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Unidentified Photos

The following photos were discovered in a recently purchased house in Luray. They are probably related to the late Robert L. and Beatrice Short Burner.

If you can identify any photo let me know and it's information will be updated to indicate the same. All of these photos were submitted by Debra Miller

Unidentified Photographs
Photo Comments
1. On back of photo: From S. K. Wright's Sun-Beam Gallery, Luray, Virginia, Instantaneous Process
2. Couple with child
3. Tintype of a lady in a lidded  case
4. Lady on cardboard
5. Unknown man
6. Unknown young man
7. Unknown man, taken at Morrison studio, Harrisonburg, Va
8. Unknown young girl
9. Unknown child, taken at Wright artistic photographer, Luray
10 Unknown child
11 Unknown child
12 Unknown young girl, taken at Wright & Crabill, Artistic Photographers, Luray
13 Unknown child, taken at Wright & Crabill, Luray
14 Tintype, inscribed on back: Amanda A. Folts, presented to a Friend, A. S.
15 Unknown lady
16 Couple with young boy, taken at Luray branch studio of Clem & Holmes, Waynesboro, Va
17 Unknown lady, taken at Holmes studio, Luray
18 Unknown lady
19 Unknown young Lady, taken at Holmes studio, Luray
20 Unknown lady, taken at Clem & Holmes studio, Luray
21 Unknown lady, taken at Holmes Studio, Luray
22 Unknown boy
23 Unknown lady, taken at S. K. Wright, Luray
24 Unknown young man
25 Unknown boy, taken at S. K. Wright
26 Unknown girl, taken at S. K. Wright
27 Unknown boy
28 Unknown couple, taken at Virginia Photo Co., Luray
29 Unknown child, taken at Wright’s Excelsior Studio, Luray
30 Unknown couple, taken at C. M. Bell studios, 459-465 Penn. Ave. Washington, D.C.
31 Unknown lady, taken at C. Fred Barr studio, Winchester, Va.
32 Unknown young man
33 Unknown boy, taken at Barnes studio, Orlando, Florida
34 Unknown man, taken at Barnes studio, Orlando, Florida
35 On back written in pencil: Henry D. Hershberger. (Son of Daniel B. Hershberger (b. Aug. 1854) and his wife, Annie L. Spitler (b. March 1855). Henry died Sept. 26, 1908 and is buried at Mt. Zion Church, Luray
36 On back in pen is written: Mother Lena Sigler and Polly at home
37 Identified by Robert Burner as grandmother of Beatrice Short
38 Identified as grandparents of Beatrice Short by Robert Burner
39 Unidentified man
40 Unknown woman
41 Unknown woman
42 Unknown man
43 Unknown man
44 Unknown man
45 Unknown man
46 Unknown woman with chickens
47 Unknown man and two women with chickens
48 Unknown young lady
49 Unknown man
50 Unknown lady, taken at Morrison Photographers, Harrisonburg, Va
51 Unknown lady
52 Unknown young lady, taken at Wright’s Excelsior Gallery, Luray
53 Unknown man and woman
54 Unknown man and two women
55 Three unknown girls, taken at A. G. Quincy photography - Kansas