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 Some Genealogist's Notes

Below are some notes of different genealogist's in Pittsylvania County that have been transcribed by various volunteers.  The spelling of the names etc have been copied just as they were originally done. My thanks to the many volunteers that have contributed their time.

 (There are 8 reels of microfilm in the VA State Library of the genealogy notes of Mrs. Richard Mortimer
Anderson, Sr., (Blandford Towler), include Anderson, Arthur, Pendleton, Nuckols, Morley, Grubb,64 different families in
all. With my mother, Gladys Nuckols Wood, I took her boxes of notebooks and notes to the Library about 20 years ago.
There are also Bible Records, including any loose papers that were with the Bibles--Reynolds, Motley (2) Nuckols/Goggin,
Easley, Grubb. Carolyn Aldredge)


Brookneal, Va.,
        September 27, 72.

Dear Col. Adams:

 ..... Now about Larkin and Nancy Chambers Adams:
It looks like a very promising lead and especially since Larkin sold land to Wilson Vaden, there being somewhat of a family connection.  That Nancy Chambers could be the same as Nancy Adams who died in Halifax Co., Va. in 1817 seems to be practically impossible since she must have been an Adams and either married Samuel or other Adams, having named her brother William P. Adams as Guardian of her son Sam'l P. Adams.  William P. Adams was the first of the legatees to sign the deed for the sale of land along with his mother Sara when his father William's property was sold after his death about 1824-5.  This William was son of John Addams who died in Halifax Co., in 1769.  One of the witnesses to Nancy Adams Will was Esther Adams who was wife of John Adams who married Susan Wood the daughter of Richard Wood in Brunswick Co.  After Pitts. Co. was formed from Halifax in 1767, there seemed to be only the Adams family of John Addams who died in 1769 left in Halifax until 1784 when John Adams from North Carolina bought 841 1/2 acres from William Lawson on Dan River, being part of a larger grant made first to William Byrd.  This is the same John Adams who married Susan Wood and I am enclosing a family group sheet of their children which I received from Mrs. Charleen Morava of Anchorage, Alaska, who is descended from the first John Addams d. 1769 daughter Elizabeth and her second husband Richard Hooper.  Note that I have added the name Samuel as a possible son though I have not so far found proof of this.  It is of course concievable that Nancy's husband may have been a son of William Adams (first on group sheet), since he was married in 1782.  From all of the above, it is quite evident that Nancy and her son were living close to John and Esther Adams in the Southern part of Halifax County where all of the John and Susan Wood Adamses were settled.  I am giving you what I have been able to find from Halifax and other records and you may draw your own conclusions.  Of course if you will contact the Mrs. Hatch who sent in the information on enclosed sheet she may know the children of William and perhaps others of the sons and daughters of John and Susan Wood Adams.  I have the names of many of them but mostly arrived at from the Halifax Marriage and Deed records.  You will see that Sarah was left off the group sheet and was added by myself.  There may have been others and all of the dates etc may not be exactly correct on this sheet.  I hope this small amount of information will be helpful.

 Any records you may uncover to prove the ancestry of my John Adams and his wife Eleanor will be appreciated.  Also, would very much like to know what happened to their son Joshua and wife Phoebe, names of children etc.  Good Hunting.

    (signed) _. _. Lansford
   HUSBAND John Adams
Birth abt 1726  Place of Halifax Co. Va.
*Chr   Place
Death   Place
Burial   Place
Father John Adams Mother
Married   Place
Other wives (if any)

WIFE Susan Wood
Birth abt 1730  Place of Brunswick Co, Va.
Chr   Place
Death   Place
Burial   Place
Father Richard Wood Mother Mary
Other husbands (if any)

Where was information shown on this family record obtained?
"Chappell, Dickie and Kindred Families of Va."
"Hist. of Halifax Co., Va."

Family Representative:
Jo Ann Finney Hatch
Name and address of person submitting this sheet:
Mrs. Gary R. Hatch
P. O. Box 287
Show Low, Ariz.
(* denote handwritten additions or changes by                     , author of previous letter)

Sex Children   BORN   Died
M  1  William Adams  abt 1756  Halifax Co. Va. 10 Sep 1839
MARRIED   1782  Elizabeth Boyd
M  2  X  Sylvester Adams  abt 1760  Halifax Co., Va. 2 Mar 1830
MARRIED   9 Feb 1782  Rebecca Boyd
M  3  Richard Adams   abt 1762  Halifax Co., Va
MARRIED   Hannah Boyd
M  4  John Adams   abt 1763  Halifax Co., Va 1835 (1834*)
MARRIED     Esther Turner
F  5  Susan Wood Adams (Susanna*) abt 1765  Halifax Co., Va
MARRIED  1798*  Mr. Ball
F  6  Elizabeth Adams  abt 1770  Halifax Co., Va
MARRIED   Reuben  Jones
MARRIED 1799*  Geo. Turner*
M  7  Philip Adams   23 Dec 1779 Halifax Co., Va 30 May 1845
MARRIED   Fanny Powell (Frances*)
M  8  Benjamin Adams  abt 1781 (1783*) Halifax Co., Va 1854*
MARRIED   Peggy Barnett (Margaret*)
F  9  Sarah Adams*   abt 1767*
MARRIED Nov 25, 1785* Patrick Boyd,son of George & brother of Elizabeth, Rebecca & Hannah*
M 10 Samuel Adams ?*  abt 1774-5*
MARRIED   Nancy Adams* (d/o William, son of John d. 1769 Adams)*

Name (in full) John Adams 1726
             Christmas Day, 1972

Dear Madalene, Mr. Lunsford, and Mr. King, (and Bob Vaden)*,

 ..... Thank you all for your correspondence and help on Samuel Adams (b. 1800).  Madalene, thank you for your letter of Dec. 14th, clarifying the point about Nancy Adams not being Nancy Chambers, but sister of William P. Adams, and for you other comments, additional info, etc.

 Mr. Lunsford, thank you for your letter of Nov. 18th, and for your postcard of Dec. 12th.  Your info (and especially) and your analysis are very pertinent and appreciated.  I now have quite a bit of updating to do on all my Adams charts.  (Madalene, I don't think I told you that last summer I started charting ALL Adamses).

 Mr. King, thank you for your letter of Nov. 26th.  Your compliments about Madalene brought home to me the fact that, although I have had correspondence with Senator Vaden in 1951 and with Robert Vaden, Jr. and Madalene since about 1969, I have never had the pleasure of meeting any of them personally!  And it never occurred to me that you had met Madalene several times.  I'm sure your book on the Adamses of Pitt., Halifax, and Charlotte Coounties will be well received; I'm sorry I'll have to wait 2 years for a copy.  When you come this way in Jan., we hope you can find time to visit us.  

 As for Samuel Adams (b. 1800), we seem to have a scarcity of records and an octopus of family traditions.

 The 1850 U. S. Census says he was "Born Va."  I am inclined to accept the Census as more authentic than the traditions that he was born elsewhere, including Mississippi Territory.  Madalene, we seem to disagree on this.

 Also, I find it difficult to accept the concept that Samuel did not know the names of his parents.  Wilson Vaden obviously knew them.  Samuel was 44 years old when Wilson Vaden died; Samuel certainly had plenty of opportunity to ask, and Wilson Vaden certainly had plenty of time to tell Samuel who his parents were.  Not to mention probable numerous friends and relatives who knew of or about Samuel's parents.

 My aunt, Mr. (sic) R. M. (Lona) Adams of Red Oak, Va. wrote that she had heard that Samuel's father had a brother, John, and that after Samuel's parents died, John went back where he came from.  That is all she had heard about John.  And, like everyone else, she had never heard the names of Samuel's parents.

 In engineering, when having difficulty probing something true, a commonly-used approach is to assume that it is false; it may then be possible to probe that is is impossible for it to be false, and therefore, it must be true.  i wonder if such an approach could help with respect to Samuel's parents.

 A.  Wilson Vaden and John Adams, "son of Jno." were named administrators, in 1811, of the estate of Elizabeth Adams (Madalene, I presume it was a typographical "slip: when you called her "Elizabeth Vaden" in your letter of Oct. 16th).  Mr. Lunsford wrote, on Oct. 20th, called her Elizabeth Adams, and went on:  "... it would appear that Elizabeth was a sister of Wilson Vaden, and her husband a brother of Nathan Adams, Jr., or John Adams, Jr., who were bros -- etc."  Mr. King wrote Mr. Lunsford that he thinks Elizabeth was wife of John who died in 1815, but does not rule out the possibility that Samuel was the son of Nancy Adams who died in Halifax County, 1817, since he may have been bound out before her death."

 The above raises some questions; Did Burwell Vaden have a known dau., Elizabeth?  Other than the fact that Wilson Vaden was named administrator of her estate, is there any other reason to think Elizabeth was a Vaden?  Might she be the wife, sister, or sister-in-law of John Adams, the other administrator?  Some of you have suggested that she might have been sister of Wilson Vaden, and widow of John Adams's brother, Samuel's father; it has also been suggested that she might have been the unmarried mother of Samuel, and that John Adams's dead brother might have been Samuel's father.  And, of course, all of this may be incorrect.

 B.  And, we still have Nancy Adams, mother of Samuel F. Adams, and sister of William P. Adams, whom she named in her will of 1817, as guardian of son Samuel F. Adams.  This is a bit late in the game for our Samuel, but the two Samuels could be one and the same, if he had been bound out prior to her death.  it also implies that she and her husband were both Adamses before their marriage, or that she was unmarried, which might explain Samuel's being bound out in 1811.  And of course, none of these speculations may be correct.

 C.    Elizabeth and Nancy both seem likely candidates as parents of Samuel Adams.  It seems to me that any sort of a record might exist to prove it one way or the other --- even some obscure record, previously noted, but ignored as not being pertinent.  Which brings me to another question: have the records of Pitt., Halifax, and Charlotte Counties REALLY been exhausted in this respect?  Madalene, I'm pretty sure you have exhausted the Pitt. Co. records, and possibly the others also.  Mr. Lunsford, the same with you for Halifax Co.  Mr. King, you've obviously looked in the records of all 3 counties.  If each of you will identify what you have and have not screened exhaustively, we might be able to identify types of records which need more screening.  Such records might well contain the one record we need to identify Samuel's parents conclusively.

 D.  My plans for the immediate future are:
  1.  To go again for Samuel's death record (and again and again, until I get it.)
  2.  To go again for Samuel's record in the 1870 (1880*) Census, which was the first to require the birthplace of a person's parents.  Do any of you know how Pitt. Co. was zoned for that Census?  (District, towns, cities, townships, etc.)  I understand that he lived in Galveston, about 2 miles south of Gretna, at time of his death in 1892, but he may have been living in Halifax Co. in 1870 (1880*), but I don't know where, probably on John's Run and Shockoe Creek, Vernon Hill, Halifax Co.  In 1873, Samuel and wife, Tamsen transferred their membership from the Vernon Hill Baptist Church to the Chatham Baptist Church. (note: correcting the above from 1870 to 1880, puts Samuel in or near Chatham about 1880.  Right?*)
  3.  To crank all the new Adams info I have into my Adams Charts.  At the same time, to look at some N. C. Adams families who have a lot of names (as I recall) similar to those in Pitt., Halifax, and Charlotte Counties.  I specifically recall that one of those families had a Samuel who seemed to have fallen in a crack somewhere.

 E.  Can we agree that there seems to be no reason to believe that Larkin and Nancy (Chambers) Adams were the parents of Samuel?

 F.  Madalene, for Mr. Lunsford's and Mr. King's info (which they may well already know), I quote from your letter of Sept. 26th:
 "I have spent hours searching for the husband and parents of Elizabeth and am no nearer to solving the mystery.  A John and Elizabeth Adams deeded land here in 1767.  John Adams, whose will is dated 1815, had a daughter, Elizabeth Williams; John Adams (will 1824), wife Sarah, had a daughter, Elizabeth Lindsey.  --- Elijah Adams, son of Robert, married Elizabeth Maneas in 1785.  Wilson Vaden was one of the appraisers of Elijah's estate in 1815.  It is not probable that this was the Elizabeth whose estate Wilson Vaden settled in 1811, unless she had separated from Elijah.  Their children, named in deeds were:  Stokeley, Redmond, Edmond Adams, and Rhoda Mead.  Each to have 1/8 part of his estate, so there were four other heirs." (My question: any way to learn names of other 4 heirs?)

 G.  One other question:  (not pertinent to Samuel):  I have seen a record which reads as follows (fictitious names):  "Sally Jones, consort of Wm Smith, married 5 Jan. 1792, John Jackson"  Can anyone interpret that for me, in terms of 1792 usage?

 H.  Bob Vaden, Jr. was too busy in the fall, but seems to have been fired up again in Dec.  he should be back from Europe about Jan. 5th, and I'm hoping he will find it possible to join in the search for Samuel's parents.  I suspect that all it will take is for me to merely send him copies of all our recent correspondence.  I'll see that it is in his mailbox before he gets home.

 I guess that does it for today.  For any of you who may be wondering, I got "A's" in every English course I ever took; trouble is, I never had a typing lesson.  Also try typing one day and keypunching the next; murder!

 I wish you all the best for 1973, and especially in your genealogical pursuits.

    (signed) Gordon S. Adams

{transciber's note: "*" after an item indicate a handwritten change or addition to the typed original.}
        Lt. Col. Gordon S. Adams
        December 25, 1972

Madalene and Bob,

 For your info, in case you don't already have it:

WILSON H. VADEN, b. (?), died (after 31 Jan. 1814, married (or bond?) 24 Dec. 1796, Chesterfield Co., Va., DYSEY (DICEY) MOORE;  Surety, Ellick Moore; wit., Thos. Finney; Rev. Eleazer Clay, Baptist.

 Wilson Vaden was Surety on 9 Nov. 1795 and on 31 Jan. 1814.

Ref; P. 4, 58, 122, "Marriages of Chesterfield Co., Va., 1771-1815," by Catherine Knorr

    (signed) Gordon

P. S. I realize he is probably NOT YOUR Wilson Vaden.*

{transciber's note: "*" after an item indicate a handwritten change or addition to the typed original.}
        Brookneal, Va.,
        January 5, 1973.

Dear Col. Adams:

 I received your letter with enclosures this morning and enjoyed both.  To answer your notes about Samuel Adams, I agree with you in accepting the census record as to his birthplace being in Va.  It is indeed strange that no one all through the years did not know the names of his parents.  The mention by Mrs. Lona Adams of Red Oak, Va. about Samuel's father having a brother named John would indeed be correct if Nancy Adams had married a son of John and Susan Wood Adams, and my supposition is that is exactly as it happened.  I hope you will be able to find the record about one Samuel Adams having fallen into a creek in N. C., for John and his family were evidently there for some time before 178(?, illeg.)4 when a Hal. Co. deed records that John Adams of N. C. bought 341 1/2 acres from Wm. Lawson, being part of a larger tract granted first to William Byrd.  As several parcels of this land were sold during the next several years, most of the deeds were signed by John Adams and wife Susanna.  As proven by many Hal. Co. C/O records, Deeds of John to his sons, marriages, and all living in same section, this was indeed the same John Adams who married Susan Wood.  It is quite possible that John Adams, the son of John and Susan Wood Adams did go to Mississippi and perhaps his brother who may have been father of Sam'l could also have gone with him and died while there, since for some reason both of John Adams (2nd above) daughters, Sarah Barnett and Nancy Ragland, married in 1811 and 1812 respectively, were living in Miss. when deeds were executed for the sale of land after their father's death in 1834.  His wife Esther who witnessed Nancy Adams Will was still living at the time.  The above indicates that there must have been some reason for the daughters having moved to Miss.  Next trip to Halifax, I will get the name of County in Miss, where they were living in about 1834-5.  While John was in Miss., if he did go there, he may have bought or patented land which his daughters were given before he died or in some way got possession of.

 If you can get the 1880 Pitts. Co. census, something may show, since Samuel was living in the county as evidenced in deed for sale of his 507 acres in Hal. Co., Sep't 11, 1879 "of Pitts. Co."  Tamsen, his wife, also signed the deed which was witnessed by W. W. Adams.

 It looks like Larkin and Nancy Adams may be ruled out.  I believe I have covered all the records in this connection in the Halifax Co. Books.  Of course there is always the possibility that a clue or some pertinent record may show up.  During my years of looking through the old books, many answers have appeared in strange and unusual places.  There is most always some very good reason to explain the "binding out" of infants or orphans, and if your Sam'l was Nancy's son, she may have been sick or otherwise not able to keep and raise the young boy.  The fact that he was placed with Wilson Vaden in 1811 would still have no bearing on William P. Adams having been named Gdn. for he would still have been under age in 1817.  There is evidence from your records that the Vadens and Adamses were closely connected and Hal., Pitts., and Charlotte Co., Adamses appear to have been cousins and due to migration from Fairfax Co. at nearly the same time, must have all been from the same original family.  Sorry that I cannot answer item G in your letter.  perhaps Bob king may do so.  This is about all I can add at this time, so will close with my very best wishes,

    (signed) _. _. Lansford
        Brookneal, Va.,
        January 6, 1973.

Dear Col. Adams:

 This is somewhat of a supplement and will reply to your questions in the Dec. 31 letter, since I had not mailed mine when yours was received this A. M.

 Yes, I agree entirely with your belief that there are many places to look for Adams information than only the three or four in S. Central Va.  Especially when I have found that twenty to thirty came to Va, N. C., and Md. from 1620 to 1750, most of whom were to Va.  I have never made the connection between our Hal. Co. Adams family to President John Adams of Mass., although there seems to have been a tradition of long standing from many different branches of this line that such was the case.  My belief is that whatever relationship, if indeed there was one, came from across the sea rather than in America.  Of course there could have been a migration from Mass to Va. during the 1600's to very early 1700's.  There does not seem to be any way to either prove or disprove this.

 I have not done any research in N. C. but hope to do so if time permits.  How many more useful years are left to me will dictate what can be done, now being in my late 65th and 66 on January 28th.  Although some interesting data has been found in Adams Addenda and from corresponding with those who have entered queries, I still have no information whatever from anyone in connection with my main objective; namely, ancestry of John Addams d. Hal. Co., Va. in 1769.  There is no doubt in my mind that some of the same family as mine, and probably yours moved to N. C., S. C., and perhaps Ga. when my ancestors stopped in Halifax Co.  Actually the section was either Brunswick or later Lunenburg at the time of the first migration from Northern Va. (Fairfax, Pr. Wm., or Stafford).  One of my main reasons to believe that the line is very likely the same as sent you some time ago, is that there was a seeming scarcity of Adamses in the counties of N. Va., and Northern Neck at the time from all existing records which I have found.  Except Daniel Adams of N. C., and Hugh Adams of Rockbridge Co., Va, it seems that all are of the same line which descended from John Adams and wife Elizabeth (Johns) Adams of Fairfax Co., or Gabriel Adams of Fairfax Co.  A large number of Pitts. Co. Adamses were from sons of William d. Char. Co., 1769, namely John, Nathan, and perhaps Robert.

 Now about your item, Chart 178 "a", I have personally seen the following in Halifax Marriage register: Book 1, page 45, Nancy Adams m. James Powell, Phillip Adams Wit. & Bond, also Obadiah Roberts was Wit.  Will Adams Father.  Date Feb. 11, 1800.  This Will Adams was the oldest son of John and Susan Wood Adams, and Phillip was his brother.  Also I read the following in Charlotte Co. Marriage Register, Book 1, (did not put down the page No.) August 1st, 1785, William Adams m. Ketuah Ford, Bondsman Culverine Ford.  It was also found that Culverine Ford was her father as evidenced in Deed records.  This Wm. Adams was, from all I have found in the records, the son of William, the son of William who d. 1769 (as above).

 This page two and also noted in page one will explain that I meant that your Samuel's father might have been son of John and Susan Wood Adams and the husband of Nancy.  The Elizabeth you mention married Reuben jones.  She was born abt. 1770, either in Lunenburg, Brunswick, or N. C.

    Again, Sincerely,
    (signed) _. _. Lansford
       Lt. Col. Gordon S. Adams
       February 20, 1973

Dear Madalene, Lowe, Bob K., and Bob V.,

 Enclosed, the U. S. 1880 Census for Samuel Adams; note that it shows him and his parents as "born Virginia."  He may not have known where he or his parents were born, or even who they were, but this is the first document I've seen that even suggests he had parents.

 My 2nd (and last, I guess) attempt to get Samuel's death record brought this from the Va. Dept. of Health:
 "No record could be found; the early death records for Pittsylvania Co. have been searched from 1889 through 1896.  We have also checked the Danville records from 1887 through 1896."

 Any suggestions?  Does anyone know if there might be extant death records in towns -- such as Gretna, Chatham, or ?, which for some reason, would not be in the Dept. of Health?  I have just decided to have them look in the Halifax Co. Records, and, if that produces nothing, in the Charlotte Co. files.  The latter is probably useless, but since Samuel lived a long time in Halifax Co., it is worth a try.  How sure are we that he died in Pittsylvania Co.?

 Back to the 1880 Census; the large copy sent me contained many other families; no other Adamses, no Vadens, and no other names of significance to me.

 Madalene, Senator Vaden's version of the "family tradition" was that:  "Wilson Vaden, relatives, and friends went to Miss. Terr. early in the Jefferson Administration, -- etc."  That would be 1801-1804, more than a year after Samuel was born.  You imply that you accept what you were told as a child that Samuel's parents were married enroute to, and that Samuel was born in Miss.
 A possible explanation of the inconsistencies between the two versions is that:  it is a known fact that many people went to Miss. while it was still under the Spanish, at least as early as 1775 of which I have records.  Still more, anticipating its becoming U. S. territory, went from 1800 on, and especially when it became known that Jefferson had purchased it, and before it was officially designated a Territory and opened to settlement.

 In view of the above, and with a little correction in the dating, both versions are possible.  I had also heard Madalene's version from Aunt Lona Adams at Red Oak, and told it to a professional genealogist I met in the San Fran. Library in 1968.  She said:
 "Oh, yes!  You do have a problem; many of the pioneers were married in St. Louis enroute to Miss.  You ought to check the St. Louis Genealogical Society."  I haven't done that for two reasons; first, St. Louis is too far north; also I seem to remember Sen. Vaden also wrote that our pioneers went by the Cumberland Trail.  This in itself is insufficient reason for not checking the St. Louis Gen. Soc., which obviously does not limit its gen. records.  The 2nd reason I haven't checked them is obvious;  I don't know the names of Samuel's parents.  How can I ask them to send me all the Adams marriage records they have, from 1795-1800?  Is that practical?  Maybe it is.  Even if I got them, they might be useless, unless one of them happened to show Wilson Vaden as witness, or something like that.  Again, any suggestions?  It has also been suggested that I check the Mormons in Salt Lake city. I haven't, for the same reasons as above.  Another reason is that I suspect a professional genealogist would have to be called in to do the searching, and I don't feel I can afford that route.

  Lowe, many happy returns on Jan. 28th.  Thank you for your letter of Jan. 5-6.  Your idea that Samuel's father might have been son of John and Susannah Adams, born while John & S. were in N. C. ca. 1784, is very interesting.  Aunt Loma had a vague idea that Samuel's father "worked his way north to Pitt. Co. and had a brother named John."  She was very vague about it, and unsure of her memory on that point.

 No, Lowe, I have seen no record of a Samuel Adams falling in a creek in N. C.  I draw all addressees attention to the center of Lowe's letter (enclosed) referring to Sarah Barnett and Nancy Ragland.  Although you did not say so, I presume their marriages were in Va.  If in Miss., that would be astounding news to me.  My 305-series of charts deals with a Geo. Adams m. Katerine Dixon; he d. ca. 1751, Lancaster Co., Pa.  Their son, William Adams b. 1734, Chester Co. Pa., m. ca. 1734 (sic), Chester Co., Pa, Susannah Martin.  He d. ca. 1816 Surrey (Yadkin Co.) N. C.
 I show 12 children for this William; will comment on a few; (Jean) born 1755, Bedford Co., Va.  The rest b. Orange Co., N. C.
William m. 1798 Millicent BARNETT.
In addition to the above, other daus. Rachel, Mary, Anne, Sarah, Margaret.
Other sons:  Jonathan (m. Anne Brown), Moses (m. ca.. 1791, ?), George (m. 1: Agatha Jackson; 2 - Lydia Parker), James (d.y.), and John b. 1778 (m. ca. 1803, Elizabeth ?)
Bob V. and I were discussing several years ago (his most recent letter) a Samuel Adams m. 25 Nov. 1800, Bedford Co., Va., Patsy Wade, dau. of Isaac Wade.  Bob V. had the abstract, but did not give me the ref.  Anyway, this abstract interested me because the name WADE appears as middlename of several of my relatives (females) for several generations, and no one seems to know why.  Correction, I do have the reference; A book by Dennis & Smith covering the Bedford Co. marriage bonds, 1755-1800.

 More on Miss.  When the Choctaw Nation was dissolved about 1827, the whole of N. Miss. was opened up to homesteading; this is why Vaidensville Miss. is probably of no interest to us, since it was founded about 1830.  Earlier pioneers to S. Miss. had the right to travel thru the Nation per a treaty with the Indians.  Lowe, I am interested in the Miss. county to which Sarah Barnett and Nancy Ragland went, and when.

 If Samuel and Tamson were first married in Milton (or elsewhere in Caswell Co.) N. C., there is a possibility that the bond or marriage record could prove interesting.

 Bob K., if you came to San Jose enroute to Danville, I'm very sorry I did not get to meet you; also, I was looking forward to showing you my "genealogical Factory."  Glad to see you are settled.  Yes, we all realize that the connection between Elizabeth's death and Samuel's being bound out a month later, may be purely coincidental.  Nevertheless, with Wilson Vaden and John Adams being named administrators of her estate, and with Wilson Vaden having reared Samuel, and with Samuel being bound out a month after her death, and with the tradition that Samuel's father may have had a brother named John, there seems to me more of a connection between Elizabeth and Samuel than just coincidence.

 Madalene and Bob V., the co-editor of "Adams Addenda" wrote me that she had copied a marriage record:
Susan Adams married Wiley Vaden, 11 Nov. 1830, Lee Co., Va.

She sent me the above, this week, as reaction to a "Query" they had published for me several months ago.  Thought it might interest you.

Bob V., did you ever come home from Europe?  The silence from Gretna is deafening.

Madalene, you once mentioned Jacob Berger as a Rev. War Patriot.  My Crispen Dickenson b. 1829, m. a Christiana Berger, of whom I know nothing but her name.  Their granddaughter, my grandmother, was Christiana Wade Dickenson, the first in my line to use the name Wade.  I would like if possible, to tie Christiana Berger to her line.

The center of page 2 of this letter is disjointed, and may be of no interest to anyone.  While writing this letter, I happened to get into my charts, found the ones (accidentally) about Wm. Adams of N. C., and thought I had the ones which include a Samuel Adams who seems to have dropped off and stayed in Va., while the rest of the family went on to N. C.  Wrong charts; not only that, but I seem to have removed that Samuel's chart from the stack, and at the moment can't find it.

 It occurs to me that Samuel was bound out to learn the tanning trade, and may have been bound out to someone in Halifax Co., since that is where Samuel later established his tannery.

  Lowe and Bob K., I do appreciate all the info you have sent; even more, I appreciate the interest you have shown in Samuel, especially since he is not your ancestral problem.  I am now going to chart all that info; if anything sensational developes, I'll start another letter.

 Best wishes to you all.
    (signed) Gordon S. Adams
        Brookneal, Va.,
        March 12, 73.

Dear Gordon:

 I have waited until I could go to Halifax before answering your last very interesting letter so that perhaps something of interest could be reported.  This is the extent of my searching:
 Heirs of John Adams dec'd which was the sale of some land in possession of Jno. Adams when he died.

 DB 49, page 201, October 10, 1843.  Deed was signed by the three children of John Adams, dec's, as follows:
 Samuel Adams of Halifax Co., Va.
 Currie Barnett and Sarah, his wife, Person Co., N. C.
 John Ragland and Nancy, his wife, Panola Co., Miss.
 Attested by Wm, Peterson and W. C. Culberson, Justices of Panola Co., Miss.
Halifax Co., Va. Marriages:

Sarah Adams m. Dr. Currie Barnett Aptril 8, 1811.  Benjamin Adams Wit. (U)

Nancy Adams m. John Ragland Nov. 14, 1812.  Samuel Adams Wit. (Brother)

 Therewas no way to determine when they left Halifax Co.

 I do not believe there would be any death records in Pitts. Co. or towns in the area in question.  In one of your letters you mentioned that you specifically recalled that some N. C. Adams family had something about a Samuel Adams falling in a crack somewhere.  I misread yours and said creek.  Perhaps you might look into this again since it is very likely that if John and Susan Wood Adams did indeed have a son named Samuel who married Nancy Adams, that he must have been born in N. C., Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, or Brunswick due to the fact that there did not seem to be any records pertaining to this branch of Adamses until 1784 when John Adams of North Carolina bought 841 1/2 acres from Walton being part of a larger tract granted first to William Byrd.  After this both John Adams and his sons appear frequently.  One of my main reasons to believe that your Samuel was a son of another Samuel who had been son of John and Susan Wood Adams was the fact (I may have said this before) their son John named his son Samuel (as above) plus the fact that the name had not been used in the other Adams lines before this.  All of the other facts called to your attention in my previous letters seem to fairly definately prove that Samuel F. Adams was your ancestor. If nothing else, the name of his son WILLIAM WILSON also mentioned before, would be surely after William P. Adams Gdn. and Wilson Vaden to whom a Samuel was bound out.  The fact that William P. Adams was Gdn. certainly would have nothing to do with his being "bound out".  In fact I have found instances where children were similarly placed when their parents were living.

 Do you know whether William W. Adams married a third time?  Failed to put down D. B. etc but in 1802 a William W. Adams and wife Nonnie P. Adams sold 72 a. at Lennig to Rosa F. Conner.

    (signed) Lowe

Dear Gordon,
 Thanks for your letter of Feb. 20th.  I really have nothing new except a possibly new suggestion.  My ancestor John Adams Sr. died in Pittsy. Co. in 1815 leaving a will which mentioned only 2 children:  John Jr. & Elizabeth.  I know that John Sr. had other children (at least a son Allen) and I just wonder if your Samuel's father could have been a son of his who died prior to 1811 and thus left Samuel with his grandparents to raise (these grandparents being John Adams Sr. & his wife Elizabeth).  Now as I think __ Eliz. who died in 18__ was John ___ wife.  This would have left young Samuel with his aged grandfather (John Sr.) who probably had ___ bound him out for ___ that he couldn't care for the lad.
 Quite a theory Don't you think!  Too bad I don't have any real proof to base it on.
 Write wnenever...
 Bob K.
{underlined spaces represent gaps the transcriber could not read.}
       Lt. Col. Gordon S. Adams
      March 31, 1973

Dear Madalene, Lowe, Bob K., and Bob V.,

 Ladies and Gentlemen!  I want to introduce you to a new member of our distinguished group; a man who: -- is now ready to go, and wants to help us find the parents of Samuel Adams.  Mr. Robert C. Vaden, Jr. in person!  Bob V. has already spent years in genealogical pursuits, and is fully cognizant on our Samuel problem.  He asks what he can do.

 Genealogy does not lend itself well to "being directed which way to go".  It is an onerous, demanding, goading "addiction" to which we unfortunates fall.  And we put up with it because we see it as a challenge to us as individuals; nevertheless, Bob V., you do have a good question; I'll answer it by saying:  look over all the correspondence I sent you; if you are at all "analytically" inclined (I know you are), you'll be able to identify 1-2 dozen points which reflect:
 a.  Info we need and don't have,
 b.  Records that need screening,
 c.  Conflicting traditions that need resolution, etc.
I'm sure you'll find one or more items, on which you may have already more info than we do; you may find something which tickles your fancy, and on which you'd like to work; everyone works at his own pace, and no one pushes for production.  A point:  duplication of effort is a waste of time
 We are all different; each of us gets a kick out of something the other guy could care less about; I get a kick out of having found that I am descended from an early Dutch immigrant to NYC, thru 3 of his 5 sons!  Another Dutchman married, had children, became a widower, married his 1st wife's sister, had more children, and I am descended from him thru both of his wives.
 Now to business.  The Va. Dept. of Health could find no death record for Samuel Adams in Halifax Co.  I give up on that record, unless someone has a pertinent suggestion.
 Another of my correspondents in Burbank has access to the "American State Papers" which included U. S. Land Office records for all of USA and its Territories.  She volunteeered to search those Papers, if I'd tell her what to look for.  I told her to forget about Adamses and to look for Wilson Vaden; if she found him, to let me know and I'd pick up the ball from there and dig into any Adams land records in that same area.  She writes that she has now checked the entire Class 8 (?) records and found no Wilson Vaden.  More "negative" info which proves nothing, --- but might have.  Would you believe that she thanked me for that assignment (her word), because of the experience she got in dealing with those Papers!

 Ordinarily, with the combined effort of 5 people such as us, on any given problem, the solution normally would narrow down to 1-2 soutions or alternative decisions to be made.  I have the sensation that the Samuel problem is expanding.  This is good!  Now we have more elbow room in which to work.  i feel that there is at least one thing in each of the conflicting family traditions, which does not ring true.  (example:  Samuel obviously was not born in both Va. and in Miss. Terr, so one of those versions is plain wrong).
 Back to the Burbank lady; she did find a reference to a Vaden (not Wilson) of the Va. line, with respect to "Certificates not picked up."  Since it was not Wilson, she passed over it.  Was I interested?  YES!  Madalene and Bob V. seem to be having some doubts as to whether Wilson V. ever went to Miss.  ____ points out that if Samuel were brought back to Va., it was probably by someone other than Wilson V.  Her (Burbank lady) record may have nothing to do with Miss. T.

 Lowe, thanks for you letter of March 12th with info on Sara Adams and Currie Barnett's marriage, and their living in Person Co., N. C. (just below Danville), and of John Ragland and Nancy Adams of Panola Co., Miss. in 1843; Panola Co. is in N. W. Miss. and was probably erected about 1830.

 And, Lowe, the creek-crack problem is amusing; yet it serves to remind me to dig into my charts and come up with the source of the creek-crack problem in the first place.  Trouble is; I have apparently mis-filed that chart and may have to go thru all the charts to find it.  That's MY problem, and my immediate objective.

 In one of my previous letters I asked that you all advise me of what records you felt you had exhausted in those 3 Va. Counties, with the idea that we might identify records or record types that may not have been screened at all, any one of which might solve the Samuel problem.  From your responses (or lack thereof) I can only conclude that possibly 50% of the existing records have not bee screened at all.  This screening should obviously be done, and under control to avoid duplication of effort; I am not qualified to evaluate the scope and nature of such an effort, nor in a position to control it; I don't even have a feel for whether it would be a few days or many weeks of work to accomplish it.  Comments, suggestions, please!
 There is a local, small Mormon office 15 miles from here, to which, on order, records can be sent from Salt Lake City (microfilm) for screening.  I presume records are available for those 3 Va. Counties, and am willing to do my part of the screening in this manner, under someone else's control as to what types of records to request, and for which county(ies).

 Without going into pages of "why" I also feel that the Records of N. C., especially of those counties near Danville, need screening; I cannot ignore the many clues that the Samuel problem might well be a N. C. problem, nor that as far as I can see, no one has ever searched in N. C. records.

 I have just found the Samuel Adams who fell in a crack somewhere.  A James Adams (m. Cecily Foster) lived in James City Co., Va and/or Albemarle Co., Va.  They had 3 sons:  Thomas (m. Sally Ford); Columbus (went to Ohio); James, Jr. (m. #1, Miss Harrisson, #2, Jane Cunningham - dau of James Cunningham.)
 James, Jr. was born 18 Oct. 1753 in Albemarle Co., Va.  He went to Elbert Co., Ga. in 1796 and d. there in 1835.  He volunteered as Sgt. inRev. War from Charlotte Co. Va.  His children were:
 William (m. Ms. Mansfield of Baltimore, who d. 1818, #2 m. Sarah Head).
 Samuel (b. Va. 1784. m. Martha Ann Thornton, dau. of Dozier Thornton)
 Ann Thompson (m. Hieron Gaines)
 Jane (m. isham Teasley)
 Elizabeth (m. Ivey Seales)
 John C.
 All children except Samuel, settled in Elbert Co., Ga.
 Ref:  P. 50, 1972, Vol. 2, Number 2, "Adams Addenda"

 Further, my charts show James, jr. m. Jane Cunningham 12 June 1772, Charlotte Co., Va.  I have nothing further on this Samuel.  He is not included in my 5 vols. of "Va. Marriages" 1700-1799, by Cecil D. McDonald, nor have I ever seen his marriage recorded in any of my previous screenings of reference books.  This is why I wrote that he seemed to have fallen in a crack somewhere.

 Lowe, your hypothesis that Samuel's father may have been the unrecorded son, named Samuel, of John & Susan (Wood) Adams is also plausible.

 Bob K., your hypothesis is equally interesting.  Both hypotheses enclosed.

 I agree that the meager evidence available might suggest that Elizabeth (d. 1811) might have been a Vaden, possibly even Wilson's sister or aunt.  I tend to reject the latter two relationships, since that would have made Wilson V. an uncle or gr. uncle of Samuel, and no such relationship have I ever heard in family tradition.

 I've run out of steam, but have a lot of paper left on this page.  May as well use it to point up some more of the contradictions in family traditions.
 Bob V., you write that your father was certain that Samuel knew who his parents were;  Madalene, if I remember correctly, you believe that he did not know who his parents were.  Might Ella Vaden Aylor be able to shed some light on any of these matters?

 (How about Methodist Church records in those Counties, or their Minister's returns?  Anyone know if they exist?  Samuel's being a Methodist in those days might have been equivalent to a synagouge in Cairo today; I was under the impression that all my Adamses had been Baptists for 10,000 years.  Any books written by Methodist Ministers, to compare to Semple's on the Baptists?  {Transcriber's note: preceding part of this paragraph was crossed out and replaced with handwritten statement "see note in ink, end of letter", and "Baptist" inserted above crossed-out Methodist})  I'm not used to having to depend on Court Records to build a family tree;  in fact I built my mother's side, back to every original immigrant (mostly 1627-1670) without ever reading an original Court Record (that's why I am unqualified in that area now; I am aware of Records of land transactions, deeds, wills, etc., but have never dug into them myself); all my work has been in the area of tracing down published family genealogies, into which I knew I tied, or in tracing down published copies of Reformed Dutch Church Records on which those published genealogies were based.  And the Dutch, and French-Huguenot Church Records still exist, and are unsurpassed as genealogical sources.  At the same time, I realize that the English took away from the Va. and other states ministers, the authority for recording religious records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.), and turned those functions over to the civil servants, many of whom were illiterate.  BUT! Do we HAVE TO restrict our search to Court Records alone?  I doubt it, and hope we'll all keep our eyes open for potentially-profitable other sources.
 I put no weight whatsoever on the fact that earlier Vadens (1825-1930) called him "Cousin Sam."  I suspect that his growing up in the home of W. Vaden automatically conferred such a title, but acknowledge there could have been a blood relation.
 What is the latest record (court) on W. Vaden, AFTER 1800, and prior (if any) to 1811?  We need to narrow down the period in which he MIGHT have gone to Miss. Terr.  Again, might any church or other record help narrow that period even more?
 And, I hope everyone will keep in mind the fact that Lowe Lunsford's problem is with John Adams (Addams) who d. Halifax Co. ca. 1769.  Bob K., I'm not sure what your most pressing Adams genealogical problem is, but if you will identify it, we'll all keep it in mind; may I ask why yu think that Elizabeth (d. 1811) was wife of John (d. 1815)?  Is it because he hamed a dau. Elizabeth, in his will?

     Happy Hunting!
    (signed) Gordon S. Adams
P.S. Bob V. wrote that Samuel's Bible was a Methodist Bible.  Have just realized that my records show that, in 1873, Samuel & Tamsen Adams transferred their membership from the Vernon Hill BAPTIST Church to the Chatham BAPTIST Church.


For ___ _____, I have ____ 1_  ___ a virus, _______ to ____ ____ all data on on Samuel Adams that is on record in the clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania Co., Va.  I work an hour and rest two!  In case you want copies, you may order directly from the clerk of the court, giving my references. (I found a Sameul C.; a Samuel _.; a Samuel _.; and a Samuel _. Adams.  By tracing their _____, I amcertain they were not our Samuel.)

I believe I wrote you that records show Wilson Vaden was married here in 1796 and was ________ _ __ __ _ were in 1800 & 1802, respectively.  The next record that I found of him was 1811, as administrator for El______ in 1814.  When Burwell Vaden deeded 130 acres for 100 pounds _____.  It is possible that he went west or south between 1__2 & 1811, but I find no proof.

Evidently I did not make my meaning clear.  I feel sure that Samuel Adams knew who his parents were, but he was too young when they died to remember them.  For that reason he did not mention them to his children.

Samuel Adams & family moved back to Pittsylvania Co. from Halifax during or just after the Civil War.  Robert W. Vaden, who was living in the large brick house that later became the hotel at Patrick Springs, also moved back to this county.  (My father, born 1852, remembered watching him weigh meat & flour etc. for widows of soldiers.  He served as commissary.)  S. Adams & Robt. Vaden built handsome homes, facing each other in a grove of giant oakes near Galveston Hill.  These homes burned while they were at church one Sunday - the cook left hot _____ on the back porch.  this must have been about 187_, since in his obituary mention was made of the tragedies in his life, the death of _______, 19 year old daughter and his home burning.  I have heard that Samuel Adams and Robt. Vaden operated a furniture factory - ____ __ _____ __ was made.

Samuel Adams then moved one mile north to the home called "Cherry Hill" and later, "_ill _____".  This place was sold to my father when he moved from _______, after se_____ ____ years as treasurer of Pittsylvania Co.  __ ____ _______ ______ _____ ____ four rooms, several ________ ____ first ______ in htat area - to accommodate his family of ten children.

My father, at 22 years of age, after his father's death in 1874, assumed all of Robert Vaden's responsibilities.  He took care of his sister and two brothers until they married or died.  ( ___ Vaden was killed by a drunken Negro.)  His mother lived with us until her death in 1906 as did Samuel Adams and his other daughter, ____ Tamsen Irby.  I remember her well and her funeral at the old home. (1915 or 1916?) one of the first I was allowed to attend.

My sister, ___ _aden _yler is ninety-two ___ __ __ ______ Medical Care Center.  I have talked with her many times - she has no information regarding the parents of Samuel Adams.

I located the minutes of Greenfield Church (Baptist), organized in 1800 and found that Robert W. Vaden, Giles H. Vaden, __la _. Vaden & Rebecca _. Vaden joined by letter in 186_; by 1867 a list of transfers from Galveston included the names of Miss Rosa F. Irby (granddaughter of Samuel Adams), _olly J. Adams & Ida V. Dickenson.  No mention of Samuel Adams.  I cannot locate the minites of Chatham Baptist Church, but I believe the statement is correct that Samuel & Tamsen Adams moved their membership here from Vernon Hill Church.  I have no explanation of the "Methodist Bible" - it contained a picture of Christ being sprinkled rather than immersed, so my mother said.

I have thouroughly enjoyed you letters and trust that the three of you can fit the pieces of the puzzle together and find proof of Samuel's parentage.  We know, for a fact, that he died in Pittsylvania County, not Halifax.

     Most sincerely,
    Re:  Samuel Adams born 15 Jan. 1800
      died May _, 1__2

Records of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Grantee Deeds:

1832 June 18  Samuel Adams from john Williams & wife, Elizabeth
Tract on John's Run & Shockoe Cr. on the road to Clark's Bridge ... for $950 ... 218.48  Vol 33 pg 389-396

1833 May 20  Samuel Adams from Leonard Clairborn & wf.
33 1/4 ac. on Shocko Cr. on road to Clark's Bridge for $130 ... Vol 35  pg 110-114

1835 June 1  Samuel Adams & Robert Terry from John Compton ... Deed of Trust on household furniture ect.  Vol 37 pg. 404-405

1840 Dec 21  Samuel Adams & Robert Terry from Wm. Abbott ... Trust  Vol 44 pg 259-260

1863 Jan 17  Samuel Adams of Halifax County from Stephen Tucker & wife ... their interest in Galveston Mills & land ... & all interest in books & debts in the Concern of Vaden, Davis & Tucker ... for $1500 ... Vol 60 pg. 374-375

1877 Apr 19  Samuel Adams from John L. Hurt & wife (partition)  127 ac ______ Farm  $1900  Vol 70 pg. 435-436

Grantor Deeds:

1844 Jan 15  Samuel Adams of Co. of Pittsylvania & wife, Tamsen A. to Reuben _. Carter for $350.  ... 18 acres on John's Run ... in said Co. ...  Vol 48 pg. 159-160

1854 Jul 17  Samuel Adams of the County of Halifax & wife Tamsen to Thomas Shields ... 233 ac. for $315 ... on John's Run & Shokoe Cr. ... Pittsylvania Co.  Vol 55 pg. 177-178

1863  Jan 17  Samuel Adams & wife Tamsen A. to Robert W. Vaden for $2000. ... their interest in Galveston Mills & land attached ... ect. ...  Vol 60 pg. 373-374

Marriage Register:

1827  Dec 26  Samuel Adams & Tamsen Dix- Bondsman Peter Barksdale; sighner-self.  Minister- William Blair  Pg. 87

Note:  Samuel Adams was living in Halifax Co., Va. when his daughter mary Reaves Adams married Robert W. Vaden- Dec. 16, 1851

Court Orders- Pittsylvania Co., Va.

1811  Samuel Adams ordered bound out by the Overseers of the Poor   Vol. 15 Pg. 151

1838 May 21  Ordered that the Male Tithables work the road from Samuel Adams to James Thompsons  Vol. 34 Pg. 118-119
License for House _ Private Embursement (? illeg.)

1862 Jan 20  Samuel Adams qualified as administrator of Estate of Martha Dix ... Bond $40,000  Vol. 46 Pg. 211
Samuel Adams qualified as Admr. of the estate of Thomas Dix ... Bond $4,000  Vol. 46 Pg. 252

1866 Aug 20  Samuel Adams, Admr. Accounts Current  Vol. 47 Pg. 208
Confirmed  Vol. 48 Pg. 56
(Martha & henrietta Dix)

1898  Apr 26  Samuel Adams _et. Committed to Sheriff  Vol. 67 Pg. 204
 Order to Appraise


1898 Mar 20  Will of Samuel Adams (written Jan. 1889)
Names three children:  Ann Tamsen Irby  Will Book
  Mary Reaves Vaden  216
  William Wilson Adams 219

Land Book - Taxes - Pittsylvania Co., Va.

1833-1834  Samuel Adams paid taxes on 218 acres on John's Run & Shockoe Creek
1834  33 1/4 acres

1839  Samuel Adams paid taxes on 218 acres & 33 1/4 acres on Shockoe Cr. & John's Run

1851  Samuel Adams of the County of Halifax paid taxes on 200 acres on Shockoe Creek  400.88
33 1/4 acres on Shockoe Creek.  133.88
(These books are badly worn and difficult to read.)

ACCOUNTS CURRENT Vol. 57, pp. 290.

1898  March Court - Inventory & appraisal of the estate of Samuel Adams, deceased ... Appraisers: C. D. Bennett, W. W. Adams, _. H. H. Cocke, W. I. Overbey, Sheriff & Admr.  Apr. 17, 1898 ...

1892 Apr. 20 - filed & approved - Ross Carter, Comr.

1898 Aug 1 - Written to record ... W. B. Shepherd, Clk
        Brookneal, Va.,
        April 16, 1973.

Dear Gordon:

 Thank you for your last two letters and will now attempt to answer your questions.  Glad to hear that Bob Vaden is now on your team and that he may help in the solution of the parentage of your Samuel.  Sorry to say I have nothing new to report.  Now for your last letter:  Item 1. Regarding the several John Adamses you list, I failed to make copies of all my letters so will begin anew as follows: generations before John Adams d. in 1750-51 in FAIRFAX County, Va. with wife Elizabeth (presumably Johns) Adams, Executrix of his estate, a__ conjecture, but due to the scarcity of any other Adams in areas in the counties of Northumberland, Stafford, and Fairfax during the late 1600 and early 1700 period, Bob King and I have, after a considerable amount of research, concluded that John Adams with wife Katherine who sold his property in Northumberland Co. 1702 and bought in Stafford at about the same time, as well as John Adams Jr., sonof John Adams also bought land in the same place on Accokeek Creek (Main Run), Stafford County, was the same John Adams whose Will was recorded in the index of Stafford Co. Wills, period 1721-1730.  However this book was lost in the burning of Stafford Court House by yankee soldiers during the Civil War.  Anyway there was no other John Adams in the county during the above period.  Therefore it would seem to be fairly conclusive to place John Adams Jr. as the same John Adams who had married Elizabeth Johns at some time before 1703 when in Richard Johns Will of that year he names his daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Adams.  Will is recorded in King William Co., Va and I have seen it.  Stafford and King William were adjoining counties and it would definitely seem that this John and Elizabeth Adams were the same as later being in Fairfax Co. in 1750 since Fairfax was formed from the parent in 1742.  I have seem the record of administration of Estate of John Adams by Elizabeth Adams in which payments were made to Nipper Adams, John Jr., and Will Adams.  I have a record found by Henry Welch Adams, genealogist of Atlanta, Ga, which is from Fairfax Co.  Inventories in which is mentioned in connection with the above, "Grandsons, sons of John Jr., Nipper, William and unnamed children in the proceedings."  Now, since my ancestor John Adams d. ca. 1769 in HALIFAX Co., Va. had sons named Nipper, William, John and Joshua, he is most surely the same as the John Jr. who was son of John Adams d. Fairfax Co. about 1751 and had wife Elizabeth.  Following MY LINE, the next would be John Adams b. abt. 1740-44, son of John d. 1769 and Eleanor his wife, who married FIRST Jane (Jenny) Hurt, second Prudence Thornton, and third Rebecca Martin, dying in 1828.  He did NOT marry Mary Thompson in 1781 since he had a son Moza (named for Moza Hurt, father of wife Jane), who was married in 1797 and even if he had been only 17 years of age when married, (unlikely), would of course been born in 1780 one year before the date of record when a John Adams married Mary Thompson, da. of John Thompson, in Hal. Co.  It is my belief that this John was a son of Richard or James Adams who were brothers of John Adams d. ca. 1769.  The John Adams you list as marrying Nancy Craddock was a son of his father John Adams and second wife Prudence Thornton, being half brother of James Adams my ancestor, who was the last child of John and wife Jane Hurt Adams.  This last John Adams (m. Nancy Craddock), the son of Prudence Thornton Adams, wa born 1792-3 since his father m. his mother in 1791.  Therefore you have two of the Johns confused, your last listing of a John b. 1726 is the same one who m. Susan Wood evidently, due to some of his descendents having placed his birthdate as abt. 1726.  From numerous deeds, in one of which John Adams of Lunenburg Co. and his wife Susanna sold 100 acres land in Fairfax Co. being the same tract willed to John Adams by his father Gabriel in 1750.  This transaction was in 1758 and during the period t__ 1762, a John Adams and Susanna, his wife sold a number of parcels of land in Lunenburg Co., all being part of a larger tract which had been bought from Drury Stith of Brunswick Co. containing 800 acres.  Also John Adams, no right of dower mentioned, sold 200 acres in Brunswick "joining Richard Woods line".  From the above, it definately seems that this John Adams the son of Gabriel Adams was the same as the one who married Susan Wood, da. of Richard Wood of Brunswick Co.  My notes above may be proven by existing Va. County Court Records, and the conclusion that John and Katherine Adams were the parents of John Adams d. Fairfax Co. 1750-51 who had wife Elizabeth.  Probably there may show up records which will positively prove this.  Gabriel being another son of Jno &

 All of this and much more will appear in Bob King's book, and since he is a very careful genealogist as far as proof is concerned, he is very likely to have record proof for most of his statements.  When such is not available, he gives his methods at arriving at conclusions.

 Item No. 2:  Samuel Adams who was right-of-way buyer for railroad in 1886 may have been the same as the son of Nancy Adams, but d__ to age, if so, surely would have ben rather old for this type of work, and therefore appears doubtful to have been the same.  Since the Will of Nancy Adams was proven in 1817, it seems more likely that she was deceased, never having heard of Will being probated during the life of the maker.  I have read her Will and the facts pertaining to same are still the same as told you before.  Bob King knows the correct da__ in this Nancy Adams connection, I feel sure.  Facts I have given you in regard to Halifax County Adamses as well as Charlotte are from personal searches of the records.

 Item No. 3 (New Subject):  Nancy Adams and William P. Adams, her brother as named in her Will, were children of William and Sara Boyd Adams.  William was a son of John Addams who died in Halifax Co. in 17__.  His wife was a daughter of James Boyd of Halifax Co., Va.  John Addams, father of William was a son of John and Elizabeth Adams of Fairfax Co. and a grandson of John and Katherine Adams of Northumberland and later Stafford Counties.  This William Adams had only one wife, Sara Boyd, and she was mother of ten known children.  Perhaps there may have been more.

 Item No. 4 (New Subject):  So much for William W. and wive N___ since he undoubtedly was a different line of Adamses.

 Item No. 5:  Re; Mrs. Madeline Fitzgerald, I sincerely hope she has not been offended by anything either you or I have mentioned, the_ were only different clues to think about with the hope of solving your problem of Samuel.

 Last, as I have probably said before, much of the LDS material is unreliable due to its having been based on information sent to them and to some extent is from family tradition which I have proben to be erronious in many cases.

 Hope you may still have some new information towards your immediate problem and with my best wishes,
    (signed) Lowe

P. S. Item No. 1.  John Adams m. Katherine Napier (Nipper?) was born in Northumberland Co., or elsewhere.  Not Fairfax.  John Adams m. Eliz. Johns d. in Fairfax Co., not Halifax.
       A. Lowe Lunsford
       Brookneal, Va.,
       May 4, 1973.

Dear Gordon:

 Thank you for your letter enclosing material from Mr. Sims and the card received today.  I have not found anything pertinent to my work in the Sims notes.  However, this may show something later in relation to some branch of Adamses.  I have also received a letter from mr. Sims in which he seems to think I am primarily interested in John and Susan Wood Adams.  Of course this is not the case, I having run across the records of this family during the pursuit of finding ancestry of my ancestor John Addams d. Hal. Co. in 1769.

 Yes I have read the charting of Zachariah Adams family by Mr. Roberson in the last issue of Addenda and it has raised several questions:  1) That there may have two John Adamses involved in this mans work or that he did not definately verify the origin of the John who m. Susan (Susanna) Wood who was da. of Richard Wood of Brunswick County.  I will give you the following verified records and you may draw your own conclusions.

 Fairfax Co. W. B. A. - Will of Gabriel Adams dated Jan. 19, 1749 and probated Dec. 27, 1950, mentions sons John, Sylvester, Cathon, Earl, Gabriel, Simon, and da. Susanna Summers.  Executors, sons Gabriel and William.  Thus it can be definately proven that Gabriel Adams had a son named John.

 Fairfax Co. D. B. D, page 564:  August 18, 1758, Gabriel Adams eldest son and heir at law of Gabriel Adams, late of the County of Fairfax and John Adams of the County of Lunenburg and Susanna his wife sell to John Dalton of Fairfax 100 acres being part of a greater tract of 515 acres granted to Gabriel Adams, father of the said Gabriel Adams and John Adams by patent Oct. 12, 1726 and by said Gabriel Adams devised to John Adams his son for life as by the last Will and Testament of Gabriel Adams proved and recorded in Fairfax Co., August 1758.  Actually recorded April 1759.  Therefore this deed definately proves that John Adams son of Gabriel Adams deceased of Fairfax Co., was living in Lunenburg Co. in 1758 and had a wife Susanna.

 Brunswick Co. D. B. 6, page 360, dated Nov 8, 1758, John Adams of Lunenburg sells to Chas. Humphries of Lunenburg 200 acres in Brunswick Northside of Teagues Creek, joining Richard Wood's line.  No wife mentioned.  This indicates that this John was the same who m. Susan Wood.

 Lunenburg Co. D. B. 5, page 291 - June 7, 1758, Drury Stith of Brunswick sells to John Adams of Lunenburg 800 acres in Lunenburg both sides of Little Blue Stone Creek and both sides of Reedy branch, recoded july 4, 1758, Blue Stone Creek is in present mecklenburg Co.

 Subsequently during the years up to 1762 John Adams sold this land in parcels of 100 and 200 acres in which Susanna signed dower to most deeds.  May 3, 1762 was the last I have and Susanna did sign this deed to Robert Carey for 100 acres.  At about this time it is apparent that this John Adams moved or was in the part of Lunenburg which was cut off for Mecklenburg in 1764, and after which he no doubt crossed the Roanoke River into N. C., since he was "from N. C." when in 1764 he bought 841 1/2 acres in Halifax Co.

 There is far more in connection with the case which I could bring out as evidence that Mr. Roberson was dealing with another John Adams as ancestor of Zachariah, than John the son of Gabriel of Fairfax who it would appear from all the evidence, married Susan Wood.  My theory, and that is all, since I have done no work in connection with the John Adams who was son of David, who in turn was a son of Thomas Adams d. ca. 1722 in Prince George co. leaving a Will, is that Zachariah was descended from Thomas Adams.  Perhaps he had a wife named Susanna but so far this has not been proven. A thorough search of Brunswick records may show up this proof.

 The William Adams mentioned as being another connection in the ancestry of said Zachariah is listed as disappearing from Lunenburg records and presumably moving to N. C., where he died in 1783, is not the same William since Charlotte Co., took in this William Adams land when it was formed from Lunenburg in 1765.  There William Adams (ancestor of Robert E. King) died on Wards Fork Creek at his home in 1769 and his Will is recorded in Charlotte Co. W. B. 1, naming his son Nathan as Admr.  Therefore mr. Roberson was completely in error on this point.  His work is most interesting but he just did not do quite enough research.

 Nothing new to report about your Samuel except the naming a son Samuel by Sylvestor Adams a brother of John and likewise on of the sons of John and Susan Wood Adams.  Again, this looks like Sam'l must have been brother of Jno., Sylvester, Wm., Richard, Benj., & Phillip, being the same who m. Nancy Adams, mother of Samuel F.

 Perhaps if you could get someone to take a good look at records in the Surry and Wilkes Counties of N. C. during the period up to 1785, something interesting just might show.  How about Robert Vaden?  He may have time to do so, which I do not have at this time.  It seems to me that I saw in some of the family group sheets that one of the daughters of John and Susan Wood Adams was married in Surry County and this would definately not have been surry in Va.  I do not think.  Too far away for those times.

 Since I have nothing more of value to report, this will have to be all for this time.  With my best wishes, I am,
    (signed) Lowe
P. S. -
I do not believe Bob King subscribes to Addenda.  In your last letter you mentioned something about a Samuel Adams listed in 1850 Census of Halifax Co.  As I pointed out before, he was a son, and the only one, of John Adams one of the sons of John and Susan Wood Adams, therefore a first cousin of Samuel F. Adams.  Bob is still putting together his book on Adams Families of Pitts. and Halifax Counties which should be accurate and most intersting.
    (signed) Lowe
     April 24, 1973
Dear Gordon,
 Let me expand a little on my comment of Oct. 7, 1972 when I said "A Samuel Adams, born 1778, died after 1850, with wife Nancy (having a son, Samuel F. Adams) may have been the son of John Adams & Susan (Wood) Adams, but some records deny this."  Frankly I had forgotten about this so I had to look up my sources and as it turns out, it was Lowe Lunsford who suggested this.  he sent me the names of 8 children of John Adams and Susan (Wood) Adams and then suggested that the above-given Samuel MIGHT be another one.  At the time he sent his data he did not have proof of it and I don't know what he thinks about it now.  I must, however, take "credit" for giving Samuel a birthdate of ca. 1778 and as I review my notes I think I
made a careless error of trying to connect up too much.  The Halifax Co. Census of 1850 shows the following:
845   Benjamin Adams   67  M  Planter  $6,000
 Margaret Adams 67  F
 Margaret Adams 18  F
 Charles Griffin 35  M

846 Samuel Adams 62  M  Planter  $4,000
 Henry Adams 30  M  Overseer
 Mary Adams 20  F
 Ellen Adams 11  F
 Benjamin Adams  7  F
 Susan Adams  5  F
 Samuel Adams  1  M

 Now what I did was apparently think Samuel Adams (age 62 thus born ca. 1787/88 [not 1778]) might be a brother to the above Benjamin (age 67) whom does seem to be the son of John Adams and Susan Wood, thus I connected him to Lowes __
 While it is still possible that Samuel (age 62) is as I originally thought (or rather errored into thinking) it's equally likely he is someone else.  Anyway, I've given you all I know now.

 As to why I _____ _____ D. 1811 was the wife of my John Adams Sr. D. 1815, it is because john named no wife in his will whereas earlier Pittsylvania Co. deeds (e. g. Deed Book 1 p. 48 dated 28 Aug. 1767) show John Sr. to have a wife named Elizabeth.  Then the fact that Wilson Vaden and "John Adams son of John" were appointed executors of the estate of Elizabeth Adams sound to me like the same Elizabeth with "her son" John Adams Jr. (D. 1824) designated thusly as "John Adams son of john" since the father (John Sr.) was still living.  It is even possible that Wilson Vaden could have been related to the Adamses some way or another as I have said befoer I have recors of only 3 children of John Adams Sr. (D. 18__)

but suspect he had more.  Do write me as to your ideas on all this.  I could well be wrong on my identification of Elizabeth but inmy own mind all the "parts" fit too nicely for her to be anyone else.
 You asked about my "most" pressing Adams genealogical problem.  I guess it is to link John Adams Sr. (D. 1815 in Pitts.) as the son of William Adams (D. 1768/69 in Charlotte Co.)  Evidence in that early time period is so scant anyway certainties are hard to come by so I may never find stronger "proof" than the entry in the Halifax Co. deed book 3 p. 20 as follows:  28 Aug. 1760 Wm Addams of Lunenburg Co. (later Charlotte) sold John Adams of Halifax Co. (later Pittsy.) 180 acres of land in Halifax located on both sides of the Banister River.
 It was in/on the Bansiter River area that my Adamses lived so I

must assume for lack of better evidence that Wm. Adams sold this land to a son (John as it were) and then that is why he (Wm) does not name him (Jno.) in his Will.  Instead William names only a son Nathan whom I think is the Nathan Adams D. 1802 in Pittsylvania Co. who had many dealings with John Adams D. 1815 - who would thus be his brother.  This is all rather shakey I agree but for lack of better ideas and evidence I tentatively acept it as true.
 Must close now.
    Best wishes,
    Bob King
       Lt. Col. Gordon S. Adams
       July 3, 1973

Dear Madalene, Lowe, Bob K., and Bob V.,

 First, Madalene, think you very much for your interesting letter and enclosures of April 9th; that was a beautiful piece of work.  I have noted and respect your apparent desire not to be considered a member of "the team;" nevertheless, with your permission, you shall continue to be an addressee of letters such as this, to keep you up-to-date on our progress (or lack thereof).  Respond as and when you wish.
 Incidentally, I remember well Aunt Ida Dickenson Walden, whom you mention as transferring her membership by 1867 from Galveston to the Greenfield Baptist Church.  When I first started on the family tree at age 16, in 1938, I was told to see her.  I regret I never did.  When I got back to it in 1951 I was told to write Senator Vaden, which I did do.  Aunt Ida's great grandfather, Corp. Griffith Dickenson is the basis of my SAR membership.  Griffith was ordained as a Baptist minister in the same Greenfield Church on 10 June 1802, and served as minister there for 41 years until his death. (Ref; "History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Va." by Semple.)
 With the scanty evidence available, there seems to be a possibility that Samuel was related to John and Susan (Wood) Adams.  I ran into them several years ago, and have been running into them ever since; each time it seems to be a brand new ball game, with different children, ancestors, residences, and different Susanna(h)'s last name (if given), and different assumptions made by each compiler to tie it all together.
 Lowe, you will recal that this is how I first contacted you, merely pointing out that your lineage for John and Susanna (as published in "Adams Addenda") differed from another published lineage for them.  Your response was immediate, thorough, and reflected the careful research you had done and the reasons why you believed your version to be correct.  I agree and feel you have almost proved their lineage, at least down to 3 May 1762, the last of their land deed records in Lunenburg (later Mecklenburg) Co., Va.
 I was beginning to suspect that there were two or more John and Susanna Adams in Southern Va. and in N. C. about the same time, and that genealogists working in the period subsequent to May 1762 were confusing them.
 The Mr. Sims entered the picture.  Don't know how he heard of me, but he wrote, welcoming me aboard the hunt for Adamses, and enclosed two typewritten pages of Adams info (much of which I did not have, and offering to send more if I were interested -- I said yes).  In that first letter he included John and Susanna's lineage, which again differed from Lowe's, which I brought to both of your attention.
 Sims whole family seems to have done a lot of library research on Adamses.  At present, they are using 3 tape recorders to catalogue all the cemeteries in his county in Ohio, as part of a family project to write a history of that county.  Later I received from him a "chain letter" of 27 typewritten pages, asking that I add something to it, and that I send it to you, Lowe (enclosed).  I've told Sims that until I can analyze it and chart the info, I wouldn't know what to add, and that I've merely xeroxed it, sent it to Lowe, and will do better on the next chain letter.  He understands and agrees.
 I feel he is filling a valid genealogical function.  The accuracy of his info is probably no better nor worse than my own charts.  Lowe, if I receive another of his chain letters, do you want to receive it?  This may sound an odd question to you others: Sim's grammar is terrible, as are his spelling and typing.
 My next two meetings with John and Susanna were both in the same issue, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Spring), 1973 of "Adams Addenda."  Both these lineages differ with each other and with lowe's.
 The first was a 14-page compilation done in 1937 by a professional genealogist, Mr. H. C. Roberson.  His info was extremely difficult to chart, because he started with descendants, worked backward in time, then sideways, etc., at each turn making a new, and almost concealed, "assumption".  It is statistically improbable that ALL of his assumptions are correct.  The only thing he has proved to me is that different compilers come up with different lineages becasue of the different assumptions they use.
 Although he does not say so, I interpret Roberson's last paragraph as suggesting that Susanna's last name might have ben Clemons.  He used records only of Isle of Wight, Prince George, Brunswick, and Lunenburg Co.'s, Va., Surry and Wilkes Co.'s, N. C., and Pulaski and Laurel Co.'s, Ky.
 Lowe, you and Roberson differ on one point of possible significance. (see p. 11, Adams Addenda").  With reference to John and Susanna's May 3, 1762 land deed (100 acres to Cary), he writes:
 "Incidentally, Susannah, his wife does not appear as relinquishing her dower in the last conveyance, hence it seems probable that she was then deceased."  Lowe, in your letter of May 4, 1973 wrote about the same conveyance: "May 3, 1762 was the sast (deed) I have and Susanna did sign this deed to Robert Cary for 100 acres."
 The significance lies in the fact that if she were dead in 1762, there MUST have been 2 different Johns and Susannas in the same area about the same time, becasue John and Susanna (Wood) Adams had children born after 1762.
 Having sold their entire Lunenburg (later Mecklenburg) tract, it is logical that John and Susanna (if living) went elsewhere.  At this point, all compilers are forced to make an assumption.  The next time each of them runs onto a record of a John and Susan, he assumes they are the ones from Lunenburg.
 Lowe, I believe you acknowledge that you did this with the John and Susanna Adams "Of North Carolina", who, in 1784 bought 841 11/2 acres in Halifax Co., Va.  You also stated from the first that you had no proof.
 Roberson's assumption at this same point is a double or triple one, difficult to define, involving two of John and Susanna's sons (one of whom is very questionable as being their son), and the local geography (the latter merely proving that Va. is not far from N. C.  He no longer deals with John and susanna, leaving them in limbo.
 The 2nd lineage in Adams Addenda (p. 21), was submitted from N. C. in 1936.  It traces him (without references and without identifying any assumptions made) back to John Adams of Wales, and down to different children.
 The Adams Addenda to which I refer is a quarterly publication devoted exclusively to Adamses.  Lowe and I subscribe.  In addition to publishing items (lineages, requests for assistance, Bible records, etc.) submitted by subscribers, it publishes portions of the 1300 feet of microfilm records on Adamses accumulated by James Truslow Adams of Wise Co., Vs., during the period from about 1920-1950.  The 2nd lineage immediately above was submitted to him in 1936.  If any of you are interested, they are:
"Adams Addenda", 7530 Westmoreland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. -- $5/year. (zip 63105)
 Madalene, you have again (Oct. 16, 1972 and April 9, 1973) written to the effect that Wilson Vaden in 1811 was named Administrator of the estate of Elizabeth VADEN (my underline).  Again, I assume you meant Elizabeth ADAMS.  (Just the hint that she might be known to have been Elizabeth (Vaden) Adams raises goose bumples on me!)  Or, am I mixed up in some way?
 Lowe, thank you for your letter of April 16th (clearing my confusion on some of the info you had previously sent me), and of May 4th with your impressions of Roberson's compilation.
 Bob K., thanks for your letter of April 24th.  Lowe had sent me the same infor, clearly indicating it as merely "possible."  When I waw the same ifo from you, I did not relate them as being the same info.  Anyway, we now know your "most pressing" Adams problem, and I hope we will all keep it in mind (as we will Lowe's) as we go about our business.  When will your book on the Adamses of Pitt., Halifax, and Charlotte Counties be published, and how can I buy a copy?
 In wondering whether Samuel's parents might have been legally separated, divorced, or possibly one just deserted the other, it struck me as odd to realize that I have never seen a record of a separation or divorce in those days.  Have any of you?
 Back about 1925-30 I believe the Vadens thought Samuel's mother was related to Burwell Vaden's wife and that the latter may have been a Wilson.  Any newer info or impressions in this respect?
 One of my correspondents, Mrs. H. N. Moore, President of the Tennessee Genealogical Society, has just sent me the lineage of Susanna Shelton (who m. my ancestor, Griffith Dickenson).  Susanna was dau. of Crispen Shelton, and grandau. of Ralph Shelton who immigrated ca 1702 to Middlesex Co., Va.  I can copy for anyone interested.  The info seems to be well documented and substantiated.
 So!  Where do we stand?  We are in the same position as the hunter who has been out for 2 hours and hasn't seen a rabbit yet.  He could jump one in the next 30 feet.  If he quits and goes home, he is certain not to jump one.
 I shall contunue my corresponding and charting of all Adams info I recive.  It is a lot more than just charting the info; I also maintain 2 indices, one for the first names of male and female (including female spouses'), and the other for non-Adams spouses' last names.  Also, I ANALYZE the info; I go through the index, pick out a name, compare all the charts for that name, and often find I can combine two charts into one.  One small item of new info can tie one set of charts directly to another.  I really have 2 completely different sets of charts and indices.  One, using chart numbers 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. for each original Adams immigrant, and each's descendants having chart numbers within that thousand range.  The other charts are for Adamses whose immigrant ancestor is, as yet, unknown to me.  The numbers on these charts are merely in ascending order, but never greater than 999.  When I chart a new, long lineage, I might assign chart number 227-1-1 to the earliest one, and put all the charts for that lineage in the 227- series.  It is all done in pencil, and when I later tie the 227 - series to the other immigrant file, all I have to do is insert the proper thousand number before the 227, such as 4000-227-1-16, and update my indices.  A lot of pieces are now in this jig-saw puzzle, -- maybe 30,000 pieces.  Sounds like a lot, until I remind myself that the gigantic puzzle might well contain 100 million pieces.  My deadline for submission to the publisher is noon, 14 June 3245 A. D.
 Oh yes!  The record we are looking for could turn out to be a McAdam one.  It is for this reason that I also chart them, but so far only have a dozen charts for them.  Madalene and Bob V., I assume that you are aware that one of the family traditions is that two brothers, one, Samuel's unknown father, and the other named John mcAdam, emigrated to Mass., stayed there for a while, changed names to Adams, and somehow ended up in Miss. Terr.
 Again, I thank you all for your interest and efforts.  Copies of all your letters to me, enclosed to each of the others.
     Happy Hunting!

    (signed) Gordon S. Adams
    July 9, 1973

Dear Gordon,
 Your Adams data came today and I am reading it with interest.  Your comment that you are a Shelton descendant came as a surprise as I also descent from that family and have an interest in collecting Shelton data.  That would make us distant cousins, as my connection is as follows:
   Ralph Shelton
|    |  |
Crispin  <- brothers ->  Daniel
Shelton     Shelton
|     |
Susannah  m. Griffith    Sally   m.  Thom
Shelton          Dickensen   Shelton Paine c. 18**
    Leroy Payne  b. 1849
    Amanda Jane Payne (1834-1907)
    Eliza Ann Richardson (1863-1948) - Isaac James ***
    Edna J. Yeaman (188*-1972) - Eugene Adams
    Blanche Adams

As you see my gr.-gr.-gr.-gr.-gr.-grandfather was Daniel Shelton, a brother to your ancestor Crispin Shelton.

{missing a line} see your Shelton data and also wonder if you could supply me with an account of exactly how you descend from Crispin Shelton.  Last fall I came across various books which enabled me to put together the enclosed sheet.   (Could I please ask you to return it at your convenience as it is my only copy and I am not situated near a good Xerox machine.)  I do not claim to know much about the Sheltons but do know that the lineage I offer (particularly generations #129, #130) may well disagree with what you have.  hence that is why I am interested in the well-documented data you mentioned.
 I have little new Adams data as most of my very recent efforts have been to collect up descendants - but do have a few points to offer:  I spoke with {missing some text}

Mrs. Madalene Fitzgerald last {missing some text}

up with a few possibly significant "coincidences".  She gave me the data that in "Virginia Wills Before 1799" there is a will for Mary Reeves of Prince William Co., Va dated 2 Apr. 1781 naming "son George Adams and niece Margaret Chapman."  Since your Samual Adams had a daughter "Mary Reeves Adams" we were both struck that there might be something important herin as I gave her the following:
 I had traced all early George Adamses in Pittsylvania Co. and found them descended from one Sylvester Adams (d. 1785) of Fairfax Co. (who moved to Pittsylvania Co.).  Now Fairfax is very close (or by) Prince William Co. and in the enclosed 3 pages of info I wrote on Sylvester Adams you will see connections of the Adams family to the Wilsons (and even the Sheltons).  I submit all for your analysis and conclusions.  In all, it leads me to wonder if your
{missing some text}
"Sylvester Adams group" as a grandson or great-grandson thru some yet-to-be-discovered connection?  What do you think?
 I must close now as it is 2:00 AM - but did want to answer promptly as some of what I have said will be of interest.

     Bob King

P. S.  Could you please return the 3 sheets on Sylvester Adams along with the Shelton data when you finish with them?  Thanks.
       Brookneal, Va.,
       July 10, 1973.

Dear Gordon:

 Thank you for your letter which I have enjoyed but although I appreciate the offer, do not need more of the Sims material since it does not seem to be in any way connected with my lines.  In fact, during my years of work on the Adams and several directly connected families, there has been a large accumulation of practically useless material.  Most of my success in tracing descendents of John and Eleanor Adams of Halifax County, Va., has resulted from Adams Addenda.

 Looking at John and Susan Wood Adams again:  although it looks like they sold last in Lunenburg Co., in Va. and perhaps then moved to N.C., this could not be quite true and may have in fact been later in the part of Lun. Co. cut off for Mecklenburg.  I have done no work there but intend to do so.  Of course they did live for some time in N.C. due to the fact that John of N.C. did buy 841 1/2 a. in Hal. in 1780's and due to deed records of John and Susanna, same naming sons and daughters, such as ,"John selling 100 a. in late 1700's, where my son William is now living," and also use of his wife's name Susan and Susanna for a daughter and numbers of grandchildren and later descendents would be sufficient proof for me to substantiate the fact that they were one and the same.

 There still could have been another John Adams in the County of Lunenburg with a wife named Susanna, but I do not so far have the necessary proof to be sure of this.  I am still of the opinion that a thorough look at records of the adjoining N.C.  counties during the period between 1760 to 1785-90 might give all this proof.  Included are several maps showing N.C. counties during the time in question which you could use if someone could do this work for you.

 To date I have been able to definately prove that John Adams d. 1769 in Hal. Co., Va. was a son of John and Elizabeth Adams of Fairfax Co., Va., where John d. in 1751.  It looks like this was the same John who m. Elizabeth Johns of King William Co., Va. and also the same as the John Jr. son of John Adams who moved with his father from Northumberland Co. to Stafford Co. about 1702-3.  More research needs to be done.  It would also appear that Gabriel Adams was a brother of John d. Fairfax Co. in 1751 and this would cause you to be of the same general Adams line if your ancestor Samuel was a descendant of Gabriel through John and Susan Wood Adams.

 There is really nothing new to report so will close with best wishes to you, family, and the hope you will soon find the answer to your problem,
    (signed) Lowe
       July 16, 1973.
Robert E. King

Dear "Cousin" Bob K., Madalene, Lowe, and Bob V.,

 It was most delightful to learn that we are cousins and descended from Adam and Eve!  I had heard before of lineages being traced back to Adam and Eve, although only in the context of their being "ridiculous."  I therefore assume that you sent me this one with "tongue-in-cheek."
 (My hunt-and-peck seems worse than usual at the moment.)  Incidentally, this letter is just to you, since the others are not concerned with Sheltons.
 I received the following letter from Mrs. H. N. Moore, 21 S. Yates, Memphis, Tenn. 38117 (I had previously inserted a "Query" in "The Colonial Genealogist," to which I subscribe, on Shelton, and she had written asking me to define my Shelton lineage, which I did.  This letter, dated Jun 14, ____

(1)  "On Oct. 10, 1702 Tho. Meriweather (Essex Co., Va.), son of Nicholas who was in Va. by 1653, received a certificate for the importation of seven persons into this colony:  Sarah Eaton, Richard Cullen, RLPH SHELDON, (illegible), Mary Millner, Isaac Bayly, & Edward Cartwright.
 In 1708, signing as RALPH SHELTEON, apparently the same Ralph, witnessed the will of Tho. Meriweather, of which he was beneficiary:  "I give unto Ralph SHELTON and his heirs forever the 65 a. of land granted to me by Patent joyning the land of Rice Jones, John Labus (?), and the land formerly belonging to Cpr. Edw. Tomas."

(2)  On 2 May 1706, Tho. had received 65 a. adj. that of Jones' orphans, by the Dragon Swamp ride (sic) in the point of an old field just below the mouth of a great branch -- NE by rd (sic) Jones land -- John Massas' (?) line -- to the main run of the Dragon Swamp -- formerly granted to Ed. Thomas by patent.

(3)  This land was on the Essex-Middlesex line.
 c. 1707, Ralph married Mary.  The births of all but the first 3 children are recorded in Christ Church Parish Reg.
 His will, badly damaged and only partly legible, --"son RALPH, my land" -- "--- abeth Davis 25 sh. to buy he------" - "Ralph Shelton cow & calf" - "son Thomas to take care of my children" - "if he dies my other two sons Ralph & Crispen have care.  Wife Mary & son Thomas are executors.  Wit:  Wm Buford, Tho. Clarke, Henry Buford & Abraham -------.  Estate appraised by Tho. Buford, John Jones, John Clark, & Garrit Daniel.
 Mary later married a Clark and left will in Amelia Co. dated 30 June 1750.
 It is said that both wives of Crispen were named Lettice of Lottice (?).  Proof of 2nd wife by 1746 is in Amelia DB 2, p. 140 (of 324?)
 There are numerous deeds, etc. for Crispen and much I would like to discuss with you, but am pressed for time right now and don't have time to copy.  This will get you started, anyway.  Please excuse this, but if I wait to retype (her letter is in pencil) you may never get it.  Am currently president of Tenn. Genealogical Society which takes up a lot of my time.  Also preparing for trip abroad in fall.
 A word of warning.  Should you come across a book on Sheltons by a Mrs. Whitaker -- DON'T READ IT!  Errors are numerous and will only confuse you.  Took me years to get it out of my mind.
 There appear to be 4 separate Shelton groups in Pittsylvania.  The Ralph of Midllsex descendants in the North, descendants of Peter of Middlesex in the part that became Henry and Patrick Co.'s, my Wm, designated as Wm. of Dan, seems to have been in the SE corner, and Tho., Mark, & Charles in the same area.  This last group often appears as Chelton.  Ancestry of last two groups is unknown, but they don't fit in with the others.  I believe there was a connection between Ralph & Peter, but nothing has been found.  Sincerely, Betty Moore."
 End of Mrs. Moore's letter to me.  Included were two Family Group sheets, one for Ralph, the other for his son, Crispen, which I have extracted onto my own forms and are enclosed.  The info on the enclosed charts which is in BLACK ink was transcribed from Mrs. Moore's charts.  RED ink entries is additional info I have added from my own Shelton Charts.  Also, my Shelton ancestry is outlined in red felt marker pen.
 Therefore, my lineage is as folows:
 Ralph Shelton, Immigrant ca 1702
 Crispen Shelton, b. 1 Apr 1713, wife Lettice ------
 Susannah Shelton, born (est.) 1760, marrried Corp. Griffith Dickenson who was born 8 Aug. 1756, (son of Griffith Dickenson and one of his two wives, the first unknown, the 2nd being Mary Huff.)
 Crispen Dickenson, born 1787, died 1832, married (when?) Christiana Berger; they had
 Capt. David Vincent Dickenson, born 1829, died 10 Oct. 1885/86, married 19 Feb. 1830/31, died 14 Aug. 1905.  They had
 Christiana (Jenny) Wade Dickenson, born 6 Jan 1856, Chatham, Va., died 18 Dec. 1910/11, Red Oak, Charlotte Co., Va, married 28 Oct. 1873, Samuel Chapman (Chaplin?) Adams, who was born 14 March 1853, died 23 Nov. 1926.  They had
 Berkley Dickenson Adams, born 2 Jan. 1875, Galveston, Pittsylvania Co., Va., died 10 Nov. 1945, Red Oak, Va., married (1) Marie Angelina Pruneau on 11 Oct. 1897, Albemarle Co., Va.  They had 7 children; (2) My mother, on 22 Jan. 1917, Englewood, N.J., Beatrice Nan Sackett, born 16 April 1890, Edgewater, N.J.; they had 3 children, including Gordon Sackett Adams, born May 15, 1922, Richmond, Va.

 It just occurs to me that we might have other mutual ancestors.  I therefore enclose a line chart of all I've been able to uncover on my father's side (same typ chart on mother's side is 17 feet long and looks like spagetti --cooked).

 I have not yet had time to compare either your or Mrs. Moore's Shelton info with that on the enclosed 81 Shelton charts I made several years ago, which have no bearing on my direct lineage, although I am probably related to the Sheltons on most of those charts.  You seemed interested in the Shelton lineages, and I am sending these charts for whatever you may want to do with them, including publication.  They are my originals; I don't have a copy, and DO want them returned, hopefully within a month.  Also, I've not yet compared your Shelton info vs. Mrs. Moore's.
 I have made copies of the info you sent me, and am returning them herewith.
 Back to your letter.  Yes, as you suggest (having just made the comparison, your and Mrs. Moore's info differ, starting with her Ralph (as an immigrant), whereas you show him as born Va.  You may wish to correspond directly with her and compare proofs and assumptions.  If so, I'd greatly appreciate you sending me a copy (carbon is O.K.)
 The "significant coincidences which you and Madalene Fitzgerald discussed, and which you wrote about, are just that, and are very interesting!  In addition to Mary REEVES Adams, did you two note the "son George Adams, and niece Margaret CHAPMAN?"  From the lineage chart enclosed (my line chart) you will note that my grandfather was Samuel CHAOMAN Adams.  We've never known where the CHAPMAN came from, and some have even said they thought he was Samuel Chaplin Adams.

 This was to have been a private letter to you.  Now, I realize that we are back into Adamses, Reeves, Chapmans, and other Sheltons, Wilsons, etc. in which "The Team" could well be vitally interested.  This letter, then, will also be sent to them.
 You will note that Mrs. Moore felt there was a connection between Ralph and Peter Shelton, "but nothing has been found."  It seems to boil down to a simple question:  What have YOU found from which you can conclude that Ralph was Peter's son?  I realize, of course, that you may well be merely relying on info published by someone else, who may or may not now be available to answer that same question to you.

 Since this letter is now to the team, I'll discuss what correspondence I've received, to date, from the others.

 Lowe, I respect your lack of interest in future chain letters from Sims.  I shall continue receiving what he sends, but shall use it with great caution; he has cited "Virkius" as one of his primary sources.  I had never heard of that until very recently (past 2 weeks) when I read an article.  The author wrote that in reading some info sent her, she found she had suddenly stumbled on the answer to her lineage problem on which she had worked for years, and immediately looked for the reference given for that info, and, finding it to be Virkius, threw it out as worthless.
 Your evidence (previously unknown to me) supporting your conclusion that John & Susanna Adams "from N.C." were the same as those earlier in Lunenburg is excellent; now I feel I can accept, without reservation, your complete lineage for them.  Needless to say, I am still curious about and shall continue to be interested in any OTHER John and Susanna Adams.  Yes, I agree that work needs to be done on N.C. counties, possibly also on Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties.  Thanks for the N.C. maps; they will be helpful.  You suggested several months ago that I might wish to contact Mrs. Charlene Morava, Anchorage, Alaska on John & Susanna (Wood) Adams.  You gave no street address; I wrote her, but the letter was returned as undeliverable (without a street address.)  Do you know her street address?

 About Aug. 1st, I shall be submitting (free) queries for publication in the next issues of "The Colonial Genealogist" and "Adams Addenda."  I'm sure I can cook up such queries, but if any of you can think of something VERY significant, I'll be happy to submit it instead of one of my own drafting.
 I seem to have run out of steam; my immediate objective is to look into my charts, using the clues that you, BOB K. have raised in discussion with Madalene.  Also, I am way behind on charting info already received, and needs to be fitted into my giant chart jig-saw puzzle.  Lowe, and Bob K., as I wade through that material, I'll keep your Adams problems in mind.  Also, I'm going thru everything I have (books, etc) to see what I can find on Reeves and Chapman.  I'd better get busy.

 I suggest we all write on 8 1/2" x 11", to save reproduction costs.

    (signed) Gordon S. Adams
Mrs. Madalene V. Fitzgerald   Gordon S. Adams

     17 June, 1986

Dear  Madalene,

I am about ready to publish (for family use only) my family tree.  It will consist of the following sections:

  I.  The verbal family tradition about the origin of Samuel Adams (B. 1800), including its sources to me, the things I find wrong with it, and the fact that I believe it was concocted.

  II.  My own version of Samuel's origin, unproved, strongly supported by available records, and certainly more believable than the verbal family tradition.

  III.  Family tree charts;
 A.  Descendants of Samuel Adams and his wife, Tamsen Ann Dix.
 B.  Tamsen's ancestral lines.
 C.  Pertinent VADEN lines.

Before proceeding with this publication, I wanted you to know that my version of Samuel's origin will, I believe, practically destroy the verbal family tradition.  At this time, I thought you might wish to tell me something other than the verbal tradition;  If you know of such matters, it is very possible that you are the only living person who does.

Dr. Robert E. King already has III above.  Because he has no ADAMS line to which he can tie Samuel, he has indicated that he would probably use my line as an appendix to his book, "The Adams of Pittsylvania, Halifax, and Charlotte Counties, Virginia."

I plan to provide Dr. King with Sections I and II above, for use as he sees fit.

    (signed) Gordon S. Adams
Lt. Col. Gordon S. Adams (USAF, ret.)
     July 28, 1986

Dear  Gordon,
 It is not at all difficult for me to accept Version I of Samuel Adams' origin as outlined in your letter.  Court records show that the Adams & Vaden familes came to Pittsylvania Co. in the mid 1700's & held adjoining land grants on White Oak Mtn.  Burwell Vaden was named as an executor of Robert Adams' Will.
 In my file I have a record that on Sept 23, 181* Larkin Adams & wife Nancy of Montgomery Co., KY deeded land in Pitts. Co., Va to Wilson Vaden.  This indicates that the two families kept in touch as they moved south & west avter the Rev. War.  When an epidemic of typhoid fever swept through Miss. leaving Samuel Adams an orphan it is certainly plausible that family friends would bring him back with them to live.
 In the Will of Martha (Patsy) Hendrick Diz she appointed her son-in-law, Samuel Adams, executor, whowing the esteem in which he was held.
 I trust that in your history you will not overlook the qualities that made Samuel Adams loved, respected & trusted - I prize the original 8 x 10 in. tin-type of my father's brother who bore this name - Samuel Adams Vaden (d. 1877).  I would like to know when your book comes off the press & price {remaining lines missing}
Enumerator:  Durel Porter
Supervisor's Dist. #2
Enumeration Dist. #166

48 398 901 ADAMS, SAMUEL W  M  80*  widowed  FARMER  Note 1, 3  -  VIRGINIA  Va.  Va.  28 June 1880
 IRBY, ANN W  F  48  daughter  widowed  Housekeeper  VIRGINIA  Va.  Va.
 RHODA (?) HAVA (?) W  F  18  granddaughter  single  none  Note 2,4  VIRGINIA  Va.  Va.
 MOLLIE  W  F  16  granddaughter  single  at home  Note 4  VIRGINIA  Va.  Va.
*age prior to June 1st
1.  Sick or temporarily disabled on enumeration day;  sickness or disability not defined.
2.  First name illegible on enlarged copy sent by GSA
3.  Samuel's (only) wife shown on 1850 U.S. Census as TAMISON K. (Ann?) (DIX) ADAMS
4.  Samuel's 2 granddaughters are not shown as having attended school (ages 18, 16) in Census year.

Transcribed by Glen Shelton



Lunenburg County Land Book – 1737 to 1770
   Halifax Co. was formed from Lunenburg in 1752
   Pittsylvania Co. Formed from Halifax in 1767

1747 – April pg. 58
William Atkinson 200 acres on Pigg River (50 acres with him mill on Harping Cr. transferred).

1748 – April pg. 91
William Atkinson – 400 ac. on both sides of Flat Cr. a so. Br. of  Pigg River, beginning at a white oak on the N. side of creek – near mark W.A., thence up and down – transferred to Louis Potter.  Also 200 ac on Pye Cr. – running up and down on N. side of Rv.

1762 – March pg. 276
William Atkinson 400 ac. on Bearskin beg. at Branch at the Cattail Meadow – thence up and down on both sides.

1762 – July 28 – pg. 287
William Atkinson  400 acres on No. side of Pigg R., between Wide mouth and Reddies Crs. adj. his own lines.

1766 July 17 pg. 360
William Atkinson 400 acres on Pigg River between his own and William Witcher’s lines.

Other land grants listed in this book are for Isaac, Parker, Richard, Jno., Jos., Roger Sherwood, Jacob and Henry Atkinson – before 1770.

I found no marriage bond for William Atkinson.  His will is not recorded in Pittsylvania County, Va.

The earliest Atkinson marriage bond is: p.3
       Bondsman  father
1780 Apr. 9 – Joel Atkinson & Rachel Emmerson – Joe Adkin Samuel Emmerson

1799 – Oct. 7 p. 26
Henry Adkerson & Elizabeth Rossett – bondsman  Sam Rossett
     Wm. Reynolds

1815 Oct. 20 p. 57
Henry Atkinson & Lucy Davis – sur. Jerome Rossam father
        Francis Davis

Marriage bonds are here for:  Edmond Atkinson – 1807; Nathaniel Atkinson 1811; Charles Atkinson 1821; Harrison Atkinson – 1823; Owen Atkinson – 1825; Henry W. Atkinson – 1826; James B. Atkinson 1828.  Do you want copies?

William Atkinson Land Deeds: Pittsylvania County, Va. (excerpts)

1768 – D.1, p.145
William Atkinson to William Witcher for 25 pounds current money of Va., 50 on Pigg River in Pittsylvania County.

1768 D.1, p.157
William Witcher to William Atkinson – 50 acres for 25 pounds current money

1772 – May 19 D.2, p.443
William Atkinson, Senr. To Parker Atkinson – xx 50 acres for 5 pounds  “  “

1772 – May 18 D.2, p.448
William Atkinson, Senr. To Henry Atkinson – 50 acres for 15 pounds current on North side of Pigg River xxxx

1772 – May 20. D.2, p.478
William Atkinson, Jr. to John Witcher xx 50 acres for 16 pounds “  “ North side of Pigg River

1774 – May 25 D.4, p.10
William Atkinson to John Smith xx 150 acres for 300 pounds current money – Between William Atkinson of the County of Pittsylvania and the Parish of Camden of one part and John Smith of the same County and parish of the other part.  Witness sd. William Atkinson for three hundred pounds current money of Virginia paid of sd. Smith all land where sd.
 Now lives – lying in the County of Pittsylvania, formerly Lunenburg County on N. Pigg River containing one hundred and fifty acres, part of a tract of 200 acres of land granted to the sd. William Atkinson by Patent bearing date 5 day Sept. 1749 xxxx (boundaries given) with all houses xxxxxx ect.   his
Signed  William X Atkinson

1782 – Feb. 6 D.6, p.220
William Atkinson, Senr. To Hundley Vaughan for 50 pounds current money of Virginia – 50 acres in County of Pittsylvania on N. Pigg River – the land where sd. William Atkinson, Senr. now lives xxx bounded by George Hearndon, Dan’l Witcher, John Witcher on Pigg River xxxxx

1732 June 13 D.6, p.343 (proven 1784)
William Atkinson and wife, Sarah to Hundley Vaughan xxx
Sarah relinquishes her dower right to land xxxx
1774 Apr. 19 D.7, p.253
William Atkinson and wife, Sarah, to George Herndon
Recorded Feb. 17, 1784
This Indenture between William Atkinson, Senr. Of the County of Pittsylvania and the Colony of Virginia of one part and George Herndon of the Colony aforesaid for 8 pounds current money of Virginia xx 50 acres on the North side of Pigg River xxxx to Daniel Witcher’s fish trap xxxx William Atkins and Sarah, his wife. (3 pages)
Signed  Will X Atkinson
      Sarah X Atkinson

1788 D.8, p.263
        of Pittsylvania Co.
This indenture between Luther Hopper and William Atkinson/ of one part and Thomas Hodges of the aforesaid County of the other part xxx for 80 pounds current money of Virginia xxx two tracts of land in one survey – Divided by the said William Atkinson’s father and Owen Atkinson xxx The sd. Owen Atkinson sold one part to Luthur Hopper and William Atkinson, deceased, willed the other part to his son, William Atkinson xxxx one hundred and thirty acres on Bearskin Creek xxxxx

       Luther Hopper  S S
       William X Atkinson S S

1789 June 15 D.8, p.408
Between William Atkinson and Jesse Atkinson of the County of Pittsylvania and George Robinson of the ad. County xx for 75 pounds current money of Virginia xx 50 acres on the hump fork of Bearskin Creek xxxxx
       William Adkins   S.S.
       Jesse Adkins  S S
(note the spelling of signatures.)

1820 D.23, p.383
William Atkinson, Sr. from Joel Witcher and Wife xxx 107 acres

A List of Land and Tithes Taken by Hugh Innes for Pittsylvania County
    Anno. Dom. 1767

William Atkinson and Owen Atkinson
Morris Atkinson
Richard Adkinson
Henry Atkinson
Jacob Adkinson

The earliest Atkinson Will:
1826 Henry Atkinson W.1, p.108
He names wife, Lucy, and daughters: Susan Jackson Atkinson
     Nancy Frances Atkinson
 Sally Davis Atkinson
(A photostat can be made for $2.00)
   (a page)

1842 Will 1, p.448
Will of Josiah Atkinson names sons: Jesse Atkinson
James  “
Charles “
Braxton “
Johnson “
Judith Flippin
Elizabeth Walters
Sally Walters
Mary Gardner
Probated 27 Nov. 1842

1848 Will 2, p.56
Will of Martha Atkinson (Nuncaptation will) Leaves all to sister Judith Atkinson. Signed by William Atkinson and Edward Atkinson
(This would indicated that Martha, Judith, William and Edward were related, probably brothers and sisters.)

Transcribed by Tommy Goodwin from notes of Mrs Madalene Fitzgerald, deceased

De Jarnett

The first member of the family to come to Virginia was Jean de Jarnat.  He was born in France probably about 1680, and came to Virginia in the latter part of the year 1700.  Jean de Jarnat was a member of the group of French Protestant refugees brought to Virginia in the third of four ships which sailed from England in that year.  They were transporting Huguenots for resettlement in Virginia under a plan proposed the previous year.
The first two ships – the “Mary and Ann” and the “Peter and Anthony” – brought two hundred seven and one hundred sixty-seven Huguenots respectively, to Virginia for settlement.  The “Mary and Ann” arrived at Jamestown the last of July, having sailed from London on April 19, 1700 and the “Peter and Anthony” arrived early in September of the same year.  The third ship came later in the fall of that year.
A brief historical explanation of the proposed settlement in Virginia is in order at this point.  Thousands of Protestant refugees had fled to England following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.  Many of these refugees were destitute as they had to leave all possessions in France as they fled for their lives.  When William of Orange came to England from Holland three years later, nearly one-third of the eleven thousand men in his army were Huguenots.  William of Orange favored and encouraged their settlement in his dominions.  The refugees soon became an economic burden to England, however, and several attempts were made to settle the Huguenots in the American Colonies.  None of these attempts were successfully prosecuted.
Plans were made in 1699 to settle a large number of the refugees in southeastern Virginia near the boundary of North Carolina.  Under these plans, the Huguenots transported to Virginia in the year 1700 were destined for settlement in that area.  There occurred in connection with the proposed settlement, however, a bit of chicanery, or double-dealing, on the part of the colonial Virginia government.
Governor Nicholson, William Byrd and others in the Colonial government at Williamsburg, changed the proposed plan of settlement.  They conceived the plan of settling the Huguenots on the western frontier of the colony as a buffer in defense against sporadic attacks by the Indians.  They selected the abandoned Moacan Indian town on the southside of the James River twenty miles west of the present Richmond site for the settlement.  There occurred, however, a contingency apparently unforeseen in connection with the proposed settlement at Manakintown.  The leaders of the first group of settlers had come to Virginia with the apparent understanding that they would settle in a colony of their own where they would retain there language, religion, and customs.  A foreign colony on the frontier was the last thing members of the colonial government at Williamsburg wanted and, as a result, a change was made in the plans for settlement of the refugees.
The Huguenots who came in the first two ships were settled in Manakintown as the settlement was later called.  Those who came in the third ship were  dispersed, at the suggestion of William Byrd, in small groups through the counties in eastern Virginia.  He stated that since many of the refugees were destitute it would be easier for the colony to assist them when settled in small groups.  The real reason for this change, however, was the fear of the government at Williamsburg of a foreign settlement on the frontier.
The fourth ship did not sail from Blackwell, England until December 1700.  This ship – the “Nassau” transporting one hundred ninety-one refugees – went to New York.  Most of these settled in the North.
There is no known record of the name of the third ship, nor is there any know list of those embarqued on this ship.  There are many names of Huguenots to be found in the records of eastern Virginia and they undoubtedly were those who came to Virginia in the third ship.  This ended any further attempts to settle the Huguenots on any large scale in Virginia, though many more were to come individually or in small groups.
Jean de Jarnat, as stated, settled in Gloucester county in eastern Virginia.  He married Mary Mumford of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, about 1703.  She was the only known daughter of Edward and Mary (Watkins) Mumford of Gloucester County.  She was born, according to a deposition, in 1683.  The children of Edward and Mary (Watkins) Mumford were Joseph Mumford, the eldest, Mary Mumford (Born 1683), Edward Mumford (baptized 15 July 1685) and Daniel Mumford (baptized 22 October 1687).  The baptism of Edward and Daniel Mumford is recorded in the Abingdon Parish Register.  No record has been found of any other children.
Jean de Jarnat petitioned the colonial Assembly for Naturalization on April 18, 1705.
The Abingdon Parish Register lists six of the seven known children of Jean and Mary de Jarnat.
They were:
 (1)  Elias de Jarnet (baptized Aug. 20, 1704);
(2) Jean (John) de Jarnat  (baptized Nov. 4, 1706);
(3) Mary de Jarnat (baptized Feb. 5, 1708);
(4) Daniel de Jarnat  (baptized Jan, 24, 1713);
(5) Joseph de Jarnat  (baptized Feb, 3, 1716);
(6) Eleanor de Jarnat, who was born Sept. 5, 1720.
            The register does not name
(7) Elizabeth de Jarnat who may have been born in 1701.  There may have been other children but no records have been found.
 (8) Mumford born ca 1700,
             The form of the name de Jarnat now used in Virginia has been changed to De Jarnette, and this spelling will be used hereafter.  Jean De Jarnette, as well as other Huguenots of the county , did not remain in Gloucester.  The Huguenots  removed to King William, New Kent, Essex, and other counties.  It is believed that John De Jarnette, died in King William County though no record of his death has been found.
Eleanor, the youngest daughter of  John and Mary De Jarnette, married Jacob McGehee of King William County.  Jacob McGhee had acquired land before 1740 in that part of Amelia County which in 1753 became Prince Edward County in 1741 as a surveyor of a road indicating that he was n established resident of the County at that time.
Elizabeth D Jarnette married Edward McGehee, brother of Jacob, of King William County.  They subsequently removed to Cumberland County and his will is recorded in Cumberland County.
Elias and Daniel De Jarnette bought land in what is now Prince Edward County; and moved there soon after their sister Eleanor and her husband had settled there.  We find them listed in the Order Books of Amellia County before Prince Edward was cut off from Amelia.
Mary De Jarnette, following the death of her husband Jean (John) moved to Prince Edward County to live with her daughter Eleanor McGehee.  Mary De Jarnette died during the summer of 1765 in Prince Edward County.  She left a will, dated April 24, 1765, which was recorded on August 19, 1765 (Will Book 1, page 76) in Prince Edward County.  She named her son-in-law Jacob McGehee executer of her will, and devised her personal property to him.
Daniel De Jarnette married Martha Ford.  The will of Daniel De Jarnette, September 11, 1754, is recorded in Prince Edward County.  The will names wife Martha and the following children:  Mary De Jarnette,  Elizabeth De Jarnette, Christopher De Jarnette, Lydia De Jarnette, and Matha De Jarnette.
Elias De Jarnette married Elizabeth Palmer (by inference).  Wife Elizabeth is named in his will dated August 9, 1768, which was recorded in Prince  Edward County July 1,  1769.  He names children Rebecca De Jarnette, Elias De Jarnette, Jr., Marymiah De Jarnette, John T. De Jarnette, and Thomas De Jarnette.
No record has been found by the writer of John and Mary De Jarnette children of Jean and Mary (Mumford) De  Jarnette.  Joseph De Jarnette the youngest son of Jean and Mary Mumford De Jarnette settled in Caroline County.  The De Jarnettes of Caroline and Hanover Counties are descended from Joseph De Jarnette.
Ann Rebecca De Jarnette, daughter of Elizabeth Palmer and Elias De Jarnette never married.  After the death of her father, she and her mother moved to Halifax County.  Elias De Jarnette, Jr., and Thomas De Jarnette, her brothers, had purchased land in Halifax County.  The will of Ann Rebecca De Jarnette was recorded in Halifax County 27 January 1806.
Elias De Jarnette, Jr., married by inference Sara Hall.  He died in Halifax County in 1784 and his will naming his children is recorded in Will Book 2, page 67.  The following children are named: Frances De Jarnette, Hannah De Jarnette, Reuben De Jarnette, Elizabeth De  Jarnette, Sarah De Jarnette, and Nancy De Jarnette.
After the death of her husband Sarah Hal De Jarnette moved with her children to Pendleton District, S. C., where some of her Hall relatives had previously moved.  She married (2) in South Carolina Israel Pickens.
Reuben De Jarnette, the only son of  Elias and Sarah Hall De Jarnette, married Eleanor Pickens, a daughter of Esrael Pickens by his first wife. Reuben De Jarnette died intestate in 1804 in Pendleton District, S. C., and his widow qualified on his estate. The children of Reuben and Eleanor Pickens De Jarnette were:  Elias De Jarnette, Israel De Jarnette, and Eleanor De Jarnette.
Thomas De Jarnette, the youngest son of Elias and Elizabeth Palmer De Jarnette, as has already been said, purchased land in Halifax county.  He lived here until 1788.  He married Nancy (surname unknown) and 3 rd December 1788 he and his wife sold this land to Joseph Terrell (Deed Book 14, page 366).  Thomas De Jarnette and his family then moved to Henry County, Kentucky.  His children were:  John De Jarnette, Byrd Nicholas De Jarnette, Elias De Jarnette, Mildred De Jarnette, Mary De Jarnette, Harriett De Jarnette, and a daughter (unnamed) mentioned in a deed in Henry County, Kentucky.  (Deed Book 5, page 206).
Marymiah  De  Jarnette, second daughter of Elias, Jr., and Elizabeth Palmer De Jarnette married James Hines of Prince Edward County   (M.  B.7 January 1765)  They resided in Charlotte County.
John Thomas De Jarnette, second son of Elias and Elizabeth Palmer De Jarnette, married Millasant Hall (Bradshaw): history of Prince Edward County, page 78)
The children of John Thomas and Millasant Hall De Jarnette were: Reuben De Jarnette, John De Jarnette, Bowler De Jarnette., Stephen De Jarnette, Elias De Jarnette, Elizabeth De Jarnette, Nancy De Jarnette, Millicent De Jarnette,  Dicia De Jarnette and Mary De Jarnette.
Reuben, the oldest son of John Thomas and Millasant Hall De Jarnette moved to Georgia.  He married Nancy Reid.
John De Jarnette lived in Prince Edward County  (Will Book 2, page 91)
Bowler De  Jarnette  married Keziah Wooten (M. B. 11 January 1790)  Bowler De  Jarnette died in Nottoway County  (Will Book 3, page 258)
Stephen De  Jarnette lived in Prince Edward County.
Elias De Jarnette removed to Putman County, Georgia.
Elizabeth De Jarnette married Robert Flippen of Prince Edward County, 27 May 1793.  Nancy, Millicent, Dicia, and Mary De Jarnette  were under age when their father died and Robert Flippen was appointed their guardian.
Nancy De Jarnette married Stephen Hall of Prince Edward County 21 October
Millicent De Jarnette removed with her brother Elias to Georgia
 Dicia (Dicey) De Jarnette married Benjamin Allen Watson of Prince Edward County 5 October 1803.
Mary De Jarnette, the youngest daughter of John Thomas and Millasant Hall De Jarnette died in Prince Edward County in 1796 and Robert Flippen, her guardian, filed an account with the Prince Edward County Court.
NOTE:  The above account of the De Jarnette family written by Mr. Herbert A. Elliott of South Hill, Va., was published in the History and Genealogical Section of  “The Huguenot” Publication No. 20 for the years 1961 – ’63, and Publication No. 21 for the years 1964 – 66.
We who are among the many descendants of John and Mary Mumford De Jarnette are most appreciative of the scholarly work done by Mr. Elliott.
                                                                                   Copied by

                                                                                                     M. H. M.
The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia.

I, Mary Hodnett Mathews, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Jean De Jarnat  (John DeJarnette), who was born in France circa 1660, and died presumably in Gloucester County, Virginia Circa 1760.
I was born November 20, 1909 at Chatham, County of Pittsylvania, State of Virginia.
1. I am the child of James Asa Hodnett, born September 26, 1870, died August 20, 1939 and his wife Nancy Elizabeth Slate, born March 25, 1882, died October 3, 1947; married March 1909.
2. The said James Asa Hodnett was the son of George Andrew Hodnett, born March 2, 1836 in Pittsylvania county, Virginia, died Chatham, Virginia, November 22, 1890; and his wife Mary Jane Kelly, born January 22, 1838 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia, died December 8, 1911 at Chatham, Virginia; married April 20, 1865.
3. The said George Andrew Hodnett was the child of James Hodnett, born after 1792 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia, died after June 20, 1862; his wife Mary (Polly) Jones born around 1800 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, died after 1862; married May 3, 1819.  Polly Jones was not of age when married, and her Father, Thomas Brooks Jones gave his consent.
4. The said James Hodnett was the child of  John Hodnett, born June 30, 1767 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia, died at Pittsylvania County, Virginia in 1807, and his wife Lucy Davis, born circa 1772; married November 9, 1792.
5. The said John Hodnett was the son of Ayers Hodnett, born circa 1738 at Buckingham County, Virginia, died at Pittsylvania County, Virginia between August 1,1779 and September 21, 1779; and his wife Mary McGehee, born circa 1740, died at Pittsylvania County, Virginia between November 28, 1817 and December 31, 1817; married April 9, 1760, Cumberland County, Virginia.

DeJarnette Data from Wm. & Mary Quarterly Vol. XXV pg. 272

Ellenor DeJarnette b. Sept. 5, 1720; d. June 4, 1775, Dau. Of John and Mary, sister to Elizabeth, md. Oct, 30, 1737 Jacob McGehee (b. 1707; d. Dec. 6, 1783), son of Thomas, brother of Edward McGehee  (son of Thomas, immigrant).
Issue:   John McGehee b. Nov. 14, 1738; d. Dec 16, 1763.
William McGehee b. Dec. 17, 1740; md. 1st  Forrest  2nd Mrs. Sarah (Walker) Harris
Mary McGehee, b. Nov. 10, 1742; md. Joseph Truman
Elizabeth McGehee b. Sept. 5, 1744; d. Nov.18, 1800; md. 1760 Brackett Owen
Eleanor McGehee b. Nov. 21, 1746; md. 1st Jonathan Smith  2nd Francis Rice
Ann McGehee b. Jan. 16, 1748; d. March 1748
Martha McGehee b, Jan 12, 1750; md, 1st James Alwood; 2nd Wm. Collins
Anness McGehee b, May 7, 1752; d. Sept. 13, 1801; md. Abraham Foster
Jacob McGehee b. July 7, 1754; d. Sept 1810 – 16
Sarah McGehee b. Mar. 19, 1757; d. June 13, 1828; md. Geo. Cardwell
Drusilla McGehee b. Mar. 16, 1759; md. Moore Weaver
Agnes McGehee b. Nov. 2, 1763; d. May 17, 1821; md. Thomas Clark
(NOTE:  Above taken from Jacob McGehee’s Family bible in Filson Club Hist. Quarterly, April 1935.)
William & Mary Quarterly Vol.25, pg. 283
Jacob McGehee md. Ann      (no issue)
Elizabeth DeJarnette b1709 dau.of John and Mary, md.Edward McGehee (d.1771) son of Thomas
1 McGeheee, John (1735)  md. Louise – Prince Edward Co.
2. Micajah (1745-1811) md. Ann Collie Scott (b. 1753) – Wilkes Co., G
3.             Daniel (1747)  md. Jane Hodnett (1756-1775) – Richmond Co.
4.            Mumford (1744-1816) md. Sarah Moore(d. 1793) – Person Co., N.C
5.             William (1749) md.  Cathrine
6. Samuel (1752)  md. Olivia Muse, Amite Co., Miss., Baldwin Co. G
7. Jacob (1750)   md. 1st Sarrah Collier; 2nd Mary Ann
8. Elizabeth (1734 d 6/22/1821) md Thomas Wright, 27 Sept. 1794, Cumberland Co. Va
9. Mary (1737)   md Ayres Hodnett, (April 9, 1760) – Pitts Co. V
10. Anna  (1754)   md Charles Womack – Prince Edw. Co., Va.

Elenor Lexington in An Old Cincinnati (Ohio) Enquire

The DeJarnette family is of Huguenot descent; settled in Pr. Edw. Co., Va., In 1754 Daniel and Mumford Dejarnette, brothers had 400 A. each in Amelia Co.,Va,; their sister was the wife of Edward MacGehee who had a plantation of a thousand acres in the same county.  Edward was father of two daughters and seven sons, who married into the families of Hodnett, Urquhart, Jeffreys, Olary, Wall and Chambers and their homes were in N. C., GA., Ala., Tenn. (Wm. & Mary Quarterly Vol. or XXV, pg. 268)
DeJarnette, John of Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. Fled from the French land about 1700.  He petitioned for naturalization April 18, 1705.  He was a French Huguenot from Roechell, France and married Mary  Their issue: Elias, baptized Aug. 20, 1704; John, baptized Nov. 4, 1706; Mary, baptized Feb. 5, 1708; Elizabeth, baptized 1709; Daniel, baptized Jan. 24, 1713;  Joseph, baptized Feb. 5, 1716;  Ellenor, baptized Nov. 20, 1720 But born 1719; and Mumford baptized after 1720.
6. The said Mary McGeehee was the child of Edward McGeehee, who was born circa 1705 in King William County, died January 1771 in Cumberland County, Virginia; and his wife Elizebeth DeJarnette, born 1709; died after 1783; married in 1735 in Virginia.
7. The said Elizabeth DeJarnette was the daughter of John DeJarnette, born in France circa 1680, died presumably in Gloucester County, Virginia and his wife, Mary Mumford, born 1683 in Abington Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, died 1765 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.

2. Gen. Family Bible, Bureau Vital Statistics, Newspaper account of marriage.  Tombstone inscriptions at Chatham, Virginia Burial Park,  Marriage Register, Danville Virginia for year 1909.
3. Family Bible with dates of birth, death, and marriage.  Tombstone inscription at Family Burial ground three miles West of Chatham, Virginia,  Marriage Register #2, at  Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
4. Marriage Register #1; Will Book#2, page 400, names son George Andrew Hodnette; Records in Clerks Office, Chatham, Virginia.
5. Family Bible, Marriage Register # 1; Court Records Book #34, page 184, Court Order Records, Book 17, page 78; Book 19, page 46, 129, 227.
6. Marriage Register #1, Cumberland County, Virginia; Court Record Book 34, page 124, Chatham, Pittsylvania County; Deed Book #5, page 450; Will and Deed Book 11, page 488, Deed Book #3 page 498 of Pittsylvania County, Va.
7. Will Book II, page 63 of Cumberland County, Virginia.  Names wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary McGehee Hodnett also William and Mary Quarterly’s Vol. 25, page 279.
8. “DeJarnette and Allied Families in America” (1699 – 1954} by Frost; page 1 and page 34, no 318 (of same book).

Note: If any other member of the related families wishes to join the Huguenot Society these names and dates will perhaps be of help.

     Mary Hodnett Mathews
Transcribed by Tommy Goodwin from notes of Blandford Towler Anderson, deceased

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