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Henry Allison Family Bible

The information on this page was originally part of the Genealogical Society of Page County (GSPC) website. GSPC was dissolved in 2005. Permission has been granted for use by Teresa Kelley

The face sheet of the Bible contains the following information: The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues. Published by Samuel Wood & Sons, No. 261, Pearl Street, New York, and by Samuel S. Wood & Company, No. 212, Market Street, Baltimore. Printed in 1822

This Bible is in the possession of Mr. Jack Cullers of Luray, VA. A photocopy is on file in the GSPC Pamphlet Collection at the Page Public Library.

Susanna Allison, mother of Henry Allison, departed this life 14 June 1803.

John Allison, father of Henry Allison, departed this life 6 Feb 1805.

Benjamin Linton, father of Elisabeth Allison, wife of Henry Allison, departed this life 23 Dec 1820.

Elizabeth Allison departed this life 27 Aug 1851.

Henry Allison departed this life 2 Nov 1851.

Joseph Allison departed this life 29 Feb 1852.

Darcas Cline, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Allison departed this life 20 Oct 1870.

Matilda A. Traister departed this life 21 July 1892, aged 78 years, 2 months, 20 days.

Henry and Elizabeth Allison's children:

Henry D. Allison departed this life sometime in the year of 1808, aged about 3 years.

Sarah Allison departed this life 15 June 1809, aged 8 days.

William Allison departed this life 29 Dec 1811, aged 15 months and 22 days.

John Allison departed this life 13 May 1822, aged 25 years, 2 months and 27 days.

Darcas Ann Viands departed this life 29 March 1873, aged 45 years 3 months and 23 days.

Elizabeth Fleming departed this life 29 Sept. 1873, aged 74 years, 5 months, and 21 days.

Henry Allison was born 15 June 1776.

Elisabeth Allison, wife of Henry, was born 9 Dec. 1776.

Children of William and Ann Allison, and Grandchildren of Henry and Elizabeth Allison:

Perry Jefferson Allison was born 15 Nov 1858.

John Henry Allison was born 12 June 1840.

Marcas William Allison was born 10 May 1843.

Darcas Ann Viands, daughter of Isaac and Betsy Fleming was born 6 Dec. 1827.

David William Traister was born 9 Feb. 1857.

George Patten Traister was born 14 Oct. 1855.

John Allison was born 16 Feb. 1797.

Elizabeth Allison was born 8 April 1799.

Otho Allison was born 20 Oct. 1800.

Darcas Allison was born 8 March 1802.

Benjamin Allison was born 11 Oct. 1803.

Henry D. Allison was born 7 Sept. 1805.

Mary Arthur Allison was born 7 Jan. 1807.

Sarah Allison was born 7 June 1809.

William Allison was born 7 Sept. 1810.

William Leeper Allison was born 6 Sept. 1812.

Matilda Arthur Allison was born 1 May 1814.

Greenberry Wilson Allison was born 27 June 1816.

Joseph Arthur Allison was born 7 Nov. 1818.

Perry B. Allison was born 13 Jan. 1821.

Henry Allison, son of John and Elisabeth Allison, and grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Allison was born 19 July 1819.

Ann Hisey, wife of William L. Allison, was born 29 April 1815.

Henry Allison and Elizabeth Linton were married by the Rev. Mr. Runcall 25 June 1796.

Henry and Elizabeth Allison's children, viz.:

John Allison was married to Elizabeth Campbell on 27n Aug. 1818.

Otho Allison was married to Catharine Shuff on 26 Dec. 1823.

Elisabeth Allison was married to Isaac Flemings on 1 Apr. 1824.

William Allison was married to Ann Hisey on 24 Nov. 1836.

Darcas Allison was married to Manuel Cline on 11 June 1846.

John G. Traister, son of John and Matilda Traister, was born 8 April 1847.

Susan Matilda Traister was born 8 Dec. 1873.

William Traister was born 1870 (This entry is very faded and hard to read. Day and month are not legible but year is probably as shown.)

Sudie Traister was born 8 Dec. 1873.

John G. Traister, son of John and Matilda Traister, was born April 1847 (no day of month was given)

Elizabeth Ann Traister was born 19 April (no year was given)

Mary Jane Traister was born 26 Jan. 1853.

Mary Jane Traister died on the 27 day of June 1855.

John Traister died on the 24 day of Oct. 1865 (Written directly under this entry in a different hand: John Traister died 24 Oct. 1864.)

John Traister and Matilda Allison were married at Shenandoah Iron Works in Page County, Va. October 1845 (day of month was not given)

John G. Traister and Virginia A. Viands was married at Luray, Page County, Va. (no date was given)

Newspaper clippings placed in the Bible

Died at his home in Marengo, at three o'clock p.m., Friday, May 25th, 1906, Perry B. Allison, aged 85 yrs. 4 mos. and 12 days. He was born in New Market, Shenandoah County, Va. 13 Jan. 1821, where he continued to reside until 1851 when he came west and located at St. Joseph, Missouri. He was married at New Market, Va. in 1838 to Miss Ann Nancy Markwood, who died at St. Joseph, Mo. in 1862.
He left two daughters and one son; Miss Mary Allison of Morengo; Mrs. Kate Thomas, of Lincoln, Nebraska; and Mr. John Allison of Chicago. He came to Marengo about 15 years ago to reside with his daughter, Mary. He was laid to rest in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery near this city. (this is an abstract of a very lengthy obituary)


John Traister, Sr., father of Mrs. Bettie Shenk, who died in Washington recently, suffered a tragic death at the hands of Captain Custer of the Union Army in 1864. "Messrs. Traister and Peter R. Bell," says the Strasburg News, "two noble men, were shot to death by Custer's orders because some loafing, worthless, bushwacker killed a Union Soldier in front of Mr. Traister's house."