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Selected Pittsylvania County Death Records

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Submitted by Carol Adams

Greenwood Adams, died Dec 8 1857, age 65 yr, 8 mos, 14 days, wife Nancy

Joseph Adams died April 1862, in Richmond, Civil War, reported by brother Nathan.

John Green Adams died Aug 10 1929, parents Joseph and Mary (Thomas) Adams, wife Nora Alice Gardner.

George Adams, died Nov 18 1886, age 21, parents John & Sarah Adams, reported by F. or T? A Clements, sister

Sallie Arnn died Dec, 1856, age 64, parents Jacob & Judith Aren

James Bailey died July 17 1860, age 12, parents James M. and Mary Bailey

James A. Crews died May 28 1856, age 50, parents John and Jane Crews

John Crews died Feb 5, 1853, age 87 yrs, 8 mos, 11 days

Mariah Crews died Sept, 1866, age 75

Rebecca Crews, died Dec 13 1857, age 70, husband is John

M.H. Dodd died May 25 1896, age 77, parents Hezikiah and Mary Giles

Samuel Dodd died Mar 17 1862, age 44, parents Benjamine & S., wife Malinda

James Gardner died Feb 21 1866, age 27, parents William & Martha Gardner

Martha C. Gardner died Nov, 1861, age 14 yrs, 11 mos., parents Benjamine & Ann Gardner

W. C. Gardner died Aug 11 186?, age 9, parents Wm F. & Martha J. Gardner

William F. Gardner died Jul 22 1876, parents Jacob S. & Lucy Gardner

William Howard Gardner died Aug 6 1868, parents Joseph C and Martha E. Gardner

James B. Gardner died Oct 4 1876, parents Wm L and Mary C Gardner

Edgar P. Gardner died Nov 5 1884, parents Jacob S and Lucy Gardner

John Herndon died Jun 30 1896, age 43, parents George & Jane Herndon, wife Martha

Margaret Kirby died Nov 20 1859, age 72, parents Daniel & Catherine Oakes, husband Moses

James Oakes died Nov 17 1877, age 70, wife Eveline

Jesse Richards died Jan 18 1862, age 17, parent is D. C. Richards

Mary Shelhorse died Jan 1855, age 54, parents William & Elizabeth Heanes (Haynes), reported by son William Shelhorse

Nancy Shelhorse died Jul 11 1853, age 7 mos, 9 days, parents William & Parthena Shelhorse

Parthene Shelhorse died Jun 16 1853, age 16 yrs, 11 mos, parents are George and Nancy Hall, husband William

Oliver Shelhorse died Dec 1 1871, age 2, parents James M and Susan Shelhorse

Abraham Thomas died May 5 1876, age 71, parents William & Ann Thomas, wife I.K.

Benjamin Thomas died Jan 5 1853, age 10 years, 1 mo, 4 days, parents are Benjamine & E. Thomas

Mary Thomas died April 18 1886, age 80, reported by R.S. Carter (Note: this is Benjamin Thomas's wife)

John C. Thomas died Jan 9 1854, age 11, parents Ben & Esther

Lucinda Thomas, died Nov 1876, age 40, husband Abram Thomas

Benjamin Thomas died Jan 5 1853, parents Ben & Esther, age 13

James Thomas died Jun 24 1878, age 71, no parents listed

Campbell Thomas died Feb 15 1885, age 74, parents William & Ann Thomas, wife Sallie

Joel Thomas died Dec 31 1856, age 25, parents Benjamine Thomas

Lucy  P. Thomas died May 10 1885, age 23, parents J.Y. & C. Blair, husband Joel

Sallie Thomas died Mar 14 1896, age 86, father John Thomas

William Thomas died Valley of Va in battle, age 40, parents Ben & Mary Thomas

Edward A. Thomas died Jul 22 1862, age 30, parents William & H.E. Thomas

Submitted by Gayle Austin

George Blankenship died April 17, 1859 of Inflamation of Brest, Age 14 years 10 months, parents Braxton, reported by brother John T., page 55

Lavena Blankenship died November 18, 1865 of Consumption, Age 40, Unmarried, Reported by brother John T., Page 102

Braxton Blankenship died September 21, 1855 of typhoid fever, Born in Nottoway Co., Virginia, age 56 yrs, 7 months, 6 days, Reported by wife Orensy Page 19

William M. Blankenship died October 16, 1855 of typhoid fever, age 30 years, 1 month, 11 days, wife Ann W. Blankenship Page 19

Mary M. Morris died October 1853, daughter of John M. and Elizabeth Morris, reported by Morgan Morris, grandfather

Richard Morris died May 31, 1861 of Bowel disease, age 99, reported by N.T. Morris, son

Winifred Morris died December 4, 1854 of Asthma, age 71, , born in Orange Cnty, Va, wife of William A. Morris, deceased, reported by son Phineas

William C. Morris Died June 10,1860 of Pneumonia, age 3, parents were Nathan T. and Mary J. Morris, reported by father

Some Death Dates 1853-1896 Pittsylvania Co. by Lonnie Crosby 1985

P. 27 - John Burton 16/ June 1862 Richmond Wound 20 years old Parents: James and N. Burton

P. 26 - Christina Burton 7/20/1861 Diptheria, age 2 Parents: Samuel B. and Winifred, reported by father

p.26 Elizabeth Burton 7/17/1861 Diptheria, age 15 Parents: Samuel B. and Winifred, reported by father

p.26 Sarah Burton 7/7/1861 Diptheria, age 9 Parents: Samuel B. and Winifred, reported by father

p 26 Robert S. Burton, 1861 (no date) typhoid fever, age 20 Parents: Samuel B. and Winifred, reported by father

p 26 Eliza A. Burton 8/1862 Pneumonia, age 14 Parent: Samuel B., reported by father

p 26 Robert S. Burton, Dec 1862 typhoid fever, age 21 Parent: Samuel B., reported by father

p 26 Kitty J. Burton, Dec 1862, diptheria, age 7 Parent: Samuel B., reported by father

p 26 James Burton 5/22/1860 hemorage of bowel, age 66 y. 3 mos No parent listed. Reported by Betsey Burton, wife

p 26 Fredrick C. Burton, 8/4/1860 Typhoid Fever, age 23 y. 7 mos. reported by Betsey Burton, mother

Index to Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Pittsylvania Co., VA 1853-1865 -


Henry W. Faris 5/15/1855 p. 23

Marena Faris 8/20/1856 p. 30

Sarah J. Faris 3/30/1859 p. 49

Adeline Faris 12/9/1859 p. 49

Elizabeth Faris 1/5/1861 p. 74

Henry W. Faris 4/1862 p. 84

James D. Faris 9/25/1865 p. 100

Ben Rives Faris 7/10/1866 p. 105

Julia A. Faris 11/10/1885 p. 133

William S. Farris 5/12/1862 p. 94

Submitted by Molly Shumate

Gauldin, Sally Snow Cox widow of Thomas Gauldin died December 16, 1928 in Danville, VA age 68 years 15 days birth date December 1,1860 at Laurel Grove-Pittsylvania Co., VA Certificate of death 28961

Submitted by Linda Lewis Lepow

Nancy Shelhorse; she was b. 20 Jan 1853; died Jul 11 1855; d/o William & Parthena Shelhorse.

Submitted by Ermine Payne

Jacob Thomas Davis Died Pittsylvania County Dec 28, 1903 son of William and Elizabeth Davis

Submitted by Ruthsnead

Gaulden, Connie d. July 1879, wife of William A. Gaulden

Boaz, Dicey A. died 28 July 1896 of Paralysis, age 75

Submitted by Linda Lewis Lepow

Julia Aron, died Apr 23 1875, age 49, no parents or spouse listed

James Blair died Apr 30 1859, age 38

Eddy Bruce died Dec 15 1859, age 80

Nancy Butcher died May 4 1876, age 80, parents are John & Kate Fletcher, husband is John

Susan Emmerson died Aug 20 1875, age 76, parents are Elisha & Sarah Powell, husband William

Druscilla Haynes died Feb 21 1885, age 25, parents unknown, husband William.

Ida Haynes died Mar 4 1885, age 2, parents Wm & Druscilla Haynes

L.S. Haynes died Feb 20 1885, age 3, parents Wm & Druscilla Haynes

William Y Haynes died May 31 1860, age 23, parents Richard & Mary Haynes

Reuben Herndon died Mar 19 1855, age 89 years, 2 months, 25 days, wife Hannah

George Inman died May 6 1862, age 28, parents is G.D. Inman

Jacob Julius died June 25 1854, 90, parents Phillip & Elizabeth Julius,

Margaret Kirby died Nov 20 1859, age 72, parents Daniel & Catherine Oakes, husband Moses.

William Lindsey died Oct 17 1855, age 85, wife Elizabeth

Submittted by Carol Adams

last - first name  dod   reported by   age

Richardson, Sarah 1866  h (Zac)       32

Richardson,Winnie 1877  h (Josiah)    36

Ricketts,Carter   1877  f (John W)    10mo

Ricketts,Bula M   1877  f (James C)   10mo

Rigney,Andrew     1896  f (N.Y. )      2

Rigney,Ann        1862  h (John)

Rigney,Booker T   1854  f (William)    2

Ridgeway,George W 1865  w (Ann)       45

Submitted by Roger Rigney

George P. Moon, son of Daniel Pleasant Moon and Lillie (Creasy) Moon 26
Jun 1856 "imflammation of the brain" 1 year 3 mo.  Buried on Daniel P.
Moon's farm (now Waller farm off Waller Rd along with father Daniel P

John H. Moon s/o Pleasant & Mary Holt Moon d.18 NOv 1875 Pitts. Co, Va
"typhoid" by wife age 49 (wife was Susan Ann Pitts)

Mary Moon (?wife of John Pruitt) d. 21 Nov 1896 age 60 "fits"

all from death book at courthouse.

Submitted by Karen Wood

  Death record for Raymond Hailey. Born May 11 1929 died DEC 7 1991.
.Raymond had 1 brother named Robert Hailey and 4 sisters named
Mildred, Gly, Marion, Lettie Mae.

Submitted by Randall Hailey

I have located the lost Samuel Nathaniel (Bogh) Finch, ancestor of
 the Finchs of Spring Garden, Va. He is buried in the Dodson cemetary on
Rt. 701, 2.6 miles north of Rt.360. Farm road to right- 200 ft. on left.
 His wife, Sara A. Dodson Finch Ford is buried there also. Ira Chaffin

Submitted by Ira Chaffin

Walters, Ed. C.   1859 2 Mar tuberculosis reported by C.W. Walters, bro.  age 42

Walters, Elizabeth B(par. Jackson & Elizabeth). 1861 2 Feb    burnt  reported by father   age 2

Walters, (free) Hurt        1865 Dec.   cold reported by A.G.? employer     age 30

Walters, Jennie (free)  1865  burnt reported by employer  age 20

Walters, I.E.     1885  25 Nov    scarlet fever reported by Armistead Thomas, head of family       age 69

Walters, James B.  ( par.  Ezekiel and Lidea)   1861  20 Sep. at Manassa Va. of typhoid fever reported by Nathl. W. Gardner, father-in-law    age 30

Walters, Martha C. (par. Danl. & Lucy Coleman)  1853 14 Nov.  congestion of brain reported by husb. A.G. Walter    40 y  2 mo.  18 da.

Walters, Morgan (free)  1865  June      unknown reported by A.G.   employer  age 3

Walters, Spias     1859 20 Oct.  paralissis reported by James H. Lindsey, son-in-law  age 78

Walters, Sallie G. (par. Jackson)  1896 24 June  teething reported by father   18 mo.

Submitted by Gayle Austin

        Danny Bobbitt <>

Melvin Arnold Bobbitt (Rev) Born 04/20/1916 died 1988
William Terry Bobbitt Born 01/24/1875 died 03/15/1953
Lovelace H., Bobbitt Born approximately 1852 married 03/22/1874 at 22
years of age.
David Bobbitt born ?? Bound himself and brother Lewis Bobbitt to Gov.
David Campbell for $150.00 to secure marriage to Matilda Parker on
Contributed by Danny Bobbitt <>

Barksdale Deaths:

Jun 1865 Ann T. Barksdale age 81
01 Sep 1854 Claiborne Barksdale 7 yrs, 2 mos, 4 days; son of John &
Wilmouth Barksdale
10 Jun 1886 Cordelia Barksdale age 40, spouse William Barksdale
01 Nov 1855 Henry Barksdale 1 yr, 6 mos; son of Henry & Sally Barksdale

Submitted by Virginia Baxter

Deaths Submitted by Dale Dickerson
        Dale Dickerson <""

Clementine L. Hubbard died March 1940
Lovell R. Carter died January 22, 1934
Katie Carter Logan died 1962
Bessie Carter Keatts died 1985
William Henry Carter died 1982
Rhoda Carter Patrick died 1971
Lena Carter Watkins died 1977
John Luther Carter died 1991
Lillie Carter Prevard died 1974

Submitted by
        LEdw755374 <>

Curnell Albert Allen died July 16, 1986
Jennie Victoria Brown Allen died August 5, 1994;
Mattie Allen Bowe died January 23, 1998 -- husband, wife and
Charlie Lee Bowe died May 23, 1993 (husband of Mattie).
 Charlie E. Johnson died March 9, 1995 son of the late Alfred and Julia Bowe Johnson
(first cousin of Charlie Bowe).
Samantha Irene Ross funeral was held December 5, 1997.

Submitted by     MaryAnn Farley <>

Richard Parsons died 1784 in Pittsylvania Co., Va
John Parsons died 1808 in Pittsylvania Co., Va

Submitted by Wanda

Death of Thomas Lester 1787

       July Court 1787-  On the Motion of Sytha Lester Widow of Thomas Lester DECD
certificate is hereby granted her for obtaining letters of Administration
of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of  said
Thomas at the time of his death, she first having taken the oath as the law
prescribes and together with Gilbert Hunt, William Todd and John Ballinger
her securities enforced in bond and acknowledged the same.  It is ordered
that Isaac Clement, Gilbert Hunt, William Todd and Blanks Moody do value
the estate of Decedent in current money and return said appraisement to the

This is from the death certificate on my great grandfather.  If you could
list it on the Pittsyvania County USGENWEB page, with my name Tina Ellis
and this email address, I would appreciate it very much:  Thank you very much.  Tina

William J. RENSHAW
Blace of Death:  Danville, Pittsylvania, VA
Color or Race:  White
Marital Status:  Married
Age:  62
Birthplace:  MD
Name of Father:  W. T. RENSHAW
Birthplace of Father:  MD
Maiden Name of Mother:  Martha EDWARDS
Birthplace of Mother:  DK or OK (unable to read)
Date of Death:  Nov. 24, 1925
Cause of Death:  Hemorrhage of Brain
Place of Burial:  Leemont Cemetery, Danville, Pittsylvania, VA
Certificate of Death #25867

Submitted by MAE  A CRUDUP


Book 35 p 176 November 18, 1839

It is certified by the Court that it is satisfactorily proven that
 John Seamster a Pensioner of the United States at the rate of eight
 dollars per month and a resident of this County departed this life on
the 10th day of June last, that Ephriam Seamster and Elizabeth
Hazlewood are his only children.  that Isaac Owen, Thomas Owen, Edward
Owen, George Owen and Rufus Owen are his only grandchildren and that
 the said John Seamster left no widow.

Court Order Book 36 p 65 November 16, 1840

Satisfactory evidence being produced to the Court it is ordered to be
 Certified that John Seamster, a revolutionary Pensioner of the United
States, resident of Pittsylvania County died on the 10th day of June
1840 and left no widow that Catherine Owen then a widow, Ephriam
Seamster residing in Halifax County and Elizabeth Hazlewood the wife
of John Hazlewood are the only children left by the said John Seamster
at his death, that Catherine Owen the daughter of said John Seamster
died on the 10th day of August 1840 and that no person has adminstered
on her estate. That Isaac Owen, Thomas Owen, George Owen, Edward Owen
and Rufus Owen all above the age of twenty one years are her only
Submitted by

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