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Farmville -- the Town of Farmville was formed in 1798, and was incorporated in 1912. The county seat was moved from Worsham to Farmville in 1871.

Farmville is situated about seventy miles south-westerly from the City of Richmond. It was established in 1798, on the property of Judith Randolph. Charles Scott, Peter Johnston, John Randolph, Jr., Philip Holcomb, Jr., Martin Smith, Blake B. W. Woodson and Creed Taylor, were appointed Trustees to Jay off the town in half-acre lots, on which the purchaser was required to build within seven years. The new town prospered from the very beginning and, in 1872, became the County-seat.

The community boasts two newspaper printing offices ; the "Herald" and the "Leader"; three banks, one Baptist, one Episcopal, one Methodist Episcopal, and one Presbyterian Church, for white people, and two Baptist, and one Methodist Episcopal Church, for colored people; one Conservatory of Music: a fine Motion Picture Treatre; and the educational institutions above noted. It possesses two fine grist mills. The "Farmville Mill," established in 1838, is the oldest in the county. It has a fine re-inforced cement elevator, with a capacity of 50,000 bushels, erected in 1921 at a cost of $30,000, which compares most favorably with any of its kind in the State.

The "Prince Edward Mill," operated by the Prince Edward Milling Company, composed of Thomas Asbury Gray, William S. Gray, and Leland H. Green, began operations in 1914. This mill has a capacity of 50 barrels of flour, 500 bushels of meal, 5,000 pounds of chop, and 2,000 pounds of mill feed, per day. In connection with the mill, the same company, operating under the name of the Prince Edward Ice Company, conducts an up-to-date ice plant and cold storage warehouse, with a capacity of 15 tons of ice per day, and separate storage facilities for eggs, poultry, apples, ice cream, and ice. This entire plant has a valuation of $60,000.

The Farmville Ice Plant, owned and managed by William C. Newman, was opened for business in 1909. The plant has a capacity of forty tons of ice per day, but specializes in ice cream, and, besides enjoying a large local patronage, ships its product to many outside points. The plant, with its equipment, represents an investment of about $50,000.

Four automobile concerns minister to the automotive necessities of the people.

In the matter of hotel accommodation^ the traveling public is well cared for: The historic "Prince Edward Hotel" is owned and managed by Mr. Charles T. Chick. The "Continental Hotel," managed by Mr. J. O. Hardaway, is also owned by Mr. Chick. The third hotel, the "Ingersoll," is presided over by the Ingersoll Brothers.

Two large lumber concerns are located here; the Taylor Manufacturing Company, organized to succeed the Buffalo Mills Company, in 1919, and specializing in building materials; and the Farmville Manufacturing Company, organized in 1878 in succession to a concern originally located in Amelia county, and specializing in plow handles and building materials. The officers of the Farmville Manufacturing Company are, George M. Robeson, President ; Floyd B. Gilbert, Vice- President, and Erna L. Perrow, Secy.-Treas. The officers of the Taylor Manufacturing Company are, Bennett T. Taylor, Prospect, Va., President; Edward S. Taylor, Prospect, Va., Vice-President, and H. Carl Holesapple, Farmville, Secty.- Treas.

The Post Office, completed in 1920, is modern in all its appointment and is an adornment to the town.

Farmville is the center of the tobacco business for the county. Four tobacco factories are in regular operation, while five other factories are used for the hanging of tobacco. There are in addition, three warehouses and four storage houses. The property investment is well over the quarter million mark. An average of over 7,000,000 pounds of the weed are handled annually, for which approximately $1,000,000 is paid out every year.

A strong and flourishing Chamber of Commerce, of which Mr. W. Clyde Duvall is President; Mr. E. Waller Sanford, Secretary, and Mr. J. Barrye Wall, Treasurer, is in operation, and doing good work.

The officers of the municipality are:

James A. Davidson, Mayor.

N. B. Davidson; Dr. R. L. Hudgins; E. Lee Morris; E. Scott Martin; W. Clyde Duvall; W. C. Newman; H. A. Barrow; R. B. Cralle; E. Southall Shields, Councilors.

C. Booker Cunningham, Clerk.

Horace B. Warriner, Treasurer.

Leslie Fogus, Supt. of Public Utilities.

E. D. Lipscomb, Chief of Police.

J. W. Crute; T. S. Whitlock, and J. L. Sublett. police officers.

Dr. William E. Anderson, Public Health Officer.

Dr. William E. Anderson; Dr. J. H. Cocks, and Mrs. Koberta Large are the members of the Public School Board.

On March 1, 1912, an election of qualified voters was held in order to ascertain their will respecting the issue of school bonds for $25,000 to be used for the erection and furnishing of a new school house. The proposed issue was approved and, in process of time the present splendid school building was erected and put in use. The grounds cost $3,300. The present valuation of the entire property and equipment is in the neighborhood of $60,000.

The present teaching staff is as follows:

M. Blair Dickinson, A. B., M. A., Principal.

Herman Levy, A. B., B. S., Assistant Principal.

Miss Hannah Crawley, Danville College and University of Virginia.

Mrs. L. P. Davidson, L. I., Peabody College.

Miss Grace Beard, B. S., Farmville.

Mrs. Brazeal Hobson, State Normal, Farmville.

Mrs. John Lancaster, State Normal, Farmville.

Miss Ruth Woodruff, Averett College, Danville, Va.

Miss Virgie Bugg, State Normal, Farmville; Cornell and Columbia.