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USGS Features and Topo Maps

National Mapping Information USGS
Feature Name
Feature Type
Lat Long USGS 7.5' Map
Allen Hollow valley 382606N 0783058W Elkton East
Allen Hollow Trail trail 382634N 0782948W Fletcher
Alma populated place 383528N 0783328W Stanley
Andrew Jackson School (historical) school 383953N 0782823W Luray
Antioch Cemetery cemetery 383827N 0782642W Luray
Antioch Church church 383826N 0782640W Luray
Appalachian National Scenic Trail trail 383711N 0782044W Old Rag Mountain
Arrington Mountain summit 382804N 0781449W Brightwood
Bailey Mountain summit 383250N 0782819W Big Meadows
Baileys Store (historical) locale 383239N 0782935W Big Meadows
Basin Hollow valley 383236N 0783048W Stanley
Battle Creek populated place 383623N 0783510W Stanley
Battle Creek Church church 383625N 0783511W Stanley
Beahms Chapel church 384026N 0782433W Luray
Beahms Chapel Cemetery cemetery 384024N 0782430W Luray
Beahms Gap gap 384143N 0781909W Thornton Gap
Bealers Ferry (historical) crossing 384457N 0782540W Luray
Bearfence Mountain summit 382649N 0782754W Fletcher
Bearwallow swamp 384615N 0781730W Bentonville
Beaver Run stream 383411N 0782821W Big Meadows
Beecher Ridge ridge 384641N 0781902W Bentonville
Beecher Ridge Trail trail 384634N 0781844W Bentonville
Bell Hollow valley 384059N 0782352W Luray
Beth Eden Church church 383933N 0782522W Luray
Bethel Baptist Church church 383951N 0782838W Luray
Bethlehem Church church 383340N 0782652W Big Meadows
Bethlehem Church church 384023N 0782257W Luray
Bettys Rock summit 383402N 0782254W Big Meadows
Big Creek stream 382758N 0783006W Elkton East
Big Fill Hollow valley 383317N 0782622W Big Meadows
Big Meadows Wayside park 383101N 0782623W Big Meadows
Big Mountain summit 383526N 0783824W Tenth Legion
Big Run stream 383802N 0783227W Hamburg
Big Spring populated place 384330N 0782525W Luray
Big Spring Branch stream 384359N 0782604W Luray
Big Spring Church church 384336N 0782525W Luray
Bird Knob summit 383610N 0783836W Tenth Legion
Bixler Bridge bridge 384203N 0782935W Luray
Blackrock summit 383141N 0782632W Big Meadows
Blaineville populated place 383625N 0782703W Big Meadows
Blue Ridge range 354551N 0821557W Mount Mitchell
Blue Ridge Church church 383230N 0783244W Stanley
Bootens Gap gap 382804N 0782727W Fletcher
Breedlove Knob summit 383438N 0782505W Big Meadows
Britton Hollow valley 384032N 0782302W Luray
Broadus Mountain summit 384549N 0782150W Bentonville
Brookside (subdivision) populated place 384017N 0782610W Luray
Browns Hollow valley 383753N 0783455W Hamburg
Browns Run stream 383759N 0783449W Hamburg
Bundy Cemetery cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Big Meadows
Buracker Hollow valley 383520N 0782527W Big Meadows
Burners Bottom bend 384813N 0782208W Bentonville
Burners Ford crossing 384802N 0782202W Bentonville
Burners Gap gap 384146N 0783219W Hamburg
Bush Mountain summit 382718N 0782742W Fletcher
Bushytop summit 383528N 0782313W Big Meadows
Byrds Nest Number 2 Shelter locale 383318N 0782345W Big Meadows
Byrds Nest Number 3 locale 383804N 0781923W Thornton Gap
Byrds Nest Number 4 locale 384204N 0781929W Thornton Gap
Catback Mountain summit 384243N 0783223W Hamburg
Catherine Furnace populated place 383327N 0783809W Tenth Legion
Cave Hill summit 383946N 0782911W Luray
Cavetown populated place 383655N 0782657W Big Meadows
Chapman Dovel Trail trail 383054N 0783226W Stanley
Chapman Mountain summit 383040N 0782916W Big Meadows
Christ Episcopal Church church 383944N 0782729W Luray
Chub Run stream 383638N 0782828W Big Meadows
Comer Cemetery cemetery 383130N 0783453W Stanley
Comertown populated place 382954N 0783516W Elkton East
Compton populated place 384657N 0782209W Bentonville
Compton Hollow valley 384639N 0781954W Bentonville
Crescent Rock summit 383340N 0782302W Big Meadows
Crescent Rock Overlook locale 383344N 0782259W Big Meadows
Crisman Hollow valley 384356N 0783131W Hamburg
Crooked Run stream 383136N 0783539W Stanley
Crow Hollow valley 382604N 0783128W Elkton East
Crusher Ridge Trail trail 383730N 0782154W Thornton Gap
Cub Run stream 383323N 0783532W Stanley
Cubbage Hollow valley 383236N 0783047W Stanley
Cubbage Mountain summit 383201N 0783215W Stanley
Dark Run stream 382254N 0781218W Brightwood
Davids Spring spring 383146N 0782553W Big Meadows
Deep Run stream 382718N 0783458W Elkton East
Devils Run stream 383213N 0780643W Castleton
Devils Tanyard summit 383026N 0783120W Stanley
Dog Slaughter Ridge ridge 383232N 0783121W Stanley
Dougans Cemetery cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Big Meadows
Dovel Hollow valley 383419N 0783319W Stanley
Dovel Mountain summit 383103N 0783310W Stanley
Dripping Springs Hollow valley 384300N 0782300W Luray
Dry Run stream 384702N 0782221W Bentonville
Dry Run stream 384112N 0782718W Luray
Dry Run Number 101 Dam dam 383830N 0782330W Luray
Dry Run Number 102 Dam dam 383836N 0782200W Thornton Gap
Duncan Hollow valley 384404N 0783107W Hamburg
Duncan Hollow Trail trail 384204N 0783224W Hamburg
Duncan Knob summit 384210N 0783254W Hamburg
East Branch Naked Creek stream 382749N 0783132W Elkton East
East Branch Naked Creek Trail trail 382846N 0782840W Fletcher
East Fork Dry Run stream 384645N 0782157W Bentonville
East Hawksbill Creek stream 383922N 0782742W Luray
East Luray 201 Magisterial District civil UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
East Luray Shopping Center locale 383953N 0782649W Luray
Egypt Bend Estates populated place 384045N 0783030W Hamburg
Elder Ridge ridge 383858N 0781936W Thornton Gap
Elkwallow Gap gap 384416N 0781832W Thornton Gap
Evergreen Cemetery cemetery 383952N 0782631W Luray
Fairview populated place 383915N 0782546W Luray
Falls Hollow valley 381902N 0783133W Swift Run Gap
Feldy Mountain summit 382647N 0783206W Elkton East
Fields United Methodist Church church 382910N 0783724W Elkton East
First Christian Church church 382916N 0783729W Elkton East
First Mountain summit 383033N 0783936W Tenth Legion
Fishers Gap gap 383200N 0782516W Big Meadows
Fleeburg populated place 382822N 0783542W Elkton East
Fletcher Chapel church 384127N 0782912W Luray
Fodder House Mountain summit 384410N 0782919W Luray
Foltz Creek stream 383437N 0783540W Stanley
Forest Hills (subdivision) populated place 383923N 0782819W Luray
Forster School (historical) school 383707N 0782652W Big Meadows
Fosters Landing locale 384612N 0782522W Rileyville
Fox Hollow valley 383457N 0783544W Stanley
Fox Store (historical) locale 384125N 0782032W Thornton Gap
Franklin Cliffs cliff 383213N 0782514W Big Meadows
Fultz Run stream 383136N 0783512W Stanley
Furnace populated place 382648N 0783328W Elkton East
Furnace Spring spring 383549N 0782248W Big Meadows
Gap Creek Trail trail 384211N 0783314W Hamburg
George Washington National Forest forest 383001N 0791000W Brandywine
Georges Run stream 383759N 0783458W Hamburg
Glebe Run stream 382428N 0781435W Brightwood
Goods Falls falls 384625N 0782438W Rileyville
Goods Landing locale 384611N 0782337W Rileyville
Goods Mill populated place 384613N 0782418W Rileyville
Grace Church church 383542N 0782527W Big Meadows
Gravel Ridge ridge 383922N 0782111W Thornton Gap
Gray Hollow valley 383226N 0782919W Big Meadows
Gray Hollow Cemetery cemetery 383201N 0782918W Big Meadows
Green Hill Cemetery cemetery 383953N 0782719W Luray
Green Hollow valley 384313N 0782317W Luray
Green Mountain summit 382651N 0783122W Elkton East
Grindstone Mountain summit 382830N 0783241W Elkton East
Grove Hill populated place 383143N 0783645W Stanley
Grove Hill Cemetery cemetery 383145N 0783647W Stanley
Grove Hill Elementary School school 383142N 0783643W Stanley
Grove Hill Landing locale 383138N 0783539W Stanley
Grove Hill United Methodist Church church 383144N 0783648W Stanley
Habron Gap gap 384647N 0782633W Rileyville
Hall School (historical) school 384025N 0782228W Thornton Gap
Hamburg populated place 383929N 0783053W Hamburg
Harris Cove valley 382903N 0783058W Elkton East
Harris Cove Utz Gap Trail trail 382953N 0783054W Elkton East
Hawksbill summit 383319N 0782343W Big Meadows
Hawksbill Church church 383543N 0782830W Big Meadows
Hawksbill Creek stream 384249N 0782729W Luray
Hawksbill Gap gap 383324N 0782312W Big Meadows
Hawksbill Spring spring 383327N 0782317W Big Meadows
Hawksclaw Creek stream 383536N 0783405W Stanley
Hazeltop summit 382840N 0782705W Fletcher
Hazeltop Ridge Overlook locale 382841N 0782722W Fletcher
Heiskell Hollow valley 384648N 0782122W Bentonville
Hershberger Hill summit 383529N 0782731W Big Meadows
Hickory Run stream 383242N 0783459W Stanley
High Cliff Come Camp locale 384629N 0782332W Rileyville
Hillard Chapel church 383414N 0783126W Stanley
Hilldale (subdivision) populated place 384002N 0782602W Luray
Hoak Hill summit 383613N 0782536W Big Meadows
Hollow Run stream 383713N 0782818W Big Meadows
Holmes School (historical) school 384028N 0782451W Luray
Honey Run stream 383447N 0783358W Stanley
Honeyville populated place 383443N 0783345W Stanley
Huckleberry Cliff cliff 382931N 0782724W Fletcher
Hughes River Gap gap 383643N 0782127W Old Rag Mountain
Ida populated place 383520N 0782527W Big Meadows
Independent Church church 382931N 0783522W Elkton East
Indian Grave Ridge ridge 384724N 0782251W Rileyville
Ingham populated place 383144N 0783442W Stanley
Intersections populated place 383801N 0783450W Hamburg
Jacks Notch gap 384541N 0782744W Rileyville
Jamesway Shopping Center locale 383938N 0782947W Luray
Jawbone Gap gap 384249N 0783359W Hamburg
Jeffries Cemetery cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Big Meadows
Jeremys Run stream 384607N 0782331W Rileyville
Jeremys Run Overlook locale 384244N 0781948W Thornton Gap
Jeremys Run Trail trail 384334N 0782011W Thornton Gap
Jewell Hollow valley 383907N 0782120W Thornton Gap
Jewell Hollow Overlook locale 383736N 0782020W Thornton Gap
Jollett populated place 382750N 0783127W Elkton East
Jordan Hollow valley 383331N 0782841W Big Meadows
Kemp Hollow valley 384106N 0782108W Thornton Gap
Kennedy Peak summit 384430N 0782916W Luray
Kerns Mountain summit 384106N 0783524W Hamburg
Kettle Canyon valley 383651N 0782422W Big Meadows
Kettle Hollow valley 383608N 0783527W Stanley
Keyser Hollow valley 384638N 0781953W Bentonville
Keyser Path trail 384630N 0782609W Rileyville
Kibler Hill summit 384324N 0782621W Luray
Kibler Knob summit 384130N 0782328W Luray
Kimball populated place 384113N 0782410W Luray
Kite Hollow valley 383331N 0782645W Big Meadows
Knob Mountain summit 384404N 0782042W Thornton Gap
Koontz Cemetery cemetery 382734N 0783500W Elkton East
Lake Arrowhead reservoir 383830N 0782330W Luray
Laray Caverns Airport airport 383953N 0783010W Hamburg
Leading Ridge ridge 383825N 0782108W Thornton Gap
Leading Ridge Trail trail 383817N 0782016W Thornton Gap
Leaks Chapel church 383436N 0783248W Stanley
Leaks Chapel Cemetery cemetery 383438N 0783248W Stanley
Leaksville populated place 383735N 0783135W Hamburg
Lewis Mountain Campground locale 382607N 0782840W Fletcher
Lewis Spring spring 383110N 0782637W Big Meadows
Lewis Spring Falls falls 383113N 0782659W Big Meadows
Lick Bottom Hollow valley 384028N 0783145W Hamburg
Line Run stream 383419N 0783320W Stanley
Little Creek stream 382740N 0782948W Fletcher
Little Dark Run stream 382300N 0781240W Brightwood
Little Hawksbill Creek stream 383422N 0782841W Big Meadows
Little Stony Man summit 383605N 0782208W Old Rag Mountain
Lokey Hollow valley 383243N 0783846W Tenth Legion
Long Ridge ridge 382921N 0782846W Fletcher
Long School (historical) school 384308N 0782813W Luray
Longs Cemetery cemetery 383719N 0783347W Stanley
Longs Store locale 383715N 0782841W Big Meadows
Lucas Gap gap 383202N 0782947W Big Meadows
Lucas Hollow valley 383340N 0783200W Stanley
Lucas Hollow Church church 383150N 0783151W Stanley
Luray populated place 383955N 0782735W Luray
Luray Caverns Airport airport 383959N 0783004W Hamburg
Luray Caverns Golf Course locale 384022N 0783043W Hamburg
Luray Christian Church church 383948N 0782730W Luray
Luray Dam dam 384042N 0783000W Hamburg
Luray Elementary School school 383929N 0782720W Luray
Luray High School school 383933N 0782727W Luray
Luray Post Office post office 383952N 0782739W Luray
Luray Reservoir reservoir 383839N 0782420W Luray
Luray Reservoir reservoir 384042N 0783000W Hamburg
Luray United Methodist Church church 383954N 0782739W Luray
Main Street Baptist Church church 383956N 0782735W Luray
Marksville populated place 383430N 0782847W Big Meadows
Marksville 301 Magisterial District civil UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Marshall Cemetery cemetery 383623N 0782701W Big Meadows
Marys Rock summit 383859N 0781903W Thornton Gap
Mason Cemetery cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Big Meadows
Massanutten Mountain range 384007N 0783419W Hamburg
Massanutten Mountain Trail trail 384702N 0782618W Rileyville
Massanutten Power Plant building 383417N 0783542W Stanley
Massanutten Visitor Center building 383833N 0783636W Hamburg
Mauck populated place 383337N 0782648W Big Meadows
Meadows School (historical) school 382703N 0782909W Fletcher
Memorial Hospital hospital 383944N 0782806W Luray
Middle Mountain summit 384101N 0783347W Hamburg
Milam Gap gap 383012N 0782639W Big Meadows
Mill Creek stream 383942N 0783119W Hamburg
Mill Creek Church church 383607N 0783021W Stanley
Mill Creek Church church 383923N 0783105W Hamburg
Millers Head summit 383535N 0782338W Big Meadows
Mine Run stream 384622N 0782133W Bentonville
Mink Hollow valley 383331N 0782646W Big Meadows
Molden Hollow valley 384619N 0782106W Bentonville
Moody Creek stream 384510N 0782340W Rileyville
Moody Creek stream 384638N 0781955W Bentonville
Morgan Knob summit 383024N 0784054W Tenth Legion
Morgan Run stream 383124N 0783927W Tenth Legion
Morning Star populated place 383846N 0782158W Thornton Gap
Morning Star Church church 383832N 0782214W Thornton Gap
Morning Star Lake reservoir 383836N 0782200W Thornton Gap
Mount Calvary Cemetery cemetery 383747N 0782526W Luray
Mount Calvary Church church 383747N 0782523W Luray
Mount Carmel Baptist Church church 383642N 0782718W Big Meadows
Mount Carmel Baptist Church church 383950N 0782741W Luray
Mount Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery cemetery 383647N 0782719W Big Meadows
Mount Carmel Regular Baptist Church church 383948N 0782722W Luray
Mount Lebanon Church church 382953N 0783528W Elkton East
Mount Zion Church church 383748N 0782722W Luray
Mountain View Church church 384521N 0782133W Bentonville
Mud Pike School (historical) school 383907N 0782900W Luray
Mudhole Run stream 382653N 0783401W Elkton East
Naked Creek stream 382755N 0783721W Elkton East
Naked Creek Church church 382642N 0783303W Elkton East
Naked Creek Overlook locale 382937N 0782701W Fletcher
Nakedtop summit 383328N 0782426W Big Meadows
Nauman School (historical) school 383419N 0783208W Stanley
Neighbor Mountain summit 384146N 0782128W Thornton Gap
Neighbor Trail trail 384157N 0782054W Thornton Gap
Nelson Run stream 384553N 0782326W Rileyville
New Market Gap gap 383834N 0783645W Hamburg
New Market Gap Picnic Area locale 383812N 0783634W Hamburg
New Market Gap Recreation Site park 383953N 0783010W Hamburg
Newport populated place 383443N 0783548W Stanley
Newport 401 Magisterial District civil UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Newport Dam dam 383418N 0783542W Stanley
Newport Reservoir reservoir 383418N 0783542W Stanley
North Fork Dry Run stream 383849N 0782358W Luray
Oak Grove Church church 382807N 0783558W Elkton East
Oak Hill populated place 384404N 0782447W Luray
Oak Hill summit 384424N 0782441W Luray
Old County Cemetery cemetery 383957N 0782807W Luray
Overall Run stream 384823N 0782059W Bentonville
Overall Run Trail trail 384715N 0781847W Bentonville
Page County civil 383800N 0782800W Luray
Page County Courthouse building 383950N 0782755W Luray
Page County High School school 383346N 0783625W Stanley
Page Valley valley 385202N 0781528W Bentonville
Pass Mountain summit 384058N 0781850W Thornton Gap
Pass Mountain Overlook locale 384029N 0782002W Thornton Gap
Pass Run stream 384229N 0782720W Luray
Passage Creek stream 385836N 0781613W Strasburg
Peach Orchard Gap gap 384158N 0783300W Hamburg
Peters Point summit 382741N 0782905W Fletcher
Pine Grove populated place 383209N 0782849W Big Meadows
Pine Grove School (historical) school 383228N 0782929W Big Meadows
Pine Mountain summit 382544N 0783059W Elkton East
Pine Mountain summit 383932N 0782251W Luray
Piney Hill summit 383817N 0782404W Luray
Piney Mountain summit 383117N 0783047W Stanley
Pinnacle Picnic Grounds locale 383724N 0782035W Old Rag Mountain
Pinnacle, The pillar 383740N 0781947W Thornton Gap
Pinnacle, The summit 383302N 0783222W Stanley
Pitt Spring spring 383349N 0783932W Tenth Legion
Pitt Spring Run stream 383316N 0783814W Tenth Legion
Pollock Knob summit 383456N 0782309W Big Meadows
Popham Run stream 383156N 0781406W Woodville
Powell Mountain summit 382818N 0782833W Fletcher
Powell Mountain Trail trail 382806N 0782906W Fletcher
Pumpkin Hill summit 384011N 0782227W Thornton Gap
Rattleburg School (historical) school 383816N 0782241W Luray
Rattlesnake Point cliff 384501N 0781727W Bentonville
Rileyville populated place 384554N 0782318W Rileyville
Rileyville Cemetery cemetery 384558N 0782310W Rileyville
Rinaca Cemetery cemetery 383014N 0783832W Tenth Legion
Roaring Run stream 383326N 0783808W Tenth Legion
Roaring Run Gap gap 383526N 0783758W Tenth Legion
Rock Spring spring 383312N 0782429W Big Meadows
Rock Spring Cabin building 383311N 0782431W Big Meadows
Rocky Branch stream 384031N 0782301W Luray
Rocky Branch Church church 384052N 0782121W Thornton Gap
Rocky Branch School (historical) school 384048N 0782042W Thornton Gap
Rosson Hollow Run stream 383200N 0781438W Woodville
Roundhead Mountain summit 383317N 0783028W Stanley
Ruffner Ferry (historical) crossing 384051N 0782944W Luray
Saint Georges Cemetery cemetery 383208N 0782845W Big Meadows
Saint Georges Church church 383210N 0782853W Big Meadows
Saint Johns Free Baptist Church church 383953N 0782824W Luray
Saint Luke Cemetery cemetery 383543N 0783323W Stanley
Saint Luke Mission (historical) church 383045N 0782757W Big Meadows
Saint Lukes Church church 383542N 0783324W Stanley
Saint Marks Lutheran Church church 383956N 0782719W Luray
Saint Pauls Cemetery cemetery 383304N 0783627W Stanley
Saint Pauls Church church 383112N 0783456W Stanley
Saint Pauls Church church 383303N 0783626W Stanley
Salem populated place 383839N 0783253W Hamburg
Samuels Cemetery cemetery 382734N 0783044W Elkton East
Sandbank Hollow valley 384820N 0782056W Bentonville
Scothorn Gap gap 384109N 0783416W Hamburg
Scothorn Gap Trail trail 384119N 0783349W Hamburg
Seak Ford Landing locale 384708N 0782325W Rileyville
Shaver Hollow valley 383834N 0782153W Thornton Gap
Shaver Hollow Shelter locale 383703N 0782113W Old Rag Mountain
Shenandoah populated place 382906N 0783731W Elkton West
Shenandoah 501 Magisterial District civil UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Shenandoah Assembly of God Church church 382915N 0783701W Elkton East
Shenandoah Dam dam 382848N 0783736W Elkton West
Shenandoah Elementary School school 382907N 0783719W Elkton East
Shenandoah Forest populated place 383940N 0783300W Hamburg
Shenandoah National Park park 383002N 0782700W Big Meadows
Shenandoah Post Office post office 382912N 0783731W Elkton West
Shenandoah Reservoir reservoir 382848N 0783736W Elkton West
Shenandoah River Lodge building 384251N 0782830W Luray
Shenks Hollow valley 384022N 0782225W Thornton Gap
Shenks School (historical) school 383905N 0782116W Thornton Gap
Short Horse Mountain summit 383554N 0783731W Tenth Legion
Shuler Island island 382953N 0783748W Elkton West
Singing Tower tower 383948N 0782845W Luray
Skyland populated place 383537N 0782256W Big Meadows
Skyland Post Office (historical) post office 383537N 0782256W Big Meadows
Smith Mountain summit 383006N 0783223W Stanley
South Branch Naked Creek stream 382649N 0783333W Elkton East
South Fork Dry Run stream 383846N 0782351W Luray
South Fork Shenandoah River stream 385639N 0781116W Front Royal
Spitler Knoll Overlook locale 383250N 0782455W Big Meadows
Spitler School (historical) school 383625N 0782917W Big Meadows
Spring View (subdivision) populated place 384028N 0782528W Luray
Springfield populated place 384216N 0782647W Luray
Springfield Church church 384157N 0782551W Luray
Springfield School school 384341N 0782517W Luray
Stanley populated place 383431N 0783010W Stanley
Stanley Elementary School school 383443N 0783012W Stanley
Stanley Post Office post office 383433N 0783016W Stanley
Stark Hollow valley 383650N 0783438W Stanley
Steam Hollow valley 383130N 0783506W Stanley
Stony Man summit 383552N 0782219W Old Rag Mountain
Stony Man populated place 383750N 0782605W Luray
Stony Man Overlook locale 383639N 0782146W Old Rag Mountain
Stony Run stream 382742N 0783623W Elkton East
Stony Run stream 383529N 0783357W Stanley
Stony Run Trail trail 382924N 0783232W Elkton East
Story Book Trail trail 383920N 0783520W Hamburg
Strickler Knob summit 383956N 0783426W Hamburg
Stricklers Ferry (historical) crossing 384253N 0782820W Luray
Sugarloaf summit 384512N 0781723W Bentonville
Tanbark Flat summit 383346N 0782456W Big Meadows
Tanners Ridge ridge 383125N 0782920W Big Meadows
Tanners Ridge Cemetery cemetery 383048N 0782658W Big Meadows
Tanners Ridge Overlook locale 383058N 0782639W Big Meadows
The Point Overlook locale 382744N 0782739W Fletcher
Third Mountain summit 383025N 0784054W Tenth Legion
Thornton Gap gap 383940N 0781912W Thornton Gap
Thornton Gap School (historical) school 383947N 0781948W Thornton Gap
Three Sisters summit 384134N 0782238W Luray
Timber Hollow valley 383429N 0782417W Big Meadows
Timber Hollow Overlook locale 383430N 0782303W Big Meadows
Timber Hollow Trail trail 383421N 0782359W Big Meadows
Trinity Church church 383659N 0782654W Big Meadows
Trinity Church church 383000N 0783823W Tenth Legion
Turkeypen Gap gap 383348N 0782543W Big Meadows
Turner Hollow valley 382610N 0783156W Elkton East
Tutwiler Hollow valley 383823N 0782137W Thornton Gap
Twin Valley Church church 383232N 0783045W Stanley
Utz Gap gap 383028N 0783032W Stanley
Valleyburg School (historical) school 383659N 0782433W Big Meadows
Valleyburgh populated place 383659N 0782433W Big Meadows
Varner Hill summit 383634N 0782611W Big Meadows
Vaughn populated place 384307N 0782352W Luray
Vaughn Summit Church church 384308N 0782350W Luray
Verbena populated place 382755N 0783659W Elkton East
Virginia, Commonwealth of civil 373001N 0783001W Buckingham
WHSV-TV (Harrisonburg) tower 383605N 0783757W Tenth Legion
WLCC-FM (Luray) tower 383041N 0782915W Big Meadows
WRAA-AM (Luray) tower 383934N 0782928W Luray
WSVA-TV tower 383604N 0783758W Tenth Legion
WYFT-FM (Luray) tower 383817N 0782406W Luray
Waterfall Mountain summit 384054N 0783425W Hamburg
Weaver Church church 382905N 0783048W Elkton East
Weaver Hollow valley 382748N 0783132W Elkton East
Weaver School (historical) school 382904N 0783050W Elkton East
West Branch Naked Creek stream 382749N 0783132W Elkton East
West Branch Naked Creek Trail trail 382923N 0782959W Fletcher
West Luray 101 Magisterial District civil UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
West Luray Elementary School school 383947N 0782833W Luray
Westlu (subdivision) populated place 383957N 0782948W Luray
White House populated place 383848N 0783159W Hamburg
Whitehouse Landing populated place 383846N 0783206W Hamburg
Wolf Run stream 382903N 0783451W Elkton East
Woodland Park populated place 384028N 0782735W Luray
Woodward Hollow valley 383444N 0782449W Big Meadows
Yellow Cliffs cliff 383745N 0783702W Hamburg