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1884-1885 Classified Business Directory

The information on this page was originally part of the Genealogical Society of Page County (GSPC) website. GSPC was dissolved in 2005. Permission has been granted for use by Teresa Kelley

The following appeared in the GSPC Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 4 Fall 1991.

Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory, 1884-1885
Compiled and Published by J. H. Chataigne, Richmond, Virginia

PAGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA: Population 1880 -- Whites 8,846; colored 1,119. Total: 9,965.

County Seat, LURAY. Population 1,150

Vote of County, November 6, 1883 -- Democrats, 841; Coalitionist, 1,166, Scattering, 1.

Value of real estate 1883:     $1,809,347.50
Value of personal property:       497,295.00
Tax on real estate:                         7,237.39
Tax on personal property:             1,989.18

Page was formed in 1831 from parts of Shenandoah and Rockingham. It is midway in the rich and beautiful valley of the Shenandoah, with Blue Ridge for its eastern and Massanutton mountains its western boundaries. It is bounded by counties -- north, Warren; south, Rockingham; east, Rappahannock and Madison and west, Rockingham and Shenandoah. The south fork of the Shenandoah River flows through and plentifully waters the county. Since the last issue of the State Directory the Shenandoah Valley Railroad has been extended through the entire length of the county from north to south and is doing much to develop its vast resources. The soil is alluvial limestone, and yielding good crops of corn, oats, wheat and the grasses. Horses, cattle and sheep are extensively raised. Iron ore of fair quality in abundant quantity is found in nearly every part of the county, and several furnaces and foundries are in operation. Some copper of rich quality is found in the lower end of the county; and limestone and marble in various sections. A superior quality of manganese is found in the northern section of the county, and is being shipped to Northern furnaces. Luray, on the line of the Shenandoah Valley railroad, is beautifully situated in the centre of Page valley, and commands a superb view of the Blue Ridge and Massanutton mountains, and no more delightful spot is found in Virginia. Its population is about 1,200 and rapidly increasing. Nearly 150 new buildings have been erected during the past three years. A fine stream of water runs through the centre of town, and affords good facilities for mill and manufacturing purposes. Good fishing and game in the vicinity is abundant. Limestone, chalybeate and sulphur waters abound. The great Luray Caverns, which rival, if they do not surpass the Mammoth cave of Kentucky, are one mile distant from the town, and have gained for themselves in the past few years a world-wide reputation. No conception can be gained of them from a description, however beautiful, grand and extensive. They must be seen to be fully appreciated. Milnes, with a population of 800, is a growing town in the southern end of the county. It is the site of Shenandoah Iron Company, which employees large capital and great many men. The county has an area of 342 square miles, or 218,979 acres, and the land has an average assessed value of $8.26 per acre.

Post Offices
Cedar Point
East Liberty
Grove Hill, W. A. KOONTZ
Honeyville, T.W. MAYES
Hope Mills, J.R. ALMOND
Kimball, Samuel JUDD, Sr.
Luray, J.W. WEAVER
Marksville, Martin BIEDLER
Milnes, Robert S. PRITCHETT
Sands, Theodore W. SHRYOCK
Verbena, R.F. KINGREE

Courts: The Circuit Court of the Twelfth Circuit meets at Luray on the 20th April and 23 September. Judge: Robert H. TURNER. Clerk: Andrew BROADDUS. The county Court meets at Luray on fourth Monday in each month. Judge: James E. STEWART. Clerk: Andrew BROADDUS.

County Officers: Sheriff: Jas M. PRICE. Treasurer: Wm. O. YAGER. Surveyor: Thos W. SHENK. Com'r Revenue: H.M. MAYES. Commonwealth's Attorney: E.J. ARMSTRONG. Superintendent of poor: John W. PHILLIPS.

Magistrates: John DOFFEMAYOR, Chas. H. PRICE, Geo S. MESICA. Milnes; Jacob F. OFFENBACHER, G.T. BRUBUKER, Marksville; J.H. DUDISMAN, Alma; T.A. BOHANNON, W.W. HAMPTON, T.C. STRICKLER, Luray; I.A. BEACH, B.F. BRADLEY, B.F. KEYSER, Hope Mills.

Supervisors: Wm. F. GRAYSON, B.F. SHENK, Martin STRICKLER, A.E. STROLE.

Overseers of Poor: H.C. KNICELEY, John H. KIBLER, Abram PAINTER, F.A. BUMGARNER

Agricultural Implements
Grayson, John S. Luray
Jamison & Hudson Luray

Attorneys at Law
Armstrong & Booton Luray
Brand, Alex J. Luray
Broyles, E. T. Luray
Newman, J. G. Luray
Parks, R. S. Luray
Richey, S. J. Luray
Rust, B. C. Luray
Shenk, J. E. Luray
Smoot, H. J. Luray
Snyder, D. B. Luray
Walton & Brother Luray
Welfley, M. L. Luray

Bailey, George C. Luray

Jamison, J. V. Luray
Rust, N. A. Luray

Harnsberger & Newcomer Milnes
Stonesifer & Koontz Milnes
Wild Edward Luray

Cabinet Makers
Delaney, W. L. Alma
Foster, A.S. Alma
Kite, L.C. Grove Hill
Kite, Rollin Grove Hill
Lewis, Wm. H. Marksville
Mays, H.M. Alma
Miller, Thos J. Marksville
Miller, V.H. Milnes
Petefish, Wm. F. Honeyville
Pressgraves, Russell Hope Mills
Printz, Jacob P. Stony Man
Roudabush, Jno. C. Alma
Warren & Printz Luray
Wilson, Wm. C. Cedar Point

Chair Manufactory
Wood, Thos L. Cedar Point

Coach and Wagon Builders
Grayson, Jno. S. Luray
Huffman, Albert Honeyville
Judd, Samuel N.
Lindlinger, John Grove Hill
Phillips, John W. Alma
Phillips Wm. & Sons Marksville
Somers, Wm. H. Luray

Commissioners in Chancey
Armstrong, E.J. Luray
Broaddus, A. Luray
Holtzman, C.T. Luray
Richey, S.J. Luray

Cheelsman, W.H. Luray
Green, Daniel Luray

Haney, D.W. Milnes
Haney, J.M. Milnes
Wyand, D.W. Milnes

Amis, T.J. Alma
Hutchinson, W.F. Luray
Renalds, W.R. Luray

Bray & Bro. Cedar Point
Dovel, Beaureguard Honeyville
Dovel, Daniel Honeyville
Dovel, R.M. Grove Hill
Graves, T.J. Marksville
Keyser, J.R. Hope Mills
Kite, A.I. of I. Grove Hill
Kite, M.V.B. Marksville
Long, Joseph M. Marksville
Lucast, R.S. Honeyville
Shuler, Isaac Grove Hill

Amiss, T.H. Alma
Austin & Wolfe Milnes
McKim A.W. & Co. Luray

Express Companies
Adams Luray

Furniture Dealers
Warren & Printz

General Merchants
Alther, W.C. Luray
Alther, Wm. C. & Co. Hope Mills
Almond, T.M. & D.E. Luray
Brown and Wyant Milnes
Bumgardner, F.H. Alma
Carpenter, James P. Grove Hill
Grayson, John S. Luray
Grove & Bro. Massanutton
Harmison & Co. Luray
Hawkins, A.W. Milnes
Huffman, F.M. Cedar Point
Keyser, H.M. Honeyville
Kibler & Bradley Kimball
Kingree, R.T. Verbena
Kite, Geo. L. & Son Marksville
Kite, M.V.B. Marksville
Knicely, H.C. Cedar Point
Koontz & Graves Marksville
Lillard, George W. Stony Man
Lucas, J.F. Stony Man
McDaniel, J.D. Alma
Milnes, B. & T.J. Milnes
Payne, N.J. Milnes
Perry, F.M. Luray
Petty, B.W. & Co. Grove Hill
Price & Co. Alma
Purcell & Singers Luray
Purcell, V. Milnes
Read, John H. Luray
Shryock, T.W. Sands
Somers, Reuben & Son Stony Man
Spilman, S.F. Luray
Strickle, Martin Leaksville

Grain Dealers
Fielding, W.M. Luray
Jamison, J.V. Luray

Berry, F.W. Luray
Elick, Jacob Luray
Grayson, Joel Luray

Arlington House, A.D. Miley, Prop. Luray
Biedler House, Martin Biedler, Propr. Marksville
Brooks Hotel, G.T. Stonesfier, Propr. Milnes
Carman House, R.F. Kaufman, Propr. Milnes
Hotel Laurence, Joseph Parkinson, Propr. Luray
Keyser Hotel, Dr. H.M. Keyser, Propr. Honeyville
Tallaferro, C.T. Milnes
Luray Cave Hotel, Mrs. C.V. Burke, Propr. Luray
Luray Inn, George K. Mullins, Propr. Luray
Rust, N.A. Luray

Iron manufacturing Co.
Shenandoah Iron Co. Milnes

Land Agents
Price & Co. Alma
Russell, F.M. Honeyville

Livery Stables
Burke, J.W. Luray
Miller, Charles A. Luray

Lumber Dealers
Powell, Moses Milnes

Marble Works
Fagan, Daniel Luray

Fitch, Bettie Mrs. Luray
Paxton, Mrs. Luray

Mills - Corn & Flour
Aleshire, David Honeyville
Carter, C.W. Hope Mills
Foltz, E. Alma
Gentry, H.B.C. Verbena
Good, J.W. Cedar Point
Graves, T.O. Marksville
Good, W.S. Luray
Huffman, Joseph N. Luray
Kite, M.V.B. Marksville
Kite, W.C. Grove Hill
Long, Joseph M. Marksville
Martin, W. Cedar Point
Printz, Aaron Stony Man
Renalds, W.R. Leaksville
Rogers, P.T. Grove Hill
Shipe, A. Hope Mills
Stickler & Bro. Massanutton
Zinkel, C.J. Hope Mills

Mills - Planing
Lauderbach & Huffman Milnes
Luray Planing Mills, Woodward/Schwartz Luray
Ruhl & Mauck Luray

Mills - Saw
Bumgardner & Jett Hope Mills
Cole, John Cedar Point
Doffleymoyer, B.F. & J.W. Grove Hill
Dofflemoyer, G.W. & Co. Grove Hill
Graves & Koontz Marksville
Huffman, A.J. Alma
Huffman, M.J. Verbena Huffman, J.P. Verbena
Kibler, John W. Hope Mills
Kite, M.V.B. Marksville
Lauderback, D.S. Verbena
Ledford, Adam Alma
Nauman, James M. Marksville
Shipe, A. Hope Mills
Varner & Huffman Stony Man

Fristoe, James H. Hope Mills
Gray, John H. Marksville

Mines - Iron
Alger, Emanuel Honeyville
Griffin, T.J. Honeyville
Nauman, Absalom Honeyville
Randle, A.E. Hope Mills

Page Courier, Democratic (weekly), Broaddus & Berry, Editors and Publishers Luray
Page News (weekly) J.G. & E.T. Booton, Editors and Publishers Luray

Amiss, Joseph B. Luray
Amiss, T.B. Alma
Austin, S.A. Milnes
Booton, J.B. Luray
Brumback, D.H. Hope Mills
Brumback, J.B. Hope Mills
Cumpton, R. Cedar Point
Hudson, W.L. Luray
Keller, L.H. Luray
Keyser, H.M. Honeyville
Keyser, J.R. Hope Mills
Koontz, F.G. Marksville
Koontz, W.A. Grove Hill
Long, J.F. Luray
Rust, Geo. W. Luray
Welfley, H.C. Marksville
Wolfe, A.L. Milnes

Pool Rooms
Flinn, Edward Luray

Real Estate Agents
Holtzman, C.T. & Co. Luray

Luray Inn Co., Props. Luray

Rubber Stamp Manufactories
Miller, J.F. & Co. Luray

Saddlers and Harness Makers
Alsonpierce, A.P. Luray
Carrier, John Verbena
Foltz, James Alma
Lichliter, Daniel Marksville
Lichlitler, J.M. Luray
McAllister, M.A. Grove Hill

Mohler, M., Miss Milnes
Rucker, M.E. Mrs. Verbena
Stockdell, U.E. Miss Verbena
The Girls' Home, Rev. J.I. Miller, Principal Luray
Walker, Lucy Miss Milnes
There are 55 white and 7 colored public schools in this county. Superintendent E.T. Broyles.

Stage Lines
Burke, J.W. Luray

Stave Manufacturers
Cole, John Cedar Point

Stove, Tin, Sheet Iron Workers
Campbell, J.W. Luray
Elick, Jacob Luray
Grayson, Joel Luray

Hammers, Joseph Luray

Deford & Co. Luray
Kite, George L. Marksville

Telegraph Companies
Western Union, W.S. Patterson Luray

Hutchinson, Jno. A. Marksville
Kite, L.C. Grove Hill
Mays, H.M. Alma
Philips, J.W. Alma

Watchmakers and Jewelers
Bloch, J.E. Luray
Travel, H.C. Luray
Rahl, J.F. Milnes

Principal Farmers.

ALMA -- M. Long, J. Koonts, J.D. Koonts, C.D. Price, A. Short, F.M. Russell, H.J. Strickler, A.R. Jenkins, Isaac Aleshor, William Martin, George W. Knight, A.J. Huffman, A.J. Shaler, Robert Bowers, Abraham Alger, S.E. Coffman, Isaac Koontz, Jr., Alfred Koontz, John Lauderback, C.F. Walton, Noah Seekford, John W. Seekford

CEDAR POINT -- Philip Roberts, R.T. Brumback, H.C. Knicely, C.M. Keyser, Joseph W. Keyser, G.W. Seekford, J.B.F. Huffman, Emanuel Huffman, Israel R. Burner, B.F. Keyser, Frank Brumback, John M. Sedwick, G.W. Sedwick, Jr.

GROVE HILL -- W.C. Kite, Isaac Shaler, John Shaler, G.W. Brown, Gordon Dovel, James F. Davis, D.A. Huffman, Joel Foltz, S.T. Kite, George W. Shaler, John W. Shaler, W.E. Strole

HONEYVILLE -- John Welfley, George W. Koontz, Harrison Strickler, Hamilton Keyser, James N. Keyser, John S. Lauderback, Perrie Housden, W. Cubbage, R.S. Lucas, Hiram Kibler, Isaac Beaver, John Freeze, Jacob Koontz, Alfred Koontz

HOPE MILLS -- Henry Brumback, Jos. E. Brumback, Drs. D.H. & J.B. Brumback, Robert L. Hisey, Andrew J. Keyser, Jos & W. Baker, Jos R. Keyser, Lafayette Kemp, S. Shipe, Jno S. Hershberger, Jno S. Hooks, A.J. Brumback, Jos. Heister, R.M. Cullers, Jos. E. Stover, Mrs. Mary M. Keyser, A. Shipe, Isaac Miller, Daniel Heiston, R.M. Cullers

KIMBALL -- Thomas M. Kemp, John P. Shenk, Thos. W. Shenk, John H. Read, Samuel Judd, B.F. Shenk, Noah Shenk, Jacob Beaver, John W. Kibler, L.C. Kibler

LEAKSVILLE -- Joseph Spitler, Reuben Aleshire, Martin Strickler, M.D. Coffman, Abram Hite, A.S. Modesitt, P.M. Kauffman, P.W. Yates, A.C. Yowell

LURAY -- Isaac Williams, R.F. Rothgeb, Jno. H. Kibler, Jno. W. Rothgeb, Martin V. Dadiesman, Martin Rothgeb, G.T. Long, Shirley Brubaker, Jno. R. McCullough, Isaac M. Hite, Isaac M. Huffman, Wm. Sedgwick, M.W. Strickler, George Slusher, Jno. H. Brubaker, Jno. H. Zirkle, Joseph Zirkle, Wm. O. Yager, Jos. F. Stover, Jno. B. Ruffner, Geo. R. Bauserman, Jacob W. Ruffner, Martin Hite, David Row, William Row, Jos. R. Murry, Samuel Heiston, Henry Bradley, Jno. Beaty Sibert, Jno. M. Sibert, H.P. Hershberger, A.J. Yowell, Jas. B. Hudson, A.C. Yowell, Samuel Heiston, Dr. T.A. Bohannon, Joseph Griffith, Jonas Fox, Daniel B. Hershberger, Isaac Spitler, William A. Dadiesman, Jno. P. Grove, A. J. Huffman, Samuel Lionburger, Jno. A. Shenk, Jno. C. Grove, David S. Stover, John W. Stover, Dr. Jno. F. Long, Reuben Long, C.W. Finter, F.M. Hershberger

MASSANUTTON -- John W. Long, A.J. Brubaker, John H. Brubaker, D.H. Gander, Henry Gander, Philip Long, G.C. Brubaker, J.T. Srickler, A.D. Brubaker, Wm. Burner, John D. Burner, Martin Shirley

MILNES -- John Corner, Hiram Shaler, Joseph Shaler, G. Dove, D.F. Brown, Abram Rinica, Wm. Milnes, R.W. Bear, Jas. J. Kite, Joseph Carrier, John Comer, Geo. H. Harnsberger, H.H. Taylor, P.J. Propes, G. Dovell, Fred Kite, Hiram Dovell, D.F. Brown, A. Brinica, Reuben Long, Hiram Shuler, Henry Comer, John Sidlinger, James Comer, Jaems Pulliam, John W. Jollett, Joseph Samuels, Wm. Meadows, Geo. S. Merica

STONY MAN -- Charles S. Huffman, Isaac N. Blosser, M. Varner, Reuben Varner, D.K. Varner, Leonard S. Printz, Lorenzo S. Printz, Isaiah Printz, John D. Printz, John S. Printz, Peter Sours, D.H. Hershberger, Jacob C. Varner, Hamilton Varner, Jonas Varner

VERBENA -- G.W. Price, J.N. Koontz, G.W. Stanely, John P. Huffman, R.T. Kingree, Philip Koontz, P. Koontz

MARKSVILLE -- John Long, J.N. Long, Morgan Biedler, David Koontz, L.C. Koontz, Wm. A. Brubaker, Joel R. Kite, Jas. M. Brubaker, Emanuel Snyder, J.D. Varner, C.G. Koontz, J.M. Dovel, J.W. Graves, J.E. Biedler, W.B. Kendall, J.P. Beavers, Harrison Long, J.P. Snyder, A.K. Grim, M.V.B. Kite, J. Wolfersberger, E.T. Brumback