SMITH, wife of Wm N. Smith, Esq., aged about 40 years. 

Emanuel Smith***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Mar 1901


died at his home on Mill Creek, this county, February 27th, aged about 70 years... a life-long member of the Lutheran church. He leaves a widow and four daughters, all married, to mourn his loss. His first wife, who died about 14 years ago, was a daughter of Mr. Isaac Sours; about eight years ago he married Miss Kate Smelser, daughter of Jacob Smelser, Esq., of Dry Run. Mr. Smith has one brother, now living in Culpeper county, and a sister in Shenandoah county. His funeral was conducted by Rev. J.N. Stirewalt.

John C. Smith

Page Courier, Thursday 28 Feb 1889

Died, aged 92 Years.

Mr. John C. Smith, whose death had escaped our notice, probably the oldest citizen in the county, died at the residence of his son, Mr. Emanuel Smith, on Mill Creek, this county, Feb. 6, aged 92 years, 11 months and 12 days. Mr. Smith was born in this county, near Stony Man, and lived all his life within a radius of a few miles of his birthplace. He was the father of 11 children, all of which except 4 have preceded him to the spirit land. His posterity is a numerous one, consisting of as many as four generations- children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grand-children. 


Page Courier, Thursday 17 May 1888

Letter from Criglersville

Criglersville, VA., May 14th, 1888

Mr. Z. Smith died at his home near this place on April 30th, at an advanced age. His aged sister preceded him to the spirit world only six weeks. They had been consistent members of the Baptist church at “F.T.” for a number of years. 

George Sours

Page Courier, Thursday 19 Nov 1891 issue


Mr. George Sours, whose injury by a fall from a horse we published last week, died at his home near Ida, Page county, on last Tuesday night, aged about 66 years. His funeral sermon was preached by Rev. J.N. Stirewalt. 

Isaac Sours

Page Courier, Thursday 15 Apr 1886


MR. ISAAC SOURS departed this life March 28th, 1886, aged 85 years, 5 months and 1 day. He leaves a widow and eight children to mourn his death. His funeral was preached by his pastor, Rev. Jno. N. Stirewalt. He had been a member of the Lutheran Church from his infancy up. His last wishes were to go, and we rest assured he is now happy. He leaves sixty grand-children and forty great-grand-children. A.M. BRADLEY 

Mrs. Isaac Sours

Page Courier, Thursday 27 Jun 1889

Mrs. Isaac Sours died at her residence on the Blue Ridge last week aged about 60 years.

Mrs. Isaac Sours, Sr.

Page Courier, Thursday 14 Jul 1892

Mrs. Sours, the aged widow of Isaac Sours, Sr., died in her 84th year, last Sunday at the residence of her son-in-law, Jacob Foster, Esq., near Grove’s Mill. 

Jacob Sours***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Feb 1901


Mr. Jacob Sours, oen of the oldest citizens of the county- aged about 87 years- died at his home on Dry Run on Wednesday evening, January 30, 1901. Mr. Sours belonged to an old and sturdy German family which moved from Pennsylvania to this county when the land was yet a wilderness. His father, Philip Sours, was born in Germany, emigrated to America, settled in Pennsylvania, as above stated, and aftewards removed to Page, and to the same neighborhood where teh subject of this notice was born. Mr. Sourd always claimed, and we have no doubt that it is true, that he hauled the first wagon load of store goods to Luray that was ever brought here, bringing them from Alexandria. He was buried last Friday, his funeral being preached by Rev. J.N. Stirewalt. He leaves a widow several years his senior and several sons and daughters.

Samuel Sours (I)

Page Courier, Thursday 4 Jan 1900


Mr. Samuel Sours died at his home near Blosserville, this county, on Monday night, January 1, 1900, aged about 75 years... always claimed to have been one of the first soldiers to scale the walls of the city at the battle of Chapultapec, which was probably correct... familiarly called by all who knew him "Chapultapec" His services in the Mexican war were recogniaed by the government which for a long time had granted him a pension. Mr. Sours for many years had been a member of Calvary Lutheran church, and his funeral was conducted by his pastor, Rev. John N. Stirewalt. He leaves a widow and several sons and daughters.

Samuel Sours (II)

Page Courier, Thursday 11 Jan 1900

Printz Mill Pointers, 8 Jan 1900

Mr. Samuel Sours died at his home near Stony Man January 1. Uncle Sam was one of the first men to stand on the walls of Chapultepec just a little over fifty-two years ago. He was also through the war of 1860-'65. He was a member of the Lutheran church, and his funeral was preached by Rev. J.N. Stirewalt at Mt. Calvary... after which he was laid to rest in the old Sours burying ground, near Mr. Reuben Varner's. He was in his 75th year. He leaves a widow and four sons and four daughters and quite a number of grand-children to mourn his departure. The government had been paying him $12 a month, which he richly deserved, we think.

Mrs. Susan Sours***

Page Courier, Thursday 19 Dec 1901


Mrs. Susan Sours died at the residence of her son, Mr. Noah Sours, near Printz Mill, this county, last Sunday, at the advanced age of 98 years. She had been a member of the Dunkerd church for more than 30 years. Her funeral was preached by Elders Walter Strickler and Martin Rothgeb./ Mrs. Sours was the widow of the late Jacob Sours, who died about a year ago, also at a very great age. She was probably the oldest person in the county.

Mrs. Mary Southard

Page Courier, Thursday 19 May 1881

Mrs.Mary Southard, widow of Levi Southard, a soldier of 1812, died at an advanced age, on last Thursday, at her home near Marksville.

Henry Suthard

Page Courier, Thursday 5 Sep 1889

Henry Suthard, aged 30 years, died at his home about two miles south of Marksville, last week of consumption. He leaves a wife and aged mother to mourn their loss. 

Mrs. Catherine Stoneberger

Page Courier, Thursday 2 Jun 1887


Mrs. Catherine Stoneberger

At her residence in Rileysville, Page Co., Va., May 27, 1887, MRS. CATHERINE STONEBERGER, widow of the late William Stoneberger, aged 47 years, 3 months and 7 days.

Only seven weeks since this family was called upon to mourn the loss of a kind husband and loving father... Four years ago she was converted and connected herself with the Methodist Church. She leaves 8 children, 5 daughter and 3 sons (some of them quite young) Her funeral was preached by her pastor, Rev. M.M. Long...

Godfrey Stoneberger***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Feb 1901


Godfrey Stoneberger, who lives about two miles south of Stanley, in attempting to discharge his gun last Sunday had the breech pin blown into his brains. The piece of steel is about three inches long and about a half inch in diametet. It entered his head above the left eye, burying itself deep in the skull. Stoneberger rode horseback about two miles after the accident and told the surgeon- Dr. Hudson- who removed it, that during the ride he could feel the iron jostle about in his head. The accident occurred about 1 o'clock and Dr. Hudson saw him about 5 o'clock. The pin was deep in the brain cavity, and it was with difficulty removed only by the aid of forceps. A large quantity of the brain matter had oozed out, the man was still conscious when the Doctor left him.

Since the above was written Stoneberger has died, the sad even occurring on Tuesday night about 8 o'clock.

James Stoneberger & John Rickard***

Page Courier, Thursday 3 Jan 1901



Full and Graphic Account of the Appaling Disaster, Near Rileyville, December 27th

DEAR COURIER: Never in the history of this community has such an accident occurred as the explosion of the boiler at Mr. John Miller's saw mill, located in the Blue Ridge, about 5 miles east of Compton. The sad affair occurred about 10 o'clock last Thursday morning, December 27th, in which James Stoneberger, the fireman, was instantly killed, and John Rickard, the sawyer, was fatally injured, dying at sundown of the same day.

Mr. John Miller, the owner of the saw-mill and Mr. John W. Devers, the off-bearer, are seriously, though it is hoped and believed, not fatally injured. The condition of the injured men, when we saw them, was such as to render an interview impossible. Mr. Aptil Rickard, a brother of one of the victims, was first on the ground after the accident. Mr. Miller was thrown about 100 feet over the slab pile, resulting in a broken leg, besides being badly scalded. After gaining consciousness, he crawled to the shanty (about 60 yards from where he fell) and made a fire. Dr. R.B. Cullers, of Bentonville, and Dr. Ed. Brumback were summoned, and remained with the wounded men all night, greatly alleviating their suffering.

On Saturday the two dead were buried.

James Stoneberger was a son of the late William Stoneberger, and his mother was a sister of Philip Roberts, Esq., of Rileyville. He leaves a widow and two small children; he was 27 years, 5 months and 13 days old. His funeral was conducted by Rev. J.W. Walter... Immediately after the interment the same congregation assembled at the home of Mr. Rickard, near by, where Mr. Walter preached again...

John Rickard was in the 39th year of his age, and was a son of the late Aptil Rickard, and leaves a widow and six children. He was an old lumberman, and had been with this particular engine and boiler for the last twelve years. The boiler had been in use about 20 years, having been brought here from Pennsylvania by the late John Cole, in the year 1880.

It would seem that every living thing about the mill was doomed. A little dog belonging to one of the employees was blown some distance from the mill and killed.

Willis Stoneberger

Page Courier, Thursday 14 Jun 1900


ALMA, PAGE CO., VA 12 Jun 1900

DEAR COURIER:- Death has again visited this community and claimed Mr. Willis Stoneberger, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Amazon Short, near here on June 8, 1900, in his 83d year. His funeral was preached on Sunday in the Lutheran church by Eld. Daily, of Luray, to a large crowd of relatives and friends.

Mrs. Polly Strickler

Page Courier, Thursday 6 Feb 1890

Death of Mrs. Polly Strickler

Departed this life at her son's residence, Leaksville, Page county, Va., Jan. 31, 1890, Mrs. Polly Strickler, wife of David Strickler, de'c., in the 80th year of her age. Mrs. Strickler was the mother of 11 children, the grand mother of 35 grand-children, and the great-grand-mother of 5 great grand-children... She was a devoted member of the Evangelical Lutheran church from an early period in life to the end of her days. On the 1st inst. the usual funeral services were rendered in Liberty church by her pastor in the presence of many sympathizing friends and relatves, Rev. Barney of the Christian Baptist church being present and taking part in the services, after which her body was laid to rest in the family burying ground, by the side of her husband, who had preceded her several years ago... J.W.H.

Absalom Taylor (I)

Page Courier, Thursday 28 Apr 1887

Marksville Matters

MARKSVILLE, VA., April 26, 1887

A very sad and sudden death occurred at Mr. M.V.B. Kite’s mill Friday evening last. Mr. Absalom Taylor, well and in fine spirits, started to the mill and store. While in the mill he fell to the floor and expired, not uttering a word after he fell. Dr. F.P. Koontz called in about that time, examined him, can applied stimulants, but could not revive him. He pronounced the cause of death apoplexy. His wife has been very ill for sometime- her death hourly expected. Perhaps the loss of sleep and anxiety of mind had exhausted him. He was a very industrious man, and leaves twelve children, who depended on him for support, most of them are small, and his widow it is supposed cannot recover… Mr. Taylor was buried on Sunday evening in the presence of a large concourse of friends and neighbors. 

Absalom Taylor (II)

Page Courier, Thursday 28 Apr 1887

Dropped Dead

Mr. Ab Taylor, a son of Thornton H. Taylor, Esq., who lives near Marksville, in this county, dropped dead in Mr. M.V.B. Kite’s Mill last Friday. Mr. T. was upwards of forty years of age. He was in usual health, and his sudden death was without a moment’s notice. 

Elder Thornton H. Taylor (I)

Page Courier, Thursday 9 Mar 1899 (front page)


Elder Thornton Taylor, whose critical illness we noticed last week, died on Wednesday morning last (March 1st) at about the hour our notice of his illness was written. He had attained the advanced age of about 87 years. He was a man of fine native sense, and a preacher of acknowledged ability. During the war he was a strong Union man, on account of which sentiment he made many friends… After the war he entered politics, and was several times a candidate for the Legislature. He conducted aggressive, fearless campaigns, tho he was never elected. Elder Taylor died where he had lived for many years- near the base of the old Blue Ridge, some distance east of Marksville. 

Elder Thornton H. Taylor (II)

Page Courier, Thursday 9 Mar 1899


MAUCK, PAGE CO., VA. March 5, 1899

Elder Thornton H. Taylor died at his home near here March 1, after an illness of four months. He was buried in his family graveyard in the presence of a large congregation of relatives and friends. He was 87 years, 4 months 10 days old. He had been a minister of the Gospel for about 50 years, and leaves 10 children, 69 grand-children and 82 great-grand-children to mourn his loss. 

Mrs. Thornton H. Taylor

Page Courier, Thursday 21 May 1896


MARKSVILLE, PAGE CO., VA., May 19, 1896

Mrs. T.H. Taylor died Tuesday at her husband’s residence near Mauck at the advanced age of 82 years and 9 months. She leaves a husband, a large family of children, grand-children and great-grandchildren to mourn her death. Rev. C.H. Brown of the Disciples church preached her funeral to a large concourse of relatives and friends. 

Henry Tutwiler***

Page Courier, Thursday 8 Apr 1897

Marksville Matters, Marksville, Va, April 6, 1897

Mr. Henry Tutwiler died at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. W.H. Keyser, on last Thursday evening aged 80 years and 2 days. He was buried at Morning Star church by undertaker James T. Phillips on Saturday morning. Funeral preached by Rev. John N. Stirewalt. 

"Aunt" Patsy Ward (with some early Luray History)

Page Courier, Thursday 13 Apr 1899



EDITOR COURIER:- Aunt Patsy Ward, of whom mention has often been made in THE COURIER, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Catharine Wood, at Oak Hill last Thursday, April 6, in the 110th year of her age, she having been born in February, 1790, on the plantation known as the old county farm, now owned by Mr. John H. Zirkle and occupied by Frank Griffith, Esq... She remembered when there was not a house in Luray and where Main street is located there was a path leading from the Hawksbill to Mill Run. She said the continued use of the path caused a big gully to wash out, and the first houses of Luray, which were all of logs, were built on either side of the gully, which subsequently became the Main street of the town. She lived in the neighborhood of Luray until she was 70 years of age. The last 40 years of her life was spent in Springfield district. Her son-in-law, William Wood ("Big Billy") was a soldier in the war of 1812, on account of which his widow, with whom Aunt Patsy lived, draws a pension from the U.S. government. She is now nearly 80 years of age. When she was 100 years of age Aunt Patsy was received into the fellowship of the U.B. church by the Rev. J.W. Walter, who also officiated at her funeral... Her death leaves Elias Baily the oldest person in Springfield district. Should Mr. Baily live till next May he will reach the good old age of 105.

James Waters

Page Courier, Thursday 12 Nov 1896

Mr. James Waters, an aged citizen of this county, died at his home in the Brick Church neighborhood on last Monday, November 9th, 1896, aged sixty-five years and one month. His funeral will be preached at his late home to-day, Wednesday, by Elder Norton, of the Old School Baptist church. He leaves a wife (daughter of the late Isaac Judd) and four children...

Artemirsa Weekly***

Page Courier, Thursday 13 Mar 1902

Marksville Mantion, Marksville, Va 11 Mar 1902

Mr. F.P. Cave's folks have received a letter from Ashland, Ill., announcing the death on March 1st, of Mrs. Artemirsa Weekly, the widow of the late Jas. W. Weekly, at the advanced age of 83 years. She lived with her son, Mr. Austin Weekly, and had been living in the west 30 years. She leaves 6 sons and 3 daughters.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wheat

Page Courier, Thursday 22 Sep 1892

Death of Mrs. Wheat

Mrs. Elizabeth Wheat, widow of the late Horatio Wheat, died last Saturday morning about 1 o’clock, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Wm A.J. Miller, in this place. Mrs. Wheat for the last two years of her life was a great sufferer from a malignant cancer of the breast, from which she died… While not a member of any church, her faith was strong in the doctrines of the Old School Baptist church… She was born November 23rd, 1816, and was consequently in her 76th year. Her funeral was conducted on Sunday morning by Rev. Mr. Quarles. 

Isaiah Williams

Page Courier, Thursday 15 Sep 1881


On the 17th inst., after a long and painful illness, of consumption, at the residence of his grandmother, Mrs. Jacob Freeze, in this place, Isaiah Williams, step-son of Ambrose Knight, in the 25th year of his age. His funeral was also preached by Mr. Bitting on last Saturday.

__ Wilson (Charles)***

Page Courier, Thursday 16 Jun 1898


The three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson died at the home of its parents on Mill Creek, Page county, on Saturday, June 11.

Grover T. Wilson

Page Courier, Thursday 18 Mar 1909

Sad Death Near Summerduck, Va

Written for THE COURIER by his sister M.V.R.

In loving memory of my dear brother, Mr. Grover Lee Wilson, who was born August 13, 1886, died February 11, 1909, aged 22 years and some six months.-

While in the woods cutting timber he was struck by a falling tree, his head being crushed in a fearful manner. He lived byt a few hours, being unconscious all the time...

He leaves a broken-hearted father and mother, one sister- Mrs. Mamie Rodgers, of Richardsville, Va., four brothers- Messrs. John, Charlie, David and Everett Wilson; two nieces at home... He was a noble Christian boy, and was a member of Flat Run Baptist church, his funeral being preached by Rev. Charles Brook, to a large concourse of relatives and friends...

Mrs. John Wilson***

Page Courier, Thursday 13 Apr 1905


Mrs. John Wilson, aged about 32 years, died at her home near Spring Farm last Sunday evening of consumption. She is surprised by a husband and three children. The deceased was a daughter of the late Jas. Pullin, of this county, Mrs. Wilson was a member of Springfield Methodist church, and her funeral was conducted by Rev. W.H.H. Joyce on Tuesday morning at her late home, after which the burial took place at the old Huffman graveyard on Mill Creek. 

Rev. Jonathan Wolfersberger

Page Courier, Thursday 4 Jun 1891

Rev. Jonathan Wolfersberger Dead

In his 77th year, at his home near Kitesville, this county, after an illness of about six weeks’ duration, Rev. Jonathan Wolfersberger departed this life. He had been a preacher for about 50 years, and a colporteur for a number of years. He was a native of Hagerstown, Md. 

George Woodward***

Page Courier, Thursday 7 Mar 1901


died at his home in this place last Monday night, March 4th, about 12 o'clock. He was taken sick about a week ago, the cause of his death being pneumonia. Mr. Woodward was born in Rappahannock county, tho lived in Luray the greater part of his life... He leaves a widow and one son, Mr. C.B. Woodward. His funeral, conducted by his pastor, Rev. G.S. Kennard, of the Main Street Baptist church, of which the deceased was one of its oldest members, took place on Wednesday from his late home. Mr. Woodward was in the 74th year of his age.

James A. Woodward***

Page Courier, Thursday 26 May 1887


Mr. James A. Woodward died at his home near Ida Post Office in this county last Friday. His disease was consumption, and he had been afflicted only comparatively a short time. He was about 38 years of age.

John M. Woodward

Page Courier, Thursday 9 Dec 1909

Interesting Ida Items


Death of Mr. John Woodward

DEAR COURIER:- Mr. John M. Woodward, of Ida, departed this life last Saturday morning about 6 o’clock after a lingering illness of several years. Interment in the family burying ground. The funeral services being conducted by Elds. Martin Rothgeb of this county and Thomas Cubbage of Fauquier. The deceased was aged 59 years, 8 months and 9 days. He is survived by his widow, one brother Mr. W.E. Woodward, and the following children Messrs. Daniel M. and W.H. Woodward, Mrs. W.H. Somers, Mrs. R.C. Broyles, Mrs. William Hoak, Mrs. A.L. Somers, Mrs. B. Jenkins, and Misses Mattie and Minnie Woodward. 

James Van Nort

Page Courier, Thursday 21 Nov 1889

Mr. James Van Nort, an aged citizen of this county, living near Ingham, died quite suddenly soon after going to bed last Saturday night. He had been fishing during the day, and although feeling as well as usual when he retired, was dead in a few minutes thereafter. 

Mr. Burrell Via

Page Courier, Thursday 12 Jul 1900

Marksville Matters & Stanley Statements

10 Jul 1900

Mr. Burrel Via died at his home near Stanley one day last week, aged 89 years and 4 months. He was one of our oldest citizens.

Thomas Viands

Page Courier, Thursday 1 Nov 1906


A telegram has been received by his relatives here of the death of Mr. Thomas Viands on Tuesday of this week at Luke, Md. He had been residing in that place for some time with his son-in-law, Mr. Andrew J. Cave. His body will be brought to this place for burial. Mr. Viands was in the 85th year of his age, and was a native of this county, where he was highly respected by all who knew him. For many years he had been a member of the Methodist church. Mrs. John M. Miller, who lives near town, is his daughter, and Mr. Jos. F. Viands, now in the Philippines, is his son. 

Mother of William Viands

Page Courier, Thursday 6 May 1880

DEATHS- The wife of Mr. Wm. Viands, who lives at the lower forge, died on last Monday.

Page Courier, Thursday 13 May 1880

The Mrs.Viands whose death was announced last week, was the mother of Wm. Viands, not the wife as published.

Mrs. Mary Young

Page Courier, Thursday 20 May 1909


Mrs. Mary Young, widow of the late William Young, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John W. Richards, near Ida, last Sunday, May 16th in the 85th year of her age. Her funeral took place on Tuesday, Rev. Mr. Hammond, of the Methodist church, conducting the same, and her remains were buried in the grave-yard on Mr. Daniel Gochenour’s place.