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PAGE NEWS & COURIER 1931-1940, Part 4

Page News & Courier, Tuesday 5 Jul 1938
            Mrs. Henrietta Frances Lincoln, aged 81, widow of H. Preston Lincoln, and a well known resident of Lacey Spring, died Friday morning at 11:45 at her home at Lacey Spring, following an illness of nearly five weeks.
            Mrs. Lincoln, who was a daughter of the late William C. and Adaline Cave Grandle, was born on April 27, 1857, at Lacey Spring where she spent her entire life. Some of her earliest recollections had to do with the battle of Lacey Spring, Dec. 21, 1864, when Rosser made a surprise attack upon Custer's camp between midnight and dawn. The Grandle home was in the midst of the battlefield. She could vividly recall many other incidents of the War Between the States.
            On Feb. 27, 1877, she was united in marriage with Mr. Lincoln, who was born in 1855 and died in 1925. The latter was a son of Jacob Nicholas Lincoln and a grandson of David Lincoln, who was the first of his name to locate in the Lacey Spring neighborhood. David was the eldest son of Captain Jacob Lincoln, of Linville Creek, and for some years kept a wayside tavern at Lacey Spring, known as Lincoln Inn.  He carried on correspondance with Abraham Lincoln when the latter was in Congress, concerning the family relationship. David and Thomas, the President's father, were first cousins.
            Mrs. Licnoln was the eldest of seven children and also the mother of seven children, four of whom survive.
            They are: E.E. Lincoln, of Harrisonburg; Mrs. Harry Coffelt, of Dayton; W.W. Lincoln, of Luray, and Miss Eunice Lincoln, of Washington. She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. D.R. Showalter, of Harrisonburg; Mrs. J.P. Layman, of Lacey Spring, and one brother, C.E. Grandle of Lacey Spring. Two children- E. Return Lincoln, of Harrisonburg, and Mrs. Edwin Rankin, of Jersey City- preceded her in death.
            Mrs. Lincoln was a faithful member of the Methodist Church...
            Funeral services were held Sunday at 11 a.m. from the Lacey Spring Methodist Church. Services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. W.A. Lynch. Burial was in a nearby cemetery where many of the Lincolns and other relatives are buried.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 26 Jan 1932
            Jean Long, son of Walter Long, residing at Jeremiah Purdham place, near Stanley, lost an infant eight months old.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 31 Dec 1935
            Mrs. Philip (Mollie) Long, of near the Electric Dam, died on Christmas Day, December 25 at the age of 68 years. The deceased was married twice, her first husband being Daniel Strickler of near Hamburg. Mrs. Long was a member of the Methodist Church at Big Spring.
            She is survived by her husband, two brothers Trenton and Edgar Rickard and the following sisters: Mrs. I. Russell Strickler, Mrs. John W. Kauffman, Mrs. Jacob Burner all of Luray and vicinity- and the following step-children: Mrs. E.N. Hershberger, Reuben Long, Clifford Long, Mrs. Lucian Spitler, Mrs. Carl Shaffer and Miss Dolly Long all of Luray and Mrs. Frank Ferguson of Kingsville, Ohio.
            The funeral was held at the home on Friday by her pastor Rev. W.J. Whitesell assisted by Elder J.B. Jenkins. Interment in the family graveyard.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 9 may 1939
Death Claims Hubert F. Lucas
Prominent In Local Affairs; Member of Luray Council
            Hubert Franklin Lucas, prominent Luray citizen and member of the Town Council, died at his home on Wilson Avenue last Saturday, May 6th at 12. Death came after an illness lasting 8 weeks. He was 66 years of age, having been born June 15th, 1872 in Page County, at the old Lucas homeplace near Calvary Church, located at Stony Man. He was the son of James F. and Isabelle Virginia Lucas, both deceased.
            ... He attended the Luray High School.
            In 1897 he married Miss Annie Hershberger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Hershberger, now deceased, also of Page County and shortly thereafter accepted a position in Norfolk with the United States Navy Yard. There he remained for 10 years attaining a high rating as an expert in die and tool designing for the government. During this period his family lived in Norfolk and later moved to Portsmouth. Later he accepted a position with the N. & W. railroad in Roanoke where he remained for 3 years. Four of his five children were born during this 13 year period. Ralph H. Lucas, who died in 1936 was born in Roanoke, Mrs. Merle Lucas Winsbro, now of Luray, was born in Norfolk, Misses Helen and Virginia Lucas were born during the residence in Portsmouth. Richard Lucas, the youngest son, was born in Luray.
            In 1910 the Lucas family moved back to Luray where Mr. Lucas entered the contracting business. He started the building for the Luray Supply Company and was one of the charter organisers of this company. He later built much of the residence property in East Luray... During the World War, he contributed his highly specialized technical skill as a die and tool designer and accepted a position in this capacity in Washington, D.C. After the war he returned to his beloved Page County where he entered the real estate business and later built and operated a cannery at Stony Man...
            He was a valued member of the St. Mark's Lutheran Church, of Luray, where he served for several years on the Church Council.
            He is survived by his wife and four children, his twin brother, Edwin L. Lucas, former sheriff of Page County, J.D. Lucas, of Orlando, Fla., Charles J. Lucas, also of Orlando, Ashby E. Lucas, of Roanoke, Kirby O. Lucas, of Urbana, Ohio and Mrs. Maye Stirewalt, of Charleston, S.C.
            Funeral services were held yesterday at the home at 2:30 p.m. with the pastor, Rev. Glenn Boliek officiating and assisted by Rev. A.L. Boliek. Interment took place in Green Hill Cemetery...
Page News & Courier, Friday 19 Feb 1937
Death of Hubert Ralph Lucas
            Hubert Ralph Lucas, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert F. Lucas, who has been in declining health for the last year, passed away Wednesday evening at the home of his parents in East Luray.
            He was born in Roanoke, Virginia 36 years ago this coming Many and moved to Luray with his parents where he was about eight years old. Here he attended school until he was about grown and then went to Bluefield, W.Va., as the representative of the Pittsburg Plate Glass Company. Five or six years ago he was married to Miss Ruth Grove, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Grove of Page. They settled in Washington and he built up a flourishing automobile business at Rosslyn, Virginia which he was operating until he came to his father's about two weeks ago hoping here to regain his health. Preparations were being made to take him to a sanatorium, but his condition became very serious and he succumbed to the dread disease, tuberculosis, on Wednesday... He was a lifelong member of the Lutheran Church...
            Besides his parents he leaves his wife and little three year old daughter Barbara, three sisters, Misses Mrs. William Winsbro, and one brother, Richard, to mourn his loss.
            His funeral will be held this afternoon, Friday, from the home at 3 o'clock with Rev. Glen Boliek, of Luray and Rev. C.A. Hall of Madison in charge of the service.
Page News & Courier, Friday 11 Mar 1932
            Hugh Lucas, aged 48, a native of Page county and one of the members of the Baldwin-Felts detective force who captured members of the Allan clan after the famous Hillsville courtroom tragedy in 1911, died at one o'clock Sunday afternoon in the Bluefield hospital from wounds inflicted the preceding day by Chas. Dillon, whom Lucas was trying to arrest.
            Lucas was born near Ingham, this county and was a son of Henry and Sarah Ruffner Lucas, his mother having been a sister of Reuben Ruffner, deceased, of near Luray. Funeral services were held at Bluefield on Monday. Mr. Lucas had resided in that place for the last twenty-fove years, being identified with the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency and serving as a deputy Sheriff. He previously was a member of the N. & W. bridge crew.
            His brother, Deputy Sheriff, Wm. E. Lucas, of Elkton, was called to Bluefield Sunday. He said that the man, Dillon, who fired the fatal shot surrendered to officers a brief time after thr tragedy...
            Hughie Lucas was one of the Baldwin-Felts detectives who traced Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards to Des Moines, Ia., to complete the wind-up of the Allen clan after the shooting at Hillsville... Floyd Allen and Sidna Edwards were sentenced to the electric chair and Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards drew prison terms. Sidna and Wesley were later pardoned. Judge Massie, a juror and the sheriff were shot down by members of the Allen clan during a trial at Hillsville.
            Lucas is survived by his widow and five children; one brother, W.E. Lucas of Elkton; and two sisters, Mrs. Annie McKowen, of Elkton and Mrs. Dana, of Boston.
            Lucas was one of a family of 13 children.
Page News & Courier, Friday 11 Jun 1937
Hunter Lucas Dies At Alma
            Hunter Lucas, a respected citizen of the Alma section, died at his home Wednesday, after an illness of several years duration. Mr. Lucas was born and had lived in the immediate vicinity of Alma practically all of his life... the immediate cause of his death being cancer of the stomach. He is survived by his wife, who was a Miss Leake, of Leaks Chapel, several grown children living in Pittsburgh. His aged mother, Mrs. Sallie Lucas, lives near Alma with her daughter, Mrs. Ive Rogers, who is a sister of the deceased. Several other brothers and sisters also survive. The funeral will be held today, (Friday) from the Alma Lutheran Church at 2 p.m., with Eld. J.B. Jenkins in charge of the services. Interment in the church cemetery.
Page News & Courier Friday 18 Jun 1937
Death of Hunter Lucas
            Hunter Lucas was born in the year of our Lord, Sept. 24, 1877, fell asleep in Jesus, June 9, 1937, aged 59 years, 9 months and 15 days. He leaves to mourn his death a widow who was Miss Maggie Leak, daughter of John Leak, of Leaks Chapel, and seven children, one deceased: Edward and Myron Lucas, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Mrs. Russel (Reba) Housden, May and Haywood Lucas at home; his sisters, Mrs. Lucy Bernhardt, Miss Ethel M. Lucas, Mrs. Earle (Mary) McClintock, Mrs. Iva V. Rodgers and his mother, Mrs. Sallie M. Lucas; his nieces, Mrs. George Geyer and Mrs. W.M. Ridgeway of Pittsburgh, and his nephews, Bobby Rodgers, William and Georgie Geyer and Irvin McClintock, of Pittsburgh…                                                                                                                         
Page News & Courier, Friday 13 May 1932
            Isaac Lucas, aged 89, a highly respected old citizen living in Lucas Hollow near Stanley who has been in a critical condition for several weeks died on Wednesday. He had been feeble for a long time on account of his advanced years. Mr. Lucas owned considerable mountain land... one of the mainstays of the Brethren church in his community.
            Surviving Mr. Lucas are his widow and the following children: David, Isaac and Harry Lucas, Mrs. Mittie Stoneberger, Mrs. Goldie Weaver and Mrs. Ben Smelser, all of the Stanley-Honeyville neighborhood, and Mrs. Lavinia Cubbage, of West Virginia. Mr. Lucas made all of his children presents of land and cash before he died. His son, Harry, who resided with him will inherit the home place. Mr. Lucas has a brother, David, living near New Market.
            The funeral will take place at Leak's Chapel at 11 a.m., today, (Friday) with services by the Brethren ministers.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 2 Jun 1931
            James Lucas, age 37, who was shot through the lower abdomen at his home near Grove Hill, at 4 a.m., last Thursday by Herbert J. Minor, age 36 N. & W. shops employee at Shenandoah City, died at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital at 2 o'clock the following morning. Minor who have himself up to Town Sergeant Hume Moore and other officers at Shenandoah five or six hours after the shooting, is in jail at Luray. No time has been set for the preliminary hearing and bail has not been applied for. The bullet from a 44 calibre Colt revolver perforated Lucas' intestines thirteen times and also went through the man's bladder.
            Before Dr. J.J. Waff, of Shenandoah, tool Lucas to the hospital the wounded man told the physician that Minor had shot him. After arriving at the hospital Lucas was too weak to make a statement.
            Minor, in jail at Luray, denies all knowledge of having fired the fatal shot. He hung around the Lucas home for several hours after the shooting and when the physician and others arrived at the place he appeared to be very drunk. He made the statement that he bouyght liquor of Lucas' fourteen-year-old son, Frank lucas, and also said that this boy first told him that he had shot Lucas.
            It is indicated that there was a drunken carousal at the Lucas home preceding the shooting. According to the reported statement of the widow of the slain man. Minor first arrived at her home at about 8:30 Wednesday night. He then went away and returned about midnight with a 22 calibre rifle and the 44 Colt revolver and slept until about 3:30....NEED REST OF ARTICLE..
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 31 Oct 1931
            Shenandoah, Va., Oct. 12- John S. Lucas who was in business at this place for years, and more recently, has been a truck farmer at Robbins, Delaware, died on Sunday after a brief illness, aged fifty-three years.
            His wife, who died eleven years ago, was Miss Daisy Keyser, daughter of David Keyser. The couple leaves one daughter and two sons, Mrs. E.T. Haden, age 31, of Robbins, Del., John A. Lucas, age 27 and Benjamin Lucas, age 26. Mr. Lucas also leaves three sisters, Mrs. Hettie Keim, of Shenandoah, Mrs. Carrie Myrtle and Mrs. Mattie Entler, of Hagerstown, and two brothers A.H. Lucas, of Shenandoah, and H.E. Lucas, of Hagerstown. The body will arrive here this evening by a funeral coach, and will be taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. Keim. Funeral some time Wednesday with burial in the U.B. cemetery by the side of his wife, Mr. Lucas moved away from Shenandoah twenty-two years ago. He was a son of the late James A. Lucas, of this place...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 25 Jul 1939
Death of Mrs. Sallie J. Lucas
            Mrs. Sallie J. Lucas, wife of the late Thomas Lucas, died at her home at Alma Sunday at 12 a.m.
            Mrs. Lucas, who was 83 years of age, had been in failing health for the past few years, due to the infirmaties of age.
            She was a daughter of the late Isaac Aleshire and was born in the Alma neighborhood where she spent practically all of her life.
            Many years ago she became a member of the Leaksville Christian Church and was a consistent member until the end.
            She is survived by the following children: Miss Ethel Lucas, Pittsburgh; Mrs. Lucy Bernhardt, Pittsburgh; Mrs. Iva Rodgers, Alma; Mrs. Mary McClintock, of Pittsburgh, and Hunter Lucas, of Stanley. The latter two are deceased.
            The funeral will be held from the Alma Lutheran Church Wednesday at 2 p.m. with her pastor, the Rev. C.G. Scannel, in charge of the services. Interment in the church cemetery.                                                                                                                                  
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 10 Feb 1931
            John Wm. Lucas, aged about 55, whose home was in Dovel Hollow, a mile above HoneyRun Trestle, was found dead in bed Saturday morning. Two of his younger children were in the bed with him when he breathed his last, but no one in the household was aroused during the night, and it was not until the family arose the next morning that it was known that the father lay a corpse. Mr. Lucas, an industrious man, owning a small place in Dovel Hollow, was working as usual the day before he died and there was nothing to give warning that a fatal stroke impended .
            The dead man was twice married, the last wife, who was a Miss Cubbage surviving. He leaves a large family of children, some of them quite small. He made a profession of religion at Rev. Gird A. Cave’s meeting in Dovel Hollow, about a month ago.                                                                                                                                      
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 28 May 1935
            Mrs. Mary E. Lucas, aged 78, proprietress of the Lucas Boarding House on North Main Street, Harrisonburg, for many years, died suddenly at her home there Friday afternoon at 4:45.
            Mrs. Lucas was in her usual health and walked down town to do her shopping less than an hour before her death. She returned home and was preparing for supper when the fatal attack came. Death was due to heart disease.
            She was the widow of William E. Lucas and a native of the Grove Hill section of Page county. She was a Miss Kite before marriage. Mrs. Lucas was a resident of Harrisonburg for 50 years. She was a faithful member of Muhlenberg Lutheran church…
            Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at three o’clock from the home of her daughter, Mrs. L.M. Berry, 605 Collicello street, her pastor, the Rev. M.L. Minnich officiating. Interment was in Woodbine cemetery.
            Surviving are four children- Mrs. E.H. Senseney, Mrs. L.M. Berry, and D.A.. and B.L. Lucas, all of Harrisonburg.                                                                                     
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 4 Jul 1939
Death of Former Resident
            Joseph L. Lucas, a former resident of Luray, died Friday, June 30th, at his home in Braddock, Pa.
            The deceased, who was about 60 years old left Luray a number of years ago, and has resided since in Pennsylvania. He was a mechanic and the cause of his death was due to injuries received in a steel mill some time ago. He was a son of William Lucas and was born in the Intersection neighborhood.
            He is survived by his wife, Ailene Chrisman Lucas, daughter of the late Lewis Chrisman, of the Bixler’s Ferry section, and the following children: Misses Ailene and Ruth and Ralph and Paul Lucas, of Braddock, and a brother Ezra Lucas, of Woodstock, Va.
            The deceased was buried at Braddock, Pa., on Monday.                                         
Page News & Courier, Friday 30 Mar 1928
            Mrs. Leonard Lucas, age 22, teacher of the Lucas Hollow school four miles Southwest of Stanley, taught school Tuesday, was taken ill at 4:30 p.m., that day and died of convulsions at four o'clock next morning...
            Mrs. Lucas was teaching her second term at Lucas Hollow. She came here from Lancaster county, and was Miss Mary Keyser prior to her marriage which took place at the end of the 1926-1927 term. Her husband, Leonard Lucas, is a son of David Lucas. While the couple were boarding at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pence, the young wife died at the home of her father-in-law. She will be buried at Leak's Chapel at 2 p.m., today, (Friday) with services in the church by Eld. Ausby Cubbage.
            Yesterday morning two brothers, a sister and several other relatives from Lancaster county arrived at the Lucas home. The deceased was not a relative of the Page Keysers and pronounced the name differently.
            Mrs. Lucas was born at Lively, Lancaster county, which is not far from Fredericksburg. Graduating from the Lancaster High school, she took the teacher's work at the Fredericksburg Teachers college. She was a member of the Methodist church.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 8 Aug 1939
Death of Mrs. Sarah J. Lucas
            Mrs. Sarah J. Lucas, aged 83 years, passed to her Heavenly rest on Monday, July 23, 1939, after being tenderly nursed and care for by her loving daughter, Mrs. Iva V. Rogers. Thomas Lucas and Sarah J. Aleshire were married in Luray June 1876.
            To this union five children were born, Hunter Lucas, Mary Lucas McClintock, deceased, Miss Ethel, Mrs. Peter Burnhard, Pittsburgh, eight grandchildren.
            Early in life Mrs. Lucas joined the Newport Christian Church, was a faithful and useful member attending services as long as her health permitted… The funeral was held at the Lutheran church on Wednesday, July 26, at 2:00 p.m. with Eld. J.B. Jenkins and Rev. Scannell officiating. Interment in the Lutheran cemetery.                                             
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 18 Aug 1936
            Simeon Lucas, of near Stanley, 72 years of age, was fatally injured Monday morning when he stepped from a heavily loaded truck on the Dry Run section of the WPA Flood Repair Work. Mr. Lucas was employed by WPA as a water carrier. Lucas stepped from the moving truck loaded with rock and gravel. His foot slipped and he fell under the wheel sustaining a broken hip and pelvis and severe internal injuries. He was rushed to the Harrisonburg hospital where he died several minutes after arrival.
            Mr. Lucas had been married four times and is survived by his present wife who was a Miss Campbell and a number of children.
            Funeral arrangements will be made from the Bradley Undertaking Parlor where the body is now resting.                                                                                                 
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 12 Feb 1935
            News reached relatives here on Sunday morning of the death of Israel Markowitz, father of Mrs. Rosa Shandelson, for many years a resident of Luray.
            Mr. Markowitz passed away at an early hour Sunday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Will Goodman in Baltimore. He had attained a good old age. His wife died some years ago. Mr. Markowitz was an Orthodox Jew and strictly carried out the tenets of his religion. On Saturday according to his custom, he was in place at the Synagogue and was there until 10 o'clock that night. He complained after rising Sunday morning of not feeling very well and his daughter gave him a cup of tea. A few minutes later he succumbed. He was a native of Russia and came to this country with one son Harry Markowitz about half century ago. He was joined a few years later by his wife and other children when they settled in Baltimore which after that time became the home of the family. He leaves to mourn his loss the following children: Harry Markowitz, Henry Markowitz, David Markowitz, Mrs. Will Goodman, Mrs. Harry Wineberg all of Baltimore and Mrs. Rosa Shandelson, of Luray. Two children, Mrs. Leoin and Isaac Markowitz preceded him in death.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 31 Mar 1931
            Mrs. Emma J. Mathews, wife of A.F. Mathews, of Bentonville, died Tuesday evening, March 24th. She was 71 years, 11 months and 14 days old. She was formerly a Miss Jenkins, of Luray, Va.
            She was greatly beloved and respected, and united with the Methodist church in early life. Her sister, Mrs. A.J. Mitchell, of Luray, died about three years ago. She leaves to mourn her loss, one son, Leland Mathews, of Bentonville, and one daughter, Mrs. Turner Mathews, of Browntown, Va.
            The funeral was held in the Methodist church at Bentonville, Thursday at 2 p.m., services being conducted by Rev. N.N. Hall, assisted by Rev. Stickley and the body was laid to rest in the Bentonville cemetery.                                                                          
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 10 Oct 1939
Death of Miss Frances McAlister
            Miss Frances McAlister, age 22, died at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital on Saturday afternoon after an illness of seven weeks as the result of the automobile accident just north of Stanley on August 11, in which Herbert Baugher and Miss Mattie Judd lost their lives. Ralph Baugher, a member of the party, is the only survivor... She was the daughter of the late David and Bessie McAlister and leaves four sisters (Florine) Mrs. Lucia Burner, (Virginia) Mrs. Irvin Stanley, Mrs. Eula Camden, and (Nellie) Mrs. Paul Orye, three brothers, William, John and Ernest McAlister.
            Miss McAlister was a devoted member of the United Brethren Church, a teacher in the Sunday School. She was employed at the Shenandoah Knitting Mill.
            The funeral will be held today (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. at the U.B. Church by Rev. Lee E. Sheaffer. Burial in the M.E. Cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 27 Oct 1936
Death of Mrs. James H. McCallister
            Mrs. Cora Blanche McCallister, wife of James H. McCallister died at her home at Comerstown October 24, 1936. Mrs. McCallister had been in poor health for several years, but seriously ill for the past three months- and for a while was a patient in the R.M. Hospital. Mrs. McCollister was before marriage Miss Cora Price, daughter of Thomas P. and Catherine Price of the same community. Her surviving sisters are Mrs. Ida Lucas and Miss Laura Price, several sisters and brothers having preceded her in death. Her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Madaline Comer and two sons Charley and Howard are left to mourn her loss.
            She had been a devoted member of Mt. Lebanon Christian Church since her youth and was united in marriage 37 years ago.
            Her funeral was conducted from her late home on Monday at 2:30, Rev. E.L. Cave in charge. Burial was in the home cemetery.                                                                
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 27 Sep 1938
Mrs. Cora McAllister
            Funeral services for Mrs. Cora Bessie McAllister, 61, of of Shenandoah, were held Tuesday at her home. She is survived by the following children:
            Mrs. Paurl Orye, Harrisonburg; Mrs. Irvin Stanley, Mrs. Eula Camden, Mrs. Lucina Burner, Miss Frances McAllister, William McAllister, Ernest McAllister and Mrs. John Dodson, all of Shenandoah; a brother, H.J. Croft, of Sun, W.Va., and two half-brothers and sisters, James and Jacob Croft and Sally and Clemy Croft, all of Hagerstown.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 3 Apr 1934
            Shenandoah, Va., April 2- David N. McAllistr, age 64 years, died at his home on 9th Street, Shenandoah at 8 a.m., on Sunday aftern an illness of eighteen months due to heart disease and other ailments... He had been a Norfolk and Western foreman on  mason work for thirty-five years but had been pensioned on account of his health for about two years... He owned attractive residence property in Shenandoah.
            The subject of this notice was a son of William McAllister, deceased, of Crooked Run, near Shenandoah. He leaves a widow, formerly Miss Bessie Croft, of Steam Hollow, and the following children: William and Ernest McAllister, Mrs. Jennie Stanley, Mrs. Florine Burner and Misses Eula, Nellie and Frances McAllister all of Shenandoah. He leaves two sisters Mrs. Mary Kite and Miss Jennie McAllister and two brothers, James and Robert McAllister, all of near Shenandoah.
            The funeral will take place from the home at 2 p.m., Wednesday, with burial in the Methodist cemetery with Rev. Lee E. Sheaffer conducting the funeral.
Page News & Courier, Friday 11 Sep 1931
           Miss Lydia McAllister, age 44 years of near Ingham, jumperd off the Grove Hill bridge with suicidal intent early Wednesday morning and was drowned, her body being found lodged against a sharp rock a hundred feet down stream at eight o'clock the same morning.
           Tuesday afternoon she left her home in Crooked Run, where she and her mother, the widow of Frank McAllister, lived along, and went to Shenandoah City, drew all her money out of the bank, paid a number of bills, told a number of friends that Dr. Waff was to take her to the hospital next morning and bade them all goodbye... Returning to her home she retired after 11 o'clock. In her room she left a note to the effect that her body would be found in the river, that she wanted Undertaker Brill to bury her and Kirby Foster and wife of Shenandoah to sing at her funeral...
            Miss McAllister is survived by her mother, Mrs. Jane McAllister, her father having been dead many years. Her only brother Ezra was killed on the railroad some years ago. Rev. E. Lee Sheaffer will conduct the funeral at her home at 2 p.m., today with burial in the family lot.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 16 Feb 1937
Death of Mrs. Delilah Jane McCallister
            Mrs. Delilah Jane McCallister widow of F.T. McCallister, died at her home near Shenandoah on Wednesday, February 10th, after an illness of three weeks. Mr. McCallister died on the same day, February 10th, 21 years ago. Mrs. McCallister had lived in this neighborhood all of her life, being 76 years of age at her death. Several brothers and sisters have preceded her in death: Samuel Comer, Jacob Comer, George Comer, Mrs. Martin Lucas, Mrs. Fannie (Joe) McCallister, and two children, Miss Lida McCallister, who it will be remembered drowned herself from the Grove Hill bridge six years ago and Ezra, who rain into a bridge just south of Luray and was killed. Her surviving brothers and sisters are Phillip Comer, Isaac Comer, John Comer and Mrs. Virginia Hinton. Mrs. McCallister had been a member of the East Liberty Christian Church at Ingham since early childhood. Her funeral was conducted from her home on Saturday morning at 11 o’clock by Rev. Lee E. Sheaffer and her body tenderly laid to rest in the family burial ground.                                                                                                         
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 6 Mar 1934
            Andrew McCoy, aged 89, a highly respected old citizen living in Stanley, this county, died at his home Saturday afternoon, from causes incident to old age... Heart weakness finally caused the stout old veteran to succumb. Mr. McCoy was one of the few survivng Confederate veterans of the county.
            Mr. McCoy leaves a widow, who is a daughter of William Stroop, deceased, and who was formerly Mrs. Dolman Turner, of Stanley. His first wife, who was a daughter of Jacob Sigler, deceased, of that part of the county, and a sister of the late John W. Sigler, died many years ago. There are two grown children by the first marriage living in Ohio. The last union was childless.
            Mr. McCoy who was born near Stanley and was a brother of Jas. McCoy, deceased, spent many years of his earlier life in Ohio, where he owned a good farm. He built the Luther Lowery house near Stanley, many years ago and lived there for some time. In later years he owned a home in Stanley near the residence of Reuben P. Foltz.
            In his youth Mr. McCoy was converted at a revival in the Methodist church near his home in the Marksville neighborhood. He was a church member for probably seventy years...
            His funeral at Graves Chapel yesterday morning was conducted by his pastor, Rev. W.J. Whitesell.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 25 Oct 1938
Former Alma Lady Dies in Pittsburgh
            Word has been received by relatives of the death of Mrs. Mary Lucas McClintock, wife of Irvin E. McClintock at her home in Pittsburgh on September 23, 1938. Mrs. McClintock was the fourth child of the late Thomas B. Lucas and Sarah Aleshire Lucas and a grandchild of the late Reubin Lucas and the late Isaac Aleshire.
            Mrs. McClintock was born and lived to young womanhood at the old homestead at Alma, this county, 45 years ago. Thirty years ago she accompanied an older sister to Pittsburgh, and enrolled in Curry College. There she met her husband, who was an instructor in mathematics. She was united in marriage to Prof. Irvin E. McClintock on April 2, 1913.
            She was a devoted member of the Episcopal church. Services were conducted by her pastor, Dr. Ghent. Burial in Homewood cemetery. She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, Irvin E. McClintock, two children, Mrs. William Ridgeway and Thomas I. McClintock, an honor student in Carnegie Institute of Technology. Her mother, Mrs. Sallie Lucas, of Alma, three sisters, Miss Ethel, Mrs. Peter Burnhardt and Mrs. Iva Rodgers, of the Alma section. One brother, Hunter Cave preceded her in death a year ago.                                                                                                                                              
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 8 Aug 1939
Former Page Resident Dies Near Timberville
            Alexander Meadows, aged 83, died at his home Thursday afternoon at two o’clock following a brief illness. Mr. Meadows was taken ill with an attack of flu about three weeks ago and never regained his strength.
            He was a son of James and Sarah Eppard Meadows, and was born in Page county April 1, 1856. He had lived most of his life in Page county and in the vicinity of the present Skyline Drive, until about 18 months ago when he moved to Rockingham county.
            About 60 years ago he married Mary Sue Meadows, of Page county, who survives him with 13 children: Grover, Walter, Hileon, and C.K. Meadows, all of near Timberville, Delvert, Amos, Mrs. Bessie Lam, Mrs. Carrie Meadows, Mrs. Fannie Lam, Mrs. Ella Collier, Mrs. Nettie Meadows, Mrs. Crim Meadows, and Mrs. Belle Meadows, all of Page county.
            Surviving sisters are: Mrs. Jennie Harris, Mrs. Rennie Lam, Mrs. Etta Meadows, all of Naked Creek, Va., Mrs. Lottie Meadows, of Iowa, Mrs. Mary Stanley, of Furnace, Page County, and one brother, Warfield Meadows, of Ohio.
            Funeral services were held from Tanner’s Ridge Mission on the Skyline Drive Saturday afternoon at two o’clock. Interment was in a nearby cemetery.                                   
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 25 Aug 1936
            Andrew Franklin Meadows was born Feb. 25, 1853 and died Aug. 4, 1936, aged 83 years, 5 months and 10 days. The deceased was born in Rockingham county near Elkton. He removed to Madison county in the winter of 1876 and had lived in Madison county since that date. He worked hard and reared a large family. He is survived by one brother, Leonard Meadows, of Elkton; also two sisters of Shenandoah, Mary E. Thompson and Jennettie N. Dovel. He also leaves to mourn his loss four sons, W.F., Edgar, Walter and Irvin; also two daughters, Lucy A. Hurt, of Culpeper and Mary J. Grayson, of Syria. His daughter, Nealie Gallehugh, died a short time ago. Two daughters and one son died in infancy. The deceased was a son of William Meadows and Delilah J. Meadows, of Rockingham county.- Madison Eagle                                                                     
Page News & Courier, Friday 29 Sep 1939
Death of James Lee Meadows
            James Lee Meadows, age 16 years, died at the University Hospital at Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday morning, September 23. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Howard Breeden, of Shenandoah, five brothers and one sister and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Meadows.
            The funeral was held at St. Peters United Brethren Church in Hume's Run Community by his pastor, Rev. Lee E. Sheaffer, on Monday at 2 p.m...
Page News & Courier, Friday 29 Sep 1939
Death of James Meadows
            James Lee Meadows departed this life at the University hospital at Charlottesville on Saturday morning September 23, 1939, after an illness of six weeks duration. He was born near Shenandoah, December 7, 1923 but for the past three years he has been residing with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Downey, on the Reuben N. Long farm near the Hawksbill Old School Baptist Church where he was employed.
            James was apparently a health and happy body until he was stricken with appendicitis on August 11. He underwent an operation which was believed to be successful until peritonitis set in about two weeks ago. His condition since was considered hopeless.
            He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Howard Breeden and several brothers and sisters and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Meadows, of Shenandoah, and a number of other relatives and friends. He recently united with the U.B. Church of Shenandoah.
            The funeral was held from the St. Peter's Church South, of Shenandoah, on Monday with Rev. Le E. Sheaffer in charge of the services. Interment took place in St. Peter's Cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Friday 16 Sep 1932
Weaver Hollow
            Mrs. John Meadows died at her home in Weaver Hollow this morning, after a brief illness. She is survived by her husband and a baby girl, only six days old.
            Mrs. John Meadows, daughter of Jack Cubbage has been very ill.
Page News & Courier, Friday 29 Apr 1938
Mrs. Lucy Ella Meadows Dead
            Mrs. Lucy Ella Meadows wife of N. Thomas Meadows of Weaver Hollow died at her home Friday night April 22, 1938. Though not well for some time she had been active until about a month before her death when she suffered a slight stroke of paralysis and from that time her decline was gradual until Monday she grew worse and died calmly as one going to sleep.
            She was a daughter of Simeon and Sarah Smith now deceased and was born June 20, 1872, being 65 years, 10 months and 2 days old.
            United in marriage to N. Thomas Meadows of near Jolletts Jan. 12, 1899. They have resided in Weaver Hollow since their marriage.
            The husband, a daughter, Miss Aurelia Meadows at home who tenderly nirsed her mother to the end, one son, Herman H. Meadows, of Elkton, Va., the devoted daughter-in-law and two granddaughters, Margaret and Marvella Meadows are left to mourn their loss.
            She also leaves her step-father, Powell Weaver, two sisters, Mrs. Gilbert (Serna) Bailey and Mrs. Charles (Bettie) Meadows all of Weaver Hollow, and one half brother, J. Greuver Weaver of Jolletts. Two sisters, Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Henry Lam died many years ago.
            It was a great pleasure to her to entertain visitors in her home. Not many people have ever been to Weaver who have not been in her home. She has boarded most of the school teachers since her residence there.
            She had been a faithful member of Jolletts M.E. Church since her girlhood days…
            Her funeral was conducted in the church of her membership Sunday at 2:00 p.m. by Rev. Gird Cave at her request. Others in attendance were Rev. Larrick, DoBusq and Stanley. Her body was laid to rest in the cemetery near the church…                               
Page News & Courier, Friday 13 Dec 1935
            Mrs. Mary Meadows, an aged lady died at the Page County Alms House on Tuesday. She had been in failing health for sometime. She was the wife of Jos. Meadows, decd and a daughter of Sid Breeden of the Jollett section.
            The funeral was conducted by Eld. A.J. Painter on Tuesday with burial in the Alms House graveyard.                                                                                                     
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 1 Mar 1938
Robert Meadows Buried
            Funeral services were held yesterday for Robert Meadows, 46, with burial in the old Thomas Graveyard in the Shenandoah National Park near Big Meadows. Mr. Meadows is survived by his wife.
Page News & Courier, Friday 29 Mar 1935
            Mrs. Stella Meadows, 28-year-old mother of six children, who said her husband shot her during a fit of jealousy on Wednesday night, two weeks ago, died at 1:20 Tuesday morning at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.
            The dead woman's husband Ernest Meadows, age 39, was arrested by Page county authorities the day following the shooting which occurred near the couple's home, two miles east of Shenandoah City in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. He has since been in jail at Luray, held without bond, pending the outcome of his wife's injuries.
            Meadows claims he shots his wife accidentally while unloading a 32 caliber pistol. The shooting was not reported to Page county authorities until the following afternoon.
            Mrs. Meadows, when first questioned by Sheriff E.L. Lucas, of Page county, said she did not known whether the shooting was done accidentally, as her husband claims, or whether it was done intentionally. Several days later, she told Sheriff Charles R. Fawley that she realized her chances for recovery were slight and she wanted to tell the truth.
            She said her husband shot her while in a fit of jealousy, as they walked along a lane near their home. Mrs. Meadows told Sheriff Fawley her husband had been sursing her and that just before the shot was fired he "dared" her to turn around. She asserted she believed he intended shooting her in the head. She said that she had always been faithful to her husband and that he had no cause for the attack.
            Page county authorities say they have found evidence of a quarrel between the couple a short time before the shooting occurred that was fixed about at nine o'clock.
            Meadows, now in the Luray jail, says he had no intention of shooting his wife; that he was fooling with his calibre revolver when it accidentally "went off."
Mrs. Meadows Sleeps in a Mountain Graveyard
            Mrs. Stella Meadows, 28, shot and killed by her husband, Ernest Meadows, in the Jolletts neighborhood a week or more ago, was buried in the family plot of a mountain cemetery on Wednesday at 2 P.M. Her funeral was preached in the Jolletts church by Rev. C.P. Larrick, of the Methodist church...
Page News & Courier, Friday 13 May 1932
            Mrs. J.P. Ellis and I.F. Middleton, of Luray, received a telegram Tuesday morning announcing the death of their niece, Miss Catherine Middleton, age 26, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Middleton, of Yorkhaven, near York, Pa...
            Miss Catherine, was the oldest child of the family. Surviving her are her parents and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Albert Hoover, Mrs. Violet Stoneberger, Miss Iva Middleton, Franklin Middleton and Lester Middleton, all of York, Pa., and vicinity. The Middleton family moved from Luray to York eight years ago. Mr. Middleton continuing his trade of tinner at his new home. Their home is about six miles from York. The subject of this notice was born at Luray... belonged to the Methodist church. The burial was near her home yesterday.
Page News & Courier, Friday 5 Jan 1934
            Samuel H. Middleton, aged 78 years, 7 months and 6 days, formerly of Cavetown, Page county, died at his home near Strasburg Sunday morning at 5 o'clock, death resulting from pneumonia. Mr. Middleton had suffered a stroke of paralysis four years ago and for that time had been confined to his bed not being able to sit up...
            His parents were the late S.H. and Betsy Ann Rickard Middleton, of near Luray, where Mr. Middleton was born on May 24, 1855.  He was married to Miss Laura Knight also of this county. They had had the privilege of celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary. Forty years ago they went to Shenandoah county and settled near Strasburg. Here they made their home and have since lived.  He was a fur dealer. He was a member of the Progressive Dunkard Church.
            He is survived by his wife and eleven children: Mrs. Florence Jenkins, and Lester of Washington, D.C.; Mrs. Lizzie Kremer and Mrs. Addie Jenkins, Piscataway, Md.; Mrs. Barbara Wymer, of Mt. Olive; Mrs. Bessie Palmer, of Top Not; Mrs. Pearl Vance, and Charley, living near home; John and George, Strasburg; and Albert at home, also 29 grandchildren. Two children died when small and two sons died during the World War; Isaac was killed in France and is buried at Arlington and Solomon died at home of flu during the first epidemic. He is also survived by one brother, Harvey Middleton, of Strasburg Junction and a sister, Mrs. Kate Jewell, of Fishers Hill.
            The funeral service was held at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon at the Strasburg Methodist Church, conducted by Rev. F.B. Wyand assisted by Rev. C.A. Moon of Toms Brook. Interment was made at Fishers Hill.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 28 May 1931
            Mrs. Catherine Angeline Miller, age 73, widow of Solomon Miller, died on Thursday afternoon at the home of her son, Clarence Miller, near Valleyburg, after being ill for a number of weeks on account of a flu attack. Mrs. Miller was a daughter of Samuel Printz, of the Ida neighborhood. She leaves one son, Clarence, two brothers, David S. Printz, of Stony Man, and Simon Printz, of Ida. She had been a member of the Lutheran church for many years. The funeral which was held on Saturday from Mt. Calvary church was conducted by hr pastor Rev. A.L. Boliek with interment in the cemetery at the church.
Page News & Courier, Friday 15 Feb 1935
            Mrs. Emma Katherine Miller, 75, widow of the late David F. Miller, mother of County Clerk Grover C. Miller of Luray, and Reuben H. Miller, of Leaksville, died at the latter's home on Wednesday afternoon, death being due to pneumonia. She had been suffering with the disease for a week or more.
            Mrs. Miller was a daughter of the late Reuben Aleshire and was born near Leaksville...
            Her husband has been dead about 11 years, his demise taking place in Luray at the time that he resided with his son, G.C. Miller... His farm was a short distance southwest of Leaksville and it was at this home, now the dwelling place of his son, Reuben, that Mrs. Miller passed away... She was one of a large family of sisters, all of whom married influential men...
            In addition to the sons named above, Mrs. Miller is survived by the following sisters and one brother: Mrs. Mattie Price, of Alma; Mrs. Abe Shirley, living near the Luray Caverns, Mrs. Lee Burner, Mrs. William M. Strickler, the two latter of Leaksville, and Charles Aleshire, of Ohio, John B. Aleshire, of Massanutten, Mrs. Charles G. Koontz, of Marksville, and Mrs. John Yowell, of Mill Creek, preceded her in death.
            She has 16 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
            Mrs. Miller's funeral will take place today (Friday) at her late home at 11 o'clock, the services to be conducted by Elder John B. Jenkins of the Old School Baptist church. She has been a member of the Mill Creek Old School Baptist church for many years. The interment will take place in the Aleshire burial ground.
            The largest part of Mrs. Miller's life was spent in the Leaksville neighborhood...
Page News & Courier, Friday 19 May 1939
Death of Luther Jacob Miller
            Luther Jacob Miller, of near Rileyville, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John M. Miller, died Tuesday afternoon from heart trouble, after a short illness.
            Mr. Miller married Miss Myrtle Kauffman, daughter of the late Thos. J. and Mrs. Martha Kauffman of Rileyville, seventeen years ago. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Max, Eldridge, Doris, James and Josephine, all at home.
            The following brothers and sisters also survive: John A. Miller, Rileyville, Paul J. Miller, Rileyvillle, Mrs. J.D. Huffman, and Mrs. Grover (Minnie) Printz, Boonsborough, Md., Mrs. Roy (Cleo) Gochenour, Rileyville, Mrs. Vincent Moyer, Hagerstown, Md., Mrs. C.W. Sedwick, Waterlick, Va., and Mrs. Sophie Pool, Hagerstown.
            The deceased was a member of the Rileyville Lutheran Church, and his funeral was conducted from that edifice on Thursday, May 18, at 2 p.m. The Revs. A.L. Boliek, of Luray and J.E. Hodges, of Rileyville, were in charge of the services. Interment was at Beahm's Chapel Cemetery, East of Luray...
1935- NEED DATE !!!!
            Thomas E. Miller aged 83 years, died at his home near Ida on Sunday about 9 a.m. after an illness of nearly a year. Mr. Miller has been a prosperous farmer in that section practically all his long life. He owned one of the most prosperous small farms in the foothills of the Blue Ridge from which he wrested an adequate income…. A number of brothers and sisters died many years ago. His wife is also dead. He is survived by the following children: Emanuel Miller of Marksville District, Ernest Miller of Illinois; Isaac Miller, Ida, Raymond and Miss Blanche Miller at home; Mrs. James Hoak, Ida, Mrs. Mary Smith, Washington; Mrs. Isaac Printz, Pennsylvania, and Mrs. Martha Breeden, West Virginia as well as numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.
            The funeral was held from the late home on Monday at 3 p.m. and was conducted by his pastor the Rev. B.D. Castor of Grace Lutheran Church, Ida. The burial was in the family graveyard near the home…                                                                                          
Page News & Courier, Friday 3 Feb 1939
Death of Mrs. George W. Moore
            Mrs. Virginia Moore, wife of the late George W. Moore, of Salem, died at his home in that place on Friday, January 27, after a brief illness.
            Mrs. Moore, formerly Miss Virginia Laub Coffman, of Stanley, this county, was born Sept. 21, 1877 and in October 1896 she married Mr. Moore. The marriage took place at the home of her father in Stanley with Elder T.S. Dalton performing the ceremony. Mrs. Moore is survived by one daughter, Miss Virginia Moore, a teacher in the Andrew Lewis High School at Salem, a sister, Mrs. H.B. Strickler, of Luray, two brothers, J.B. Coffman, of Stanley, and J. Coffman, of Harrisonburg. Two brothers, Herbert Coffman, of Stanley, Gilbert Coffman, of Luray, and Mrs. Charlie Burns, of Stanley, preceded her in death. Mr. Moore passed away 11 months ago.
            Mr. Moore was the daughter of J. Harvey Coffman, of Stanley, and Miss Heiserman, originally of Augusta, both of whom have been dead a number of years.
            Mr. Moore, one of the first printers in this county, learned the trade under H.G. Bradford, Sr., father of H.G. Bradford, who for years was manager of the Page Valley Printing Company.
            Mr. Moore connected with the Stanley Herald for a number of years.
            Later Mr. Moore moved to Salem where he was general superintendent of the Lease-McZitty Canneries at that place...
            The funeral of Mrs. Moore was held from the Methodist Church in that city of which she had been a member from early girlhood, on Sunday, January 29. Interment took place in the Sherwood cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 6 nov 1934
            Mrs. Priscilla Mound, wife of Harry Mound, of Hagerstown, Maryland, died on October 26 at the age of 22 years. She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, four month old daughter Joan, two sisters, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Maude Yates, two brothers Simon and Paul Sly and her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Sly. Mr. and Mrs. Sly have been living in Hagerstown for the past ten years but were formerly residents of Shenandoah. Mr. Sly was an employee of the N. & W. R.R. while residing in this place...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 18 Oct 1932
            Carlton Nauman, age 30, son of James Nauman, of Stanley, was instantly killed by Passenger Train No. 1 at the end of the yard three quaters of a mile north of Stanley at four o'clock on Sunday morning... The engineer on Train No. 1 says that he saw somebody sitting on the rail with his head down apparently asleep and did his best to stop the train but without success owing to the short distance.
            Carlton Nauman had been at White Post three weeks picking apples and was brought to Stanley at 9:30 Saturday night by his brother, Floyd, who lives at White Post. The brothers expected to return to Clarke county Monday morning. The accident victim remained with friends at Stanley to a late hour and then started for the home of his father, James Nauman with whom he resided. His death occurred on his way to his father's dwelling which is distant two miles from the scene of the accident.
            The wreck victim was a grandson of the late J.M. ("Mat") Nauman of Stanley. He was unmarried. Surviving him are his father, two brothers, Raymond, of Stanley, and Floyd, of White Post, and one sister, Miss Elsie Nauman, of Stanley. He was a member of the Stanley lodge of Junior Order of United American Mechanics...
            The funeral will be held from James Nauman's residence at 2 p.m., today with services by Eld. J.B. Jenkins and Rev. J.E. Tucker and interment in the Walter Huffman graveyard.
Page News & Courier, Friday 1 Jul 1932
            James William Nauman, age 64, of Leak's Chapel, near Stanley, died suddenly at his home Monday evening, being stricken directly after he sat down at the supper table and death ensuing in an hour ot two. As he took his seat he remarked that he did not feel well. Just before supper he fell in the barn but did not explain why it was... he followed his activities as a farmer without interruption.
            Mr. Nauman was a son of the late Siram Nauman, of the Honeyville neighborhood. He leaves a widow who was Miss Artie Turner, daughter of Isaac Turner and two sons, Leon and Harold Nauman, both of Leak's Chapel. Harold residing at the parental home. The deceased also leaves seven grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Carrie Breeden, of this county and two brothers, J. Solon Nauman, of Page, and David F. Nauman, of Colorado, the latter now being a guest of Page relatives. One brother, Marvin Nauman, is dead.
            Mr. Nauman owned a small farm... He was a popular member of the Stanley lodge of Odd Fellows for twenty-four years. The funeral took place at Leak's Chapel at 11 a.m. yesterday with services by Elds. J.B. Jenkins and Ausby Cubbage. The Odd Fellows were in charge.
Page News & Courier, Friday 24 Jun 1932
       Mrs. Lizzie Nauman, age 52, wife of James Nauman, died at her home on Upper Mill Creek, several miles northwest of Stanley, this county at 9 a.m., on Wednesday. She suffered a partial stroke of paralysis about four months ago and had been in bed most of the time since, another stroke coming a few days before her death, hastening the end. Mrs. Nauman was a daughtr of the late Elzy Nauman and a daughter-in-law of the late Matt Nauman... She is survived by her husband, one day, Miss Elsie May Nauman, and three sons, Floyd, Raymond and Carlton Nauman. All of the children are grown or nearly so.
       The funeral took place at the home at 3 p.m., yesterday with services by Eld. J.B. Jenkins and burial in the Walter Huffman graveyard.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 7 nov 1939
Former Page Resident Dies In Missouri
Expires While Sitting In Chair At Home Alone
            Death came quietly and peacefully to Judge M.L. Nauman shortly after 12:00 o'clock last Sunday. He was alone in his home when stricken, Mrs. Batman, a sister-in-law, who has made her home at the Norman residence since the death of Mrs. Norman two years ago, had gone to church and left the Sunday dinner simmering on the stove. The Judge watched the dinner while reading the Sunday papers. When Mrs. Batman entered the house as she was returned from church she detected the odor of scorching sweet potatoes, a part of the dinner and sensed something was wrong and when she spoke to him he did not answer.
            He had laid the paper on the table he was sitting in the rocking chair and was still holding his reading glasses in his hand, and was in an unconscious condition.
            Mrs. Batman called to Mrs. Don Hall for assistance. Dr. J.C. Tracy was called and when he arrived he found that Mr. Norman was dead as the result of heart disease.
            Between the years 1879 to 1880 35 young people living in Page county, Virginia, all brothers and sisters or first cousins to each other went to Holt county, Mo., and settled in Liberty township. They were the Naumans, Normans, Judys and Griffiths. Judge Norman was the last of the group of the 35 to come to Holt COunty and was the last of the group to pass away. Martin Luther Norman, youngest son of Absalom and Ellen Norman, was born May 11, 1858, near Stanley, Page County and passed away at his home in Mound City, October 15, 1939 at the age of 81 years, 5 months and 4 days. His youth was spent in his native state where he received the meagre education that the times offered them. At the age of 19 in March, 1878 he came to Missouri where he made his home with his brother, John.
            He was united in marriage to Amanda Andes February 13, 1884. Soon after marriage he began to improve the farm which was to be their future home. Here they settled in the fall of 1885 and made this place their abode until January 1917, when they moved to Mound City.
            By profession he was a farmer, though he long had taken an active part in politics. In the election of 1900 he was chosen by the people as a member of the county court. At various times since then he was elected to the same position serving in this capacity 14 years.      
            Thus came to him the honor of having sat on the county bench longer than any other member. He was mayor of Mound City from 1918 to 1920 and president of the local Mutual Telephone Company for 20 years.
            For more than half of his life he had been affiliated with the Brethren Church.
            He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Mabel N. Offenbacker, 5 grandsons, Loren N., of Mound City, Harold B., of College Springs, Iowa, Woodrow W., Maitland, Mo., Marshall V., Fillmore, Mo., and Robert Lee, of the home, 4 great grandchildren, and a number of other relatives and friends.
            His wife passed away February 15, 1937...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 3 Mar 1931
            (Mrs. H.G. Nauman, whose death is reported in the clipping below from a Mound City, Mo., newspaper was a Miss Dovel, of this county, and is survived by two sisters, Mrs. W.T. Miller, of Shenandoah, and Mrs. S.E. Kite, of Stanley.- News and Courier.)
            Mrs. H.G. Nauman, aged 87 years died at the family home in the Bellevue neighborhood last Tuesday after an illness lasting only a week.
            For several years Mrs. Nauman suffered with rheumatism and has been unable to get around to any great extent, but up until time of her death she had a keen interest in everything around her.
            Forced by ill health to give up her activities around the home during the latter years of her life, Mrs. Nauman devoted much of her time to reading and enjoyment of radio programs.
            She had been a resident of Holt County and has lived on the same farm in the Bellevue neighborhood for the past forty-one years.
            Mary Susan, daughter of Capt. David M. and Elizabeth F.M. Dovall, was born near Luray, Page County, Virginia, December 2, 1843, and died at her home near Mound City on February 10, 1931, aged 87 years, 2 months and 8 days. She was united in marriage to Hiram H. Nauman on November 16, 1870, who preceded her in death in 1914. To this union six children were born, all of whom are living: Stella, Carl and Clyde at home, Elmer of Mound City, Bessie Griffith, of Mound City and Emma V. Walkup, of West Englewood, N.J.; five grandchildren, one brother and two sisters, besides a large number of relatives and a host of friends.
            She with her husband moved to a farm near Craig, Holt county, Mo., in the year 1881, then to Atchison county and last to her present home near Mound City, where she spent the remainder of her life.. in her early youth and united with the Old School Baptist church…
            Funeral services were held at the New Libert Church, Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock, conducted by the Rev. R.R. Burke. Interment was at the New Liberty Cemetery.
Page News & Courier, 9 Aug 1938
Mrs. Casper Nichols Dies At Quicksburg
           Word was received here last week fot he death of Mrs. Casper Nichols, at her home near Quicksburg on Friday. She formerly resided in Page where her husband was a well known maker of baskets. She is survived by her husband and nine children and seven children are deceased. The remains were brought to Egypt Bend this county, on Friday and interred in Egypt Bend. Rev. Mr. Kibler, of Shenandoah, conducted the services.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 26 Mar 1935
Christie A. Nichols
            C.A. Nichols, aged 77 years, died at his late residence near Cloud, Rappahannock county, on Saturday night, March 16, 1935, after many years of declining and ill health.
            ... He was a minister of the gospel and gave many years of his life to this service.
            He is survived his wife, Mrs. C.A. Nichols; a son, Lewis Nichols, of Shady Grove, Pa.; three daughters, Mrs. Harvey Shindeldecker, of Waynesboro, Pa.; Mrs. J.H. Dodson, of Hagerstown, Md., and Mrs. Earl Wharton, of Woodville. Twenty-four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren survive.
            The funeral service was held from the Five Forks Baptist church on Monday afternoon with Rev. Warren Corbin, the pastor, officiating. The interment was in the family section of the Sperryville cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Friday 8 mar 1935
            The body of David Nichols, aged 36 years, 6 months and 29 days, was buried at the old Gochenour graveyard a mile north of Luray on Thursday. Death is said to have been due to gunshot wounds inflicted by William Binkley, in Hagerstown, Md., a few days ago. The exact reason for Binkley having shot Nichols has not developed. Reports from that city say that Nichols had been a habitual visitor at the beer tavern kept by Binkley and that the latter had persisted in ordering him from coming to the place.
            Binkley, now in the Hagerstown jail, charged with Nichols' death says that he did not mean to kill him and that his .32 caliber gun was fired more to scare Nichols than to harm him.
            Nichols has a wide relationship in this county. He was a relative of the late John W. Gochenour, who for many years was a chairmaker at the "Old Forge", one mile north of Luray. This old settlement was in the neighborhood of the present home of Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Long. The Gochenour settlement, some say, was where the original Blackfords conducted an old furnace at least one hundred years ago. However, this is problematical.
            Early in lie the mother of the dead man married a man by the name of Nichols. In later years she married a traveling preacher by the name of R.S. Siers, who claimed West Virginia as his home. Rev. Mr. Siers mysteriosuly left Luray. However, it is said that there was no cloud haing over him. The last seen of him was when he was walking up the Lee Highway near the Rappahannock county line. This was on a summer morning and a mountain boy at that tim eliving nearby says he saw Siers stop at a spring on the side of the Lee Highway. From this place he disappeared as mysteriously as if the earth had opend and swallowed him.
            Nichols' body was brought to Luray on Wednesday and interred in the Gochenour graveyard near town. The services were conducted by Rev. A.J. Caricofe of the Church of the Brethren.
Page News & Courier, Friday 15 Mar 1935
            David Nichols was a son of John R. and Sarah M. Nichols-Sears; a grandson of David Nichols, deceased, and John W. and Fannie Gochenour. He has two half-brothers- Samuel and Lewis Sears. His survived aunts and uncles are Fannie, Helen and “Chris” Nichols; James A., B.A., Robert L. and Charles Gochneour.
            (The above is written in explaining the relationship of David Nichols, shot and killed in Hagerstown, Md., a few days ago. It will be remembered that David Nichols was buried in the John W. Gochenour graveyard a mile below town one day last week.- News and Courier.)                                                                                                                        
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 29 Oct 1935
            Henry Nichols, a respected citizen of this county, died at the home of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Ponn north of Luray on Monday at an early hour after a protracted illness. Mr. Nichols was one of the celebrated basket makers of the county and his wares are probably in every home in this and surrounding counties. He has followed this profession practically all his life. Besides his only child, Mrs. John (Carrie) Ponn he is survived by several brothers among whom are Casper and Howard Nichols. His wife died years ago. The deceased was a native of Madison County and came to Page in early youth living first in the Bixler's Ferry neighborhood for many years. The funeral will be conducted from his late home today (Tuesday) at 2 p.m. with Rev. A.J. Caricofe and Eld. A.W. Campbell in charge of the services. Burial will take place in the Hamilton Griffith graveyard.
Page News & Courier, Friday 4 Jun 1937
Dies At Almshouse
            Howard Nichols, for many years a familiar figure on the streets of Luray, died on Thursday at the Page county almshouse, where he had been an inmate for only three weeks, ahving been taken to that institution ill. He was about 75 years old, and a native of Madison county. He had always been able to eke out a small existence until the infirmities of old age overtook him. He was an expert basket maker by trade and was always at work until later years, he was unable to do a great deal and he dwelt among relatives. He has one surviving brother, Casper Nichols, of near Quicksburg. The deceased was never married. One of the deceased brothers was James Nichols, of Rileyville and Luray. At one time James Nichols was "well fixed:, but like his recently departed brother, at the time of his death was near the border-line and likewise died in a State institution for the mentally incompentent. His funeral and burial will be held at the county farm today (Friday), with the Rev. J.E. Tucker in charge.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 8 Jun 1937
Nichols A "Gifted" Mathematician
       Untutored to the point of extreme magerness, Howard Nichols, who died in this county last week, was a mathematician, nevertheless. How he possessed the gift- a gift it was- could never be explained by him or any one else. The most abstruse problems in arithmetic were solved in a moment's time after he had time to run the ramifications of the questions through his mind. Nichols told a News and Courier man on the streets of Luray about six months ago that when a boy living in Nichols Hollow, Madison County, his father, Thomas Nichols, would often send him across the Blue Ridge to Luray.
      In order to while away the time on his trips, he says, as soon as he left his home he would count every step taken with his left foot, not making a count of the tabulation his right foot was making. Every time his left foot had been lifted up and placed on the ground a thousand times he would pick up a little peeble and place it in his pocket. When this process was kept up until he reached Luray he would count the pebbles, double them in his mind, thus finding out- to his satisfaction, at leas- the distance from his home to this place. His aptness for figures made him think and believe that each time his foot was lifted up and placed on the ground represented two and three-quater feet. He believed that this was a conservative average. He knew that coming up the mountain he would not step that far, but coming down the Blue Ridge with longer strides made up for what he lost in climbing the eastern side of the mountain to get out of Nichols Hollow.
        He arrived at the distance between two places at a few feet less than sixteen miles. Measurements that have since been made show that Howard Nichols' "pedometric" way of counting was substantially correct.
         ... No pencil or paper was used in the solution and the answer was always correct as per the Nichols way.
         Almost every size basket known on the market has been made by Howard Nichols. He was able to tell within a gill how much each container held if it was filled according to Scripture.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 5 Jan 1935
            James David Nichols died at his home in F.T. Valley, Rappahannock county, on December 22, after about two years of declining health. He was in the 88th year of his life.
            He was a member of the Mt. Zion Church of Brethren of Page county. He had been living on the farm of Henry Brown in the F.T. Valley for many years.
            He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Marvin Nichols, of Sperryville, and Mrs. R.L. Cook, of Winchester; A son C.A. Nichols, of Martinsburg, W.Va.; one brother, Christopher Nichols, of Laurel Mills.
            Funeral services were conducted from the Washington Baptist Church by Rev. D.W. Strickler, of the Brethren Church of Luray.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 6 Feb 1934
            Mrs. John Nichols, age about 70, of Nethers, Madison county, whose home is five and a half miles northeast of Skyland, died Sunday, after three years of ill health. She was a daughter of Merman Jenkins, deceased, of Nethers. She is survived by her husband and five step children. Mrs. Nichols belonged to the Hughes River Regular Baptist church of which Eld. Howard Berry is pastor. Her husband is a CWA worker.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 13 Mar 1934
(Madison County Eagle)
            Jordon Nicholson was acquitted of the charge of killing Eppa H. Nicholson, Thursday night.
            The trial of Jordon Nicholson indicted for the murder of Eppa H. Nicholson in Nicholson Hollow, on Feb. 12th, began Tuesday morning in the Madison county circuit court with a crowded court room.
            The defendant was represented by Messrs. J. Lynn Lucas, of Luray and W. Frank Moffett, commonwealth's attorney of Rappahannock county of Rappahannock county, and commonwealth's attorney N.G. Payne was assisted in the prosecution by Attorney E.H. DeJarnette, of Orange.
            East Nicholson, father of the victim of the homicide, was called as the first witness for the commonwealth. He testified that he and his son and Daniel Nicholson went to Luray on business Feb. 12, returning that evening; that they arrived at John L. Nicholson's home, which was the nearest point to their home, when they got out of the car and Daniel Nicholson went on to his home; that he and his son, Eppa were invited into the home by Nicholson and his children to warm- that after they had stayed there about a half hour, they got up to leave and Nicholson have them a lantern because it was a dark night; that it went out on the porch, and Jordon Nicholson, the defendant, came out after him with a gun, and walked down off the porch and asked him where he was going. Witness replied, out in the yard. Eppa then came out and went towards the other end of the porch to find a sack to put over a sack of flour; that when he got to a point about 20 feet from the witness, Eppa was shot by Jordon Nicholson while standing in the yard; that his son walked back to him, fell in his arms and died in a short time.
            It developed at the trial that at the home of John L. Nicholson, where the homicide occurred there were John L. Nicholson, his son, Jordan, and three daughters, Claudia Nicholson who is married and Goldie and Jessie Nicholson, and East and Eppa Nicholson.
            Dr. E.N. Lillard was the next witness, and testified that he went to the scene of the homicide the morning after it occurred by request, and viewed the body. He found that Eppa H. Nicholson had come to his death as the result of ..?.. on the right side of the breast just below the collarbone; that the load of shot went almost entirely through the body and lodged under the skin in the back; that he found the shot and the wassing and that in his opinion the end of the gun barrel could not have been more than four or six feet from Eppa H. Nicholson at the time he was shot. The doctor was questioned at length as to the relative position of the parties at the time of the shooting for the reason that Jordon Nicholson testified that he was standing in the kitchen door that enters on the porch at the time he shot, while East Nicholson testified that Jordon was standing out in the yard at the time.
            The commonwealth's introducted witness who testified that they heard Jordon say that he was going to kill Eppa at the first opportunity.
            It appeared from the evidence that no one saw Eppa Nicholson at the time he was shot or could have seen him except his father, East Nicholson.
            Claudia and Jessie Nicholson testified that they were standing in the door between the sitting room and the kitchen, and saw Jordon when he fired the gun, and that he was standing in the kitchen door.
            The evidence for the defendant was to the effect that East Nicholson was invited into the house, but Eppa was not because he was drunk that Eppa went to the kitchen door and tried to get in and then came to the sitting room door and came in and sat on Goldie's lap. When she pushed him off he stood around for a while, and then they started to leave, and went out on the porch. Eppa returned and caught hold of John L. Nicholson and threatened to kill him with a pistol in his hands. When Jordon came around the first time he got the shotgun and went out on the porch. Eppa followed and when Jordon got to the kitchen door he turned and shot Eppa.
            The defense introduced several witnesses who testified as the bad reputation of Eppa Nicholson for peace and good order, and have instances where he had engaged in difficulties with others.
            There was quite a conflict in the evidence as to where Jordon was standing at the time he shot Eppa, and as to whether Eppa had a pistol at the time he was shot. Dr. Lillard gave it as his opinion that when Eppa was shot he would immediately dropped anything that he had in his hands. The evidence for the defense was that after Eppa was shot his father searched him and took out of his pocket a pistol and a bottle of liquor.
            Immediately after the shooting Jordon went to Mr. Pete Nicholson's and told him what he had done and when Eppa's body was searched by the latter about 0:30 o'clock that night, he found nothing except a bottle about one-third full of liquor.
            Trial of the case was resumed Thursday morning at 9:30 o'clock, and after the introduction of certain minor evidence, Jordon Nicholson took the stand in his own defense, and related to the jury what took place at his home on the fatal night of Feb. 12. The witness said that when Eppa Nicholson came into the sitting room and sat on his sister's lap; that he was very drunk and did not seem to know what he was doing; that he pulled a pistol on his father and threatened to kill him while he (his father) was sitting down; and his father had done nothing to him; then when he saw him (Jordon) Eppa started after him with a pistol; that he ran out on the porch and then through the kitchen and back into the sitting room he got a shotgun and went out on the porch with Eppa after him, and when he got to our inside the kitchen door he turned and shot Eppa, who was following him. He testified he told Eppa three times to stop following him and that he shot him because he thought Eppa was going to kill him.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 4 Jun 1935
          The body of John R. Nicholson, who died at his home near Oldray, was taken Friday by Mr. J.C. Clore to Mt. Zion Baptist church cemetery at Oak Park and buried. There was no burial service by a minister...
           The deceased was a son of Calhoun and Belle Nicholson, of Oak Park. He had lived near Oldray for years. He is survived by his widow, Carrie Nicholson, two sons, Lonnie and Frank, his parents, two sisters and two brothers.
          Mr. Nicholson was a World War veteran.
          County officers promptly investigated his death, as stated last week. They were Commonwealth's Attorney N.G. Payne, Sheriff Tom Lillard and Justice W.C. Collins, with Drs. J.N. Clore and E.N. Lillard performing an autopsy. The physicians found the skull badly cracked. The blow was on the left side of the head and a blood clot had formed on the right side of the brain opposite.
          Sunday, May 12, Messrs. Ernest Seale, Weldon Gallihugh and Hubert Dyer were sitting on the side of the Oldrag road when Messrs. John and Ollie Nicholson and Aubrey Brown came along. An argument over the giving out of relief work was started by John Nicholson. It seemed he blamed his brother-in-law, Ernest Seal, with keeping him out of work. Mr. Seal, however, had nothing to do with giving out work and himself had not worked much on relief. He is the Syria-Oldrag mail carrier and bears a fine reputation as a law-abiding and industrious citizen.
           It is said Nicholson was advancing on Seal in a menacing manner when the rock was thrown and was only several steps off.- Madison County Eagle.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 20 Feb 1934
            Mrs. Salome Elizabeth Nichols, age 58 years and 20 days, wife of John W. Nichols, of Ida, died at her home at 9:30 a.m., on Sunday. Death was due to blood poisoning...
            Mrs. Nichols, who was highly esteemd in the community, was a daughter of the late James F. Printz of William, of Ida. She is survived by her husband and the following children: John C. Nichols, at home, Kirby Nichols, of Hagerstown, Md., a married daughter, Estalene, of Elkton, and a daughter, Miss Eula, who is attending the Luray High School and resides with her parents. Nellie, a small daughter, was burned to death years ago and another daughter passed away in infancy. Mrs. Nichols leaves one sister Mrs. R.H. Miller, of Ida. Several sisters died in infancy.
            The funeral will be held at Mt. Zion Brethren church, south of Luray, at 11 a.m., this morning with services by Rev. Joseph M. Foster, of Rockingham county, formerly a neighbor of the Nichols family. Burial in the Mt. Zion cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 29 Dec 1936
T.J. Nichols, Expert Basketmaker, Dies at Shenandoah
            News was received here recently of the death Friday at his home on the Fort Valley road leading from Edinburg of T.J. Nichols, known throughout Shenandoah, Page and adjoining counties as “Happy Jack.”
            His entire life was spent in the section where he died and for a long number of years he was an expert basket maker, selling his weaves from one end of the valley to the other. He was sixty-nine years old and during much of his life was a member of Christian Church at Joppa, where funeral services were conducted by the pastor at 10 o’clock Saturday morning.
            Surviving besides his wife who was Miss Susan McInturff, are three sons, Landy and Kemper of Edinburg and John of the Fort Valley, and three daughters, Mrs. Angelo Bowman, Mrs. May Bowman and Mrs. Essie Burner, all of the Powells Fort section.          
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 27 Jan 1931
(By John T. Nicholson)
            Please allow me space to describe the sad and shocking news which came to us int his community of Madison county, Jan. 13, 1931, when we learned our dear friend, George Bailey Nicholson, had been accidentally killed by a tree which fell on him when he went out to the woods where his little son was chopping down a green chesnut tree for fire wood. The tree was almost ready to fall when he got there and he said, "Richard, let us get some dry wood; this tree is no good anyway." Richard always obeyed his father at the first wood. So they both walked away from the tree some eight or ten yards from where the tree was expected to fall. Mr. Nicholson began to pick up some dry sticks, going in the direction of the tree while Richard was cutting on a dry limb.
            Richard said, "Daddy, do not go out there, the tree might fall on you."
            His father replied, "Oh no; there is no danger."
            But as the wind was blowing some that morning, in a few seconds the tree fell on him, breaking his left ankle, the right leg just below the knee and the right shoulder, also cutting a place on the right side of his head to the bone, about an inch long but not injuring the skull so far as I could discover.
            Richard ran to the house crying and told his mother that a tree had falled on daddy.
            Mr. Nicholson lived about two and a half hours and then fell asleep in Jesus...
            Mr. Nicholson leaves a widow and a son of 14, and two brothers, David Nicholson, who lives with his son-in-law at Charles Town, W.Va., and Silas Nicholson, of Oldrag, as well as many friends far and near, to mourn his loss.
            Our departed friend was born July 13, 1873. His age was 57 years and six months.
            The funeral was preached at his home at the request of the widow by one of his much-loved friends, who labored at times with him in the gospel, Rev. H.J. Berry, a Regular Baptist minister. The service was short, but sound and soothing, being concluded at the grave, where Rev. Warren Corbin took part in the singing. He was a minister of the gospel for about 36 years... He was not a Methodist minister as was stated in the paper last summer, or of any denominational characterstic method or ordaining one for the ministry...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 3 Apr 1934
            Mrs. PollyAnn Nichols, age 78 years, 1 month and 15 days, widow of Jordan Nichols, of Ida, died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Noah S. Miller, near Nokesville, Prince William county. Mrs. Nichols, who was a daughter of the late Joseph Richards, of near Ida, is survived by only one member of her generation- Mrs. William H. Woodward, who lives near Ida. Her father was one of the best known citizens of the Ida neighborhood. Many years ago she was married to Jordan Nichols, a native of Madison county. After their marriage they established their home in the Ida neighborhood. Her death was due to the infirmities incident to old age... The funeral was conducted on Sunday by Elders D.H. Blough and Ernest L. Cave of the Brethren church. For many years she was a member of the Brethren church, before leaving this county holding her membership with Mt. Zion church, near Luray. Mrs. Nichols was the mother of thirteen children. Of this number the following survive: Charles, Lester, Bennie and Edward Nichols; Mrs. Noah S. Miller, Mrs. Edward Emerson, of Shenandoah, and Mrs. Albin Berry, of Washington...
Page News & Courier, Friday 28 Oct 1938
Mrs. Fannie Offenbacker is Victim of Heart Trouble
            Mrs. Fannie Ella Offenbacker, aged 69, wife of H.F. Offenbacker, and well known resident of Elkton, died suddenly Tuesday morning at her home, “Walnut Grove.” Mrs. Offenbacker had suffered from a heart ailment for the past several months, but her death came as a shock to her family and wide circle of friends. Recently she had seemed improved and only the day before had called on her daughter, Mrs. J.L. Armentrout, of “Shenandale.”
            Mrs. Offenbacker, who was a daughter of the late Sarah Eppard Leap and John Henry Leap, was born on July 22, 1869, in Elkton and except for one year following her marriage on April 8, 1889, spent her entire life in that community.
            She was a faithful member of the Methodist Church and took an active part in all phases of church work.
            Besides her husband she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. J.L. Armentrout, of Elkton; three sons, J. Frank Offenbacker, of Baltimore; Thomas R. Offenbacker, of Washington, and J. Ross Offenbacker, of Washington; one sister, Mrs. S.H. Gooden, of Elkton; three brothers, Charles E. Leap, of Covington; Arthur A. Leap, of Cambridge, Md., and Walton Leap, of Elkton.
            She is also survived by five grandchildren, Mrs. Gregory Bird, Mrs. Gilbert Pearson, Jr. and Miss Dolly Armentrout, all of Elkton and Thomas R. Offenbacker, Jr., of Washington.                                                                                                                                   
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 28 Jul 1931
            Fred Offenbacker, age 51 years, 7 months and 21 days, a son of the late Squire J. Frank Offenbacker, of near Leaksville, but for many years not a resident of this county, died on Friday night at a Washington, D.C. hospital, where he had undergone two operations and had been a patient for six weeks. His health had been failing for two years. About two months ago he had to give up his work as car barn foreman in Washington. He had been a resident of that city for fifteen years, prior to which he had lived at Conover, O., for a long time. He was a member of the Christian church and the Masonic order and was a man of fine character.
            Mr. Offenbacker was buried in the cemetery at the Leaksville Christian chruch, this county, yesterday afternoon, with services by Rev. R.C. Maxwell.
            He leaves a widow whom he married in Ohio, and the following children: Welton, Hurley George and Carl Offenbacker, all of Washington, D.C. The first three named are married while Carl is a youth of sixteen living at the paternal home. Mr. Offenbacker leaves the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. J.D. Frazier, of Luray, B.F. and N.A. Offenbacker, of Elkton, Va., J.G. Offenbacker, of Stanley, Philip Offenbacker, of Conover, O., and Mrs. Lessie Lynch and Mrs. Lizzie Bernard, of Washington, D.C.
Page News & Courier, Friday 8 Feb 1935
            Mrs. N.A. Offenbacker, aged 87, one of the oldest residents of the East Point section, died Monday afternoon after a weeks illness. Death was due to complications.
            Born in Page county, Mrs. Offenbacker was Miss Nancy A. Dofflemoyer before her marriage t o N.A. Offenbacker, who survives her. She spent the greater part of her life in the East Point section where she was well-known. A devout member of the Christian Church…
            Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock from the Bethel Church. Rev. A.W. Andes will conduct the services. Interment will be in the family cemetery.                                                                                                                               
Page News & Courier, Friday 12 May 1939
Death of Mrs. Sola Offenbacker
            Mrs. Sola Offenbacker, nee Nichols, died at her home one mile East of Stanley on Thursday morning at about 9 o'clock.
            Mrs. Offenbacker had been in failing health for some time but her death was unexpected and came as a distinct shock to her many friends and relatives
            She was about 65 years of age and had been a resident of the Stanley section during her entire life.
            She is survived by her husband and one son, Russell Nichols, of Waynesboro, Va., who was expected to arrive last night.
            Mrs. Offenbacker, who was about 65 years of age, was born at Marksville, this county.
            The funeral was held from Graves Chapel Saturday at 2 p.m., with interment in the Chapel cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 30 Mar 1937
Former Page Lady Dies In Shenandoah County
            Mrs. Myrtle Olinger, wife of J.V. Olinger, of near St. Martin's Church, died on Saturday morning, March 20, 1937, shortly after 11 o'clock, following a few days illness. She had been removed to the Harrisonburg hospital the previous evening, but failed to respond to treatment. She had been in ill health for over a year.
            Mrs. Olinger was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Turner, east of New Market, and was born at Newport, Page County, Va., 45 years ago. About 26 years ago, she married J.V. Olinger, and to this union there survive two sons, Calvin at home, and Jake, private in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, stationed at Carlisle, Pa.; and three daughters, Mrs. Theodore Golladay (Selma) of Carlisle, Pa., and Mrs. John Harpine (Della) and Zada at home. A son, Taft, died some years ago as well as another child in infancy. Mrs. Olinger is survived by her husband; her parents; two brothers, Wade, at home, and Clarence, Big Pool, Md.; and a sister, Mrs. Thomas Lloyd (Vallie). Two sisters, Mrs. John Archer (Mary) of McConnellsville, Pa., and Mrs. Abe Strickler (Ida), and four brothers, James, Solon, Casper and Mark preceded her in death.
            Funeral services were held from her home on Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with interment in the Zirkle cemetery. Rev. W.H. Kibler, of St. Martin's Lutheran Church, officiated.- Shenandoah Valley
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 13 Feb 1934
            Shenandoah, Va., Feb. 12- J. Frank Orye, age 65 years, died at his home on Virginia avenue at 2:30 p.m., today. He was an active barber at this place since a young man until three or four years ago when he was forced to retire on account of failing health. Two brothers, George Orye, of Shenandoah and Noah Orye, of Baltimore, Md., and three sisters, Mrs. John Thomas, of Shenandoah, Mrs. Bessie Lilly and Mrs. Rebecca Teaslin, of Baltimore, are living.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 27 Sep 1932
            Shenandoah, Va., Sept. 26- Mrs. R.V. Orye, aged 86, died at her home in Steam Hollow Sunday evening between six-thirty and seven o'clock. Mrs. Orye had retired about six o'clock Sunday evening apparently as well as usual when her daughter took her husband to Shenandoah to catch train No. 2 to go to work. When her daughter returned home about 8:30 she went in to see her mother after two and a half hours had elapsed and found her dead. Mrs. Orye had probably died about seven o'clock, judging from the warmth of her body.
            Mrs. Orye was the mother of fourteen children, seven of which are living, three sons and three daughters, including Frank and George Orye, Mrs. W.H. Grimsley and Mrs. John Nauman, of Shenandoah and Noah Orye, Mrs. Albert Lillie and Mrs. Gleason, of Baltimore, Md. Mrs. Orye was Miss Susan Cave, daughter of the late Simeon and Lucy Cave. She was born and reared in Page county. The subject of this notice was a Christian practically all her life, joining the Episcopal church in early childhood... The funeral will be held Wednesday at 1 o'clock in the Episcopal church in Steam Hollow with Rev. Mason and Lillie, of Charlottesville, conducting the services. The interment will be in the Sam Comer cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 7 Apr 1934
            Albert W. Painter, one of the most prominet members of the Stanley Adventist Church, died at his home in that section Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock after an illness of several years, the immediate cause of his death being cancer...
            He had been a member of the Adventist Church for forty-nine years and for years was the leading spirit of that denomination, having been a Deacon and Leader for a little over twelve years. He was also secretary of his church.
            Mr. Painter is survived by his wife, who before marriage was Miss Ada Short, daughter of the late George Short, Sr. and the following children: Carl Painter, of Willard, Ontario, Canada, Mrs. Houston Turner, of Stanley and Miss I. May Painter at home.
            Albert Painter was a man or more than ordinary education having spent a considerable time at Battle Creek, Michigan where one of the leading schools of the Seventh Day Adventust Church is located.
            Mr. Painter was the son of the late Peter Painter of John and lived in the Stanley neighborhood all his life where he was respected and honored. He is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. George Bradley and Mrs. Viola (Jake) Dovel both of Stanley, Luther Painter of Leaksville, Frank, Willie and Harry Painter, of Stanley. The following half-sisters also survive: Mrs. Marion Young, Mrs. Elsie Ewell and Mrs. Randolph Dinges also of the Stanley neighborhood.
            The funeral will be held from the late home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. by his pastor, Eld. R.H. Hottle, of New Market with interment at the Adventist Cemetery nearby...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 13 Aug 1935
            Ambrose C. Painter, 74, died at his home at Edgewood, Md., last Saturday, following a somewhat protracted illness. Ambrose Painter was one of the best known natives of Page County. He was a member of one of the oldest families that has ever lived in this county. His father was the late Noah Painter, for many years one of the leading citizens and farmers of this section.
            Mr. Painter was twice married, his last wife being Miss Susan Jenkins, a daughter of the late Daniel Jenkins of the Stony Man section of this county while his first wife was Miss Nannie Alger of Newport. Children of his first marriage are Mrs. Vinnie E. Rowland, Stephens City, Va.; Clarence Painter, Poolesville, Md.; Cletus Painter, Sheboygan Falls, Mich.; Mrs. Roberts White, Stephens City, Va.; Mrs. Frank Martin, Martinsburg, W.Va.; and Elmer Painter, Dickerson, Md.
            Children by the second marriage are Mrs. Clyde C. Hitt, Savage, Md.; Mrs. George Joy, Baltimore, Md.; Mrs. Allen Roberts, Fullerton, Md.; Mrs. W.B. Holloway, Baltimore, Md.; Arthur C. Painter, Byron Painter and Miss Levern Painter, of Edgewood, Md.
            Mr. Painter is survived by one brother, Newton Painter, Stephens City.
            The funeral services will be conducted today (Tuesday) at the Leaksville church, Elder John B. Jenkins, assisted by Elder R.H. Pittman, will be in charge of the services.
            He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Isaac Turner, of this county, while one brother, Barney Painter, is dead.
            Ambrose C. Painter was an honored member of the Old School Baptist church…
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 24 May 1932
            Charles W. Painter, aged 77 years, a highly respected farmer, living on Mill Creek several miles southwest of Luray died of paralysis at his home at 9:30, P.M., on Friday.  Mr. Painter had been declining rapidly since last June when he was taken ill while watching the wheat harvest on his farm...
            Mr. Painter who was born near Stanley, the son of Noah Painter, owned a well tilled and productive farm on Mill Creek for many years. By hard licks, economy and good management he had accumulated a comfortable estate. In early years before he had won a competence he was a farm laborer, and all of his life was given to agriculture... For many years he was a member of Mill Creek Old School Baptist church.
            Mr. Painter is survived by his widow who before marriage was Miss Caroline Mayes, of this county. They lived happily together over half a century. Their surviving children are Sheldon H., Noah F., Raymond, and John W. Painter, Mrs. Will Burner, Mrs. James W. Jenkins and Mrs. J.W. McDaniel, all of the Leaksville-Luray neighborhood. Another daughter, Mrs. Sallie Huffman, died in early womanhood, and many years ago three minor children died from an epidemic in two weeks. Mr. Painter leaves two brothers, Ambrose C. Painter, of Edgewood, Md., and I.N. Painter, of Stephens City, Va., and one sister, Mrs. Isaac Turner, of near Stanley. One brother, Barney C. Painter, of Stephens City, Va., and one sister, Mrs. Sarah L. Mayes, of this county, are dead.
            The funeral at the Leaksville Christian church Sunday afternoon was conducted by Mr. Painter's pastor, Eld. John B. Jenkins with interment in the cemetery nearby...
Page News & Courier, Friday 23 Jul 1937
Death of Edna Irene Painter
            Edna Irene Painter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Painter, was almost instantly killed Saturday evening when she was struck by a truck on the Lee Highway.
            The little girl had made a purchase at Water's store and with her cousin, Gloria Jean Painter, was returning to the home of her uncle, Riley Painter, where she had spent the day.
            The little girl was born at Buchanan, Virginia in 1928. She was nine years, 4 months and 7 days old.
            Besides her parents she leaves one brother and one sister, James and Essie Mae, her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Painter, and a number of aunts and uncles.
            The funeral was held Monday at 2 o'clock with services by Rev. J.E. Childress. Burial in the Evergreen cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 25 May 1937
            Jacob J. Painter, of Stanley, aged about 37 years, died at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital on Friday night where he had been a patient for fifteen days. He underwent what was thought to be a successful operation for appendicitis about two weeks ago and was apparently well recovered from this...
            The deceased was the son of John W. Painter, who died only a few months ago, and a grandson of the late Peter Painter, of John, one of the outstanding residents of that section for many years.
            Mr. Painter had been employed as electrician for the Norfolk and Western Railroad for the past sixteen years...
            He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mamie Dinges Painter, two small sons Malcolm and Aldine Painter and the following brothers and sisters: Ray Painter, of Stanley; Charlie Painter, of Harpers Ferry, W.Va.; Mrs. James Rogers, of South Carolina; Mrs. Frank (Ethel) Aleshire, of Stanley and Mrs. Bennie Painter, of near Stanley.
            The funeral was held Monday morning at 11 o'clock from the Adventist Church, Stanley, with the Rev. W.J. Andes, of Harrisonburg, in charge of the services... Burial in the Adventist Cemetery, adjoining the church.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 28 May 1935
            James Henry Painter, for years a carpenter in Charles Town, was found dead along the Harpers Ferry pike, near the entrance to the Horse Show grounds, early Sunday morning. At first it was thought he had been struck by a passing automobile. An examination by Dr. B.F. Haines, later however, disclosed that death was due to natural causes. Mr. Painter was 62 years old.
Page News & Courier, Friday 27 Apr 1934
            Mrs. Ora Painter, aged 64 years and 9 months, widow of Martin V. Painter, deceased, died at her home near Alma, this county, at 2:30 p.m., on Tuesday. While she had been in declining health four or five years on account of diabetes and complications...
            Mrs. Painter was married about fifty years ago to Martin V. Painter, a farmer of near Alma. Mr. Painter has been dead for years. His widow resided with her son, Archie Painter who looked aftter the farm for her. The other surviving children are Clarence Painter, of Martinsburg, W.Va., Kirby and Harold Painter, of Wilmington, Del., and Mrs. J.E. Hilleary, of Washington, D.C. Mrs. Painter was a daughter of John W. Seekford, deceased of Alma, this county, her mother having been an Aleshire. Her surviving brothers and sisters are as follows: G. Wheeler Seekford, and Eld. Ben H. Seekford, of Washington, D.C., Mrs. Ada Evans, of Tampa, Fla., Mrs. Walter Berry, of Port Norris, N.J., Mrs. Matthew Finn, of Lanham, Md., and Mrs. Clyde H. Modesitt, of Luray. A sister, Miss Mattie Seekford died about thirty years ago... funeral which was held from the home at 2:30 p.m., yesterday with services by Eld. J.B. Jenkins and burial in the family graveyard.
            A faithful and devout ment of the Old School Baptust church for many years...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 5 Mar 1932
            Mrs. Rachel Painter, wife of Henry Painter, died at her home one mile west of Stanley on Thursday afternoon at the age of 77 years, 6 months and 14 days. On account of her advanced years Mrs. Painter had been in declining health for some time and had been bedfast for the last two or three months... She was one of the very active members of the Adventist church during her long membership of thirty-nine years...
            Mrs. Painter is survived by her husband, who is about 79 years old and quite feeble and the following children: Walter Painter, who resides on the Roudabush orchards north of Luray, W.V. Painter, Mrs. James Blosser, and Mrs. Everett Phillips, of Stanley.
            The funeral... was held at the Adventist church at 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Eld. Smith, of New Market, being in charge and the interment in the Adventist cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 4 Oct 1932
            Rudolph Painter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Painter, of near Stanley, died at midnight Saturday at the Harrisonburg Hospital where he had been a patient for ten days and had been under treatment at various times during the last few months... Young Painter was 18 years old... He is survived by his parents and by the following brothers and sisters: Miss Mozelle Painter, of Washington, D.C., Mildred Buford, Van Buren, and Reva Painter.
            The funeral took place from the home at 3 p.m. yesterday...
Page News & Courier, Friday 11 Mar 1938
Death in West Stanley
            W.V. (“Vernie”) Painter, aged 66 years, died at his home in West Stanley, near the Adventist church, on Friday, March 4th, after a number of years of ill health. Mr. Painter was considered an expert saw mill man and for a number of years followed this calling and helped to saw a number of the large tracts of timber in Page and adjoining counties.
            Mr. Painter married Miss Ida Goodrich, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. “Dee” Goodrich, of near Stanley. His widow survives with the following children:- Emmett, of Woodlawn, Pa.; Donald and Pershing Painter, of Stanley; Mrs. Ruth Painter and Miss Theressa Painter, of Stanley, and Mrs. Eutha Ramey, of Manassas.
            The deceased was a son of the late Henry Painter, of Stanley. His funeral was conducted from the Adventist church in Stanley, Sunday afternoon, with interment in the church cemetery.                                                                                                                     
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 10 Nov 1936
Death of William Painter
            William Painter, a well known and highly respected citizen, living one mile west of Stanley, died at 12:30 Saturday morning after a prolonged illness. He was paralyzed some years ago and has been incapacitated from work since that time. He was seventy-three years of age, and had spent the greater part of his life in farming and at rock quarry work- his last work being with a large construction company at Ingalls, W.Va. He was the oldest son of Peter Painter of John. He is survived by the following children: Charles Painter of Shepherdstown, W.Va.; Ray and Jacob Painter at home; Mrs. Ben Painter and Mrs. Frank Aleshire of Stanley and Mrs. Beulah Rodgers of Blair, S.C and his widow who was a Miss Dovel and the following brothers and sisters: Luther, Harry and Frank Painter, Mrs. George Bradley and Mrs. Jacob I. Dovel and the following half-brother and sisters: Carson Painter of Stanley and Mrs. Elsie Yule, Mrs. Miriam Young and Mrs. Randolph Dinges all of Stanley.
            The funeral will be held at the Adventist Church at 11 o’clock on Wednesday with burial in the adjoining cemetery.                                                                                
Page News & Courier, Friday 6 Nov 1936
Death of Mrs. Harry Painter
            Mrs. Harry C. Painter, 63 years of age, died at her home west of Stanley, last Monday night. Mrs. Painter’s death was due to complication of diseases with which she had long suffered. Before marriage Mrs. Painter was Miss Virginia Smith, of the Mill Creek section of Page County. For a number of years Mrs. Painter had been a member of Graves Chapel Methodist Church. During recent years of Mrs. Painter’s affliction she was uncomplaining, a good neighbor, accommodating and ready to help those in distress.
            She is survived by two daughters- Mrs. Dallas Buracker, living with her parents, and Mrs. Helen Nauman, living nearby. Mrs. Painter’s burial took place Thursday at the Adventist church near Stanley at 11 o’clock. The husband of Mrs. Painter- Harry C. Painter- has been known in the business life of Page County for many years. A number of years ago he was a candidate for Commissioner of Revenue.                                         
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 16 Aug 1932, Vol 21, no. 14, pg. 1, col. 3
            "Jube" Painter, a worthy and respected citizen of Stanley, died on Wednesday night at the Western State Hospital, Staunton, where he became a patient nearly a month ago, after being in declining health for several months. Mr. Painter, who was about sixty years old, was a son of Abram Painter, deceased, of Stanley. His brothers and sisters, including Isaac and John Painter, Mrs. Okie Nauman, Mrs. Henry Petefish, Mrs. John Short and Mrs. George Aleshire, are all dead. His wife, who was raied by the late B.P. Stebbins, one of the discovers of the Luray Caverns, died about six years ago. Mr. Painter leaves eight children, of whom four, Thomas and Athur Painter, Mrs. Weller Painter and Mrs. Claude Good, live at Stanley, and four other sons, all grown, are settled around Charles Town, W.Va. Mr. Painter lived with his son Thomas Painter. He was a member of the Old School Baptist church.
            The funeral was held at the Stanley Adventist church on Sunday with services by Eld. John B. Jenkins and interment in the Abram Painter graveyard.
Page News & Courier, 6 Nov 1934
            Mrs. Julia May Painter, wife of Frederick Painter, died at the home of her dather near Stanley on October 17. She was 25 years, 6 months and 3 days old at the time of her death. She leaves her father and in addition to one son, Tommy Lee, and four sisters and five brothers...
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 15 May 1934
            Mrs. Sarah Painter, age 69 years, widow of Hubert Painter, died at her home near Stanley at 3 A.M. last Friday after a week's illness with pneumonia...
            Mrs. Painter is survived by the following children: Noah, Doves and Jewett Painter, Mrs. Lester Redman and Mrs. George Good, all of Stanley section, Mrs. Alice Henry, of Hagerstown, Md., and Mrs. Bessie Moyer, of Washington, D.C. She was a daughter of the late Adam Seekford, of Alma. She is survived by two full brothers, Jacob R. Seekford, of Stanley, and Newton Seekford, of Rileyville and by the following half-brothers and half-sisters: Tailey Seekford and William Seekford, of Alma; Mrs. John Burner and Mrs. Hester Leake of Honeyville and Misses Blanche and Lena Seekford of Alma.
            ... She was baptized into the membership of the Old School Baptist Church by Eld. T.S. Dalton thirty-five years ago... He husband has been dead about two years.
            The funeral was held from the Stanley Adventist church at 2 p.m., Saturday with services by Elder John B. Jenkins and burial in the cemetery nearby.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday, November 16, 1936
Death of Mrs. Harry Painter
            Zena Felicia Painter was born May 20, 1873 and gave up this life, Nov. 3, 1936, aged 63 years, 5 months and 13 days. She was united in marriage to Harry C. Painter on May 18, 1890, having lived, labored and suffered together for 46 years. She leaves to mourn her loss a devoted husband, two daughters, Mrs. Grace Buracker and Mrs. Helen Norman, three grandchildren and two sisters- Mrs. Joseph Coffman and Mrs. Benton Watherholtz. Forty-two years ago this season of the year, she, along with her husband connected with the Methodist Church at Grave’s Chapel. She attended her church and was a faithful member as long as her health permitted. She has always had a strong faith in God and talked freely of His mercy and goodness…                                                  
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 15 Mar 1938
Death In Pine Grove
            Miss Fannie B. Parks, aged about 72 years, died at her home in the Pine Grove neighborhood, on Saturday, March 12, after a protracted illness. The deceased lady resided with her brother and sister, Ed. A. Parks and Miss Aida Parks.
           She was a member of Pine Grove Episcopal Church and her funeral was conducted on Sunday at 1 o'clock by her pastor, the Rev. P.E. Shultz.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 24 Apr 1934
            John Parks, age 82 (62?), who resided on the Rae Koontz place in Jordan Hollow near Stanley, died at 5 p.m. on Saturday at the County Alms House after several weeks illness. He is survived by a widow and three children, the oldest aged about 15 years and the other two quite small. Mrs. Parks was formerly Mrs. Harvey Jenkins. Mr. Parks was the son of James Parks, deceased and leaves two brothers, Benton and Edward Parks and two sisters, Misses Fannie and Ada Parks.
            The funeral took place from the Rock House Sunday afternoon with burial in the Pettit cemetery in Pine Grove. The services were conducted by Rev. P.E. Shultz, Episcopal rector, with whose church Mr. Parks was united recently.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 18 Jan 1938
Formerly from Pennsylvania and Maryland
           David Hayes Parlett, a native of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, died at his home near Cavetown, three miles northeast of Luray, Saturday night at about 9:30 o'clock at the age of 78 years. Mr. Parlett was the last survivor of his family.
            The deceased was twice married, his first wife being Miss Clara Reed, of New Knighton, Pa. to which union the following children survive: Miss Bertha May Parlett, York, Pa.; R.H. Parlett, and Mrs. Frank Smith, Hagerstown, Md.; and R.D. Parlett, Cavetown. His second wife was Miss Martha Jane Cave, of Cavetown, who survives with the following children: William A. Parlett, Hagerstown, Paul J. Parlett, Cavetown, Miss Mildred Parlett, Hinton, W.Va.; and Miss Beatrice Parlett, at home. C.W. Cave, a stepson of New Canton, also survives.
             The deceased owned one of the most productive trucking farms in Page and he and his truck wagon has been a familiar figure on the streets of Luray for many years, during drouth and in good years You could "always county on "Dad" Parlett for your full quota of table vegetables."...
            During his life in Pennsylvania, he was rated as one of the most expert makers of leather harness and his specialty was horse collars and during the "hey day" of that business he probably made more collars for the fire and brewery horses that any one person ever accomplished along this line in a given territory.
            Mr. Parlett later located in Hagerstown where he was the proprietor of a prosperous hotel business for a number of years.
            The deceased has been a member of Mt. Zion Brethren Church for a number of years...
            The funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 o'clock, with his pastor, the Rev. A.J. Caricofe, assisted by others of that denomination in charge of the services.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 26 Sep 1939
Charles Walter Partlow Dies In Rappahannock
            Charles W. Partlow, residing near Washington, Va., on the Lee Highway, died at his residence early Sunday morning, September 10, following many months of failing health. He was 72 years of age.
            Mr. Partlow was a native of Rappahannock county and was twice married. He leaves a wife, who was formerly Mrs. Della Beahm Jenkins, of Rappahannock county and a daughter, Mrs. Louis Smedly, of Washington, D.C., and a son, Horace Partlow, of Maryland, by his first marriage. Also surviving are four sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Delia Partlow, Mrs. Glennie Huff and Mrs. Cora Lillard, of Washington, Va., John Partlow, of Ohio, and Elmer Partlow, of Washington, Va.
            The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.A. St. Clair, of Washington, assisted by Lyle Youell, of the Methodist circuit.
            Interment was in the family section of the Sperryville cemetery- Virginia Star, Culpeper.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 30 Jan 1938?
Jasper Pence Buried
            Funeral Services were held at the Hilliards Chapel near Stanley Sunday for Jasper Pence, aged 66 years. Mr. Pence was a farmer in his youth but for the last ten years he had been blind and was not able to work.
            He is survived by his widow, formerly Miss Nauman, and the following children, viz:- Elmer, Thomas, Curtis, and J.A. Pence, Mrs. Jacob (Mary) Nauman, Mrs. Lucy Cubbage and Mrs. Julia Kieholtz.
            Eld. J.B. Jenkins conducted the services.                                                                  
Page News & Courier, Friday 10 Apr 1931
            Lester Pendergast, age 52, town councilman, canner, farmer and public spirited citizen of Stanley, served on the Howard Comer jury at Luray Wednesday. From court he went to a restaurant for dinner and as he left the place about 1 p.m., was taken ill. He crossed the street and sat down on a flight of steps, were Dr. G.H. Long was called from his home a few doors distant. Taken to the doctor's office, Mr. Pendergast lay down for several hours and was then able to ride to his home at Stanley. At 7:30 the same evening while lying down he was stricken again and died almost in an instant...
            Mr. Pendergast was a son of Thomas Pendergast, deceased, and was born at the old Pendergast place a mile North of Stanley. His mother was a sister of the late Squire John Henry Cave. Successful in business, he acquired the old home place, added other land by purchase, operated saw mills and about fifteen years ago established a successful canning factory. About thirty years ago he married Miss Lucy Henderson, daughter of the late George Henderson, of near Stanley. His widow and two sons, Russell and Charles B. survive. Charles B. married a daughter of the late John L. Koontz, while Russell resided with his parents. Mr. Pendergast leaves a brother, James H. Pendergast, and a sister Mrs. Ida Boude, both of Stanley.
            Funeral from the Stanley Baptist church at 2 p.m., Saturday with interment at Graves Chapel.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 26 Jul 1938
Death of Aged Lady Near Marksville
            Miss Eliza Jane Petefish, of Marksville district, aged 91 years, 3 months and 6 days, died on Thursday, July 21st. Death was due to diseases incident to old age. The deceased was a native of Rockingham County and a daughter of the late Isaac and Bettie Kite Petefish. Her funeral was conducted Saturday at 3 p.m., from the Adventist Church in Stanley. The services were in charge of Rev. J.E. Tucker. Interment in the Adventist Cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Friday 30 Apr 1937
Death of Mrs. Petefish of Stanley
      Mrs. Lucy Petefish, wife of W.V. Petefish, deceased, of Stanley, died Sunday night at Harrisonburg Hospital following an operation the first of the week. She was fifty-three years, two months and two days. She leaves to mourn three sisters and five brothers.
       Her funeral took place Tuesday at the Stanley M.E. Church at 2:30 p.m. by her pastor, Rev. C.L. Hunt, of the Lutheran Church, which she has been a member for some years. She was assisted by Rev. W.J. Whitesell, pastor of the Stanley M.E. Church, which she always attended... Interment was in Graves Chapel Cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 6 Nov 1934
Shenandoah, Va.- Nov. 5- Walter Petefish, aged about 63, died in a local hospital in Norfolk on Friday where he had been a patient of about eleven months. Death was attributed to a complication of diseases. The remains were brought to Shenandoah, accompanied by his wife Mrs. Virgie Petefish and friends. The funeral was held at the Brick Church Sunday at 3 p.m., by the Rev. M.A. Ashby of Boonsboro, Md. Interment in the family lot adjoined the church.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 16 Aug 1932
            Carl Henry Pettit, died at his home in Pine Grove on August 12 at 10 A.M. He was born July 15, 1884. He leaves a wife and four children, Earl, Howlett, Lottie and Dorothy; three brothers, J.W. Pettit, of Illinois, and Charles P. and George M. Pettit, of Pine Grove; two sisters, Mrs. Harry H. Grim, of Stanley and Mrs. George W. Gray, of Pine Grove. The funeral service was conducted from St. George's Episcopal church with the Rev. Paul E. Shultz in charge...
            He was one of the oldest members of St. George's Episcopal church... He started the mission on Tanner's Ridge with Rev. Churchill Gibson and until a year ago acted as superintendent of the Sunday School...
            ... His body was laid to rest in the family burying ground...
Page News & Courier, Friday 21 Jan 1938
Pioneer Funeral Director of Page Dies At Stanley
Dean of Undertakers Passes Away Suddenly at Early Hour Tuesday Morning
            James Thomas Phillips, perhaps the oldest retired funeral director in Virginia, died at his home near Marksville, at an early hour Tuesday morning, following several years of declining health…
            The subject of this notice entered the undertaking business probably a half century ago, and for many years operated without competition. He also at one time did a large tombstone and monument business.
            He was the son of William Phillips, deceased, a pioneer resident of Marksville District. He has been a resident and an influential citizen of this county for a half century or more.
            Man years ago he became a member of Mount Zion Brethren Church…
            The deceased was at times connected with other prominent funeral directors, but operated independently most of the time.
            He was a familiar figure on the streets of Stanley, where he visited every day almost up to the time of his death.
            Mr. Phillips was 83 years of age, and though as stated above, had been in declining health for a number of years, his death was sudden and a distinct shock to the community where he had resided practically all of his life.
            He married a Miss Keyser, who preceded him in death several years ago. A daughter survives, Mrs. Myra Rutherford, with whom her father resided in his declining years. Another daughter, Mrs. Bertha Koontz, of Stanley, died within the year.
            His funeral was conducted on Thursday at 2 p.m., by his pastor, Rev. A.J. Caricofe, assisted by Rev. E.M. Vaughn, of the Baptist church, at Graves Chapel. Interment in the Chapel cemetery.                                                                                             
Page News & Courier, Friday 13 Nov 1936
Mrs. Plum, 85, Elkton, Dies
            Mrs. Mildred Leona Cook Plum, aged 85, well known resident of the Elkton section, died at her home Monday morning.
            Mrs. Plum, who was one of the oldest citizens of East Rockingham was well known and leaves a host of friends who mourn her passing. She was a lifelong member of the United Brethren Church and a woman of sterling character. Her husband and five children preceded her in death.
            She is survived by the following children: Arthur, Herbert, Junior, Delsie, Bertha, and Bertie Plum, of Elkton; Trent Plum, of Harrisonburg and Elmer Plum of York, Pa. She is also survived by 33 grandchildren.
            Funeral services were held from her home west of Elkton Wednesday afternoon at three o’clock. Services were conducted by Rev. W.H. Smith and Rev. W.H. Snapp.          
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 28 May 1931
            Mrs. Lena F. Presgraves, age 33 years, wife of R.T. Presgraves, died Sunday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan Good, in East Luray, after a long illness from an internal cancer...
            Mrs. Presgraves was married three times. Her first husband, Cecil Abbott, died during the flu epidemic early in 1919. One child, Elizabeth Abbott, survives by this marriage. Mrs. Presgraves' second husband was Fred A. Saunders, for many years a Deford Tannery foreman, but at the time of his death a merchant in East Luray. He met his death in an automobile accident eight years ago. Two children by this marriage died in infancy. Mrs. Presgraves is survived by her husband, Ronald T. Presgraves, and an infant child Lorene. She also leaves her parents, John M. and Mrs. Elizabeth Stroupe Good; two brothers Albert and Leonard Good, and one sister, Mrs. William Griffith, all of Luray. She was a member of Main Street Baptist church...
            The funeral took place Monday at three o'clock from the John M. Good home with services by Rev. Charles A. Hall and interment at Beahm's Chapel.
Page News & Courier, Friday 30 Jul 1937
Death of B.Z. “Bub” Price
            B.Z. Price, better known as “Bub” Price, died at his home near Petefish Pond on Wednesday afternoon at a late hour from a complication of diseases. Mr. Price was 71 years of age and has been in failing health for a number of years. He is survived by his wife, who was a Miss Knight before marriage, and the following children: Mrs. Ray (Flora) Seakford, Churchville, Va.; Mrs. Willie (Mollie) Wright, Stanley; Mrs. Leo (Daisy) Price, Luray; Mrs. Ed (Polly) Short, Stanley, Edgar Price, Stanley; and Miss Agnes, Paul and Ollie Price, at home. One brother, Cal Price, of Stanley, also survives. The funeral will be held from the Adventist Church, Stanley, today, (Friday) at 2 p.m. Elder J.B. Jenkins will be in charge of the service.                                                                
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 20 Sep 1932
            Homer B. Price, 55, prominent Mineral City merchant and one of the best known men in the northern section of Tuscarawas county, died Sunday at 5:30 p.m., at a Springfield hospital as a result of injuries suffered Saturday at 3:30 p.m., four miles north of that city when his automobile skidded and turned over twice into a six foot gully.
            Mr. Price's wife, the only other passenger in the car, escaped with cuts and bruises. She has returned to her home. The victim was thrown a distance of fifty feet from his car and his skull was fractured.
            Mr. Price operated a hardware store in Mineral City for many years, and was active in lodge and fraternal circles. He was a member of the Lutheran church at Canton, the Masonic lodge, the Odd Fellows, Eastern Stars and Rebeccas. He was born in Virginia, but had resided in Mineral City since he was married. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his aged mother who resides in Virginia and several brothers and sisters.
            Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 2 p.m., at the Pric residence in Mineral City. Burial will be made in West Lawn cemetery, Canton, by the U.B. Gordon, Mineral City mortician.- Springfield (O.) Times.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 4 Aug 1936
            John David Price, a resident of the Jordon Hollow section, near old Marksville, died in the Page Memorial Hospital on Friday, July 31 where he had been a patient for sometime. He had been a victim of cancer for a year or more and his decline was rapid during the last few months.
            The deceased, who was the son of the late Morgan Price, was never married. He lived alone in his home, which he owned and where he made a substantial living. He was born March 15, 1866 and was 70 years and 4 months old. He is survived by one brother, William Price of Luray and a sister Mrs. Charles Jenkins of near Marksville.
            The funeral was conducted on Sunday at his home by Rev. W.O. Luttrell of the Methodist Church, Luray. Interment on the home place.                                                
Page News & Courier, Friday 22 Sep 1939
            Mrs. Mamie Price, of near New Market, died at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital Tuesday, Sept. 19, about 2:50. Death was due to complications...
            She was born in Page county September 1881, and was a daughter of the late John and Julia A. Hinkle.
            In 1901 she married and moved to Rockingham county, where she had made her home ever since...
            Surviving are her husband and eleven children: Wilmer Price, of Alexandria; Mrs. John Good, of Hackssin, Del.; Mrs. Herman Buhl, of New Market, James Price, of Harrisonburg, Mrs. Claude Earon, of Broadway, Paul, Ashby, Charles, Evelyn at home.
            She also leaves four brothers and three sisters: Mrs. John Platt, of Washington; Charles Hinkle, of Leaksville; Mrs. Charles Higgs, of Harrisonburg; Mrs. Wilson Lawson, of Springfield, Ohio; Paul Hinkle, of Hagerstown; Hobert Hinkle, of Springfield,a nd 33 grandchildren...
            Funeral services were held at the Fairview Church, near New Market, Wednesday afternoon at 2 :30 o'clock with the Rev. S.D. Lindsay officiating.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 27 AUg 1935
            Mrs. Rosa Lee Price, about 40, wife of Samuel Price, living at Salem, four miles west of Luray, died in the Harrisonburg hospital Sunday morning at 5 o'clock, following a brief illness. She had been in the hospital only a few days before her death.
            Mrs. Price was the mother of nine living children. She was a daughter of the late Joseph S. Cook of Bixler's Ferry, this county, and leaves the following sisters, Mrs. Martha Nickols, of Luray, and Mrs. Cora Gosnell, of Philadelphia.
            Mrs. Price was buried yesterday in Beahm's Chapel cemetery, three miles east of Luray with Eld. J. Manuel in charge of the services.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 10 Nov 1936
Death of Mrs. Sarah Jane Price
            Mrs. Sarah Jane Price, widow of David F. Price, died at her home near the Adventist Church in Stanley on Saturday about 5 o’clock. Mrs. Price had reached the age of 69 years. She is survived by the following daughters: Mrs. Solon Blosser of Linville, Va. Mrs. Amos Mayes and Mrs. Lester Painter of Stanley, one brother Noah Good, also of Stanley, twenty-four grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren. Her funeral was held from the Adventist Church on Monday at 2 p.m. with her pastor Eld. J.B. Jenkins in charge of the services. She had been a lifelong member of the Old School Baptist Church. Interment took place in the Adventist Church cemetery with Bradley’s of Luray in charge of the burial.                                                                                                    
Page News & Courier, Friday 5 Nov 1935
            The community of Stony Man was greatly shocked last Tuesday at the sudden death of a dear old friend, Adam M. Printz who was sick a very short time with neuralgia of the heart. He was eighty-six years, eleven months and a few days old. The deceased was a son of Isaac and Elizabeth Printz and was born near Ida and went to Ohio in his twenties and was in Ohio about thirty-five years and then came back to Page and married Miss Loma Houser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elias Houser and they were married twelve years their thirteenth of January... He is survived by one sister and one brother living in Ohio. His funeral was conducted at the Mt. Zion Church of the Brethren on Thursday at 2 o'clock by Rev. B.D. Castor, pastor of the deceased, Rev. Caricofe and H.E. Wakeman. He was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby...
Page News & Courier, Friday 8 Nov 1935
            Adam Monroe Printz, a native of this county died at his home near Stony Man on Tuesday after a brief illness. Mr. Printz was the son of Isaac of Abram Printz and was born near Ida (now the Joseph Sours place). In his early teens he emigrated to Ohio where he engaged in farming and prospered. About fifteen years ago he returned to his native heath and soon after married Miss Lomie Houser, a childhood friend.
            About ten days ago Mr. Printz, while shucking corn contracted a severe cold which later developed into pneumonia and ultimately causing his passing.
            He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Gideon Stineberger of near Urbana, Ohio, with whom he resided while he was in the West. A brother, Cornelius Hiram of Ohio is still living. The deceased brothers and sisters were Mary, Clinton, Jacob E. and John J.
            The funeral was held Thursday at two o'clock from Mt. Zion Church of the Brethren and was in charge of Rev. B.D. Castor of the Lutheran Church. Burial was in the Mt. Zion cemetery.
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 29 Oct 1935
            Mrs. Caroline Printz, aged about 90 years, wife of the late Jacob Printz of the Stony Man section, died at the home of her son Kirby Printz in Washington, D.C., on Friday, October 25. Mrs. Printz was the daughter of the late Benjamin Printz also of Stony Man section. On Sunday the body was brought to Luray where the funeral was conducted from the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church with services by Rev. M.A. Ashby of Boonsboro, Md. Interment was in the Ben Printz graveyard near Stony Man. She is survived by a number of brothers and sisters: Ananias Printz, deceased; Lee Printz, deceased; Solon Printz of Lewisburg, W.Va., Kirby Printz of Washington; Mrs. Mary Dobbs of Shenandoah and a Mrs. Baker of Boston, Mass…                                                
Page News & Courier, Tuesday 1 Mar 1938
Aged Resident of Stony Man Dies
            Charles Printz an aged and life-long resident of the Stony Man section, died Monday afternoon after a long period of declining health. Mr. Printz, who was about 80 years of age, was a son of the late Leonard Printz, at one time one of the wealthy land owners of the Hawksbill section. The deceased was never married. A sister, Mrs. Pamily Warren, died a number of years ago. No funeral arrangements had been announced at the hour of going to press.                                                                                                  
Page News & Courier, Friday 5 Oct 1934
            In the last issue of the News and Courier the death of Charles Printz, at Ranson, Jefferson County, W.Va., was recorded. At that time little was known of the relationship of Mr. Printz with the numerous family of that name in Page county. He was a son of the late Barney Printz, of Page county. Two of his brothers who were well known in Page county were the late William and Samuel Printz, who at one time lived in the Ida neighborhood. Charles Printz married a daughter of the late Bethel Booton, for many years a resident of the "Basin", a part of the Blue Ridge in the Stanley neighborhood...
Page News & Courier, Friday 20 Oct 1939
Death of David S. Printz
            David S. Printz, of near Stony Man village, died Sunday, October 15, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Elmer Price, aged 77 years, 7 months and 26 days.
            He was the son of Samuel and Lydia Printz, deceased. Mr. Printz had been in failing health for a long time. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, who before marriage was Miss Lillie Jane Printz and two sons, Elwood and Claude Printz, of Pittsburgh, and one daughter, Mrs. Elmer Price. Mr. Printz continued to live at his home near Stony Man until a short time ago when they were moved to the home of their daughter, Mrs. Elmer Price, where he was tenderly cared for until his death. Mrs. Printz continues quite ill in their home. He also leaves fourteen grandchildren.

            Mr. Printz was a member of Mt. Calvary church and was sexton of the church for twenty six years. His funeral was preached at Mt. Calvary church by his pastor, Rev. B.D. Castor, to a large crowd of people, sorrowing friends, and relatives.