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How to Order Civil War Records

How to Get Civil War Units Files on the Internet

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Jamestown Census of 1624

How to Get Civil War Records

E-Mail your request for a NATF Form 80 to


Fill out the form as directed, requesting Pension Records for your ancestor. They will do a search at no cost and notify you of any records found. If no information is found, then do another request, this time requesting Military Records. Pension Records usually have more information that would be of genealogical value, but if there are none, Military records can be helpful.

When records are found, you will be notified by mail. You send in your check for $10 for copying fees, and they will send the records to you.

How to Get Civil War Unit Files on the Internet

Send E- Mail to

Subject: archive

Text is:

get genealog.cwunits

get genealog.cwunits1

get genealog.cwuntis2


The period must be after genealog and before the file name.

The Civil War units File is a list of email addresses of people who have volunteered to be contacts for certain units. If you send the command

get genealog.cwunits

you will get the introduction which tells which states are in each part of the file.