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DATE DEDICATED - July 21, 1898 (to coincide with 1st Manassas)



                                                Bas relief of R. E. Lee



                                                Glory Crowned

                                                1861 - 1865



                                                To the heroes

                                                Both private and chief. Of the

                                                Southern Confederacy

                                                Is this tribute

                                                Affectionately inscribed.




                                                Would it not be a blame for us

                                                If their memories part

                                                From our land & heart.

                                                And a wrong to them and a shame for us?

                                                The glories they won shall not wane for us

                                                In legend & lay

                                                Our heroes in gray

                                                Shall forever live over again for us.




MATERIALS - Base is limestone.  Marble (from Loudoun County) and granite.


HEIGHT -  30'


DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS - Sculptor was Herbert Barbee who was a native of Luray.  Stone fence represents Stonewall Jackson.  Worn shoes reveal sockless feet.  Rifle has been broken but repaired, neither date known.


PHOTO - September 5, 2002