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Peter Lionberger Land Grant

The information on this page was originally part of the Genealogical Society of Page County (GSPC) website. GSPC was dissolved in 2005. Permission has been granted for use by Teresa Kelley

GSPC Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 4, Fall 1995

The following Land Grant was recently donated to GSPC for the pamphlet file. It has been transcribed exactly as written on the original.

The Right Honourable Thomas Lord FAIRFAX Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, Proprietor of The Northern Neck of Virginia, To all whom this present writing shall come sends Greetings whereas Lewis PENCE Executor of John LIONBERGER deceased, hath set forth to my office that the said John LIONBERGER departed this life seized in fee simple of a certain tract of land situated on the Little hawksbill in Frederick County and containing eleven hundred acres and was also possessed of two other surveys of land on the said Little Hawksbill plots of which were returned unto the said Office by George HUME Surveyor for eight hundred and sixty acres and that the said John LIONBERGER by his last will and testament recorded in the County Court of the said County advised that the said three tracts of land should be divided among his children and heirs therein mentioned and the said Lewis PENCE having at the request of the parties presented surveys thereof agreeable to the intention of the testator and to the satisfaction of the divisees from under the hand of Richard RIGG and Peter LIONBERGER one of the divisees having desired my deed for his share of the said three tracts of land. Know ye that for the causes aforesaid for and in consideration of the compensation to me paid and for the annual rent herein after reserved I have given grants and confirmed and by these presents for me and my heirs and assisgns do give grant and confirm unto the said Peter LIONBERGER a certain part of the said three tracts of land which said part is bounded as follows. Beginning at a stake near a pine corner to Christian GROVE and also a corner to the entire tract and extending thence to a line of the same 17 W one hundred and twenty six poles to four pines in the line and beginning corner to John LIONBERGER's late survey of 372 acres and the same course continued forty one poles to two pines in the said line, then winding along the said partition line 73 E 28 pole and crosses the Little Hawksbill and the same course continues one hundred and thirty two poles to two white oaks and a black oak and within the bank of a gully and in a line of the entire [torn place in page several words are illegible] line thereof 77 E. two hundred and five poles to two white oak saplings corner of Christian GROVE and then with his line N W one hundred and forty five poles and crossing the said Little Hawksbill and the same course continued nine hundred and forty five poles to the beginning containing two hundred and seventy six acres and a half together with the rights, timbers and appurtenances thereunto belonging, Royal mines excepted and a full third part of all gold, copper, tin, coals, iron and iron ore that shall be found thereon to have and to hold the said two hundred and seventy six acres and a half of land together with all rights, profits, and benefits to the same belonging in anywise appertaining, except before excepted, to him the ward Peter LIONBERGER his heirs and assigns for ever. He, the said Peter LIONBERGER his heirs and assigns therefore yielding and paying to me, my heirs, assigns, or my certain attorney or attorneys, agent or agents, or to the certain attorney or attorneys of my heirs or assigns Proprietory of the said Northern Neck yearly and every year on the first day of St. Michael the Archangel the rent of one shilling sterling money for every fifty acres of land thereby granted and so proportionable for a greater or lesser quantity provided that if the said Peter LIONBERGER, his heirs, and assigns shall not pay the said reserved annual rent as aforesaid so that the sum or any part thereof shall be behind and unpaid by the space of two whole years after the same shall become due if legally demanded that then it shall and may be lawful for me, my heirs, or assigns, Proprietors as aforesaid, my or their certain attorney or attorneys, agent of agents, into the above granted premises to reenter and hold the same so as if this grant had never passed. Given at my office in Frederick County, under my hand and seal, dated the ninth day of September in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy one.


Registered in the Proprietor's Office in Book P Folio C.C.