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Prince George County Query Page #3, (1998)

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BOWEN - BOWEN, Ephraim b. July 30, 1732 Bristol Parish, Prince George,Va. married abt 1749 to Anne b. abt 1732 Lunenburg, Va. Known Children: Micajah Sr. Bowen b. 1753 married Fannie Francis, Rueben Bowen b. 1755 married Sarah R. Hicks, James Bowen b. 1765 married Zera Eubanks and Elizabeth Fortune,John Bowen b, 1751 married Elizabeth Mayo, William Bowen b. 1755. children raised in Lunenburg and Albemarle CO.,VA. Any info appreciated.

Jan 25, 1998 - 16:46 - From: - Linda Bock

WINN/WYNN/WYNNE, MACON, PEGRAM - Seeking proof of parents of Daniel Winn(1715-1799) first of Prince George and later Lunenburg County. Can anyone confirm Thomas Winn/Wynn/Wynne and perhaps Martha LLewellyn?

Jan 28, 1998 - 15:51 - From: - Jane Peyrouse

DANIEL - Need the names of the parents of Capt. Allen Daniel, born this county 1738. Served in or commanded the 8th Regiment of Va. He died in Ga. 1814. I desperately need the names of his parents and brothers and sisters.

Feb 1, 1998 - 18:36 - From: - Irene Jackson

SANFORD - Looking for ancestors of David Vincent Sanford, Sr.

Feb 2, 1998 - 17:19 - From: - Michelle A. Howard

GUEST - I am looking for any information regarding Benjamin Franklin Guest born 1808. He was the son of William M. Guest. Thank you Angela Guest Readdy

Feb 3, 1998 - 17:13 - From: - Angela Guest Readdy

BLACK, MATSON. - Seek descendants of Frederick BLACK, son of Margaretta MATSON (1852-1881) and Columbus R. BLACK (1828-1882), a photographer who lived in Staunton, Prince George Co, VA.

Feb 8, 1998 - 21:41 - From: - Margaret Van Ness Nelson

RIVES, HOBBS - Searching for decendents of George E. Rives and his wife Virginia A. George was born in England and lived in Prince George County. They had two sons: Alexander Robert (b. 9/30/1842, PG County; d. 4/23/1942), and Timothy (b. 11/2/1855, d. 11/20/1927). Alexander Robert married Adelina Virginia Hobbs, duaghter of Albert and Elizabeth Hobbs and moved to Ettrick, Virginia with children: Joseph A. (my 2nd great-grandfather), Caldonia, Willie Thomas, George Albert, Hettie Belle, Harrie Leonard, and Addie.

Feb 10, 1998 - 12:39 - From: - Wanda Wamsley Balducci

HAWKINS - Looking for information on Edward Hawkins b. 1708 m. Jane"?" d. before 1782 Prince George/Dinwiddie Co. VA Children: Edward b. 1773 m. Mary; ISHAM b. 1768 m. Amy. d. 26 April 1817 in Halifax Co. NC. Isham had 8 children; Wm; Abrose; Martha(Patsy); NANCY; Chariey; John; Gabriel; and Polly. Thanks for any help.

Feb 23, 1998 - 18:26 - From: - Shirley Olson

PARHAM , ARCHER - Need maiden name of Archer---- wife of Gower PARHAM. They lived in Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.,Va. from at least 1732-41. Need birth & death date of Archer, who her siblings & parents were. Gower & Archer had 5 known children...Elizabeth b. 1731/32,married when & when to Charles LEWIS; William S. b. 1735 d. when & where, married who, when & where?; James b. when?, married who, when & where? d. 1786 Pitts. Co.,Va.; Martha b. when?, married when & where to Thomas Clark d. when & where?; Mary b. 1741, married when & where? to John KEITH/KEATTS?, d. when & where?. Any help will certainly be appreciated. Thank you.

Feb 23, 1998 - 20:42 - From: - Don Matson

GARRETT - Searching for family of JOHN GARRETT m. Susannah BURTON, cr 1690. Children: Isaack, Henrico County Anne. b. Henrico County, Susannah D. b. Henrico County, John, b. Henrico County, Abraham, Henrico County, Thomas and Stephen, b. Prince George County. Some of Stephen's children b. Buckingham, County. Family migrated to Fentress County, TN cir 1800.

Feb 28, 1998 - 11:42 - From: - Delores Ellis

PARHAM, ARCHER - Need maiden name of Archer---- wife of Gower PARHAM. They lived in Bristol Parish in Pr. Geo. Co. from at least 1732-1741. Need birth & death date of Archer, who her siblings & parents were. Gower & Archer had 5 known children.. 1. Elizabeth b. 1731/32, marr. when & where to Chas. Lewis 2. William S. b. 1735 d. ?, marr. when & where to ? 3. James b.? , marr. when & where to ? d. 1786 Pitts. Co.,Va. 4. Martha b.? , marr. when & where to Thomas Clark d. when & where ? 5. Mary b. 1741, marr. when & where to John Keith/Keatts ? d. when & where? Any help or clues will certainly be appreciated. Thank You

Mar 1, 1998 - 13:57 - From: - Don Matson

PETTUS, MILLER, WALKER - Pettus/Miller/Walker Seeking any information on the families of Maude May MILLER, daughter of William Miller and Ophelia WALKER Miller. Maude (my grandmother) was born in Prince George Co Va on April 26, 1885. On July 11, 1910, she married Jesse Gilbert PETTUS, born August 28, 1885 in Hanover County Va.

Mar 4, 1998 - 22:27 - From: - Beth (Pettus) Maxwell

RANYE/RAINY/RAINEY - Will of William Ranye of Martins Brandon Barish 12 Feb, 1722, Son John Ranye the land, if no hiers to other children, son Roger Dau Susannah, son William, dau Elizabeth, dau Sarah, dau Rebecca Lish (Dish), son Richard. Witnesses William Stainback, John Abington, and Will Stainback. 10 July presented to William Ranye, Jr. who was appointed executor. Would like any information on William Sr. Wife and his parents. I would also like to matchup with other lines, I am decended from Roger Rainey.

Mar 5, 1998 - 00:58 - From: - Richard Rainey

GRIFFIN, STROUD, GREEN, KIRKSEY - Researching William GRIFFIN who married Elizabeth KIRKSEY and Elizabeth STROUD. He was born Nov. 21, 1740 in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., VA and died Oct. 5th, 1800 in Pickens Co., Pendleton Dist., SC (later Anderson Co.) Was he the son of Richard GRIFFIN and Mary GREEN? Richard GRIFFIN was born in Wales or VA and died in Halifax, Va. in 1766.

Mar 7, 1998 - 04:05 - From: - John Powell

PETTYPOOL, RAGSDALE - Researching Seth PETTYPOOL b. cirfca 1702 in Prince George Co., Va and died in Halifax Co., VA. He married in 1721 Martha Ragsdale the daughter of Edward RAGSDALE. His father was William his mother was Elizabeth who? Seth's 7 children were born in Prince George Co. They married into the WOODS, TYNES, JOURNEY & SANFORD families.

Mar 7, 1998 - 04:12 - From: - John Powell

TEMPLE - Samuel W. Temple b- 1831/32 in Prince George co.Va. mar Mary England abt. 1857. Would like to know his parents,brothers & sisters.

Mar 7, 1998 - 23:58 - From: - Gwen DuVall

RIVES, GEE - I seek information on Judith RIVES and John GEE who were married on 12-6-1788 in Bristol Parish, Prince George, VA. Am trying to determine if they are the Judith and John Gee who later lived in SC and had a daughter, Matilda Gee who married William Hickman Fraser. Any informatio would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 12, 1998 - 16:43 - From: - Anne M. Watson

PILLAR/PILLEW/PILLER/PILLOW - Interested in a Jasper Pillars (may appear as Pillary) who came to America in 1648. Another Jasper Pillew (also spelled -ow, -er, -ar) lived in Amelia County in mid-1700's. Trying to connect the two, if they are related. Therefore interested in any descendents of the first one mentioned, who arrived in 1648. Since Amelia County not formed until mid-1700's, trying Prince George. Thanks!

Mar 16, 1998 - 14:12 - From: - William F. Pillow, Jr.

SMART, LEDBETTER - I am seeking information on one of my ancestors, LOANZA SMART. Her parents were JAMES SMART and ELIZABETH LEDBETTER. James' parents were NATHAN SMART and NANCY ??. any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

Mar 18, 1998 - 22:10 - From: - John Smith

NEWELL - Looking for information on family of John NEWELL, who died abt 1795 in Warren Co., North Carolina. He married Lucy HYDE, daughter of David and Mary HYDE. Need parentage, descendants, etc. From land records, he is known to have resided in Prince George Co., Virginia (1754) Surry Co., Virginia (1759) and Northampton Co., N.C. (1760-177x), Bute Co., N.C. (1777) and Warren Co., N.C. (1779-1795)

Mar 22, 1998 - 12:16 - From: - Bruce Compton

KAVANAH/KAVANAUGH - Seeking any information regarding Arthur Kavanah who was on the Virginia Rent Rolls in 1704. He left a will in Brunswick County, VA in 1733.

Mar 24, 1998 - 01:59 - From: - Linda Shay

BRASINGTON - A Samuel BRASINGTON immigrated into Virginia in 1748. I find a reference to a 1779 census, which a Samuel BRASINGTON is on in Prince Geroge County. In 1790 Federal Census, a Samuel BRASINGTON in Halifax County, Northampton County, NC. I think this is one in the same person. I would appreciate anyone with access to pass along whatever information is on it. I would appreciate any information about Sameul or any other BRASINGTON.

Mar 24, 1998 - 10:55 - From: - Bil Brasington

HARRISON - Am researching John "Duke" Harrison, son of Robert Harrison, son of Benjamin Harrison IV of Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia. Have traced Duke to his final days in Livingston County, Kentucky in 1815. Two of Duke Harrison's daughters and one son married a sister and two brothers from the Joseph Barnes family and settled in Scott County, Missouri by 1835. Would like to correspond with anyone researching this Harrison line and will share information.

Mar 27, 1998 - 19:53 - From: - Carol LaPorte

HARRISON - Looking for info on Gabriel Harrison born 1677

Mar 29, 1998 - 16:15 - From: - Louise Mohardt

OPPENHEIM/OPPENHEIMER, MILLER, HENTSCHEL - I am looking for information on OPPENHEIMER and MILLER. I have a Ben H. OPPENHEIMER/OPPENHEIM. He was born Nov 18, 1888 at Virginia. He had an Aunt Tillie HENTCHEL who married a Mr MILLER. Tillie had 2 known children-Carolyn and David.Tillie and children lived at Prince George, Va. Ben also had an Uncle Gus Hentschell and an unmarried Aunt Hannah Hentschell. There were some OPPENHEIMER cousins who were Olympic swimmer champions in th 1950's. Ben had 2 known brothers-Lew and Reuben. One of these were said to have lived at Pa. and the other at Chicago, Ill.

Apr 2, 1998 - 07:50 - From: - Shirley Dusek

SMART, LEDBETTER - I am searching for information on James Smart, born Oct. 13, 1714 in Ptince George Co. and info on Charles Ledbetter, born possibly a few years earlier. Both moned fron VA to SC abt. 1755. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks John

Apr 3, 1998 - 19:34 - From: - John Smith

WELLS, WESTMORELAND, REESE - Sarah Reese in Prince George Co., VA in 1767 has a will mentions grandson William Wells under 21, grandson Laban Wells under 21, granddaughters Patty Wells, Roody Wells, daughter Ann Wells, daughter Betty Patterson. I descend from a William Wells b 1755 Prince George Co., VA m 1785 Sarah Westmoreland. William Wells was in the Continental Army at battles of Germantown, Brandeywine and Valley Forge. Settled Giles Co., TN d 1833. Can anyone confirm that this William Wells is the grandson of Sarah Reese?

Apr 7, 1998 - 10:18 - From: - Andrew Frank Tate, Jr.

CLIFT, PECK - I am searching for information regarding Benjamin Clift who, I believe lived in Prince George County prior to 1800. From there he moved to Mason County Kentucky with his family. He married Frances Peck (or Peak) and had numerous children, his eldest son Nelson Clift, was given power of attorney to buy Land in Mason County, KY. I am descended from his youngest son, Hensley Clift (b. 1791). I would like to verify the link.

Apr 8, 1998 - 12:55 - From: - Gary Brook

WILLIAMS - researching surname Williams,James Winfield and his father Travers Thanks

Apr 24, 1998 - 18:01 - From: - Patsy Williams Giaras

JORDAN - Junius F. Jordan was born 1844 in Newville. Served with Troop H, 13th Va. Cavalry and went to Ontario Canada after the War. He is buried in the Jordan Cemetery at L'Orignal Ont. Any info. re: Birth or when he left would be welcome.

Apr 26, 1998 - 20:24 - From: - Mansfield Jordan

DANIEL - I am seeking information on Capt. Allen Daniel, served in 8th.Reg. Va,during Rev. I need the names of his brothers and sisters. Capt. Allen Daniel was born this county 1738. Please if you know anything about this person, I would very much like to hear from you. Thank you so much, Irene Jackson, President Douglas County Genealogical Society

Apr 29, 1998 - 11:40 - From: - Irene D. Jackson

GILL, HARDIE, HEPER, LOVESEY, LUFSEY - I am researching these direct lines. If anyone has any information on them, please contact me. Thank you.

Apr 30, 1998 - 00:44 - From: - Tina Ellis

HOBBS, BIRCHETTE - I am looking for info on William HOBBS b. abt 1720 in Prince George Co. VA. He married Mary ??? and died in 1787. His children were: 1. Edward Hobbs b. 29 Dec 1742 d. 13 Mar 1792 Will dated 8 Aug 1790 leaves property to son Collin Straughan Hobbs (later Davidson Co. TN) 2. Sarah Hobbs b. 22 April 1744 married William Birchette 3. Jesse Hobbs b. 6 June 1746 4. Bernard b. bef 1761 d. 1829 Married Elizabeth ???

May 1, 1998 - 22:45 - From: - David Hobbs

COLLIER - Looking for information on Benjamin Collier who was married to Martha Graves I only know of 2 sons James Henry and Phillip Madison. Listed in 1840 census of Prince George Co.

May 7, 1998 - 07:55 - From: - Steve Collier

THOMAS - Henry Thomas, Sr. was born in Amelia Co. in 1735, the year that it was formed from Prince George County. We are looking for his parents. We assume they would be in Bristol Parish but need more information about a Joseph or William possibly. Thank you.

May 13, 1998 - 09:02 - From: - Mary Jane Thomas Stokes

CLOUSE, MOORE - Seeking info on Sarah CLOUSE/Ssarah MOORE/William CLOYS. William Cloys married Sarah Moore. They both died in Princess Anne County, William in 1699 , Sarah in 1719,but Sarah's will is listed in Prince George County. They had two daughters, Susannah and Margaret Clouse. I can find no record of a son. Any info about them or other family members would be a blessing.

May 14, 1998 - 12:11 - From: - Jim Clouse

DREW, TYUS - Francis Abraham DREW, b. 1810 England, and wife Bridget ROPER moved to City Point, Prince George Co, about 1835-1837. Their daughter Olive DREW married Lewis Williamson TYUS. If anyone has information about any DREW or TYUS families living in City Point, VA during that time, I'm interested in sharing information. Thanks. Drew WRIGHT Weeks

May 19, 1998 - 02:25 - From: - Drew WRIGHT Weeks

RUSSELL - Am searching for more information on William Russell b. ca 1710. The area of birth would/should be Prince George County. His son was Wm. Jr. b. ca 1735 in Antrim Parish, Halifax. We have Wm. senior's wife , Anne Buckner, but need wife of Wm. Jr. and children. The one son we have, which is our direct ancestor, is Philip Russell, b. 1765, Lunenburg Co,Va.We have much information on his children but need his mother and siblings.

May 21, 1998 - 07:10 - From: - Sue Russell Philipak

HEISE - I am looking for information on Charles(1864-1943) and Nora Fontaine Davidson Murray Fields Heise (1864- 1947). They were both born in Petersburg, VA and later lived in Portsmouth , VA.

May 21, 1998 - 20:01 - From: - Barbara H. Kearns

RAINS, MATHER - I am seeking information on the parents and other family of Alice Rains. Born Prince George, Prince George Co. VA. She was born March 31, 1732. She married My ggggggrandfather Thomas Mather. Thank you. Rich Mather

May 24, 1998 - 18:29 - From: - Rich Mather

OAKLEY, PARKER - Edward Parker OAKLEY of Lower Brandon- Prince George Co. Copy of obit found states he was buried in the famliy plot at Lower Brandon- Also a marriage annoucement of Betty okaley d/o E.P. Oakley of Prince George- Where is Lower Brandon in Prince George? And any info regrading this Oakley family- maybe be connected to Oakley in Henrico, Cumberland, & Henry Co, VA

May 26, 1998 - 13:34 - From: - Sandra Mann Oakley

CRUMP - I am seeking info. on John C. Crump, Whose letters are listed in the Edmund Ruffin Papers. My Great Gramdfather's name was John C. Crump. We do not have very much info. about him.

May 27, 1998 - 14:23 - From: - wanda wilson

CHAMBLISS - Trying to learn the identity of Father of Henry Chamnis/nes Born 1650-1660. Supposedly, his Father was John Chamnis. Family descendants today are Chambliss/Chambless. If you have information, please let me hear from you, Thank You, Russell H Crhcham@worldnet.att.nethambliss

Jun 2, 1998 - 21:02 - From: - Russell Henry Chambliss

CHAMBLISS - Trying to learn the identity of Father of Henry Chamnis/nes Born 1650-1660. Supposedly, his Father was John Chamnis. Family descendants today are Chambliss/Chambless. If you have information, please let me hear from you, Thank You, Russell H Crhcham@worldnet.att.nethambliss

Jun 2, 1998 - 21:02 - From: - Russell Henry Chambliss

OLNEY, TANNER, KIRKPATRICK - I am looking for Joseph Olney who was 'of City Point, VA' had a child in 1811 and died at sea in 1817. His son was also Joseph Olney, who married Katherine Tanner. It is unknown where this occurred. Does anyone have anything to help?

Jun 8, 1998 - 22:48 - From: - George Gowan

TILLMAN/TILMAN/TILGHMAN - Roger TILGHMAN b. ca. 1650 Accomac County, Va., He married 1st 1674 Winnefred Austin, had Robert. Married 2nd Mrs. Susannah Parram and settled Prince George County, children: John, b. 1682, George b. 1683, Jane, Christine. When Roger moved to Prince George County he changed the name from Tilghman to Tillman or Tillman. Looking into the possibility that Roger's descendant married John Harrison in Brunswick County. Would like to correspond with other Tillman researchers.

Jun 10, 1998 - 10:40 - From: - Patrick Morgan Harrison

VINCENT, GARD, JONES, POYTHRESS - In 1713 a deed from Thomas Vincent of Prince George Co VA to Josh Poythress of same was made for 100 acres of land in Bristol Parish. The land was part of some land that 'descended' to Peter Gard and Thom Vincent from one Peter Jones late of said county, deceased! This deed of lease and release was signed the second time by Thomas' mother Sarah Vincent. Does anybody know if there was kinship between T. Vincent and Jones or Gard? Why did Gard and Vincent have land descend to them?? Who was Sarah's husband and Thomas' father? Thank you. Pat Vincent, 212 West Sycamore, Bolivar, TN 38008-2038

Jun 10, 1998 - 19:49 - From: - Pat Vincent

HOLLOWAY - Am searching for JOHN HOLLOWAY who was in Prince George County approximately 1740-1785. Any facts about him would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 13, 1998 - 15:25 - From: - Mary Sharrard Johnson

HOBBS, DRURY, IVEY - Looking for info on William HOBBS, possible son of Robert HOBBS of Old Rappahannock Co. VA. William was born abt 1689. He may have first settled in King and Queen Co. before he came to Prince George Co. In 1715 he received a judgment of land in Prince George Co and also bought 150 acres of land from George IVEY. He married Sarah DRURY in Lancaster Co. VA. He and Sarah both appear to have died about May of 1728, as their oldest son, Richard, was made executor of their estate (also Sarah's Will). Their children were: Richard b. abt. 1707?; John(?) b. abt. 1718; William b. 1720 in Prince George; Drury b. 1724 d. 1781 Prince George; James b. Prince George d. after 1760; Joseph d. Sussex Co. VA?; Susannah, no information available. Any info, especially John would be most helpful! Thanks!

Jun 17, 1998 - 02:04 - From: - David Hobbs

HARRISON, FAWN - I am looking for information about the family of James Harrison who had a son named Benj. who lived in Martin Brandons Parish. Benjamin wrote his will in 1789 and it was proved in 1790. In it, he names 'his niece' Elizabeth Harrison Stainback (my ggg grandmother) and 'his nephew' William Fawn (my ggg grandfather). According to the will, Elizabeth, a widow at the time, will only inherit if she marries Wm. Fawn. She does and the rest is history. I need any info about Elizabeth, her grandfather, James, or any Harrison in this line. Also, does anyone know how Wm. Fawn is connected to this family. Any help would be appreciated!

Jun 19, 1998 - 03:07 - From: - Cheryl Lehman

RAINS, MATHER, BERESFORD, BURTON - Alice RAINS, b. March 31, 1732 in Prince George Co. VA. She Married Thomas MATHER Feb. 12, 1756. Thomas was from Bonsall Derbyshire in ENG. I think he died there, I'm not sure about Alice. They has 7 children. The three youngest emmigrated to ILL in 1830. Alice' parents were Thomas b. abt. 1712 and Elizabeth ? b. abt 1712. One son Thomas married Elizabeth BERESFORD and their son Thomas met Jemima BURTON in IA. and got married. Any information on Alice or her family would be a great help.

Jun 19, 1998 - 15:34 - From: - Rich Mather

PRIDE - Looking the PRIDE family in this area. My name is Glynn.

Jun 22, 1998 - 16:44 - From: - Glynn Pride

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