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Grayson Family Bible

The information on this page was originally part of the Genealogical Society of Page County (GSPC) website. GSPC was dissolved in 2005. Permission has been granted for use by Teresa Kelley

GSPC Newsletter Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring 1996

The following Family Bible records are contained in the GSPC Pamphlet File. There is no cover sheet attached to the photocopy of the Family Records that were found in this Bible, also there is no information contained on the sheets that would indicate the current owner of the Bible or the date that the photocopy of this information was made. If any of our readers know who is currently in possession of this Bible, please drop us a line with the name and address of the current owner so we may add this information to our copy. All data is typed exactly as found on the original document, no attempt has been made to correct or add to the material.

Andrew F. GRAYSON and Juliana KITE were married on Thursday, October 17th 1833. He, the son of Joel and Tabith GRAYSON, and she, the daughter of Jacob C. and Mary Catharine KITE.

Joel GRAYSON was the son of William GRAYSON who was the son of Ambrose GRAYSON who came from England to America before the Revolutionary War. Joel was born July 23rd 1777.

Tabitha GRAYSON was the daughter of Andrew FINKS and was born May 14th 1783.

Jacob C. KITE was born on the 17th day of July 1793 and was the son of Martin KITE who was the son of William KITE.

Catharine SLAGLE, the wife of Jacob C. KITE, was born Jan. 20th 1798 and was the daughter of George SLAGLE who was the son of Henry SLAGLE.

Philip HUTCHINSON and Clarinda Ann GRAYSON were married Nov. 8th 1855. He, the son of John and Elizabeth HUTCHINSON and she, the daughter of Andrew F. and Juliana GRAYSON.

Andrew Finks GRAYSON was born on Friday, April 24th 1807.

Juliana KITE was born on Friday, July 3rd 1818.

Clarinda Ann GRAYSON was born on Monday, March 16, 1835.

Ada Livia GRAYSON was born on Friday, May 21st 1852.

Philip HUTCHINSON was born March 5th 1856.

William Faulkner HUTCHINSON was born September 23rd 1856.

John Andrew HUTCHINSON was born May 1st 1859.

Elizabeth Florence HUTCHINSON was born December 26th 1861.

David Herbert HUTCHINSON was born February 15th 1864.

Edward Leeander HUTCHINSON was born August 3rd 1866.

Ira Allen HUTCHINSON was born January 23rd 1869.

Eudora Bell HUTCHINSON was born December 21st 1871.

Myra Catharine HUTCHINSON was born November 5th 1875.

Lena Virginia HUTCHINSON was born June 7th 1877.

Andrew Finks GRAYSON died Sept. 28th 1878 aged 71 yrs. 5 mos. and 5 days.

Juliana GRAYSON died Oct. 12th 1879 aged 61 yrs. 3 mos. and 9 days.

Joel GRAYSON died on Tuesday, August 30th 1859 aged 82 yrs. 1 mo. and 7 days.

Tabitha GRAYSON died on Saturday at 1 a.m. Nov. 28th 1863 aged 80 yrs. 6 mos. and 14 days.

Elizabeth Florence HUTCHINSON died August 23rd 1863 aged 1 yr. 7 mos. and 28 days.

Myra Catharine HUTCHINSON died June 18th 1876 aged 7 months and 13 days.

Lena Virginia HUTCHINSON died December 6th 1879 aged 2 yrs. 5 mos. and 29 days.

Clarinda Ann HUTCHINSON died July 16th 1884 at 3:30 p.m.