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Submitted by  Linda Lewis Lepow

From the book: "57th VA Infantry" abstracted by Charles W. Sublett

Gauldin, Samuel: enl. 3/1/62 in Pittsylvani Co. in Co. I. Absent sick thru 6/63 in Winchester.

Gauldin, John R.: Farmer, enl. 8/15/61 in Pittsylvania Co. in Co. I. Adm. Chimborazo 2/16/63 with rheumatism; ret'd to duty 2/19/63. Present thru 6/63. Wded. and capt. at Gettysburg. Exchanged. Adm. Chimborazo 11/18/63 with GSW, back; furl. 11/23/63. 40 days. Present thru 8/64. Surrendered at Appomattox.

Gibson, William R.: 33, farmer. B. in Pittsylvania Co. enl 7/10/61 in Henry Co. in Co. F. Present thru 10/61; absent sick 12/61. Discharged 1/4/62. 6 ft. 2 in., dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes.

Golden, Thomas: 34, farmer. B. in Pittsylvania Co. in Co. D. Present 4/62. Discharged 5/20/62. 5 ft. 9 in., fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes.

Brooks, Zachariah: enl. 7/25/61 in Pittsylvania Co. in Co. E. Farmer. To drummer 2/12/62. Present thru 6/62. Discharged 9/5/62.

Brooks, George W.: enl. 8/1/61 in Pittsylvania Co. in Co. I. Present 9/61. D. Nov. 2, 1861.

Woodall, Alexander: enl. 7/20/61 at Bachelor'sHall in Co. I. Present thru 12/61. Discharged 5/20/62.

"38th Virginia Infantry" abstracted by G. Howard Gregory

Cox, George W.: Pvt.; Co. C. Sent to hosp. before or during 5/62 and remained there thru 7/62. Name appears on list of Claims of Deceased Soldiers filed 12/11/62 by his widow, Lucy A. Cox.

Gauldin, Jabez S.: Pvt; Co. B 6/4/61 Callands; Gen. Hosp. Tichmond 3/2/62, diarrhea. Present until killed at Gettysburg 7/3/63. Widow Cynthia A. Gauldin.

Gauldin, John J.: Corpl; Co. K 6/2/61 Cascade; present until absent in hosp. wounded as of 4/1/64; Danville wound right hand 7/27k/64; detailed by Med. Ex. Bd. for light duty with Brig. Quarter Master prior to 12/31/64; admitted Chimborazo #3 3/29/65 Feb. intern; POW in Richmond hosps. 4/3/65; admitted Jackson Hosp., Rich. 4/8/65 then trans. from Libby Prison Richmond to Newport News 4/23/65; took oath 7/1/65. Res. of Pitts Co. Dk. complex, dk. brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10".

"38th Virginia Infantry" abstracted by G. Howard Gregory

Collins, Franklin: enl. 6/4/61, at Callands; Pvt.;Co. B. Present until admitted Chimborazo Hosp. 10/23/61, with kidney disease. Discharged there because of this 11/1/61.

Collins, Ira: enl. 3/10/62, at Callands; Pvt.; Co. B. Present until admitted Danville G.H. 6/29/62, with chronic diarrhea, but returned to duty by 9/16/62. WIA at Drewry's Bluff 5/1664. Died in Chimborazo Hosp. 6/11/64 of pneumonia.

Collins, John W.: enl. 5/24/61, at Whitmell; Pvt.; Co. D. Present, but sick due to injured hip and application for medical discharge refused. Admitted Chimborazo Hosp. 10/25/61, with rheumatism and furloughed until 1/24/62. Admitted Danville G.H. 5/8/62, with rheumatism. Deserted 7/24/62, but returned prior to 4/1/64. Paroled at Appomattox on 4/9/65. May be bur. Oakwood Cem. Richmond.

Collins, Lilburn: Pvt.; Co. B. Postwar record only. Collins, Tilman: Pvt.; Co. B. Sent to hosp. as nurse 3/25/62. Admitted to Chimborazo Hosp. 3/30/62 with bonchitis. Died there 4/23/62. (CSR also lists him dying on 4/25/62, due to catarrh).

Conner, Jacob: Pvt.; 2nd Co. I. Paroled at Appomattox C.H. 4/9/65. Conner, James O.: enl. 10/22/64 in Pittsylvania Co.; Pvt. Co. H. Present until deserted 1/12/65, and captured by Federals at Bermuda Hundred. Sent to Washington, D.C. 1/14/65. Took oath there and transportation furnished to Philadelphia, PA.

Conway, Alexander F.: Born in Pittsylvania Co.;enl. 5/30/61 at Kentuck; Pvt.;Co. A. Present until WIA at Seven Pines on 5/31/62. KIA at Gettysburg 7/3/63.

Cox, Bedford B.: enl. 6/8/61 at Danville; Pvt.; Co. E. Present until admitted Richmond G.H. #24 9/18/62, with syphilis; returned to duty by 11/27/62. Prom. to 2nd. Cpl. by 5/1/63, to 5th Sgt. by 7/1/64, to 4th Sgt. by 12/31/64; and to 3rd Sgt. by 2/25/65. WIA (right thigh) at Five Forks 4/1/65. POW at Fair Ground Hosp., Petersburg 4/14/65. Confined at Camp Hamilton 5/2/65. Released there 5/21/65.

Cox, Powhatan: Pvt.; Co. K. Admitted Chimborazo Hosp. 3/31/62, with pneumonia, which caused his death 4/7/62.

Cox, Thomas Pinckney: Born 5/15/42. enl 3/10/62 at Cascade; Pvt.; Co. K. Present until admitted Chimborazo Hosp. on 4/17/62. Trans. to Danville Hosp. 5/15/62 and deserted there 5/25/62. Returned and again admitted to Danville Hosp. 11/24/63 with wound. Trans. to Chimborazo Hosp. 1/7/64, with chronic rheumatism and gunshot wound of hand. Returned by 8/31/64 and detailed as camp cook. Retired to Invalid Corps 9/12/64. Died 2/2/1928 at Cascade.

Cox, William: Pvt.; 1st Co. I. Present until received severe wound in shoulder and sent to hosp. 2/27/62; at home recuperating before or during 6/62.

Cox, William S.: enl. 6/8/61, at Danville; Pvt.; Co. E. Left sick with typhoid fever in Winchester prior to 8/30/61, but returned by 4/30/62. Deserted and received by Provost Marshal Gen., Army of the Potomac on 3/30/65. Oath taken and trans. to Washington, D.C. 4/4/65.

John Julius enlisted 29th of August 1861 at Rorrer's Mill in Co B, Keen's Battilion Virginia Vols.  Was reorganized into Co E 57th Regiment VA Infantry 25 of September 1861.  He was present and accounted for until Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, then was missing in action.  He was a private.  This unit would have been the Pigg River Greys.  Rorrer's Mill was on the old Lewis Island Road (an easy walk fro Rte 750 today) on Harpen Creek just upstream from the creek's entry into the Pigg River.
Information from National Archives
Submitted by Sue Kottwitz

Local Casualities at Gettysburg
Published in "Piedmont Lineages"

The 38th Infantry, made up largely of Pittsylvania County men, took part in Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863.  The 38th was in Armistead's Brigade, Pickett's Division.  The information below was taken from a Danville newspaper article published shortly after the battle.  Some of those listed as missing were later learned to be prisioners of the North.  A few probably deserted and others were never accounted for.

Field and Staff
Col. E.C. Edmonds                    killed
Lt Col. P.B. Whittle                   wounded, arm & thigh
Sgt-Major G. W Morrison          missing

Co. A-Capt. D.C. Townes
Capt. D C Townes                      Killed
Cpl. Green W Clements             Killed
Clark H Barker                          Killed
G W Bryant                               Killed
A F Conway                              Killed
Jos Gunnell                              Killed
Levi H Jackson                        Killed
Wm C G Williams                   Killed
Wm H Yeaman                        Killed
Lt R J Joyce                           slightly wounded
Sgt R or P A Carter                 wounded
Cpl Jas T Wiles                      wounded
C D Bennett                      slight head wound
Jesse S Bennett                     wounded
Joel L Bennett                       wounded, hand
Wm B Chatten                       wounded, hand
P B Clements                           wounded, arm
Jesse L Carter                          wounded, shoulder
R H Evans                                seriously wounded
W M Evans                              seriously wounded
Benj Posey                               slight wound
Jas L Gosney                        seriously wounded
Lt Thos. J Butler                   missing
Jas M Marshall                     missing
John L Lindsey                     missing
Cpl Robt Bradley                  wounded, missing
T W Dix                                 wounded, missing
J F Haley                                missing
Geo W Evans                         wounded, missing
Bev Owen                               wounded, missing
Jas W Smith                           wounded, missing
Geo W Warren                       wounded, missing

Co B Capt W B Pritchard

S F Blair                                  Killed
Jabez Gaulden                             Killed
John B Gregory                          Killed
Cpl David Uhle                           Wounded, leg
F R Allen                                    wounded, hip
N Chatten                                   wounded, nose
Wm S Dodd                                wounded, neck
James W Dodd                            wounded slightly, head
Fountain J Foust                          wounded
Jas R Meadows                            wounded, shoulder
Jas B Nuckles                               arm amputated
Jas A Oakes                                  leg amputated
D L Owen                                    arm amputated
Coleman Reynolds                     wounded slightly, head
Geo J Shelton                             wounded, breast
Sgt G W Blair                              missing
James H Berger                           supposedly killed
T C Oakes                                   wounded, missing
Josh H Fuller                              missing
E P Hodges                                 missing
Richard Adkins                           wounded, missing
B E Adkins                                  missing
T Bradner                                     missing
Jordan Bates                                missing
J O Foust                                      missing
Henry Fuller                                 missing
Isaac S Grant                                missing
Har---on H Gibson                        missing
J W Mayban                                  missing
J D Reynolds                                 missing
A W Stokes                                    missing
J S Woodall                                    missing

Co C Capt John T Grubb

Chas M Lovelace                          killed
Lt John T Gibson                         wounded, foot
Sgt John M Burton                       wounded
Sgt W W Turner                            wounded
Sgt Archer Simpson                       wounded, mortally
Color Sgt Wm Bohannon               wounded, leg
James A Alderson                          wounded
Ben Booth                                      wounded, head and arm
Fleming Bryant                               wounded, leg
D F Cassada                                    wounded, shoulder
N T Crews                                        wounded, side
J B Dodson                                      leg amputated
R F Hardy                                        wounded foot
Jos Hodges                                      wounded
W M McCormick                            wounded, head and hand
J S McCormick                               wounded
J H Vernon                                      wounded, missing
W T Vernon                                     wounded, thigh
(Several others missing were unreadable)

Co D Capt J A Herndon

J A Barber                                           killed
W T Eanes                                            killed
E W Emmerson                                     killed
Sgt W J Harris                                      wounded
Cpl Harrison w Meade                          arm amputated
J F Gregory                                           wounded
E B Oakes                                              wounded
A Prewett                                               wounded
J C Easley                                               wounded
J W Powell                                              wounded
R H Powell                                              wounded
J S Robertson                                         arm amputated
J Walker                                                 wounded, hip
1st Lt A M Lanier                                   missing
S J Harris                                                missing
Cpl A J Thomas                                      missing
J H Anglin                                               missing
J M Ferguson                                           missing
C W Hundley                                           missing
J W Reid                                                  wounded, missing

Co E Capt T M Tyree

Sgt J P Rice                                                killed
J O Adkins                                                  killed
W K Voss                                                   killed
J O Hall                                                      killed
F Shackleford                                              killed
W Brady                                                      killed
1st Lt W S Carter                                         wounded, neck
Lt J T Miller                                                foot amputated
Sgt J T Shackleford                                      wounded, leg
Cpl J T Brown                                              wounded
G W Harris                                                    wounded, thigh
W A Elliott                                                     wounded, leg
J H Hardy                                                      wounded, side and arm
L MOrgan                                                       wounded, ear
Jno Davis                                                         wounded, missing
F L Sledge                                                            missing
W B Mitchell                                                       missing
W L Brown                                                          missing

Co F Capt L Jennings

Capt L Jennings                                                   wounded, face
Lt R F Thornton                                                   wounded, eye
Sgt C H Clements                                                  wounded, leg
Sgt J Carr                                                              wounded, arm
T Bates                                                                   wounded, side
G W Roby                                                              wounded, side
B Roakes                                                                 wounded, shoulder
J Singleton                                                              3 fingers amputated
J B Saunders                                                            finder amputated
Lt Joel T Jones                                                        missing
Cpl J B Jennings                                                      missing
Cpl W D Hawkins                                                     missing
Nat Bates                                                                  missing
J T Gutherie                                                              missing
P W Guthrie                                                             missing
L Hancock                                                               missing
S Hancock                                                                missing
C H Light                                                                missing
R Martin                                                                  missing
J J Oliver                                                                  missing
James Stephens                                                         missing
W Waller                                                                   missing

Co G Capt H L Lee (Mecklenburg Co)

Capt H L Lee                                                           wounded, shoulder and leg
Capt B F Hawthorne (staff)                                      wounded
Cpl L J R------                                                           wounded
E R Burnett                                                               wounded, mortally
Robt D Riggins                                                          wounded, thigh
Wm T Hendrick                                                         wounded, leg
Wm T Newcombe                                                       wounded, arm
Henry Hoteilin                                                            wounded, arm
John W Ward                                                              wounded, thigh
Lt Geo W Carter                                                          missing
1st Sgt Thos Gill or Hill                                                missing
Sgt B B Williard                                                            missing
T J Burnett                                                                    missing
James Singleton                                                             missing
Wm T Owens                                                    missing
Wm H Wynn                                                    missing

Co H Capt Jas E Poindexter

Sgt Wm R Poindexter                                           wounded
Jas C Adkins                                            wounded, breast
James Farthing                                         wounded, thigh
Jas H Gaston                                            wounded
Presley Hardy                                            wounded, leg
Wm J Harris                                             wounded, back
John D Jacobs                                          wounded, leg
John O Lawson                                         wounded
Mallory Martin                                          wounded, thigh
Jas A Pigg (?)                                             wounded
Capt Jas E Poindexter                                missing
Sgt P B Scruggs                                           missing
Linwood Kindrick                                       missing
John T Mann                                               missing
John McCormick                                         missing
Wilson Owen                                                missing

Co K, Capt Geo K Griggs

Capt Geo K Griggs                                    wounded, thigh
1st Lt Wm G Cabaniss                               wounded, wrist
Lt Jas M Cabaniss                                   wounded, shoulder
2nd Lt Jos H Estes                                   wounded, elbow
Sgt R J Hatcher                                        wounded, neck
Sgt C C Marshall                     wounded, foot and arm
Cpl Jas M Hundley                           wounded, foot
Cpl John J Gauldier                           wounded, leg
Color Cpl John Bullington             multiple wounds
Ellis H Bray                                    wounded, shoulder
Wm R Callahan                              finger amputated
Thos P Cox                                     wounded,arm
Thos Jeff Davis                               wounded, leg
Thos W Gray                                wounded, mortally
Geo Harris                                    wounded,arm
M Matherly                                   wounded, breast
Geo C McDonald                          wounded, hand
R B McDowell                                wounded, hand
Geo W M----                                   wounded, leg
H H Robertson                       wounded, arm and sides
A J Wright                              wounded, foot
James Burton                           wounded, leg
A T Hughey                           wounded, abdomen
James A Gammon                 wounded, leg
Cpl A H Davis                         missing
Sgt P S Anthony                       missing
John Hopper                            missing
Geo W C Law                          missing
D C Robertson                         missing
Jas or Jos Adams                      missing
Thos Anglea                              missing
M H Bray                                  missing
J W Gibbs                                  missing
Geo A Harwell                           missing
John Holland                             missing
Pliant Mahon                             missing
A Stallings                                  missing
Collin Stokes                              missing
W W Turner                               missing
M T Thornton                            missing
Geo Hopper                               missing


The Quill Pen- Pittsylvania Historical Society

 The proud and jaunty "Spring Garden Blues",,
an element of the 18th Regiment of Virginia
Infantry, marched away from their headquarters
on April 29, 1861. They were headed for
Richmond, little knowing the sad fate that
awaited many of their number.

Before the end of the War Between the States
some members of the company had died of
sickness on the field, of sickness while at home,
of wounds in hospitals—while the fate of others
could never be determined; they just didn’t
come home.

Here, then, is a company roster denoting the fate
of members:

#=killed *=died:

R. E. Withers, Col.

*J.C. Luck, Capt.

*E. D. Oliver, 1 Lt.

F.A. Luck, 2 Lt.

#Wm. Fitzgerald, 3 Lt

#N.W. Walker, 1 Sgt.

#J.S. Wooding, 2 Sgt.

#I.N. Dodson, 3 Sgt.

G. W. Jones, 4 Sgt

J. Jennings, 5 Sgt.

O.F. Terry, 1 Corp.

Wm. Hodnett, 2 Corp

D.N. Adkinson, 3 Corp

J. Fitzgerald, 4 Corp

A. V. Allen private

H.F. Atkinson

*John Atkinson

*Thos. Adkinson

*S.A. Abbott

*C.T. Abbott

#M.A. Abbott

J.C. Anderson

I.A.B. Anderson

*W. H. Adams

N.S. Burnett

*T.S. Burnett

*W.H. Burnett

#N.I. Betterton

R. W. Barksdale

William Corbin

Thompson Corbin

#Meredith Compton

Wm. H. Clardy

James T. Clark

Anderson Crowder

James Coleman

#H.W. Dodson

#Asa B. Douglas

J.D. Ester

H.E. Echols

Jackson Evans

*Nimrod Ferguson

*L.N. Ford

*W. E. Hardy

Peter Haley

*J.D. Hodnett

C.H. Hodnett

*J.H. Hodnett

P.O. Hodnett

*C.W. Hudson

#T.T. Ingram

*J.J. Jackson

#William Jackson

#Thompson Jennings

Joseph Jennings

*E.H. Johnson

*G.W. Johnson

B. W. Kirby

John Lovelace

*C.W. Lewis

B.G. Lewis

*J.J. Lewis

#J.T. Lewis

*A.L. Lewis

J.W. Laine

#W.E. Lane

W.L. McNeally

J.W. Neal

*A.T. Newby

#D.W. Owens

#T.D. Owens

W.H. Power

#C.H. Rucker

T.L. Shields

*W.A. Shields

J.A. Shaw

*J.W. Shaw

*W.H. Shaw

Granville Tramell

*E.C. Wade

T.R. M. Wade


*E.D. Waller

*William Wood

#J.M. Woodrow

J.W. Womack

*W.E. Wilkinson

W.T. Yates

"Oldest Veteran" Star-Tribune Bicenntennial Issue June 15, 1967

Henry J. Scarce of Whitmell was the last living Confederate veteran. He celebrated his 98th birthday on August 14, 1944.

"Chatham Greys Left In High Spirits to Lick the Yankees"-Star Tribune 6/15/67

Pittsylvania contributed twenty companies to the Civil War, some ten companies in the northern half and the same number in the southern part of the county.

Places' names were often chosen for the individual companies---Tuckey Cocky Greys, Pigg River Invincibles, Spring Garden Blues, the Danville Blues, Pittsylvania Dragoons, the Chatham Greys and others.

When Virginia decided upon secession from the United States, and sent out a call to arms, Pittsylvanians responded from all walks of life-the cream of southern manhood left home to defend the land. The impact of the war with the loss of many promising citizens, the wounding of others was felt for many generations in Pittsylvania. While no official record of Confederate soldiers from the county exists, many were compiled by the soldiers themselves after returning from the war.

Twenty companies were listed by the veterans as having been organized in Pittsylvania County. In the clerk's office at Chatham is found the rosters of four of these companies, compiled from memory.

The incomplete roster of company A (Chatham Greys) is: E. A. Barber, Samuel D. Berger, F. M. Blair, Charles Bilharz, Henry Berger, Ross Carter, James Carter,John T. Carter, Walter A. Dyer, James H., Echols, R. D. Ferguson, Abraham Fackler, Q. L. Finny, Wm R. Fitzgerald, John J. Glenn, Henry M. Glenn, D.S Graves, John Gilmer, John M. 
Hutchings, William G. Harris, John B. Halley, W.F. Holley, George W.Hall, John W. Haden. W. C. Haden, Dr. R. W. Hall.

Thomas S.Jones, John E. Jones, John B.Jones, James P. Johnson, John H. B. Keatts, J. T. Lewis, J. A. Lovelace, Wm H. Lucke, S. S. Lucke, R. W. Martin, Francis Myers, Walter C. Mills, John V. Mitchell, RichardParker, Thomas E.Pugh, Elijah Pruett, James M.Redford, Wm H. Robertson, Wesley Sours, Tandy R.Shepherd, Thomas B. Tredway, Wm M. Tredway, Jr., N. I. Terry, H. Viccellio, Samuel D. Wooding, C. E.Wiley, J.W. Wilson, J.,W. Whitehead, Wm. B. Wright, William H. Werth.

Enlistment got underway is 1860, and Wm M. Tredway, Captain of his company, wrote of the first days..."The mail which brought marching orders for the Chatham Greys created no little sensation in the quiet and peaceful village and the news was soon heralded throughout the communtiy.

"To the young and thougtless soldier boy, the tidings were joyful and he entertained the firm belief that in less than 30 days, Abe Loncoln would rue his rash proceedings and sue for peace, not doubting in the least that the Dixie boys would dictate their own terms and return home. They feared, without even an opportunity of firing a shot at the impriudent Yandees who dared invade our southern soil...The news spread rapidly and lighthearts and heavy hearts alike were busy whiule all were aranging for the departure of the company. Fond mothers, loving wives and sisters lost no time in over looked nothing in the preparation of everything for the comfort and convenience of the dear ones from whonm they were to soon be separated.

"Ah!" who can tell the piercing anguish which was endured though suppressed by many an anxious mother as she bade her youthful son, unused to hard ships and a stranger to the trying scenes of war, go forth to battle for the right... . . Noble women, to her belongs the honor of having sacrificed a thousand fold more for the Southern cause than ever they who shed their blood in that behalf.

"The 24th day of April, 1861, was a sad day in Chatham, Many parted that day never to meet again on earth. Early in the day vast crowds of men, women, and children assembled on the streets, noble old citizens were freely spending their money to supply comfortable clothing and blankets for those in need . . .'The company formed in the brick factory,where they had usually drilled, and after a solemn prayer by Rev W. S. Penick, was marched down and halted in front of Carter's Hotel.. . . .Refreshments were furnished, and was the saddest scene of all. Loving wives and children kissed husbands, parent and brother the sad good bye; friendly hands gave a parting grasp to the soldier in the line, and all things being in readinesss, the Chatham Greys, escorted by Captain Cabell Fournoy's cavalry company, amid the tears, the huzzas, the waving of handerchiefs and kissing of hands started off with banner flying and music playing and took up the march for Danville enroute to Richmond.

"Generous and sympathizing citizens furnished conveyances and well night loaded them with commissary provisions. . . Speaking of baggage, it was amusing that each man had at least one large trunk well packed as if taking a trip, but how the bulk dwindled down to a knapsack with one change of clothing and a blanket was a lesson which was soon to be learned and will serve to caution them hereafter should they be called on to enlist in another war.

"The site of troops was a novel one and excited great interest along the route. A few other companies had preceeded us, and at every station expectant and excited crowds greets us ... . . It was generally understood among us that if the Grays got a chance, and we feared we would not, the Yankee army would be literally cleaned out and that we would be occupied only a brief season.

"At least two thirds of Company A's members were about 140 miles farther from home than they had ever been before. The sites were so novel that it was rather more difficult for the command to form in line.The commander had warned his men that tall steeples, fancy windows, magnificient mansions and strange crowds should be utterly disregarded and be passed without notice as they knew what heavy penalities attached to him who dared look to the left or the right after the music struck Dixie to the command of "forward march".

Another member of Chatham Greys, Lt James Wyatt Whitehead, wrote of the pleasant stay in Williamsburg in the summer of 1861. . .

"And those pretty Willimsburg girls, there was not a one of us but what fell in love with them and we were most constant in our attention. The young ladies would meet at the churches to sew for the soldiers. We were always on hand to talk to them and entertain them. . . During the time an epidemic of measles broke out. At one time there were 35 of our men down. A venerable old lady, Mrs. Hansford, lived nearby and she tended and nursed our sick boys as though they were her own. . . .

Cptain Issac Coles, member of Co E, 6th Virginia Cavalry, was able to catch some humor which he recorded of his travels over the battlefields. He wrote " Our company met some of the Yankees (in West Va) and we began retreating as hard as we could, when we came upon some of our pickets inside the lines. The pickets halted us and our scouts called our promptly, "Pittsylvania Calvary." The pickets understood us to say "Pennsylvania Calvary" and had raised their guns to fire when Bill Clarke excitly yelled "Don't shoot! Don't Shoot! It's us." We felt so important that we thought everybody would know us. Thereafter we were always "Virginia Calvary."

In another instance he wrote: "The Captain ordered me to forward to hundred yards ahead and draw the fire---very comforting orders and through new light on the business of the cavalry. I had thought the infantry got the shots and the cavalry picked up the prisioners, but I managed to go. When I areached the woods, I found the Yankees were as much scared as we. They had blocked the road and disappeared.

Dr. Rawley W. Martin in recounting Picketts charge at Gettysburg said . . . . Both sides felt that the tug of war was about to come, and that Greek must meet Greek, as they had never met before. .. .Right shoulder, shift arms, forward, march . . . .then the Confederates, the long line of blue nearly a mile distant, ready and awaiting their coming. The scene was grand and terrible, and well calculated to demoralize the stoutest heart, but not a step faltered, not a face blanched. On they go; at about 1,100 yards the Federal batteries opened fire; the advancing Confederates encounter and sweep before them the Federal skirmish line. Still forward they go; the hissing, screaning, shells break in their front, rear, on their flanks, all about them, but they press forward, keeping step to the music of the battle. Suddenly the infantry behind the rock fence poured volley after volley into the advancing ranks. The men fell like stalks of grain before the reaper, but they closed the gaps and pressed forward, through the pitiless storm. Great gaps have been torn in their ranks, their field and company officers have fallen, colorbearer after color -bearer has been shot, but they never faltered . . . .and all that was left of them---the few of the five thousand."

J.W.Whitehead, Sr. said of the Battle of Gettsburg--"We had driven the Yankees from behind the stone wall, captured all artillery in front of Armistead's Brigade, and the victory up to this point was complete. But reinforcements arriving for the enemy and none for ourselves, that was the end of our dearly bought victory. I lay on the battlefield two nights and a day before my captors removed me and no one will know what I suffered both physically and mentally. I think one could have walked 50 yards in any directions from where I lay on the field stepping from one dead man to another without putting foot to ground. I have read many accounts of this battle, but none I have ever seen begins to give one idea of the dreadful horrors of this fight.

"Pittsylvania should be proud of her record on that battlefield for she furnished very many more soldiers for Pickett's charge than any other one county in Virginia. No braver man ever fell on a field of battle than Col. R. W. Martin, still no braver than H.L.Carter, James Carter, Jabe CousinsBilharz,ColemanWalkerWhite,Tredway, JoeCorbin and many others."

Rawley W. Martin spoke for many Southerners when he wrote to a Northern officer 30 years after the war " . . there is no reason why those who once were foes cannot now be friends. The quarrel was not personal but sectional, and while we tried to destroy each other thirty odd years ago, there is no reason why we should cherish resentment against each other now. I should be glad to meet you should your business or pleasure ever bring you to Virginia."

They are not listed in any books
that I can find, but I have thier CSA papers and death notices from the
Nathan Colbert b. 1838 Pittsylvania Co VA d. 16 JUL 1863 at Chaffin's Farm,
2nd Co 46 Reg.Va. Infantry,   Of Diarrhea.  Brought home by brother, David
for Burial.  Buried on Colbert Farm, east of Gretna.

David met a similar fate, but was not brought home and we do NOT know where
he is buried.  David Colbert b. 1842 Pittsylvania Co VA d. 9 Jun 1865 USA
Gen Hosp. Fort Monroe, VA
David's papers indicate:
 june 13, 1864.   Private Co. C 46 Reg. Va. inf.
Info from National Archive Records.3. ; Petersburg general Hospital with
diarrhea June 3 /64
David C. Pvt Co C2 Enl 6-22-61 Richmond , with Taylor, 1 yr sick Nov 62; 10
day furlo to take brother nathan's body home to Pittsyl. July 16, 1863.
(Nathan buried on farm at Deer View Rd.
General Hosp. Petersburg with diarrhea Jun 3 1864, to duty 6-13/63; Pres.
Aug 64-2/65.  Cap at Farmville Apr 5/65.  Oath at Newport News 6014. Died
there of diarrhea 7-1-65,
complexion fair, eyes bl, hair lt.

David and Nathan are sons of Thomas Colbert and Stacy Rowland, both of
Pittsylvania Co VA.
The 46th is not often listed as a Pittsylvania Co Group, but there are a
number of them in it.
I am looking for information on John W. Adams, who was killed in the war,
per pension application.  I believe he was in the artillery unit and was at
Gettysburg.  He was son of Rev. Joel T. Adams and Sarah Fielder.  He married
Ann M. Franklin in 1855 and wrote his will in 1859.  Ann Franklin Adams
married 2nd Raleigh Vaughan.  If you run across John W.Adams, I'd greatly
appreciate it.
3 Tunstall W. Shelton 21st Inf. died 9 Sept 1861 Valley of VA
4.William "Lee" Shelton 38th VA Inf. died 24 May 1865 as POW Newport News VA
5. James Henry Simpson b. 11 Jul 1837 Pitts. d. 2 NOv 1862 Lynchburg CSA
Hosp. 53rd VA
6. Thomas Meekin Simpson b. 1840 Pitts. d. 4 Jun 1862 Richmond, Co I 53rd
Inf VA
7. William Simpson b. 18 Aug 1835 d. Jul 1863 Pickett's charge
8. William Robertson Simpson b. 15 Sept 1840 Pitts. d. 8 My 1864 Co I 53rd
Died in Action Chester Station
9. Robert Walker, died in war, unit not known, son of Robert Walker and
Nancy Colbert
!0 Thomas Edward Y Weatherford, m 1851 Mary Ann Adams, d/o Rev. Joel Terrell
Adams.  Thomas EY Weatherford died in the war, unit uknown. Wife recieved
pension.  Mary m. Isiah Ramsey 2nd in 1869.

I have long lists of those in units who did not die until later in life.
Contributed by    Karen Wood   <>

 John T Shelton
 Enlist Date            Enlist Place          Enlist Rank          Enlist Age
22 June 1861           Gumspring, VA        Priv

Served Virginia
Enlisted D Co. 57th Inf Reg. VA
Source: "The Virginia Regimental Histories Series"
Abbreviation: VARosterC
Published by on 1987

Contributed by

Contributed by Rick McDaniel

"38th Virginia Infantry" abstracted by G. Howard Gregory

Howerton, James H., 1 Sgt., Co. E, 6/8/1861, Danville, present until
put on detailed service 10/1861-1/1862, absent wounded 7/1862-9/1862.

Howerton, Joseph T., Pvt, Co. E, 6/8/1861, Danville, Pvt to 2 Corpl
1/1/1862, 2 Corpl to 5 Sgt 6/30/1863, 5 Sgt to 3 Sgt by 8/31/1864, 3 Sgt
to 2 Sgt by 12/31/1864, 2 Sgt to 1 Sgt by 2/25/1865.  Age 26.  Present
until admitted Danville General Hospital 8/30/1862 fever; deserted
10/29/1862, returned prior to 6/30/1863; present through 12/31/1864; on
furlough 2/25/1865; Chimborazo Hospital #5 3/10/1865 erysipelas facial.

Howerton, William H., Pvt, Co E, 3/13/1862 Danville; Pvt to 4 Sgt
6/30/1863, 4 Sgt to 2 Sgt by 8/31/1864; appointed 2 Lieut. 11/15/1864.
Present until admitted to Chimborazo Hospital #4 7/1/1862 gunshot wound,
hand; WIA 7/1/1862 Malvern Hill; Alive in Danville on 12/18/1894.

Muster Rolls of Pittsylvania County

Pension Applicants - Act of 1888, 1900, and 1902Pension Applicants - Act of 1888, 1900, and 1902

The John and James Booker Civil War Letters

Confederate Disability Applications and Receipts

Our gr gr gr grand dad, Booker Shorter, wrote a poem to his son, John Shorter in
which he gave names of those who could help him.  I'll attach the poem.
It's not a poem as you or I would think to write but as a father in those
years it was something special!
    Anyway, I'm writing down the names in the poem and if you know of a
place where I could see the 21st Inf. Co. I names otherwise I'll see if
the Mobile, AL(where I live) has the ROSTER OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS and
check each one separately.

August 10, 1861
 These lines are composed by B. R. Shorter,
which you will keep and bring home with you:
To my dear John, who is not gone to war,
The dearest of all John that I ever saw;
May God be your guide through perilous ways,
And prolong your life for millions of days.
If in contact with the enemy you should happen to meet,
Pray the Lord to help you to stand on your feet;
And use your weapons with the most acute skill,
And the wishes of your Father completely fulfill.
Strew the enemy before you as you may have to go,
 With the help of Asa Wyatt and Mr. Livermore;
If they are not enough, call up Billy Core,
For some say that he is a good hand to bore.
If his fist gives out, let him apply to the racks,
And call in his brother Lieutenant John Core;
If that will not do, lead again with beams,
And hand to your friend James Arthur Eanes.
If Mat is standing by, let him call his brother John,
And prostrate the enemy like they have Old Mahon;
Then if you should say, “upon my soul,”
We must call upon our friend William B. Cole
Then if you should want to make a double file,
Remember in your Company your have Mr. Lyle;
When if you should wish to gain a free reason,
Call for Thompson, Allen, Morgan, Young, and Camson;
For Camson is the man many years ago,
who slew the Philistines by thousands, you know,
For God was on his side because he was right,
and that makes me think he will help you to fight.
If you should lack weapons, make you a maul,
And hand to your friend Crispin N. Hall;
If you should not, then be in good plight
Hand to your friend, Lewis A. Wright.
If you desire to make the enemy slip,
Call for George Galloway and his brother, Tip
Then if you should be so lucky as to regain Kit Bell
I think you can drown them all in the well.
There is Joseph Hankins and his brother, Dan,
 Would be good hands to make lead the van;
There is Vincent Swanson and Bone Allens Dump
Could take a Yankee by the heels and slap him against a stump.
I think your Captain William A. Witcher,
Is skillful enough to make a good fisher;
If he has the skill to catch and kill men,
I hope he will take them ten thousand times ten.
There is Oliver Smith I will not leave out,
For I think he would be most useful out in the route;
And along with the rest take Henry and Joe,
Then if you still lack, there are a few more.
When this you read my son do remember me,
For now I am trying to be in a glee;
But trouble has already so weighted me down,
That my body is ready almost for the ground
But I pray for you to return to your Nancy,
Which seems to be of all the greatest of your fancy,
And if I knew that would certainly be,
I would try to return to merriment and glee.
But I do trust and pray to my God above
To save the life of him that I do dearly love;
And if you return to your wife and children three,
Which would animate and enliven your mother and me.
So farewell, my dear son, farewell for a while,
I hope the Lord will bless you with a sweet smile;
And lead you home again through perilous ways,
And with your beloved spend millions of days.
With these lines of poetry  I shortly must close;
By saying your acquaintance everyone knows;
That your dear hands have done so much for me,
That it causes my soul to love and pity thee.
Remember now your Father and poor old Mother dear,
Who hath cherished and nourished you for many a year;
But your years that are past seem as minutes to me,
I pray for your future happiness, which I hope you will see.
(Transcribed from a Xeroxed copy sent from Dolly Vick,
 granddaughter of Martha Emma Shorter, who is daughter of Robert Walker Shorter
 and granddaughter of Booker R. Shorter)

Contributed by Mary Beth Majesty <>

I have some info. on two Tosh's. Samuel H. Tosh,Born 23 aug
1838, Enlisted date of 18 sep 1862 at Pittsylvania Co, Va.
Army-Confederacy.  William Tosh Born-18 jan 1827 Enlited on
22 apr 1862 age 35 at Fort Dillard, Va. Army-Confederacy.  Both
served with the state of Virgina and enlisted as Private. Would
like any info I can get. Source is American Cival War Soldiers
data base on My e-mail is
Contributed by Tom Bartsch" <

Alderson Brothers

Three brothers and their cousin served in Co C 38th VA Inf.  The
brothers were sons of William Alderson and Frances Daniel: James M
Alderson, Thomas M Alderson and William H Alderson.  Their cousin John C
Alderson was the son of Poindexter Alderson and Rachel Ferguson.
William and Poindexter Alderson were half-brothers, sons of John
Alderson of Cumberland Co VA.  Thomas M Alderson was wounded in the leg
on 31 May 1862 at Seven Pines but returned to duty on 13 August 1862. He
was taken prisoner at Petersburg VA on 4 April 1865.  However, his
brother James M deserted in September 1862 and his brother William
deserted immediately after enlisting and again after being pardoned by
Jefferson Davis on 3 August 1864. He returned to duty, but then deserted
again on 12 Jan 1865.
John C enlisted on 30 May 1861 and served until Appotomax.

       I don't know if you want to put the desertion information on the
webpage, but that was one of the realities of the Civil War in both the
north and the south. Quite a number of men either failed to report for
mustering in after enlisting or deserted during the war. This is not
usually mentioned in the military histories.

     These Aldersons were probably descended from Richard Alderson Sr.
who was living in the Northern Neck of VA by 1673. This was one of the
families that was split by the war with many descendents fighting for
the Union from TN, KY, IN and IL while others fought for the Confederacy
from SC, TN, MS and AR .

Contributed by Jim Cross

 They are not listed in any books
that I can find, but I have thier CSA papers and death notices from the
Nathan Colbert b. 1838 Pittsylvania Co VA d. 16 JUL 1863 at Chaffin's Farm,
2nd Co 46 Reg.Va. Infantry,   Of Diarrhea.  Brought home by brother, David
for Burial.  Buried on Colbert Farm, east of Gretna.

David met a similar fate, but was not brought home and we do NOT know where
he is buried.  David Colbert b. 1842 Pittsylvania Co VA d. 9 Jun 1865 USA
Gen Hosp. Fort Monroe, VA
David's papers indicate:
 june 13, 1864.   Private Co. C 46 Reg. Va. inf.
Info from National Archive Records.3. ; Petersburg general Hospital with
diarrhea June 3 /64
David C. Pvt Co C2 Enl 6-22-61 Richmond , with Taylor, 1 yr sick Nov 62; 10
day furlo to take brother nathan's body home to Pittsyl. July 16, 1863.
(Nathan buried on farm at Deer View Rd.
General Hosp. Petersburg with diarrhea Jun 3 1864, to duty 6-13/63; Pres.
Aug 64-2/65.  Cap at Farmville Apr 5/65.  Oath at Newport News 6014. Died
there of diarrhea 7-1-65,
complexion fair, eyes bl, hair lt.

David and Nathan are sons of Thomas Colbert and Stacy Rowland, both of
Pittsylvania Co VA.
The 46th is not often listed as a Pittsylvania Co Group, but there are a
number of them in it.

I am looking for information on John W. Adams, who was killed in the war,
per pension application.  I believe he was in the artillery unit and was at
Gettysburg.  He was son of Rev. Joel T. Adams and Sarah Fielder.  He married
Ann M. Franklin in 1855 and wrote his will in 1859.  Ann Franklin Adams
married 2nd Raleigh Vaughan.  If you run across John W.Adams, I'd greatly
appreciate it.  I have a number of others in the file that I'll pull up.

3 Tunstall W. Shelton 21st Inf. died 9 Sept 1861 Valley of VA
4.William "Lee" Shelton 38th VA Inf. died 24 May 1865 as POW Newport News VA
5. James Henry Simpson b. 11 Jul 1837 Pitts. d. 2 NOv 1862 Lynchburg CSA
Hosp. 53rd VA
6. Thomas Meekin Simpson b. 1840 Pitts. d. 4 Jun 1862 Richmond, Co I 53rd
Inf VA
7. William Simpson b. 18 Aug 1835 d. Jul 1863 Pickett's charge
8. William Robertson Simpson b. 15 Sept 1840 Pitts. d. 8 My 1864 Co I 53rd
Died in Action Chester Station
9. Robert Walker, died in war, unit not known, son of Robert Walker and
Nancy Colbert
!0 Thomas Edward Y Weatherford, m 1851 Mary Ann Adams, d/o Rev. Joel Terrell
Adams.  Thomas EY Weatherford died in the war, unit uknown. Wife recieved
pension.  Mary m. Isiah Ramsey 2nd in 1869.

I have long lists of those in units who did not die until later in life.

Contributed by Karen Wood

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