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       Customers at Hugh Weir's Store - 1835
Contributed by Virginia Baxter

When the inventory of Hugh Weir's estate was made in 1835, a list of
customers with outstanding balances on their accounts was prepared to
represent part of the value of his estate.  This list of customers is found
in Book 11 of the Mixed Probate Records of Pittsylvania County.  There is
also a record of payments received on these accounts in the same Book.
Hugh Weir had one store at Chatham, which was referred to as his store at
Pittsylvania Court House, or at Competition as it was called at the time,
and he was a partner in Smith and Weir's store at Mt. Airy.  Inventories of
the items in both stores are also in Book 11.

Abbott, Jesse, Sr.
Abbott, Jesse, Jr.
Adams, Patterson
Adams, Sally
Adkins, Drury
Adkins, Jemerson
Adkins, John
Adkins, Joseph
Adkins, Ralph
Allen, Hartwell
Allen, John B.
Allen, Wilson
Anthony, William A.
Bates, Isaac
Beck, Samuel
Berger, George
Billings, Pierce
Blackwell, Robert
Blair, William, Jr.
Boswell, Nacy
Botner, John
Bowe, Wm. B. (adm)
Bradley, Daniel
Brewer, Samuel C.
Bruce, George
Brumfield, Butler
Brumfield, Eppy
Brumfield, Isaac
Bryant, Henry
Burnett, Jefferson
Burnett, John
Burnett, John, Jr.
Burnett, Melcajah
Bussell, William
Butcher, John
Callaway, Charles
Carter, Betsy
Carter, Capt. Thomas
Carter, Charles T.
Carter, James
Carter, Judithan
Carter, Judithan (adm.)
Carter, Lawson H.
Carter, Rawley
Carter, Rawley W.
Carter, Robert
Carter, Susan
Carter, Thomas (Banister)
Carter, Thos. & James
Chandler, Allen
Chaplain, Wm. R.
Clark, David H.
Clark, John A.
Cody, John L.
Coles, James T.
Coles, Robert T.
Cook, Robert
Corbin, Jemerson
Craft, George
Craft, William
Craghead, George
Crider, John
Davenport, Edw'd. T.
Davis, Christ'r.
Davis, Garnett
Davis, Thomas J.
Davis, Thomas, Jr.
Davis, Thomas, Sr.
Deboe, Aaron
Deboe, Philip
Dickinson, Griffith
Dillard, Lynch
Dodson, Stephen
Dodson, Thomas
Doss, William
Dunbar, Daniel
Dunbar, Elisha
Dyer, Coleman
Easley, John
Easley, Pyrant
Echols, Coleman
Echols, David
Echols, Joel H.
Echols, Moses
Echols, Moses, Sr.
Echols, Obediah
Edwards, Daniel C.
Elliott, Philip
Emerson, Henry
Farna, Milton
Farthing, Joel
Ferguson, Lovell
Ferguson, William
Franklin, Tarlton W.
Garland, James
Gatewood, James B.
George, John
Gibson, John
Giles, Hezekiah
Giles, James
Giles, John, Jr.
Giles, Johnson
Giles, Wm. B.
Gilmer, George H.
Goad, Jonathan
Goad, Richard
Gregory, Lewis
Griffith, Isham
Griffith, Sarah
Grigg, Pleasant W.
Grubb, Elijah
Grubb, Hugh
Haden, John
Hall, Matthew
Hall, William
Hambleton, O. E.
Hardy, George
Hatchett, Edw'd, Jr.
Hatchett, Edw'd.
Henry, P. M.
Herndon, Aron
Hodges, John
Hodges, Nancy
Hodges, Sion P.
Hodnett, Asa
Holland, Joseph
Holt, William
Hoofman, Jacob
Hopkins, Reuben
Hoskins, Jesse (negro)
Hubbard, John N.
Hubbard, Joseph
Hubbard, Keziah
Hubbard, Moses
Hutcherson, Coleman
Hutcherson, Elijah
Hutcherson, Nathan
Hutchings, Ann B.
Hutchings, Moses
Hutchings, Moses & Co.
Hutchings, Stokeley
Hutchings, William
Hutson, John E.
Jackson, John
Johns, Edm'd.
Johnson, Abram
Johnson, Woodson
Jones, Alex'r.
Jones, James
Jones, James, (shoemaker)
Jones, Richard
Jones, Sandford
Jones, Thomas B.
Jones, Thomas S. (adm)
Jones, Thomas S.
Julius, Jacob
Kerr, Nath'l. W. W.
Lamb, Catharine
Laneer, David
Lanier, John H.
Lanier, John, Jr.
Lewis, Abram
Lewis, David P.
Lilly, William A.
Linthicum, Edw'd. T.
Lippford, Amos
Lippford, Anthony P.
Lippford, Daniel
Lovelace, Charles
Lovell, Lent G.
Lovell, Samuel M.
Madding, William
Martin, James
Martin, John C.
Mayhan, David
Mayhue, Henry
McAlexander, John
McCricket, John
Midkiff, Harrison
Midkiff, Samuel N.
Midkiff, Spencer
Midkiff, Susan
Mitchell, James A.
Mitchell, Samuel
Moody, Thomas
Moore, James
Motley, David
Motley, John
Motley, Joseph
Motley, William
Murry, H. B.
Nance, James
Nichols, George
Norcutt, Joseph
Nuchols, John
Oberthier, Frederick
Olvis, Mrs.
Owen, Sarah
Palmer, William
Parish, Richard
Parsons, Joel
Parsons, John
Parsons, Rebecca
Parsons, Richard B.
Payne, William
Pearman, George
Pigg, Clement
Pigg, Hezekiah
Pinnell, John
Pittsy'a. Poor House
Plunkett, William H.
Poindexter, James L.
Price, Nathaniel
Price, Philip
Price, Stephen
Price, Wmson. W.
Pritchett, Nancy
Pruett, John
Ragsdale, Thomas
Reynolds, Joseph
Riddle, Milly
Rigney, John
Rigney, William
Rison, William
Robinson, John
Rorer, Abram
Scott, Samuel
Settle, John
Shelton, Frederick L.
Shelton, Richard I.
Shelton, Tavnor
Shelton, Wesley
Slayton, James
Smith, William
Snead, Archibald C.
Soyars, Maj. James
Soyars, Thomas O.
Soyers, A. B.
Soyers, Cap't. James
Soyers, Isaac O.
Stone, James
Sweeney, James
Tally, Lodwick E.
Tally, Peyton
Taylor, John
Taylor, Munford
Taylor, Obediah
Terry, John, B.
Thacker, Eman'l.
Thacker, Pleasant
Thomas, Fortune
Thomas, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jennings
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Samuel H.
Tompkins, John
Townes, George
Tucker, Daniel G.
Tunstall, William
Tunstall, William H.
Tyree, Josiah
Walker, Benjamin
Walker, H. D.
Wallace, Wyatt
Walton, Jesse
Walton, John
Walton, William (gdn)
Watson, Edw'd. H.
Watson, Ichabod T.
Watson, Jack
Watson, John
Watson, John C.F.
Watson, Levi
Watson, Pamelia H.
Weatherford, John
Webb, Edwin
Weir, D. P.
West, Charles
White, John S.
White, Robert
Williams, James
Williams, Jas. M. & Ro.
Wilson & Bennett
Wilson, John
Woodall, James
Wooding & Burton
Wooding, Thomas W.
Wooding, William H.
Wright, John D.
Wright, John P.
Wright, William B.
Yeatts, John
Yeatts, Willis
Younger, John

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