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Overton Family History

Charlotte County, Virginia
Will Book I, pg. 217

An Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of William Overton Dec'd.

Among the Articles listed was a Testament, sheep shears and sheep, aman's sadle and bridle, plantation tools &c which show that he was a farmer.

In Obedience of an Order of the worshipful Court of Charlotte County to us directed, we the subscribers being first Sworn before James Boulden and William Morton Gentlemen have appraised the aforesaid estate of William Overton decd as above in Current Money.

James Boulden
Little Jos Morton
Charles Clayton

At a Court held for Charlotte County the 6th day of December 1779.
The within written Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of William Overton decd was this day returned and Ordered to be Recorded.

Truly Recorded
Teste Thomas Read
Thomas Read Cc
Ordered: October 4, 1779
Entered: Dec. 6, 1779
Dated: Nov. 6, 1779

Virginia State Library

Mar. 4                                 Req. C2494
old book
Mens Name    By Whom Received           Days When                   Sums
                           amt bro  up
Overton William    M. Hawkins                  October 29.  83          100.8.8

Marriages of William Overton decd and wife Judith Brumfield

1.  Nancy Overton md. Samuel Harris  1 Dec. 1791; Surety, Thos. Moore.  Married by: Rev. Thomas Dobson. Pg. 161 & 37   Charlotte Co, Va.

2.  Sally Overton  md. Thomas Watts, son of Samuel; md.  1 Oct. 1792; Surety Reuben Traynum; md. by Rev. Thomas Dobson, Charlotte Co, Va.

3.  (Benjamin Owen md. Susannah Overton,  8 January 1792; Surety, Thomas Watts; Benj., son of James Owen; Md. by: Rev. Thomas Dobson, Charlotte

4.  Moses Overton md. Mildred (Milley) Lipscomb   April 1815; Halifax Co., Va.

Their mother, Judith Brumfield, widow of William Overton, decd md.2nd Reubin Traynum, 2 January 1783 by Rev. Thomas Johnston.  Charlotte Co., Va.

Thos. North, Jr.  md. Mildred Overton  6 Oct. 1784, Widow of James Overton


Elizabeth Garland was the daughter of
XII-  Peter Garland                                                              and his wife, Jane Hensley
D.                       Will:  3/19/1719, St. Martin's Parish- later Louisa
Cemetery at Swansonville, Virginia

Susan T. Overton - nee Eanes
B.  23 Dec. 1839; D. 28 Sept. 1923  My trust in God

William T. Overton, B.  23 July 1840; D.  10 Oct. 1909.  His record was an honorable one

John Overton- son

Nammie (Rigney) M. Overton (dau. of John Taylor Rigney)
B.  1880; D.  8 Dec. 1954 - wife of John Overton

Sue Overton, granddau. of W.T. Overton md. Henry Carter- lives in Martinsville, Va. 1957

Granvil Overton, son of W.T. Overton lives in Martinsville with Sallie B. Overton.

NOTE:  I do not know their relationship to our family but I imagine close.  W.T. Overton served in the War Company  21st Va. Reg 1861 to 1865.  He was wounded many times and once severely wounded according to Pittsylvania Confederate records.

Overton Family History
History of Louisa County
By Malcolm Harris

pg. 396

It is believed that the Virginia Overtons were descendants of
I     John Easington, in Holderness, Yorkshire,whose son was
II   General Robert Overton born 1609, under Parliament tookup arms and served Cromwell, and finally was sent to the Barbadoes in solitude.
 III- William, son of Gen. Robert Overton, was born in England,Decmeber 3, 1638 and came to Virginia prior to 1670.  He married Mary Waters at Yorktown on the 24th of November 1670, on board the ship in which she came to America.  She was a daughter of Mrs. Ann Waters of St.Sepulcher's Parish, London.  The Overtons settled on Falling Creek,where they had patents for 4,600 acres on the south side of the Pamunkey River in New Kent County.

Their children:
1. Elizabeth, b. 28 June 1673
2. William, b. 6 August 1675; d. 18 June 1759-m. Peggy Garland
3. Temperance, b. 2 March 1679; 19 February 1710- m. William Harris
4. Samuel, b. 14 August 1685; d. c1725- m. Miss Carr
5. James, b. 14 Aug. 1688; d. 18 June 1748- m. Elizabeth Garland
6. Barbara, b. 5 February 1690; d. 30 October 1766

IV.- James, son of William and Mary Waters Overton, was born 14 August 1688.  He was generally known as Capt. Overton and was a patentee of the lands on Elk Creek in Louisa, 1723/  He married Elizabeth Garland, a Daughter of Edward Garland, Sr. of Hanover County, and a sister of Margaret, who married his brother William.  He was a sheriff of Hanover County in 1735.  The Garlands patented lands in Louisa about the same time, and adjoining his patents on Overton's branch of Elk Creek.  He probably established the seat of Brookville, the old Overton plantation where lived Captain James Overton, until his death in 1814.  James, Sr. died June18, 1747 and his wife died 19 November 1739.

Children of James Overton and Elizabeth Garland:
1. Capt. Jame, b. 1726 married Mary Waller
2. William married Jemima Harris , (dau. of Wm. Harris)
3. Mary Garland md. David Cosby
4. Nancy md. Richmond Terrell
5. Margaret md. Sir William Bickley
6. John md. Ann Booker Clough

IV- Samuel, son of William and Mary Waters Overton, was born 14 August 1685.  He lived in Hanover, and it was at his home that Mr. Henry made his prophetic remarks concerning independence.  He married Miss Carr, who was probably a sister of of Col. John Carr.

Pg. 397:
1. Samuel
2. John
3. James, md. Mildred Clayton of Bedford County
4. William, patentee of lands in Louisa, 1725
5. ______ md. John ___ and
6. Ann md. John Pettus/Pottus

V- John, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth Garland Overton, was born in Hanover.  He md. Ann Booker Clough.. They ______   _______ in Louisa.

1. Clough, killed at Blue ____, 19, August 1782
2. Richard
3. John
4. George md. Mary Whitworth
5. Dabney
6. William md. Elizabeth Godsey
7. Sally md. William Lacy
8. Elizabeth md. Ratts/Batts Lacy

V- William, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth Garland Overton, was born in Hanover; married Jemima, daughter of William Harris, his cousin.

1. Elizabeth, md. Samuel Overton of Hanover County
2. William
3. Sally md. Col. John Syme, half nephew of P. Henry
4. Nancy md. Col. John Winston
5. James, md. 1775, Mildred Calyton.  She md. 2nd Thomas North.died 1784
6. Mary md. Col. Richard Morris
7. John, b. 20 Jan. 1756, md. 1st Susan Garland; 2nd Ann Bacon

V- Capt. James, son of Capt. James and Elizabeth Garland Overton, was born on Elk Creek in 1726, He married, 6 April 1749, Mary Waller b. 22October 1730; dies 8 February 1816; Mary was daughter of John and Agnes Carr Waller.  He was an officer in the Louisa Militia with Gen. Braddock, with the rank of ensign.  He was justice in 1763 and through the Revolution,being sheriff in 1776.  He lived at Brookville, which, at his death,went to his daughter. (NOTE: Many of these removed to the West just after1800)

pg. 398: Children:

1. Waller, b. 14 November 1750, md. Henrietta Ragland
2. Thomas, b. August 15, 1753, m. (1) Woods; 2nd Holmes
3. Elizabeth, b. 24 June 1755
4. James, b. 6 August 1757   d. 1797 at Brookville
5. William, b. 5 October 1759, D. 8 July 1857 at Brookville
6. Mary, b. 10 August 1761
7. Nancy, b. 1764, md. Hawes Coleman
8. Samuel, b. 17 September 1768; died 1832
9. William, b. 9 November 1779; d. 8 July 1867, Brookville
10. Sally, b/ 5 may 1773; md. Col. John Claybrooke
11. John, born 9 April 1766; md. Mrs. May in Nashville, Tennessee

Overton Family History (Outline form)

Descendants of Moses Overton and Mildred Lipscomb, son of William Overton, d. 1779

I.  William Overton    b. c1750,  m. c1771,  d. 1779, Charlotte Co., Va.
     married Judith Brumfield (she md. 2nd. Reubin Traynum)

A. Moses Overton  b. c1775   m. June 25, 1801, Halifax Co., Va.     d. April 1, 1815
     married Mildred Lipscomb   b.  c1785, Va.   d. 1852, Ky.
     Their issue:
     1. James Overton b. 1803, Va.  married 1st Julia Wise, 1831; 2d Jane; 3d Mrs. Jane Pane, 6-30-
         a. Amy Overton b. 1838
         b. Marion Overton b. 1842
      2. Jason Overton married Nancy
          Their issue:
          a. Sarah Overton
          b. George Overton
          c. William Overton
      3. Allen Overton  b. 1805, Va. married 1st Sibbilar Owsley, 2nd Amanda   b. 1812  Ky.
         a. Emily Overton   b. 1832
         b. Nancy Overton b. 1838
         c. Harriet Overton
         d. William Overton  b. 1842  married Amelia (or Permelia)
            (1) French Overton   b. 1868
            (2) Fulton Overton  b. 1871
         e. Scott Overton b. 1848
         f. Harry (or Harvey)Overton  b. 1850
         g. Silas Overton b. 1851, Trimble Co., Ky.
     4. Elizabeth Overton  b. 1807, Ky.   m. May, 1829  to Ben Ball
         a. John A. Ball, b.1830
         b. Lavinia Ball, b.1831
         c. Malicent Ball, b. 1833
         d. David Ball, b. 1836
         e. Caliborne Ball,b. 1838
         f. Wm. H. Ball, b.  1840
         g. Adaline Ball, b. 1842
         h. Elizabeth Ball,  b. 1844
         i.  BenjaminBall,  b. 1845
         j. Alvira Ball, b.1846 (According to 1850 census)
   5. William  b. 1810, Ky.  m. April 9, 1838 d. btwn 1850 - 1860   married Rachel Blake  b. 1815 Ky.
        a. Robert Overton  b.  1843/4  married Catherine Mayfield   b. 1837
           (1) Jennie Overton married George McCord  b. 1875
                 (a) Joseph Robert McCord
                 (b) Catherine McCord, Trimble Co., Ky.
           (2) NancyOverton  b. 1878  married John Mosley
                (a) Dorothy Mosley
                (b) Lucille Mosley
                (c) Rachel Mosley
                (d) Baxter Mosley
           (3) BaxterOverton
      b.  Joseph Rogers Overton   b. 1847
6.  Claiborne Buford Overton   b. March 28, 1812 m. May 3, 1846  Indiana   d. March 14, 1864 Kokomo, Ind.   Married Mary Neff  b. February 12, 1829   d. April, 1878, Kokomo, Indiana
     a.  Augustus Overton  b. 1848 married  ??
         (1) Morton Overtonmarried
              (a)  Olive Overton married William Fields, Indianapolis
              (b) Robert Overton married Dorothy, Greentown, Indiana
         (2) Ethel Overton   unmarried
         (3) two sons    unmarried
     b. Josephine Overton  b. 1850  unmarried
     c. Marietta Overton  b. 1853  unmarried
     d. William C. Overton  married
     e. Edna Martha Overton  b. June 16, 1856   m. June 17, 1875   d. Kokomo, Ind. married Dr. James O. Garr
         (1)  Ernest Garr   b. 1876   d. 1944, Kokomo, Ind.
                (a) Barbara R. Garr  married O. D. Pritchard
                (b) John Garr  married
                (c) Virginia Garr  married Hamilton Hunter
          (2) Edna MabelGarr   b. Jaunary 8, 1878  m. June 27, 1906  married Dr. J. L. Helmer  b. March 26, 1853
                (a) Dorothy Garr Helmer  b. January 15, 1908   unmarried
          (3) Anna Garr1879-1957   unmarried
          (4) Mary Elizabeth Garr  1885-1968  unmarried
    7. Moses Overton Jr.  b. 1813  d. after1880   unmarried

Overton Records

1681, Apr. 23 Land Patents, Va. Liber 7, p. 78

William Overton (448) and Eber Jones patented 4600 A. in New Kent Co.(now Hanover Co.) on S. Side Pamunkey R. on Falling Creek, etc.  for transporting 92 persons (including names of William Overton and Elizabeth Overton).

1690, Oct. 29  Land Patents, Va. Liber 8, p. 121

William Overton (448) and John Lydall patented 832 A. in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., (now Hanover) above Main forks of Pamunkey R. onS. Side of western branch of Pamunkey (South Anna) etc.for transport of 17 persons.

Ours is evidently a double descent, through both Temperance Overton(227) and Capt. James Overton (224), since the daughter of Temperance Overton,Jemima, married her cousin Will, son of Capt. James Overton.  Some authorities claim Jemima was a granddaughter of Temperance; neither can be absolutely proved.

1710 ca.  Capt. James Overton (224) [handwritten note: b. 8-14-1688 - d. 6/18/1749] m. Elizabeth Garland (225), widow of _____ Truhart.  Capt. James Overton (224) was a Justice in Hanover Co., Va., St. Martin's Parish.  Was captain of Militia (descendants are eligible for Society of Colonial Wars.)
Their children:
17__                  Mary Garland Overton
1720, 4-20        Barbara Overton
1725                  Anne (Nancy) Overton
1726                  Capt. James Overton
17__                  John Overton
17__                  Margaret Overton
1721 ca.            Will Overton (112)

1711-1719: James Overton (224) mentioned many times in processing of lands of St. paul’s Parish

1722, Nov. 6  Hanover (1720/1 from New Kent):  James Overton (224) took oath as vestryman, St. Paul's Parish, Lower church.

1723:  James Overton (224) and Wm. Harris (452) replaced on vestry.

1733, Jan.:  James Overton (224) 400 A. on S. Fork of Little River

1735, Sept. 4:  James Overton (224) deed to David Cosby, Husband of daughter Mary Garland Overton), lands on N. Fork, Elk R.

1739, Nov. 19  Carr Register  3 V 208/9:  Elizabeth Garland Overton (225), wife of Capt. John Overton, died.

1749, June 18 Ibid.:  James Overton (224) died.

* 1745 ca.:  Will Overton (112) m. Jemima Harris (113).
Their children:
ELIZABETH OVERTON:  m. cousin Samuel Overton, son of
                                             to Lexington, Ky., 3 sons + 1 dau.

WILLIAM OVERTON (56):  This is the one whom I cannot prove as 56, but it does seem very obvious as explained in opening paragraphs
                                                  m. Judith Brumfield (57), Charlotte Co., Va., ca. 1770 - 73

SALLY OVERTON:  m. Col. John Syme, 1752-1793, 3 ch.

NANCY OVERTON:  m. Col. John Winston, Rev. War, 4 ch.

LT. JAMES OVERTON: To Charlotte Co., Va. where he m. 9/14/1775 Mildred Clayton, dau. of John of Bedford Co.  3 ch.  He died 2-1782,Charlotte Co.  Brother John came from Hanover Co. to settle estate. Widow Mildred m. (2) 12-6-1784 Thos. North, Jr.)

MARY OVERTON:  m. Co. Richard Morris, d. 1821

CAPT. JOHN OVERTON:  m. (1) Susanna Garland, 1782; (2) Anne Bacon, 1799.  A Bible record says he was b. 1-20-1755 and d. Louisa Co.,Apr. 23, between 3 and 4 clock a.m., 1822, ae. 67.  He went to Charlotte Co., 1784 to settle his brother's estate.

[*handwritten note] Going Back to Jemima Harris-  [area blank]

1695 ca.: Temperance Overton [the number 227 is typed in, but crossedout with something illegible handwritten above it] b. 3-2-1679, d. 2-19-1710, buried at Cedar Hill, Hanover Co., Va. m. ca. 1695 Wm. Harris (b. 1669,d. before 1733)

Their six children: (there is some dispute on this.)
MAJOR ROBERT HARRIS: (b. ca. 1696-1700 Hanover Co. Will prob. 1765 Albermarle Co., Va.,; m. Mourning Glenn 10 Ch. St. Peter's Parish.)
ELIZABETH HARRIS (bpt. 11-27-1698)
GEORGE HARRIS (bpt. 4-13-1701)
JOHN HARRIS: (bpt. 3-28-1703; m. Ann ____ lived Caroline Co., Va. 1son)
BENJAMIN HARRIS: (d. Louisa Co. 1765, Will named bros. Frederick andRobt. (??) Exec., & bequeathed to sons Overton and Robt. and dau. Nancy)


20 July 1626: John Waters (1996) Will dated, East cote, North Hamptonshire, England,.  20July 162?

ca  1617:  Samuel Waters (898( born, son of John Waters (1996) England.

ca. 1635-9: Samuel Waters (898) m. (apparently) Anne _____ (899) Will29 Sept. 1697.
Their children:
John to Virginia
Samuel m. Margaret _____
_____ m. Wm. Goodwin
Thomas  A London Tobacconist, md. Anne _____

ca. 1640-43 born: Elizabeth

Sept. 3, 1639: (Samuel Waters after apprenticing 1631 for 7 years was admitted to the Freedom of the Skinners Co. of London.

Sept. 6, 1665:  Samuel Waters (898) buried from St. Sepulchre's without Newgate, London leaving Anne Waters, his widow.

1684-85:  Anne Waters (899) died before 7 July 1700 when her will was proved, to sonne John Waters, gone to Virginia, 5 shillings
to son Samuel Waters, and Margaret, his wife, 10 shillings each
to daughter Elizabeth Overton, now in Virginia, 10 shillings
to my sonne-in-law, William Overton, her husband, 10 shillings
to my sonne-in-law Mr. Wm. Goodwin, 10 shillings for a ring.
to loving sonne Thomas Waters all rest & residue of estate.

24 Nov. 1670: Elizabeth Waters (449) arrived in Yorktown, Virginia and a William Overton (448).  (She is said by some to have been his fiancee in England, and that he arranged her transportation to come to Virginia,She is listed as a transportee on his land patent of 1681.)

See (448) William Overton for continuation.
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Winston's of Virginia and Allied Families - Torrence, 1927, pps.75 - 79
Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 11, pg. 306 gives Mary Waters md.11/24/1670, William Overton, b. 12/3/1638, instead of Elizabeth.


(pg 203)
?? gives the children of William Harris and Temp. Overton as:
Wm. Harris m. Henrietta baker
* Robert Harris m. Megapina <sp> Walton
Benj. Harris (will 1765) m. Mary
Jemima Harris m. Wm. Overton
pg. 65
Temp Overton b. Mar 2, 1679  d. Feb. 19, 1716 m. ca. 1695 Wm. Harris, b. 1669,  d. before 1733
1. Robert - b. ca. 1696 m. Mourning Glenn
2. Eliz., Bapt. Nov. 27, 1698
3. Geo., Bapt. Apr. 13, 1701
4. John, Bapt. Mar. 28, 170_
5. ?? born 1707 m.
6. Jemima m. Wm Overton
7. Edward m. Ann
8. David Harris

Maj. Robert Harris-9will dated June 18, 1765) will prov. Alb. Co. Aug8, 1765
b. Hanover Co, Va ca. 1696 lived there until 1742 when appt. by KingSawyor of New Co. of Louisa which was cut off from Hanover 1742-Resignedas Burgess for Hanover and moved to Louisa which he was <undecipherable>Fredericksville parish.  Will recorded Albemarle Co., Va Aug or Nov.8, 1765

Overton/Harris/Waters Family Outline
(ref. Historical Southern Families, Vol. 2, Pages [undecipherable])

1.  John Waters-will dated 20 July, 1626; Eastcott, Northhampton Co. England
     a.  Thomas
     b.  Joseph
         1b.  Jas. Waters
     c.  James (not age 21, 1626)
     d.  Ambrose
     e.  Samuel = Ann (her will dated 29 Sept.1697
                                    Par. Of St. Sepulchre London;
                                    probated July 1700 by her son Thos.)
          1e.  John Waters-in Va. 1697 re. his mother Ann
                                        Ann Waters will 29 Sept. 1697
          2e. Elizabeth Waters = William Overton* (the immigrant
                                                                 b. 3 Dec. 1638 in Eng.
                                                                 m. 14 Nov. 1670 at Yorktown Va.)

* See Overton line

1.  John Overton (b. ?)
     1A.  Maj. Robert Overton (of OvertonHall, Md;  b. Easlington Par., York 1609
                                                    m. 1632 Ann Gardiner, dau. of Jeremy Gardiner of
                                                    Stratford Bow (?), Middlesex)
        A1.  John Overton eldestson (??) to practice law Gray's Ins. 11 Nov. 1661
        A2.  William Overton*= Elizabeth Waters
                 2a. Elizabeth (28 June 1673) = Robt. Anderson II (bd. 1663 ca., d. 1716)
                 2b. William (b. 14 Aug 1675, d. 18 June 1759) = Peggy Garland
                 2c. Capt. James Overton = Eliz. Garland (wording undecipherable)
                 2d.  Barbara = John or Ja. Winston
                 2e.  Samuel = Miss. Carr (bd. 14 Aug. 1685; d. before 1725 HanoverCo., Va)
                        e1.  Samuel
                        e2.  John
                        e3.  Jas.
                        e4.  Wm.
                        e5.  A daughter = John Ragland/Raglow
                        e6.  Ann = Dabney Peeters <sp>
                 2f.  Temperance (b. 2 Mar. 1679; d. 19 Feb. 1716, buried at CedarHill, at the forks,
                                                   Pamunky Riv., Hanover Co. Va.) = William Harris (b. 1669; d. before
                   ** f1.  Maj. Robt. Harris (b. 1690 Hanover Co., Va.  Will proved
                                                               Albemarle Co. Va., 1765, Burgess Hanover Co.
                                                               Va. 1742.  appt. Surveyor Louisa Co. Va.
                                                                1742) = Mourning Glenn (her will pro.
                                                               Albemarle Co. Va 1776)
                               1f1. (believed to have possibly had 3 sons, and 8 daughters)
                         f2.  Elizabeth Harris (bapt. 27 Nov. 1698)
                         f3.  George Harris (bapt. 13 Apr 1701)
                         f4.  John Harris (bapt. 28 Mar 1703; d. 1778 Caroline Co. Va.)=Ann
                               4f1.  John Harris
                         f5.  Bery Harris (a Quaker, d. 1765) = Sarah (dau. of Dr. JeremiahDumas)
                  2g.  Edward Harris = Ann
                  2h.  David Harris
                  2i.  Jemima Harris = Wm. Overton (her cousin/son of Capt. James Overton)
                  2j.  William Harris ( b. 1707 [ed. ck for 1707] ) = J. B. Boddis (d. 1749
                                 Louisa Co. Va.)  [*Ref. Hist. Sou. Fam. Vol XIX, pg. 107.  Note to ck for
                                 being Wm. Harris will dated 9 Sept., 1778; Prob. 11 June 1770
                                 Mecklenburg Co. Va]
                          j1.  Robert Harris
                          j2.  Frederick Harris
                          j3.  Benjamin Harris (will prov. 1765) = Mary
                                 3j1.  Nancy Harris
                                 3j2.  Robt.
                                 3j3.  Overton
                                 3j4.  Benj. (b. 21 July 1765, d. 7 Oct. 1844; age 81) = Sarah
                                              Overstreet (m. 21 Oct. 179?)

[* See Waters line]

[** Note to ck for being father of Robert Harris, will Granville Co.,NC; 1 ?, 1785; who had a son

From notes of Mrs. Anderson dec'd
Transcribed by Dana Brown