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Inventory and appraisement of the personal property of James W. Weakley dec'd taken this 5th day of July 1867


Corner cupboard $1.00, Bedstead & bedding $5.00                                      $6.00

Shot gun $3.00  Bedstead & bedding $4.00, old chest $1.00                           8.00

One hog &6.00, heifer $12.00, calf $5.00 & old table .50 c                          $23.50

Crofs cut saw .50 c hoe .12 c, mowing scythe .25                                            .87

Plow stock .50 c  old Bridle & collar .05                                                           .55

Old barrels & contents .50 c, lot of plank $3.00                                             $3.50

Wheat fan $1.00, white sow & eleven shoats $35.50                                     $36.50

One black & white sow $10.00, one listed? hog $8.00, one lot of rye $3.50


Page County to wit:

            Pursuant to an order of the court for the county aforesaid pronounced at the June Term of said Court, 1867, The undersigned, three of the appraisers named in said order, having been duly sworn for the purpose prior to entering upon the discharge of our duty, did on 5th day of July 1867 appraised the personal estate of James W. Weakley decd...

            Given under our hands this 11th day of July 1867

                                                                                    William H. Petit

                                                                                    John H. Gray

                                                                                    Robert     X     Gray

 The appraisement was recorded on 22 Jul 1867