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Pension Application of Joel Blancit (Blancet, Blancett): S29640

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia}

County of Patrick} SS

On this 13 day of December 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Justices of the County Court of Patrick County now acting Joel Blancit a resident of Patrick County and State of Virginia aged seventy-one years who being first duly Sworn according to Law doth on, his oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7th 1832  that he entered the service of the United States he believes in the spring of the year of 1778 under Captain Daniel Carlan who commanded a company of Malitia in the County of Henry & state of Virginia. He states that it is impossible for him to detail a full account of the services rendered while under this Captain, not having to contend with the forrin enemy but with the tories, out liers and Robers [sic: robbers], who so much abounded in this section of country, that it was doubtful for several years which should gain the ascendancy. His tours of duty were so short and frequent, such tours as hunting tories out liers & Robers, that it is impossible for them to recollect the one half of them. He was never stationed long at a place. He was stationed a short time at head quarters at McGowins at flower gap [sic: Flower Gap at the crest of the Blue Ridge between present Carroll and Patrick counties] and at Osberns Mills [sic: also called Asborn’s or Asher’s Mills on Loving’s, now Lovills, Creek in Surry County NC]– that he served a short tour of duty under Captain James Gidins [sic: James Gidens] from Surry County North Carolina over the Mountains in Virginia in search of Burk [sic: Joseph Burk] and Adkins [sic: John Adkins] tory Robers who was taken conducted to his this applicants fathers house, condemned and hanged at Bemar’s Camp [sic: in Henry County VA]. Standing as a minute man he was never permitted to remain at house more than a day or two at a time from the time he first entered the service as above stated, untill he was drafted to go to the Siege of 96 [sic: Ninety-Six SC] he believes in the spring of 1781. He was drafted and marched to 96 under Captain Jonathan Hamby [sic: Jonathan Hanby] who commanded a company of malitia in the tour  County Henry  March through Salem North Carolina to Salisbury in the same state then joined other companies going to the same place  He was then placed under a Major Rose [sic: probably Maj. Alexander Ross] he believes of the regular troops  from Salisbury they march to 96 through the battle ground at Camdin [sic: Camden SC]  at 96 he joined the army under the command of General Green [sic: Nathanael Greene] remained here some time forted in near the enemy w ho was also forted. frequent firing took place between the two continding armies untill it was ascertained that the enemy was about to be reinforced  General Green evacuated the place under cover of the knight [sic]  Green left there and knew nothing of it, untill the next morning [sic: presumably the applicant]. Six others were also on guard. they immediately on learning Green with the army had retreated collected together made the beset on [previous two words not clear] they way to overtake them  on leaving the fort they were fired at by the enemy and one of them killed  they overtook the army just as they landed on the oposite bank of the Saludy River [sic: Saluda River] about three miles from the fort they had left closely pursued by the enemy  they march four days and knights without Breaking their fast when they reached the oposit bank of Broad River

Capt Hanby and Lieutenant Edward Tatum under whom this applicant was, was ordered to take charge of the baggage waggons and keep and conduct them to Cambdin which they did. at this time Capt Hanby had served twenty days longer than he was ordered out for which was a three months tour. from this place they returned home a distance of about ten days travel. thus performing a tour of about four months. he further states that he was so much worn out by the fatigue he under went in this tour of service, that immediately upon his arrival home he was taken down with sickness and lay for many weeks not expected to live. In that way not afterward called into service. after his recovery from the spell of sickness above alluded to, he applyed to Capt. Hanby for a discharge for the last mentioned tour of service which he got, in order that he mite draw his pay and let his Father have it who sold it to a Mr. Carter of Henry County Virginia who has since died. he states he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no person living by whom he can prove service except James Boyd of the County of Patrick and State of Virginia and William Goin of the County of Surry North Carolina.

that at the time he entered the service he resided in the County of Henry since the County of Patrick and has resided there ever since with the exception of about five years residence in the County of Wythe.

He hereby Relinquishes all claims whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any state sworn to and subscribed the day and year above mentioned  Joel hisXmark Blancit


State of Virginia}

County of Patrick}

this day personally appeared before the Subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid Joel Blancit of the County of Patrick and State of Virginia and in order to amend and further explain and more particularly specify his services in the Revolutionary War after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that he was born on the 7th day of April 1761 according to a record in his possession  he says he lived in the county of Henry State of Virginia when called into the service of the United States and that he remain in the county for several years afterwards when Henry County was divided and Patrick County taken off [in June 1791] he fell into that county (the county of Patrick) where he has resided ever since untill about six years ago he moved to the county of Wythe State of Virginia where he lived untill about Eighteen months ago he returned to the county of Patrick where he now resides. he says he entered the service of the United States in the spring of the year 1778 in the County of Henry where he then resided as a Volunteer private soldier under Captain Daniel Carlan. that he marched under Capt Carlan against the tories to a place called heads speaths [sic: Hedspeth’s] in the last mentioned county where they joined Capt Sheltons [sic: Eliphaz Shelton] company  was stationed at that place one month including the time he was going to and returning from the place when he was not at liberty. he says he was after this called in by Capt Carlan and march under him to Asbers Mills in Surry County N. Carolina where he joined Capt Gidens company  was stationed at this place two weeks was there discharged having been engaged on this expedition twenty five days. he was after this he believes in the year 1779 ten days as a volunteer under Capt Gidens in search of Burk and Adkins as mentioned in his declaration. he says he was another time in the same year march under Capt Carlan in search of tories in Surry County North Carolina on Stuarts Creek [sic: Stewarts Creek]  he was engaged in this tour five days. he was another short tour under Lieutenant Thomas carlan in search of tories on Johnsons Creek in Henry county [sic: Johnson Creek, now in Patrick County]. he was engaged in this expedition four days, he says he was again called out under Capt Carlan in the same year 1779 to go against the tories and after marching a few miles round about in the edge of Carolina was stationed at flower gap in Henry county Virginia three days engaged in this tour in marching and stationed Eight days. he was after this in the latter part of the year 1780 or first of the year 81 march under Lieutenant Thomas Carlan against Lord Cornwallis when this officer was at the Marevian towns in Carolina [sic: Moravian town of Bethabara at present Winston Salem NC] but not being able to procure a horse to ride he was discharged and sent home having been engaged in this expedition Eight days – he states that he never got any written discharges for either or any of the short tours mentioned above. he says that collonel Abram Penn Commanded the Regiment to which he belonged but was never present at any of the above mentioned places where this declarant was marched or stationed– that the above statement of his services taken with his service at 96 under Capt Hanby mentioned in his declaration  is all the services he can have positive recollection of performing in the Revolutionary War – thus 63 days in the whole under Captain Carlan – 12 days under Lieutenant Carlan  10 days under Capt Gidens  four months under Capt Hanby making in the whole 6 months and 25 days

sworn to and subscribed before me this 12th day of November 1833–

Martin Cloud J.P.                       Joel his X mark Blancit