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HILER - Looking for parental info on William HILER, b. abt. 1798 in Prince Geo., or Surry Co.

May 28, 1997 - 19:55 - From: - Freda P. Summar

TAYLOR - I'm trying to locate information on a John Taylor who died in Prince George Co., VA in 1709. His will was supposedly written April 5, 1707. He had three daughters. One, Henrietta Maria, married my ancestor, John Hardyman. Another daughter, Sarah, married John Hardyman's brother, Francis. The third daughter, Elizabeth, married Henry Duke. I need to know if John Taylor had a son named John. I have reason to believe John Taylor owned a ship called "Henrietta" with John Hardyman. A John Taylor was captain for one leg of a voyage. The evidence shows it was not the father, John Taylor. The ship "Henrietta Maria" sunk in 1699 and has been salvaged. It's contents are on display at the Florida Archives Museum in Tallahassee, FL. Any help would be appreciated.

Jun 1, 1997 - 07:59 - From: - Sue Conley

PEARCY, SPENCER, STANWOOD - Looking for information on John PEARCY b. 30 Sept 1740 in Prince George Co. who married Anna Margaret SPENCER. His parents were William PEARCY b. 1709 and married Juliana.Researching PEARCY, SPENCER and STANWOOD. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

Jun 5, 1997 - 21:20 - From: - Betsy Arndt

STROUD - John Stroud died 1737 married Hanna and children: Joseph Joshua Thomas William Stroud, I born 1700 John born 1703

Jun 17, 1997 - 22:46 - From: - Warren Stroud

FROST - Seeking information about William FROST, who is shown in the 1704 VA Quit Rent Rolls as owning 100 acres of real estate in Northampton County, VA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 28, 1997 - 22:42 - From: - J. Michael Frost

GILLIAM - GILLIAM, Harris, b. ca 1700, md. Frances had childrenlisted in Albemarle Parish register[Amey, Rebecca, James, John, William and Harris]Father was Charles[lame of hands and feet according to Albemarle Parish Records. Charles was married to Mary, but had other wives. Can you help with any Prince George County GILLIAMS

Jul 7, 1997 - 14:40 - From: - Nancy Gilliam Huddleston

POYTHWES/POYTHRES - I am looking a Francis POYTHRES or POYTHWES who married a William GILL. He was born in Henrico Co, but I have nothing on her except I believe she lived in lived in Prince George Co. She was probably born around 1720, give or take a few years. If anyone has any information or possible leads I would love to hear from you. This is my gggggggrandmother. Thank you.

Jul 9, 1997 - 22:58 - From: - Judy Douglas

CATES - Do you have any information about Thomas Cates who was born in Prince George County, VA before 1715. He died in Orange County, NC or his son John Cates who was born about 1755 in VA. In 1779 he was taxed in Orange County, NC.He had a son named Thomas Sykes Cates? John Cates was married to Sylvia Sykes. They had 3 children: John, Thomas Sykes Cates, and Richard Cates?

Jul 16, 1997 - 10:36 - From: - Cynthia Cates Cowan

FLEWELLEN - Would like to exchange information on Richard Flewellen & his sons, Richard, William, Obediah & John. Richard. They were in Prince George Co. from about 1722 until 1760.

Jul 17, 1997 - 07:59 - From: - Archie L. Colburn

CHAMBLESS/CHAMBLISS, CHAPPELL, CARLISLE, ADDISON, TAYLOR, TATUM, TEMPLE, GOLIGHTLY, LEE, DENHART, JONES - I am interested in the Chambless/Chambliss Family of Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia. Henry Chambless/Chambliss (chamnes) died in 1719, leaving a will which names: Sons John, Henry, William, Nathaniel and Jacob. Daughters: Ann, Mary and Elizabeth. His widow, Mary Moor Chambless married 2ndly, Jacob Denhart of Prince George. Mary was the 2nd wife and mother of only two of Henry's Children. Nathaniel and Jacob. John Chambless married Elizabeth Taylor, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Jones) Chappell Taylor. Henry married Frances Wynn, William married Agnes Lee, Ann married Thomas Addison, Mary married Richard Carlisle, Elizabeth married William Temple, Jr., Nathaniel married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Howell of Surry, and Jacob, thought to have died in youth, left prince George County, went to Tennessee and spelled the surname Chamblee/Chamlee. I have been working on the Chambless/Chambliss family for 30 years and will be happy to share. Other Surnames of interest are:Bolling, Golightly, Green, Lee, Tatum, Chappell, Jones, Williams, Person, and Rives. Thank you. Mary M. Chambless, 309 S. 4th St. Davis, Oklahoma, 73030.

Jul 29, 1997 - 06:23 - From: - Mary M. Chambless, 309 S. 4th Street, Davis, Oklahoma 73030

TUCKER - Hello I am looking for information about TUCKERS who were early residents of Prince George Co. I am looking for information about Drury or Reuben or Richard Tucker. If you have information about these people would you please share with me? Thank you, pat Adkins

Jul 31, 1997 - 12:04 - From: - Pat Adkins

RIVES, EATON - looking for information confirming the marriage of Mary Rives to William Eaton (about 1717) in Prince George County.

Aug 16, 1997 - 15:35 - From: - Nancy

LAWSON - Looking for any information on the parents of a "Drury Lawson" born about 1750

Aug 17, 1997 - 12:02 - From: - Joe Lawson

DAVIDSON - Seeking info on John DAVIDSON, b. 1694 Cecil Co. MD, married Pr. Geo. Co. VA 1719, wife unknown. Had four sons: William, Richard, Joshua and Daniel. Married second wife, Ann Sonners at Amelia Co. VA 1736. Would like any info re: first marriage.

Aug 18, 1997 - 17:04 - From: - Kerry J. Davidson

CARLISLE, CHAMBLESS, MOOR - Searching for information on Richard CARLILE, d. 1739 in Prince George Co., VA and his wife, Mary CHAMBLESS m.bef. 1712. Mary was the daughter of Henry CHAMBLESS, d. 1719 in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co. and Mary MOOR.

Aug 26, 1997 - 14:02 - From: - Pat King

ATHEY - Is anyone researching the name ATHEY in Prince George's County, VA?

Aug 30, 1997 - 16:40 - From: - Brenda Athey Wagoner

TANCIL - There was a Tancil family in Prince George 1700-s to early 1800s. In 1820 a Henry Tansil was a tailor in Warrenton, in Fauquier Co. Trying to find out who he was and what family he belonged in.I

Aug 30, 1997 - 19:24 - From: - Irma Korbitz

PETTWAY, SMITH, SAUNDERS, BECK, TEMPLE - I am trying to find out about my great-grandparents: James R. PETTWAY b. Sussex Co. m. Oct 1869 in Prince George Co. to Mary R. Smith b. Feb 1852; children: Ella Jane b. 1873 m. SAUNDERS; William (Willie); Ada Frances b. 1875; Herbert James b. 1877; Mary Alice b. 1880 m. Henry Leonard BECK; Edward Franklin b.1883 m. HOBBS; & Vira L.(Bunnie) b. 1888 m. TEMPLE.

Sep 1, 1997 - 22:24 - From: - Nancy Claudine Beck

RAINEY/RAINY/RAYNE/RAYNY - RAINEY/RAINY, FRANCIS b. cir 1730 at unk. Married Ann Rottenberry cir 1748 at unk, Ann b. cir 1730. Francis is recorded being in Dinwiddie Co. in 1758. He purchased land in Mecklenburg Co in 1769. I died in Mecklenburg Co in 1803 Sons were James, Frederick, Buckner, Williamson, daus. Decy, Celor, Sarah, and Crecy. Looking for Parents, Sisters, Brothers, etc. of Francis. Believe his Grandfather could be William Rayne of Pr. George (will 1722). Believe two of his sons had boys by the name of Francis, The sons of William Rayne who had Boys by the name of FRANCIS were Roger and William, but have no dates or connection except for similar times and location. Looking for any information on this famlies to help piece it together. Richard Rainey

Sep 11, 1997 - 00:38 - From: - Richard Rainey

HIGHT/HITE, TALLEY, - HIGHT/HITE, Talley, John Hight, and William on this deed,-1721, Prince George Co, VA, Grist Mill, Wit: Francis Epps JR, Elizabeth Duke, Margaret Goodrich; delivered 10-9-1721. Wit: Will Jackson, Will Hight, Tom Scarbro, Benjamin Morgan--Thanks Charles Hite, 301 Downey Place, Gastonia, NC 28054

Sep 12, 1997 - 15:41 - From: - Charles Hite

KEY - Researching John KEY, who was born in England and died in Prince George County, Virginia. He was married in 1770 and had a son named Thomas, who was born in Prince George in 1772. Thomas was married in 1793 to Nancy "?" and they had five children: John Bernard, Tilgham, Stanfield, Eleanor and Dolly Madison Key. Any information would be appreciated!

Sep 14, 1997 - 13:55 - From: - Key Gresham-Blab

RAINEY/RANYE, ROTTENBERRY - Looking for Decendents of William Ranye/Rayne/Raney/Rainey. His will dtd 1722, P548 Wills & Deed 1713-1728 of Pr. George Co. lists four sons, John, Rober, William, and Richard. I am interested specifically in establishing which of these boys had male children by the name of Francis b. cir 1733. and if this child was the one who moved to Mecklenburg Co. abt. 1754 and settled in the southeast courner of that county and married Ann Rottenberry, dr of John, g-dr of Henry.

Sep 14, 1997 - 23:32 - From: - Richard Rainey

RUFFIN - Ruffin, Thomas Smith (1843-1873) was married 1867 to Alice Lorraine. Am searching WHERE he is buried. Thanks for any help.

Sep 18, 1997 - 11:51 - From: - Patricia B. Buck

RUFFIN, SMITH - SMITH, Mary Cooke (1816-1857)m. 1836 Edmund Ruffin, Jr. (Her parents were Thomas Gregory and Anne Dabney Smith of Pr. Geo. Co.) Edmund and Mary had a son named Thomas Smith Ruffin (1843-1873)who m. 1867 Alice Lorraine. I'm searching for WHERE Thomas Smith Ruffin is buried. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 18, 1997 - 15:08 - From: - Patricia Buck

BLAIR - I am seeking information about James Blair family who was reported in 16 Feb 1769 Gazette living on plantation in Prince George County. James, b. ca 1704, was son of Dr. Archibald Blair and Sarah Archer Blair of Williamsburg, and died ca. 1773, in Prince George Co.

Sep 21, 1997 - 19:55 - From: - Gena Wright

BRYANT, SELDON - Seeking information on William BRYANT who may have died in Prince George Co., Va. about 1898. Family lore is that he held my SELDON ancestors as slaves. Liza SELDON (1859-1899), my great-grandmother, may have been in his employ as a servant.

Sep 25, 1997 - 12:06 - From: - Robert Jackson

FLEWELLEN - Would like to exchange information on Richard FLEWELLEN who was in Prince George Co. around 1722 - 1726.

Sep 28, 1997 - 18:37 - From: - Archie L. Colburn

TIDMARSH - BURGE - STAINBACK - Will of Richard TIDMARSH of Bristol Parish, 25 Jan 1724/5. Legatees: Son John [minor]; daughters Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth; "cozen" Richard Tidmarsh [minor]. Executors: "my Loving Cozens" William Stainback [Jr] and John Burge. Wit: Wm Stainback [Sr], Thomas Burge, William W Lovesay. These families lived on Jones Hole Swamp south of present Petersburg. I'm looking for the relationships among them.

Oct 5, 1997 - 07:52 - From: - Marvin Burge

TALLY/TALLEY - Tucker Talley, b about 1730 in Prince George co., va. anything about him or his parents is welcome.

Oct 11, 1997 - 03:10 - From: - KERWYN E. TALLY

JONES, COOKE - Searching for roots of Hannah JONES (daughter of James Jones, d.1709) who married John COOKE, B.1658 D.1711. Thanks! JBell

Oct 19, 1997 - 12:54 - From: - Jacquie Bell

HOLLOWAY - Looking for the source of the birthdate for John Holloway b. February 21, 1718/19, Martin's Brandon Parish, Prince George County, VA. John HOLLWAY married Francis Chambliss and had five children: John Frances, Mark, Catherine and James. This birthdate is found in the papers of Robert Ervin Coker in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Notes indicate that the data was from Lavinia Coker rogers and Mrs. Sarah McLean Coit, "partly from old Bible." Does anyone have a copy of this Bible or other material related to this information?

Oct 22, 1997 - 00:45 - From: - Bill Young

WOOD, HITE - Researching John D. WOOD, b. 1771 Warwick Co., Va, died 1833 Pr. George Co. He married Ann C. HITE in 1812, possibly a second wife. Would like to contact anyone working on this line.

Oct 24, 1997 - 18:07 - From: - Beverly MOXLEY

SCARBOROUGH, DEWELL, GWALTNEY, POND, JELKS, KING, HOLLOWAY, RICHARDSON, JONES, BAILEY, WILLIAMS, BROWN, HOLDSWORTH - Searching for information on my mother's family from the Surry, Sussex, Southampton, Isle of Wight and Prince George County areas of southside Virginia. Names are BAILEY, BROWN, DEWELL, GWALTNEY, HOLDSWORTH, HOLLOWAY, JELKS, JONES, KING, POND, RICHARDSON, SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAMS. Parents of Zachariah SCARBOROUGH (b. abt. 1811, d. abt. 1854), were Alexander SCARBOROUGH (b. abt. 1775, d. abt. 1825) and Rebecca ? (b. abt. 1775, d. abt. 1835), Alexander SCARBOROUGH was probably the son of Thomas SCARBOROUGH (d. abt. 1782) and Amelia (possibly Mildred) (d. abt. 1811). Seeking information on Rebecca, Thomas SCARBOROUGH and Amelia as well as any unknown spouses and parents. Zachariah's wife was Anne Elizabeth JELKS (b. abt. 1820, d. 1882), daughter of Benjamin JELKS (b. abt. 1790, d. abt. 1827) and Martha JONES. Benjamin JELKS was son of Kinchen JELKS. Seeking information on Kinchen JELKS, and Martha JONES and any unknown spouses and or parents. John Archer GWALTNEY (b. abt. 1834) married to Sarah L. KING (d. abt. 1881). John Archer GWALTNEY was son of John GWALTNEY and Elizabeth BAILEY. Believe Elizabeth BAILEY is daughter of Samuel BAILEY and Rebecca BROWN. Sarah L. KING was daughter of George & Annie KING. Annie's maiden name is unknown. Seeking information on John GWALTNEY, Samuel BAILEY, Rebecca BROWN, George KING (and his wife Annie) as well as information on any of their parents, unknown spouses, etc. Thomas B. DEWELL (b. abt. 1796, d. abt. 1861), was married to Nancy Collier BAILEY. Henry DEWELL (b. abt. 1765, d. abt. 1830) was father of Thomas B. DEWELL. Thomas B. DEWELL's son was John Samuel DEWELL (b. 1829, d. 1914) who was married to Susanna Elizabeth HOLLOWAY (b. abt. 1835, d. abt. 1901). Susanna Elizabeth HOLLOWAY was the daughter of Alexander "Sandy" J. HOLLOWAY (b. abt. 1804) and Susanna WILLIAMS (b. abt. 1809). Susanna WILLIAMS was the daughter of John WILLIAMS. Seeking information on Henry DEWELL, Nancy Collier BAILEY, Alexander J. HOLLOWAY, John WILLIAMS and any of their respective spouses, parents, etc. John Henry POND (b. abt. 1846) was married to Susan B. RICHARDSON (b. abt. 1845). John Henry POND was the son of John POND (b. abt. 1820) and Caroline RICHARDSON. Caroline RICHARDSON was the daughter of David RICHARDSON (d. abt. 1851) and Mary HOLDSWORTH (d. before 1851). Susan B. RICHARDSON was the daughter of John G. RICHARDSON and his wife Mary (maiden name unknown). Seeking information on John POND, David RICHARDSON, Mary HOLDSWORTH, John G. RICHARDSON and his wife Mary as well as any information on the unknown spouses, parents, etc.

Oct 26, 1997 - 13:00 - From: - Lee Edmondson

BOISSEAU - Great Grand mother was postmistress- Boisseau Great Grand father was sheriff- Boisseau

Nov 5, 1997 - 00:52 - From: - Elizabeth Holt Faust

BOISSEAU, BAILEY, HOLT - Info about Rella Boisseau Bailey- Post Mistress in 1930's Maywood Boisseau Brown- wife of Sidney Floyd Brown both died in the 1940's- dead Dec 23 1943(approx) buried in Petersburg. Daughter- Elise Cosby Brown Holt

Nov 7, 1997 - 00:36 - From: - Elizabeth Travis Holt Faust

GRIFFIN, STROUD, BROWN, ANDERSON, DOZIER, BARTON, KEITH, MOODY - John STROUD, son of William and Margaret ROSE STROUD , was born Nov. 29, 1726 Prince George Co., VA and died in Wilkes Co., GA. John married Martha Dozier who died 1816 in GA. Their daughter Elizabeth STROUD b. 1750 in Chatham Co., NC died 1829 Pendleton Dist. SC. She married William GRIFFINb. Bristol Parish, Prince Geo. Co. who died Oct. 5, 1800 in Pickens (later Anderson) Co., SC. Their son Sargent GRIFFIN 1778 NC-1858 SC married Averillah BARTON 1788 SC-1863 SC. Averilla was the daughter or Benjamin BARTON b. 1760 Orange Co., VA died 1818 Pickens Co., SC and Dorcas ANDERSON b. Nov 13, 1763 and died Sept. 16, 1849 in Pendleton Dist., SC. Benjamin GRIFFIN the son of Sargent GRIFFIN married Frances BROWN the daughter of Lewis BROWN and Julia .Benjamin's son Lewis Brown GRIFFIN was born May 30, 1835 in SC and died Dec. 14, 1916 in TX. Benjamin was raised by his Grandparents Lewis and Julia BROWN. Why? He was adopted by his uncle Barton GRIFFIN of Lee Co., MS after the death of Julia. W. L.KEITH was his guardian after his Grandfather's death in 1848. Who was Mr. Keith? Lewis Brown GRIFFIN married Mary E. MOODY b. Benton Co., AL they lived in St. Clair Co., AL .

Nov 8, 1997 - 19:14 - From: - John Powell

BROCKWELL - I am looking for any information on Lorenzo Brockwell, who served with the Tenth Virginia Heavy Artillery from 1862-1865. He is the father of Joseph Simmons Brockwell. Any information as to parents, siblings, or children would be most welcome.

Nov 8, 1997 - 22:54 - From: - Lynn Brockwell

BISHOP - My gggrandfather, Joseph A. Bishop, left a family Bible in which he lists his date of birth as June 30, 1836. According to a book regarding the 13th Virginia Calvary in which he served, he was born in Prince George County. His marriage license indicates he was married in Sussex County on July 8, 1862, to Georgia Anna Little. This license records his parents names were James W. and Ann Bishop. I would like to find out his mother's maiden name, whether or not he had siblings, and any info regarding his father's family that may be available.

Nov 10, 1997 - 17:14 - From: - Donna Bishop Wright

MOORE - Looking for information concerning birth of George MOORE. I have him as the son of John and Mary Moore, born 23Nov1732 and baptism 8Apr1733. According to records I have, there were two other children born to John and Mary MOORE, John and Wood. George married Martha ____ about 1757. Also looking for death date of John MOORE and place of burial.

Nov 16, 1997 - 01:09 - From: - David Moore

BISHOP - Looking for information on a Capt. John BISHOP family ca 1635-1656. One of the original English settlers in VA.

Nov 19, 1997 - 16:04 - From: - Charles Bishop

MOORE, WASHBURN - I'm researching for William Moore and the mariage to Suzzanah or various spellings Suz. Washburn had a marriage bond in the 1770-80. I have never found they were married. Later they moved to what is now Clark Co. KY R P Moore Thanks

Dec 1, 1997 - 13:18 - From: - Richard P Moore

HIGHT/HITE, HIGHTOWER, HIGH - Joseph or John Hite, Hight, Hightower or maybe High. Probably desc of William Hight in 1721 Pr George on Grist Mill deed with, Margaret Goodrich, Will Jackson, Marg. Duke. Thanks Charles hite 301 Downey Place, Gastonia,NC 28054

Dec 1, 1997 - 14:34 - From: - Charles Hite

CROWLEY - CROWLEY Family landed 1767. List of those who landed.

Dec 1, 1997 - 23:02 - From: - Robert Crowley

ELLIS - ELLIS, Enos - Looking for information on Enos & Elizabeth Ellis and their children, Thomas, Hannah, Rebecca, Jane, Dinah, Ellis, and William. They belonged to the Hopewell Meeting of the Quakers in 1763

Dec 6, 1997 - 13:27 - From: - Kathie Kline

COLEMAN, LIGON - Looking for the mother of John COLEMAN, born 1694 in Prince George County, VA, died 1749 in Prince George County, VA, he married in 1714 in Henrico County, Virginia, to Mary Ligon. His father was Robert Coleman born 1620 and died in 1688.

Dec 6, 1997 - 20:55 - From: - Gini Carter

STANFIELD - Seeking information on Robert STANFIELD and wife Mary (maiden name unknown) who patented land in 1727 in Prince George Co., VA. This same Robert STANFIELD may have been the one to witness the will codicill of Francis Slaughter in Culpeper Co. in 1765.

Dec 14, 1997 - 00:36 - From: - Shirley Edillon

SHELTON - Looking for the Marriage record of: William H. Shelton and Augusta Shelton maiden name unknown! These two had a child in Prince George County: (my great grandfather) William Howard Shelton born: 17 May, 1878 page 140 line 45 Virginia Div. of Vital Records. date of birth record filed Oct. 1879. Fathers occupation: Farmer Any information will be greatly appreciated..Thanks: Roger H. Shelton, Tucson, Arizona

Dec 15, 1997 - 20:15 - From: - Roger H. Shelton

WYATT/WIATT/WIAT - Looking for information on Edmund Wyatt 1798 Pendleton Co. Va. coming from eastern Va. who his parents were and where they came from.

Dec 28, 1997 - 11:14 - From: - Gary L. Wyatt

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