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Gravesites In Pittsylvania County

 Roster of Revoluntionary Soldiers- Pittsylvania County

Gravesites in Pittsylvania County
  The Quill Pen-Pittsylvania Historical Society

NAME;                                                LOCATION:

Robert Adams Brights

 Jacob Berger b. 1745, Germany near Siloam Church Toshes

 John Buckley c. 3 mi. E. of Mt. Airy

 Samuel Calland b. 1750 5 mi. W. of Callands

Thomas Carter b. 1734 near Green Rock

Daniel Coleman b. 1768 between Java & Riceville

Stephen Coleman b. 1739 (Capt) beside Daniel Coleman

Isaac Coles b. 1747 (Col) Riddle Farm, Chalk Level

Griffith Dickenson b. 1756 (Corp) Chalk Level near Meadowwood

Edmund Fitzgerald b. 1745 near Shockoe

David Hunt b. 1745 (Col) Moorefield Dairy Farm near Renan

Moses Hutchings b. 1754 2 mi W. of Dry Fork

Thomas Jones b. before 1746 near Mountain Top

James Mitchell b. 1751 (Lt) 1 mi. E. of Callands PO.

Avery Mustain 5 mi. N. of Ray Mill

Edward Robertson b. 1755 1 mi. W. of Dry Fork

Joshua Stone b. 1744 (Capt) near Mulberry Church

Burwell Vaden b. 1733 patriot on White Oak Mtn., moved to Chatham

John Wilson Dan’s Hill, W. of Danville

William Witcher (Capt) W. of Sandy Level PO

Contributed by Robert Ricketts
        Col. Haynes Morgan
           "Robert Ricketts" <>
 I would like to see Col. Haynes Morgan added to the Revolutionary War
Soldiers who are buried in Pittsylvania County.  See my site.  You may use
any of the information on line.  The House of Burgesses tried to put him in
charge of all the Virginia Infantry, but he declined.  His grave is north
of the Whitefalls of Banister River.

Robert "Danny" Ricketts

 Contributed by Donna

Nathaniel GARDNER born ca 1735/1750 d Feb 1833 md Margaret HEATH he is
listed in DAR patriot book index VOL II. History of Pittsylvania Co VA
by Clements Chapter 13 pg 167.  He is in 1782 Pittsylvannia CO VA
census. Supposedly tree fell on him and he is buried at the Mill Meeting
house near Chatham.

Heath GARDNER born 1-16-1761 d Aug 1829 md Susannah WELDON in
Pittsylvannia CO 1784 listed in DAR Patriot index Vol I pg 259 and Vol
III.  I have the woman's DAR application and he signed oath 10-4-1777
list by  George Carter.

Also in the online database of Univ of VA - Revolutionary war public
service claims lists Daniel GARDNER of Pittsylvannia CO VA court booklet
pg 23 LIsts V, pg 11

    This material is taken from
Roster of Revoluntionary Soldiers from
                  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
      This roster of Pittsylvania soldiers has been compiled with great
difficulty.  It is hoped  that this list will be the beginning and descendents will add to it.  Names have been drawn from private letters, pension papers, and genealogies, and from the following sources:

Thomas Carter Chapter,   Daughters of the American Revolution
Encyclopedia of the American Revolution by Mark Boatner, and McKay
History of Pittsylvania County  by Maud Carter Clement.  J.P. Bell. 1919
Historical Register of Virginians in Revolution  by John H. Gwaltmey
List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia by H.J. Eckenrode
Revolutionary Land Records. Vol 1 Virginia by Gaius Marcus  1936
Virginis Militia in Revoluntionary War by J.T. McAllister.  1913
Records in the Clerk's Office of Pittsylvania Sounty
Virginia State Archives
National Archives.  (The National Archives contain the records of those
who applied for the Pension act of 1932 and in some cases contains considerably more information than given here)  Those marked with a * applied for a pension, which required a written record of their military activities in the war.

AARON, Abraham.    patriot
ANDERSON Jacob, *    Soldier.  Company of Capt. John Marshall in
Carolina Co; marched to Williamsburg.  Drafted 1779 from Cumberland Co. under Capt Richard Allen.  Marched to Malvern Hill below Richmond. Drafted August 1781 under Capt Creed Hoskins at Yorktown.
ANDERSON,  James.     Capt. Continental Line under George Washington
ANDERSON, Nelson.     Capt.
AUTHOR,  James.     Died at Norfolk
AUSTIN, William.     Officer, County Militia
ATKINS (ADKINS) Barlett.     1st and 10th Continental Line
BARKSDALE, Beverly.     Soldier County Militia: Yorktown
BATES, Fleming.   Capt. 1776; Led Co. to Cabin Pt. 1781 Siege of York
BERGER, Jacob.   Chief Wagoner, Service of Supply; Continental Line
under George Washington
BLACK, Thomas   Officer, County Militia
BOOTH, John, Lt.   2nd Amelia Militia
BRADLEY, Daniel.*  1st Va. Reg., Southern Army.  Enlisted in Cumberland, July 1780. Warrant on file in Bounty Land Office, attached to Col. Campbell and Capt. Morton for Battle of Gilford.  Took part in battles of Eutaw, the Forts at Friday's Thompson's and Augusta; in camp.
BREWER, James.    Capt. Winter 1780 led Co to Hillsboro to support Gen. Greene. Commanded Co Battle of Guilford
BROWN, Richard.     Officer, County Militia
BUCKLEY, John.    Lt. and Capt., County Militia Commissioner of
Provisions for State Troops.  Led Co to Hanover, 1781 en route to Malvern Hill
BURNETT, Henry.   Capt., Indian Expedition 1776.  Led Co to Charlotte
C.H 1781
CALLOWAY, Dudley.    Soldier  In service under Col. Dan Morgan in
Washington's army at Germantown
CANNADAY,    James.   Soldier
CARTER, George.     Officer, County Militia
CARTER, Thomas, IV     Soldier
CHANEY, Abraham.*     Indian Expedition under Capt. Donelson 1777; two tours ranging after Cherokees;  Served under Capt. Donelson in 1778.  3rd Tour to Hillsboro under Capt. Isaac Clement in winter 1780; returned home because of 10-week sickness; drafted in 1781
CHANEY, Joseph.     Substituted for brother, Abraham, winter 1781, in
Hillsboro under Capt. Clement
CHOICE, Tully     Officer, County Militia;  Gwynne's Island, 1776.
Indian Expedition 1776
CLARK, Leonard.     Soldier.  Congenital Line, threes years
CLAY,  Matthew.   Ensign 9th Va. Regiment
CLEMENT, Adam.   Capt. with Co of 97 men to S.C. 1789 with Lt. Benjamin Duncan in support of General Lincoln.  Also at Camden
CLEMENT,  Isaac.   Officer, County Militia, Committee of Safety.  Led
Co. in 1780 to Camden joining 3rd Va. Regiment under MAJ.. Henry Conway in Gen. Edward Steven's Brigade for Battle of Camden.  Winter 1789 led Co to Hillsboro to support Gen. Green.
COLEMAN, Stephen.   Officer, County Militia
COLLEY,  Charles.*  b. 25Jan1751 Stafford Co., Va.  Moved to Pitts. Co
1767. Enlisted July 1776 under Capt. Peter Perkins and Lt. Burwell Smith. Indian Expedition, 1776.  Marched through woods and wilderness 115 miles to the IndianTowns on the Tenn. River.  The Indians had fled.  The Regiment were in their huts about 19 days.
CONWAY, Henry.   Capt. 14th Reg. Continental Line Nov. 28, 1776.  In
command of supporting troops, Battle of Camden, 1780.  Awarded 4,666 acres. Committee of Safety
CONWAY, James.   Lt. 6th Va. Reg., Continental Line. 1776; one of two
Americans killed at Trenton.  Marched from Peytonsburg under Capt. Thomas Hutchings to Williamsburg, 1776
CONWAY,  Joseph.  Ensign 12 Reg. Continental Line, 1777; 2nd Lt., Dec
22, 1777; regiment designated as 10th Continental Line.  Taken prisoner at Charleston May 12, 1780; Capt. Lt. July 15, 1780; transferred to 1st Continental Line served to close of war. Awarded 3,110 acres.
COOK, Harmon.   Patriot.
CORNELIUS,  William.   Officer, County Militia
DALTON, Robert.   Ensign.  Gwynns's Island.  1776  Cherokee Expedition, 1776
DAVIS, Thomas.   Soldier, Dillard's Co.
DAVIS,  William
DEVOULT, Henry.   Ensign, County Militia
DEWS, William.*   Soldier Continental Line, 9th Va., served under Col.
Dan Morgan in Washington's army;  Three engagements in one day.  Battle of Germantown.  Taken prisoner
DICKENSON,  Griffith.*   #7304 Va. Military Land Warrants; Va.  Military District of Ohio. Corp., Continental Line.  Enlisted Hanover Co., 1776; 1st Co., 3rd Battalion; marched to Savannah, Ga. under Col. Elbert; assisted in the capture of British vessels ("richly laden in whiskey for the British") and forts.  Served three months as fifer and 33
months as Corp.  Volunteered later for Guilford; at Yorktown
DILLARD, John.   Lt. under Capt. Donelson, Indian Expedition Spring 1778
DIX, William.   Capt. County Militia; also Adjutant: fought under
Campbell at Guilford where his horse was shot from under him.  After Guilford marched South with Green. Led Co. to Siege of York with Lt. David Hunt, Ens Clement, McDaniel.
DIXON, William.   b. 1762  Enlisted three years Continental Cavalry,
reg. of Col. Litterell.  His command often out to suppress Tories.  Before Guilford, detached to guard ammunition to Hillsboro.
DODSON, George E.  Soldier, Battle of Guilford under Capt. Joseph
Morton, wounded, Pittsylvania petition.
DODSON, Joshua.  Continental soldier.  Indian Expedition 1777.  Killed
in service in Maryland.
DONELSON, John Jr.   Capt., County Militia.  Capt. Indian Expeditions
1777; 1778. County surveyor.
DOOLEY, James.   Capt. 1776; killed by an Indian in Georgia
DOVE, William.*  b. 27Nov1758 in Charles County, Maryland.  Migrated to Pittsylvania Co. in 1783.   Sgt;  volunteered Aug 1777; joined Washington's army; 2nd Tour - Marineon the "General Washington" convoying merchantmen out of Chesapeake in route to
Amsterdam; captured large British Merchantman, served on crew to bring
the ship to Philadelphia: never received a cent of Prize money.  4th Tour -Corp. in company at Malvern Hill guarding Burwell's warehouse in York
DUNCAN,  Benjamin.   Officer, County Militia with Adam Clement's Co in S.C. 1780
DINCAN,  George.   Capt.; Lt. under Capt. Isaac Clement
EAST, Thomas
ECHOLS,  Joseph.  Patriot
FARMER, Isham   Soldier. Co. Militia.  At Yorktown
FARIS,  Joseph.   Officer, County Militia
FARIS, Thomas.    Indian Expedition 1778;  joined George Rogers Clark
marching to Illinois.
FARTHING,  John.   Indian Expedition 1778 under Capt. Donelson
FARTHING, Richard.   Officer, County Militia
FERGUSON, Robert.*  Soldier.  continental Line #7789;  200 acres;
Vespasian Ellis surrender the warrant.  Entered service 1779 as substitute for Bazaliel Wier under William Witcher; marched to Salisbury, N.C., to Charlotte, to Stono Inlet on S.C. coast. Spring 1780 employed by Joseph Terry to assist in driving cattle to Wilkes Co. courthouse, N.C.   Volunteered May 1780 in N.C.  Marched in various in various
directions, principally engaged in searching for and taking Tories.
Dec. 1780 entered as substitute for William Bennett under Capt. John Winn; marched to Island Ford on Dan River; thence to N.C. to support Gen. Greene.  Transferred to Capt. William Dix's Co; marched in various directions nearly all night, until they met with Lord Cornwallis at
Guilford when a severe battle was fought.  Americans were defeated.
Apr. 1781 drafted under Capt. Henry Burnett, joined army at Charlotte Ct. House, transferred to Company under Capt. John Buckley.  Marched to Hanover Co.; transferred to Capt. William Clark's Co.; next to Gen. Von Steuben to Jamestown; a battle fought here.  Discharged by Capt.
William Clark July 1781.  Returned home and enlisted with William
McCraw, Deputy Quartermaster at Peytonsburg; was engaged as wagoner.
FITZGERALD, Edmund   Ensign, 1st Lt. and Patriot
FOWLKES, James.*  Soldier.  Volunteered 1777 in Amelia Co. under Capt. Gabriel Fowlkes, marched to Cabin Point on James River; to Williamsburg and Hampton.  Feb. 1778 volunteered under Capt. Roland Ward and  marched to Williamsburg, joined army under von Steuben.  Feb. 1781 volunteered under Capt. John Oglesby, command of Maj.
Cunningham;  crossed Dan River at Boyd's Ferry;  joined Col Beverly
Randolph's Reg. in Lawson's Brigade; marched in various directions, sometimes in the night, other troops falling in with Brigade until Mar 16 when met with British under Lord Cornwallis, had severe battle in County of Guilford.  The American Army was defeated and retreated to
Troubleson Iron Works on Haw River where rendezvoused and followed on after Cornwallis as far as Ramsey's Mill on Deep River.  Acted as Sgt. and later Ensign on this tour.  May 1781 volunteered under Capt. Roland Ward, to Northhampton Co., thence to Williamsburg, then to Norfolk; marched back to Williamsburg; joined main army under Gen. Stevens, Lafayette, etc. at Little York.  Stationed here until Cornwallis surrendered
Oct. 17, 1781.  Ordered to assist 18 sick men to Amelia County Court
House as a Sgt.
FULLER, Arthur.  Patriot
GARDINER, Nathaniel.   Soldier, Co. Militia.  Guarded boats under Conwayduring Battle of Camden 1780
GATEWOOD, Dudley.   Lt.
GAULDIN (GAULDEN), William.*   Soldier.  Volunteered 1776 or '77 in
Bedford under Capt. James Adams to Fort Lewis near New River, then to
Ft.Chiswell, then to lead mines under Col. Lynch.  Tour, three months.  In 1777 or 78 volunteered 12 months with Gideon Booker and rendezvoused at New London.  Apr.-May 1780 volunteered with Col. Williams at Coles Ferry on Staunton in Charlotte Co.; was attached to Capt. Dixon's Co
of riflemen and marched to Halifax Co. where we fell in with Col.Washington's Lighthorse at Battle of Henton Springs. Took or killed about 150 Tories at crossroads or race track; from there to Allimance where had a skirmish with the British and killed 19 or 20, severe skirmish with the British under Lord Cornwallis and had a very severe battle.  Was
shot in the head, the ball coming out at the end of the nose.  No further military service.
GILES,  George.*  b. in Westmoreland Co. and moved to Surry Co.  N.C.
Soldier. Drafted in Surry Co., N.C. 1780.  attached to Capt. Gideaon Falls' Co under Maj. James Rutherford.  Marched to Monks Corner in S.C. where Gen. Caswell took command;  Company ordered to march back, Charleston having already surrendered to British.  Joined army at Nelson's Ferry on Sante's River.  From thence to Camden, then to Cross
Creek.  In 1780 moved from N.C. to Loudoun Co in Va.;  In 1781 drafted
to Yorktown until British surrendered.  Marched in Reg of Col. G West which was sent as a guard over British prisoners to Noland's Ferry on Potomac.
GOAD,  Abraham    Soldier.  Died in Continental service.
GWIN, Richard.   Officer, County Militia
GWINN (GWYNN), Jesse.   Indian Expedition under Capt. Perkins  1776;
Pittsylvania pension.
GWINN, John.   Lt. Col. Militia.  Indian Expedition.  1778
HAIRSTON, Peter.  Capt., Henry Co. Militia
HALEY, Lewis.   Orderly  Sgt. Dinwiddie Militia.  Cabin Pt. Yorktown
HALL, John.   Soldier.  Died in Continental service
HAMBRIGHT, Frederick.   Capt.
HANKINS, Daniel.   Officer, county Militia. Patriot.
HANKINS, William.   2nd Lt. Continental Line.  1777 in Peter Rogers'
Co., Pittsylvania Co.; Pittsylvania Co., served in Ga., N.C., S.C, commissary.
HARRIS,  Benjamin.   1st Lt.  1st Continental Line.  Dec. 28, 1776
HARRIS, John.*   Soldier.  Drafted June 1780 under Isaac Clement to
Hillsboro, joining 3rd Va. Reg. under Maj. Henry Conway;  detached to guard boats at Massey's Ferry on Pee Dee River during Battle of Camden.  After defeat of Gates, marched to Guilford and was discharged.   2nd Tour - drafted under Capt. James Brewer to
Hillsboro.  Transferred to Capt. Peter Mays Co. in 3rd Va Reg. under Conway.   Marched to Salisbury where taken sick.  3td Tour  - to Little York, but unable from disability to march;  when recovered was on way to join Company and in Charlotte County met men of Company returning since Lord Cornwallis had surrendered.
HARRISON, Richard   Capt. Battle of '96 under Capt. James Turner at High Hills at Santee; at Yorktown as substitute for John Lewis under Capt. Fleming Bates
HEARD, Jesse.   Lt. Gwynne's Island 1776.  Capt. Cherokee Expedition ,
1776.  Deputy commissioner of Provisions for State troops.
HENRY, Francis.   Soldier. 1st and 10th Continental line; 2nd Va.
Brigade 10th Continental line.  Died in service.
HENRY.  Hugh.   Lt. Indian Expedition, 1777.  Continental services.
Capt. Lyle's Co., Augusta, Ill
HENRY, James.   Soldier, Indian Expedition.  Continental services.
Capt. Tate's Co., Augusta , Ill
HENRY, John.   Soldier 8th, 9th and 12th Continental Line
HOLDER, Jesse.   Soldier.  Continental Line
HOLT, James.  9th Continental Line, 14th continental Line as Corp.
HOPKINS, James.*  b. 1765  Soldier at Camden
HUBBARD, Joseph*    Soldier. 3rd Va. Reg. Substituted for William
(Carpenter) Harrison  with Capt. Isaac Clement to Camden, S.C. 1780.  Joined Peter Perkins, marched to Rougeley's Mills.  Attached to 3rd Va. Reg. Attacked at night by British Army under Cornwallis.  Battle next day under Gates defeated Americans. "In the American Army there was a positive order that there should be no firing without order, which orders were never given"  Marched to Guilford for purpose of keeping Tories in
check.  Discharged 1780.  Volunteered in winter 1781 to serve with Capt.
Gabriel Shelton, who got sick.  Switched to Capt. Smith's Co.  Had frequent skirmished with the enemy.
HUGHES, Archaleous.  Soldier. Co. Militia
HUNDLEY,  George.   Soldier.  6th Va. Reg., Continental Line
HUNT, David    Lt. County Militia.  At Yorktown under Capt. Charles
Williams.  Guarded prisoners to Noland's Ferry
HURT,  Joseph
HURT,  Philemon.    Corp. 5th Va. reg., Continental Line three years.
Battle of Guilford
HURT, West.    Soldier.  7th Continental Line;  infantry three years.
Bounty Land  #1184
HUTCHINGS. Charles.  Capt.  Led Co to Gwynne's Island 1776.  Indian
Expedition Jan. 1778, Yorktown.  Bounty warrant
HUTCHINGS,  Moses.*   Ensign under Capt. John Donelson;   Lt. Hugh
Henry, 1777.  To Long Island on Holston, ranging against Cherokees.  Marched with Capt. William Witcher's Co.  2nd Tour - under Capt. Thomas Dillard, appointed Indian spy; marched to Boonesboro, Ky March 1778   3rd Tour1779.  Lt. under Capt. Armistead Shelton;  Feb 1781 when Cornwallis was approaching with nine others, took horses and rifles and set out to harass British pickets.  4th - Tour  entered Capt. Thomas's Co as Private; fought at Guilford.
HUTCHINGS, Thomas.   Capt.., Continental Line 6th Va Reg. Led Pitts. Co toGwynne's Island 1776.  Battle of Trenton
HUTCHINGS, Peter.   Cavalry; name appeared in War Department Records, but never received Bounty Land
IRBY, Charles.  Officer, Continental Line Cavalry
IRBY, David.*  Soldier.  Illinois volunteer, entitled to 200 acres of
land.  Enlisted 1776 under Capt. Thomas; Marched to Gwinn's Island driving Lord Dunmore from there;  ordered to Long Island on Holston River to put down Indians with Col. Haynes Morgan's Reg. 1778.  Enlisted under Capt. Dillard  for Illinois Expedition to Boonesboro, Ky;
there joined Col. George Clark and "took" possession of whole country."
Fought in Battle of Guilford.  July 1781 marched from Peytonsburg to Winchester guarding 975 prisoners.
IRBY, John.  Soldier.  County Militia.  At Battle of Guilford under
Capt. Thomas Smith
IRONMONGER, Cornelius.  Lt. County Militia
JEFFRIES, William.*   Soldier.  Volunteered 1777 in Richmond Co., 15th
Va Reg;  Continental Line.  At Valley Forge, winter of 1777; harassed Tories in area of Guilford Feb.-March, 1781.  Drafted 1781 under Capt. William Dix to Little York where Cornwallis surrendered.  Guarded British prisoners to Noland's Ferry
JOHNSON, Josiah.*  Soldier.  Continental Line.  Enlisted under French
officer at Elkton.Md.  His widow, Susan,  appealed under Act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows.  She believes he served three years.
JONES, Benjamin.    M.D. Soldier
JONES, Elisha.   Soldier.  Enlisted from Hanover 1777 in 1st Va Reg.,
Continental Line.  Artillery under Capt. Nathanial Burwell; isolated for smallpox.  Marched to Valley Forge; in Battle of Monmouth; wintered in N.J. under Gen. Knox.
JONES, Thomas, Sr.    Lt., County Militia
KENNON, Charles.   Officer, County Militia
KIRBY, John, Jr.   Soldier. Va Militia
LAIN, James  (LANE)   Soldier. 5th and 11th Continental Line
LAIN, Joseph.*   Soldier.  Volunteered from Bedford 1777. guarded lead
mines in Montgomery Co. Jan. 1781 volunteered to march to Burnt Mills near Suffolk.  Joining Muhlenburg Army.  Skirmishes, some killed.  Drafted Seat. 1781 for Siege of York and surrender of Cornwallis
LANIER, David.  Capt. Va Militia, Capt. of Henry Co. Militia at Battle
Guilford;  Pitts Officer before the division
LANKFORD, Benjamin.   Major and Lt. Col. Pittsylvania Militia in
177-1778.  Committee of Safety, Justice, Delegate to Continental Convention
LaPRADE, Andrew.   Soldier.  Continental Line.  Died in service.
LEWIS,  Zacherias.   Soldier. 10th Va. reg., Continental Line
LIGGON, Joseph.,    Capt.
LIPFORD, Anthony P.*   Soldier.  Substituted in 1780 for George Wright
at Cumberland Court house;  attached to 4th Reg. under Col. Stubblefield at Hillsboro; at Rougeley's Mills before Camden where American Army was defeated.  2nd Tour  - drafted under Capt. William Meredith at Cumberland;  attached to 3rd Va under Col. Wilson.  Marched with Lafayette to meet Gen. Wayne at Raccoon Ford.
MAID, James.   Lt., County Militia.  Under Capt. Gabriel Shelton
Feb-Mar., 1781 in N.C, harassing Tories
McHAYNEY, Terry.   Served with Griffith Dickinson in deep South. three
yrs. 1st co.,  3d Batt. Southern Army.
McLAUGHLIN, Charles.   Patriot.
McMAHAN,  John
MARTIN, Joseph.,    Capt. Indian Expedition, 1776
MARTIN, Joshua,   Capt. County Militia
MARTIN,  Josiah.
MARTIN, William Peters.   Officer, County Militia. Clerk, Committee of
MAYES, William
MITCHELL, James   Ensign 1777; 1st Lt. 1780
MORGAN, Haynes.   Col., Commanded Pittsylvania 2nd Battalion;  later all Va. State Infantry.  Cherokee Expedition, 1776; Col. Va. Militia 1776-1779.
MORTON, Jehu.   Officer, County Militia
MORTON, Joseph.   Officer.  County Militia.  Commanded Co. at Battle
MORTON, John,   Officer, County Militia
MOTLEY, Daniel,   Patriotic service;  wagoner for Continental troops
MOTLEY, David,   Soldier.  3rd Va.  Continental Line.  Granted 100 acres Bounty Land
MUSTAIN, Avery.*  b. 26Feb.1756.   Soldier.  Volunteered 1776 under
Capt. Thomas Dillard.  Marched  to Gwinn's Island and assisted in driving off Lord Dunmore;  Co on Cherokee Expedition, 1776.  Returned before Christmas 1776.  Drafted 1780 under Capt. Isaac Clement to go south;  fought in Battle of Camden where Americans were defeated.  1781 volunteered under Capt. Gabriel Shelton who got sick.  Under Lt.
James Maid, to N.C. to harass Tories, but not in the Battle of Guilford.  Aug. 1718 drafted to go to Siege of York.  Present at surrender of Cornwallis.  Detached to guard prisoners to Noland's Ferry
NANCE, James Sr.*   b. 02Feb.1762 in Amelia County.  Moved to Wake Co. 1801.  Entered service in Pittsy. Co.  Soldier.  Drafted Feb. 1779 from Amelia under Capt. William Fitzgerald;  marched to Camp Stono, S.C. under Gen. Lincoln.  In Battle of Stono; discharged as fifer.  1780 served two months.  Fall of 1780 drafted three months under Capt. Charles Irby.  4th Tour - enlisted in Cavalry under Capt. Charles Irby.  Not
getting a horse, changed tour with Elisha Gunn to join Gen. Greene in
opposition.  In Battle of Guilford
NANCE, William M.*    b. 18Jan1760 in Amelia Co. Moved to Pittsylvania Co in 1781. Soldier.  Enlisted 1777 from Amelia as substitute for William Mitchell;  marched to Williamsburg and Hampton.  No battles.  Feb. 1779 drafted under Capt. William Fitzgerald;  marched to Camp Stono, in Battle of Stono.  Orderly Sergeant.  Drafted to
Siege of Yorktown.
NEAL, John.   County Militia.  Soldier.  volunteered 1778 under Capt.
John Donelson to Hatfield's Fort in Montgomery Co. against the Indians.  Feb. 1781 volunteered under Capt. Isaac Clement to Boy's Ferry, joined Co under Col. Peter Perkins for Battle of Guilford.  Aug. 1781 drafted under Capt. William Dix; marched to Siege of York, engaged in throwing up entrenchments until surrender.  guarded British prisoners to Noland's Ferry on Potomac.
NEWTON,  Henry.   b. 1755 in Mecklenburg Co.  Moved to Pittsylvania Co.  Soldier.  Drafted 1780 in Mecklenburg; marched south; in Battle of Camden.  Drafted 1781 ; marched to Raccoon Ford, joining the army of Lafayette , proceeding to Jamestown; discharged June 1781.  July 1781 drafted under Capt. John Collier at Yorktown.
NEWTON, William.   Soldier.  In service with brother Henry Newton
NICHOLAS, Charles.   1st Va Reg.
PAULIN  (PAULING?), ____.      Capt. Continental Line.
PAYNE, Abraham.   Officer, County Militia
PAYNE, John. Sr.   Officer, County Militia.  Committee of Safety.
PAYNE, Reuben.   Ensign, Capt.. County Militia, Justice; 1776-1778
fought Indians; 1779-80-81 in Souther campaign.
PAYNE, Robert.   Officer, County Militia.
PAYNE, William.   Capt. Continental Army under George Washington
PERKINS, Harden.   Ensign 6th Va Reg., Continental Line, 1776;  2nd Lt.
Apr. 15, 1777; resigned Apr. 26 1778
PERKINS, Peter.   Committee of Safety, 1776. Capt., Major, Lt. Col.
(1776-1778)  and Col. of Pittsylvania Militia.   Indian Expedition 1776.  Rougeley's Mill (Camden), 1780. command at Guilford;  Commissary of General Hospital in his house, Berry Hill.
POINDEXTER, Peter.  Patriot
PROSIZE, Daniel.   Soldier, Continental Line
RAGSDALE, Daniel.   Patriot.
RAGSDALE, William   Officer, County Militia
REYNOLDS, Barlett.   Soldier, Dillards Co., Va. State Line
REYNOLDS, Richard Spencer.   Soldier.  Henderson's  Co., Va. State Line.
REYNOLDS, William   Ensign. County Militia
ROACH, James.  b. in Charlotte Co. Va.  Soldier,  Inf. Bounty Land
Warrant not received.  Drafted in Charlotte Co., Mar. 1781, at 16 years under Capt. Davenport.  Marched to Raccoon Ford joining Lafayette, guarded magazine at Louisa while Co. marched to Jamestown.  Discharged June, 1781; Drafted July 1781, to Yorktown.  At surrender.
ROBERTSON, Edward.   Soldier
ROBERTS, Joseph.   Lt. Co. Militia.  Gwynne's Island. 1776.  Indian
Expedition 1776
ROGERS, Joseph.   Civil service
SEAY, Austin, Sr.   Soldier
SEAY, Matthew, Crpl.   Drafted Oct. 1780 from Amelia Co; Corp. under
Capt. Creed Haskins in Va. troops; Stoner's Mill, Chuckatuck, Mills Sleepy Hole, Ferry and Suffolk; discharged Apr. 1781,  Drafted Apr. 1781 under Gen. Lawson.  1781 attached to Va. State Legion
SEAY, Nathan.   Soldier.  Served  with Essex Worsham at Cabin Point,
Stoner's Mill, Chuckatuck Mills, etc
SHELTON, Abraham.   Officer, County Militia.  Committee of Safety, 1775  Court of Inquiry.  Escheator, Commissioner of Provisions for County Militia.
SHELTON, Armistead.   Officer County Militia
SHELTON, Beverley.   Lt., County Militia.
SHELTON, Crispin.   Officer, County Militia.  Committee of Safety
SHELTON,  Daniel.    Officer,  County Militia.  Committee of Safety
SHELTON, Elisha.
SHELTON, Gabriel.   Officer,  County Militia.  Committee of Safety
Feb-Mar., 1781 led Co. to N.C.
SHELTON, Leroy.   Soldier.  Henry Burnett's Co to Charlotte C.H., underBuckley to Malvern Hill, then under Capt. William Clark to Jamestown.
SHELTON, Vincent.   Lt., County Militia.  With Capt. Gabriel Shelton
Feb.-Mar., 1780 harassing Tories in N.C.
SHELTON, Spencer.  Lt., County Militia
SHELTON, Young.   Capt., County Militia
SHIELDS,  James.   Officer, County Militia
SHORT,  Neilly
SHORT, William.   Officer, County Militia.  committee of Safety, Court
of Inquiry.
SMITH, Burwell.   Lt., County Militia.  Indian Expedition 1776
SMITH, John.*   Soldier.  County Militia.  Battles of Guilford and
SMITH, Joseph.   Substituted Jan. 1781 for Harmon Miller Cabin Point.
2nd Tour- substituted for his father; served at Point of Fork
SMITH, Ralph.   Capt. Bedford Militia
SMITH, Reubin.   Soldier.  Taylor's Va. Reg., Buckingham pension
SMITH, Thomas.   Capt.., County Militia; 6th Va. Reg., Continental
Line.  Fought at Guilford
STONE, Joshua.  Capt., County Militia.  Led Co. Winter 1781 to support
Gen. Green, harassing British and Tories near Guilford
STREET, Anthony.   Capt.
STREET, David.   Washington's army at Battle of Germantown
TERRY, John.   County Militia, Battle of Guilford.
THOMAS,  Carter.   Soldier.  Co. Militia
THOMAS,  Dillard.   Capt.
THOMPSON, Jennings.*   Drafted 1781 from Amelia under Capt. John
Knight;  to Richmond; thence to Malvern Hill and Williamsburg. Instructed to procure cattle for Army use.  discharged last of Oct. 1781
TODD, William
TOWLER, Joseph.  Soldier.  continental Line   Citation for six years
service.  Enlisted 177713th Va. Reg.   Bounty of 4555 acres.
TUGGLE Ludowick.   Officer, County Milita
TURNER, James.   Capt.
VADEN, Burwell.  Patriot
WALL,  Peter.*   Soldier.  Enlisted in Dinwiddie Co, as substitute for
Richard Whitehead in Jan. 1781; to Cabin Pt., Burnt Mills.  2nd Tour- June 1781.  Guarded British prisoners at Winchester; Discharged 1781
WALL, Charles.  Capt. 2nd Va., State Reg.  Continental Line.  Led Co to
Cabin Pt. 1781
WALL, William.   Officer, County Militia; Committee of Safety; Patriot
WALTERS, John.*   Capt., County Militia
WALTERS,  Robert, County Militia, battle of Guilford
WEST,  John.  Sgt.
WHITE, Raleigh,  Sr.   Doctor, soldier of Cavalry.
WILBURN, Thomas.   Soldier, Prince Edward Militia
WILLIAMS, Charles,   Capt., County; Capt. of Co at Siege of York.
Guarded prisoners to Noland's Ferry
WILLIAMS, James M. Soldier  At Guilford.
WILLIAMS, Joseph.  Ens. Co.  Militia.  Indian Expedition, 1776
WILLIAMS, Robert,   County Lt. 1778-1779. Colonel, Militia.  Patriot.
Committee of Safety.
WILLIAMS, Thomas.   Soldier at Massey's Ferry
WILSON, John.   Col. in County Militia.  County Lt. Committee of Safety
WINN, John    Capt. County Militia.  Fall, 1780 led Co to Hillsboro to
support Greene. March 1781 led Co to Battle of Guilford.  July, 1781, led Co. guarding 975 British prisoners from Peytonburg to Winchester.
WITCHER, William.   Capt.-Col County Militia.  Indian Expeditions
1776-1777.  Member of the Committee of  Safety.  Vestryman, Justice; led Company to Stono Inlet. S.C. 1779.  Led Co to Hillsboro to support Gen. Green Winter 1780.  Fought with Col. Campbell's riflemen at Guilford.
WOMACK. William, III.  Soldier
WOODING, Robert.   Col. County Lt. of Halifax Co.
WORSHAM, Essex.*   Drafted in Amelia Co., fall 1778 marched to Min's
Ferry on James River.  Re-enlisted 1779 as substitute for brother Henry.  Marched to Williamsburg, thence to Jamestown, Mattapony and Pamunky Rivers.  Drafted 1780 marched to Suffolk and Edmond's Hill near Norfolk.  3rd Tour- Enlisted as substitute for brother, Canon; marched to Williamsburg;   became ill and was discharged Aug. 1781
WRAY, David.*    b. Brunswick 1751 in Brunswick Co.  Soldier.  Indian
Expedition 1778 on border of New River.   2nd Tour- joined Gen. Lincoln in S.C. 1780; guarded prisoners from Cowpens to Va.   At Guilford guarded wagon train
WYNNE, John.   Officer, County Militia
YATES, Matthew.  Soldier.  Drafted from Amelia, Oct., 1781.  Marched to
Stoner's Mill, Etc.  April 1781, a few days after getting, drafted again, marched to Stoners's Mill,  April 1781, a few days after getting home, drafted again.  Enlisted Aug. 1781 with Capt. Richardson in Va. State Legion, moved to Pittsylvania
YATES, Stephen,    Capt. Va. State Line
  Transcribed by Anita Avery

An Intimate History of the American Revolution in Pittsylvania County by Frances Hurt. Many little-known family stories, scores of surnames, roster of Pittsylvania soldiers. Illustrated and fully indexed, reprinted in hard cover. $17 postpaid. Send order to:
Pittsylvania Historical Society c/o Susan Worley, 380 Greenbay Road, Chatham VA 24531

 Contributed by Barbara Bonham

ABSTRACTS OF REV WAR PENSION FILES, VOL III N-Z, abstracted by Virgil D. White, located at the American Antiquarian Society Library in Worcester, MA. 06 Dec 1996; pg 3704: WATSON, William VA Line S17752 b 05 Sep 1742 and lived in Pittsylvania Co and moved to Anderson Co KY. He later moved to Posey Co., IN where he applied for his pension. He died at the age of 104. Note: Records of Lois Johnson on file at the Virginia Archives in Richmond prove this William Watson was not the son of the John Watson who died in 1802.

        CRAWLEY in Pittsylvania Co.

  "Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files"
gives the following information:

CRAWLEY, Thomas, (wife) Margaret, R2476, GA, NC & VA Line, soldier was born
25 April, 1755 in Amherst Co. VA and lived in Pittsylvania Co. VA, at
enlistment.  He later moved to Guilford Co. NC, and also enlisted there,
then moved to Surry Co. NC, where he was living in 1788.  He then moved to
White Co. TN, and was there in 1818 and applied for pension there 9
October, 1832.  Thomas died 7 July, 1843, in Van Buren Co. TN.  He had
married Margaret ____ on 3 March, 1786, in Stokes or Surry Co. NC, and she
died 5 December, 1844, in Van Buren Co. TN, aged 83 leaving children:
Nancy, Catharine, John, Henry and Thomas.  (Three other children had
already died: Samuel, Asa and Mary.)

Because of the source, I presume this information is correct and so Thomas
may qualify to be listed with the Revolutionary War soldiers from
Pittsylvania Co.
I am not sure where you might want to add this information and will leave
that to your judgment.  Thomas was my g-g-g-g-grandfather.

Submitted by Jerry McClure <jmac23@ipa.netSubject:

        Contributed by Joyce Nell Truitt (a descendant)

WILLIAM DEVIN, SR. , b. c1724 in Dublin, Ireland, m. Sarah Smith in Ireland
and they settled in Chatham area, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Colony.  He
was a Seargeant in Infantry, Virginia Continental Line and received a
certificate for balance of full pay, according to Act passed November Session
1781. (War Records No. 4, p. 166)  His children were Joh, James, William,
Jr., Mray, Robert, Joseph, Margaret, Sarah and Alexander. He is proven as a
patriot through lineage for membership in Daughters of the American
Revolution.   He paid taxes in 1767 in the Virginia Colony and served on
Grand Jury.

    I would like to have John Doss of Pittsylvania CO added
to the list of Revolutionary War is very strongly
believed he was one of the older sons of James Doss, SR ...he
married Mary Margaret Shields in Christ Church Parish in 1785
and filed his application for pension in 1825 in Marion CO, TN...I
have his application papers...he is listed in "Some Tennessee
Heroes of the Revolution, Pamphlet II, (copy found in Danville
Library) by Zella Armstrong ," Abstracts of War Pension Files by
Virgil White, A-D ",Bledsoe County Tennessee, A History" by
Elizabeth Robnett. article by Zella Armstrong,
"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Sequatchie"(TN).
    He enlisted May 17, 1777 in Pittsylvania CO, VA under
Capt Thomas Dillard, Col. Haynes Morgan and others.  He
was granted a pension(file S38669) in 1826.  He was a
private and served in The Virginia Line for the term of two
years, Apr 1777 to March 1779 he most likely served in
2nd Regiment Virginia Continental Line.  He died
September 16, 1838.  He is buried in Sequatchie CO, Tn
along with other Revolutionary War Veterans.
Contributed by Sandra Samoyedny

Thomas Shockley is missing from the Pittsylvania County list he died in White County renamed Van Buren County Tennessee
His Son married Mary Crawley daughter of Thomas Crawley that also served in Pittsylvania county.

Thomas Crawley also Died in Van Buren County Tennessee. 

They both served as minutemen.
Contributed by Timoschuk, Walter (J.) []

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