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Pension Applications

Act of 1888

Act of 1900

Act of 1902

Pension Applicants - Act of 1888

Since under the act of 1888 the veteran had to be disabled or it had to be a widow applying, there is a lot of information on when and how the soldier was wounded. Often the vet applied numerous times if his first claim was rejected so you can get follow up information. In the case of the widow there was information on her husband's death and when and where they were married and whether she had married again.

Adams, Bathsheba, widow of George W. Adams

Adams, Ferdinand, Danville Art'y, McIntosh's Batt.

Adams, John Q., (no application - just a letter)

Adkerson, Nancy T., widow of John G. Adkerson, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Adkins, Abner, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Adkins, Ballard Preston, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Adkins, Elizabeth, widow of Jackson Adkins, no unit given

Adkins, Jane, widow of D. L. Adkins, 53rd Regt.

Adkins, Preston, Col I, 21st Regt. (prob. same one as above)

Allen, Emaline, widow of Levi T. Allen, Co. H. 21st Regt.

Allen, James W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Arnold, Lucinda, widow of W. H. Arnold, Long Island Art'y.

Arthur, Littleberry, Co. H. 38th Regt.

Arthur, Whitfield, Capt. Geo. Wooding's Co. of McIntosh's Batt.

Austin, Elizabeth, widow of Coleman A. Austin, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Barber, C.M., Co I, 53rd Regt.

Barber, Elizabeth, widow of John Henry Barber, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Barber, Elizabeth J., widow of Daniel Barber, Co. H. 21st Regt.

Barber, Polly, widow of Allen Barber of Col. Henry's Regt. Reserves

Barber, Amanda, (Barbour), widow of Wm. B. Barber, Co. G, 6th Cav.

Barker, Jane E., widow of Anderson Barker, Co. B, 53rd Regt

Barker, Martha J., widow of William D. Barker, Co. A, 38th Regt

Barker, Sallie S., widow of Moses Barker, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Barrett, Susan Ann, widow of John Barrett, Col. Henry's Rgmt.

Bates, Jordan, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Bates, Martha,, widow of John Bates, Co. E, 53rd Regt. (?)

Bates, Sallie, widow of Edward Bates, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Beggerly, Joel A., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Bell, Elizabeth Francis, widow of David Christopher Bell, Co. I, 21st

Bennett, Mary H., widow of Wm. D. Bennett, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Bennett, Wm. T., Co. E., 57th Regt.

Blackstock, Marshall, Co. H, 3rd Regt.

Blanks, James W., Co. H., 21st Regt.

Boaz, Mary S. A., widow of D. W. Boaz, 53rd Regt.

Bolling, Henry N., Co. A, 57th Regt.

Boswell, Louisa A., widow of John C. Boswell, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Boyd, Joe A., Co., F, 34th Regt.

Brown, Susan, widow of Chuck Brown, Peagrams Art'y.

Bullington, Martha A., widow of Andrew J. Bullington, Co. K, 38th

Burch, Cassandra J., widow of Lewis A. Wright, Co. I, 21st

Cabaniss, W. G., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Chism, Geo. W., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Colbert, Elizabeth F., widow of Charles H. Colbert, Co. H, 21st Regt.

Collins, Christie Ann, widow of Bryce Collins, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Collins Franklin, Co. B, 18th Regt.

Collins, Jane A., widow of Ira Collins, 38th Regt.

Collins, Julia Frances, widow of Christopher Witcher Collins, 24th Rgt.

Compton, John, Co. H., 21st Regt.

Compton, Martha A., widow of Reuben Compton, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Cook, Thomas R., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Cooper, Catherine A, widow of Jacob Cooper, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Cox, Lucy A., widow of George W. Cox, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Craddock, D. S. (or L.), Co. B, 38th Regt.

Creasy, T. G., Co. G, 28th Regt. (?)

Crews, A. M., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Crews, A. N.,Co. A, 18th Regt. (prob. same as above)

Crews, Amelia A., widow of Armisted Crews, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Crowder, John W., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Crowder, Sarah, widow of Anderson D. Crowder, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Custard, W. Henry C., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Dalton, Charles A., Ringgold's Bat'y., 13th Batt.

Dalton, Susan M., widow of Daniel Dalton

Daulton, Elizabeth A., widow of John A. Daulton, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Davis, Jacob T., Danville Art'y. Davis, John, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Davis, John C., 40th Vol., Wise Brigade

Davis, Mary, widow of Geo. W. Slaughter, Co. K, 38th Regt.

Dodd, Malinda H., widow of Samuel P. Dodd, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Dodd, T.W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Dodson, Harriett B., widow of Hugh A. Dodson, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Dodson, Martha, widow of Whitmell C. Dodson, Co. B, 53rd Regt.

Dodson, Martha C., widow of Wm. E. Dodson, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Dodson, Mary A., widow of Wm. D. Dodson, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Dodson, Sarah F., widow of Albeert D. (or O.) Dodson, Art'y.

Dove, J.G., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Dove, Mary T., widow of Thomas Dove, Co. E, 6th Regt.

Dove, Nancy E., widow of Booker Dove, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Dowdy, Mary Jane, widow of John A. Dowdy, Co. B, 14th Regt.

Eanes, J. A., Co. I, 21st Regt.

East, Nancy C., widow of James D. East, 38th Regt. East, W. T., Co. C, 50th Regt.

Edmunds, Martha J., widow of James A. Edmunds, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Elliott, William A., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Evans, Jackson, Co. I, 18th Regt. Evans, W.M., Co. A., 38th Regt.

Farson, Lucy Ann, widow of Stephen Farson, Co. C, Capt. Simpson's

Ferguson, John A., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Foust, Fontaine J., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Fuller, Joseph T., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Galloway, Bettie S., widow of Geo. W. Galloway, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gammon, James A., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Gammon, Mary A., widow of Wm. D. Gammon, Co. C, 5thCav.

Garrett, S. M., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gaulding, John R., Co, I, 57th Regt.

George, Norton, Co. D, 57th Regt.

George, Washington, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Gibson, Joseph F.,Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gibson, Frances C., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gibson, V. W., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gilbert, S. P., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Giles, Mary Ann, widow of Churchwell V. Giles, 5th Cav.

Giles, Mary M., widow of Eziquel T. Giles, Co. B, Richmond Guard

Giles, W. D., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Goad, Vincent C., Co. B, 14th Regt.

Grant, Helen E., widow of Isaac S. Grant, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Green, Nancy A., widow of Geo. J. Green, Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Gregory, John B., (see Pruitt, Martha J.)

Gregory, Matilda, widow of James R. Gregory, Co. B, 14th Regt.

Griffith, Isham, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Gunnell, John T., R.G. Pegram's Co. of Petersburg Art'y.

Haden, Thomas D., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Haden, W. B., Co. D, 44th Regt.

Haley, D. F., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Hall, Daniel, Ringgold's Battery, 13th Bat. of Va. Art'y.

Hall, J. J., Co. D, 42nd Regt.

Hall, Martha A., widow of Henry J. Hall, Co. F, 15th Regt.

Hankins, Reuben F., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Hankins, Sarah J., widow of Joseph Hankins, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Hardy, James H., Co, E, 38th Regt.

Hardy, Obediah, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Harrington, R. J. , (no application, just a letter)

Harville, Mary A., widow of Geo. A. Harville, Co. K, 38th Regt.

Harris, George W., Co. E, 38th Regt. Harris, Joel, Co. K, 38th Regt.

Hastin, R. H., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Hatchett, A. F., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Hatchett. W. T., no unit given

Haynes, Martha J. (Mary J.), widow of John C. Haynes, Co. I, 53rd

Hay, Sarah C., widow of W. P. Hay, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Hedrick, Jacob, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Herndon, Nancy F., widow of N. (or W.) Herndon, Ringgold's Bat'y. (?)

Hiler, Sallie A., widow of James A. Hiler, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Hill, Martha, widow of William Hill

Hines, Joseph T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Hodges, Susan A., widow of Wm. Hodges, Co. G. 46th Regt.

Hopper, Martha F., widow of (?), Co., K, 38th Regt.

Howerton, W. H., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Hubbard, Amanda, widow of Alexander Hubbard, Co. B, 28th Regt.

Hubbard, Mary J., widow of Thomas Hubbard, Co. A, 19th Regt.

Hughes, Walter B., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Hutson, T. J., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Inman, Memory A., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Jefferson, Arabella, widow of Samuel A. Jefferson, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Jefferson, Wm. Tho., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Jennings, Lucy T., widow of Wm. T. Jennings, Cascade Grays, 38th

Johnson, R. W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Jones, John E., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Keen, Elizabeth, widow of Christopher Keen, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Kelley, John H., Co. H, 21st Regt.

King, Malinda, widow of John Pullman, Co. A, 42nd Regt.

Layne, Jane, widow of Beverly Layne, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Layne, W. N., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Lewis, B. H., Co. A, 53rd Regt. Lewis, Eli J., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Lewis, R. M., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Locke, James W., Co. G, 56th Regt.

Long, Henry M., Co. C. 18th Regt.

Lynch, Geo. C., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Lynch, Sarah Ann, widow of Robert Lynch, Co. G, 57th Regt.

Maddox, Jane R., widow of Alexander C. Maddox, Co. I, 2nd Cav.

Mahan, A. A. (Abner A.), Co. E., 57th Regt.

Mahan, J. C., 57th Regt.

Marr, David J., Co. E, 59th Regt.

Marshall, Mildred A., widow of Wm. B. Marshall, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Martin, Harriett, widow of John B. Martin, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Mayhue, Lucy Jane, widow of Mecan (?) Mayhue, Co, D, 57th Regt.

McDaniel, Edmond, Co, G (or J), Armistead's Brigade

McDaniel, Sarah E., widow of Wm. P. McDaniel, Danville Art'y.

McMinnis, James T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Meadows, James R., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Midkiff, Wm. R., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Milam, A. K., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Milam, Mary M., widow of John H. Milam, Co. H, 21st Regt.

Miller, Catherine, widow of Andrew Miller, Co. H, 29th Regt.

Mills, John H. (Jr.), Co. D, 38th Regt.

Mize, Lucindy Jane, widow of Thomas Mize, Co. I (?), 57th Regt.

Moon, Elizabeth D., widow of Wm. W. Moon, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Moon, James L., Co. H, 21st Regt. Moon, W. T., 57th Regt.

Moss, Nancy, widow of Wade Moss, Staup's Battery

Mullins, Elizabeth, widow of Joshua Mullins, 38th Regt., Capt. Terry's

Murray, P. G., Co. B, 52nd Regt.

Nunnally, Mary E., widow of John A. Nunnally, Co. G, 6th Cav.

Oakes, Elizabeth, widow of Elisha J. Oakes, Co. C., 38th Regt.

Oakes, Margarette C., widow of James A. Oakes, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Oakes, Nancy, widow of Moses K. Oakes, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Oakes, Thomas H., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Oakes, W. P., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Overton, W. T., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Owen, Charles H., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Owen, G. R., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Parker, Mary A., widow of Wm. Parker, Co. E. 57th Regt.

Parrish, A. N., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Parsons, Peter, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Peay, Mary V., widow of James H. Peay, Co. F, 16th Regt.

Pickeral, Elizabeth A., widow of Henry W. Pickeral, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Pickeral, Mary E., widow of William Pickeral, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Pickeral, John, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Powell, Reuben, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Power, Joseph F., Co. E, Capt. Flornoy

Power, W. H., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Power, Wm. Q., Co. G, 6th Cav

Price, Nancy P., widow of Stephen D. Price, Co. E, 6th Cav.

Pritchett, Martha A.widow of Robert H. Pritchett, Co. G, 6th

Pruitt, Martha J., widow of John B. Gregory, 38th Regt.

Puckett, Martha Jane, widow of David Puckett, (letter only, no appl.)

Pullman, John, (see King, Malinda)

Ragsdale, Malinda A., widow of James W. Ragsdale, 38th Regt.

Ramsey, A. J., Co. C, 39th Cav.

Reily, Margaret G., widow of (?), Co. F, 57th Regt.

Reynolds, B. T., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Reynolds, Elizabeth, widow of Coleman Reynolds, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Reynolds, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. G. Reynolds, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Reynolds, Mary Ann, widow of James Reynolds, 24th Regt.

Richardson, Alfred, (letter only)

Richardson, Geo. T., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Richardson, John E., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Richardson, Martha Jane, widow of Henry Richardson, Co. A, 38th

Riddle, Amelia, widow of Nathan Riddle, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Riddle, John Henry, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Riddle, William Bartlett, Co. I, 53rd Regt

Rigney, Charles W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Robertson, Mary Jane, widow of Jacob (?) Robertson, Co. I, 57th

Robertson, Wm. E.F., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Rogers, Daniel L. (no application)

Shelton, A. F., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Shelton, E. A., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Shelton, Geo. T., Danville Art'y.

Shelton, J. C., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Shelton, James J. (Jr.), Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, Jane, widow of George W. Shelton, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, John M., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, Nathan F., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Shelton Paulina S., widow of Wm. L. Shelton, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Shelton, Thomas A., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, W. H., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shields, David T., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Shields, William Thomas, Co. H, 21st Regt.

Simpson, Augustine B., Co. H, 21st REgt.

Simpson, Maria O., widow of Archer M. Simpson, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Simpson, Martha J., widow of Wm. Robt. Simpson, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Slaughter, George W. (see Davis, Mary)

Slaughter, P. D., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Smith, Ann J., widow of James Smith, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Smith, J. W. Co. C., 5th Cav.

Smith James W., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Smith, Nannie G., widow of Wm. B. Smith, 6th Cav.

Snead, Wm., McIntosh's Co., Johnston Batt. of Art'y.

Sparrow, Lucy, widow of Asa Sparrow, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Stevens, W. H., Art'y. Co. of E. R. Young

Tankersley, James M., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Tatum, John T., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Thomas, Malinda J. A., widow of W. L. (or S.) Thomas, Co. I, 21st

Thomas, Martha N., widow of James Thomas, Ringgold's Bat'y.

Tolbert, Mary, widow of Hiram Tolbert, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Towler, John D., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Towler, John H., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Townsend, J. T., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Tucker, John N., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Tucker, W. H., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Turner, R. K. , Co. D, 44th Regt.

Turner, Thomas C., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Updike, Lockey Ann, widow of Amon W. Updike, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Vaughan, Wm., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Vernon, W. T., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Waldrond, W. H. C., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Walker, Fannie A., widow of Wm. J. Walker, Co. H. 21st Regt.

Walker, John H., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Walker, Louisa, widow of Robert Walker, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Wall, Wm J., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Wallace, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. W. Wallace, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Waller, John W., Co. H, 38th Regt

. Waller, Louisa B., widow of Richard H. Waller, Co. H, 21st. Regt.

Waller, Thomas H., Co. H, 3rd Cav.

Watlington, Mary W., widow of Thompson T. Watlington, 5th Cav.

Watson, John S., Co. I, 57th Regt.

White, Abram, Co. C, 38th Regt.

White G. W., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

White Jerre, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Wilks, J. W., Co. G, 7th Regt.

Willis, Charles W., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Willis, Sophia A., widow of Joel L. Willis, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Witcher, Vincent A., 34th Cav.

Worley, C. R., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Worley, Mary A, widow of Wm. H. Worley, Rice's Bat'y. Art'y.

Wyatt, Ellen F., widow of Fountain W. Wyatt, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Wright George R., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Wright, Lewis A. (see Burch, Cassandra J.)

Wright, Mary J., widow of Stephen Wright, 38th Regt.

Yeatts, Daniel, (no application)

Yeatts, J. T., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Yeatts, Mark A., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Yeatts, Martha J., widow of Obediah J. Yeatts, 57th Regt.

Yeatts, S. R., Co. B, 15th Regt.

Yeatts, Samuel E., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Pension Applicants - Act of 1900


Aaron, F. H., Co. C, 5th Cav

. Aaron, G. W., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Abbott, David B., Co. C, 6th Regt.

Abbott, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Abbott, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Abbott, John C., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Abbott, Nancy S, widow of Wm. H. Abbott, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Adams, Abram, Co. K, 13th Regt

Adams, Ferdinand, Danville Art'y. McIntosh's Batt.

Adams, G. W., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Adams, John Q., Danville Art'y., Shoemaker's Batt.

Adams, John W., Co. G, 14th North Carolina Inf.

Adams, W. W., Ringgold Batt.

Adkins, Abner, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Adkins, Bettie, widow of Caleb Adkins, 38th Regt. Capt. Cabell's Co.

Adkins, Henry, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Adkins, Lewis G., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Adkins, Mastin, Rice's Co., under Col. Henry

Adkins, Ralph, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Adkins, W. D., Co. E, 57th Regt

Adkins, W. D., no unit given (possibly same as above)

Adkins, W. T., Co. B, 38th Regt. Allen, Darling C., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Allen, Ferdinand R., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Allen, George W., Co. D, 6th Art'y., Capt. Norton

Allen, Margaret, widow of G. Allen, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Allen, W. P., Co. E, 6th Cav

Anderson, Albert J. B., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Andrews, Martha J., widow of John M. Andrews, Co. C, 5th Cav. & 10th Art'y.

Andrews, Thomas A. F., Co. C, 5th Cav & Co. C, 10th Art'y.

Arthur, J. H., Co. E, 3rd Regt.

Arthur, J. H., no unit (possibly same as above)

Arthur, Littleberry, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Arthur, Whitfield, Price's Battery Ashby, W. F., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Ashby, W. F., no unit (possibly same as above)

Atkinson, David N., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Atkinson, H. F., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Bane, Berryman, Co. C, Holt's Regt.

Barber, G. W., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Barber, J. E., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Barber, Thomas, no unit

Barber, Thomas, no unit (possibly same as above)

Barbour, Thomas, Co. A, 38th Regt. Reserves

Barker, Martha J., widow of Stephen Y. Barker, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Beck, N. D., Rice's Reserves under Col. Henry

Bennett, Absolum, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Bennett, John H., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Betterton, B. F., Co. F, 38th Regt

. Biggs, Robert T., Co. H, 23rd Regt

. Billings, Mary C., widow of Charles H. Billings, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Billings, P. W., Co. F, Armstead's Brigade

Binford, J. T., Co. D, 18th Regt.

Blair, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. A. Y. Blair, Capt. Bight (?) Battery

Blankenship, Wm. W., Co. B, 53rd Regt.

Blanks, John H., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Booker, James, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Booth, Benjamin, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Boulden, B. S., Co. C, 6th Reserves

Bowe, James H. Rice's Co.

Bradner, R. H., Co. B, Capt. Young & Col. Mosely's Batt.

Brooks, Wm. H., Co. B, 1st Regt. Georgia Volunteers

Brown, John R., Co. G, 6th Cav.

Brown, R. D., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Brown, Thomas H., Co. A, 20th Bn., Richmond Defenses

Bruce, Thomas B., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Bryant, D. H., Capt. Motley's Co. Art'y.

Burnett, James D., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Burnett, M. S., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Burton, J. W., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Burton, R. T., Co. K, 5th Bn. Reserves

Carter, Edward A, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Carter, Elizabeth R., widow of Thomas M. Carter, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Carter, Sarah C., widow of R. W. Carter, Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Cassada, Susan R., widow of O. F. Cassada, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Chatten, Nathaniel C., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Clark, Henry, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Coleman, James R., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Compton, J. W., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Cook, John H., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Corbin, J. D. G., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Cousins, F. R., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Cousins, J. S., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Cousins, Sallie B., widow of Chastine R. Cousins, Co. E, 6th Cav.

Cox, James A., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Craddock, Daniel S., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Craddock, W. B., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Craft, John R., Co. H, 46th Regt., Wise Brigade

Crowder, John W., Co. H, 38th

Cumby, E. J., Capt. John Rice's Co.

Dalton, C. C. A., Co. C. Regt. Reserves

Dalton, David L., Ringgold Battery

Dalton, Henry T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Dalton, Jarrett T., Ringgold Battery

Dalton, Jubal, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Dalton, Jubal, no unit (possibly same as above)

Dalton, Winchester W., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Daniel, John M., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Daniel, William, Co. C, 5th Cav.

Daniel, Wm, no unit

Davenport, F. M., Co. G, 6th Cav.

Davis, Creed O. Co. E, 38th Regt.

Davis, Elizabeth, widow of James W. Davis, Co. F, 38th Regt.

Davis, Henry W., Co. F, 38th Regt.

Davis, Homer L., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Davis, Homer L., no unit (possibly same as above)

Davis, Sarah H., widow of Wm. Davis, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Dawson, Matilda, widow of John B. Dawson, Co. A, 18th Regt

. Destein, J. C, Co. C, 53rd Regt.

Dickson, William B., Capt. B. H. Motley's Light Art'y.

Dillard, Henry J. Co. E, 38th Regt.

Divers, Jeter, Co; A, 3rd Regt. Reserves

Dodd, T. W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Dodson, John A., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Dodson, J. E., no unit

Dodson, Martha C, widow of W. E. Dodson, Co., I, 57th Regt.

Doss, J. W. , Co. C, 3rd Regt Reserves

Douglas, Nannie V., widow of John W. Douglas, Capt. Flournoy 6th Cav.

Douglas, John W., Co. G, 6th Cav, Capt. Flournoy

Drewry, Elizabeth M., widow of Isaac Drewry, Co. G, 53rd Regt

Dudley, J. R., no unit (lived at Level Run)

Dudley, John R., Co. H, 21st Regt. (lived at Mt. Airy)

Duffey, Elizabeth A., widow of Phillip Duffey, Ringgold Batt.

Dunn, Catharine, widow of Samuel B. Dunn, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Eanes, Lee Anna, widow of Starling Eanes, no unit given

Earles, Tabitha, widow of Uriah C., Earles, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Easley, Edward T., Co. C, 10th Batt. Art'y.

Easley, James C., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Eaton, W. J., Co. C, 5th Regt.

Echols, H. E., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Edwards, G. H., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Elliott, Eliza W., widow of Wesley Elliott, 53rd Regt

Elliott, Samuel S., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Evans, Champ T., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Evans, Jackson, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Evans, Robert H., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Fackler, J. W., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Fariss, Bettie E., widow of Joshua Fariss, 2nd Cav.

Fariss, Jas. C., no unit given

Farmer, Martha A., widow of Wm. T. Farmer, Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Farmer, Mary J., widow of James M., Co. D, 1st Regt. Reserves

Farthing, Joel, Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Ferguson, H. P., 53rd, Capt. Timberlake's Co.

Ferguson, Mary F., widow of John A., Co. D, 42nd Regt.

Ferguson, W. D., Co. G, 6th Cav.

Ferrell, Elizabeth, widow of Beverly Ferrell, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Finch, T. W., Co. I, 2nd Cav.

Fitts, T. W., Sr., Co. D., 38th Regt.

Fowlkes, Mary M., widow of James J. Fowlkes, Capt. Sykes Regt. Res.

Fox, Michael, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Franklin, J. C., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Franklin, W. H., Co. H, 51st Regt.

Frazier, W. M., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Fuller, Joseph T., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Fuller, Waddy T, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Gafford, P. F., Co. A, no Regt. given

Gammon, James A., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Gatewood, John T., Co. E, 6th Regt.

Gaulding, Tabitha, widow of Wm. Goulding, 38th Regt.

George, Ashford, Co. D, 57th Regt.

George, Hugh, Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Gibson, Charles T., Co. C. Pigman's (?) Bat'l.

Gibson, Francis, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Gibson, Oliver G. Co. C., 46th Regt.

Gibson, Oliver G., no unit given (possibly same as above)

Gibson, Owen, W., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Gibson, W. J. W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Giles, Garrett, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Glenn, N. C., 46th Inf. & Breathard's (?) Batt.

Goad, Mary F., widow of Wm. F. Goad, Co. I, 1st Va. Reserves

Goad, Richard, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Gourley, Lourany, H., widow of Samuel H. Gourley, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Gray, Wm. R., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Gray, W. W., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Green, James H., Co. H, 1st Inf.

Green, Joseph R., Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Green, William A, Richmond Co., 1st Regt. of Inf.

Griggs, Francis, widow of Wm. C. Griggs, Motley's Art'y.

Griggs, Reuben, Co. H, 24th Regt.

Grogan, Jane, widow of Joseph Grogan, Co. A, 42nd Regt.

Gunnell, Henry, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Haden, Emily, widow of R. L. Haden, Confederate Arsenal at Danville

Haden, John T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Haden, W. B., Co. D, 44th Regt.

Haden, Lucy E, widow of J. L. Haden, Capt. Sykes Co.

Haley, John, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Haley, Peter, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Haley, Wm. H., Ringgold Batt.

Haley, Wm. P., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Hall, James T., Co.C, 10th Art'y.

Hall, John F., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Hall, Martha C., widow of Reuben Hall, Capt. Sykes Co. of Reserves

Hamlett, Wm. H., Co. G, 57th Regt.

Hammock, Nathaniel, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Hancock, Samuel H., Co. G, 6th Cav.

Hankins, R. F., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Hanks, D. L., Co. C, VA. Reserves

Hardy, H. C, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Hardy, John, Co. B, 5th Cav.

Hardy, Letitia, widow of Joseph Hardy, Co. H, 38th Regt.

Hardy, Martha, widow of John Hardy, Co. C, 5th Cav.

Hardy, Nancy, widow of Samuel Hardy, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Harper, Labindia F., widow of Wm. J. Harper, Co. K, 53rd Regt.

Harris, W. D., 12th Batt. Light Art'y. Sturdivant's Co.

Haymore, R. H., Co. C, no Regt. given

Hedrick, Christopher Columbus, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Hedrick, Jacob, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Hedrick, J. H., Co. C, Reserves

Hefflefinger, Elizabeth, widow of John Hefflefinger, 48th Regt.

Herndon, D. B., Ringgold Batt.

High, John, Capt. Motley's Art'y.

Hiler, William C., Dyer's Co., 38th Regt.

Hiler, Wm. J. Co. D, 38thRegt.

Hill, James O., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Hines, John E., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Hines, Joseph T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Hines, Thos. J., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Hines, W. J., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Hodnett, B. D., Ringgold Batt.

Hodnett, Harriet G., widow of Thomas Hodnett, Co. G, 6th Cav.

Hodnett, J. B., no unit given

Hodnett, P. D., 18th Regt.

Hodnett, Thomas B., Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Hodnett, William E., Co. E, 53rd Regt.

Hoffman, Moses, Co. H., 38th Regt.

Hogan, Obediah, Co. E, 6th Cav.

Hogan, T. J., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Hogan, Wm. W., Ringgold Batt.

Hogan, W. W., no unit given

Holden, Christina, widow of Wm. D. Holden, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Holt, E. W., Ringgold Batt.

Hoskins, R. Denny, widow of Daniel Hoskins, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Howard, Robert S., Co. C, 3rd Cav.

Howerton, W. H., no unit given

Hubbard, Ann Rebecca, widow of Joel Hubbard, Co. H, 3rd Cav.

Hughey, A. T., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Hunt, Tho. H., Co. K, 28th Regt.

Hutcherson, B. L., Co. Co, 53rd Regt.

Hutcherson, Geo. P., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Hylton, Lucy A., widow of Gabriel Hylton, Co. B, 54th Regt.

Inman, Henry W., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Inman, V. C., Johnson's Battalion

Irby, Ann T., widow of Wm. M. Irby, Capt. John Formes Co. from Halifax

Jackson, Jabez A., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Jacobs, William H., Co. I, 2nd Cav.

Jefferson, Addie, widow of Wm. Franklin Jefferson, 46th Regt.

Jefferson, Nathan, Co. C, no Regt. given

Jennings, W. W., Co. H, 18th Regt.

Johnson, Elizabeth Susan, widow of Joel Johnson, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Johnson, Frances R., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Johnson, James F., Co. B, 14th Regt.

Johnson, James P., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Johnson, J. T., no unit given

Johnson, Lucy W., widow of Enoch H. Johnson, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Jones, Edward T., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Jones, J. A., Co. F (?), 53rd Regt.

Jones, James E., Co. A, 53rd Regt.

Jones, James T., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Keatts, Bettie E., widow of John C. Keatts, Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Keatts, Geo. W., Ringgold Batt.

Keeling, J. C., Detailed to make war implements

Keen, G. E., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Keen, Jesse H., Co. C, 5th Cav.

Keesee, Isaac A., Co. B, 17th Regt.

Keesee, John, Ringgold Batt.

Kelly, John H., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Kendrick, Thomas, Co. B, 38th Regt.

King, Harriet Emily, widow of Timothy King, Co. H, 21st Regt.

King, S. D., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Kirks, John F., Co. H, 57th Regt.

Layne, Ezekiel, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Layne, John W., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Layne. Willis N., Co. A 18th Regt.

Lea, Martha E., widow of W. T. Lea, Co. H, 21st Regt.

Lee, Rev. Robt. A., Sr. Co. I, 2nd Cav.

Lewis, J. S., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Lewis, Lucy A., widow of Jno. W. Lewis, Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Lewis, Robert M., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Linthicum, L. F., Nurse in Wayside Hosp. in Danville

Lipford, Lucy T., widow of Wm. R.

Lipford, Capt. Rice's Co.

Lovelace, Chas. H., Co. G. 53rd Regt.

Lovelace, W.A., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Lumpkin, Martha L., widow of John Robt.

Lumpkin, Ringgold Batt.

Lyle, J. T., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Lynskey, Catherine M., widow of Martin Lynskey, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Mahan, Preston A., Capt. Wright's Battery

Mahon, G. R.,Co. I, 57th Regt.

Mann, John F.,Co. B, Capt. Clark's Art'y.

Manuel, Robert, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Marilla, Jane, widow of John Marilla, Co. E, 6th Cav.

Marshall, R. J., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Martin, Daniel L., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Mays, Mary J., widow of James Mays, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

McClanahan, C. W., Co. C, 46th Regt.

McDaniel, Elizabeth, widow of Edmund McDaniel, Co. G, 53rd Regt.

McGhee, Garland, Co. E, 57th Regt.

McGhee, James D., Co. B, 10th Battery Art'y.

McGregor, Nannie R., widow of Wm. H. McGregor, Co. F, 38th Regt.

McHaney, John C., Co. A, 18th Regt.

McMinnis, Frank, Co. I, 18th Regt.

McMinnis, James T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

McNeilley, W. L., Co. I, 18th Regt.

McNichols, Elizabeth A., widow of James McNichols, Capt. Rice's Co. A

Meadows, Cassa J., widow of Francis D. Meadows, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Meadows, John H., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Merchant, W. M., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Midkiff, Rebecca, widow of Henry Midkiff, Co. E, 1st VA Reserves

Mills, Bathsheba, widow of Berry B. Mills, W. H. Harper's Milita Co.

Mills, Caleb W., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Mills, John W., Ben Motley's, Co. from Danville

Mills, John H., Co. D. 38th Regt.

Mills, Walter C., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Mills, Wm. A., Johnson's Battery

Mitchell, James W., Koit's (?) Bn. Wright's Batt., He lived at Rondo

Mitchell, Jas W., Co. D, 18th Regt., He lived at Hurt

Mitchell, Thomas W., R. J. Moorman's Reserves

Moore, R. E., Co. C. 1st VA Reserves

Morefield, Amanda C., widow of James R. Morefield, 38th Regt.

Morefield, John R., Marmaduke Johnson's Co. of Art'y.

Morrison, T. J., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Motley, D. J., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Motley, W. D., 5th North Carolina Cav., Fitzhugh Lee, Commander

Murphy, Catharine, widow of John Murphy, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Murphy, G. W., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Murray, W. W., , Co. E, 23rd Regt.

Murry, N. G., Co. C, 5th VA Reserves

Mustain, Joel C., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Mustain, Malissa A., widow W. H. Mustain, Co. D, 13th Regt.

Myers, Chesley A., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Myers, Washington, Rice's Co.

Myers, J. M., no unit, lived in Franklin, (sig. seemed same as below)

Myers, James M., Co. C, 46th, lived at Ajax (sig.seemed same as above

Neal, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Neal, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Neal, John W., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Newby, E. C., Pegram's Battery

Nuchols, Josiah J., Co., E, 6th Cav

. Nunnelee, L. T., Shoemaker's Batt. Horse Art'y.

Oakes, James L., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Oakes, Joab, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Oakes, Stacy F., widow of Nathaniel K. Oakes, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Oakes, Wm. P., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Oliver, John L., Co. C. 5th Cav.

Osborne, John H., Co. E, 57th Regt

Owen, C. B., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Owen, David T., Co. B, 18th Regt.

Owen, Elizabeth, widow of John H. Owen, Col. Witcher's Reserves

Owen, J. C., Capt. Motley's Battery

Owen, J. J., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Owen, J. T., no unit, signed J. T. Owen, Post Office Wenondo

Owen, John D., Co. D, 57th Regt., lived at Viola

Owen, Joseph T., Co. K, 38th Regt, lived at Brosville

Owen, M. J., widow of John S. Owen, Shoemaker's Batt. of Art'y.

Owen, Thomas W., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Owen, W. J., no unit, 66 yrs old in 1908, lived at Java

Owen, W. J., Benj. Motley's Art'y., 59 yrs old in 1900, lived in Lola

Parcell, Nancy A., widow of Peter Parcell, Co. A, 57th Regt.

Parsons, George W., Co. C, 5th Bn.

Parsons, Spencer, Co. B, 38th Regt.

Parsons, William R., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Paul, C. W., Co. B, 42nd Regt.

Paul, James E., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Paul, Thomas H., Co. D, 39th Cav.

Payne, Leroy, Co. D. 38th Regt.

Pearson, W. M., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Peatross, John D. L., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Petticrew, M. A., Co. A., 20th Bn. Richmond Defenses

Petty, G. W., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Petty, Henry T., Co. C, 3rd Cav.

Pickerell, Peter, Ringgold Battery

Poindexter, Thomas L., Stamp's Batt. or Ringgold Batt.

Poindexter, William G., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Poindexter, W. R., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Posey, Benjamin, Co. A, 38th Regt.

Potter, Sarah Francis, widow of Ephram Potter, Co. C, 10th Cav.

Potter, Ephraim, Co. C, 10th Cav., died soon after he applied

Powell, Geo. W., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Powell, Wesley, General Pendleton's Art'y

Power, William H., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Pruett, Joel, Co. C, 10th Art'y.

Pruett, David, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Pruett, Ephraim, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Pruitt, Elijah, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Pugh, R. K., no unit, Lived at Level Run,, 66 yrs old in 1906

Pugh, Richard K., Co. C, 57th Regt. Lived at Brutus, 63 yrs in 1902

Pyron, T. J., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Ragsdale, James R., Ringgold Battery

Ragsdale, J. I., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Ragsdale, W. T., Ringgold Battery

Ramsey, C. W., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Reynolds, Joseph D., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Rice, C. R., Young's Batt., & Col. Moses' Bn.

Rice, J. E., Co. D, 42nd Regt.

Richardson, Amanda J., widow of Geo. Richardson, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Richardson, John E., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Ricketts, Gabriella C., widow of Reuben B. Ricketts, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Riddle, Rosa T., widow of Wm. B. Riddle, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Riddle, T. C, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Rigney, Henry, Co. E, 57th Regt.

Rigney, Tounzen (Townes), Co. E, 57th Regt.

Robertson, Edward S., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Robertson, Eugene, Ringgold Battery

Robertson, Joel T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Robertson, John H., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Robertson, Samuel A., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Robertson, Wm. E. F., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Roby, Mary A., widow of Isaac R. Roby, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Rodgers, J. C., (or Rogers), Co. A, 42nd Regt.

Rorer, B. C., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Rorer, L. T., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Rowles, Mary V., widow of W. G. Rowles, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Rowles, Wm., Co. E, 57th Regt

Rucker, Ambrose, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Russell, Ellen P., widow of Housen G. Russell, 38th Regt.

Salmons, Jas. Thomas, Co., A, 21st Regt.

Saunders, Winnie, widow of William A. Saunders, Co. C, 53rd Regt.

Scearce, E. R.Co. (?), 57th Regt.

Scearce, J. J., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Scearce, Lydia A., widow of David Scearce, Capt. Rice's Reserves

Scearce, Thomas, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Scearce, Nancy A., widow of Joseph Scearce, Co, I, 57th Regt.

Scearce, R. A., Co. I (?), 57th Regt.

Scott, W. M., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Scruggs, J. W., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Scruggs, Robert C., Capt. Wm. Moorman's Co. C, Reserve Force

Shaw, James A., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Shelhorse, Carroll, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shelhorse, Jacob, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, A. T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, D. W., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Shelton, Ferdinand C., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, James C., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, James T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, J. J., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Shelton, John T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, Oliver H., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shelton, N. R., Co. D., 57th Regt.

Shelton, R S., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Shelton, T. H., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Shelton, W. D., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Shelton, Wm. H., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Shepherd, T. R., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Shields, Alice T., widow of John C. Shields, Co. H, 21st, Regt.

Shields, Geo. T., Co. C, Col. Henry's Reserves

Shields, J. H., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Shorter, Judith E., widow of Joseph Shorter, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Shumate, Martha A. E., widow of John S. Shumate, Co. K, 38th Regt.

Simmons, William B., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Simpson, C. C., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Simpson, Dennis, Co. D, 57th Regt.

Simpson, L. K., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Smith, George, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Smith, John C., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Smith, John T., Ringgold Battery

Smith, Samuel R., Capt. Rice's Co. of Reserves

Smith, Vincent O., Co. K, 10th Cav.

Smith, Wm. H., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Snead, I. B., Capt. N. A. Penick's Battery & Pogue's (?) Battery

Snow, Abner, Co. I, 2nd Cav. and also Ringgold Battery

Sours, Susan, widow of Jacob Sours, detailed to make ammunition

Soyars, Wm. A., Co. D, 38th Regt.,

Soyars, R. O., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Starkey, Geo. W., Capt. Young's Batt., Moses' Bn.

Staydon, W. B., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Stephens, Peter, Co. K, 13th Regt. North Carolina Inf.

Stone, A. T., Ringgold Battery

Strickland, Prudence P., widow of Jas. L. Strickland, Co. C, 38th Reg

Swain, G. E., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Swain, J. B., Co. C, no Regt. given

Sykes, Elizabeth A., widow of James P. Sykes, Col. Henry's Bn.

Tate, Vincent S., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Taylor, D. W., Co. G. 14th N.C. Regt., seems to be same as below

Taylor, George W., Co. G, 14th North Carolina Regt.

Taylor, Wm. H., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Terry, Lucy, widow of Jno. W. Terry, Co. F, 42nd Regt.

Thomas, Creed, Co. E, 38th Regt.

Thompson, G. T., Co. E, 57th Regt.

Thornton, James R., Co. K, 38th Regt.

Tinley, J. N., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Tosh, Josiah, Co. B, 53rd Regt.

Towler, Henry, Co. H, 1st Regt.

Towler, Josiah, Co. C, 46th Regt.

Townsend, Geo. W., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Townsend, James C., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Trammell, G. W., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Tuck, Sally, (or Sarah), widow of Thomas Tuck, Co B, 14th Regt.

Tuck, John H., Co. B, 14th Regt.

Tucker, Albert, Co. H, 6th North Carolina Regt.

Tucker, John M., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Tucker, John N., no unit, possibly same as above

Tucker, S.B., Carter's Co., 38th Regt.

Tucker, Thomas J., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Tucker, W. H., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Turner, J. H., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Turner, R. K., Co. D, 44th Regt.

Turner, W. W., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Turpin, Mary C., widow of W. A. Turpin, Co. I, 57th Regt.

Vaughan, A. J., Co. D, 39th Cav, Gen. R.E. Lee's body guard & courier

Vaughan, Andrew J., no unit, poss. same as above, lived at Hill Grove

Vaughan, Joseph, , Co. F, 38th Regt., Jed Carter's Co.

Vaughan, Mariah J., widow of John S. Vaughan, Sikes Co. of Res.

Viccellio, Nancy, widow of Henry Viccellio, Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Voss, William M., Co. A, 18th Regt.

Walden, Nannie K., widow of Wm. H. Walden, Co. D, 42nd Regt.

Waldron, Margaret, widow of Wm. C. Waldron, Co. I, 18th Regt.

Walker, Nathaniel B., Ringgold Battery

Wallace, Nancy Ann, widow of J. P. Wallace, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Waller, John C., Co. I, 2nd Cav.

Walton, John H., Co. H, 53rd Regt.

Walts, T. L., Co. H, 14th Regt.

Ware, W. W., Co. C, 46th (or 44th) Regt.

Warner, Geo. W., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Warren, Jas., Oliver Witcher's Co, 57th Regt.

Watlington, James P., Ringgold Battery

Watlington, George A., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Watson, S. H., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Wells, M. B., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Wells, Mary F., widow of John D. Wells, Co. I, 21st Regt.

West, J. A., Co. B, 14th Regt.

West, R. G., Co. B, 14th Regt.

West, William, Co. B, 14th Regt.

White, Abram, Co. C, 38th Regt.

White, Ann B., widow of A. B. White, Ringgold Battery

White, George W., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Whittemore, H. T., Co. K, 26th Regt.

Widdefield, M. V., Co. B, 56th Regt.

Williams, F. D., Co. I (?), 57th Regt.

Williams, J. J., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Wilson, S. L., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Wood, Leannah, widow of Geo. T. Wood, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Wood, T. C., Co. K, 13th Regt.

Woodall, James S., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Woody, James, Co. B, 53rd Regt.

Worsham, Miles E., Co. H, 21st Regt.

Worsham, A. D., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Worsham, E. D., Co. G, 53rd Regt.

Wright, Susan A., widow of Geo. R. Wright, Co. I, 21st Regt.

Yates, W. T., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Yeates, Thomas, Co. A, 18th Regt.

Yeatts, Thomas B., Co. I, Col. Brown's Bn.

Young, George W., dark line through unit, can't read it

Young, Joseph A., no unit given

Pension Applicants - Act of 1902


Aaron, Alenda Elizabeth

Aaron, Mary Frances

Abbott, Lydia J.

Abbott, Sallie F.

Adams, Mary A.

Adams, R. B.

Adams, Susanna

Adkins, Angeline C.

Adkins, Elizabeth F.

Adkins, Louisa W.

Adkins, Martha Ann

Alderson, Rebecca

Alderson, W. H.

Allen, B. F.

Allen, G. W.

Allen, Giddy Ann

Allen, P. E.

Allen, Sallie J.

Allen, Sarah F.

Amos, Mary A.

Anderson, Ann E.

Arnn, Mary A.

Arthur, Frances, widow

Ashby, Bettie M.

Ashby, Effie

Ashby, James S.

Ashworth, C. R.

Ashworth, Harvey Thomas

Atkinson, Judy T.

Atkinson, Sarah A.

Austin, D. T.

Bagby, George H., Co. C, 46th Regt.

Bailey, Bettie

Barber, D. C., Co. E, 38th Regt.

Barber, Eliza A.

Barber, Elizabeth W.

Barker, Coleman Perkins, Co. B, 8th Regt.

Barker, Elizabeth, widow of Spias Barker, Co. C, 38th Regt.

Barker, John M., Moorman's Reserves

Barker, Rhoda V., widow of William M. Barker, Co. B. 38th Regt.

Barker, William. M., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Barksdale, Elizabeth

Barnard, Catherine H.

Bateman, John S., Co. A, 5th Regt.

Bates, Sarah

Beck, Mary A.

Beggerly, Louisa C.

Bennett, Pattie B.

Berger, Alison

Berger, Nannie B.

Berger, Susan M.

Betterton, James W., Co. F, 38th Regt.

Betterton, Martha M.

Blackstock, Mary J.

Blair, Maria Johnson

Blair, Nannie

Blankenship, Bettie M.

Blankenship, Catherine C.

Bohannon, Sallie A.

Bolling, Martha A.

Booker, James, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Booth, Eliza T.

Bowler, Charlotte T.

Boyd, S. H.

Bradner, Perlinia (or Paulina)

Brooks, America F.

Brooks, N. T., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Brooks, T. V., 3rd Co. Richmond Howitzers

Brown, Harriett N.

Brown, Hattie A.

Brown, John R.

Brown, Martha A.

Bruce, Manerva

Brumfield, Ferdinand T.

Brumfield, Julia A.

Bryant, Fannie H.

Burch, Robert W.

Burgess, Ardelia Jane

Burnett, Harriett

Burnett, Mary Jane

Burnett, M. S., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Cardwell, Wm. M.

Carmichael, Sallie B.

Carter, Belle Ragsdale

Carter, Bettie P.

Carter, Dorothy Starn

Carter, E. K.

Carter, Fannie A.

Carter, O. P.

Carter, Sallie H.

Carter, Scott,Comissary Dept.

Chaney, Julia Francis

Chattin, Susan

Chesher, James William

Childress, J. M.

Chism, Winnie A.

Clark, Catherine

Clay, Amanda M.

Clement, Callie M.

Cocke, Ann V.

Cocke, W H. H., Co. C, 5th Reserves

Cole, Mary A.

Coleman, Mrs. Willie V.

Collie, James H., Co. D, 38th Reg.

Collie, Mary A.

Collins, John W.

Collins, Mary Jane

Compton, John William, Co. D, 57th Regt

. Compton, Susan P.

Compton, W. R.

Conway, Mary E.

Cook, Elisha S.

Cook, Eusebius H.

Cook, Fannie Wade

Cook, J. H.

Cook Thomas R.

Corbin, Lettie A.

Cousins, Fannie James

Cousins, J. C.

Cowan, Maria C.

Cox, Elizabeth S.

Cox, Mary

Creasy, America E.

Creasy, Sallie C.

Crouch, Lillie B.

Crowder, Emily J.

Crowder, Sallie

Cumby, Mrs. E. S.

Custer, Annette

Dallas, J. J.

Dalton, Amanda C.

Dalton, Annie

Dalton, Elizabeth

Dalton, Julie Adams

Dalton, Martha V.

Dalton, Sallie

Dalton, W. T.

Daniel, Elma Lee

Daniel, Julia A.

Daniel, Mary A.

Davenport, Hattie R.

Davis, Celestia R.

Davis, Harriett Ann

Davis, Martha J.

Davis, Nancy C.

Davis, Susan R.

Davis, S. P.

Dews, Susin E.

Dillard, Mary A. V.

Dixon, Mary S.

Dixon, Virginia A.

Dobyns, Amelia

Dodson, Fannie

Dodson, James A., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Dodson, Joel E.

Dodson, Martha J.

Dodson, Paul H. Sr., Co. E, 23rd Regt.

Doolin, H. C., 3rd Regt

. Dugger, Addie G.

Dunn, Catharine

Dunn, Mrs. Somerville Coleman

Dunn, Wilson B.

Eanes, Silas N., Co. E. 57th Regt.

Easley, John P., Co. E, 6th Cav.

Easley, Virginia B.

East, John O., Capt. Clark's Co.

Eastham, J. E., Rhodes Div., Jackson's Command

Echols, James S., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Edwards, Ann D.

Edwards, J. A. B., Co. E. 1st Reserves

Edwards, Manerva J.

Edwards, William A., Motley's Arty.

Evans, Martha F.

Evans, Mary

Fackler, Jere F., Co. A, 38th Regt.

Faris, Bettie E.

Farmer, Alcie Ann

Farmer, Almonia J.

Farmer, Ethelbert, Co. C, 28th Regt.

Farmer, Julia A.

Farmer, W. H., Co. C, 53rd Regt.

Farthing, Lea Annie Mildred

Farthing, Mary H.

Farthing, Nannie W.

Farthing, Parthena M.

Ferguson, Alice

Ferguson, Mrs. B. J.

Ferguson, Elizabeth L.

Ferguson, Mary J.

Ferguson, Mildred J.

Finch, Thomas W., Co. I, 2nd Regt. Cav.

Finney, Sallie F.

Finney, W. A., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Ford, Mrs. Saluda J.

Ford, Sarah A.

Foust, F. J., Co. B, 38th Regt.

Franklin, Rosa

Franklin, Susan W.

Franklin, W. H., Co. H., 51st Regt.

Fuller, Laura F.

Fuller, Mary E.

Fulton, J. S., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Fulton, Mary F.

Gammon, Drewry E., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Gammon, Fannie W.

Gammon, Sallie A.

Gardner, J. S., Co. B, 5th Bat'l.

Garrett, R. I., Co. K, 3rd Regt.

Garrett, Sallie J.

Garrett, Samuel C., Co. I, 21st Regt.

Gauldin, Matilda A.

Gauldin, Martha Ann

Gatewood, J. E., Co. E, 6th Cav

George, Paulina E.

Gibson, Edney D

Gibson, Louzania Jones

Giles, Eliza Ann Collie, widow of George W. Giles, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Giles, Lucy J. Brown, widow of William Davis Giles, 57th Regt.

Glenn, Lou C., widow

Gosney, G. M., Ringgold's Battery

Gosney, Richard L., 5th Bat'l. Reserves

Graveley, J. F.,Co. F, 42nd Regt.

Graves, Amanda M.

Gray, James D., Co. C, 8th Regt.

Gray, Mary L.

Green, Nancy P.

Green, Nellie Rives

Greer, C. P., Co. B, 53rd Regt.

Gregory, Mary Griggs

Gregory, Sallie Stone

Gregory, Thomas A., Co. C, 5th Regt.

Griffith, Mary E.

Griffith, W. H., Co. C, 5th Bat'l.

Guthrie, Alexander, Co. C, 59th Regt.

Guthrie, Martha L.

Haden, A. B.

Haden, Thomas D., Co. D, 57th Regt.

Haley, Charles, Co. F, 11th Regt.

Haley, Emaline

Haley, Hettie R.

Haley, Julia S.

Hall, James T., Co. C, 10th Bat'l. Arty.

Hall, Sarah

Hall, Virginia

Hampton, Victor N., Co. C, 5th Bat'l.

Hancock, Charles H., Co. C, 5th Regt.

Hanks, Gerard, Capt. Price's Light Art'y.

Hardy, George Washington, Co. B. 5th Va. Reserves

Hardy, Mattie S., widow of George Washington Hardy

Harris, Lydia Harris, Noah, Co. A, 42nd Regt.

Hart, Rebecca Collie

Harvey, Martha J.

Harvey, Sallie A

. Harvey, Susan A.

Hatcher, R. J.

Haymes, Martha A.

Hays, H. W.

Hays, Nannie C.

Hedrick, J. H., Co. B, Capt. Moorman

Hedrick, Levenia F.

Hedrick, Mildred F.

Hedrick, Sallie Ann

Henderson, G. W., Co. H, 31st Regt.

Hicks, Judith A.

Hiler, Liddie E.

Hines, Martha F.

Hines, Mary J.

Hines, Thomas J.

Hodges, Harriett

Hodges, Martha S.

Hodnett, Amanda V.

Hodnett, Bettie D.

Hodnett, Charles H., Co. I, 18th Regt.

Hodnett, J. H.

Hodnett, Laura E.

Hodnett, W. C.

Hogan, Catharine

Hogan, Fannie M.

Hogan, Wm. W

. Holly, Mrs. A. E.

Holt, Fannie

Hood, Felix, 38th Regt.

Howell, M. W.

Howerton, Joseph T.

Hubbard, Almira Thompson

Hubbard, Emma S

. Hundley, C. R.

Hundley, George W.

Hundley, Jason, B.

Hundley, Lilly A.

Hundley, Wm. J., Co. B. 9th Regt.

Hutcherson, Mary Bet

Hutson, Ada F.

Hutson, James H., Co. F, 57th Regt.

Hutson, Sarah E.

Inman, Martha J.

Irby, Rebecca A.

Jackson, Daniel

Jackson, Mrs. Daniel

Jacobs, Fannie H.

James, R. F.

Jefferson, Addie

Jennings, Jane

Johnson, James P

Johnson, Mrs. James P.

Jones, A. M

. Jones, James

Jones, Mary A.

Jones, Mary Lewis

Jones, Sallie A.

Jones, Sarah J.

Keatts, Bettie

Keatts, C. L.

Keatts, Lawson S.

Keesee, Chalista

Kelley, Sallie J.

Kennedy, Sallie F.

King, Elizabeth J.

King, J. W., Co. D, 38th Regt.

King, Levi, Co. H, Col. Henry

King, Lucy E.

Kirks, Mary J.

Kiser, Rosa B.

Land, Melissa

Lanier, Lucy A.

Lawrence, Joseph, Co. C, 5th Bat'l.

Lawrence, Tabitha

Layne, P. D., 2nd Cav.

Lewis, Berthenia S.

Lewis, Charles J., Co. C, 38th Regt.

Lewis, E. J.

Lewis, Elizabeth Virginia

Lewis, John B., Co. C., 3rd Regt.

Lewis, Mary Ann

Lewis, R. H., Moorman's Reserves

Lewis, Wm. J., Ringgold's Bat'y. 13th Bat'l

. Linthicum, Edward C., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Lipscomb, Lelia Wooding

Lovelace, Elizabeth H.

Lumpkins, Paulina

Lynskey, S. E., Co. I, 57th Regt.

Mahan, John

Mahan, Mary Jane,

Manuel, Lizzie

Marshall, Nancy

Matherly, George, Co. C, 5th Batt

. Mattox, Martha M.

Mayhew, Kate

McBride, C. C.

McCormick, Louise Taylor

McDowell, James N., Capt. Shumaker's Batt.

McGhee, J. J., 57th Regt.

McGhee, Mary J.

McGhee, Tabitha

McKinney, Araminta

McNeely, Susan E.

Meadows, Cornelia

Meadows, Elizabeth W.

Meadows, Mary S.

Mease, Mary J.

Megginson, Mrs. M. F.

Midkiff, Martha Frances

Milam, Hattie A.

Millner, F. N.

Mills, Caroline M., widow of Francis Marion Mills, Co. A, 42nd Regt.

Mills, Eliza Ann Elliott, widow of Caleb W. Mills, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Mills, John H., Co. D, 38th Regt.

Mills, Katherine H. Thomas, widow, John H. Mills, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Minter, Tabitha J.

Mitchell, David W., Co. H, 38th Regt.

Mitchell, Elizabeth

Mitchell, James B., Co. I, 53rd Regt.

Mitchell, Martha T.

Mitchell, Mary J.

Mitchell, S. A., widow of Henry Coleman Mitchell, Co. D, 38th Regt.

Mitchell, Wm. A.

Moffett, C. W., Co. H, 42nd Regt.

Moffett, G. W., 42nd Regt.

Mohr, J. C.

Moon, Alice S.

Moon, Emma V.

Moore, Sarah A.

Moorefield, Eliza E.

Moorefield, Paul H.

Moss, Rebecca F.

Moss, Robert

Motley, Lydia Atkinson

Motley, Mattie F.

Motley, Sallie

Motley, Sarah F.

Murphy, Sibby D.

Muse, Dudley S.

Neal, Mary E.

Neal, William J.

Newby, Pink, widow

Norman, George S.

Norton, James T.

Oakes, Alfred

Oakes, James L.

Oakes, John K.

Oakes, Louvina Mahaley

Oakes, Mary Ann

Osborne, Susan E.

Owen, Barbara C.

Owen, Letitia

Owen, Martha A.

Owen, Mary E.

Owen, Massa M.

Owen, Nannie C.

Owen, Patience L.

Parker, Emily

Parker, George N.

Parker, James

Parrish, Sallie S.

Parsons, Arabella Susan

Parsons, Lettie

Parsons, Delie

Parsons, J. R.

Parsons, Maria L.

Paul, Melissa

Payne, Thomas W.

Pearson, Charles E.

Pearson, Josephine

Pearson, Mary E

. Pearson, Mary H.

Pickerel, Thety Ann

Pickrel, Sallie Dickinson

Pinkard, Ida C.

Poindexter, Emily Jane

Porter, B. D.

Posey, Elizabeth D.

Posey, George W.

Powell, Lucy J.

Power, Drucilla C.

Power, W. H.

Pratt, Martha Frances

Prewett, Elizabeth A

. Price, J. M

. Price, Lucy Wharton

Pritchett, James H.

Pritchett, Pattie M.

Pruett, Mrs. D. G.

Pruett, Elijah

Pruett, Susan Virginia

Pruett, Thomas M.

Pruitt, Eliza

Pruitt, Octavia C.

Pugh, Pattie A.

Pyron, Louisa S.

Pyron, Virginia C.

Ragsdale, Peter W.

Ramsey, Edna T. E.

Ramsey, Sallie Francis

Reagan, J. C.

Reynolds, Mrs. C. M.

Reynolds, Catherine J.

Reynolds, Henry C.

Reynolds, Joseph D.

Reynolds, Talitha C.

Rice, Cornelia Elizabeth

Richardson, Lucinda

Rigney, Mary E., widow of Charles W. Rigney, Co. B., 38th Regt.

Robertson, Catherine O.

Robertson, Elizabeth

Robertson, J. L.

Robertson, J. W.

Robertson, Lettie A. (Mrs. J. W.)

Robertson, Louisa O.

Rorer, Annie P.

Rorer, Charles H.

Rorer, Pencie C.

Rowland, W. P.

Rowles, Mary A.

Royster, Louisa

Rush, Susan E.

Rust, Elizabeth A.

Salmons, James T.

Samuel, Mary S.

Saunders, William

Scarce, Bettie

Scarce, David W.

Scarce, H. J.

Scarce, Mrs. Henry J

. Scarce, Lucy A.

Scarce, Martha W.

Scott, J. J.

Scott, Paulina R.

Scruggs, Nannie J.

Scruggs, Vidella J.

Shaw, Mary J.

Shelton, E. A.

Shelton, Edward T.

Shelton, Eliza A.

Shelton, James H.

Shelton, Lucy L.

Shelton, Martha A.

Shelton, Mary A.

Shelton, Mattie F

. Shelton, Rebecca A.

Shelton, Peachy R.

Shelton, Sarah

Shelton, Tempy, widow

Shelton, Willie A., widow

Shields, Elizabeth

Shields, M C. M., widow

Shields, Mary Jane

Shumate, D. L.

Shumate, G. W.

Shumate, Nannie Watkins

Shumate, S. H.

Simpson, C. C.

Simpson, Jemima

Simpson, Levi

Slayton, James T.

Smith, J. W.

Smith, John D.

Smith, Josiah

Smith, Sarah F.

Smith, Vincent

Snead, Martha F.

Snow, R. A. Snow, Sarah C.

Snow, Sarah Fannie

Sours, Mary A.

Soyars, Eliza J.

Stegall, Thomas W.

Stone, Laura A.

Swanson, Sarah A

. Swain, Emily Rachel

Swain, Louisa C.

Tankersley, Alice

Tatum, Valeria

Taylor, Alice Y.

Taylor, Belinda L.

Taylor, Bettie

Taylor, Mary D.

Thomas, C. T.

Thomas, John B.

Thomas, Lucy J.

Thomas, Nannie

Thomas, Nannie W.

Thompson, Elizabeth H.

Thompson, Judith F.

Thompson, Lydia

Thompson, Mary J.

Thompson, William E.

Thornton, Bettie K.

Tosh, Maud A.

Tosh, Sarah C.

Towler, Edith A.

Towler, Joseph T

. Towler, Nancy

Towler, Sallie J.

Towler, Sarah J.

Towler, W. H.

Townsend, G. W

. Tuck, Sarah

Tucker, Catherine

Tucker, Matilda A.

Tune, Susanna

Turnbull, W. J.

Turner, Henry C.

Turner, J. M.

Vass, Nannie Ann

Vaughan, Ann Mary

Vaughan, Henry

Vaughan, James H.

Vaughan, John Lewis

Vaughan, Raleigh T.

Vernon, W. T.

Walker, Laura E.

Walker, Nancy J.

Walkup, Lydia Lee

Wall, C. S.

Wall, Georganna

Wall, Thomas J.

Waller, Margaret D.

Waller, Martha A.

Walton, Masaura, widow

Ward, A. W.

Ward, Susan H.

Ware, Elizabeth

Watlington, Winnie V.

Watson, Mildred J.

Weeks, J. B.

Wells, Ann E.

West, Mariah E.

West, Mary E.

White, Elizabeth A.

White, Jere

White, Nancy

Whitmore, Nancy T. (or Whitamore)

Widdifield, Mary

Wilburn, Fannie A.

Wilburn, W. W.

Wiles, Sallie F.

Wilkerson, Amanda E.

Wilkerson, Verlinda

Wilkinson, W. S.

Williams, Mary E.

Willis, Sallie

Wilson, C. D.

Wilson, J. C.

Wilson, Jane

Witcher, Bettie M.

Witcher, Fannie K.

Witcher, John R.

Witt, Charles Wesley

Wooding, Josiah C.

Wooding, Mary Reese

Wooding, W. T.

Woods, Martha A

. Woods, Rufus

Woody, Sallie E.

Woody, Wiley

Worley, Eliza V.

Worley, J. B.

Worsham, A. D.

Wyatt, George W.

Yeatts, Abitha

Yeatts, Amanda H.

Yeatts, John R.

Young, Francis H.

Young, Isreal Iverson

Young, Luisa J.

Young, Samuel B.

Young, Sarah

Young, Tamson A.

Transcribed by Virginia Baxter including her notes.

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