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Daniel and Mary Burner Kauffman Family Bible

The information on this page was originally part of the Genealogical Society of Page County (GSPC) website. GSPC was dissolved in 2005. Permission has been granted for use by Teresa Kelley

GSPC Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 3 Summer 1995.

The following information was transcribed from photocopies of the Daniel Kauffman Family Bible which are housed in the Genealogical Society Pamphlet Collection at the Page Public Library. This Bible is in the possession of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kauffman of Luray, VA.

Daniel KAUFFMAN was married to Mary BURNER on June the 20th 1810

Enoch KAUFFMAN was married to Delila A. KIBLER on may 4th 1837

John ROATHGEP was married to Rachael KAUFFMAN on November 30th 1837

Barney KAUFFMAN was married to Rebecca MAUK on February 22nd 1838

Washington RUFFNER was married to Susanah KAUFFMAN on March 1st 1838

Joseph KAUFFMAN was married to Adaline RUFFNER on October 2nd 1843

Benjamin RUFFNER was married to Cristiana KAUFFMAN August 14th 1844

Barney KAUFFMAN was married to Sudie on March 19th 1873

Sary KAUFMAN was born January 4th 1811

Anna KAUFMAN was born March 26th 1812

Enoch KAUFMAN was born December 18th 1813

Barney KAUFMAN was born December 16th 1815

Rachael KAUFMAN was born April 23rd 1817

Susanna KAUFMAN was born November 17th 1818

Joseph KAUFMAN was born July 2nd 1820

Teney KAUFMAN was born February 27th 1822

Lewis KAUFMAN was born October 13th 1823

Maryan KAUFMAN was born April 21st 1825

Dorithia KAUFFMAN was born June 15th 1827

Joseph Thomas RUFFNER was born July 17th 1838

Mary Cathrin RUFFNER was born January 8th 1843

Danl. KAUFMAN was born September 19th 1781

Mary BURNER was born March 9th 1786

Anna KAUFMAN departed this life September 18th 1816

Maryan KAUFMAN departed this life March 15th 1831

Dorotha KAUFFMAN departed this life March 28th 1831

Sarah KAUFMAN departed this life April 20th 1832

Joseph Thomas RUFFNER, son of Washington, departed this life on August the 3rd in the year of our Lord 1838

Washington RUFFNER departed this life September 8th 1852

Barney KAUFFMAN, son of Daniel, departed this life April 10th 1855

Lewis KAUFFMAN, son of Daniel, departed this life May 8th 1855

Enoch KAUFFMAN departed this life October 28th 1877

Daniel KAUFFMAN departed this life Februar 11th 1844

Mary KAUFFMAN, wife of Daniel, departed this life January 1st 1864

Adaline KAUFFMAN departed this life December 31st 1899

Joseph KAUFFMAN departed this life April 7th 1900

This concludes all the entries found in this Bible. Please note the various spellings of the name Kauffman/Kaufman, and some given names are spelled differently in some entries. All names were transcribed exactly as spelled in the original, no changes were made by the transcriber.