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From Mon Jan  3 21:08:54 2000
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 14:07:39 -0800 (PST)
From: sally hurt 
Subject: Woodlawn

Woodlawn, childhood home of Willie Hunt Jeffress LEWIS

Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 16:22:23 -0500 

Dear Folks,
     Pictured is the home "Woodlawn", located on the
county line between Charlotte and Prince Edward Counties, VA.  
The photo was taken in 1924.
 The house was built by Luther Creath JEFFRESS and then
owned by his son, Edward Hudson JEFFRESS, my great grandfather.  The
children of Luther Creath JEFFRESS and Elizabeth Hudson WILSON were: 
Laura C. JEFFRESS(b.1839-d.1856)
Edward Hudson "Ned" JEFFRESS(b.1840-d.1904)
William Horace JEFFRESS (b. 1841-d. 1913)
Jethro JEFFRESS(d.1890)
Mattie JEFFRESS(b.1846-d.1890)
Luther Calvin JEFFRESS (b.1849-d.1877)
 This was the first group of children raised in this old house.
Buried in the family cemetery at
"Woodlawn" are Hudson WILSON and his wife Martha
JENNINGS (widow of Benj. WARD), their only child, Elizabeth Hudson WILSON and
her first husband Luther Creath JEFFRESS, 2 infant children of Edward Hudson 
JEFFRESS and Luther Creath JEFFRESS,  and their youngest son Luther
Calvin JEFFRESS, plus an overseer.

Then the home was occupied by Edward Hudson JEFFRESS
and his wife Sallie Browne OVERBEY. Their children were: 
Mary Elizabeth JEFFRESS (b.1864-d.1961)
Rose Lee JEFFRESS (b.1866-d.1890)
Willie Hunt JEFFRESS(b.1871-d.1957)
Edward Stanley JEFFRESS (b.1874-d.1953)
Luther Cecil JEFFRESS(b.1883-d.1962)
The photo of the young woman is Willie HUNT JEFFRESS
LEWIS, my grandmother, who was raised in the home.  
In 1904, at the death of Edward Hudson JEFFRESS, the 
home was left to his two sons, Luther Cecil JEFFRESS 
and Edward Stanley JEFFRESS.

Sallie Hurt DBA: ETC
P. O. Box 245
Bristol, TN 37621
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