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This is a set of diaries/journals that I have that were written 1915-1918 by my great grandmother, Mary Heathcote Thomas, while she was living with my mother's family when my grandfather was headmaster at New London Academy, New London, VA – Contributed by Elizabeth Shumate




Mary Heathcote Thomas


"Excelsior‑ Trademark. Daily Journal for 1915. Sold by Farnham Printing & Stationery Co., Minneapolis. Published Annually for the trade."


"Board Of Managers Meet. New Teacher Elected for New London Academy


"At a meeting of the board of managers of New London Academy, held in the office of John P. Adkins, Miss Susie E‑ Poole was appointed teacher of Latin and mathematics; Miss Sarah McCauley, teacher of 6th and 7th grades‑ and H. D. Lemmon, farmer. The report of Miss Bushong, retiring principal, was received, and a resolution passed commending her efficiency. Resolutions were also passed asking suggestions for the formation of an association of alumni of the school and pledging the board to meet with an equal appropriation not to exceed $50 any sum expended on the improvement of the grounds of the academy during the next 12 months.


"A resolution was also passed calling a meeting of the board of managers at the school, Tuesday, July 1‑5, at 10 o'clock. The Otter river district school board of Campbell county and the Otter river district school board of Bedford county and all interested patrons of the school are requested to attend this meeting in order to consider financial matters."


JANUARY 1915 ‑ (30‑335) SATURDAY 30


Tommy's birthday. A cold blustering day. Jim went to Dickens with Mr. Good. He bought me a yard of calico to make June an apron. We finished her red dress.


JANUARY 1915 ‑ (31‑334) SUNDAY 31


A terribly stormy day. I went to bed at 11 a.m. and slept until 3 p.m. My cold made me so sleepy. Have felt better since,


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (32‑333) MONDAY 1


Blew and drifted all day. Snow drifted all around house and barn.

Heard over the phone that there are fourteen inches of snow on the level.

Black and white calf died from bloat caused by giving it warm water to drink.

They had a terrible time taking care of the stock. On Top of all, the pump balked.

Walter was out five hours helping Jim.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (33‑332) TUESDAY 2


Tipped and pressed a waist for Mattie and helped her make two aprons.

Have had no mail for two days.  The roads are so badly drifted that they can't get through.

The weather has not been very cold during the storm but it has drifted so badly.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (34‑331), WEDNESDAY 3


Ripped and pressed an old white wool waist of Nellie's. About all I did after helping with the work.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (35‑330) THURSDAY 4


Rained, sleeted and snowed alternately all day.

Partly made Nellie's waist.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (36‑329) FRIDAY 5


Wind changed from southeast to Northeast. Air so full of snow all day that we could only see a short distance.

Considerably colder to‑night.

Finished a little handkerchief for June also Nellie's waist. Jim is getting tired of incessant choring.

Had to wade through the snow and so much shoveling to do.  Spreader is covered with snow and can't get to it.

He said this morning he had gotten one tongue so the weight of the snow shouldn't break it and we found it was pointing straight up to the sky. This has been a terrible week. Snow piled everywhere. Stock walking over fences.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (37‑328) SATURDAY 6


Bright and clear when we got up and has been a beautiful day overhead.

The weather prophet promises us another and more severe storm than the one we've had.

I don't see how it can be much worse.

The question is how to get feed for the stock, hope the cows will get filled up before the next one comes.

Have sewed a little to‑day. Mattie ripped an old silk waist of mine given to me by Mae several years ago. We talk of making June a dress of it.

Sent an order to Montgomery Ward & Co.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (38‑327) SUNDAY 7


Been a nice day but is cloudy to‑night.

I went out after breakfast and partly shoveled a path to closet. Got about one third done when Mattie came out and began scolding. I was just getting over my cold and she said, "You'll be sorry for this." We'll see.

Have been cutting clippings out of the papers nearly all day. You see I had a book given me by Mae at Christmas for clippings.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (39‑326) MONDAY 8


Cloudy this morning but cleared up later.

Got a letter from Mae.

Mrs. Culver was operated on to‑day.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (40‑325) TUESDAY 9


Been a nice day but wind is in the south and to‑morrow will probably be stormy. Haven't done much of any thing today outside of the housework. Wrote a letter to Nellie and a card to Mae.

The Mailman came around to‑day so the package containing the little red dress, aprons and panties for June are gone. They have been wrapped up a week. The mailman came in the forenoon yesterday so we missed him.

Have just heard that there's no hope for Mrs. Culver getting better. Will leave a baby less than a month old and four others.

Mr. Good and Mr. Garnet were helping Jim haul straw. Here for dinner.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (41‑324) WEDNESDAY 10


Sewed on the dress for June that we're making out of my old silk waist. We were interrupted this forenoon by the colts breaking down the gate. Was 1 o'clock when we got in after mending the gate.

Had our dinner then went up to Mrs. Thompson's to help her make a hood.

Mrs. Will Jink's sale was to‑day. Jim walked over with Mr. Good and was gone all day


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (42‑323) THURSDAY 11


Washed to‑day. Not cold, snow quite soft.

Mrs. Culver died this morning at Spencer Hospital. Mr. Chilfont also died this morning.

Mr. Straub, who rented his farm after losing his wife in December, vacated it. Jim hauled a load to the Grove for him.

Got a letter from Nellie. Says she is very busy.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (43‑323) FRIDAY 12


Lincoln's birthday. We ironed this morning and sewed this afternoon. After dinner I took a nap, as I was tired. Mr. Chilfont was buried this afternoon at Greenville. Cloudy and colder all day. Wind in north‑east and rained a little.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (44‑321) SATURDAY 13


Rained the greater part of the day. Mrs. Culver's funeral to‑day. Did not have much Saturday's work to do. Finished the little silk dress for June.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (45‑ 320) SUNDAY 14


We sewed and St. Valentine's Day.

Had company for dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Good, Mr. and Mrs. Garnett and baby. We enjoyed their being here. The morning was cloudy but quiet. During the forenoon the wind raised and by afternoon it had developed into a real snowstorm.

Mr. Good and I planned a trip to the East to go over some of the old battlegrounds.

We are not taking Mrs. Good with us. She has to stay home to take care of the farm. (?)

We shall be quite congenial as he is about 32 and I 65 years old.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (46‑319) MONDAY 15


Been a nice day. Got a box of carnations, one dozen, from the Spencer greenhouse.

Inside the box was a card on which was written, "Will you be my valentine?" and signed, June Mary Alma. They think of every day that comes along including birthdays, Valentine Day, Etc. We are much pleased with the flowers and will make them last as long as possible. Have them on the sideboard.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (47‑318) TUESDAY 16


Been a fine day. Enlarged a dress to‑day.

My avoirdupois keeps increasing so have to keep fixing up dresses to keep pace with it. Worked on a pair of old corsets after finishing dress‑ Jim helped me, one day, to chop off about two inched on top of every steel, forty of them. To‑day sewed casings over steels again and have them ready to find. First time I ever did that job and don't care for it again.

Judd Thompson, the wrestler, was here for dinner. Was helping Jim haul hay.

Got a letter from Nellie with one included from Mae telling about the flowers June sent.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (48‑317) WEDNESDAY 17


Was quite fine till about the middle of the afternoon when it began to cloud and by 5 o'clock it was raining.

Jim took a load of oats to Gillett Grove for Mr. Straub. Hattie went along and took her eggs to be shipped. 35c per dozen. $5.40 worth.

I sent for a calico dress, a gray with narrow white stripes. I finished up a dress I was enlarging and sewed on the old corsets.

Wrote a letter of thanks to June for the nice flower valentine she sent me. Mattie and Jim got their dinner at Mr. Lahmon’s.  Mattie phoned to Walter's. Hilda said he had gone to Spirit Lake to referee a basketball game.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (49‑316) THURSDAY 18


Rained the greater part of the night

Was fairly clear this morning but is cloudy and drizzly to‑night. There is lots of water. Some of the Gillet Grove children had to be sent home early in the afternoon as the water was spreading rapidly over the valley

Jim hauled a load of hogs to Dickens for Mr. Good. Got 6c.

Mattie cut out and partly made a new calico dress for herself, which she got yesterday.

I finished the everlasting corsets.

Looked for a letter from Mae yesterday and to‑day. Maybe it will come to‑morrow.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (50‑315) FRIDAY 19


Cloudy.  A letter from Mae saying June had been sick. Had her worst day the day the little red dress got there.

Cared nothing for it.

Hope she was able to enjoy the one we sent later.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (51‑314) SATURDAY 20


Foggy most of the day.

Nothing special.

Sewed the greater part of the day.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (52‑313) SUNDAY 21


Rained all day.

Wrote two letters, one to Al and Edna and the other to the cousins in England.


FEBRUARY 1915 ‑ (53‑312). MONDAY 22.


Washington's birthday.

No mail to-day.  Been cloudy and foggy all day.  Have an idea it will be cooler to-morrow.

Washed and dried the clothes in the house.  Also churned.

Mended socks this afternoon.

To-morrow we are going to pick chickens.


FEBRUARY 1915 - (54-311) TUESDAY 23


Cloudy.  Picked 54 chickens and 7 ducks.

Was tired at noon, but after dinner laid down and took a little nap which refreshed me.


FEBRUARY 1915 - (55-310) WEDNESDAY 24


A fine bright day.

Jim and Mattie packed the chickens and Jim took them to the Grove to ship to Chicago to Wm Clough, a commission man.

Bought back our order from Montgomery Ward.

Received a letter from Mrs. Ashburn.

I opened it on the way back and the wind caught one sheet and carried it over the ploughing.  Had two muddy feet when I got back.


FEBRUARY 1915 - (56-309) THURSDAY 25


Another fine day.

We filled the barrel of goose-feathers, picked in November, into sacks to scald and clean and cleaned up back kitchen.

I took some borrowed sugar to Mrs. Thompson’s this afternoon.  She is getting ready to move next Monday, the lst of March.

I notice in the "News" that Lou Walker and Wood Baston got married.


FEBRUARY 1915 - (57-308) FRIDAY 27


Fine day.

Sent birthday package to Nellie.


FEBRUARY 1915 -    (58-307) SATURDAY 28


Fine day.

Sewed most of the day.


FEBRUARY 1915 - (59-306) SUNDAY 29


A nice day.

Nellie's birthday.

We went to Mr. Lahmon’s.  Went in the sled but parts of the road were bare.

Sleighing is done unless it snows again.


MARCH 1915 (80-305) MONDAY 1


Fine day and moving day for renters.

Spent all forenoon looking through catalogues to find a suitable skirt pattern for myself but failed to select one.

Concluded to wait awhile.

In the afternoon Hattie and I went to look over the Thompson house before Paul Warwick moves in.

A letter came from Mae who is well.


MARCH 1915 (61-304) TUESDAY 2


Fine day.  Mended socks this forenoon and cut pieces out of papers this afternoon.

Hattie and Jim went to the school house to get the

coal-house, but he couldn't manage it.

Walter ran in on us this afternoon.

Is full of his prospective invention--to attach to the Ford automobile.

Is going back to-morrow.

A letter came from Nellie acknowledging birthday package.


MARCH 1915 (82-303) WEDNESDAY 3


Been fine all day but to-night it is snowing with wind in the northeast.

Hattie helped Mrs. Johnson cook for corn shellers and Jim hauled corn to the Grove for Mr. Johnson.

Walter is still here.  Sent him to bed last night and to-night into a cold room.  Put two warm flatirons in bed.  Have just visited with him to-day and made a little tatting.

Walter said I came out in roses this morning because I put my red percale dress on.


MARCH 1915 (63-302) THURSDAY 4


Cloudy this morning and by noon it began to snow.  The afternoon was very blustery.

Walter went home this afternoon.  He was going to Spirit Lake this evening to referee a basket ball game.  Jim took him to the Grove.

Hattie went with Mrs. Johnson to Ladies' Aid at Mrs.  Higgins.


MARCH 1915 (84-301) FRIDAY 5


Snowed and drifted all night.  Kept it up all day and now at 9:30 is still at it.  Some monstrous snow banks which will necessitate more shoveling.

Finished sewing the tatting on my second handkerchief of that kind.

Then got my table cloth out and hemmed it, the one Al gave me two years@ ago last Xmas.  One-half dozen napkins with it.  Will hem them to-morrow.


MARCH 1915 (85-300) SATURDAY 6


Cloudy this morning and snowed lightly all afternoon.

Finished hemming my napkins and Mattie made a dresser scarf with scalloped tatting around.

Canned some sulphured apples.

The mail man unexpectedly came at 4 p.m. A letter from Orville and one from Mae.


MARCH 1915 (66-299) SUNDAY 7


This morning it was snowing to "beat the band." Stopped about noon and this afternoon was quite cloudy but pleasant.

Have been home all day.

I wrote a letter to Orville this afternoon.


MARCH 1915 (67-298) MONDAY 8


A bright, thawing day.

Finished mending my pile of socks.

We melted snow for washing to-morrow.


MARCH 1915 (68-297) TUESDAY 9


Another nice day.  We washed.

Paul and Laura Warwick were here for dinner.  Paul was helping Jim.

Did no sewing but ripped at an old waist until a letter came from Edna containing the exchanged gloves.

Hattie ironed a little.


MARCH 1915 (69-296) WEDNESDAY 10


Nice day.  I finished the ironing while Hattie was doing other work.

Then we sewed on two little dresses that we are re making for June.


MARCH 1915 (70-295) THURSDAY 11


Nice day.

We heard this morning that the shelters were coming this afternoon.  They came but didn't shell any to-day.

Did some baking.

Mr. King came in this afternoon to get his rent.

Jim attacked him about the hog house he promised to put up.  They surely had quite a "set to" but Mr. King wouldn't say that he would put one up.


MARCH 1915 (71-294) FRIDAY 12


A fine day but thawing very fast.

Had the two shelters over night.

Started shelling in good season this morning.

Just shelled the three cribs outside.  They finished early this afternoon.

Plenty of cobs to burn now.

Sewed a little on the two dresses.


MARCH 1915 (72-293) SATURDAY 13


A fine day but very sloppy.

Been to the mail box twice.  Sent a letter to Mae.  Just about finished the two little dresses. trimmed one with tatting, the other with lace.

Jim and Hattie ate a 10 o'clock supper-

They invited me but I declined.  Am getting too fat to

yield to such indulgences.

They are one ahead this time.


MARCH 1915 (72-292) SUNDAY 14


Fine day.  Were home all day.

Washed my head.  After drying I got it so exquisitely dressed that Jim called me "Old Fozzly Head." Encouraging after trying so hard to be clean and tidy.


MARCH 1915 (74-291) MONDAY 15


Another fine day but roads getting in very bad shape.  Charley Steele, Jim's hired man came to-night.  He works a week for his and his horses feed as Jim isn't quite ready  for him.

Sewed a little.

Hattie sent another order to Montgomery Ward and Co.


MARCH 1915 (75-290) TUESDAY 16


We picked over a quantity of beans, some Hattie got from Walter.

This afternoon made a skirt for June.


MARCH 1915 (76-289) WEDNESDAY 17


A fine day.

Seven years ago to-day Jim and Hattie were married.  I didn't think about it until we got a card from Nellie.  "St.  Patrick's Greetings" and a "reminder of the day"

Braided a few rags this afternoon and wrote a letter to Nellie.


MARCH 1915 (77-288) THURSDAY 18


Snowed a little this morning and occasional flurries of snow all day.

Was workable weather all day.

Wrote a letter to Mrs. Ashburn and Braided rags the rest of the day after the work was done.

Ladies' Aid at Mrs. Hotllings, agents wife, to-day but we could not go.

Were very sorry.


MARCH 1915 (78-287) FRIDAY 19


Snowed quite hard this morning.

Made us quite undecided about going to the dedication of the new consolidated school building in Gillete Grove.

I decided to stay home and Mattie rode down with Charley Steele, the hired man, in the afternoon.

State and County Superintendents were there and the Wilson Orchestra of Spencer furnished the music.

Exercises began at 10 o'clock and were good.


MARCH 1915 (79-288) SATURDAY 20


Been quite a nice day but rather cold.

Answered Orville's letter that we received yesterday stating that the children were quite sick.

Boys were better but Virginia was still very sick.  Hope we'll hear again soon.

To-day was Ray's birthday.


MARCH 1915 (80-285) SUNDAY 21


A nice day. We've been home all day.

Did the job to-day that takes nearly half a day--trimmed up my feet.  Corns were beginning to hurt.

Wrote a letter to Tommy and Ola.


MARCH 1915 (81-284) MONDAY 22


Washed to-day.

Partly packed my suit case to go to Spencer whenever Jim goes where I can take the train.

It is tax paying time.


MARCH 1915 (82-283) TUESDAY 23


Ironed this forenoon.

Jim went to Dickens this afternoon for goods ordered from Montgomery Ward & Co. So I went with him and took the 5:25 train for Spencer.

Found Walter sick with sore throat and had a few days before had growths removed from the turbinate bones.

His eyes had troubled him a good deal.

Stayed with Walter and Hilda overnight.


MARCH 1915 (83-282) WEDNESDAY 24


In response to phoning to Elmer Bisbee he met me in

First National Bank at 1:30. Talked over the goods which

are stored in the garret up there and he was willing for me

to leave them. That was a relief to me as I had heard

through Mrs. Ashburn that Mrs. Kimball wanted me to take

them away. The house isn't her property so I decided to do

nothing until I had seen Elmer.

Paid my taxed $65.49 and looked after other things in

the banks. The Milford Mortgage of $1000. was extended 5

years, also the Vanderhoff one of $4000. for same length of



MARCH 1915 (84-281) THURSDAY 25


Stayed all night again at Walter's

Wrote some cards and took Keith out a couple of times in his cart.

In the afternoon went up to Livingston's and visited a few minutes then went on to Mrs. Ashburns. Found supper ready.

Elmer Bishee and wife were papering their up stairs. 


MARCH 1915 (85-280) FRIDAY 26


Elmer and wife came back to finish the papering this morning.  All had dinner together and in the afternoon I helped Mrs. Ashburn put down her rugs and arrange the furniture.

Decided to stay another night with them.


MARCH 1915 (86-279) SATURDAY 27


Left Mr. Ashburn's this morning.

Called at Mr. Livingston's on my way to Walter s.@ A week from to-day she, Mrs. Livingston, is going to Albert Lea to visit Edna and Al.  She had just gotten her new Easter bonnet.  Was also going to get a new coat.

Had dinner with Walter and Hilda.

At. 4 o'clock Walter took me to the M. & St. L. Depot and I took the train for Sioux Rapids.

Nellie met me at the depot, took me to Mr. Thomas’ and then she went back to the bank.  Jennie and husband just moved in.  Nellie and I invited to Mrs. Wilson' for supper.


MARCH 1915 (87-278) SUNDAY 28


Mrs. Thomas, Nellie and I went to church.

I went home with Mrs. Thomas after church and Nellie stayed to Sabbath school.

In the afternoon we went to a funeral at the

Congregational Church.  In the evening went to Christian

Endeavor at Baptist Church and then to the Congregational to hear their new minister again.  A young man and good talker, not afraid to make known his own ideas.


MARCH 1915 (88-277) MONDAY 29


Did a little mending for Nellie this forenoon.  In the afternoon about 4 o'clock went down to the store and waited until Nellie came about 6 o'clock.  While waiting looked over the stock in the store.  Was somewhat interested as Nellie owns half of it.

After she came we went to Mrs. Sweitzers where we had been invited to supper.

Afterward went back to store to meet a traveling man who was taking orders for jewelry.


MARCH 1915 (89-276) TUESDAY 30


Left Sioux Rapids for Spencer at 9:10 a.m.

Walter met me at M. & St. L. depot.

Had dinner with them and at 2:05 took the train for Gillett Grove.

I wanted to stay overnight with Mrs. Howard so took this opportunity.

Mr. Lahmon was very kind, met me and carried my suitcase over.


MARCH 1915 (90-275) WEDNESDAY 31


Mrs. Howard and I sewed on a dress of hers that was partly made.

Hattie did not come for me as Mr. Lahmon heard that he had to go to Spencer and wanted me to stay with Mrs. Howard as he would be gone over night.

Mr. Lahmon came home at noon very much worried over the condition of the bank.

He with other, officials had met with the bank examiner.  We asked him some questions but he requested us not to question him as he was under promise not to divulge anything at present.


APRIL 1915 (01-274) THURSDAY 1


We finished the dress.

Hattie came down to the Grove to be present at the Ladies Aid Society and afterward came over for me.

She drove Joe the dear little horse.  How I would not like to see him pass into other hands.

We passed Mr. Lahmon who had just gotten back from

Spencer and was talking to someone whom he had met.

Hattie got a card from Mae saying she would be here

Easter Sunday.


APRIL 1915 (92-273) FRIDAY 2


We cleaned up stairs this morning.  Mae is coming so want to get every thing straightened up so we can visit.

June will take part of our time too.


APRIL 1915 (93-272) SATURDAY 3


Cleaned front room and bed-room.

Got a telegram from Mae in Denver saying, Meet me in

Dickens Sunday P.M."

Also got "Easter Greetings" from Nellie in Sioux

Rapids in the form of a bunch of Carnations.

Nice thing to know that somebody thinks of you. Am

afraid that I don't do my share of thinking.


APRIL 1915 (94-271) SUNDAY 4


Jim and Mattie went to Dickens this afternoon to meet

Mae but she failed to show up.

We were afraid it would turn out this way as we know there was no train Sunday afternoon from the west.

We expect to hear something early to-morrow morning. 


APRIL 1915 (95-270) MONDAY 5


We received a phone call early this morning from Mae in Dickens, who had come in on the 5:30 train.  Had reached Sheldon at 1 o'clock yesterday and expected to catch a train running east on Sunday as it used to do.  She had to get up at 3 o'clock.

Mattie went with Joe and Charley I’s horse to get her.

We were all so anxious to see June.

She's a dandy little girl and talks everything.  She isn't quite two years old.


APRIL 1915 (96-269) TUESDAY 6


I needn't say what we did to-day outside of getting' meals.  Suffice it to say our time was taken up asking and answering questions.  June, though, demanded a portion of it.


APRIL 1915 (97-268) WEDNESDAY 7


Busy all day visiting and cooking.

Mae is quite poor, weighs only 90 pounds.

She is run down with too much responsibility.  Dr. ordered her to get away from the high altitude for awhile.

Is tortured when the weather here gets hot.

Hope she'll weigh twenty-five pounds more when she goes back.


APRIL 1915 (98-2B7) THURSDAY 8


Walter telephoned and said that they are coming down as soon as roads were fit to use the auto.

The roads are very bad owing to the great amount of snow we've had.


APRIL 1915 (99-266) FRIDAY 9


We are settling down a little as the most important questions have been asked.  I want Mae to rest and get all the sleep she needs.  She had had too busy a life for five years. 

We sewed a little.


APRIL 1915 (100-265) SATURDAY   10


We did a little Saturday's work and a good deal of talking.


APRIL 1915 (101-264) SUNDAY 11


Stayed home all day.

Mae is getting very anxious to do something

She was really wicked enough to spend part of the day

learning to make tatting.


APRIL 1915 (102-263) MONDAY 12


First incubator hatched to-day.  About 100 chicks.

My mother's birthday.  She died in 1902.

Walter and Hilda came down this afternoon and stayed over night.

Charley slept in one bed in northeast room and Walter and Jim in the other.

They did so much "cutting up" that I thought the bed clothes would be torn to pieces.  Mattie and Hilda and Keith slept together and Mae, June and myself.  The first night Mae was here I slept on the edge of bed stand.

The next night I spread the mattress out.


APRIL 1915 (103-282) TUESDAY 13


Mae, June and I went back with Walter and Hilda.  Mae stayed in the room all day.  June and I went to the post office and wrote and sent cards to Ray Cox and Nellie.

Went to the Citizens bank to look at some papers.

June made herself at home both in bank and Post office.


APRIL 1915 (104-261) WEDNESDAY 14


This afternoon we went auto riding with Walter's.  Visited a few minutes with Mr. & Mrs. Ashburn at the gate, then went on to Bill Goodale's.  Found Dora home alone.  Bill had gone to town but we met him on the way back to the “red house" our old home.  Walter jollied him about the "twins." Told him that he never expected them to live.  This was only a drive at Bill's bachelorship.

Had a laugh over it and then started on.

Stopped at the house and got a few things from the garret.  Things look real nice.  Had newly papered the halls, up stairs and down.  Also bedroom down stairs.


APRIL 1915 (105-260) THURSDAY 15


Stayed over night again at Walter's.

Called on Mrs. Bascom and Laura this morning and then did a little shopping.

This afternoon Walter brought us back to Mattie's but they did not stay over night.

This is brother Ed's birthday- A few days since sent him a tie in remembrance of the day.

It was Annie's birthday too.  Sent her a tie also. 


APRIL 1915 (106-259) FRIDAY 16


While being away we had accumulated quite a pile of dirty clothes so washed them all up.

Sewed this afternoon.


APRIL 1915 (107-258) SATURDAY 17


Ironed this morning.

I received a splendid picture of Ed.

Looks older and grayer than when I saw him last.  Has had some worry about Arthur, who has not been well for some time.

He has shaved his moustache off since becoming a legislator and I'm glad of it.  It looks more sanitary.

He is in the Wisconsin legislature, representative from his district.

Jim and Mattie went to Spencer to get the new car.  Left the team at Dickens and went in on the train.  Rode back to Dickens in auto then Mattie drove the team home.


APRIL 1915 (108-257) SUNDAY 18


Walter and Hilda came down early this morning.

Then Jim, Mattie, Mae and Walter went to Sioux Rapids in Jim's car to get Nellie.

Hilda and I got dinner.  Was a little after noon when they got back.  In the afternoon we all went out for a ride to call on Mrs. Cedorholm, Ray Cox's cousin.

We who rode with Jim will not forget the narrow escape the pump had.  Turned around too quickly and did not guide it just right, and ran over the corner of the platform The onlookers were frightened as well as we but he soon got control.  Had supper after getting back then Walter's went home.


APRIL 1915 (109-258) MONDAY 19


Had to get up early this morning as Nellie had to go back.  Hattie took her to the Grove to take the 7 o'clock train for Sioux Rapids.

We did nothing in particular to-day but the common work and a little sewing.


APRIL 1915 (110-255) TUESDAY 20


Second incubator hatched 100 chicks.

Hattie spent a good part of the day caring for them.

Mae and I did the housework.


APRIL 1915 (111-254) WEDNESDAY 21


Jim, Hattie, Mae and June went to Dickens in the car, to get a supply of groceries.

I stayed home and had supper ready when they got home. 


APRIL 1915 (112-253) THURSDAY 22


Received a letter from Mrs. Livingston who was in Albert Lea.

Had gone there to spend "Easter." Her expected Joy was turned into sorrow as she found Edna quite sick.

We washed to-day and had a large one.


APRIL 1915 (113-252) FRIDAY 23


Ironed this morning and Hattie churned and made some garden.

Mae helps with the work until she begins to feel tired and then we send her to bed.

We noticed she can't stand very much.

Hope she'll get stronger while she is here.

We send her and June for the mail.  Tell her to take it slow and easy and inhale deeply.  She had an examination before she came and the doctor found nothing the matter with her but a run down condition.

We cut out my striped dress skirt this afternoon.


APRIL 1915 (114-251) SATURDAY 24


Mae and I cleaned up the house a little while Hattie sacked up feathers that she had sold to different parties in Spencer.

Looked quite rainy early this afternoon but finally looked better then we started to Spencer.  It was nearly 4 o’clock when we got to Walter's after delivering the feathers.  Got supper there then started home and reached there without any mishap.  This was at almost the beginning of Jim's driving.  We had a nice ride.


APRIL 1915 (115-250) SUNDAY 25


Fine this morning,

This afternoon we went to Mr. Lahmon's.

Came home quite early as it began to look like rain.  Didn't amount to much though.

June has a glorious time every where she goes.


APRIL 1915 (116-249) MONDAY 26


Rained this morning.

Jim took Mae and June to Mr. Cedarholme's this afternoon then went on to Dickens with basket of eggs to send to Annie in Watertown, S.D.

Rained hard while he was in Dickens.

Been caught in the rain twice now with his new car.

Sewed on my stripped dress to-day.

"Pet" had a colt to-night.


APRIL 1915 (117-248) TUESDAY 27


Roads were too bad to take auto out to get Mae and June so Mr. and Mrs. Cedorholm brought them this afternoon.


APRIL 1915 (118-247) WEDNESDAY 28


Washed and churned to-day.

Sewed on my dresses.


APRIL 1915 (119-246) THURSDAY 29


Ironed this morning.


APRIL 1915 (120-245) FRIDAY 30


Made little panties for June and Mattie cut out Nellie's dress.

We all rode to Gillett after supper.  Charley wanted some tobacco.


MAY 1915 (121-244) SATURDAY 1


Wind in east and cold.

Cleaned up the house in the morning and in the afternoon Jim, Hattie, Mae and Mrs. Howard went to Sioux Rapids to get Nellie.  When they got back to Mr. Lahmon's they found one wheel was punctured with a tack.  Could not fix it so came home at 10 o'clock on the rim.

Supper had been ready nearly three hours.  Left the table and washed the dishes the next morning.


MAY 1915 (122-243) SUNDAY 2


Thundered, lightened and rained last night.  Cloudy and cold to-day.

Had chicken for dinner.

Nellie brought us each a set of beauty pins and June a now dress.


MAY 1915 (123-242) MONDAY 3


Cloudy and foggy  this morning.

Mattie left at 6 o'clock to take Nellie to the train.  Drove Joe and Queen.

Had fed the chickens and was washing the dished when she got back.

It takes a long time to get to Sioux Rapids by Marathon as the wait is so long there.

Mattie partly made June's white dress.


MAY 1915 (124-241) TUESDAY 4


Been a fairly fine day, but cool.

A letter came from Al.

Finished June's dress all but a little tatting I have to make.

Mae started putting a new top on her skirt.


MAY 1915 (125-240) WEDNESDAY 5


We washed to-day.

Jim, Mattie and Mae went to Dickens after supper.  Juno and I stayed home.

Expected to do some work while they were gone but they were back before I had gotten June asleep.

She was tickled to see her mother but never cries when she leaves her.


MAY 1915 (128-239) THURSDAY 6



All rode to the Grove after supper as Charley wanted some more tobacco.

Washed dished and milked after getting back.  Charley brought June some candy.


MAY 1915 (127-238) FRIDAY 7


Jim brought Mr. Lahmon and Mrs. Howard up this morning in the auto.

Stayed until 5 o'clock then Mae, June and I rode down with them.

Mr. Lahmon rode back to the store with us, took June in the store and had her pick out the kind of candy she wanted.


MAY 1915 (128-237) SATURDAY 8


We worked hard all forenoon and at 2 o'clock left for Spencer.

I bought a new hat and veil for $5.50.

We got back at 7 o'clock.


MAY 1915 (120-236) SUNDAY 9


Went to the Grove to church this morning.  Charley went to Rose's.

Had to pack May's trunk and my suit-case.  Had a rough house all day.

Found Walter and Hilda here when we got back from church.

They stayed until 5 o'clock.


MAY 1915 (130-285) MONDAY 10


Mae, June and I left for Spencer preparatory to going to Albert Lea to-morrow.

Mattie took us to Dickens and we took the morning train.

Had dinner at Walter's.

Mae made some calls in the afternoon and we went to Livingstone's in time for supper.

Stayed over night.


MAY 1915 (131-234) TUESDAY 11


Walter drove up for us at 8:30 this morning to take us to the train.

Left at 8:50 on M. & St. L. and reached Sherburn at noon.

When we got off at Sherburn I discovered that I had left my umbrella in the depot at Spencer.  Wrote cards to the agent an4o Walter.

After a 2 3/4 hours wait started on again and reached Albert Lea at 5:32.

Edna was at the depot to meet us and took us home in a bus.

Al came at closing time.


MAY 1915 (132-233) WEDNESDAY 12


Al's day at Glenville.  We spent all day visiting with Edna.

This evening we talked over Ray's letters and we decided the best thing would be for someone to go out there to see how things stand.

Al offered to go so I said that I'd pay his railroad fare.


MAY 1915 (133-232) THURSDAY 13


Al worked in office until 5 o'clock then came home and got ready to start for Preston.  Left at 5:30.


MAY 1915 (134-231) FRIDAY 14


We all went down town this afternoon.

Mae treated to ice cream.

June was sick all night.


MAY 1915 (135-230) SATURDAY 15


The weather is quite cold.

Mr. Green's went away for over Sunday.  They did not leave the key so could not get into the basement to make a fire.

We sat around the gas stove in the evening.


MAY 1915 (136-229) SUNDAY 16


Still quite cold.

Mae and Edna went to the Episcopal Church this morning.  June and I stayed home.  We sat in the kitchen and burned gas to keep warm.

In the afternoon we went over to Dr. Aarnes.


MAY 1915 (137-228) MONDAY 17


Mae's birthday. she and Edna went up town this afternoon.

Mae found a handkerchief under her plate at supper time, a present from Edna.


MAY 1915 (138-227) TUESDAY 18


Al's birthday.  He came back from Preston his morning before we had had breakfast.

Gave us a history of Ray.

Edna and May went to Guild this afternoon.  On the way home bought 28 candles to put on the birthday cake.

Al got a catch chain from Edna, a tie from Mae and a napkin marker from myself.  Mae got a casserole from Al and Edna and two aluminum pieces from myself.  Ola was taken to hospital to-day.


MAY 1915 (139-226) WEDNESDAY 19


Ola went through her operation this morning and was on the table two hours.  Was not gall stones as one doctor predicted.  Had to make two incisions.

I washed our dirty clothes ready to go to Minneapolis to-morrow.

Mae did the ironing

Edna went to a yard party this afternoon.

Al'’s day at Glenville.


MAY 1915 (140-225) THURSDAY 20


Mae went to Al'’s office to get a tooth filled this morning.

We had a lunch at 11:30 then went to the Rock island depot in bus.

Left at 12:30 and enjoyed our ride to Minneapolis.  Arrived at 4:30.

Tommy met us and reached the gate just as we did.  Mrs. Aarnes was at the house.

Mrs.  Vickerman, Ola's mother came later. Had been to the hospital with Ola. Ola had gas pains but was getting along nicely


MAY (141-224) FRIDAY 21


June's 2nd birthday.

Tommy and Ola got her a nice white dress.

Mrs. Aarnes and Mae went with Tommy to see the new


June and I stayed home all day but went out for a walk.

Tommy and Ola live in a flat in the second story.  A poor place for children.


MAY 1915 (142-223) SATURDAY 22


Mae went to the office with Tommy this morning.  Stayed until noon then they went over to the house.  This was pay day for his men and as they do not work Saturday afternoon had to go before coming to dinner.  In the afternoon Mae, June and I went to the office on the streetcar, stayed until closing time and then went to the house again.

The house is going to be strictly modern with a beautiful lookout to the "Lake of the Isles."


MAY 1915 (143-222) SUNDAY 23


This forenoon Mae went with Tommy to the office to have Dr. Pratt test her eyes. they came home for dinner then went auto riding around the city.

June stayed home with me.


MAY 1915 (144-221) MONDAY 24


Mae and I went to the big stores on Nicollet this morning.  We left June with Mrs. Vickerman.  Came back in time for dinner.  Went on streetcar.

I packed Mae's trunk this afternoon and she went with Tommy to the office to get her glasses adjusted.

Tommy and I left about 9 o'clock with Mae and June to Northwestern depot to start home.  Stayed with them until

she got June undressed. When we left she would go to bed.


MAY 1915 (145-220) TUESDAY 25


A rainy morning.

Mae would reach Omaha at 11 o'clo6k and leave at 4 in the afternoon.

Hope she had no trouble in changing to the Burlington depot.

Mrs. Vickerman has been over to the hospital three times to-day.

Ola is getting along finely.

Just a week since she was operated on.


MAY 1915 (146-219) WEDNESDAY 26


Cool to-day.

Mrs. Vickerman had washerwoman.

Mrs. Aarnes left for Albert Lea after dinner. went to the hospital this afternoon to see Ola for the first time.

Got a card from Mae written at Omaha.  Had gotten over, by bus, to the Burlington depot.

Tommy and I got supper to-night as Mrs. Vickerman was

at the hospital.


MAY 1915 (147-218) THURSDAY 27


Mrs. Vickerman and I ironed all forenoon.

Mrs. V. went the hospital this afternoon and I wrote letters to Ray, Mattie and Albert Lea.


MAY 1915 (148-217) FRIDAY 28


No work to do this morning but wash dishes.  Enlarged some clothes.

After dinner I went to the office with Tommy to have a tooth filled but he was too busy to do it.

Had a good visit though with the office girl, Miss

Talbert, who was interested in watching me make tatting.

She said she would buy a shuttle ready for when I went over again.


MAY 1915 (149-216) SATURDAY 29



Office girl was provided with shuttle to-day but I didn't get over.  Tommy said she made four eyelets, all sizes, some with picots and some without.

I began to think seriously to-day of going to Watertown to Florence's wedding.

Mrs. Vickerman and I went to town this afternoon and I bought a tray to take to Florence and a pair of shoulder clasps to send to Nellie Thompson as a graduating present.

Sent "Oscar's" tatting to-day.


MAY 1915 (150-215) SUNDAY 30


Memorial Day.  No exercises until to-morrow as it is Sunday and a beautiful day.  Mrs. V. Went to hospital this morning before breakfast.  Tommy and I got breakfast then he went to the office.  Had a big roast of beef for dinner.  After dinner Tommy and I went to see Ola.  Brought me back, took Mrs.  V. over then he came back and we went over to see the house.  Rode around Lake Calhoun and called on Mr. & Mrs. Triebel.  Brought me back.  He went -to hospital and he and Mrs. V. came back at 7. He got supper while we sat in parlor.  Brought us a treat of ice cream and two sacks of popcorn.  Mrs. V. is very industrious.  With my permission she worked on her crocheting.  Fully decided to go to Watertown.


MAY 1915 (151-214) MONDAY 31


I left Minneapolis for Watertown at 10:30 this morning on the North Western.

Mrs. Vickerman went to depot with me. just got there in time.

Had a nice and long ride.  Changed cars at Mankato and arrived here at Watertown, at 8 o'clock.  Couldn't take a bus as they didn't know where brother Tom lives and I couldn't tell them.  Was finally told by a policeman and found the way easily.  My suit-case wasn't heavy.  Annie was home, Tom out with milk.  I surprised them.  Found the wedding was to be at 7 a.m. next morning so had to press my dress and get things ready this evening.


JUNE 1915 (152-213) TUESDAY 1


A beautiful morning for the wedding.

Got up at twenty minutes to five.  Tom and Annie milked and strained it into quart pails, then got ready for the wedding.  Had to wait for the hack a while.  I surprised them all as no one but Tom's knew that I had arrived.

Ceremony performed by Congregational minister.

Bride dressed in white embroidered organdy.

The immediate relatives ate at table others from trays.  I couldn't eat, very well as I've no lap.  Couldn't spread my roll or dig out my potato.  Disadvantages in being so large.  Bride and groom took early train for Pipstatons.

Bessie & Lloyd called at Tom's this p.m. and invited Wills and us out for Sunday dinner.


JUNE 1915 (153-212) WEDNESDAY 2


Helped Annie wash this morning.

We visited together this afternoon and this evening went over to Frank Heathcote's.  Emma and children were home.  Frank was gone down town.


JUNE 1915 (154-211) THURSDAY 3


Ironed this morning.

This afternoon Annie and went to town and looked through the stores.

I bought a new pair of shoes, $4.50.

Got a letter from Mae who had arrived home safely.

Called at Helen's this evening but she was gone to the moving pictures.  Will, her husband, was getting the children ready for bed.

Helen had got with a neighbor lady.


JUNE 1915 (165-210) FRIDAY 4


Annie and I cleaned up the house a little this morning.

This afternoon went to George's.  Doe is beginning to look a little feeble as she had heart trouble.

Visited with Alice Dinsdale Smith who came from Alphena, S.D. to be present at Florence's wedding.  She took the train at 7 o'clock this evening for home.

Annie went home after supper and I stayed over night.

Rained hard this evening.


JUNE 1915 (15B-209) SATURDAY 5


A heavy storm early this  morning.

Stayed at George's until after supper then went to Will's.

Doe is not what she used to be, had to take things very easy.  Gets very short of breath.

George has had his teeth  extracted.

He looks like an old man when chewing his food.  We laughed at him but he didn't care.

They had gotten a card from Floreno6 at Spirit Lake. 


JUNE 1915 (157-208) SUNDAY 6


Stayed over night at Will's

Had breakfast at 9 o'clock.

Tom came down and brought me a letter from Orville.

Went up to Tom's and put on a warmer dress then came back to ride with Will's out to Bessie's.  When were ready to hitch up Frank Heathcote came and suggested that we go in his auto.  There were seven besides two children.  Helen and Will Ostrander went with us.  Tom and Annie went in their buggy.  Had a nice time and a good dinner and supper.  Each one took something.  Emma called this evening and wanted me to stay all night with her.  Frank had gone to farm.


JUNE 1915 (158-207) MONDAY 7


Stayed with Emma last night

Frank went to the farm, twenty miles, after we got home from Bessie's.

I rode back with Annie last night so Tom could get to his milking earlier.

He took my place in auto.

The weather is so cold.

Have to have fire to keep warm in the house.

Stayed with Annie all day.

Washed this morning.


JUNE 1915 (159-208) TUESDAY 8


Ironed this morning.

Tom and Annie commenced tearing plaster off.  Are going to plaster paint and paper.

Went to Helen's this afternoon and stayed for supper.

After supper Will and Ella Called for me to go auto riding with them and the demonstrator of the car.

Will has the car fever.


JUNE 1915 (160-205) WEDNESDAY 9


I helped Tom's this forenoon.

This afternoon went to Will's and Tom And Annie came to supper.

Ella had such a nice supper.

Wound up with strawberry shortcake, ice cream and


Stayed over night.


JUNE 1915 (161-204) THURSDAY 10


I went with Will and Ella to see their house they had just papered and varnished.  Walked around by Tom's and found Annie just ready to go to town while Tom was out doing some work.

Annie walked down with us to Will ‘s. I wrote to Nellie while Ella got dinner.  After dinner she and I went to George's.

Ella stayed until after supper.


JUNE 1915 (182-203) FRIDAY 11


Bright this morning but clouded up during the forenoon.

After dinner George took Guy, Florence's husband back to work and Aunt Doe, Florence and I went along.  It began to rain so we started for home after riding awhile.

This was George's first attempt at putting the auto in the garage.

After a number of attempts he succeeded but went "bang" against the side with left front hub.  No damage done.


JUNE 1915 (163-202) SATURDAY 12


Left George's this afternoon.

Went up town with Florence and went through the 5 and 10 cent store.

Florence bought me some initials.

From there, I went to Tom's.


JUNE 1915 (164-201) SUNDAY 13


Had previously made arrangements with George's, Tom's, Emma, Bessie and Helen that we would have a sort of reunion at Will’s to-day.

Everyone came and brought something along to eat.

Some of us went to "Children's Day" exercises in the morning.

Ella made it very pleasant for us and we had a fine dinner and supper.

Spent the afternoon in singing And talking of old times.

Will sang "Uncle Joe.  They wanted him to promise to sing it at the "Old Settler's Picnic" but he declined. Ella got supper for the bunch and then we all scattered for home.  I went with Tom's.

They hurried through with their milking and delivering then we walked over to the "City of Tents" to hear the Seventh Day Adventist lecture on the causes of the European War.  He told us that this is the beginning of the end which will be when Constantinople falls.  A warning to all of us but strange as it may seem it created no fear in me. Rode home with George's in Auto.


JUNE 1915 (165-200) MONDAY 14


At Tom's.  I washed my clothes this morning so as to take them clean to Minneapolis.

This afternoon I went to George's to help with quilt Guy's grandmother had given Florence.  Guy's mother and two sisters were there.  Also Ella, Bessie and Helen.  Other people were too busy.  Will came to supper.

Guy brought us back in auto.

Packed my suit-case after getting back.


JUNE 1915 (186-199) TUESDAY 15


Left Watertown at 9:15 on North Western.

Tom's and Will's went to the depot with me.  George also come.  Am glad I went up to see them.

Hope we'll all meet again but no one knows what a year will bring forth.  Had a very pleasant visit with all of them.

Had a nice ride all day.  Changed cars at Mankato and after a 15 min. wait started on at 5 o'clock.

Reached Mpl'’s at 8:10.  Expected to see Tommy when 1 stepped off but didn't.  Carried my two suit-cases up four flights of stairs, across a large room and was just opening the door into the waiting room when he came through.  Don't think he would have noticed me if I hadn't spoken.  Had met a friend and didn’t realize that it was time for the train to be in.  Went home in auto.  Found Ola home.  We visited, ate supper and then went to bed.


JUNE 1915 (167-198) WEDNESDAY 16


Al's and Edna's first anniversary of their wedding day.  Hope they'll have many more.

I ironed my clothes that I washed Monday in Watertown.

The rest of the day I sat around and visited, made a little tatting and took things easy.


JUNE 1915 (168-197) THURSDAY 17


Rained hard all night.

Sewed all day.

Went over with Tommy this evening to see the new house.  The work had progressed finely while I was gone.  All bricked up and first coat of plaster on.


JUNE 1915 (189-196) FRIDAY 18


Sewed all day enlarging clothes.  That's what comes of eating so much and putting on flesh.  I shall be ready to sell by this time next year.  Wonder whether they'll sell me by the pound or by my real worth.  Probably the former as it may bring the best returns.  When I've eaten all the sweet potatoes in Virginia they'll be something doing.

You that read this needn't laugh.  It's no fun to be putting pieces on to bands every little while. (So much for fun.)


JUNE 1915 (170-195) SATURDAY 19


Tommy told me this morning to be ready to go with him to the house at 11:45.  He pays his men off every Saturday noon.  Came back and had lunch then Mrs. Vickerman and I decided to go to the big stores.  As I don't like to ride on the streetcar they suggested that I go with Tommy in auto and that I meet Mrs. V. in balcony at Dayton's at 2:30.  I waited until 3 when she came along.  I bought a tooth brush, bleached muslin, two towels and crochet cotton.  Now I'm going to make edging for my towels.  We came back quite early as we had left Ola alone.


JUNE 1915 (171-194) SUNDAY 20


Tommy went to office this morning.

After dinner he and Ola went out for a short ride and

went to see Mrs. Fay's baby.  A seven month baby and a twin.  The other one died and little hope of this one living.  They keep it wrapped in cotton with hot water bottles around it.


After they came back he took Mrs. Vickerman and me over

to the house.

Wrote a letter to the cousins in England this forenoon.


JUNE 1915 (172-193) MONDAY 21


A beautiful morning.

Wrote cards to Mattie and Walter.

Caught up my diary that I had not written since leaving Watertown.

Ola and Mrs. Vickerman had company.


JUNE 1915 (173-193) TUESDAY 22


Ola has had the dressmaker making over a blue silk dress.  I have been at the same old work patching and enlarging clothes.

Ola got a letter this afternoon from her sister, Mrs. Aarnes, saying that Edna was taken sick Saturday night about 11. Was taken to the hospital and the next morning at 7 o clock and baby born at 9 o'clock but it died soon after noon.  One lung failed to open.  It was a little girl.  Edna is doing well.

Her mother was expected last night.


JUNE 1915 (174-191) WEDNESDAY 23


A nice morning but a little cloudy this afternoon.  Rained a little to-night.

Had the washerwoman this forenoon.

This afternoon Mrs. Vickerman and I went to the "Metropolitan" to see "Every woman She lost Modesty, Youth and Beauty.”  I really wondered if it portrayed "high life" in the big cities.  I know so little about it.

Tommy bought us the tickets.


JUNE 1915 (175-190) THURSDAY 24


We ironed a big basket of clothes this morning.  Had just gotten through when Mrs. Walker of Payette, Iowa, came to visit.  Stayed until after supper.

In the afternoon two nuns called on Ola, Sister Elizabeth and Sister_______ from Winona.

Mrs. Vickerman left for Albert Lea early this afternoon.


JUNE 1915 (176-189) FRIDAY 25


This was Helen's birthday.  Intended sending her a

card.  Why didn't I? Just because I didn't go at it.  I'm so busy doing comparatively nothing that I haven't time

This afternoon Tommy took Ola and me over to Mrs. Warner's to a "thimble bee" a social meeting of the ladies of the "Eastern Star." Were thirty three ladies.

Mrs. Warner served ice cream, two kinds of cake and fruit nectar for drink.

Ola wore her new made over silk dress.

I had enlarged my lavender dress which I expected to wear but when I put it on the sleeves weren't right, so I wore my white one.  Had a nice time and Tommy came for us.


JUNE 1915 (177-188) SATURDAY 26


A sultry morning.  I washed the dishes while Ola picked up the things lying around, then while she was taking her nap I swept up the rooms.  Got through by lunch time.  This afternoon Ola and I took the hair over to be made into a switch for Nellie.  Went into a drug store and got ice cream then went to see Mrs. Fay's baby.  The tiniest thing!  Wrapped in cotton with hop water bottles around it.  They do not bathe it but partially rub it with olive oil.  Too weak to bear more.  Feed it with tube. Too weak to nurse.  A seven month baby.  This evening we went with Tommy over town.  He bought a new straw hat and some shirts.  After he got through he took us to the movies.  Thundered heavily this afternoon but no rain to speak of,


JUNE 1915 (178-187) SUNDAY 27


Another sultry morning.  Rained during the night.  We had breakfast as early as 10 o'clock.

After we went to bed last night Tommy called to me and said.  "We don't get up Sunday mornings till 9 o'clock." I shall be spoiled when I leave here.

He, Tommy, went to the office after breakfast.

Had roast beef and new peas and psiplaut pie for dinner.  First pie we've had in Minneapolis.  Mrs. Vickerman didn't make pie because they don't care for it.  But now that she is gone and I'm her successor accounts for the making of the pie.  I'm very fond of pie but not cake.


JUNE 1915 (179-186) MONDAY 28


Enlarged my summer silk dress.

Tommy came home at 5 o'clock to get ready to go to Little Falls to the wedding of one of Ola's girl friends.  He and Ola left at 6:20 on the Northern Pacific.  About 80 miles away.

Am alone to-night in the flat.

People live above, below and on one side and I know no one.  I wrote Mrs. Vickerman to-day and told her that I was thinking of having a "party" and asking in my neighbors.

They are coming back to-morrow evening.


JUNE 1915 (180-185) TUESDAY 29


Been a beautiful day.  I slept on the porch last night.  Slept so hard that I never once thought of being alone or of Burglars.

Lots of neighborly neighbors.

I did meet some ladies this afternoon though in the basement who had gone down from a third story front flat to do the same thing that I went down to do, wash.

Washed a couple of dresses and my underwear.

Was tired when I got through so took a nap then got a cup of tea and felt better.

Tommy and Ola came at 10:30.  I was writing in my diary.  Ola was very tired but they didn’t want anything to eat.


JUNE 1915 (181-184) WEDNESDAY 30


Ola slept till late this morning.

Tommy went to the office as usual and I did my ironing and pressed my summer silk dress.

Tommy got his dinner at the club so we just had a little lunch.

In the evening we took a long, long drive.


JULY 1915 (182-183) THURSDAY 1


I went to visit Mrs. Warner this afternoon as she and I had previously arranged at the "thimble bee." Tommy took me when he went to the office.  I think he was trying to show me how to work a puzzle for I think he turned twenty five corners before he got there, possibly more.  Had a fine visit with Mrs. Warner.  Her cousin, Miss Gray, was with her.  Mr. Warner came in time for supper.  First time I had met him.  We sat around the supper table visiting and we finally drifted into telling riddles.  We weren't any of us@ much good in that line but I think Mr. Warner excelled.


JULY 1915 (183-182) FRIDAY 2


Tommy went early this morning and bought a crate of strawberries.  So that was Ola's and my chief work for today.

Canned all but six quarts and those we put in sugar to make jam of to-morrow.

Crocheted a little after getting through with the berries.


JULY 1915 (184-181) SATURDAY 3


Ola took care of the jam this morning while I cleaned the house all but kitchen- I cleaned that after dinner while she slept. After she got up we went for the switch. The place is only  two or three blocks away.  The switch is nice as far as it  goes but I thought it would be longer.  There was so much waste in it.

Ola went to see Mrs. Fay and baby but I came right home. 

Tommy brought a chicken home to-night for to-morrow’s dinner.


JULY 1915 (185-180) SUNDAY 4


Fourth of July!  Hurrah!  We'll celebrate to-morrow though.

Was at Mrs. Swetzer's for dinner.

She had just gotten back from Preston and had heard through Ray that I was in Minneapolis so phoned to Tommy for me to go over to-day.  Tommy took me over and both him and Ola came for me at 5 o'clock.  Mrs. Tirzak, Mrs. S's sister, and Miss Glorieaux a friend of hers.  Had a good time.

We came back by the house and looked it over.  Tommy bought home a fish this a.m. Tommy got supper to-night.


JULY 1915 (186-179) MONDAY 5


This was celebration day.

Tommy went to the office this forenoon. 

Had the fish for dinner.

This afternoon we sat around, sewed and crocheted.

Tommy thought he would learn to crochet.  Ola got him thread and hook and he got along nicely.  Says now that he is going to make lace for his garage curtains.

After supper we went to Lake Harriet.

Never saw so many automobiles in all my life before.  Packed in rows side by side by the police.  There were 75,000 people to see the fireworks.


JULY 1915 (187-178) TUESDAY 6


Rained during the night and all to-day.  Was cold enough to have fire in the furnace.  Ola was tired and slept@ till nearly noon.  Tommy didn't come home for dinner and this evening before coming home went to the armory to see the patrol which starts for Seattle Thursday morning to Shiners Convention.  Tommy would like to go but he has too many irons in the fire this year.  He went to Los Angles in 1913 and to Atlanta, Georgia in 1914 with the patrol.

After supper we all crocheted.  Tommy has fifty inches now.  He won't let any one help him.


JULY 1915 (188-177) WEDNESDAY 7


Cloudy all day.  After Ola went to bed this forenoon had several phone calls.  Inquiring about Ola.  One lady, Mrs. Torrens said she was coming over this afternoon.  She came.  She was formerly from Estherville and knew Miss Roybar when she was teaching there.  Also knew the Hubbbards in Spencer.  Had a "cup of tea" before she left.

"This evening Tommy and Ola rode out to the house.  I washed the dishes then read the account of Frank Holt who attempted to take the life of J. P. Morgan also exploded a bomb in Capitol at Washington.  Killed himself by jumping from top of cell door.


JULY 1915 (189-176) THURSDAY 8


A beautifully warm day.

Ola went to the dressmaker's early this morning with Tommy.  Got back at 9 o'clock.

I pressed my white dress to wear to the dressmaker's this afternoon.

Went with Tommy after dinner then afterward walked to the office and stayed until closing time.

The office girl, Miss Talbert, and I tatted together.  She started to learn when I first came and can do it nicely now.


JULY 1915 (190-175) FRIDAY 9


Ola and I made an Angel Food cake by Aunt Doe’s recipe.  The cake was good but had quite a sediment in bottom.

When Tommy came home at noon he said Mrs. Switzer had phoned him that she and Hazel were coming over in the afternoon.  I had to go to the dressmaker's but got back at 4 o'clock.  Hazel came in a few minutes afterward but had missed her mother down town.  Had shopping to do in different places.  Not finding Hazel she went right home then phoned over.  Thought it had gotten too late to come but we insisted on her coming for we intended them to stay for supper.


JULY 1915 (191-174) SATURDAY 10


Cleaned up the house this forenoon and went again to the dressmakers this afternoon.  My dress is going to be very comfortable.  Plenty large.  Afterward went to 5 and 10 cent store.  Wandered around and bought a few little things.  Bought a pound of salted peanuts and neither Ola or Tommy could eat them.

Was tired when I got to the office.

Ola had an outing too.  Went to the store then to see Mrs. Fay and the baby- It is still alive and looking better.

We spent the evening at home crocheting.

Tommy and Ola would up by playing cards.


JULY 1915 (192-173) SUNDAY 11


Just two months to-day since Mae and I left Spencer for Albert Lea.  Am here in Minneapolis now but have been to Watertown.  Am getting ready to go back to Albert Lea and have my suitcase partly packed.  Wonder when I'll get to Virginia.

This afternoon Tommy took us out for a ride and we surely had one for we rode about 60 miles.  Went to Lake Harriet.  A beautiful place to take one's dinner and give the children free range.  Also went to Coms Park in St. Paul.  Everything is grand.


JULY 1915 (193-172) MONDAY 12


Ola went with Tommy after breakfast to the house washed the dishes then commenced to copy in my new diary.  A few days ago Tommy got me this nice diary book.

In the afternoon Ola went to her dressmaker's and I to mine.  Found it all done.  She only charged me $5.00 for making.  It is a black crepe de chine.  The goods were given to me last Xmas by Tommy & Ola.

Was back at 3:10 having been gone 1 1/2 hours.

Ola had gotten back and was lying down.

She persuaded me to lie down too.  Was easily persuaded.  I slept too long as I had my lavender and striped dressed to finish.


JULY 1915 (194-171) TUESDAY 13


Very warm to-day.  Ola and I expected to go to Albert Lea this afternoon but she was taken sick this morning and we had to give it up.  I thought now is the time to do a good deal of my diary copying.  Wrote a while in the forenoon and also in the afternoon until I got sleepy.  Went to sleep and woke up with a start.  Thought Ola said; "You'll have to hurry if you want to get it in the paper."  Went in the bedroom to see what she wanted and she was just waking up.  Said she hadn't said anything and told me to die down again.

Tommy phoned to Albert Lea that we wouldn't be there to-day.


JULY 1915 (195-170) WEDNESDAY 14


A thunderstorm last night and another sultry morning.

Ola is better to-day and able to be up so we will leave to-morrow at 2 o'clock for Albert Lea.

To-day noon Tommy brought home quite a purchase for himself, socks, ties and shirts at a bargain.  So I sent for some socks and ties.

Finished my lavender dress and did some mending.

To-night Tommy had to go to the office to write a letter and invited Ola and me to go with him.  When he got to the office door found he's left his keys in garage door.  We got our ride anyway.


JULY 1915 (106-169) THURSDAY 15


Quite warm.  Ola went with Tommy after breakfast to get her dress and to the house to see the side-board.  Wasn't quite as she expected it to be but according to specifications.

While she was gone I swept and dusted.

We then finished packing our suitcases and got ready for our journey to Albert Lea.

After we had had our dinner Tommy took us to the Rock Island depot and we left at 2:05.

When we got within two or three stations of Albert Lea we noticed they'd had a big wind and rain storm.  The grain was laid flat.  Dr. Aarnes met us in his auto, also Al and Mrs. Vickerman. 6:20.


JULY 1915 (197-168) FRIDAY  16


Mrs. Livingston is still here but is beginning to feel that she ought to go home.

She has decided however to wait so that Kenneth can take in the circus on the 20th.  Barnum and Bailey's.

Edna isn't very strong yet.  Al is very busy.  Goes back to office nearly every evening after supper.  He and Tommy are both complaining of their legs hurting.  Caused from standing and in the same position all day.

Mrs. Vickerman came over this afternoon.

Mrs. Livingston went over to Mrs. Davies' to a hospital meeting of ladies.  She wore my new ring.  Mrs. L. took Mrs. V. and myself to movies. (Three girls)


JULY 1915 (198-167) SATURDAY 17


Mrs. Livingston and I washed and ironed our white dresses ready for the circus on Tuesday.  Then she made a batch of ginger cookies and I wrote a little in my diary, that is copied into my book.  Ola and Mrs. Aarnes come over in the afternoon and before long Mrs. Vickerman came.  Mrs. L. passed her cookies around.

Edna was sick during the night with a chill.  She stayed in bed until noon.  Felt pretty well in the afternoon.  She and Al went to a supper this evening given by Mrs. Gilrup.  They carried her up and down two flights of stairs.  We three girls went to the movies again to-night.  This was my treat.


JULY 1915 (199-166) SUNDAY 18


Rained very hard during the night.

Mrs. Livingston and Kenneth were going to early church at 8 o'clock but it was wet so they gave it up until 10:30.  We had a nice dinner of roast pork, creamed carrots, potatoes and gravy and fruit salad.

After dinner Al went with Dr. Aarnes to ball game and we women folks and Kenneth went to Dr. Aarnes' and stayed until after Al and Dr. Aarnes came back.

They treated us to watermelon. The first we've had this season.

Came home at 8 o'clock and got supper read a while and then went to bed.


JULY 1915 (200-165) MONDAY 19


I woke at 6 o'clock, got dressed and then at 7 o'clock sat down to catch up my diary that I have neglected since Thursday.  Am just scratching it down to copy in my book later.  The rest of the family are in bed yet.  Will finish this day's proceedings when they're all over.

Evening--Spent the afternoon getting our picnic supper ready.  Dr. and Mrs. Aarnes, Ola and Mrs. Vickerman, Mr. and Mrs. Gilrup, Kenneth, Edna, Al and I rode out with Mr. & Mrs. Green in their auto but they had to make two trips.  Dr. Aarnes, Al and Kenneth waited back.  We had a very nice supper and got home at 9:30

Am mistaken--Mr. & Mrs. Gilrup were hot with us.


JULY 1915 (201-164) TUESDAY 20


Circus day.  Daddy Green was very kind.  He took Mrs. Green, Mrs. Vickerman, Mrs. Livingston, Kenneth, Edna and I out to the grounds to watch them set up their tents and get their breakfast.  They wouldn't let us close enough to see them cook and feed all those people.  It certainly is summer.  There was cooking baking washing tent raising and feeding all going on at once.  Every person has his work to do. Watched them set up a tent then came home and got our breakfast.  After washing the dishes we went up town to see the parade but they were so long in coming that Mrs. L. and I went home, put up a lunch and ate it in the office.  Then Mrs. L. Kenneth and I took the jitney for the grounds.  The circus was same as all other good ones.  We walked home and were a little tired.


JULY 1915 (202-163) WEDNESDAY 21


This is the day planned by Mrs. Livingston to go home.  She and I cleaned up the house.  Got an early lunch for her and Kenneth so they could take the train at 12:20.  I went to the depot with them and Edna went to Mrs. Aarnes.' I stopped there for her on my way back and they insisted on our staying for dinner.  Dr. & Mrs. Aarnes had gone to a picnic.  Ola and Mrs. Vickerman were home.  We were hungry and enjoyed it.


JULY 1915 (203-162) THURSDAY 22


I cleaned the bedroom and dining room floors this forenoon also the bath-room.

The washerwoman was here this forenoon.

Edna went to a porch party this afternoon with Mrs. Aarnes and Ola to Mrs. Stephenson's.

Mrs. Vickerman came over with her crocheting.  She went home at 5 o'clock and I went to get the clothes in.  When I came in Edna was home and we got supper.


JULY 1915 (204-161) FRIDAY 23


Ironed this morning until 11:30 then got ready to go to Miss Gertrude Larson's for dinner.  I met her mother, Mrs. Larson, who is very pleasant to visit with.  She is an expert at making tatting and showed us a great many pieces with her work in.  Two dressed trimmed elaborately with insertion and edging and a score or more of handkerchiefs and doilies.

Miss Larson served meat potatoes & peas, first course, a salad, second course, peeled muskmelon filled with ice 'cream, third course.  Mrs. V. was a little offended when she found we were invited and I hadn't told her.  It slipped my mind.


JULY 1915 (205-160) SATURDAY 24


I finished the ironing and Edna did a little baking.

We were expecting Tommy on the evening train.  He arrived at 6:20 Dr. Aarnes meeting him at the train.  I went over to the 6otor's to be there when they came.  The women folks made quite a fuss over him.  I wasn't quite so demonstrative and consequently brought up the rear to the garage to receive him.  He will stay over Sunday then Ola will go back with him.

Edna invited them all over for dinner to-morrow.

Edna and Al went to the "Country Club" to a private dance with Dr. and Mrs. Aarnes, this evening.


JULY 1915 (206-159) SUNDAY 25


We got up late and Al went to the office after breakfast.  While Edna and I were lingering at the table Tommy came in and had come for breakfast.  We gave him some of the remains and to it added bacon and toast.

He then went to Al's office.

It kept us busy all forenoon getting dinner. It was not ready until 2 o'clock.

The dinner was very nice and they all seemed to enjoy it.

We had fried spring chicken, potatoes, cabbage salad, creamed carrot and peas, pickles. Dessert--Pineapple-Foam with whipped cream and cake.


JULY 1915 (207-158) MONDAY 26


We sewed to-day.  I sewed on a undersuit for Nellie which I was going to send to Minturn with one that I've made for Mae but concluded that she might leave before it got there so just wrapped Mae's up and went up town.  Sent her a letter also.

While up town bought a red belt and an Albert Lea souvenir cup and sent them to Keith to be there in Spencer for his birthday to-morrow.  Bought baby ribbon for Edna but when I got home found I'd picked up an empty bag.

Al told us to-night of pulling out a boy's or young man's tooth and putting it in his pocket on the way home. Had filled some teeth for him and had this one ready to set but wanted him to bring the cash first (They are "dead beats").  He was advertising Al by taking it out and saying, "That's the kind of work he does."


JULY 1915 (208-157) TUESDAY 27


Keith's birthday.  Wonder how the belt struck him.  Sent him a card and asked him if he could write me one.  Walter and Hilda haven't written me a word while I've been away since the 11th of May.  I wrote them a letter and two cards.  They're no hands to write but suppose Walter has been very busy with his carburetor.

Went uptown this morning and got the ribbon. It is to put in Mrs. Riley’s wedding vests.  She will be Mrs. Free" before long if all goes well.

Mrs. Green came up and visited awhile with us this p.m.

It was Ladies' Aid and Edna wanted me to go with Mrs. Davies but I had some writing that I wanted to do.

Rained during the night and has been cloudy all day.


JULY 1915 (209-156) WEDNESDAY 28


Al'’s day at Glenville.  I cleaned up front rooms and dining room this morning.

This afternoon I wrote a letter to Hannah Morton and a

card to Mattie telling her that I would be in Dickens Saturday evening.  Took the letter to the mail box and from

there to visit with Mrs. Vickerman.  Did not stay long as I found she had to go the dentists'.  Did some copying in my diary after coming back and at 6 began to get supper.

When Al came back from Glenville he went right to the office and fooled me over the telephone.

He said something which I didn't understand and I said, "This is Dr. Thomas' residence." and he said, "Is he there?" Edna & Mrs. Aarnes went to a party this p.m.


JULY 1915 (210-155) THURSDAY 29


This afternoon Edna and I went up town to take her dress to be refitted.  We each bought a pair of oxfords then went to the office and waited until Al was ready to close up. We all had a hand in getting supper.

This evening Mrs. Vickerman, Virginia Coulhusttter and

I went to the movies.  Virginia treated us to ice cream.

Al went to the office after supper and Edna called on a neighbor.  Edna came across the street while Mrs. V., Virginia and I were standing talking.  We went with Mrs. V. for a short time.


JULY 1915 (211-154) FRIDAY 30


I cleaned up bath-room and kitchen then wrote a little in my diary.

Edna was invited to Mable Brandon's to a 1 o'clock luncheon.  She got her new dress from Spencer this morning, two separate  waists and wore the one with pink sleeves and girdle.  Mrs. Aarnes took a load over in auto.  Al and I ate dinner by ourselves.

This afternoon I took a bath and pared my everlasting corns.  By the time I got through it was 5 o'clock and I had to go up town to take my oxfords back as they were small.  Also sent the package containing the suit I made for Nellie also the ring she sent me to be stretched.  The pearl ring was a present from Nellie.  I am so pleased with it.  Edna & Al got supper and after went to Casino to a select dance.


JULY 1915 (212-153) SATURDAY 31


Got up at 6 o'clock and packed my suit-case and left for Dickens at 12:20.  Al and Edna slept until 8 o'clock as they were out late last night.  After breakfast I went up town to buy a present for my nephew, Chauncey Heathcote who is to be married August 4 to Miss Gibson at Cuba City.  Settled finally on a pie knife.  Also purchased some bath. towels.

Sat down to eat a lunch at 15 to 12 but the hack came before I got through.  Had quite a few minutes to wait and though of all the things I'd left among them my watch.  Had no trouble in getting through.  Jim & Mattie were in Dickens to meet me.  Weren't long in getting home in auto.  Poor "Shep" wasn't here to meet me at the gate.  Some one ran over him with auto.


AUGUST 1915 (213-152) SUNDAY 1


A cloudy morning.  It really doesn’t seem possible that I’m back on a farm.  Can step right out doors without going down a flight of stairs.

There are very pleasant things connected with my visit in Minneapolis and Albert Lea even though  there were steps to go up and down.

Had a big rain storm this afternoon. Thought it was going to be worse than it was and were all ready to go down cellar when the critical moment came.  Thundered and lightened quite heavily.

There's so much rain that it is hard to get the oats cut.  That what is cut is rotting in the stock.

Mattie and I picked half a bushed of beans this evening to pickle to-morrow.


AUGUST 1915 (214-151) MONDAY 2


We washed this morning but couldn’t get the clothes dry out doors.  Hung some up in the house which were dry by night.

Rained a drizzly rain off and on all day.

This afternoon we picked over the beans and boiled then ready for pickling.

Mattie cut out and basted her brown skirt.


AUGUST 1915 (215-150) TUESDAY 3


Rained all day.  Got quite a few clothes dried in the house yesterday so ironed them this morning.

After dinner work was done Mattie sewed on her skirt and finished it and I finished my striped dress having put a straight piece down the center of skirt back.  It was goods that when washed shrunk crosswise instead of lengthwise.


AUGUST 1915 (216-149) WEDNESDAY 4


Chauncey Heathcote's and Miss Edna Gail Gibson's wedding day and a beautiful one.  They were married at her sister's Mrs. Frank Ralph's at Cuba City, Wisconsin.

Mattie canned apples.

I hung out my pillows to air and when I brought them in this evening left Tommy's out, that is did not put them away.


AUGUST 1915 (217-148) THURSDAY 5


I finished the ironing this morning while Mattie did the other work.

Mattie cut out her white waist and partly made it.  The goods were left from her wedding dress seven years ago.

At 3 o'clock she went out to the field with a lunch and drink for the men.

This has been another fine day and Jim is taking advantage of it to get his oats cut before another storm comes.  They come so easily.  Mr. Lahmon is helping Jim and this is the second night he has been here.

This afternoon I started to pack my trunk but didn't make much headway.


AUGUST 1915 (218-147) FRIDAY 6


Packed away my pillows again this morning and picked up a few more things from my trunk.  Mattie finished her waist and is now ready for her Wisconsin trip.

After dinner I took my crocheting and went to the edge of the trees with my cushion to wait for the mail carrier. He came at about 1:30 and brought the registered package which he had left notice of in the box the day before.  It was the ring which Nellie had given me and I had sent it back to be stretched.

It is just right now.  I'm really tickled over it.  Last thing in the world I'd have thought of.  Also received a package from Ola with dress and skirt to be fixed for Virginia and June.  A big rain.  Jim finished cutting but had a little shocking to do.


AUGUST 1915 (219-146) SATURDAY 7


Mattie and I have been busy all day baking and cleaning.  Got a letter from Nellie this afternoon saying that she and Mrs. Thomas, the lady with whom Nellie has boarded ever since she went to Sioux Rapids, were coming up this evening.  She is such a good kindhearted lady.  We went to the Grove to meet them after the chores were all done.

We were there just a few minutes before the train pulled in and saw them get off.  We went right to the auto and got home at 9:30.

We got a little lunch and grape nectar to drink.  We visited a little while than went to bed.  Nellie gave Mrs. Thomas and me orders not to talk all night.  We obeyed orders.


AUGUST 1915 (220-145) SUNDAY 8


Got up at 7 o'clock, got breakfast and lingered over it quite awhile.

Had dinner at 2 and after washing the dished Jim took us out in the auto and we kept on going until we got to Spencer.  Jim drove right to the garage and we had only been there a few minutes when Walter came.  Had just come back from the Lakes from taking a load and was going to take another load up and bring the first back, then be up there at 12 to bring the second one back.  He drove us around the square and past the "old home."  Saw Randall Tuttle's bungalow that he is building.  Went to Walter's and had supper.  Keith cried all the time we were there.  Was afraid of us.  Hope Mrs. Thomas enjoyed the ride.  She seemed to.  Got home at 9 o'clock and Jim & Mattie had the chores to do.  Charley hadn't gotten home.


AUGUST 1915 (221-144) MONDAY 9


Jim took Mrs. Thomas and Nellie to Gillett Grove to take the 6:56 train.  I went along.

We did a big washing this forenoon, two quilts included.

I started to pack my trunk, for my Virginia trip, this afternoon.  Have done quite a bit of it but my! it's a slow job.  Mattie ironed some and by suppertime we were both tired.

Rather looked for Walter down for to-night but guess he was tired from last night.


AUGUST 1915 (222-143) TUESDAY 10


Looked for the package to-day from Albert Lea containing my watch and other things I left but it failed to come.

We went up to Mrs. Thompson's this afternoon.  Drove Joe, good little horse, in the buggy.

We had supper with Mrs. Thompson and Nellie and had a nice visit.

Walter didn't come this evening with her.  A heavy black cloud came up and maybe he thought it was going to rain.

Packed a little more of my trunk to-night.


AUGUST 1915 (223-142) WEDNESDAY 11


I began to wonder how I was going to get to Spencer as Walter hadn't come but at 11 o'clock he and Keith came.  He had brought some news and broke it by saying, "Keith has come to tell you that he has a little sister."  They had come for me to go and stay awhile.  We weren't looking for this to happen for a few weeks.  It was looking very much like rain so Mattie got us a lunch and we started before the men came in.  Got to Spencer just as it started to rain.

Found Hilda doing nicely and a fine little girl.

They had a nurse, Miss Snyder.

Before Walter came we had put letters in box to Walters' and Ed's that we would be with them Saturday morning but as they weren't gathered up by carrier Mattie went and took them out.


AUGUST 1915 (224-141) THURSDAY 12


This morning I found there was quite a washing to do which I was willing to help do but Mrs. Knudson and Walter decided to take them to the laundry so I did the housework and cooked the meals.  Miss Snyder went to her room again at Mr. Hizer's to take her usual rest this afternoon.

Hilda has gotten several nice bouquets.

Keith is staying at Knudson's.  He will have nothing to do with me.  Doesn't see me often enough to be at ease with me.  His is timid.


AUGUST 1915 (225-140) FRIDAY 13


Did nothing this forenoon but the work and get dinner.  After washing the dishes I went up town with my shoes to be mended and mailed some cards.

Walters are in the house I have just bought.  Just across the street, south of the west school house.

Chautauqua begins next Sunday and they began to-day to make preparations for erecting the tent which is to be in the school house yard.


AUGUST (226-139) SATURDAY 14


Washed out some clothes this morning and then got diner.  After diner I cleaned up the kitchen and then got ready to go up town.  Had a little business at the banks.

The tent for Chautauqua has gone up and seats arranged so they are ready for the opening to-morrow morning.

After supper Walter took Mr. and Mrs. Knudson, Keith and my self to band concert.  Had just gotten home when Mattie phoned.  They, with Mrs. Thompson had just gotten to town.  Were late as they had been helping Paul Warwick thrash.  Mattie and Mrs. Thompson came down and Jim and Charley came later.


AUGUST 1915 (227-138) SUNDAY 15


Am still at Walter's.  Chautauqua began this morning.  I got up at 6 o'clock, took a bath, set meat on to boil, got breakfast, washed dishes, stewed apples, peeled potatoes and then got ready for Chautauqua.  Sermon by Roland A. Nickols.  he dwelt on what became of Christ's Body.  I stayed with Hilda this afternoon while Miss Snyder went to Chautauqua.  The same man lectured on, "The Man Worth While."  She also went in evening to "Maryland Singers."

Walter went with load to-day to Spirit Lake.


AUGUST 1915 (228-137) MONDAY 16


This morning after getting the work done I went up town to get my shoes.  They were not done so sat and waited while he mended them.  Afterward want to bank and while there the 12 o'clock blew.  Went right home and cooked the fish that Walter brought from the Lakes yesterday.

This afternoon went to hear "Frick and his Maryland Singers."

At 6 o'clock Walter and I started for Mattie’s.  I thought I must go back to get ready for our Wisconsin trip.  Hilda had previously arranged that Minnie and Keith should go with us.  Supper was all over.


AUGUST 1915 (229-136) TUESDAY 17


This has been a busy day.  Got up early to wash.  Had to mean business as I sent word to Fennimore that we would leave Dickens to-morrow evening.  It has been cloudy and drizzly all day and have had to dry the clothes in the house as we had to get them ironed to-day.  I was very tired when done, so went to lie down.

There are a thousand and one things to do to-morrow forenoon so as to leave something for the men to eat and little jobs both indoors and outdoors.  Suit-cases to finish packing and trunk to tie up.

Baked a big batch of bread to add to the one Mattie baked yesterday.


AUGUST 1915 (230-135) WEDNESDAY 18


Mattie made pies and cake this forenoon while I washed clothes and got my trunk ready to tie up.  She also picked a chicken and cooked it while getting dinner.  We had to rush all morning as Jim was going to take us to Dickens right after dinner in car.  We reached there at 2:30 with trunk in back seat and we three in front.

The train pulled in at 3:43.  When the time neared and we were picking up our things Walter and Gotch drove up with his car.  He just had time to help us on the train and bid us good by.

Was sorry he hadn't gotten in a little sooner.

Mailed his birthday present at Dickens.


AUGUST 1915 (231-134) THURSDAY 19


We reached McGregor at midnight and had to lie over two hours.  Reached Woodman at 3:30.  Did not go to bed but went in front room of hotel and lied down on lounger.  It was pretty cool as we had nothing but our coats to keep us worm.  We took no harm though and at 7 o'clock paid our bill and prepared to go.  We had plenty of lunch so did not get breakfast at the hotel.

Left at 7:45 on the little "Dinkey" as they call it.  A narrow gauge and it surely did seem dinkey after riding on broad gauge.  Ate our lunch after getting on train.  Reached Fennimore at 8:45 and found Walt and family in auto waiting for us.  Had a cup of tea, visited, had dinner and then we all went to Ed's.  Walt helped Ed stack oats.  We women visited and after supper Mattie and I went back with Walt’s Ed and Helen are very much worried over Arthur.  Helen is spry as can be but not as fleshy as I expected to see her. Daisy, Will and their three boys were there. 

Walter's birthday.


AUGUST 1915 (232-133) FRIDAY 20


Walt went back to Ed's this morning but we stayed with Alda and girls.  Alda and we two sat and talked all forenoon and Myrtie did the house work then went out and partly mowed before dinner.  She finished it after we had had a lunch.  After the dinner work was done we went to Billy Veedham's a block or so away.  We stayed until 6 o'clock g by the Wisconsin River near Woodman.  Walt had to get up early to take their provisions and bedding to the train which went out at 6 o'clock.


AUGUST 1915 (233-132) SATURDAY 21


After breakfast this morning Mattie and I decided to go out to Ed's with Walt and stay over Sunday so as to see Ray.  He is, or we suppose, out in the country working.

We did little but talk and get the meals.

They finished stacking and Walt and Leila went home after supper.


AUGUST 1915 (234-131) SUNDAY 22


They talked some of going to Daisy's but we couldn't come to any decision.  After doing the work I wrote to Nellie and Mae.

After Supper Helen wanted Ed to get the car out and give us a ride up to Preston but he wasn't in the right kind of humor.

Ray came down about 11 o'clock and stayed until after supper.  He looks as healthy as ever and brown as can be.  Had to get back early to go and see Minnie I suppose.

Ed wouldn't go out so we sat around and talked til bedtime.  Ed doesn't feel like going anywhere.


AUGUST 1915 (235-130) MONDAY 23


Ed decided to go to Waukesha and see Arthur where he went last Friday.

It is a very disagreeable job for him as it makes him feel badly.  Will probably stay a few days.

We washed this forenoon and ironed this afternoon so as to be ready for our trip to Daisy's to-morrow.

Helen and Mattie went out and got enough berries for supper and breakfast and for one quart canned.

Ray came down this evening and stayed over night.


AUGUST 1915 (236-129) TUESDAY 24


Got up early this morning to get ready to do to Daisy's.  Helen put up some eatables to take, we got the work done, Chauncey did his chores and was ready to start at 10:15.  Ray went with us.  Found Daisy quite busy so we all pitched in and helped.  The men went to their stacking.  Helen and Mattie cleaned the chickens and I helped Daisy with the apple dumplings and peeled the potatoes.  We had a fine dinner.  After Ray and Chauncey went back to Preston to help parties thrash, the other men went to stacking and we women sat around the table and talked.  Before washing dishes we cleaned up the chicken and dumplings.  Helen went back with Walt’s after supper and Chauncey met her at Jim Watchhorn’s.


AUGUST 1915 (237-128) WEDNESDAY 25


They are having fine weather now for stacking.  Walt thought he might come back this morning and if he did would take Mattie and me to Montfort.  We got ready but he didn’t come. Chauncey and Helen came, so we waited until after dinner and Chauncey took us in.

We first went to Jennie Hazeltine’s.  She looks natural but is fleshy and troubled with rheumatism.  Moreland Preston, his wife and two of his daughters were there.  When Moreland was a little boy and Mother and Father were away harvesting he would come and stay with me and help to drive the sheep in.  He remembered it.  Hadn’t seen him for at least 20 years.  A big change in him.

Visited with them a couple of hours, then to Hattie Munder Preston’s then to Abbie Dinsdale Dexter’s and from there to see Mr. & Mrs. Matt Parker.  They have changed considerably.  Mary wasn’t home and Matt didn’t know us for a minute or so.  Will come for us after he got his chores done.


AUGUST 1915 (238-127) THURSDAY 26


It was almost 11 o'clock when we went to bed last night.  Were ready to "hop in" when Ed came back from Waukesha.  No one but Daisy went out to meet him as we thought it better not to enter into any talk as it was so late.  He found Arthur no worse, better if anything.  Thinks Arthur is realizing his condition.  Hope he is and will work for a cure.  Talked things all over after breakfast and Ed went out to help Will stack his remaining four loads.  Mattie and I intended to go to Montfort again in the afternoon, make a few more calls and then take the 4 o'clock train for Preston but Will, we found had planned to take Ed out in p.m. so we went with them.  Came by the "old home" went all through the deserted house.  This is where all the children were born.  Mr. Tohsbinder has built a new house in the old orchard.  The barn and house look natural.  Went on and stopped at Cemetery then to Ed's, got supper, then to Preston, we stopped at Maria’s and Will, Daisy and boys went on home.  Will is a good fellow and both he and Daisy showed us a good time.  Ray came after work.


AUGUST 1915 (239-126) FRIDAY 27


Had a good night's rest at Maria's.  Ray came in at 8 o'clock on his way to work to thresh.  After breakfast Mattie and I took a walk around Mother's house and finally found we could get inside.  It made me think of her and her sickness:  How she did suffer!  It makes one's heart ache to think of it, but I wouldn't call her back, if I could, to go through all that.

While we were around the house we made quite a sensation among the little folks around as they thought we were gypsies and reported us as such.  Went back to Maria’s, had dinner then went over to call on Mrs. Walker.   Thirteen years has made a difference in her body.  We then called on Mrs. Lafe Melloe, and then on Mrs. Everson and Minnie.  Found them nice people, clean and comfortable home.  Minnie seems to be a very nice girl, keeps the Post Office and Central.  Ray thinks she is all right and so do I.  Ed & Helen came for us in auto.


AUGUST 1915 (240-125) SATURDAY 28


This day has gone like all others.  We do a little work and good deal of talking.  Ed and I sat at the table a long time after breakfast talking then he went out to help Chauncey haul manure.

After a while I went out to watch the horses while Chauncey came in the house for something then I found Ed and we talked all the time Chauncey was gone with his load.  Ed is full of trouble he has just arrived at the "parting of the ways."

Ed and Helen brought us here to Walt's this afternoon.  Left there at 4 o'clock.  They went back after supper.  Walt went to depot to meet us thinking we would come on the train.

Chauncey and Edna were going to Montfort this evening.


AUGUST 1915 (241-124) SUNDAY 29


Was raining this morning when we got up.  Didn't rain long but was cloudy and cold all day.  Kept fire in Kitchen stove all day.

In the evening Alda, Mattie, Leila and I went to church.

Tried to get Walt to go with us but he said he was "too busy."  Had one cow to milk.  Quite a satisfactory excuse.  Met Charley Mark's wife, was Grace Willison.  George and Mae Ableiter were there and had come from Preston.  They wanted me to go back with them.  I promised to go some day with Ed and Helen.

Myrtle's intended, Mr. Gilbertson, came after we started to church.  Met him after we got back.  He is a farmer near Preston.  Seemingly a nice man and very industrious.


AUGUST 1915 (242-123) MONDAY 30


Wash day.  Were all through by 11 o'clock.  Mattie left about 10 and took dinner with Julia Muender.  In the afternoon Walt took Alda, Mattie and myself to the depot to find out something about my ticket to Virginia.  I want, if possible, to change to Milwaukee line in Madison so as to

to Kress'.  Walt came for us in auto.


AUGUST 1915 (243-122) TUESDAY 31


Got ready to go to Kress' when we got up.  Ed's came about 8:45 and we left at 9:30.  Stopped at Lancaster a little while.  While Ed was doing his business Helen, Mattie and I looked through the courthouse.

Had trouble in one place from there.  We failed to turn on the right cross road.  Turned on a road farther south which proved to be a road that is not traveled much.  Ed walked ahead quite a piece and thought we would get through.  We did but it was quite rough.  Seemed to jam the car and when we got out on the main road the engine died.  We worked a long time with it then he found the feed had been jarred off.  Went all right the remainder of the way.  They were surprised.  Helen had phoned from Lancaster and Anna understood that it was another Helen.  Jennie wandered what a big, fat woman was coming.

Had such a good visit with Kress' and they were glad that it was this Helen instead of Helen living in Lancaster.  Helen phoned them from Lancaster.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (244-121) WEDNESDAY 1


Haven’t been able to sleep mornings till the family where ever I was began to stir until this morning and apparently for that reason Ed got up early.  We had a long ride yesterday and a hard time just after we left Kress’s.  The car balked in earnest and we couldn’t coax it to go.  So Mattie walked on to a house and phoned to Kress’ to get someone to come and look it over.  Found it was not feeding, clogged up.  He cleaned it out and had no further trouble.  Reached home at 8:50.  Ed hauled manure this forenoon and part of p.m.

We were invited to George Abbeter's for supper and intended to leave at 5 o'clock but it was nearer 6:30.  Helen took some eggs to trade out at the store.  Reached there about 7:30.  Supper was waiting.  We went over in surrey and glad we did.  Such a road!  Ray came when we were getting ready.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (245-120) THURSDAY 2


This morning Mattie and I took "Bessie,” Walt’s horse that he can't sell, and drove around by our home where father spent his last days.  The old rock house that we lived in is torn down for foundations for other buildings.  The two big cottonwoods in front of the house are still there.  Drove under the lone apple tree in the old orchard and picked off three apples.  Mattie wondered what I wanted those for but she doesn’t realize how we, in those days, prized the old apple tree.  From there we went to Ben Walker’s.  He was gone to Plotteville fair but we had a good visit with Annie and Tressie.  I think Tressie goes to school under difficulties.  Hope they’ll see it and let her stay in town.  Left there a 3 o’clock for Ed’s.  Left Ed’s at 5:20 for Fennimore and to Mr. Dixon’s for supper.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (246-119) FRIDAY 3


Mattie and I are at Walt's, did not go back with Ed's as Mattie expected to start home to-night.  She left at 5 o'clock.  Would go right to McGregor and there would have six hour wait.  Will reach Dickens at 10 to-morrow morning.  After leaving depot Walt took us along the Stilze road for a ride.

In the evening Lysses Walker and family drove up.  Every body has an automobile so they have no trouble to get to town.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (247-118) SATURDAY 4


Walt and Alda planned this morning that we would drive to Boscobel but Billy Veedham came over early and wanted us to go with them to Castle Rock.  They had company.  Hanna Woodard Boyd’s daughter and her husband from Madison.  We went on the road east of Preston and running through Gas Hollow.

Went by the site of the school house that I used to go to when I was about fourteen years old and when we were living on the George Heathcote’s place and to which Mrs. Sam Needham, his daughter, fell heir.

We reached the foot of Castle Rock at 1 o’clock, had our diner and then began to climb.  Mrs. Needham, Alda and I went along till the climb was nearer the perpendicular, then we let them go.  Got home, had supper, then Walt took us, in car, to band concert.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (248-117) SUNDAY 5


Sun was shinning when we got up but while we were eating breakfast it got cloudy and somewhat dark.  The girls, Myrtle and Hazel were expecting their company and others to go to Castle Rock to have a picnic.  There was no rain here but near Annaton it rained hard which prevented Harley Walker, a cousin of the girls, from coming at the appointed time.  He came at noon, so they all started and would get there about 1 o'clock and no doubt would be in good trim to devour the greater portion of the good things they took to eat.  We four got our diner after they left then Walt and Alda proposed taking a ride.  We went to Boscobel and then a mile beyond to Tanner Walter’s.  They insisted on our staying for supper.  Got back a litter after dark. Girls had gotten home.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (249-116) MONDAY 6


Walt brought me out to Ed’s this morning.  It began to rain right after getting here so Walt thought he would go right back as the roads would get slippery.

Found Helen washing.  Chauncey and Edna had gone up to their place for the day.

This afternoon Ed and Helen took me out to Daisy's.  Daisy had just gotten home from town.  Had been to get Willard.  This was the first day of his school life and a wonderful day.

Ed and Helen left after supper.  As the roads were not good Daisy and I watched them out of sight.  The hill they went down right after leaving the house was the worst place, the car skidded a little there when we came out.  We saw them over the next hill so concluded they'd go all right.

Chores, a little talk afterward and going to bed ended the day.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (250-115) TUESDAY 7


The morning brought the usual chores.  The carpenters came before we were through with breakfast.  This was the beginning of a new porch they ware going to have on the south and east sides of their house.

The original plan for to-day was that Daisy would take me to town this p.m., make a few calls and then I would take the 4 o'clock train for Preston.  But Will and Daisy had secretly planned otherwise.  We were to go to town, make our calls, come back to supper and they would take me out after doing chores.  Reached Maria's about 9 and they were in bed.  We were going on to Chauncey's to have a little fun so left my suit-case.  We were tickled to see then light at Chauncey's so we drove under the trees, unhitched the horses, as the children were asleep in bottom of wagon, got out our tin pails and sticks.  We stopped in shade while C. Walked out to the barn then commenced rattling.  He walked back to the house whistling but he was really frightened.  He and Edna held a consultation then he came out and we yelled and hounded and called for the imaginary crowd to come on.  He didn't know what to do and we finally broke down with laughter at his seriousness.  Only three of us, but tried to make them believe there was a big crowd in reservation, Maria sent me to Mrs. Lafe Mellor's as they had some travelers.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (251-114) WEDNESDAY 8


Mrs. Lafe Mellor was in bed when we got there last night and Daisy had a time to make her understand what she wanted as she was in her first sleep.  Thought for a while I would have to go back with Will’s.  Was all right when she understood.  Went to Maria’s before breakfast and found the travelers just ready to leave.

They had come from Whitewater, two ladies and a gentleman and one of the ladies was sick with riding but was better this morning.  They were going to Lancaster.

This afternoon Maria and I went to Everson's.  Maria went home son but I stayed until after supper.  Would have gone sooner but a storm came up without my realizing that it was coming here.  Minnie found me some rubbers so got to Maria's before it got real dark.  Ray had gone with rubbers and coat but I had left.  He went around by the store.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (252-113) THURSDAY 9


I spent all forenoon with Maria and Minnie.  In the afternoon I went over to mother's house, where Ray is batching and had a talk with him.  told me about the future and what he would like to do.  I don't know how things will turn out.  I fancy if he gets married he will settle down.  He hasn't worked and saved as he ought to have done but now that the future looks bright I don't want to discourage him.  I went over to Maria's and Ray went up to the store to get some Kerosene and was going to cook potatoes for his supper but Maria invited him over their for supper.  Ed and Helen came up in car for me this evening.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (253-112) FRIDAY 10


Ed and I sat and talked all forenoon while Helen did the work including cleaning the floors.  I can't talk and work so it is a good thing there is some one to do it.  Ed is full of talk and has a good deal to tell about his seven months at the legislature.  He is Assemblyman elected in fall of '14.

He has a dandy stock farm but hasn't made up his mind how to run it as Chauncey has just gotten married and setting up for himself and Arthur is away too.  There is always a way to adjust matters and as time goes on that way will present itself.

Partly patched an undersuit for Ray this afternoon and that is a very fair sample of what I do every day.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (254-111) FRIDAY 11


Have done the same old thing most of the day.  Any one that reads the foregoing can tell what that is.

Finished and washed Ray’s union suit this afternoon.

Helen got a letter from Mattie the first we have heard from her here.  Suppose there's a letter for me at Fennimore’s.  She found every thing slick.  Jim had stayed in that forenoon and cleaned every thing up even to the floors.  That's the way I told her she would find things.  She was dreading the dirty dishes and house.  It is just fine to go home and find everything clean.  It almost spoils a good visit to go home and find the house all topsey turvy. 

A week ago this morning since she got home.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (255-110) SUNDAY 12


I thought we might have to-day to call at a place or two but it has thundered, lightened and rained all day.  To-morrow the roads will be muddy.  Looked for Ray down this morning but he must have thought the roads were too muddy to walk.

I did some writing this forenoon when a terrible thunder bolt came which must have struck something near by.  I threw down my pen in a hurry and as Ed was out at the barn went to see if that was all right.  I saw him standing in the barn door.  We also had heavy lighting in the evening.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (256-109) MONDAY 13


Helen and I decided to wash and after we started Ed said he would go to Fennimore, as he couldn't haul manure and send out the Blue books which had been sent there from Madison, so we thought if we could persuade Ed to wait and have an early dinner it would be a good chance to visit George Needham's.  He consented, by his actions, we rushed our washing through and by 12 o'clock we were ready to start.

Ray came just at that time and Helen put up a lunch for him in a paper sack.  We stayed at Georges' until 4 o'clock then went to Chauncey's to wait for Ed and Ray.  Got home just at dark.  Could not stay for supper.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (257-108) TUESDAY 14


Rained all night like it did all day--a short interval between storms.  This morning the sun came out very hot.  Ed wanted to go to Daisy's to help Will shingle the new porch but the clouds looked so uncertain.  After dinner he and Ray went to get the car ready but by that time there was a big, black cloud coming up and it surely did rain and into the night too.

We had a good time any way.  Ed got a funny streak and sang "Uncle Joe" and other pieces then had Ray whistle "The Washerwoman" and he danced.  Was glad to see him forget his troubles for a little while.

Arthur's condition is all the real trouble he has if he could think so.  That's enough.  I read a short story; Ludlow Auction and we went to bed at 11 o'clock.  Ray had the tooth ache all evening.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (257-108)  WEDNESDAY 15

Ray left Ed’s this morning about 10 o’clock.  We, Ed, Helen and I were going up but he thought we would walk up but he thought we would be some time so he said he would walk up and have himself so we sent word to Maria that we would be there for dinner.

We got there about noon but went up to the store first.

Ed and Helen left soon after dinner and I got ready and at 3:30 went up to Everson's and stayed until train time, 4:20.

Got to Fennimore and walked down to Walt's.  They expected me to come by auto.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (259-106) THURSDAY 16


Spent the forenoon mostly in visiting with Walt and Alda.  Girls are in school.

This afternoon Alda and I went to Billy Needham's and Walt came over to supper.

We were in darkness about half the time as there was something wrong with the electric light plant.

Came home about 9 o'clock but was 11 o'clock before we went to bed.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (260-105) FRIDAY 17


I washed a few clothes this morning getting ready to start on my trip to-morrow.

Will go as far as Madison and lie over until Monday.

Alda did most of her Saturday's work.  She thought we might go out to Ed's to-morrow morning.

After dinner I went up to the bank with Walt and Ray.  He came just before dinner and went back to Preston on the 2:20 train.  After I went to Hannah Needham Fosbinder's and spent the afternoon with her.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (261-104) SATURDAY 18


Got up early this morning, took a bath and partly packed my suit-case.  Finished packing after my clothes I washed yesterday got ironed.  Myrtle ironed them for me.

I was busy getting some books straightened up while she ironed.

Left Fennimore at 2:20 for Madison and arrived there at 5 o'clock.  Had written Stella Walker Kraemer that I would be with them over Sunday so she and Vera met me at the depot.  Think I could say found their place by the good description of the way, which Ed had given me, but I was very glad that they were there. 

Ray came to Walt's just before dinner and rode to Preston with me.

Walt and I went down town just before dinner and helped me buy my traveling bag.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (262-103) SUNDAY 19


Found Fred and Stella very comfortably situated.

We went to the Methodist church this morning.

Stella and I came home after church but the rest stayed to Sabbath school.  I found her object in coming home was to get dinner earlier than usual as they had planned an automobile ride for 3 o'clock, unbeknown to me, and for my pleasure.

Was so nice of them.

We went to church again in the evening.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (262-102) MONDAY 20


This morning was a little foggy after raining the greater part of the night, but cleared off nicely about the middle of the forenoon.  Stella got her work done early then we went to look through the capitol, which is only about a block away.  They have a beautiful building, which is not yet completed.  Are now putting on the fourth wing and will require two years more to complete it.

Went into the Assembly room and saw where Ed sat during the seven months he was there.

Got back at 10:30.  Stella got dinner while I wrote some cards.  After dinner Stella and Elmer went with me to depot where I took the train to Chicago at 1:07.  Reached Chicago at 5 where I was met by Sidney Mellor who took me to his home 25 miles to a suburban town.  Went on the Northwestern line to his place.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (264-101) TUESDAY 21


Had a very nice visit with Sidney and wife, first time I had really met her to know her.

Sidney's work is in the heart of the city so I went back with him the next morning and he helped me back to the Union Station and also got my suit-case checked.  He then bid me good bye and went to his place of business.  I afterwards got my ticket for parlor car and went out and bought a little lunch to eat on the way.

Left Chicago at 10 and reached Columbus at 8:05 where I found George and Annie Phillipo to meet me and take me to their home until Thursday evening.

Certainly, I've been lucky thus far.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (265-100) WEDNESDAY 22


Was late when Annie and I got up this morning and George had gone to his work.  Annie is not in good health and as she cannot sleep the earlier part of the night has to make it up in the morning.

We passed a pleasant but short forenoon and in the afternoon in response to Mrs. Martin's (a friend of Annie's) Came home, Annie got supper which I hugely enjoyed as I was good and hungry.  George puts in 14 hours every other day and this was one of those days.  He gets his supper at the shop and also get a lunch after getting home. Was just eating when Dr. Howell came in and he also got something to eat.  He is an Episcopalian and we talked on some of the beliefs of that church.  Supposed he was shocked when I said that at Communion couldn't believe that the bread and wine was turned into the real body and blood of Christ.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (266-99) THURSDAY 23


A beautiful morning.  Had to make preparations this morning for making a new start on my journey.  Packed my suit-case early as Annie and I were invited to take an automobile ride this afternoon.  Rode to Plain City twenty-five miles west, George's and Annie's home before moving to Columbus.

Got Back just a few minutes before George came home from work.

At 8:30 we started for the Union Station where I took the train on Norfolk and Western.  They went into Pullman with me for a few minutes.  After the train pulled out I got so very sick.  Had to undress a little at time then lie down until I'd get over that spell.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (267-98) FRIDAY 24


Had the sensation all night of "twisting and turning" and in the morning dressed with great difficulty.  Had to dress in installments, thought I never would get dressed and resolved that if I ever got dressed I would  never  undress again on the train.  I ate a little as soon as I could get around to it but did not feel right until I got to Roanoke.  We were ready to change so after getting settled again I ate two oranges and a peach and the oranges were so good. We had 65 miles more to Forest where I got off and was the only passenger to get off.  Orville was there to meet me in auto.  Rode five miles to "New London Academy" where he is teaching.  Both Orville and Tillie are looking much better than they used to.  First time I've seen the children.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (268-97) SATURDAY 25


Went to bed late last night.  Three of the teachers came over last night, Miss Martha, Miss Davis and Miss Burnes.  Suppose they were anxious to see what Prof Thomas’ mother was like.

There are a few Westerners and it is certainly easy to know a westerner from a native.  Most of the natives are hard for me to understand, a fast, cut off way of talking.

This morning Tillie and I went to the cornfield where two boys were finishing the cutting of it.  It is certainly fine.  Orville sent 10 ears to the Lynchburg fair.  I hope he’ll get 1st prize.  N.L.A. is teaching Agriculture.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (269-96) SUNDAY 26


Took a bath this morning the first thing.  At 10:30 we went to the little Presbyterian Church, which is only the width of a street away.  Sabbath school had preceded it.  The minister, Mr. Oliver preached a very good sermon on "Opportunity."  We afterwards went to the Dormitory for dinner.

In evening went to a young people's meeting.

The buildings here are school buildings, girls old dormitory, new dormitory, boys dormitory, the "Lodge," where Orville lives and right beside it the little church.

This school has just celebrated its' 120th Anniversary and is a state institution.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (270-95) MONDAY 27


A rainy morning so can't wash.

Mrs. Reed, one of the neighbors called on her way to New London and came back in time for dinner.

She is a real Southerner and it was difficult for me to understand her.  She stayed all afternoon and just rattled only when she went up stairs for a nap.  She brought us some nice to-\ mah\-toes.  Wonder why they don’t say po-tah-toes.  They sound the "a" like "a" in cane.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong called on us this evening.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (271-94) TUESDAY 28


Cloudy this morning but the indications are such that we will be able to wash and get the clothes dry.

Tilda, the Negress, came early and had walked two miles.  We got all through by noon and after Tilda got the dishes washed she started ironing.  Tillie and I before dinner, and while the little children were over playing, started cleaning the yard, carrying bricks and stones away.  The little fellows worked well and we make quite an improvement.

I got tired as that kind of work has been out of my line all summer.

Sent my journey letter off this morning to Nellie.  This is to go around so as to save writing the same thing to all.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (272-93) WEDNESDAY 29


Rained nearly all night.  We finished the ironing this morning.

We rested this afternoon as we felt the effects of our yard work yesterday.

It seems impossible almost to settle down to do sewing or writing.  The writing humor hasn’t taken hold of me yet.

Suppose they’ll all be wondering why I don’t write.

Orville is talking of going to Lynchburg fair to-morrow.


SEPTEMBER 1915 (272-92) THURSDAY 30


Cloudy.  Orville is going to Lynchburg about 6:30 this morning.  It is five miles to Forest and he walked.

Had to get there to take the 9 o’clock train.

Started to rain after dinner and rained steadily ever since and is now 9:30.  Don’t see how he can get home to-night.  Expected to get some one at Forest to bring him but I don’t know how any one could drive out in this drenching rain.


Think he is not coming so Tillie and I are going to bed.


OCTOBER 1915 (274-91) FRIDAY 1


We had just gotten in bed last night when Orville came.  Had ridden back with neighbor who had been to Lynchburg Fair too.

He took 3rd prize on his corn. $7.50.

Tillie had sick headache this afternoon so she went to bed and I got supper.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over this evening.

Been rainy weather since Tuesday but cleared up this afternoon.


OCTOBER 1915 (275-90) SATURDAY 2


Been a beautiful day.

Tillie did some baking this forenoon while I did the other work.

About 5 o’clock this afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Johnston came with three bushels of apples that Orville had bargained for.  They cost $1. and beautifully hard apples.

They are people who came from near Ames, Iowa two years ago.  They seem to like living here.

Tillie insisted on their staying for supper.


OCTOBER 1915 (276-89) SUNDAY 3


This had been another nice day.

All but Virginia and I went to Sunday school.

My corns had been hurting for several days so took this forenoon to trim them. It is quite a lengthy job to clean up my feet, not because the surface exceeds that of a great many other feet but from the corn growing under the nails.  It afforded entertainment for Virginia.

We all went to the dormitory again for dinner.  We afterward visited with Miss Bushong and Miss Davis in old dormitory then they showed us through domestic business rooms. After supper we went to Young people’s meeting in the hall.


OCTOBER 1915 (278-87)  MONDAY 4

 A good morning and Tilda came to wash.

We got through by noon and then the ironing began.  It's a hard day's work for all.

Tilda went home with a little supper in her hand as she had two miles to walk through the woods and would be dark if she stayed until the regular supper time.

The ball ground just back of the house was mowed this morning.

Tillie took her music lesson this morning so we had Miss Mollie for dinner.


OCTOBER 1915 (278-87) TUESDAY 5


Rained nearly all night and all day to-day.

There were a few things left to be ironed this morning.

I mended the stockings this afternoon.

We do very little sewing.  The time goes and we do very little but cook and eat.


OCTOBER 1915 (279-86) WEDNESDAY 6


Rained nearly all day.

Miss Davis, Miss Barnes and Miss Harmanson came over after school.  Had been down to the little store, about half a quarter away.

Tillie invited them over after school to-morrow evening to eat cookies and drink tea.


OCTOBER 1915 (280-85) THURSDAY 7


A wet, muddy morning.

This was Miss Mollies day.  She wore her rubber boots from the little village.  It was Tillie's lesson day too so we had Miss Mollie for dinner.

Pete the little Negro boy at the dormitory come over, brought and peeled the potatoes for me while I made an apple pudding.

Had the things going for dinner so Tillie was relieved as she had been thinking about it while taking her lesson.  The teachers came over this evening.  The Misses Davis, Barnes, Harmanson, Evans and Bushong.  I put my red, percale dress on this p.m. and when Orville came home he said, "That is the kind of a dress that the colored people liked to wear.”  The teachers were more considerate.  They expressed themselves by saying, “Very becoming,” “Lovely,” etc.


OCTOBER 1915 (278-87)  FRIDAY 8

A beautiful sunshiny day. We appreciate it after so much rain.

Tillie cut a shirt out for Orville, while I changed, this afternoon.

After that we took a walk into the woods, on the road leading to Mr. Oliver's.

Mr. Oliver is the minister in the church here, preaches every other Sunday.

The roads, winding through the woods are beautiful.  Such large oak trees.  There are such nice large oaks on the school campus.

Tillie ran away to-night to visit with the teachers in the old dormitory, I didn't know what had become of her and couldn't go to sleep till she came back.


OCTOBER 1915 (282-83) SATURDAY 9


This is Arthur's birthday.  Just sent him a letter Thursday but his birthday being so near at hand didn't strike me.  Hope he is still gaining.

Orville and Donald started out this morning at 6:30 with Mr. Gooch to Bedford City to attend the Farmer's Union, 16 miles.  Donald went to get some teeth filled.  Got back about 5 o'clock.

There was a ball game on the ground here this afternoon between the N.L.A.'s and the Lawyer school.  9 to 1 in favor of N.L.A.'s.

The lady teachers were invited to Miss Daisy's this afternoon.  Donald had some big things to tell about his trip.  Saw a factory making tin cans.


OCTOBER 1915 (283-82)  SUNDAY 10


This is the third nice day in succession.

It turned cold Friday night and fire in the grate has felt good since then.

I was cold in bed Friday night but last night I piled on more covers and was comfortable.

These have been their first frosts.

The boys went to S. School then they came home to take care of Virginia while Tillie and I went to church.

Met some more ladies.  It was given out that the "Ladies' Aid" will meet here next Saturday.

We had a rather late breakfast then Orville got ready to go to Richmond.  We did not go to Vespers as we couldn't get the children in bed soon enough.


OCTOBER 1915 (284-81) MONDAY 11


Tilda came before we had breakfast.

She got the clothes on to boil and then washed the dishes after when got something to eat.

I finished a letter and Tillie got things ready for dinner.

Miss Mollie came over for Tillie to take her music lesson, thought something was the matter as she wasn't over at the dormitory in time.  Miss Mollie was here for dinner.  I ate too much and didn't feel like helping to iron till after Tillie made a good cup of tea.  We had cocoa for dinner.  Got the ironing all done.  Miss Martha, Miss Bushong, Miss Davis, Miss Barnes and Miss Harmanson came over after school. 

A letter from Ray.


OCTOBER 1915 (285-80) TUESDAY 12


Tillie and I each got a letter from Orville in Richmond.

Thinks he will get the appropriation for N.L.A.

We did the mending then Tillie began to work on the dress that Ola sent me to make into dressed for June and Virginia.  We looked it over and thought it could be easily fixed up for Tillie.  She will get a nice dress out of it.

We have heard through Pete that Miss Florence and Miss Harmanson are going to have a party so Tillie wants to have the dress ready for the occasion.

Tillie and I, after getting the children to bed, went over to the new dormitory to call on Miss Harmanson and Miss Barnes.  Were entertained in miss H's room.  Had such a nice time.  Had pineapple jam between crackers, two kinds of cookies, crackers and cheese.

A letter from Edna & Al came this morning.  Mrs. Read called on her way to the village.


OCTOBER 1915 (286-79) WEDNESDAY 13


Orville's birthday and can it be possible that he is forty years old.  Born in Grant Co. Wisconsin Oct. 13, 1875.  Little we thought then the he would ever live in Virginia.  But here he is and here am I to visit them.  Landed here September 24.

Tillie made a birthday cake yesterday.

This morning I made a cream pie and Tillie picked a chicken for dinner.

Orville came home this morning in time for school, walked home from Forest, five miles.

He feels quite sure that he and Mr. Brown have gotten the appropriation for the school through.


OCTOBER 1915 (287-78) THURSDAY 14


We are going, if the weather is favorable, to Bedford City to the County Fair, to-morrow, so this is preparation day.  We made bread and cinnamon rolls and with the remainder of Orville’s birthday cake and sandwiches which we will prepare in the morning will have enough.  will buy some bananas on the ground if we can.

After dinner Orville said he was going to Forest to get the traveling bag he left when he came back from Richmond so we all went with him for the ride.

Miss Martha, Miss Bushong and Mr. Heflin were over awhile this evening.


OCTOBER 1915 (288-77) FRIDAY 15


Got up early this morning to get ready for the fair.  The morning was foggy but we decided that it would clear up which it did when we got about half way there.

We had a pleasant day.  The cattle and horse shows didn't amount to much but the exhibits in products and needle work were good.

We enjoyed seeing the aeroplane go up twice.  The boys and Virginia were taken up with the "Merry-go-Round," first time they had seen one.  New London Academy was the blue ribbon on exhibits in Manual Training and Domestic Science.  Got home just at dark without even having to go over the stony roads.


OCTOBER 1915 (289-76) SATURDAY 16


This is the day after the fair and we all feel the lazy, tired feeling following such days.

Orville had to go back to the fair to look after the exhibits and pack them up ready to be sent to the Rustburg Fair next week.  Mr. Heplin and Mr. Hanel went with him.  They got home before dark.

Tillie and I got ready this morning for Ladies Aid this afternoon.  Made four pies, two lemon and two cream.  Served a piece of each to each person.  These were only six ladies.  Mrs. Barnet and her sister who is visiting the two Mrs. Hanel’s, Mrs. Saunders and Miss Daisy.

They discussed the possibility of a new wire fence around the church and cemetery.  After eating the pie they left.  I carried some pie over to Miss Bushong & Miss Harmanson.

Mr. Johnston came over to-might and brought me a pail of beautiful Black Living  apples.  We'll keep them till X-mass.


OCTOBER 1915 (290-75) SUNDAY 17


A cloudy morning Orville and the boys went to Sunday school and at noon all of us but Donald went to the dormitory for dinner.  Donald had not behaved well in S.S.  Tillie had told both the boys what their punishment would be if they were naughty so she made her word good--stay home and ate bread and milk.  When she says a thing she sticks to it.

After dinner Orville took us to Bethel church and after it closed we went home with Mr. & Mrs. Johnston.  These are people who came here two years ago from near Ames, Iowa.  We went through his orchard then came home.


OCTOBER 1915 (291-74) MONDAY 18


Still cloudy, so much so that Tilda did not come to wash.  Tillie took her music lesson and we had Miss Mollie for dinner.

This afternoon Mrs. Kregg her sister-in-law and baby called, drove up in buggy.

I made my first school visit this afternoon.

Was in Miss Martha's room two periods while she taught her geography classes then went to Orville's history class.  This took all the afternoon.

Mrs. Sammy Read was here part of the forenoon.  She is such a talker and the worst of it is I can't understand her, she talks so fast.


OCTOBER 1915 (292-73) TUESDAY 19


Tilda came this morning and that always means a hard day's work as we both wash and iron.

Mr. Oliver, the minister, and his wife called this afternoon.

This was the last day of school for this week.

The teachers are going to Teachers Convention and School fair at Rustburg, Convention Wednesday and Thursday and fair Friday.

Tillie and I went over to call on the teachers this evening.  They were all in Miss Bushong's room.

They were getting ready for their trip.


OCTOBER 1915 (293-72) WEDNESDAY 20


Rained all last night.  Spoiled every body's plans for going away early.  About noon Orville and Mr. Heplin started, on foot, to Forest.  Mr. Hanel took the lady teachers.  Could not accommodate all.

Orville took a pair of newly pressed trousers in his bag, changed into them and sent the others back with Mr. Hanel.  We found he had missed making one change and that was his pocket book with all his money in.  We had a laugh over it and fancied we could see the woe-be-gone look when he went to buy his ticket.

Tillie thinks he took his check book so he will get along.  Pete came over this evening to see if he must stay with us.  Got a very urgent letter from Ray.


OCTOBER 1915 (294-71) THURSDAY 21


As it rained Tuesday night and Orville couldn't take his auto to Rustberg we decided out outing to the fair, Friday, was one of the things that couldn’t be, so we made no preparations to-day.  Orville intended coming back to-night and taking us tomorrow. We are quite reconciled to our fate.

Mr. Hanel took the school exhibits over to-day.

This afternoon I went over to the school house with Tillie as  she wanted to practice her session on the school piano.  Mrs. Hanel came while we were there and wanted Tillie to walk over to the village with her this evening to church.  Tillie thought 2 miles too far to walk.


OCTOBER 1915 (295-70) FRIDAY 22


Early this morning I was awakened by the walking of someone and my impression was that it was Pete but soon found it was Orville who had come home to take us to the Fair to-day.  It was 2:30.

We got up early to get a lunch ready and started at 8 o'clock.  We got one and one-half miles from home when the car balked.  Orville worked at it three hours then had to give it up.  I expected to see him lose his patience but he didn't, just said one little word and that pertained to the evil one. When he had worked on it three hours a car came along and Virginia, Tillie and I rode back home with them.  Orville and boys came a little later, hired a horse and brought the auto home.  Orville came home to give us an outing and deprived himself of the Fair.  We, Tillie and I were sorry on that account.


OCTOBER 1915 (296-69) SATURDAY 23


John Thompson Brown came along this morning and he and Orville went out for the day election serving.  Orville got back after dark and had had nothing to eat but some apples.

I mended socks to-day while Tillie went over to school building to practice her music lesson.

Tillie didn't know what to have for dinner in the bread line so I fixed up some batter that was left from breakfast and made it up into big pancakes.  The different form seemed to strike the boys so I promised to make some more some day.  Tillie made floating island for to-morrow.


(The entries for OCTOBER 1915 24-27 were cut from the journal.)


OCTOBER 1915 (301-64) THURSDAY 28


Writing the incident, last night, of the boys in school made me think of another, which I think will be good to record.  Donald came home one night or after supper told Tillie that Stuart had sworn in the afternoon.  Upon inquiring he had said God ____.  Tillie immediately ushered him into the kitchen where Orville was sitting and said, "Tell your Daddy what you said.  Tell your Daddy what you said."

Stuart cried and bawled, cried and bawled, and his memory was so poor that he couldn’t remember saying it.  After a long time he tried to acknowledge it but he couldn't get any farther than to say "God, God," the other part was too hard to say. Some one knocked at the door and that closed the scene.

No room to record any more.


OCTOBER 1915 (302-63) FRIDAY 29


I cleaned up the kitchen corner this morning and Tillie the cupboard.  We also made and baked our pie crusts, got the filing ready to finish them to-morrow morning.

Mr. Heflin and boys were out getting the track ready for their sports to-morrow.

Miss Martha and her crew were out around the buildings over there.  Tillie and I around the "Lodge."  Burnt weeds picked up papers and boards and we all made our individual places look better.  Every body was tired.  Went over to Auditorium to hear the new records played.


OCTOBER 1915 (303-62) SATURDAY 30


School Fair day.  A good crowd out and some from quite a distance.  It has been an ideal day.  There was not much going on this forenoon but gathering and visiting.

Right after dinner there were athletic sports and at 3 o'clock repaired to the Auditorium to the Victrola concert.  It is new and the teachers took these means to raise money to apply on the payment of the machine and records.  Raised $20. There were displays of corn, apples, pears, sorghum, potatoes and onions.  ribbons were given in map drawing, in fact on everything.  There was a spelling contest in Miss Martha's room.  Miss Davis, the Domestic Science teacher had a booth and sold sandwiches, cake and coffee.  Made $10.

A letter from Ray to-day.


OCTOBER 1915 (304-61) SUNDAY 31


The last day of October.  Been fine but a little cool.  Had fire in the grate all day.

They were all going to church or I mean S.S. this morning and the children were all ready but our clocks having stopped and we not being very observing the people had been and were going home before we realized it at 11 o'clock.  We really felt ashamed of ourselves.

I lay down with Virginia after dinner and for an hour she did nothing but talk.  When I make believe I was asleep she'd call "Grandma," cover my face with her handkerchief and finally resorted to washing my face with saliva on her handkerchief.  What will I have to put up with next?  Orville had his dinner at dormitory to-day.


NOVEMBER 1915 (305-60) MONDAY 1


Walt's birthday.  He will get my letter to-day.  I always write him a birthday letter.  He is the youngest of the family and I always remember him as one of the best babies.  when he was little he would sit on my lap and sing, “Pass me not, O Gentle Savior,:  and we thought it just wonderful.

Tilda came this morning to wash so we’ve been busy as we do the ironing too.

Also had Miss Mollie for dinner as this was Tillie’s music day.  Last year Miss Mollie was one of the faculty but this year didn’t wish to be but comes to the Academy twice a week to give lessons.  Had cream pie for dinner.


NOVEMBER 1915 (306-59) TUESDAY 2


Yes, Election Day.  Orville and Mr. Brown have been doing a good deal of canvassing to get votes for the latter, to be cast to-day, for County Supervisor.  Orville rode to the voting point with  Mr. Hanel.  They figured on getting about twenty-five votes for him on this side of the Otter River but later developments showed thirty nine but, on the whole, he failed to be elected.

Mending has been our chief work to-day.  Maybe I ought to say eating but that’s such a common every day occurrence that it’s hardly worth mentioning.


NOVEMBER 1915 (307-58) WEDNESDAY 3


The weather is just fine and has been for two weeks or over.  The weather is quite suggestive of Indian Summer.  In fact one of the natives told us the other day that it is.

We were relieved of getting diner to-day by an invitation from Mrs. Harry Hanel to take dinner with them as it was Grandpa Hanel’s birthday.  He is 64 years old.  these are people who came here 14 years ago from Carthage, Missouri.  Grandpa H. was very well acquainted with Ben Thomas of that place and knew Al.  But Ben being in a lumber yard, brought them together more.

Had not heard of Ben’s death three or four years ago.


NOVEMBER 1915 (308-57) THURSDAY 4


Still beautiful weather.

We devoted the day to sewing.  I did some mending and Tillie made a waist for one of the boys.

Miss Bushong and Miss Martha were over this evening talking over the Literary Society and getting them started in Parliamentary rules.

After they left Tillie and I went over to Miss Barnes’ room in new dormitory where we met Miss Harmanson.  Miss Martha came in later.  Had been in one of the girls’ rooms as she was not feeling well.  There’s one of the schoolgirls sick with diphtheria.  Has left but things have to be closely watched.


NOVEMBER 1915 (309-56) FRIDAY 5


There's moving pictures at Lynchburg entitled "The Birth of a Nation" and some of the teachers are going.  Orville had planned to take us but the car still refuses to work so he suggested that we go along with the teachers so this morning we are planning that way.  Will know this evening.

Later--Have decided to go.  Miss Martha is going with Miss Daisy, in her rig--to Forest, and Budd Hanel takes Miss Bushong, Tillie and myself to Forest where we all take the train for Lynchburg about 13 miles.

Tillie and I went over to the Auditorium the last period of school to hear the debate but they had changed it to a drill in Parliamentary rules.


NOVEMBER 1915 (310-55) SATURDAY 6


Budd came along this morning at 11 o'clock and we were ready.  Left Forest, on the train, at 12:20 reaching Lynchburg at 12:50.  The street leading from depot to Main is quite steep so we took the streetcar.  Tillie bought a new pair of shoes and rubbers and then we went to the 10 ct. store for a few minutes.  Miss Martha struck out from the depot to save our seats which Orville 'phoned for from Academy yesterday.  She rejoined us at shoe store.

We met Miss Davis at Theatre door who with her brother were unable to get sets.  Our seats cost us $1. each.  Got out at 5:45 and was almost dark.  Went to Restaurant for supper then to train.  Found Budd at Forest to meet us.  When not half way home it began to rain.  Budd took his coat off and threw it over my head.  He had another coat and sweater on.  The play was good.  Showed the war and reconstruction period. 

During reconstruction the carpet baggers and Ku Klux Klan were in evidence.  Saw President Lincoln and Secretary Seward portrayed, also J. W. Booth shooting the President.  Saw him fall.


NOVEMBER 1915 (311-54) SUNDAY 7


We felt very well this morning considering our big outing yesterday.  We had to tell all the play to Orville last night before going to bed.

The rain spoiled Miss Bushong's crepe du chine waist last night, with the color from her jacket.

Tillie and I got ready to go to church this morning then discovered that it wasn't the right Sunday.

We went to the dormitory for dinner then after I wrote in my diary and a letter.

Went to Young People's meeting after supper.


NOVEMBER 1915 (312-53) MONDAY 8


Tilda's day again.  A colored woman and a good, agreeable worker.  We got the ironing all done.  This is a busy day for three of us.  Tilda lives two miles away.

Miss Martha came over this evening just as we were finishing supper.  The faculty had had a meeting after school and Miss Davis and Mr. Heflin, who are a little sweet on each other, wanted to run the Victrola every night for a short time after supper.  Orville and Miss Martha thought this too much.  Miss Martha is great on discipline and she told us this evening that she had to leave the meeting as she was so mad that she was afraid she would say something better unsaid. They compromised by giving the boys and girls each an evening beside their regular combined social, Saturday evening meeting.  Pete came over and I slipped out and he and I washed the dishes.  He is a good natural little Nigger [sic].  Aunt Alda is his aunt.  Tommy knows Aunt Alda.  She coked for him.

Had Miss Mollie for dinner.


NOVEMBER 1915 (313-52) TUESDAY 9


This has been patching day.  Tillie also did some sewing on her green girdle.  I ripped the gray vest, I brought for Orville, under the arms to add to the back for enlargement.  Brought two but the other was short so Tillie gave it to Pete.

Misses Barnes and Bushong and Harmanson came over after school to learn to tat.  Miss Harmanson had bought shuttles and thread in Lynchburg preparatory.  Miss B. went at it in dead earnest but Miss Davis came and took Miss H. away.  She left her shuttle for another evening.


NOVEMBER 1915 (314-51) WEDNESDAY 10


I made a batch of cookies this morning by Mrs. Thomas' recipe.  I mean Mrs. Thomas of Sioux Rapids, Iowa, where Nellie boards.  We are going to try and keep the boy very ignorant of their whereabouts so as to have some left for over Sunday.

This afternoon Tillie and Virginia and I went to call on Mrs. Barnett.  Her sister is visiting her, Mrs. Dairly.

She does a great deal of tatting and crocheting.

She also makes hair switches from combings.  I wanted to ask her what she charged but didn't like to.

When we got back as far as Mr. Hanel's Tillie left Virginia and I to walk leisurely as she wanted to hurry and get supper started.  Miss Harmanson and Miss Barnes waved at me.  Miss B. held out her tatting to show me how well she was getting along.


NOVEMBER 1915 (315-50) THURSDAY 11


Tillie finished her girdle this morning.

We baked bread and currant biscuits to-day.

Stuart thought they were very fine and wanted more than we were willing to give him.  We call him an “Elk" as we think his legs are hollow.

We talked about Mrs. Dairly making switches from combings so Tillie decided to take our combings over there and see what she would do with ours.

She will make one strand for not much more than fifty cents according to the length.  She will take it to the home at Roanoke as her weaving machine is there.

This evening Virginia and I walked down past Hanel's.  Donald, who had gone over to the dormitory with the milk ran after us.  Gracie and Sissy & Jimmy Hanel joined us.


NOVEMBER 1915 (316-49) FRIDAY 12


We were busy all morning with the regular work.  We never have dinner until 12:30 and school takes up again at 1:10, 40 minutes nooning and school closes at 3:30.

After Tillie got Virginia to bed she went over to old dormitory to practice her music lesson as that piano is so much easier to work than the old one they have at the house.  The last period we were going together to the literary society in hall.  I went over to get her but she decided to stay awhile longer so I went and she came later.

We had our last tomatoes to-day.  Miss Mollie brought them yesterday.


NOVEMBER 1915 (317-48) SATURDAY 13


We were quite busy all forenoon.  I did some baking and Tillie and Pete oiled the floors.

Mrs. Barlow Read was here for dinner.  She is one of the Virginians who, with her parents suffered financially after the war.  They were people who kept colored help, possibly owned slaves and knew little about manual labor.  It was hard for those people when they had lived in luxury to come down to nothing and were not able either physically or financially to take up the work.  She is such a fast talker that, with the Southern pronunciation of words it is difficult for me to understand her.


NOVEMBER 1915 (318-47) SUNDAY 14


A wet morning.  Thought I wouldn't go to church but reconsidered as we are only a dozen steps from the church and couldn't frame up a conscientiously justifiable excuse.  My feet were needing attention but concluded there are other days.

Went to the dormitory for dinner, all of us.

After dinner Tillie and I went up stairs to visit awhile with Mrs. Talbot who has been blind 15 years.


NOVEMBER 1915 (319-46) MONDAY 15


Got up a little earlier this morning and wrote part of my weekly letter before breakfast.

Sent it to Nellie this time.

This was Ray's wedding day according to what he wrote us.  Has told us no particulars so we don't know what time of the day it was to take place.

We are very anxious to hear all about it but it will take three days to get word to us.  Hope every thing has gone off nicely and Ray and Minnie happy as they no doubt are.  They had planned to go to Spencer but we advised Ray not to but to apply that money on something else.

It rained a good part of the night but cleared up this morning.  I went to the Agricultural class this a.m. and History in p.m.


NOVEMBER 1915 (320-45) TUESDAY 16


Tilda came this morning to wash.  Looked rainy early yesterday morning.

We have washed, so far out side by the side of the house.  Tillie left me inside this forenoon to make pies and take care of bread as we are expecting company to-morrow.  I also made cinnamon rolls.

Mrs. Barlow Read was here for dinner again.  She went to Mrs. Lee's to stay all night.  She is finishing a silk crazy work quilt to send to one of her daughters for a Xmas present.

Tillie and Tilda finished the ironing I did other little things.  We invited Mrs. Read to come again to-morrow.


NOVEMBER 1915 (321-44) WEDNESDAY 17


A beautiful day and our company came about 11:30.

Mrs. Gootch and Mrs. Read, Southern women, and Mrs. Johnston of the family who came two years ago from near Ames, Iowa.

We had a very nice visit with them. Mrs. Gootch brought her fancy work a center piece which Tillie and I wanted to learn to make.  According to Tillie's instructions I sat down and learned part of it while she finished getting dinner.  After washing the dished Tillie took it up.

We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, cabbage slaw, beans, cookies, rolls and mince pie.  They left about 4:30


NOVEMBER 1915 (322-43) THURSDAY 18


Miss Mollie’s day to eat diner with us.

This afternoon Dr. Garrett of Lynchburg gave a lecture to the students on Osteopathy. Is coming again some time soon.  It was listened to very attentively, and showed by a skeleton back bone which he had how a dislocation of a vertebrae would cause nerve pressure and also affect the organs through which they passed.

After the lecture Tillie and I went to Mrs. Lee's.

While we were there Miss Barnes came.  Mrs. Lee is Miss Barn's aunt.  She treated us to apples.  All came back together.  Orville and the doctor went to the dormitory for supper then came back here and stretched out the boys and Virginia.


NOVEMBER 1915 (323-42) FRIDAY 19


Tillie wasn't well to-day and went to bed after dinner.  At the last period of school I went over to the literary society.  After it was over I went into Miss Daisy's room.  She was reading a story to the little ones.  This is Donald and Stuart's room.

They have a picture of a large turkey drawn on the board.  They will have a little entertainment next Wednesday afternoon and she requested us to go.

Mr. Heflin came over this evening to see Orville about some surveying to be done to-morrow for Mr. Johnston.


NOVEMBER 1915 (324-41) SATURDAY 20


This was "Ladies’ Aid" day at Mrs. Dooley's three miles southeast.  Mrs. Hanel, with "Budd" came along at 1:45 and we weren't quite ready.  Were soon on the way though and sent through the village of New London which was my first time to see it.

Miss Daisy and Miss Martha went together.

Mrs. Kregg was there accompanied by a friend, Mrs. Gray, from Lynchburg.

Tillie and I were the only ones taking work, she her crocheting and I my tatting.

Mrs. Dooley served chicken salad with nuts, pickles, beaten biscuit, then grape juice and cake and lastly apples.

Miss Martha came over early in evening, later, Miss Bushong.  Miss Davis and Miss Harmanson, Miss Martha wants one of us to stay with three of the girls while they , the teachers go on their thanksgiving vacation.


NOVEMBER 1915 (325-40) SUNDAY 21


Just Sunday School to-day and Orville and boys went.

Mr. Oliver came in afterward and later Mr. Johnston.

When the dinner bell rung Orville wanted Mr. Johnston to go with him and Mr. Oliver to the dormitory for dinner but he declined so Donald and Stuart went.  Tillie, Virginia and the boys walked four times around the track.  Then nothing would do but I must take a walk too so I went five times around.  Wasn't going to be beaten.


NOVEMBER 1915 (326-39) MONDAY 22


Tilda didn't come this morning so decided to go to school.  Went to Agricultural class at 11:50 and when I got back at 12:30 found Miss Mollie here.  We washed the dishes and after doing a little sewing went to the History class at 2:45.

They had passed from the Revolutionary War to the war of 1812.  Would like to be a regular member of the class as it is a great deal more interesting to me now than when I was going to school.

I finished fixing or enlarging the vest I brought for Orville.  He thinks it must have been a big job as I've been so long putting a piece under each arm.  A Mr. Graham, Principal of the Agricultural school at Elk Creek, Va. came to visit the school.  Came while the History class was reciting. 

He and Orville got supper at dormitory but will stay here with us over night.

Is on his way to teachers conference.


NOVEMBER 1915 (327-38) TUESDAY 23


Tilda came this morning so that meant a big day's work.

We had breakfast to get for Mr. Graham so were a little longer than usual in getting it.  Had fried rabbit.  Paid 18 cents for one.

Mr. Graham visited the school awhile then started to Forest on foot where he would take the train for Appomattox to visit another school.  He was really on his way to Teacher's Conference at Richmond.

This morning we received a written invitation from the Misses Barnes & Harmanson that they would be "at home" from 9 to 10:30.  We were very tired but lay down to rest awhile before going.  They served egg salad.  Saltine wafers, Marguerites and chocolate.


NOVEMBER 1915 (328-37) WEDNESDAY 24


While I washed the dishes this morning we had quite a musical program given by Tillie and Stuart.  The program started by announcing that Stuart must put his feet in Bi-chloride water.  This was the sign for the music to start.  Stuart then started by putting an excellent tune to the old familiar words, "O Mother Please don't, O Mother Please Don’t, O Mother-O Please Don’t”  There was so much pathos to the song that the tears flowed very profusely.

The last period Tillie and I went over to Miss Daisy’s Thanksgiving exercises.  Had the Victrola.  Afterward passed candy sticks and postcards in a deep dish and called it pie.  The card was a picture of Pocahontas and a turkey.  Mrs. Gatt, Mr. Wilson’s fiancee is a descant of Pocahontas.  She and the President will be married soon.

Mr. Gooch died to-day while husking corn.


NOVEMBER 1915 (329-36) THURSDAY 25


Thanksgiving Day. We were invited nowhere and no one invited here.  So we said we would have just pasties and dessert.  After we had gotten the pastries in the oven the piano tuner came.  It looked like a small dinner for the day so Tillie fried sausage and apples and when we announced dinner he declined eating as he had had a late breakfast with Miss Mollie.

Donald and Stuart went early with a basket containing pies, cookies and cinnamon rolls to Mr. Oliver's.  They sent back with the boys some sausage and liver pudding.

We spent part of the day studying Montgomery Ward.


NOVEMBER 1915 (330-35) FRIDAY 26


Tillie and I went and called on Miss Daisy and her mother.  Miss Daisy had gone to Mr. Gooch's funeral but got back before we left.  Had bee there a short time when Miss Bushong and the four girls that did not go home, came over.  Were treated to apples and pears.  All came back together.

Miss Bushong invited us over this evening to a spread.  The girls were there and Mr. Heflin came while we were eating.  Had cocoa, cheese and sandwiches and nuts.


NOVEMBER 1915 (331-334) SATURDAY 27


(No entry)


NOVEMBER 1915 (332-33) SUNDAY 28


Preaching day but I decided to stay with Virginia and also to have dinner going when they got home from Church as we expected Mr. & Mrs. Kregg.

They were at church but could not stay as their son was home for a very short stay and was leaving in morning.  Is a rail-road man.

Lucky that we has something prepared to eat as Mr. Abbot, one of the school board, Mr. Hicks and Mr. Johnson came.  They and the supervisors came to settle a road question.  Unusual for a business matter to be brought up on Sunday.


NOVEMBER 1915 (333-32) MONDAY 29


Washing and ironing day, also Miss Mollie's day.  It keeps us busy and a little extra cooking to do.

School opened again this morning after Thanksgiving vacation.


NOVEMBER 1915 (334-31) TUESDAY 30


(No entry)


DECEMBER 1915 (335-30) WEDNESDAY 1


We had some mending to do to-day but our chief work was dressing the doll for June.

It is just a cloth one but I know June will take lots of comfort with it.  Virginia thinks its a fine dolly. We will have to make her one for X-mass too.  Tillie is working on doilies for Annie Phillipo, Mattie, and Mae.


DECEMBER 1915 (336-29) THURSDAY 2


It was hurry scurry with the work this morning as it was Miss Mollie's day.  She always takes dinner with us the day Tillie takes her lesson.

The lesson are twenty-five cents each and her dinner is twelve and one-half cents.

This morning when Orville went to school he found Mr. Barrows.


DECEMBER 1915 (337-28) FRIDAY 3


Orville and Mr. Barrows slept in my bed last night.  Tillie, Virginia and I slept together.  Neither Tillie nor I slept much as Virginia was continually trying to get her feet out.  I am glad I don’t have to sleep three in a bed every night.  She is very quiet when we two are together.  Orville and Tillie got up early as Mr. Barrows had to take the 6 o’clock train from Forest.  He was going to visit the Agricultural school at Appomattox.  I think he got a good impression of the school.  He is a westerner and was studying conditions and best methods of conducting agriculture.

There was no school this afternoon as preparations had to be made for the supper this evening. a chicken and oyster super to be served in the auditorium.  Mrs. Barlow Read took dinner with us to-day.


DECEMBER 1915 (338-27) SATURDAY 4


The supper last night was quite a success.  Cleared about $60. which is to be applied on the library.

This was our day to go to Big Island.  Orville and Mr. Padget paid a man $5 to take us in his auto, about 25 miles.  Mr. P’s sister-in-law went also.  The dedication of a new school-house was one object also to talk over organizing a Farmer’s Union.  the County Superintendent, Mr. Abbot, was there and gave quite a talk on Co-operation of teachers and parents.  Mr.. P talked on Farmer’s Union and Orville on Agriculture and Domestic Science.  left here at 11 and was 2 when we got there.  they had had dinner but there was lots of chicken, ham, cake and pie.  When we got through the exercises began.  Reached home at 7.  Mr. Webb is a very careful driver. 

The last half of the ride out wasn't very pleasant for me.  If any one's curiosity is aroused as to the cause, ask Tillie.


DECEMBER 1915 (339-26) SUNDAY 5


Virginia's birthday and three years old.  She found a little handkerchief with tatting around that I had made under her plate.  Tillie made her a birthday cake and she wanted it for breakfast.  Couldn't have it though.

After helping with the work.  I soaked my feet then commenced the digging operation.  Tillie came to help with file and between us we shaved down the corns and filed the toe-nails.  My big toe-tails are thick and as hard as cows horn.

In the p.m. Orville and Tillie and boys went to Mr. Johnston's and Virginia was supposed to sleep and I to write my weekly letter but we did neither.  Miss Martha, Miss Davis, Miss Barnes and Miss Harmanson came over.  Miss Martha brought a box of candy from herself and Miss Bushong for Virginia.  Miss B. is sick.  School supper to much for her.  Is subject to sick headaches.


DECEMBER 1915 (340-25) MONDAY 6


Wash day.  Got the washing and ironing done.

Tillie's music day and Miss Mollie's day to eat dinner with us.  It makes a busy day.

I was real tired after the dinner work was done so I slipped away, quietly, and went up stairs to nap.

They had the ironing nearly done when I got up.

Tillie didn't know what to get for supper so I suggested making some currant cakes.  that suited but Tillie wanted me to make them so Tilda could have some.  I made a small one for Tilda which she took in her hand.

She always takes a bite to eat in her hand as she has two miles to walk and mostly through the woods.


DECEMBER 1915 (341-24) TUESDAY 7


We hurried through the work this morning then I did some writing and Tillie to her sewing.  She cut out the center to a doily and I hemmed it and sewed the lace on, This evening Orville, Tillie and I went to the old dormitory witting room to visit with the teachers and hear some pieces on the Victrola.


DECEMBER 1915 (343-22) THURSDAY 9


Miss Mollie's day again and on Thursdays Tillie has to go at 9:30.  Made an apple pie while she was gone and had beef on for a pot roast.

Miss Mollie always seems to enjoy her dinner as she doesn't do much cooking for herself living alone a good deal of the time.  She is about 40 years old.  Was music teacher here in N.L.A. last year.  She gave that up and comes from the village of New London, 2 miles away, twice a week.


DECEMBER 1915 (344-21) FRIDAY 10


This has surely been cookie day.  We made cookies to send to June and Keith and also for these kiddies X-mass.  Tillie commenced about 9:30 with hers and I at 11 and it took us the rest of the day.  They were small which make slow work but we enjoyed it because we knew the little folks would.  Have some boxed ready to send out.

Sent letters to-day to Ed's and Mrs. Ashburn.

To-night the Evington school gave the play in N.L.A. that they had given in their own school.

This was to make more money for their school.


DECEMBER 1915 (345-20) SATURDAY 11


Got up early this morning as Orville had to go to Lynchburg with Donald to get his eyes tested again and get his glasses.  Stuart went too and was very much interested over the outing called it "Xmas Joy."  Drove to Forest, 5 miles and from there by train, 12 miles.  They, the boys, drained their banks to buy something.  Donald bought a horn and Stuart a base ball.

Orville bought cookies for the teachers Xmas treat to the students.  They got home about 3 o'clock.

Misses Bushong, Evans, Davis and Harmanson came over this evening.  They sampled our cookies.  Orville and Tillie set the stove up in my room this evening.

A little sleet to-day but no snow yet.  Been rather cool to-day.


DECEMBER 1915 (346-19) SUNDAY 12


Found the ground covered with snow when we got up and it snowed off and on all day.

We had preaching in the little church.  Mr. and Mrs. Gregg were there so we had them for dinner as we expected. They left at 4:30.

After they left Orville and Tillie drove to Mr. Hick's, 5 miles.  I made mush for the children's supper and they pronounced it the "best stuff."  Had just gotten then in bed when T. & O. got home at 8 o'clock.  they had to have their supper then.


DECEMBER 1915 (347-18) MONDAY 13


Tilda came and we washed and ironed.

Got through and every thing cleared away before Miss Mollie came for diner.

I cut out Mae's night gown this afternoon and sewed on it all evening. Did not quite finish it but want to send it in the morning with the Xmas things.  Want to sent it early to avoid the rush.


DECEMBER 1915 (348-17) TUESDAY 14


Finished the night gown this morning and got the bundle off.  She will get it by Saturday.  Had to rush to get it ready.

Tillie entertained all the teachers after school and served ice cream and cookies.

Al's and Edna's Xmas bundle came to-day.  We put it away to be opened Xmas eve.


DECEMBER 1915 (349-16) WEDNESDAY 15


Tillie was sick this morning so I had to get breakfast from a change.  Had the old fashioned dish that I used to give to my little kiddies--hot bread and milk.

Got the parcels off to Nellie, Mattie's and Walter's.  I dropped Mattie's in the slop bucket as I was going out at the door hurrying away from Virginia.  No harm done only to re-address it.

Tillie strung her rose beads to-day to send to Ola, Edna and Hilda.


DECEMBER 1915 (350-15) THURSDAY 16


Sent packages this morning to Tommy's, Al's and Annie Phillipo.

We baked cookies this afternoon to send to the kiddies both big and little.  The big ones eat as well as the little ones.

Orville and Tillie went over this evening to hear the new records.  I stayed home to write a letter to Ray.


DECEMBER 1915 (351-14) FRIDAY 17


This was the forty-first anniversary of my wedding at noon. The old stone house in which it occurred was partly torn down, the particular room, after brother Walt built his new house.  The main part after Walt sold to Charley Marks.  The stone was used for foundations for other buildings.  Visited the site when on my way here to Virginia.  There was just the open cellar.  Mattie was with me and we picked three apples off the tree in the old orchard.  This is also recorded under date of Sept. 2.

We made some Xmas cookies this forenoon. 

This afternoon the high school teachers gave their students a reception.  When we went in the students were stealing partners to music, the nearest they dare approach to dancing.  Ice cream and wafers were served.  Then Mr. Gilbert gave an address.  He gave quite a lecture in the evening to a small audience.  The object was for the people to form into a kind of school league to look after the interests of the school.  Unless they write and make known their wishes for an appropriation of $5000. They’ll not get it.  Another meeting is now called for Dec. 28.


DECEMBER 1915 (352-13) SATURDAY 18


(no entry)


DECEMBER 1915 (353-12) SUNDAY 19


A beautiful morning.  The children, Donald and Stuart were better this morning but stayed in their room until nearly noon then went up stairs and got them dressed as I stayed home with them while Tillie and Orville went to church.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnston came home with them and took dinner with us.  Right after diner we went over to the dormitory and heard a number of pieces on the Victrola.  Mr. J's left at 4 o'clock then Tillie and I called on Mrs. Talbot.  She is so glad to have some one to sit with her awhile.  Miss Florence, her daughter who is 45 went to Lynchburg to-day and will be gone nearly a week.  Came home at five and found the dishes had not washed themselves.


DECEMBER 1915 (354-11) MONDAY 20


Washing and ironing day again.

Tillie and Tilda did it all.  It was 10 o'clock when I got my weekly letter off then I worked on my X-mass handkerchiefs.

After we'd had dinner I went over to sit with Mrs. Talbot and read her the account of Mrs. Galt's and President Wilson's marriage which took place Saturday evening at 8:30.

Mrs. Talbot knows all about Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt her present relatives and her ancestors.


DECEMBER 1915 (355-10) TUESDAY 21


Orville came back to-day from Bedford City.

He brought rather bad news.  At least news that caused us some uneasiness.  Last week three boys were suspected of playing sick, examination time.  Miss Bushong informed him, Orville, of their absence and he slipped quietly into the hall and listened.  One was in his room and in bed.  The other two were in their room sitting by the stove in their underclothes visiting and smoking cigarettes. 

When O. opened the door and asked they why they weren't at their class and of course their plea was sickness. O. told them that they didn't seem sick and to get dressed and go to their class.  One of them  got sassy and O. slapped the back of his head.  The was the last day before vacation.  He went home after the entertainment given by the high school teachers to the high school students.  He told his father who has brought suit and to be at Forest to-morrow.  Orville went to Mr. Garbee's, one of school board, this evening with Budd Hanel.  Seven miles.  Got back at 11 o'clock.  Had called on Mr. Abbott on the way from Bedford City where he first heard of it.  The sick boys were able to be out after school.


DECEMBER 1915 (356-9) WEDNESDAY 22


Up early this morning as Orville had to go five miles to get Mr. Brown, the third member of the board.  The suit was called for 1:30.  The boys father had engaged a lawyer who proved to be very abusive and whose object was to make O. so.  He displayed no temper and the judge released him while the lawyer was still talking.  Some of Orville's friends were ready to fight but were kept down by other friends who weren't quite so hasty.  Orville found he had more friends than he thought.  The other side was utterly defeated.

Mrs. Samnella Read took dinner with us and after she and Tillie went and called on Mr. Lemmon.  I stayed with the children and also baked bread.

Were invited to Mr. Johnston's for dinner.  Was their 17th wedding anniversary.  Could not go on account of the trial.  Invitation extended to Saturday.  We were also invited to the Davis home.


DECEMBER 1915 (357-8) THURSDAY 23


I finished up my handkerchiefs this morning and sent them to Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Ashburn.  Sent to Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Vickerman a couple of days ago.  Tillie also finished Maxine's bonnet.

I made pies this afternoon and afterward took a little nap as I felt very tired.  Then I went over and sat and read to Mrs. Talbot, Miss Florence’s mother.  I stayed until after dark.  Alice, the cook and colored, walked to the gate with me carrying the lamp and just then we saw a lantern coming.

It was Orville, they thought I wouldn't be able to see my way home.

Orville butchered nine hogs to-day for the dormitory.  Alice cleaned the intestines and was going to make chittlinngs of them.


DECEMBER 1915 (358-7) FRIDAY 24


Well, the chittlinngs, a part of them Alice sent over by Pete.  They were intestines cleaned ready to cut into short pieces to fry.  I told Tillie she needn't fry any for me.  They stood in water two or three days and by that time they were smelling like "all get out" so Tillie carried them away some where.  It nearly turns my stomach to think of them.

After we got the children to bed to-night we three opened up the packages.  Put the children's in their stockings which they had borrowed from me and hung up before going to bed.  I got a night gown from Tommy & Ola, Sterling tatting shuttle from Al & Edna, Shawl from Jim & Mattie, flash light from Nellie, White silk poplin goods for dress from Mae and Ray silk stockings for Walter and Hilda vest pocket flash light, hand bag & stationery from Orville & Tillie.

From Mrs. Wilson handkerchiefs, Mrs. Thomas book of quotations.  Nellie also sent wrist crocket box for my birthday.  Tommy and Ola a second package containing a diary for 1916 which was also for my birthday.


DECEMBER 1915 (359-6) SATURDAY 25

Christmas Day


Christmas day.  The children were quite_ excited over their stockings and had to unpack them before breakfast.  Hope every little boy and girl had as good a time.  We older ones had our good time last night.

Seeing we wouldn't go to Mr. Johnston's Wednesday, their 17th wedding day, we were invited over for to-day.  Had a very nice time and a good dinner.

Virginia was taken sick with high fever which was the beginning of her cold or grippe and which they boys had just gotten over.  Came home a little early on her account.  The day was fine.  Mr. Johnston and Orville cut each other's hair out doors and in their shirt sleeves.  So far we have had one snow storm, was followed in two or three days by a heavy rain taking it all off.


DECEMBER 1915 (360-5) SUNDAY 26


Sunday School this morning but no church.  Mr. Oliver was called to fill another minister’s pulpit.

We stayed home all day and took occasional looks at our pretty presents.  Virginia has been in bed all day while Donald and Stuart have played on their musical instrument and pumped and re-pumped the water in their pump tank.

Mr. Johnston called to see how Virginia was.


DECEMBER 1915 (361-4) MONDAY 27


No washing to-day.

Orville and Tillie went to Forest this afternoon.  Orville had a little business and Tillie went for the ride.

Virginia is still sick and I had to hold her most of the time.  She went to sleep a few minutes before they got back and I went down stairs and was washing the dinner dishes when they came.  Virginia has an awful cough which kept her coughing incessantly.  I gave her melted butter every few minutes which eased her and she went to sleep.

I received a new diary for 1916 sent by Tommy and Ola for a birthday present.  I was so pleased.


DECEMBER 1915 (362-3) TUESDAY 28


My birthday! sixty-six years old!  It seems so short a time since I was a little girl helping to take care of my brothers who are all younger than I.  My school days, teaching days, and then my married life.  This brought my eight children who are scattered now in all directions.  Their father died Feb. 1, 1900.  I sold my home in Spencer, Iowa in 1912 and vacated March 1st 1913.  Since then have been visiting with one or another of them and just now am in Virginia with Orville.

Received two birthday remembrances, wrist bag from Nellie and  a diary from Tommy and Ola for 1916 wishing me many more birthdays, but I wonder how many.  Tillie cooked a birthday dinner.  Called Miss Davis cake my birthday cake.


DECEMBER 1915 (363-2) WEDNESDAY 29


Rained all night.  Partially cleared this morning but was quite sultry.  Expected more rain but the wind whipped around and it cooled off.

We received Walter's and Hilda's package to-day.


DECEMBER 1915 (364-1) THURSDAY 30


Did not have Tilda come this week, thought we could get along without washing but the dirty clothes had accumulated so that we thought we had better wash.  Got along very well and I don't see why we couldn't do it every week.  We will do the ironing to-morrow.  I wrote my last "thank you" letter this morning to Walter and Hilda whose package came yesterday.  They sent me a pair of silk stockings.  Tillie a pair of stockings, Orville a pair of socks , the boys each a base ball and Virginia a box of blocks.

In a letter from Mattie which came to-day she said Ray had written her that he was going to be married on the 29th, yesterday.  Orville went to Lynchburg this morning.  Was called by J. Thompson Brown.

Later--Orville got back at 9 o'clock.  We found it was the Arthur case he was called on although he was at Forest Mr. Arthur was not satisfied.  By O. making a few concessions the case was apparently settled.


DECEMBER 1915 (365--) FRIDAY 31


Have now arrived at the last day of the year.

Hope the year's happenings may be some benefit and also pleasure to me as I compare each day of next year with the corresponding one of this which is about ended. It has been a pleasant year to me also a short one.  Started the year with Mattie and stayed with her until the 10th of May.  At this date Mae and June had been with us six weeks then we spent the next two weeks at Albert Lea and Minneapolis.  She then went home and I to Watertown, S.D.  Stayed three weeks at W. then retraced my steps back to Mattie's and in a few days we started for Fennimore.  I stayed there three weeks then started for Virginia reaching Forest Depot Sept 24.  Have not yet decided how long I will stay here possibly all summer.  Hope the coming year will be as free from trouble as this has been.  At present writing all the family are well and for that I am thankful.

Orville went to Lynchburg this afternoon to see the district representative about the school appropriation.

Donald and Stuart are standing by me anxious to know what I am writing about what happened during the night.  He sleeps with me while Virginia is sick.

If any one is anxious to know what it is ask Tillie or myself.  He is threatening to tear the leaf out.


The End




"Excelsior‑ Trademark. Daily Journal for 1916. Sold by Farnham Printing & Stationery Co., Minneapolis. Published Annually for the trade."


JANUARY 1916 (1-365) SATURDAY 1


This book is my birthday present.  Came the day before from Tommy and Ola.

My birthday is three days after Christmas, the 28th and the two days are so close together that the birthday often blends in with Christmas.

I was so pleased to get this book.  Last year was my first year to carry a diary through.  Have make several attempts but always failed to carry it through.

To-day was Hattie's 38th birthday.  The boys and Virginia are getting over their colds.  Orville isn’t feeling well but he had promised Miss Davis that he and Tillie would go there this afternoon so they went and I stayed with the children.  We were eating mush and milk when they came home.  Stuart announced the fact before they got into the house,


JANUARY 1916 (2-364) SUNDAY 2


Two Sundays this week for yesterday seemed like Sunday.

Orville was really sick this morning so after he got his chores done we insisted upon his going to bad.  He had a good sleep and felt better.  Miss Daisy Read called after Sunday School and I told her that he was sick.  She went home but soon came back with a plate of cake and a dish of gelatins.  This was from her mother with her love to Orville.

All this looked good to Orville and he was soon able to get up and sample each piece of cake.  This afternoon Miss

Davis, who came back ( last night, brought another plate of cake over.  Later, Miss Martha came with the mail having brought it from Forest,


JANUARY 1916 (3-363) MONDAY 3


Washing and ironing day again- Finished by noon.  Tillie helped Tilda iron until Mrs. Hanel with Sissy and Gracie came about 2:30.  Then we visited.  Tillie treated us to coca and cookies.

I mended stockings this afternoon.

They got the ironing all done but my dress and Tillie ironed that while I washed the supper dishes.

The teachers came over this evening and make quite a visit. 

I had to write my weekly letter this morning as usual.

Monday is a hard day and we are usually pretty tired.

Got a letter from Ray to-day.


JANUARY 1916 (4-362) TUESDAY 4


Tillie got up this morning with a bad headache.

Orville and I held a consultation about Ray.  In the letter I got yesterday he asked for $25.  We decided it best not to send that amount so I sent $15.  Thought by the way he wrote that he is married.

After I got the letter, which I had written to him, in the mail, I insisted on Tillie's going to bed.  She did but only stayed a few minutes.  After diner I again insisted on her going to bed.  She had a good sleep and got up cured.  She called me a good doctor.


JANUARY 1916 (5-361) WEDNESDAY 5


Wrote letter to Hattie and Tommy this morning in time for the mail.  Wrote in regard to Ray's affairs.

While I wrote Tillie baked the cookies she mixed up yesterday.

Our sewing to-day consisted in patching.

"Miss Martha came over after school.  While she was here I made currant cakes for supper.

Tillie and I went to visit the teachers at old dormitory.  We crocheted, tatted, ran the Victrola and ate the first layer of Miss Bushong's five-pound box of chocolates given to her by her brother.  This was one of her Christmas presents.  They showed us their presents and they were very nice- Handbags, underwear, jewelry, &c, &o, &c.

It was 11 o'clock when we got home.


JANUARY 1916 (6-360) THURSDAY 6


Music lesson day and Miss Mollie for diner.

While we were sitting by the grate fire last night Orville said that he could eat a piece of pie.  Thought that a good hint for some so had a pie made when Tillie got back from her lesson.  Orville and Miss Mollie had two pieces each and Tillie and I cleaned out the pan.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over this evening.

I went to bed to-night before Orville and Tillie.  They were holding a lively discussion.

Received a letter from Nellie inquiring for Mr. Murdock, of a Mr. Edwin Roso who died in Grant Co., Wis. in 1875.  I know nothing of him.


JANUARY 1916 (7-359) FRIDAY 7


Rained and sleeted during the night and also was when we got up. It soon turned into snow and kept it up all forenoon.

Not cold but expect it will be cooler when it really clears up.

I made currant cookies this morning while Tillie swept up stairs.

I sewed on two cutting flannel corset covers this afternoon.


JANUARY 1916 (8-358) SATURDAY 8


Cooler this morning.

We hadn't very much work for to-day.

A little ice formed last night over the water caught in the washtubs so Tillie made ice cream which she said is for to-morrow. We were all children and had to have a dish after supper.

Miss Martha came over this evening and Tillie gave her a bowl full.  She would divide with Miss Bushong.

Orville has been busy, fixing the engine, which the school boys broke sawing wood, putting on hinges and locks. 

There is a suspicious though of the kerosene going too quickly.

Some of the Negroes are not very honest.

Finished my corset covers this afternoon.

We received Ray's wedding announcement to-day.  Married January 5.


JANUARY 1916 (9-357) SUNDAY 9


I took a bath this morning before breakfast, as I wasn't in the humor for doing it last night.

Tillie, Orville and I went to church and in fact Orville was at Sunday School with the boys.

Miss Florence was at church, the first time I've seen her there, and she took Mr. Oliver home with her for diner.  Orville accompanied Mr. Oliver.

The rest of us had soup and ice cream for diner.

Spent the afternoon reading and writing.

In the evening went to Vespers and afterward to old dormitory to hear the new records.  Orville had put the children in bed but we could hear Virginia calling "Daddy" as we were coming home.


JANUARY 1916 (10-358) MONDAY 10


Cloudy this morning and Tilda did not come.

It was Tillie's music lesson day and also Miss Mollie's day to have diner with us.

I wrote my weekly letter this morning and Tillie put in quite an addition.

While we were writing Tillie began to tell me what a terrible time Orville had to get his underwear buttoned.  Had reworked the buttonholes unbeknown to either of them.  She heard him grunting and she opened her eyes to see what was the matter and she saw him going through great contortions with a good supply of grunts in order to get the buttons through.

We had a good laugh about it as I intended his not being able to unbutton them with one jerk.


JANUARY 1916 (11-355) TUESDAY 11


Cloudy this morning but Tillie felt like washing and I was willing. We had to be a little sly about it for fear Orville would disapprove of it.  After 9 when we started and were all through when they came home to diner.  We hung the clothes out although there's not sign of its' clearing up.

We washed the diner dishes then I got ready to go the history class at 2:30.

Brought down my yarn and needles to start a mitten for one of the boys.  Put on fifteen stitches.  Don't know whether it will be large enough.  Donald and Stuart thought it a wonderful process. Had never seen any one knit.


JANUARY 1916 (12-354) WEDNESDAY 12


Still cloudy and drizzly.

After washing the dishes, I got ready to go to the morning history class but got mixed up in the time, thought recess came first and waited twenty minutes when then realized that recess came after.  The result was I missed the morning class and had to take the afternoon one.  They’re both the same but the morning class is larger.

They're having the Civil War in five lessons.  Today's lesson was the campaign of 1863.  After the war was the reconstruction want to take that in too.

To-night is real foggy- A poor show for getting our clothes dry.

Just before dark Mrs. Davis and Miss Barnes called for Tillie to go walking with them.

It is very muddy.


JANUARY 1916 (13-353) THURSDAY 13


Tilda came this morning to wash but she found it out.  It was still cloudy this morning but cleared up during the day and the clothes got dry.  Tilda had to walk back.

This was Tillie's music lesson day.

I went to the history class this afternoon.

This evening Tillie went over to hear the new records.

Orville wrote a letter to Tommy saying what he thought was best in regard to Ray and Minnie, who are in Minneapolis, and the purchase of the piece of land near Stanley, Wis.

I wrote a letter to Minnie.


JANUARY 1916 (14-352) FRIDAY 14


Tillie ironed this morning and I did the work and got diner.  We had a nice roast of beef.

The last period of school was devoted to a musical.  Admission 10 cents.  They made   six dollars.  This is to be             applied on the monthly payment on the Victrola.

I did some mending after coming home.


JANUARY 1916 (15-351) SATURDAY 15


A cold morning.

Tillie made pumpkin pies this morning from pumpkin we boiled yesterday. Made these.  She took one to Mrs. Read after she got them made.  We heard Mrs. Read had been sick but she was up and around.  Tillie stayed for diner.  We it made us late with our diner.

After diner we got ready to go to Mrs. Cregge to Ladies’ Aid.  Miss Daisy came for Miss Martha but she was too tired to go so Miss Daisy came over for one of us.  I rode with her.  She has a comfortable buggy.  Tillie and Pete went in the cart.  I don't know how three of us could have rode as Pete had to go to Forest for two cans of gasoline.  We were all three there.  Got home a 6 o'clock.

We were called at 4 o'clock this morning to go to the dormitory, one of the girls was sick.  Had a very bad cold.  Too much aspirin had been given her, which made her act strangely.


JANUARY 1916 (16-350) SUNDAY 16


Sunday School as usual, also preaching.  This was not the regular Sunday but Mr. Oliver had no other appointment.  I didn't go, as my inclination was to stay home and be quiet.  Had diner about ready when they got home.

Tillie went over to hear the Victrola this afternoon.  I spent the afternoon reading in the "Leopard's Spots."

Tillie and Orville went to Vespers, also the boys.  Virginia and I were both willing to stay home.  Orville went because I didn't want to go.  Mr. Oliver talked to the students.

Tillie went over to the dormitory again after she got the children to bed.

I had Virginia undressed when they got home.


JANUARY 1916 (17-349) MONDAY 17


Quite cold.  This will surely be Virginia's ice harvest.  Three inches is thick ice here.

Miss Daisy told me Saturday that they had put it up 1 1/2 inches thick.  The west wouldn't look at that.

When I was dressing this morning I saw the teams rolling up to school and Orville was gone when I got down stairs.  I felt sort of ashamed.

Virginia woke me up in the night and wanted some milk.  Thought I could get her mind off it but it must have taken a couple of hours.  Better have gotten up but it was cold and another thing had no matches in the room.  I'd go to sleep trying to tell her some stories.  When I stopped she'd wake me. Tillie was sick this morning so I sent her to bed while

I got diner for Miss Mollie.

Went to history class this p.m.


JANUARY 1916 (18-348) TUESDAY 18


Still cold. Got up earlier this morning and was dressed before Tillie so I left Virginia with her and went down stairs to get breakfast started.  Fried raw potatoes and made toast.

This was board meeting day.  Two of the board came, Mr. Abbott and Mr. Garbee.  Mr. Brown is in Tennessee at his son's wedding.  Took place to-day.

They and Orville took diner at the dormitory.

I did not go to the history class to-day as it was the meeting of the board.

Tillie made two layer cakes this afternoon for Donald's birthday, Thursday.

I’ve been knitting on a pair of mittens for his birthday.  Two school boys butchered two hogs to-day.


JANUARY 1916 (19-347) WEDNESDAY 19


Weather considerably warmer.

I worked quite steadily on Donald's mittens and got them done.

Miss Davis, Miss Harmanson and Mr. Heflin stayed up till 12:30 last night playing the Victrola.

Miss H. should have been at the new dormitory with the girls but was evidently trying to shave off the responsibility.  Orville took her and Miss Davis to task and Miss Davis came over after school, alone, to talk it over further.  They have a little grudge against "Miss Martha" as being too officious-

She and Miss Barnes came over after supper to tell their side of the story.  They are very outspoken when they see any neglect of rules and are loyal to Orville.


JANUARY 1916 (20-34B) THURSDAY 20


Donald's birthday and eight years old.

He slept with me the last two nights as Virginia had a croupy cough.

The first thing Donald said this morning when he woke was "This is my birthday" and I said "Yes and I'll have to give you nine good slaps." He found his mittens under his plate this morning and has worn them to-day.

I think he had a big idea they were not for one of Daisy's boys.

I knit the last thumb in Stuart's this morning.

Tillie was sick this morning so I sent her to bed while I did up the work and got diner.

Got a letter from Mae and after diner sat down by the fireplace to read it and rock Virginia.

Had just sat down when Mrs. Barnet knocked at the door.  She stayed until 4 o'clock and then went to see Miss Daisy about having an entertainment to raise funds for finishing the church yard fence.


JANUARY 1916 (21-345) FRIDAY 21


We had planned to wash just the underwear and absolutely necessary articles to-day but when Tillie had gotten them sorted had made up her mind to do the entire washing.

We were almost through by noon.

It was a beautiful forenoon but by noon there were indications of rain.  The clothes dried but it began to drizzle about 3 o'clock.

Miss Harmanson and Miss Davis were over this evening.  They went to Lynchburg yesterday afternoon to hear Kreisler, the violinist, last night.  Were back in time for school this morning.  Ted Hanel took them and met them this morning.

Lots of sickness among dormitory girls.  “Miss Martha is about sick herself and doesn't feel like waiting on others.”


JANUARY 1916 (22-344) SATURDAY 22


Of course the big job to-day was ironing.  Tillie was about "all in" this morning from her work yesterday.  The biggest trouble with me was I was sleepy.  Virginia, who had a nap yesterday, wasn't sleepy last night and I had to entertain her by telling her stories.  The story of the "Innocent Robber" has to be told very often and she interrupts me when about half through telling me, "It was the big black dog and his name was Ben."

It was a warm night.  She hugs up so closely that she got "hot."

Orville got up early this morning to work on plans and specifications for boys new dormitory which they are planning on building after school classes and to be ready for next fall.


JANUARY 1916 (23-343) SUNDAY 23


Been a beautiful day.  Took a bath when I got up and got partly ready for church.  Finished after getting the dishes washed.

Miss Florence asked me over for diner but we have decided not to go any more; don't know what she may say.

Orville went away after diner to see Mr., Crowe Harris who has been sick some time.  He used to be a board member quite a number of years ago.  The school is having a portrait painted of him by Mrs. Guy, the lady who painted

Tommy's and Al's pictures that Orville and Tillie sent them for wedding present.

This evening the boys and I went to Sunday evening meeting.  Donald was honored by carrying the flashlight.  Stuart's turn next time.  Orville talked on "Purposes."

A letter from Nellie to-day.


JANUARY 1916 (24-342) MONDAY 24


Tilda came so we washed and ironed.

I helped Tilda with the washing and Tillie took her lesson and got diner.

In the afternoon Tillie helped with the ironing and I darned socks.

Looked for a letter from Tommy to-day telling what he had done at Stanley, Wis. in regard to Ray's deal.

I wrote a letter to Nellie this evening.

Orville spent the evening at Hanel's.  We were on the point of going to bed when he came.  By the time he had told us the news it was 11 o'clock.

He heard that the dormitory boys were "throwing craps" a kind of gambling game.  Mr. Heflin is supposed to look after them.  His brother is one of the guilt ones.


JANUARY 1916 (25-341) TUESDAY 25


Mrs. Samuella Read came this morning while we were eating breakfast.  She sat up and ate with us and enjoyed the pancakes.  She was on her way to New London two miles east.

She brought a waist to have button holes worked while she was gone.  She can sew nicely but can't work button holes.

A letter came from Tommy this morning.  We find that he has written one that we haven't gotten pertaining to Ray.

Miss Davis came over this noon and ate soup and pudding with us.

Tillie took some over to Miss Martha.

I darned socks this afternoon and Tillie put clean papers in the cupboards.


JANUARY 1916 (26-340) WEDNESDAY 28


I went over to see Miss Martha this morning.  She wasn't feeling quite so well but nothing serious.  Also called on two girls over Miss Bushong's room.

Pete came over this morning and helped to oil the sitting room floor.

A letter came from Mattie to-day suggesting that if Ray couldn't get a place at Stanley that he go there and rent the house on their 80.

Wrote to Tommy and enclosed her letter.  Minnie may be there yet.


JANUARY 1916 (27-339) THURSDAY 27


Pete came over again and oiled the kitchen floor.  I cleaned up different things and Tillie put the curtains up in the sitting room.

Miss Mollie was here for diner.

Tillie did not take a lesson to-day.

We hurried and got the diner dishes washed then got ready to go to school house and hear the canning demonstrator.  Miss Scott is the state worker.  She was accompanied by Miss Grech who is coming again later to organize a club.  A canning outfit will be bought for the school.  Orville and I went to dormitory sitting room with them and some of the teachers.

Orville and Tillie went to the dormitory with them for supper.  Swept my bed room.

Sent a letter to Tommy to-day.


JANUARY 1916 (28-338) FRIDAY 28


Orville sent a letter to Hattie to-day and I a card.

This forenoon I reworked the button holes in Orville’s other union suit.  Wonder if he will have the same kind of a time he had to button the others.


Tillie made a batch of oatmeal cookies and a dish of apple salad for diner.


Enlarged my black serge belt this afternoon, a job that has been waiting a long time.


JANUARY 1916 (29-337) SATURDAY 29


Yesterday closed up examinations and Orville has been looking over some of his papers.  Was busy until Mr. Garber and Mr. Abbott came about 11 o'clock.  They were undecided about going to Richmond but Orville convinced them that it was their duty to go--their interest was greater than his.

They went to the dormitory for diner.

Tillie did some baking this forenoon and I partly put the waist and skirt of my plaid percale dress together.

It has been a sort of a dull day--cloudy and a little drizzly.


JANUARY 1916 (30-338) SUNDAY 30


No church to-day.  Tillie went to Sunday School.

Orville has just organized a Bible class and is teacher.  Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Tillie are all there were in the class to-day.

I had just gotten the work done when they got home.

After diner Orville began to get ready for his Richmond trip to look after the appropriation.

We were in hopes his clothes would be here before this trip but they failed to come.

Mr. Hanel was going to take him to Forest but he found a man that was going any way so saved him the trouble.  They left at quarter to seven.  He'll leave Forest at 8:13 and get to Richmond at 8 o'clock to-morrow morning.  Hope he will make a success of the trip.  Seems lonesome without him-like there's something lacking.


JANUARY 1916 (31-335) MONDAY 31


Cloudy this morning so Tilda did not come.  Was glad as it makes a little confusion with washing, music lesson and getting diner for Miss Mollie.

I wrote my weekly letter this morning.

The letter I wrote January 3rd came back this morning-that is, the circular.

It came from Spencer but Walter added nothing.  Neither did Hattie this time.

The sun began to shine about 9 o'clock but there's been flying clouds all day.

The ground isn't frozen a particle.  A poor show for filling ice-houses.

I felt so full and bloated after supper that I went up stairs and shed some of my clothing.


FEBRUARY 1916 (32-334) TUESDAY 1


Rained all last night and been cloudy to-day.

We did very little cooking to-day as Orville was not home.  Devoted our time to fixing over dresses.  I finished my plaid and Tillie finished a waist made of two riplette ones.  Were both small for her.

Miss Davis and Miss Harmanson came for us to go walking.  It was too muddy for me but Tillie went.

Pete came over while they were gone and he and I peeled a couple of Pumpkins.  These are the last.

Pete brought over a nice, cold, head of cabbage.  Orville bought a crate for the dormitory.  Have to pay the Home Department for it.


FEBRUARY 1916 (33-333) WEDNESDAY 2


Rained all last night again and turned to sleet this morning for a few minutes.  It has been dull and heavy all day.  It is cooler so think by to-morrow it will clear up.

I read the Newspaper after supper and got real nervous before I got through.  I didn't feel like doing anything more so will go to bed, at 8 o'clock.


(We are looking, a little, for Orville to-morrow forenoon- It depends on how well he gets along with the officials in Richmond.

Tillie spent the evening drilling Donald in his reading and spelling.)

Got a little mixed up. The portion in parenthesis should have been in yesterday's.

Orville got back at 11 o'clock last night and sick.


FEBRUARY 1916 (34-332) THURSDAY 3


Orville was in bed all day to-day.

Tilda came this morning and we washed and ironed.

Tillie began to get chilly this evening and went to bed with the headache and has been in bed most of the day.   Got up at 5 O'clock when I was ready for bed.  Have been tried all day but felt better after diner and my cup of tea.  It was the pie social to-night so I had the six pies to make.  I had them just about done when Tillie got up so she offered to put the meringue on the cream pies and I went to bed.  I told her and Miss Davis, who was here that I was “too tired to talk.”  Must have gotten Orville’s trouble but fortunately all was of short duration.  Tillie and I couldn’t go to the social but Orville and the boys went.


FEBRUARY 1916 (35-331) FRIDAY 4


I recorded, unthinkingly, my sickness yesterday,  it was to-morrow.  Got the pies made all but putting meringue on cream pies when I went to bed this evening.

Orville and the boys got home about 10:30.  There weren’t many there outside of the Academy people.

They made $13.


FEBRUARY 1916 (36-330) SATURDAY 5


I kept my bed until five o’clock this evening.  Got up and dressed and felt pretty well.

I occupied Orville’s bed last night as there was no fire in my room and I hadn’t the ambition to make it.  Orville said he would make a fire when he got home but he decided that I’d better stay where I was and he and Donald would sleep in my bed.


FEBRUARY 1916 (37-329) SUNDAY 6


No church to-day.  Tillie, Orville and the boys went to Sunday School.

Thought we would have a quiet rest day but the forenoons are short and by the time the after diner work is done and had a few callers the afternoon is about gone.

Miss Davis came over this evening and we went out for a walk.

Went into the woods towards Mrs. Dooley’s.


FEBRUARY 1916 (38-328) MONDAY 7


Washed and ironed to-day.

Tilda got through the ironing early so Tillie had her sweep up her bed-room.

We washed so late last week that there wasn’t as large a washing as usual.

I lay down after diner and took a little nap.  After getting up I ironed my two dressed I had in the wash.


FEBRUARY 1916 (39-327) TUESDAY 8


Been a fine day.

This forenoon I made a couple of handkerchiefs for the boys from two sugar sacks.

This afternoon went over to see Miss Harmanson who has been sick a week with what may prove to be mastoid abscess but at present is considerably better.  Took her some strawberry whip and preserved pears.

After staying three-fourths of an hour I went on to new dormitory and visited with Mrs. Talbot.  First time I've called on her since Xmas time.

Miss Florence, who came in awhile before I left, was very sociable.


FEBRUARY 1916 (40-326) WEDNESDAY 9


Cloudy this morning. Commenced to rain at 9 o'clock and rained most of the day.

Tillie worked on the trousers that Tommy sent, put pieces underneath the thin parts to strengthen them.

I darned up the pile of stockings.


FEBRUARY 1916 (41-325) THURSDAY 10


The day has been nice.

Tillie dyed a dress skirt and under shirt to-day.  I suggested that she put some white carpet rags in what was left so that started up looking for rags and from that I started tearing some colored ones.  We have been thinking of starting on them for several weeks but have always found something else that needed doing.

After getting the children to bed Tillie and I went to visit awhile with Miss Barnes.  When we got into the hall we heard her talking to one of the girls about some demerits.  The girls were a little "up in arms" about it but Miss B. had given them warning the night before.

We left Orville busy with his typewriter.

Miss Daisy called this evening.

Got our Montgomery order ready this morning but can't send it until to-morrow.  Orville has to give me a check.


FEBRUARY 1916 (42-324) FRIDAY 11


A beautiful spring- like morning.

I made a batch of cookies this forenoon and cleaned up my room.  Was tired when I got through.

Tillie "dug out" all forenoon and got diner.  We had boiled rice with raisins and cookies.

I intended going to the Library Society the last period but I lay down after diner and it was recess when I

got up, 2:30.

Mr. Oliver called after school, while he was waiting for the children.


FEBRUARY 1916 (43-323) SATURDAY 12


A beautiful day but we have noticed a circle around the moon for two nights.  We hadn't much work to do to-day so I tore a few carpet rags this forenoon.

Tillie spent nearly all afternoon trimming up my feet.  Not a pleasant job for her.

After she got through I took my bath and got partly ready for Miss Bushong's reception.

After supper we finished getting ready.  Orville was requested to be on time, 7:30 but Tillie and I went over at 8:00.

Miss Bushong is a fine hostess and tried to make it pleasant for all.  A disagreeable part of it was the "calling down" of Mr. Heflin, a teacher, for dancing a prohibitive dance.


FEBRUARY 1916 (44-322) SUNDAY 13


The expected storm came this morning.  Started to rain about 10:00 and at noon turned to snow but melted as fast as it came.

I decided to stay with the children, as it is hardly safe to leave them when they have to stay in the house and a fire in the grate.

We were just nicely settled after diner when Miss Martha came over and stayed all the rest of the afternoon.  She was quite full of the proceedings of last night and a few previous nights.

Tillie took Miss Bushong some prune whip, cookies and coffee this evening.

Have had no time to read anything to-day but the "Menace." Read about their trial at Joplin, Missouri.


FEBRUARY 1916 (45-321) MONDAY 14


Were just finished breakfast when Tilda came.  I wasn't looking for her.

It cleared up last night and to-day is considerably cooler.

Got most of the clothes dry and ironed.

Mrs. Samuel Read sent a ripped up skirt by Tilda for me to do some darning on which I did this afternoon.

Virginia was crying to-day and Tillie said, "Keith doesn't cry," and she piped up saying, "He did when he was on the ground." This was a time when Keith had come home from Kindson's and Walter wanted him to come into the house so he could talk to him. Keith didn't want to so lay down on the ground and cried.


FEBRUARY 1916 (46-320) TUESDAY 15


Tillie and I sat down after we got the children to school and wrote a long letter to Hattie.  I had just gotten back from putting it in the box when Mrs. Reed came to spend the day and get her dress.

After the diner work was done I tore carpet rags, this evening and sewed a few on the machine.

Mrs. Read was a girl at the time of the Civil War twelve or thirteen years old.  For a long time she held the Northerners, or "Yankees" as abhorrence.  Considered them as a lot of cut-throats.  The whole were judged by the few unprincipled one who took so much advantage of them after the war.  The Northerners are coming south and, "Now," she says, “I have learned to love them."

Tillie sent Mrs. Kregg a pan of hot biscuits and made some honey by one of the school girls, this evening.


FEBRUARY 1916 (47-319) WEDNESDAY 16


Another fine day and what little ice we had about melted.  Am afraid the dormitory ice-house will not got filled.  They sometimes fill it with snow but there's no snow.  The water here isn't very cool either.  It is soft through and we can wash with it right out of the well, without cleansing.

This morning we, again, sat down and wrote letters to Ed and Helen.  The mail man drove away while we were finishing and folding.  He hadn't as much work a usual.  So we had to keep them till to-morrow.

Orville's throats real sore last night but Tillie doctored him up so well that it was better this morning.


FEBRUARY 1916 (48-318) THURSDAY 17


A letter from Hattie to-day containing the English letter.

Answered the English letter this afternoon.

Tillie drove up to see Mrs. Kregg who has been sick, several days, with bronchial pneumonia.  Took her strawberries and whipped cream.

Mrs. Read came this afternoon while Tillie was gone with 5 dozen eggs Orville had bought, 20 cents per dozen.

She wanted the money so as not to have to walk up again as she was going to Bedford City to be gone over Sunday, so I gave her the dollar for which she seemed to be very thankful.  Tillie got home just as Mrs. Read was leaving.  She had been over to Mrs. Talbot.


FEBRUARY 1916 (49-317) FRIDAY 18


Sewed carpet rags all day.  We have been for several days.

Tillie made doughnuts when she was getting supper. 

When Mr. Heflin came with the milk he came in and ate one.            

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong spent the evening with us.    

They were full of the performances of the three youngest teachers.  They occupy the sitting room every night and run the Victrola, which disturbs them in their study hours.  Mr. Heflin's place is at the boy's dormitory during study hours and Miss Harmanson's every week at girl's dormitory.  Miss Davis seems to have no work in the evening.  Maybe a love case is growing.


FEBRUARY 1916 (50-316) SATURDAY 19


Tillie made her first "beaten biscuits" this morning. 2 qt flour, cup of lard, cup cream, cup milk, table spoonful of salt, tea spoon of sugar.  Put through meat chopper 4 times.  Roll 1/2 inch thick and bake in slow oven 1 hour.

We went to Miss Daisy Read's this afternoon to Ladies’ Aid.  We had a delightful time.  I wore my drab dress.

They served three kinds of cake and chocolate.

This evening Orville and Tillie went down to Hanel's.  0. visited in the store and Tillie with Mrs. Hanel who has been feeling badly for several days.

Nellie Hanel, a sister, was married to-day.  They had planned to be married at 10:30 and get to Forest to take the 12 o’clock train.  The preacher came at 11:15 and then they meant "business." The groom has a good horse and they made the 5 miles in time.  A close call.


FEBRUARY 1916 (51-315) SUNDAY 20


Orville and boys went to Sunday School.

This afternoon Donald, Stuart and I walked to New London to see Miss Mollie, the music teacher, who has been sick a week.  This was my longest walk since coming here.  Two miles and just two long hills.  The  “up hill" was pretty hard on my breathing apparatus, requiring frequent rests.  It would be better for me if I did more of it.

Miss Martha and Miss Barnes, as chaperones, walked over with the dormitory girls to church, just ahead of us.

We got back before them.  Donald and Stuart stopped at Lemmon's on the way back.  Donald came home first and reported some dirty talk Stuart got mixed up on.  He was sent to bed as punishment.


FEBRUARY 1916 (52-314) MONDAY 21


The same old thing to-day--washing and ironing.

Tillie went to bed last night with headache so this morning wasn't feeling well.  I expected to get breakfast but before I got myself and Virginia dressed Orville had gotten his chores done and commenced breakfast.  Mixed up pancakes as well and quickly as any woman. I got around in time to fry them while they ate them.  That wasn't so bad, was it?                                

Tillie sewed carpet rags all afternoon while Tilda and I ironed.

We received "Hatchet" invitations from Misses Davis and Harmanson to meet in sitting room this evening.  Miss Martha, Miss Bushong, Tillie and I were all that were there.  Miss Barnes was on duty this week and wouldn't leave the dormitory.  She feels like Miss Harmanson is shirking her duty.


FEBRUARY 1916 (53-313) TUESDAY 22


Rained a little last night and to-day has been cloudy.

I baked bread which duty seemed to have fallen on me.  When I first came Tillie baked such a small batch that it seemed more like "playing" than providing for a family.

She had gotten accustomed to Southern practices, "warm bread for all meals." I'm a "Westerner" and I bake some bread and we eat it cold.  Had lived with Jim Howard a year and found out what bread meant.  Ha! Ha!"

Miss Martha came over just after the biscuits were baked and ate two with a dish of cherries.

This was George Washington's birthday and "cherry day.”  Boys have been drawing hatchets and cherry trees since Valentine’s day.  Sent one of Donald’s drawings to June, Monday.


FEBRUARY 1916 (54-312) WEDNESDAY 23


Rained a little all night and was so dark that we could hardly see.

Tillie received a message over the wire this morning that Mrs. Spicer, a friend of hers at Calverton died this morning at 5 o'clock of pneumonia.  She received the message in time to write a letter of condolence before the mail man, Mr. Radford, came along.

Orville is having some uneasiness of mind between the house-keeper and the three young teachers.  Pete came over this evening and told us that the sulphured apples were spoiled.


FEBRUARY 1916 (55-311) THURSDAY 24


Rained hard all day.  Was so dark this morning that I had to light the lamp at 10 o'clock while I did some writing.

We have worked busily on the rags to-day and are making the pile look less.

We learned to-day that our Montgomery Ward is at Forest.  Pete was at Forest to-day.  Was sorry he couldn't bring it.

Got a letter from Mae to-day with two Sunday school papers for the boys.

Donald and Stuart each got a new tablet to-night.  They brought them to me to write their names.  Then I told them not to mark on the covers.  In ten minutes, or less, they had figured and written on the back of them.  I felt like spanking both of them.

Orville went over to hear them practice for the play to-morrow evening.


FEBRUARY 1916 (56-310) FRIDAY 25


Carpet rags on the go all day long.

The play, "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown" was given to-night.  It was quite good and fairly well attended.  They sold chocolate wafers and home made candy afterward.  The proceeds from the play, $25 went to the Juniors who gave it to make money for the banquet which are going to give the Senior at Commencement time.  The refreshments were sold by the Seniors.  They made $15. and gave the Juniors one-third of it for the privilege of selling.

Tillie and I came home right after the play.


FEBRUARY 1916 (57-309) SATURDAY 26


Orville went to Lynchburg to-day with Garrett Woodford who wanted to get glasses and wanted help.  They walked to Forest and took the 8 o'clock train and got back home about 4 o'clock having walked back from Forest.  Was too tired to play tennis with Elizabeth Rice who came in and asked him.

Orville sent Crowe Harris' money $135 to Bedford City by "Pack" to be deposited in the bank.  The man is sick and living alone but is looked after by tenants who go in every day.  He had Bright's disease, in an awful condition and the house very unsanitary.  The tenant requested Orville to try and get the money so that he would be free from suspicion.


FEBRUARY 1916 (58-308) SUNDAY 27


This was preaching day.  Didn't like to go, as I had no money for the collection, it had just played out.  Went anyway.     

Miss Martha came over after diner and stayed nearly all afternoon.  She was full of the dancing performances of

Mr. Heflin at Miss Bushong's reception.  He tried to dance in the modern way, which is prohibited by the board.  Miss Bushong permitted them to dance "Virginia Real" and "Stealing Partners”. Orville who was running the Victrola had to tell him and it displeased him.


FEBRUARY 1916 (59-307) MONDAY 28


Looked a little like storming but Tilda came and we got the washing and ironing done.

Pete oiled the sitting room floor for us.

Mrs. Dooley called this afternoon.

Orville got our "rag party" invitations type written to-night.  They were on pieces of starched shirt bosoms, which we had saved after tearing the shirts up.

The invitation was this.

At the Lodge, from 4 to 8.

Come begowned in your oldest dress

That was worn ten years ago or less.

From your bag of rags so fair

Bring with you a rag to tear,


For our rugs you know we're making

Which is quite an undertaking.

Tie a rag around your thumb

So you won't forget to come.


Our Montgomery box came this p.m., which we opened after getting the children to bed.


FEBRUARY 1916 (60-306) TUESDAY 29


I wrote a letter to Tommy this morning, a birthday letter supposed to be but a month after.  Wanted to send him a little present, which I neglected sending for in time.

Yesterday was Nellie's birthday so both their presents are or were in the box, which came yesterday.

Sent Tommy a vest pocket flash light and Nellie a pair of pumps.

Orville tied up our party invitations this morning with a carpet rag, and gave them to the teachers.


MARCH 1916 (61-305) WEDNESDAY 1


The month came in mild.

I made three cream pies, one for the 1st prize, the other two to serve.

Tillie made chicken and celery salad to be served with saltine wafers and also made marguerites.

All the lady teachers came at 4 o'clock with their little bundle of rags.  They were required to tear them then pick out twelve strings to sew together.  The one that got through first, which was Miss Bushong, got the pie and the one who was last, which was Miss Harmanson, got a pincushion which was dressed up in the form of a rag doll.  The tearing, sewing, refreshments with 10 minutes left took up the whole time.  Miss Bushong made the first move to go at just 6 o'clock.

We had a good time and they all went away laughing.  Miss Martha carried the pie for Miss B., on the run and the rest after her.


MARCH 1916 (62-304) THURSDAY 2


This morning was fine so Orville and I got ready to go to Radford to Teacher's Conference.  Tillie helped nearly all morning to get ready.  My feet had to be gone over slightly to insure easy transportation after we got there.  Then I got ready and Tillie packed my suit-case.  We neither of us thought of a nightgown and it didn't occur to me until we had just gotten off the train at Radford.

We left here at 11 o'clock with Budd Hanel.  Miss Davis and Miss Harmanson went too.  Reached Forest a few minutes before the train came in at 1:30.  We paid him $2. to take us up.

Reached Radford at 5 o'clock, went to the hotel, got supper then went to Normal building at first session.  The two teachers & I occupied one room.


MARCH 1916 (63-303) FRIDAY 3


Got along very well last night without a nightgown as I had my kimono and slept in that.  I got up first and was about dressed when the teachers got up.  We went down to breakfast together and found Orville eating.

It commenced to rain soon after we got up and in a short time it turned to snow and snowed hard.  We got our diner in the building, served by the Ladies’ Aide.  I didn't enjoy it, was dry and the coffee was almost cold.  A buffet lunch.  Cost 25 cents.

At the close of the Science conference I met the Science teacher, Miss Bryson who invited me to spend the night with her.  Went back to the hotel and got supper, went with her after the evening conference.


MARCH 1916 (84-302) SATURDAY 4


Every thing frozen up hard this morning.  Was glad I had my rubbers with me.

Miss Bryson is matron at the new dormitory which is filled up with girls.  The meals are served at the old dormitory and I would have liked to have gone but Miss Bryson ordered Aunt Alice, the colored woman, to bring our breakfast over.  We had an orange, toast, hot biscuits and sausage with coffee.

We afterward went to the school building, got the same kind of lunch at noon and left at 4:15 for the depot, The train was on time 4:55.  Reached Forest at 8 where we found Budd to take us home and reached there at 10 o'clock.  The children were in bed but Tillie was waiting for us.  We go over the Allegheny’s to get to Radford, consequently a rough road.  If I had been going home I would have been 85 miles on the way.  Had a good time and the entire expense was $6.60.


MARCH 1916 (85-301) SUNDAY 5


Glad we are back home.  While I enjoyed the trip, it is nice to have a place you can call "home."

There was no church to-day and I was glad of it.

Orville went to Sunday School but didn't feel like it.

Tillie went out walking this afternoon with Donald and landed at Mrs. Barnett's.  Not finding her at home they went on to Mrs. Walker's people who have recently come in.

While she was gone Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and Cora came.  Cora had gotten some demerits and wasn't feeling good over it.  So they came to talk it over.  She got them for being saucy to some of the teachers.


MARCH 1916 (86-300) MONDAY 6


Washed and ironed with Tilda's help.

Wrote the circular this morning.


MARCH 1916 (67-299) TUESDAY 7


[No entry.]


MARCH 1916 (68-298) WEDNESDAY 8


Tillie's mind was on sewing this morning and she got up early.  I thought it was Orville so got up too but to my surprise when I came out of my room saw Orville still stretched out in bed.  The usual thing.

I made button holes in three dresses for Virginia and two more of the boys waists.

Orville wrote a lengthy note to Miss Florence and sent it over by Pete.  So much stuff was going into the swill barrel and leaving too much in the Negroes hands.


MARCH 1916 (B9-297) THURSDAY 9


Mr. Crowe Harris died last night at 10 o'clock.

A beautiful morning.

Tillie and I both sat down to write letters after we got the children to school.  We had just gotten started when Pete came over saying Miss Mollie was over there so Tillie had to go and take her lesson.  Miss Mollie has been sick for three weeks.

I got my letter written to Al and Edna and after mailing washed the dishes.

As Miss Mollie was here we had a little extra diner to get.

This afternoon I worked button holes in three waists.

Tillie finished six pair of panties for Virginia, all but the buttonholes which makes 30 more to work.  Tillie called on Mrs., Talbot to-day.

Miss Florence sent an answer to Orville's note.  She evidently is thinking it over seriously.  Orville went up to Mr. Crowe Harris' this forenoon.


MARCH 1916 (70-296) FRIDAY 10


A nice morning but clouded up at noon.

Mr. Harris was buried to-day.

Orville and Tillie went to the funeral in Mr. Hanel's rig.  Miss Davis and Mr. Heflin rode with them.

We had a little lunch soon after 11 and they left at 11:30.  Mr. Johnson who came to take a load had tea with us.

School was dismissed at 11 and quite a number went in a body to the funeral.

Those who remained expected to have a picnic, play times &c but Orville got an inkling of it and said he would impose a penalty if any one played before 3:30.  All was quiet until that time.

I had supper ready when they came home at 5 o'clock.  Made a cream pie and had mashed potatoes.

Worked one buttonhole to-day.


MARCH 1916 (71-295) SATURDAY 11


Thought I would get at the button holes early but when I was ready to start Bonnie Hanel came up for Tillie, her mother was sick.

However I finished the last three waists this afternoon.  Have made 88 button holes this week beside sewing on that many buttons.

Orville went to Mento, a little place thirteen miles south-west, to a county farmers' meeting.  He reported a good time and took diner at one of the school boy's home.  Got home about 6:30.

Miss Bushong and Miss Martha came over and spent the evening with us.  Orville was at the store.


MARCH 1916 (72-294) SUNDAY 12


A fine morning but we were late in getting up so Tillie and I had to hurry to get ready for church by 11 o'clock.

The children and Orville went to S. School at 10 o'clock.

This afternoon Orville and Tillie, accompanied by Miss Davis, went to call on a family who have lived in the neighborhood for a year without going to see them.  Must be 1 1/2 miles.  After they came back Tillie went walking with Miss Bushong and Miss Barnes.  Afterward she was going to track walk with the boys and there Orville and I draw the line.  We thought she had had exercise enough.  I went out with the boys and Virginia and walked around five times--one mile.  I had to take hold of one end of a stick with Virginia, rather slow walking.


MARCH 1916 (73-293) MONDAY 13


Fine morning but before night there were indications of rain.

We got the dirty clothes scattered out for Tilda this morning but she failed to show up.  So we put it away.  Would have gone on with it but we each had a letter to write and when we got through it was 10 o'clock.

I wasn't feeling well this forenoon anyway.

Lay down awhile before diner and felt better.

Had Miss Mollie for diner.

Tillie sewed carpet rags this afternoon and I worked buttonholes in three pairs of panties for Virginia.


MARCH 1916 (74-292) TUESDAY 14


Rained a little during the night and expected a rainy day to-day but it has been fine for washing.  Tilda came this morning.

The day has been so fine that it has been sultry.

Tilda says they have gotten their tobacco bed started.

Wrote letters this morning to Harry Glover and Ed Manse about interest money.

Finished the buttonholes in the five pair of panties.  Now I must get the tatting done for Mrs. Hanel.

Have felt "blue" all day.


MARCH 1916 (75-291) WEDNESDAY 15


Rained a little this morning and this afternoon turned quite cold.  Must be having cold weather in the west.

Got a letter from Hattie to-day saying it was the sixteenth letter she had written without an answer.  I think her memory is getting poor.  Any way I've written her this evening.  Went up into my room.  Had a good fire, as it is cold.  The first time I've gone to myself to write.  Think I'll get writing material and then write up there any evening.

I finished the little dress for Mrs. Hanel's and afterwards mended stockings.

Tillie sewed carpet rags, and silk piece for sofa pillow cover.


MARCH 1916 (76-290) THURSDAY 16


Still cold.

Wrote a letter to Hattie last night and tried to get one ready to Walter but the mail man came before I got it finished so will sent it to-morrow.

Darned more socks to-day.

Went down to Hanel's this evening and got my tablet and ink.

Can write my diary up stairs now every evening when I go up to bed.

Took the little dress down.

Mrs. Hanel thought she felt a little better.  She is anemic and very nervous.


MARCH 1916 (77-289) FRIDAY 17


Wrote to Elmer Bisbee this morning in regard to interest money and also the note which matured the 1st of March.  Finished up the carpet rags this forenoon.  One big job off our hands.

Nearly forgot to sponge the bread this morning but thought of it in time so as to mix it up right after diner.  Then got ready to go to the Literary Society which commenced at 2 o'clock.

It was a debate on "Preparedness."  Resolved.

Walked five times around the track to-night.  Tillie gained one round and walked six.

Miss Davis went home to-night and Miss Harmanson went with her.


MARCH 1916 (78-288) SATURDAY 18


A fine day.

Tillie made oatmeal cookies this morning.  Was about through when Ted Hanel came up for her.  His mother was having another nervous spell.  I finished up, swept, made a beds then took a bath and hanged my clothes.

Yesterday morning Orville announced in chapel that he had appointed Tillie and me to inspect the boy's dormitory and were going to-day at noon.  This was a surprise to the boys.

We went and found the rooms in pretty good shape.

They had done some cleaning in shape of sweeping and tidying up.

We went to Ladies' Aid at Mrs. Barnett's this p.m.

Orville went to Mr. Padget's this forenoon to look at horses.  Got his diner there then he and Mr. Padget came to Farmer's meeting at N.L.A. When we got home he announced that he was going to meet Mr. Padget at Peter's Branch at 7 o'clock.  They were going to Forest to Hanson’s lodge.


MARCH 1916 (79-287) SUNDAY 19


Orville got back at 12:30 last night, rather this morning.

Was late when we got up.

They all went to Sunday School but Virginia & me.

This afternoon I partly wrote my weekly letter.

Tillie and Donald walked to Mr. Oliver's and she was tired out when she got back.

Mr. Hanel the old gentleman walked this evening on his way from the village.

Orville went to the village church, with some of the schoolgirls, as chaperone.

Miss Martha and Miss Barnes came over this morning.

Miss Harmanson came back alone.  Miss Davis was sick.


MARCH 1916 (80-288) MONDAY 20


Tilda came and we washed and ironed.

This was Ray's birthday and didn't get a present for him nor even write a letter.

Will write him a letter and send a present later.

Mr. Hanel came up for Tillie about daybreak this morning.  She is very poorly.

They had a five cent Victrola musical at school the last hour.

I didn't care to go.

Partly wrote the circular yesterday and finished it this morning.


MARCH 1916 (81-285) TUESDAY 21


We baked bread to-day.

Tillie cut out three pair of pants out of three old pair of

Orville's and made them this afternoon all but buttonholes.

Mrs. Sprouse called this afternoon.  Is taking care of Mrs. Hanel part of each day.


MARCH 1916 (82-284) WEDNESDAY 22


Mrs. Samuella Read called on her way to visit Mrs. Lemmon.  Borrowed $5. from Orville.

Tillie was with Mrs. Hanel all day.

Orville went down for her after supper.

Children were in bad when they got home.

Gave my bedroom a good cleaning this morning.

This red dirt is a fright.


MARCH 1916 (83-283) THURSDAY 23


Mrs. Lemmon called on us to-day- She has been coming ever since I came.

After she left Tillie went to Hanel's


MARCH 1916 (84-282) FRIDAY 24


Early this morning, as were finishing breakfast, Mr. Heflin, Miss Harmanson and Miss Davis came over.  They came to make known to Orville the way they were treated in regard to the sitting room.  The trio has had the sole occupancy of it since Xmas to within the last week or two.  Miss Bushong occupies it occasionally to help some of her students.

Mr. Heflin is also offended over Tillie and I going over to inspect the boy's dormitory.

It was a good thing, as he wasn't doing his duty in seeing that there was order in the building.

Tillie gave her bedroom a good cleaning but not before it needed it.  We talked of having Mr. Heflin come over and inspect it.


MARCH 1916 (85-281) SATURDAY 25


Tillie went to see Mrs. Hanel right after breakfast; one of the boys came up for her.

When she came back at 11 o’clock she had, decided to have Mrs. Hanel brought up here for a while.  She came about 1 o'clock.

This forenoon I took care of the bread and pickled Mrs. Hanel's cucumbers, which Tillie brought up yesterday.

Was tired after we got the work done this afternoon so lay down and took a nap.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over with some greens they had gathered at Miss Daisy Read's.

Mr. Hanel came up  this evening.  Baseball game this p.m. between N.L.A. and Rustberg.  Score 12 to O in favor of N.L.A.


MARCH 1916 (86-280) SUNDAY 26


Stuart's birthday, seven years old.

He didn't get his chocolate cake, as we were too busy to make it yesterday.  Got no presents either.

Tillie went to church.  I preferred staying home and looking after diner.

This was Mr. Oliver's last Sunday before the meeting of the Presbytery.

Took nap again this afternoon after Tillie trimmed down my corns.

Mr. Hanel has been here a good part of the day.  He will be busy in the store to-morrow.

Dr. Rice was here.  Mrs. Hanel seems to be improving.


MARCH 1916 (87-279) MONDAY 27


Commenced to rain early this morning and kept it up all day off and on.  Is cooler than it was Saturday and yesterday.

Miss Mollie didn't come on account of the rain.

I sat with Mrs. Hanel part of this afternoon and while Tillie got diner.


MARCH 1916 (88-278) TUESDAY 28


Tilda came quite early so the thing was to wash.  She and I did the washing and Tillie waited on Mrs. Hanel and got diner.  Got through before diner and we all had a hand in the ironing.

Got letters from Helen, Mattie and the circular from Stanley.  It had taken a short cut from Minneapolis.

Ray seemingly has work.

Helen writes that they have sold their old home, where they have lived ever since they were married.  They seem to have left easily as they had to leave in a hurry.  Didn't have time to ponder over it.  Was a big surprise to me as I thought Ed would never be able to come to that decision.  Arthur has gone back to Waukesha.

Misses Evans, Bushong & Barnes were over to-night Martha Hanel came over this afternoon and sat with her daughter-in-law while we ironed.


MARCH 1916 (89-277) WEDNESDAY 29


Been a tolerably cool day.

I've done very little to-day outside of helping with the house work.

Took a nap with Virginia after diner and by the time I got changed school was out.

Mrs. Hanel has been in bed all day.  Not quite as well as she was yesterday.

Tillie just told me that Virginia didn't want to say part of her prayers to-night but finally, consented.  She said "God bless Daddy, Mother and Grandma forever and ever.  Amen." This lasts for all time was in too big a hurry to ask a blessing for "brothers" and herself.  The baseball team is out on a baseball excursion for three days.

MARCH 1916 (90-276) THURSDAY 30


To-day after school, Miss Davis gave another luncheon for the grade teachers.  Orville and Tillie were invited.  The colors were, pink and white.  A large bouquet of pink and white sweet peas in center of table also a small one at each plate.  The waiters were Frankie Scott and someone else.  Everything went off beautifully.

I got Mrs. Hanel's supper and the children and I had just what I could pick up.

That's the way we do when there isn't a man to cook for.

Tillie wore the pumps Nellie returned and they looked real well.


MARCH 1916 (91-275) FRIDAY 31


Baked bread to-day.

I went out riding with Mr. and Mrs. Hanel this afternoon.  He gives her a little ride every day.

Darned a few stockings this p.m.

Miss Martha came over a little while after school.  She is not feeling well.

I took a ride with Mr. and Mrs. Hanel and the little children this afternoon.

The grain that was sowed last fall is looking quite green.

The base ball team came back after dark and were quite hilarious.  Won every game.  The girls saluted them with their school yell.


APRIL 1916 (92-274) SATURDAY 1


Quite warm to-day.

The baseball team played Lynchburg high this afternoon.  The Lynchburger's were successful, the score being 7 to 1.

The N.L.A.'s made two or three poor plays owing to their worn out condition from playing different schools the three preceding days.  They wanted to win this game above all others, as they were beaten at Lynchburg last year.

Mr. Black the principal of that school and whom I heard talk at Teacher's Association at Radford came with them.

Several ladies called.  Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Kregg, and Mrs. Dooley.

Orville and Tillie started to Forest to-night but when nearly there turned back.  Orville was going to lodge.


APRIL 1916 (93-273) SUNDAY 2


Been cloudy and a little sultry all day.

I noticed in taking a little walk to-day that the raspberry and blackberry bushes are coming out in leaf.  I hope to get all the berries I can eat this summer.

Orville, Tillie and the children went to Mr. Johnston's this afternoon.  I had Mrs. Hanel's supper about ready when they got home.

I went to Vespers this evening.  Orville never goes only when invited to talk or when some outside parson comes in. This evening he talked on "The making of a Man ' " It was surely good advice to the young people both for how and when they are thrown on to the world.

After I got home Tillie and I went over and called on Misses Bushong and Evans.


APRIL 1916 (94-272) MONDAY 3


Heard it thunder and rain during the night.  This morning was cloudy and cold and has been all day.

Too disagreeable to work.

Mrs. Hanel had to postpone going home

Had Miss Mollie for diner.

Mrs. Wilson brought us a nice bouquet of Narcissus.

Miss Daisy called after school to talk with Tillie about a box social.


APRIL 1916 (95-271) TUESDAY 4


Brightened up this morning so Tilda came and we washed and ironed all day.

Mrs. Fannie Saunders came this forenoon with the Communion silver service.  She had had them about 30 years and wanted them delivered to Mrs. Barnett.

Mrs. Hanel went home just before diner.  The horse was at liberty just at that time.  She felt badly.

Miss Barnes came over and sat awhile with us.


APRIL 1916 (96-270) WEDNESDAY 5


Baked a big batch of bread to-day.

I put a pair of good cuffs on my pleated shirt waist, a pair Tillie gave me.

Tillie and Orville went to Mr. Hanel's this evening and came back/in the rain.


APRIL 1916 (97-269) THURSDAY 6

Miss Mollie was here for diner.

Miss Davis gave her board luncheon after school.

Mr. Abbott came but Mr. Brown and Mr. Garber sent their regrets.

I was invited to fill one of their places but Miss Gish, the County Canning Club organizer, came with Mr. Abbott so that relieved me.

Tillie, Miss Mollie and I went to the dinning room to see the table.  The color scheme was white and yellow.  Yellow jonquils in center and yellow paper shades over the candelabra.  Cocktail in orange halves and egg salad.

Mr. Barnett and son worked on cemetery fence.


APRIL 1916 (98-268) FRIDAY 7


Made cinnamon rolls to-day.

We are expecting to have to do some entertaining tomorrow as the County Farmers' Union meets.  The dormitory will feed a good many, but there are a few special friends that Tillie wants to entertain.

Mr. Hanel sent us a large fish, roe shad, and we had it for supper.

It is not flaky like white fish.

Never saw so many fish eggs before.  Suppose this is spawn.

One of the schoolboys took Miss Martha and Miss Bushong to Forest to-night.  They are going to Lynchburg tomorrow.  They are staying at Dr. Price's to-night.

A number of men set the posts for cemetery fence.

APRIL 1916 (99-267) SATURDAY 8


Snowed last night.

An unfavorable day for the Union.

A little rain and melting snow kept a good many away, the women especially 'j

The dormitory had 30 men.  The boarders ate first at 12 o'clock.

Mr. G. Cassel of East Radford, VA came and addressed the Union at 2 o'clock.  One of the schoolboys met him at Forest.

Orville took him back after supper.  Mrs. Johnson came over after the meeting.  We wanted them to stay to supper but by that time it was snowing hard.


APRIL 1916 (100-266) SUNDAY 9


Went to church this morning.  It was communion Sunday.

This afternoon I read in "The Inside of the Cup."

Tillie and boys walked to Mr. Oliver's and Tillie came back "tired as a dog," she says.

I told her we would use our authority next time and tell her how far she might go.  It was the boys' wish to go there and they don't know.

Mr. Oliver came in and had a cup of coffee before going on to this other appointment.

APRIL 1916 (101-265) MONDAY 10


Monday again and washday.

Tillie got up sick this morning with headache, so the work fell chiefly on Tilda and me.  We had Miss Mollie for diner too.

For all Tillie was sick she was starving all day, so there had to be frequent draughts of tea and slices of toast.

She began to mend about the middle of the afternoon and did a little ironing.

This evening at 8 o'clock we went to the church to hear a lecture by Dr. Graham who had been in China as a missionary for 27 years.  Was there during the "Boxer" trouble.

I want to dress when I get up in the morning to go to the opening of school to hear him.

Quite cool to-night.  We are wondering how it will affect the peach crop.  Are in bloom.


APRIL 1916 (102-264) TUESDAY 11


Forgot about dressing ready to go to the school building to hear Dr. Graham so had to redress after breakfast.

We left the dishes and everything in order to get there on time.  He talked during the first period and also the third.  The intervening period I visited Miss Bushong's English class.

The subject of the lesson was "Friendly and Business Correspondence."

Tillie and I called on Mrs. Hanel this evening.  On our way home we called on Miss Martha and stayed until 10:30.

Orville was in bed when we got home.

I surely wish I were young again so that I could go to school too.


APRIL 1916 (103-263) WEDNESDAY 12


This has been a beautiful day.

We got word this morning that Mrs. Samuella Read was coming to spend the day so we hurried to get the work done.  She came about 11 o'clock.  She talks a "blue streak" all the time and so fast that I understand about half of what she says.  She is noted for her tatting.

She left at 4 o'clock and Virginia and I went a piece with her.

We went near Mr. Hanel's store and Virginia wanted me to go and get some peanuts.  I told her we'd have to go home and get my pocket book.  She said, "All right" but by the time we got home she'd forgotten all about it.

Most of the boys are either playing ball or tennis.  Miss Martha, Dr. Rice, Mr. Yates and Orville are playing tennis on the girls' court.

It is 8 o'clock p.m.


APRIL 1916 (105-261) FRIDAY 14


Enlarged One of my tea jackets to-day.


APRIL 1916 (106-260) SATURDAY 15


Orville and Tillie left with the ball boys at 8:30 this morning.  Came back at 10 o'clock.

I took care of the children and they were quite good all day.

Miss Harmanson came over just as were finishing supper and they tried then to act a little smart.

I baked bread to-day.

I worked till I got the after diner work done and while the bread was rising ready for the oven I lay down and slept a few minutes, My feet were very tired.

Virginia was in bed when they got home but the boys were up waiting for their Easter eggs.  I failed to say that they went to the Appomattox ball game.  N.L.A. boys won.


APRIL 1916 (107-259) SUNDAY 16


No church but Sunday School.

Tillie and I spent the forenoon after the work was done trimming up my feet.

Wrote my part of circular and a letter to Ola this afternoon.

Donald and Jimmy Hanel wanted me to go and pick violets when I was in the midst of writing.  They filled my hands.

Orville and Tillie went to see Mr. and Mrs. Lee.  Mrs. Lee is sick.  Afterward Tillie called on Mrs. Hanel, the dormitory teachers and Mrs. Talbot.


APRIL 1916 (108-258) MONDAY 17


Washing and ironing day.

Was sure last night it would rain, but this morning it cleared and the wind has been blowing hard all afternoon.

N.L.A. played Chatham, here, after school closed this afternoon.

The score was 7 to 2 in favor of Chatham.


APRIL 1916 (109-257) TUESDAY 18


Not much work to be done to-day so thought we would make great progress with Orville's three shirts.

The machine balked and Tillie spent most of the day coaxing it to run.

I enlarged the two large aprons Mae got for me when we went to Glenwood Springs.  That was in 1913 when June was a little baby, a few weeks old.

I have not worn them yet but will now that they measure 37 inches, waist.

Letter from Mattie and Nellie to-day.


APRIL 1916 (110-256) WEDNESDAY 19


We were expecting Mrs. Oliver for diner to-day but she failed to come.

We cooked diner and when she had not come at near 12:30, school closing time, Tillie wrote notes to Miss Martha and Miss Bushong to come and eat diner with us.

Mrs. Oliver is not strong so suppose she was not feeling well.

I called on Mrs. Hanel this afternoon.


APRIL 1916 (111-255) THURSDAY 20


Very warm to-day.

I drew threads and cut out two pair of pillow cases.  Basted the hems on two ready for stitching and sewing tatting on.

Went over and visited Mrs. Talbot this afternoon.  Read her a story on pioneer days.  Seemed to be quite interested.

Got an Easter package from Nellie in the shape of a neck reach.  It is so nice to be remembered but I've sent nothing to any one.  Last year I got a bouquet of Carnations from Mae.

Letter from Mae to-day.


APRIL 1916 (112-254) FRIDAY 21


After breakfast this morning I finished a letter to Nellie which I started last night.

Been very warm all day.

Had a thundershower this afternoon.

Commenced to rain again about dark and now at 10 o'clock is still at it.

Hope it will rain all night as all crops need it badly.

Could see Mr. Lahmon’s orchards this morning as I went to the mail box and it is a solid mass of bloom.

School closed this evening for Easter Vacation, which only includes till Tuesday morning.

The new rugs came this morning 11 of them. 22 yards.  Cost nearly $8.

Letter from Tommy enclosing a check for $30.


APRIL 1916 (113-253) SATURDAY 22


Cool to-day.

Went out with the boys this afternoon and raked the yard between church fence and tennis court, after diner raked on the south side of house.  Was tired when we got through and I lay down to rest.

Right after I got up Orville came over with the car and he took us out for our first ride this season.  He has just gotten a new coil, cost $18. and he thinks he will have to get a new carburetor which costs $10.  It doesn't go well.

The boys and Virginia each got an Easter basket today.  A box of chocolates for us older ones.  She always think of us.  I mean Mae,


APRIL 1916 (114-252) SUNDAY 23



Easter Sunday.  The boys were up early looking after their baskets of eggs and the bunny that Mae sent them.

When I got down stairs they had made one big nest in center of table, on center piece, with eggs in and surrounded with oranges and more eggs.

We had Mr. Oliver for diner then Orville took him to his appointment four miles west.

Mrs. Oliver was coming over this afternoon and Tillie was to go and meet her.  She went but met her sitting on a log.  The walk was too much for her so Tillie went with her.

It seems so quiet around here with the teachers all gone and only three or four students left.


APRIL 1916 (115-251) MONDAY 24


A beautiful day.

People around here seemingly don't work on Easter Monday.  We are different for Orville has been out harrowing and I with the boys have been cleaning up the wood pile.  Tillie has been busy in the house.

The teachers come back to-day so to-morrow will take on again the old appearance of life.

Orville has been out in the field harrowing.  Should have gone to Mr. Oliver's sale but could get none in to do the field.


APRIL 1916 (11B-250) TUESDAY 25


Tilda came early this morning and we got through by noon.  She ironed Orville's shirt and then went home.  She was expecting her oldest sister to visit her.

Tillie and I did the rest of the ironing.

Miss Daisy called after school to tell us that they had given up the box social and spelling school.

Mrs. Samuella Read called too.

It had been a cool day.  Just the right kind of weather for house cleaning but we don't seem to be ready to begin.

Orville is busy drilling the boys for the Contest at Bedford City Friday evening.  Is also talking of going to Richmond this week.


APRIL 1916 (117-249) WEDNESDAY 26

School Board met to-day, two of them, Mr. Abbott and Mr. Garber.  Mr. Brown didn't come.

The teachers were requested to hand in their applications next Monday when the Board meets again.

Orville, who started for Richmond to-night rode with Mr. Abbott to Goode a station just west of Forest and took the train.  Will get to Richmond at 7 o'clock in the morning.  Is gone to look after the appropriation.

Will be back to-morrow evening if he can get a hearing in time to catch the 3 o'clock train.


APRIL 1916 (118-248) THURSDAY 27


[No entry.]


APRIL 1916 (119-247) FRIDAY 28


[No entry.]


APRIL 1916 (120-248) SATURDAY 29


[No entry.]


APRIL 1916 (121-245) SUNDAY 30


Sunday School but no church.

I spent the forenoon, after we got the work done, bathing and trimming up my feet.  It is a hard job.

After diner Orville gave us a ride to Forest and back.  Afterwards he and Tillie went to take Mrs. Hanel out but she was gone to see Mrs. Lee who has also been quite sick with bronchial pneumonia.

Not finding her they took Grandpa and Grandma Hanel and went over to Mr. Johnston's.

I got supper ready but they were gone so long that I thought they were eating some place else.  When they got back the dishes were washed and they'd had no supper.


MAY 1916 (122-244) MONDAY 1

Washed and ironed.

We washed outside for the first time and were quite comfortable.

The ironing was hard as we had to keep the doors closed on account of flies.   No screen doors up yet.

We went to bed without lighting the lamps, as we were very tired.

Orville has had a strenuous day.

The Board met and were here all day and until 9 o'clock.

All the teachers had to hand in their applications today.  They were all re-elected.  It was a surprise as we thought Miss Harmanson had lost out.  It was Mr. Brown's doing.  Mr. Garber wanted to dispense with Miss H. and Mr. Heflin.  Said they couldn't serve both God and Mammon.


MAY 1916 (123-243) TUESDAY 2


Been very warm all day.

Tillie cut out my seersucker dress this forenoon.

Sewed a little on it this afternoon.

Mrs. Hanel came up early this afternoon.  She walked up and to several places lately.  Is gaining right along.

Tillie had the headache this afternoon so didn't feel like sewing so we went out for a walk.

For our walk we went to the garden.  They haven't a tomato plant growing.  They must have gotten too much fertilizer in the hot bed.


MAY 1916 (124-242) WEDNESDAY 3


Warm again to-day and plenty of south wind.

Sewed on my seersucker to-day.

Orville didn't come home to-night until after we had gone to bed.  Had work over at the barn after supper then the teachers were anxious to hear of the doings of the Board.

It has been necessary to make different rulings for next Year on account of the three young teachers. as they haven’t been willing to assume their share of responsibility and discipline.  Mr. Heflin and Miss Harmanson are very much attached to each other and Miss Davis helps them along.


MAY 1916 (125-241) THURSDAY 4


Been very warm and a hard south wind for three days that means a storm.  It came this morning and stopped the fieldwork.  Orville is having lime and fertilizer put on the school land.

Just a shower this morning then it let up until after diner then rained all afternoon and until after we went to bed.

Just before diner Orville had to go to Forest for butter for dormitory so Tillie and Virginia went with him.  They also took Mrs. Hanel for a ride.

I got diner.

Miss Mollie was here for diner.


MAY 1916 (126-240) FRIDAY 5


Tillie cut out a tea jacket for me this morning out of what was left of my seersucker.

It is considerably cooler to-day.

The Juniors in N.L.A. High School played the Forest team after school.  Our team was victorious.

Dr. Rice umpire4or Forest.

Baked three pie tins of currant biscuits and they were all dispensed with before bedtime but two.


MAY 1916 (127-239) SATURDAY 6


A nice day.

Orville took Mr. Heflin and three of the boys to Forest this morning to catch an early train for Blacksburg where they were going to attend the Field Meet.

He brought back an architect to figure on the cost of a heating system for the school building and also to advise on plans for new, boy's dormitory.

We expected and got breakfast for him but he had gotten it at Roanoke.

Tillie was in bed part of the day with headache.

We called on Mrs. Hanel after supper.

The teachers outside of Orville and Mr. Heflin were invited to Mrs. Dooley's for supper.


MAY 1916 (128-238) SUNDAY 7


Nice weather but we need rain badly.

Orville took us out riding after diner.  We went as far as Forest the corner where Alice's daughter lives, and a little beyond Miss Barnes' home.  It began to look stormy and we turned back.  It only amounted to a heavy sprinkle then we went to Mr., Padget's.  Mrs. Padget and sister were gone to call on a neighbor but came back before we left, Mr. P. took us out to look at his steers.  I don't know what he thinks about them but I thought they were in very poor condition.


MAY 1916 (129-237) MONDAY 8


Wash day as usual and a good one.

There are hard, busy days as the ironing is done too.

I took a nap after diner so that helped me along.

Looks as though we may have rain to-morrow.

Tillie got quite expressive of her feelings while we were eating supper.  Orville wasn't here but his ears must have burned while she was talking about his not getting door springs and hinges to keep the flies out.  Disclosed she wouldn't do any housecleaning if the windows got so we couldn't see through them.  I didn't say a word and she finally left the table and was gone an hour or more with the children.  Orville took Mrs. Hanel out riding after school.  I went with them.  Went to St. Stephen's church.


MAY 1916 (130-236) TUESDAY 9


No rain.

Tillie changed her mind about cleaning house and went at it this morning so I fell in with it.

She started kalsomining the ceiling and finished that before diner.  The sides on account of being dark required more than one coat so did not finish the room.  Orville worked at it as long as he could see after school.

Am wrong.  Orville kalsomined after giving Mrs. Hanel another ride.  Tillie went with them.  Mr. Hanel's horse was in the field and in order to get it Orville had to give her daily rides.

MAY 1916 (131-235) WEDNESDAY 10


Orville got up early this morning and finished the kalsomining with the exception of spots here and there.

We got things all back in place by to-night.


MAY 1916 (132-234) THURSDAY 11


Our baseball team played Appomattox after school this afternoon.  N.L.A. won.

Miss Daisy and Tillie served punch, candy popcorn and cake.  The proceeds to go into the treasury of the Ladies’ Aid.

They made $8.85.

Mrs. Barnett visited with me after she delivered her cake.

We watched the game from the south window in my room up stairs,


MAY 1916 (133-233) FRIDAY 12


Mrs. Hanel wanted Tillie to stay with her to-day while Mr. Hanel went to Lynchburg with two of the boys to purchase suits. 

She asked me to go this forenoon so I went down just before school time and stayed until she went down after diner.

While I was gone Tillie cut out the kimonos for June and Virginia and just about finished one.  I started on the other but made slow progress as the machine was balky.


MAY 1916 (134-232) SATURDAY 13


We had nothing much to do to-day and as Orville was gone and had no diner to get ought to have cleaned the kitchen.

It was a hot day and we both were affected by it.  Were lazy and unenergetic.

Orville with three other men of whom Mr. Padget and Lawrence Read were two went to Moneta to the Farmers' Union.

It is a town 25 miles southwest.  Went in the car.

After Orville got back he gave us a ride to Mr. Lowry's to see if we could get some strawberries.  They were a little green.  Will be ready towards the last of next week.


MAY 1916 (135-231) SUNDAY 14


Was cloudy last night and rained a little after we went to bed.  Hoped it would rain all night as it is needed.

Has been fine all day.

Tillie called on the teachers who were sitting on dormitory porch this forenoon and went to diner with them.  The children and I had a lunch.

Orville with some of dormitory boys went to Mr. Brown's in the car.

They expected to be back by noon but the Brown's were so entertaining that they held them until after diner.

After they came back we went to Mrs. Samuella Reed’s and stayed to supper.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over this evening and stayed until 10:30.


MAY 1916 (138-230) MONDAY 15


Tilda didn't come but sent word that she will be here to-morrow.

This afternoon we cleaned the hard corner in the kitchen.

Miss Florence and some of the dormitory girls had another Sunday night party to the exclusion of four or five of the girls, which caused hard feelings a week ago.  Orville had warned Miss Florence not to have any more but as she terms it, this was "the girls" but all the same she was a participant.  A meeting of the faculty was the result and the girls were campused for a week.


MAY 1916 (137-229) TUESDAY 18


Warm to-day.

We finished the kitchen to-day.

Tillie started kalsomining after she got the boys to school.  I washed the dishes and afterwards blacked the stove.

Got diner and after Tillie cleaned the floor, first time it has been washed since I came.  She has oiled it every two or three weeks. 1 don't like the oil as that and the red dirt make every thing so dirty that touches the floor.

Looked like rain this morning so Tilda did not come.

Rained a little this p.m.


MAY 1916 (138-228) WEDNESDAY 17


Tilda came this morning before I got down stairs.

There was a nice breeze so the clothes soon dried.

Orville went to the Scott boys funeral this morning.

He ran across an agent while away, with a gasoline iron.  Brought one home to test but we couldn't make it work so had to iron the old way.

Went over to call on Miss Davis and hear the new records but she was over with Miss Harmanson and we called on Miss Martha.

Mae's birthday.  She, June and I were at Al's a year ago.  She and Al celebrated together.


MAY 1916 (139-227) THURSDAY 18


Mrs. Hanel sent up early this morning for Tillie.  Was having one of her nervous spells.  Tillie had to stay with her so I was elected to do the work and get diner for Miss Mollie.

I had letters to write which kept me busy until 10 o'clock.  Then the mail man brought me some letters and that made it 10:30 before I started washing the dishes.  Had to hurry them.

Mrs. Hanel and Tillie went out riding this afternoon so I went with them.

Went around by the Manor and found Mrs. Johnston there picking strawberries.

Orville was at the Lee funeral this a.m. Giving to despondency had committed suicide.

Al's birthday.


MAY 1916 (140-226) FRIDAY 19


Mrs. Hanel came up early this morning to stay all day.  Was feeling fairly well when she came but after breakfast she began to feel badly and continued so all day.

We took her home then went on over to Mr. Lowry's to get strawberries but they were all sold.

Scrubbed my bedroom floor this morning.

Tillie, Orville and boys went to Mr. Dooley's to a lawn party for benefit of the village church, this evening.

Virginia and I stayed home.


MAY 1916 (141-225) SATURDAY 20


Was busy until time for the mailman to come getting the letter written and matters straightened for the paying up of the note on the Spencer house.

Sent the letter and hope everything will be satisfactory.

Afterwards went with the boys to set a hen in a hollow tree.

We all went to Mrs. Johnston's to Ladies' Aid in p.m. Orville took us over in car and he, the boys and Mr. Johnston stayed outside.

Car played out when we got to the Manse and we all walked rest of the way home leaving the car in a shed at the Manse.

We went into the strawberry patch and they are fine.  Mrs. Oliver's set out the plants.


MAY 1916 (142-224) SUNDAY 21


The weather is very dry.  People are complaining of their strawberry beds drying up.

The grain needs rain badly.

After we got the work done I soaked my feet and then Tillie trimmed my corns.

That's easier for me than bending and cramping over them myself for an hour or more.  Not an enviable job for the other person.

After diner Orville Tillie and Virginia rode to Forest in the cart to get a return order back to Montgomery Ward, to exchange pants that came too small.

Tillie and I went to the sitting room to call on Miss Davis and Miss Harmanson and to hear the new Victrola pieces.

This is June's birthday three years old.  Wonder if she got her kimono.  I was there three years ago.


MAY 1916 (143-223) MONDAY 22


Was cloudy this morning so Tilda did not come to wash.

Tillie got her Shantung silk goods this morning so she had been planning how to make it.  Went over and conferred with Miss Bushong and Miss Martha.

Started to rain to-night.


MAY 1916 (144-222) TUESDAY 23


Rained all last night and this morning was still cloudy so no Tilda came.

Tillie began on her dress as soon as the boys had gone to school.  Cut the waist and partly made it to-day.  I have been chief cook and bottle washer.

We received invitations the latter part of last week to attend the Domestic Science exhibit.  We were treated to punch first in D. S. Kitchen.  The exhibit consisted of skirts, petticoats, kimonos, corset covers, handkerchiefs towels and the Senior girls were making one of their Commencement dresses.

Miss Davis, although her wages were raised $10, has accepted a position at Bristol, VA.


MAY 1916 (145-221) WEDNESDAY 24


Looked a little brighter this morning so Tilda came.  She and took care of the washing.  Tillie sewed a little and got diner.

In the afternoon Mrs. Hanel wanted her to go out riding with her.  Got back at 4 o'clock then she had to go with Miss Daisy and inspect the Manse, which had been vacated by the Oliver family.

In the meantime Tilda and I had gotten the ironing done.  I made biscuits for supper and had them in the oven when Tillie got back.

We went over and visited with Miss Barnes after getting the children to bed.

Tillie got her silk poplin dress from the National this morning.  Sleeves and skirt have to be shortened a little.


MAY 1916 (148-220) THURSDAY 25


The weather is so warm.  Hope it will not get anymore so.  If it does I shall wish I were in Alaska.  Then another thing the water here is never cool like we can get it in Iowa.

No ice unless shipped from Roanoke or Lynchburg.  Last winter a poor one for making ice.

Tillie has given up making her Shantung silk dress this week now that the other one has come.

She went with Mr. & Mrs. Hanel to Lynchburg to-day.  Mrs. H. went to take a through examination by Dr. Dillard.  He told them that she could not get well without an operation.

We went down to see her after supper and Dr. Brown had been there and wanted her to be examined by another doctor, Dr. Terrill.


MAY  1916 (147-219) FRIDAY 26


This morning we learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hanel decided to go to Dr. Terrell.

Tillie was requested to go with them again so they left at 1 o'clock.  Got back at 8:30.

Dr. Terrill said that she needed no operation.  Was to get away from home and worry and rest up.

Am afraid they're taking the wrong course.  Can't help but think that Dr. Dillard is right.  They are poor people and think they’ll not be able to stay long enough to test the plan.  Hope they’ll not delay the operation too long if they find it necessary.


MAY 1916 (148-218) SATURDAY 27


Been a fearfully hot day.  Had to have a big fire as there was a large batch of bread to bake, also chicken and ham to boil.

Tillie, a few days ago sent invitations to two families to eat diner with us to-morrow.  Baccalaureate day.  But they both sent their regrets as other plans had been made so we eliminated making much pastry, just made some sour cream cup cakes.

The speaker comes in the morning so we don't have to sleep him as we expected to do.

I spent most of the afternoon in my room up stairs.  Took a bath and before dressing, fully, took a nap.  Too hot to work.  Boys went to Lowry's and got 6 qts. of berries.


MAY 1916 (149-217) SUNDAY 28


Another scorcher.

Orville got up soon after 5 o'clock and went to Forest to meet the speaker, Doctor Crooks, of Randolph-Macon Girls College in Lynchburg.

Tillie had breakfast ready when they got back at 8:30.

We got up early so I got dressed early.  Sat down to read and got sleepy and for fear of getting sleepy in church lay down and took a little nap.

The sermon was very interesting to me as he told us it was a part of religion to do well whatever we had to do, it was an Agricultural sermon and seemed to please the majority of the audience.  He and Orville went to the dormitory for diner and the flies were fierce.

Orville took the doctor to the car line four miles from Lynchburg.  They were caught in a thunder and hail storm.


MAY 1916 (150-216) MONDAY 29


This has been a warm day for washing and ironing although the storm yesterday cooled it off a little, Tilda came quite early.  She and I did the washing and Tillie got diner and planned how to make the skirt of her Shantung silk.  Gave it up last week as her other one came.  She and Tilda did the ironing.  I darned socks.

It tried to rain this afternoon.  The storm went around, north.

Hope it will cool off enough to make it pleasant the rest of the week, for commencement.


MAY 1916 (151-215) TUESDAY 30


The weather has cooled off nicely.  Am so glad it isn't like it was last week, was so very hot.

Graduation exercises began to-night with Reading Contest and debate.  

The debate was on  "Preparedness.”    Aff. by Robert Hicks and Cora Johnston.  Negative sides were good and the judging would be hard.  Will not be announced for either one until Friday morning.  Elizabeth has better delivery than Cora, which will go a long way.

Got home at 11 o'clock.  Tillie sewed on her Shantung silk to-day.  She Wore Ola's dress and I my black skirt and white waist.


MAY 1916 (152-214) WEDNESDAY 31


A beautiful day. They tell me commencement week last year was a rainy one.

This commencement week is perfectly ideal.

Tillie worked on her dress again to-day while I did the house work.

In writing up yesterdays happenings should have placed the debate in this space.  Reading and Declamatory contents last night.

Tillie wore Ola's dress again and I my lavender. (Overlooked recording the winners of the Reading and Declamatory Contest so will record here.  Elizabeth Rice in the Reading and Robert Harvey in Declamatory, each getting a five dollar gold piece.)


JUNE 1916 (153-213) THURSDAY 1


This has been a fine day for doing our baking.

I made cherry and cream pies and cup cakes.  Tillie took care of the quarter of veal which they bought from Mr. Padgett and was killed expressly for Commencement picnic.

Tilda came early this morning to help with the work.  She brought three chickens over from dormitory and made them secure to kill in the morning and cook while we are at the exercises.  She is staying all night.

This was class night and all did so well.  The classes by Hill Anthony bequeathed the tennis court to Miss Harmanson and Mr. Heflin from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. and the sitting room from 7:30 to 10 or later p.m. Real funny to those who understood the situation.


JUNE 1916 (154-212) FRIDAY 2


Commencement day and a perfect lovely day.

Exercises began at 10:30 in Auditorium.

Mr. Garber awarded the prizes for successful contestants in the debate on "Preparedness." Also to the ones in the Reading Contest neither which were announced until this morning.  Mr. Garber was slow and droll in his remarks at each presentation.  Negative in debate won.

Mr. Abbott presented the diplomas, 12 and made a very beautiful presentation speech.  After this Doctor Newman of Blacksburg gave the Commencement address.  After this a picnic diner was in order and the day wound up with ball and tennis games in which N.L.A. were victorious.  This has been as good a Commencement as I ever saw.  Don't think any high school could make a better showing than N.L.A. made at this Commencement.


JUNE 1916 (155-211) SATURDAY 3


The weather, all week, had been ideal but when the sun went down last night there were evidences of rain.  It came during the night.

The greater part of the students left yesterday, their parents or friends being at the picnic.  The teachers left to-day.

Tillie and I called on Miss Bushong and Miss Martha who were very busy packing.  They left at noon and Miss Harmanson and Mr. Heflin at five o'clock.  The Davis auto came for them.  I think if this couple will either find another position or get married it will be very beneficial to this school.  Too busy "courting" to attend to business.

We have all felt extremely lazy to-day.


JUNE 1916 (156-210) SUNDAY 4


We were invited to Mr. Johnston's for diner to-day.  We went after Sunday school.  Found Mrs. Grimm there, Mrs. Sammy Read's daughter who had gotten home from teaching the day before.

We helped to hull peas and clean beet greens for diner.  Had a very nice time and came back by Mrs. Read's and ate and ate of such beautiful cherries.


JUNE 1916 (157-209) MONDAY 5


Orville and Pete went to Mrs. Read's this morning and picked about 5 gallons of cherries to bring home and ate about the same quantity of them.

Tilda came to wash and this has surely been a busy day.  Tillie with the help of Pete pitted and canned the cherries.  A crate of 32 qts. of strawberries also came but left them to put up to-morrow.

Washday is always a hard day and we're always ready for bed early.


JUNE 1916 (158-208) TUESDAY 6


Another muggy day putting up the strawberries.  I went to the garden after breakfast and set out a row of tomatoes, planted icicle radish, parsnip, and Chinese pepsin also two rows of kidney beans.  It commenced to rain when I was about through and I went on dormitory porch until it was over.

Another heavy storm came this evening while Miss Alice Lemmon and Wilmer Dooley were here playing tennis with Orville.  The tennis nets are still up.


JUNE 1916 (159-207) WEDNESDAY 7


Baked a big batch of bread to-day also currant biscuits.

Tillie went to call on Mrs. Dooley after supper.  She has been sick since Xmas.

The children and I went to meet her, woods all the way.

Donald, Stuart and Sissy Hanel, who is staying with us while her mother and father are away, went ahead and I told them not to go as far as the house for fear of disturbing the sick lady and they minded me by going right to the house and to the door.  Felt provoked enough to have taken them across my knee and paddled them in good shape.  The lady was feeling better.  Had passed 13 stones.  Have them in a bottle.


JUNE 1916 (160-206) THURSDAY 8


A nice morning.

Swept up my room this morning and killed a few flies.  I try to keep my room free from them.  Have a  few to kill  every morning.  Found a little young lizard in one of the windows one morning.  Came in at an opening where the screen didn't fit.  Soon scampered out.

Tillie got a letter from her sister Annie this morning saying she is sick and wants Tillie to go there.

She and Orville talked it over and she talks of going Sunday.  She is thinking of taking Donald.

She started to make a seersucker dress to-day.  Goods she has on hand.  Orville took us to call on Miss Barnes but she was gone.

Orville was taken sick after we got home with acute indigestion.


JUNE 1916 (161-205) FRIDAY 9


Had a little rain to-day.  Not very warm in the house but the sun is hot.

Tillie has been busy with her dress.

Miss  Davis and her brother came down to-day to get her things.  She had been here four years as Domestic Science Teacher.  Is going to Bristol, Va. next year.  That is in the mountain region.

Orville was sick all night and very sick.  His stomach trouble was gone this morning but has had a severe headache all day.

Tillie phoned from Dr. Rice this evening. He thought it was & bilious attack.


JUNE 1916 (182-204) SATURDAY 10


Has threatened rain off and on all day.  Went around us every time.

Tillie had been getting ready for her journey all day.  Think she is about ready.

Finished her seersucker to-day.

This evening Donald and I pitted enough cherries to fill two half gallon jars.

Orville got up and sat around the room awhile this morning.  He got tired after a couple of hours and went to bed again.  Toward evening he got up gain and came down stairs.

I went to the barn to see that the cow was milked dry.  Pete, the colored boy, had only just learned to milk.

Baked a big batch of bread again to-day.


JUNE 1916 (163-203) SUNDAY 11


This morning was devoted to Tillie's getting ready to leave.

They left in auto about 1:30, train leaving between 2:30 and 3:00.

Virginia and Stuart went with them, Donald stayed with me.

So now I enter upon my new duty of housekeeper and taking care of four children including Sissie Hanel.

Wonder how well I'll be able to handle the situation.


JUNE 1916 (164-202) MONDAY 12


Wash day usually, but weather was too uncertain so Tilda did not come.

Pete picked cherries this forenoon also this afternoon.  Commenced pitting after diner and by supper time had 15 qts put away.

Was tired when I got all done and children washed and put to bed.


JUNE 1916 (165-201) TUESDAY 13


Tilda came and we were good and busy all day.

Tilda didn't leave until after seven then had to go by Mrs. Read's to get clothes to take home and wash.

A letter came from Tillie saying she reached Columbus safely.

Found Annie able to be up but looking as badly as her Xmas picture.


JUNE 1916 (166-200) WEDNESDAY 14


Orville left early this morning for Blacksburg.

He expected last night to walk to Forest.  He got his own breakfast.

Pete was so late in bringing the milk that I sent Donald over to see what the matter was.  Found he had been to Forest with Orville.  It had rained and the horse couldn't be used in the field.

He arranged with Budd Hanel to stay with us to-night.


JUNE 1916 (167-199) THURSDAY 15


Dewberries are ripening and Pete went with Forest Hanel to pick some.  I canned them this afternoon.

They are fine but not ripe enough to eat raw yet for sauce.

Orville came back to-night.  Ted Hanel met him going instead of Pete at his own request.

I was up when he got home but he wanted no supper as he had had it at Roanoke.  So we went right to bed.

Pete and I cleaned up stairs to-day.


JUNE 1916 (168-198) FRIDAY 16


This was supposed to be Board meeting day but owing to Mr. Brown's not being able to be here it was postponed.

Orville wants to leave for Blacksburg not later than Tuesday.  He now wants to make arrangements for the meeting, Monday.


JUNE 1916 (lB9-197) SATURDAY 17


I didn’t do much in the cleaning line to-day but was certainly busy.

More berries to can and also baked a big batch of bread.

Orville drove somewhere this afternoon to phone to Mr. Garber about having the Board meeting Monday.

Mr. Matthews of Blacksburg had to be phoned to come Monday morning.


JUNE 1916 (170-196) SUNDAY 18


Children and Orville went to Sunday School.

This afternoon Orville went to Mr. Abbott's to inform him of the board meeting.  Mr. Padgett went with him.

I got no writing done to-day.

I had a good nap this afternoon while the children were out playing.

Afterwards went over and visited with Miss Florence, her mother and Emily Talbot her niece.


JUNE 1916 (171-195) MONDAY 19


A busy outlook for to-day.

Orville had to be at depot at 8 o'clock to meet Mr. Matthews.  Had to have breakfast for them at 9:30.

Tilda came and did the washing entirely alone.  Helped her with the ironing this afternoon.

Had to get diner for Orville and Mr. Matthews but set their diner in the other room while the rest of us ate in the kitchen.  Mr. Garber dropped in at the last minute.

Had the entire crowd for supper.  Had to make biscuits of course, crowded all five at the little table in other room.

This was surely a full day.


JUNE 1916 (172-194) TUESDAY 20


Miss Florence's position was talked over freely and she was told that her place would have to be filled by some one else.  She pleaded a hard line if she were turned away but she fails to see her duty and if she does, will not do it. Her blind mother is with her but is not really the place for her among so many girls with her eye disease, trachoma.  Am so sorry for her.

Pete took Orville and Mr. Matthews to Forest early. 0. going to Richmond, to have a conference with Dr. Elbert Talbot in regard to Miss Florence, and Mr. Matthews to Blacksburg.  Orville goes direct to Blacksburg from Richmond.

Pete plowed corn this afternoon.  Just learned.


JUNE 1916 (173-193) WEDNESDAY 21


As it rained last night Pete could not plow corn so sent him to pick berries.

Canned the berries this afternoon.


JUNE 1916 (174-192) THURSDAY 22


Churned this morning.

The usual routine of house work was followed all day.

Received a letter from Orville written in Roanoke.

Was about to take the train for Blacksburg would reach there at 11 o'clock.

His trip to Dr. Elbert Talbot in regard to finding a place for Miss Florence and her mother was fruitless.  So she stays another year and in the meantime the Dr. thinks he will be able to purchase a little home for them, possibly in Forest.


JUNE 1916 (175-191) FRIDAY 23


Pete picked another 12 qts of berries this morning so with the other work was able to fill in the day. 12 qts. will fill eight qts. canned.

Bread baking was another big job.


JUNE 1916 (178-190) SATURDAY 24


Had some cleaning to do to-day.

The floor looked badly from the dewberry stains so washed it up.

Churned again this morning.


JUNE 1916 (177-189) SUNDAY 25


I had been promising Virginia and Sissie that they might go to Sunday School to-day.  They have never been and I thought it would be a good time to break them in.  Bonnie came up yesterday afternoon to tell me that she, Sissie and Gracie were going with their Grandparents to Lynchburg today to see their mother at the hospital who was operated on a week ago yesterday.

Forest came up for Sissie that evening.

Rained this evening.

I really churned again this morning.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnston came over this afternoon and took Buttercup, the cow, back with them.


JUNE 1916 (178-188) MONDAY 26


Washday.  Tilda came and we each put in a good, solid day.

Along with the washing I put up another 12 qt. pail of berries.

Just as Tilda was leaving Young Mrs. Sprouse came with three gallons of berries, which she wanted to sell badly, and finally came down from 15cts per gallon to 10cts.  On account of the rain Pete was picking all I could take care of but finally took them and gave her 35cts,


JUNE 1916 (179-187) TUESDAY 27


Put up the purchase berries this morning,

Had an experience  with the boys to-day.  They and the girls had been sitting and teetering on a board, that had been put up at Commencement time, which I could see there was danger of their breaking and getting hurt.

This was a few days ago and I warned them that if they were caught on there again the boys would get a whipping.  They repeated it to-day so I called them into the house and flourished my stick.  Donald resented me somewhat but they both knew I meant business.


JUNE 1916 (180-188) WEDNESDAY 28


Churned again, this morning.

Have to churn whenever I get a quart or very little more as we have only a three quart jar to churn in.

They had a large earthen churn but Pete broke it.

The weather is so warm.


JUNE 1916 (181-185) THURSDAY 29


Been a hot day.

A storm came up to-night and by 10 o'clock was very severe thunder lighting wind and rain.  The thunder and lightening were very heavy.  Budd Hanel. who stayed with us nights came into my room in the midst of it.  He was frightened. The boys slept all through it.


JUNE 1916 (182-184) FRIDAY 30


Sent Pete out this morning to pick berries.  He came back two hours before he was expected with only a good mess.  The storm last night had washed them all off.  Bushels of them were destroyed.

Am glad now that I bought those three gallons Monday evening.


JULY 1916 (183-183) SATURDAY 1


This was the big day as the children called it.  Orville and Tillie landed home at 2 o'clock.  Tillie came by way of Blacksburg reaching there Thursday afternoon.

She left Annie settled in her new quarters and feeling better.

The children and I got along fairly well.  To keep them within bounds a little scolding and spanking had to be administered.  We all pulled through and the children all looked natural save Virginia's lip, where I hurt her with the pump handle and the chigger bites.

Orville went over to see "Buttercup." We are uneasy about her as her time for having her calf is up.


JULY 1916 (184-182) SUNDAY 2


Sunday school and preaching this morning.  Have been without preaching ever since Mr. Oliver left which was two or three weeks before school closed.  Mr. Ratchford this morning was on trial.  He had diner with us then Orville had to take him to the Quaker church 10 miles distant.  Was a long, hot drive for him.  Got back at 7:30.

Tillie and I went over and looked through Domestic Science kitchen.  Thought we might find the two dishes we took Miss Harmanson some "goodies" in when she was sick.  Failed. Then watered Miss Martha's plants.  Tillie then called on Miss Florence and I came home and wrote the circular letter.


JULY 1916 (185-181) MONDAY 3


Wash day again and a big washing.

I did very little of it.  Went to the garden, got vegetables and got them ready for diner.

Orville expected to leave for Blacksburg early this morning but decided to go on the noon train.

When noon came, owing to Buttercup still being sick gave up going until to-morrow noon.


JULY 1916 (186-180) TUESDAY 4


Everett Johnston came over early this morning with a note from his father saying that he thought Buttercup's condition was favorable.  He had only been back a few minutes when she gave birth to a male calf.  Everett come right back so as to catch Orville before he left and relieve suspense.  This is Buttercup's first calf since her sickness almost a year ago.  This is what caused the anxiety.  Mr. J. is to have the use of her during vacation.

Orville left at 11:30 and had to walk to Forest.  The horse was in the cornfield.

This was "The Glorious Fourth of July!"

We talked of going to the brook to eat our diner but O's going interfered so we ate our supper under one of the big oak trees.  This atoned for the other.


JULY 1916 (187-179) WEDNESDAY 5


Churned about 4 hours to-day on a quart and a half of cream.

Will have to try some different way next time.

Mended stockings this afternoon.


JULY 1916 (188-178) THURSDAY 6


Baked bread to-day.

Really did nothing to-day but cook, eat and wash dished.

We went down to see Mrs. Hanel this evening, after supper.

She still complains of pains in her side and distressed stomach,

She thinks her trouble is in her stomach and not of the organs on which she was operated.

A little time will tell.


JULY 1916 (189-177) FRIDAY 7


This week has seemed to be very unprofitable as far as accomplishing any thing is concerned unless gathering vegetables, preparing, cooking them and feeding ourselves and youngsters is considered a big performance.  It certainly requires lots of time but I feel that we ought to do more.  Hope we'll have more energy next week.

We dressed up this afternoon and called on Mrs. Tom Read.  Misses Daisy and Lizzie were home and Miss Lizzie served a grape juice drink, with ice in it, which was so good and beaten biscuits and cake.  Had a lovely visit.


JULY 1916 (190-176) SATURDAY 8


Went and picked a small patch or two of blackberries this morning down towards Miss Daisy Read's.

Had to hang around after getting back to get the check for a money order I gave the mailman yesterday.  Also got one for $7 which I sent to Annie Phillipo to get goods for a wash dress and two waists and pair of white canvas shoes.

After I got that off my hands went and picked more blackberries.

I did little this afternoon but mend a pair of hose and take a nap.

Got Orville's first letter this week.


JULY 1916 (191-175) SUNDAY 9


The wind had been in the south for a few days.  Rained a little last night.  Has been cloudy all day and rained some this afternoon also a good shower this evening.

This afternoon I caught up my diary, was about a week behind.  Also wrote a letter to Ray and Minnie afterwards read a little in Saturday Evening Post.

We've spent a quiet Sunday.

Tillie and children went to Sunday School this morning.

This was Virginia's and Sissie's first time at S.S. Behaved very well.


JULY 1916 (192-174) MONDAY 10


Too wet to wash to-day.

Rained all day.

Spent a good deal of time doing some writing.

Have felt lazy all day so consequently accomplished little.


JULY 1916 (193-173) TUESDAY 11


Was cloudy this morning so Tilda did not come.

Tillie and I decided to go on with the washing anyway.   Had to finish after diner.  Pete helped us.

Put a new band on my old lawn skirt so I can wear it with a tea jacket.

JULY 1916 (194-172) WEDNESDAY 12


A hot morning.

Tilda came this morning and Tillie found her plenty of

clothes to wash.  She also came in for the ironing.

I went over to the pump and churned before breakfast.

Sent an order of $4.73 to Montgomery Ward & Co. Also returned a collar and cuff set to the "National."


JULY 1916 (195-171) THURSDAY 13


Been another unprofitable day.  The weather is so warm that we have no inclination to work.  Have to get something to eat though.


JULY 1916 (196-170) FRIDAY 14


I scrubbed my bedroom this morning.

Rained hard this afternoon.

Finished, as far as I could, fixing over my drab dress.  Tillie's machine doesn't stitch nicely.  We are going to have one of the Domestic Science machines brought over.

Got a letter from Mattie with letters enclosed which she had gotten from Myrtle and Hazel Heathcote with samples of their Commencement and graduating dresses.


JULY 1916 (197-169) SATURDAY 15


I got up early this morning mixed my bread then went over to the pump and churned.  When I got back Donald and Stuart were up and said Tillie had the headache.  I made the fire, put on oatmeal and we soon had breakfast.  Tillie felt better afterward.  I then worked down my bread and afterward went out and picked a 3-quart pail of blackberries.  Came in and emptied it and went out and filled it again.

Pete got back with Orville about 1:30.  The second time home since he started to Blacksburg to summer school.

Mr. Johnston came over to Farmers' Union and Mrs. J. and Lucile came along and visited us.


JULY 1916 (198-lBB) SUNDAY 18


Been cloudy all day and commenced raining about 6 o'clock.

We all went over to Johnston's this afternoon to see Buttercup and were treated to ice cream and cake.

We went to church this evening to hear Mr. Rogers the second trial minister.  He is going to be with us over next Sunday and preach every evening.


JULY 1916 (199-167) MONDAY 17


Orville and Tillie got up early and went to Mr. Garber's about five miles.  A man came while they were gone to get some little pigs.  He waited until they came back and bought three for $8.

Orville had to hurry then to get to the depot by 1:30.  Tillie was going to take him but when just ready Mr. Hanel came along and said that he might go with him.  A good thing for Tillie as it rained quite hard soon after they left.  It rained nearly all afternoon and we thought there would be no church so we undressed early.  By that time we saw people coming and Tillie put her corsets over her gown and a dress over and went.  A good thing we are not x-ray.

Tillie worked & little to-day on my new dress which I sent to Annie Phillipo.


JULY 1916 (200-166) TUESDAY 18


Tilda came but we were not looking for her as it was quite cloudy.  However we got the clothes dry and ironed.

The paper this morning gave accounts of  storms and washouts on the Norfolk and Western line which made us wonder whether Orville would be able to reach Blacksburg last night.

It is surely warm.                          

Tillie and I went to church to-night.  Sponged bread after we got home.


JULY 1916 (201-165) WEDNESDAY 19


Felt my ankle hurt a little in church last sight but did not realize at all what it meant.

Was taken with a chill about midnight accompanied by vomiting.  Tillie came into my room and we decided it was nothing more than a bilious spell.

My leg was very sore for which we could not account.

Any way the night passed and although the chill and vomiting had passed over but was feeling very badly all over.  Tillie looked my leg over this morning and found inflammation in it and she sent for the doctor.


JULY 1916 (202-164) THURSDAY 20


The doctor, Rice from Forest, came about the forenoon, yesterday, and after looking things over decided I was suffering from blood poisoning from the little sore on my ankle caused by a chigger bite while I was picking berries the previous Saturday.  It had scabbed over and I thought it was getting better. 

He removed the scab and found the trouble.  Called it the most virulent of poisons.  He cleaned out the sore with iodine.  Came twice yesterday and again to-day.  Found me better to-day and temperature somewhat reduced.


JULY 1916 (203-163) FRIDAY 21


The weather is very warm but I don't notice the heat.

It is hard on Tillie.  The heat and waiting on me is too much for her.

Doctor came to-day and announced me better.

Temperature lowering.


JULY 1916 (204-162) SATURDAY 22


Still improving.


JULY 1916 (205-181) SUNDAY 23


Preaching this evening, which ends the week's sermons.

I have had several callers during the week including Mrs. Read also Miss Lizzie and Miss Daisy, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Dooley and Mrs. Lemmon, also Mr. Rogers.

Mrs. Johnston brought me a peach the only one on a tree but as I could have nothing but liquids Tillie wrapped it in paper and when I could eat it, had spoiled.

JULY 1916 (206-160) MONDAY 24 to         SEPTEMBER 1916 (245-121) FRIDAY 1

[No entries.]


SEPTEMBER 1916 (246-120) SATURDAY 2


I churned this morning then helped Tillie peel peaches till diner was ready.

After diner read a ....


SEPTEMBER 1916 (247-119) SUNDAY 3


Been a fine day.

I expected to do lots of writing to-day, had several letters to write but when I was ready to begin after diner Mr. and Mrs. Creasy and three children came.  They stayed until 5:30.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and Lucile also came.

This forenoon I partly pared off my left, big toenail.  It is like cutting cow horn.  Wish some one else had my toenails.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (243-118) MONDAY 4


Labor Day.  The strike by the Railroad employees was to take place this morning at 7 o'clock if not settled.  I think matters will be satisfactorily adjusted though.

We get no mail to-day.

We all went over to the auditorium to hear Mary Ganoway sing.  Her sister Eunice is a fancy dancer.  The evening wound up with the young people dancing to Victrola music.

Washed and ironed to-day.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (249-117) TUESDAY 5


The Strike was called off.

Churned this morning.

Tillie went over after breakfast to see Mrs. Ganoway about going out riding this afternoon.

Later Miss Florence changed the program as she wanted to take Mrs. Ganoway, her sister, out to St. Stephen's Church.

They all danced in Auditorium again to-night.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (250-116) WEDNESDAY 6


This afternoon was Ladies' Aid at the church.

Tillie expected to take Mrs. Ganoway out riding after the Aid was over but it looked very much like rain so she went over and visited with her.

This was the last night for the Ganoway's so they had their last night dancing to the Victrola music in new dormitory sitting room.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (251-115) THURSDAY 7


Orville and the boys went to Lynchburg this morning.  We got up early so had a long day.

I churned and Tillie cleaned up the sitting room.

In the afternoon she washed up the Kitchen floor while I washed the dishes and did other little things.

The Ganoways left early this morning.  Orville took them to Forest and met Mr. Matthews.

Orville did not go to Lynchburg this morning, had planned to but heard that Mr. Matthews was coming.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (252-114) FRIDAY 8


Miss Moeschler, the new Domestic Science teacher arrived about 2:30 o'clock.  Tillie got her something to eat.

This was Board meeting day.  Mr. Abbott, Mr. Garber and Mrs. Adkins.  The latter John Thompson Brown's successor.

Miss Henderson, Mr. Abbott’s niece accompanied him to make arrangements for her sister to attend school.

Orville and the boys went to Lynchburg this morning instead of yesterday.  Got back in time for Board meeting.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (253-113) SATURDAY 9


Orville and Tillie went to Forest to see Dr. Rice.

While they were gone, I made a batch of cookies.

Miss Bushong, Miss Martha, Mr. Elder and Mr. Light came this afternoon.

When they came Orville, on account of being crowded for rooms for girls, was moving the piano out of old sitting room to the new one.  Miss Martha was quite displeased over it so the piano had to be brought back and they arranged for Miss Florence to move down stairs into new sitting room thus giving two extra bedrooms up stairs.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (254-112) SUNDAY 10


Expected to do so much writing to-day and all I got done was a letter to Mattie,

Dr. and Mrs. Strother came, just after I started writing, with their two boys, 11 and 9 years of age.  They were very anxious to get them in, as they have not had good school advantages.

After diner we called on the teachers and while there a number of students came.

I came home before the others and got supper.  Orville and Tillie were a long time in coming so the boys and I ate.

After, Orville went to get a helper in dormitory cooking but failed.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and children came over this evening and brought a freezer of ice cream.  They also brought Buttercup back.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (255-111) MONDAY 11


Wash day again.

This has been a hard day at school getting every one classified.

Orville came home tired.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (256-110) TUESDAY 12


Did some mending to-day and a little tatting.  Am making some for a new waist.

Miss Henderson, Mr. Abbott's niece, came to-day and caused a little commotion.  A room had been assigned her in old dormitory by request. They apparently had changed their minds, went to Miss Florence and asked her to show them into a room occupied by Ruth Patterson and Mary Lazenby but the latter had not arrived.  Orville would not permit the girl to go in until he knew whether Mary was coming.  They evidently thought they would push in but 0. gave every one to understand there was no class distinction.

By "they" I mean a sister who accompanied her for the day.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (257-109) WEDNESDAY 13


This was the day a few of us had planned to go and clean the Manse.

Orville didn't want me to go so stayed home with Virginia and got diner.

Mr. Abbott came about noon so he and Orville went to the dormitory for diner.  Had I known that there would have been nothing cooked but there was plenty left for supper.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (258-108) THURSDAY 14


I spent the time after we got the work done cleaning my black skirt and things ready to go to Lynchburg with Orville who is planning on taking Donald to get his tonsils removed.  Tillie may decide to go herself but has not made up her mind.

I worked a little on my tatting for my new white waist.

Later—Tillie is going.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (259-107) FRIDAY 15


We got up at 5 o'clock.

I got breakfast while Tillie got ready.  They left at 6:30 for Forest.

After they left I made a batch of cookies and a lemon pie.

This afternoon about 5 o'clock learned through Mr. Hanel to whom Orville had phoned that Donald had gone through his operation and was alright but none of them would be home to-night.

Miss Harmanson and Miss Moeschler called on me this afternoon.

Budd Hanel will stay with us to-night.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (260-106) SATURDAY 16


I got up quite early this morning, got a cup of coffee and some toast then started cleaning the kitchen floor.  Got through at 10 o'clock and then cleaned up the front room, swept and dusted.

Was expecting by way of Forest with the horse and buggy, which Mr. Hanel’s son had taken up and left.  But, they came in a car owned by a friend of Orville's and who had suggested bringing them home.

Donald was able to walk and feeling well as can be expected.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong called this evening.  Miss Moeschler and Miss Harmanson went to Lynchburg to-day.

Tommy's and Ola's wedding day. 2nd anniversary.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (281-105) SUNDAY 17


A beautifully pleasant, cool day.  Got up and got breakfast this morning as Tillie slept little the night at Lynchburg.

Had fried apples and pancakes.

Miss Daisy called after Sunday School.

After diner Orville started out again to look up help for Alice, the colored cook in dormitory.  Was unsuccessful.

I went over and visited with Miss Bushong awhile this afternoon and while there the school boy Padgett's horse broke loose and ran away.  Soon left buggy.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (262-104) MONDAY 18


Washing and ironing as usual.

Churning in the bargain.

Before Tilda went home she went over to the dormitory and got three bags of clothes belonging to three girls I didn't know how in the would she was going to lug those over two miles.  But she put the two smaller bags in the largest one and Orville lifted them onto her head.  She put one hand to it.  That is a common way for Negroes to carry.  I have seen a number carry filled baskets and not hold it at all.

Miss Moeschler and Miss Harmanson came over this evening.

Miss Martha and Orville started study hall to-night.  Miss Harmanson came for boys, Miss Bushong for girls.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (263-103) TUESDAY 19


I mended the boys waists this forenoon and Tillie cut out white crepe waist.

I sewed on it a little this afternoon.

We are usually tired after our washing and ironing day so haven't much energy the day after so don't accomplish much.

Tillie has tried on dresses that have come in a box from Charley Phillipo’s wife.  Good cloth in them but a little out of style.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (264-102) WEDNESDAY 20


We are having beautiful weather.  Been one or two nights that have been cool enough for frost but I have failed to see any.

Went over to Domestic Science machine to do some stitching on my waist.

Tillie worked on the dresses to-day and is making them look quite wearable.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (265-101) THURSDAY 21


I was left with the work to-day.

Tillie went with Mrs. Kregg who called for her to spend the day to help clean the Manse. This is the second day they have worked and expect to go again next Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett and their daughter, Mrs. Ollie Hanel were there also.

Dr. Strother who came for his boys called to see Orville but he had just gone out with others to do some surveying.

Churned this morning.

Mrs. Lowry and Mrs. Hanel called this afternoon.  Mrs. L. has a fruit farm.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (266-100) FRIDAY 22


Tillie went right after breakfast to see Mrs. Barlow Read who had fallen and broken two of her ribs.

Found her able to get around.

She helped her do some work and got home about the middle of the afternoon.

When she is gone it takes me about all the time to get the meals and the other work.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (267-99) SATURDAY 23


We did not have much work to do to-day so did some sewing.

Tillie finished fixing over a cream linen dress that came in the box from Annie Phillipo and I sawed the snaps on my two white waists.

I also started the slip for my blue voile.  Tried to sew it on this machinery but couldn’t so went to Domestic Science machine.

Miss Moeschler came just as I was leaving and looked over and fixed our machine.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came this evening, were here when Orville got back from Lynchburg where he had been all day.

Miss Moeschler took supper with us.

We like her very much.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (268-98) SUNDAY 24


Got up first this morning, made the fire and got breakfast.

Orville was tired from his trip yesterday and his five mile walk last night so did not get up to eat with the rest of us.

Mr. Heflin who works now in Baltimore but who taught here at N.L.A. last year, landed here about midnight and called on us this a.m.

Miss Martha also called this a.m.

One year ago this afternoon since I landed at Forest Depot.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (269-97) MONDAY 25


Washing and ironing as usual.

This has been a beautiful day.

In addition to the other work I ripped the band off my gray skirt so as to add two inches to the band. It doesn't hang well.  It is a dress Miss Suza made for me and it never fit well.  Waist tight and skirt hangs to the front.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (270-96) TUESDAY 26


This is the day after washday and we are usually tired.

Commenced sewing on the slip to wear under my blue voile.  Expect it will take me most of the week to make it and finish up the dress as I'm not a swift sewer.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (271-95) WEDNESDAY 27


After getting the dishes washed, I sat down to sew on my slip and Tillie worked around all forenoon.

I washed the diner dishes then sewed again.

Am making the skirt with a deep ruffle then a small ruffle on the bottom of that. It is a slow job hemming, gathering and sewing on.

Tillie made pies and rolls to take to the Manse tomorrow.


SEPTEMBER 1916 ('-'72-94) THURSDAY 28


Mrs. Kregg rode down with some of the school children this morning so called and rode to the Manse with Tillie. As soon as they were gone Orville suggested that I get something for ourselves and go to the Manse to eat with them.  I made some Cup cakes and boiled and mashed some potatoes thinking something warm would taste good to them but when we got there they were just through eating.  We, including Virginia rode in Mr. Light's rig.

Left the boy's lunch on the table.

Got back at 2:30 after helping a little.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (273-93) FRIDAY 29


Sewed most of the day.

Miss Barnes came over after school and took supper with us.

Tillie sent over to the schoolhouse for her at noon to come and eat potato soup but the message wasn't conveyed rightly.

Finished making enough tatting to go around one sleeve of my voila dress.

Rained very hard during the night.  Accompanied by lots of wind.


SEPTEMBER 1916 (274-92) SATURDAY 30


Had quite a cleaning up to-day, scrubbed things up including the floor.

Sewed after getting the work done.

Orville and Mr. Barnett went to Lynchburg stopping on the way to see what the people were going to do about the minister's salary. they drove to the car line where they left the horses.  Got back at 6 o'clock.

Orville and Tillie went to New London to oyster supper to-night.  Also a number of the boarding boys and girls.

We children were given the privilege of making candy while they were gone also a promise of having oysters brought back which somewhat atoned for our having to stay home.  All the oysters they brought were obscured from view.  They could get no others.


OCTOBER 1916 (275-91) SUNDAY 1


Been quite cold all day.

Are having fine weather.

Got a letter from Mae yesterday saying they would start this morning at 7 o'clock.  So they have been gliding through the mountains all day.  Would reach Denver at 7 o'clock to-night.

Tillie, the children and I went over to see Mrs. Barlow Read this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanel overtook us and were going there too.

Called on Miss Bushong to-night Miss Barnes, Miss Harmanson and Miss Martha were there.


OCTOBER 1916 (276-90) MONDAY 2


Washed and ironed to-day.

Has been a beautiful day.

The weather is cooler than it was this time last year.

Miss Martha and Miss Moeschler came over to-night.  I was up stairs and stayed there.  Was not feeling like doing the entertaining stunt.

Hope I won't always feel like I do to-night.  Life won't be worth living.

OCTOBER 1916 (277-89) TUESDAY 3


Been cloudy and cool all day but has not rained.

Mrs. Hanel came up this morning to help cut up tomatoes for pickles.  She stayed until after diner.

Worked button holes in one pair of the boy's pants this afternoon and afterwards went over and read a story to Mrs. Talbot.  Met Miss Moeschler on the way back.  I like her very much.

According to Ray's and Mae's plans they would reach Minneapolis this afternoon.  No, I'm mistaken; it is tomorrow, the 4th.


OCTOBER 1916 (278-88) WEDNESDAY 4


Still cloudy and looks as though it may clear up.  On the strength of that thought I washed five rag rugs, two in my room and three in sitting room.  After I got that done I cleaned up my room.

Sponged and pressed the bottom of my gray dress skirt then basted it.

After washing the dishes came up stairs and wrote a letter to Jim & Hattie.  This included Mae, Ray and Nellie. Hattie is looking for them next Sunday but hardly think they'll be able to make it having only gotten to Minneapolis yesterday.


OCTOBER 1916 (279-87) THURSDAY 5


Still Cloudy and looks as though it may rain before the day closes.

Orville went to Lynchburg this morning.  He expected to walk to Forest but found Budd Hanel was going to the L. Fair too so they went together.  Budd taking his horse and buggy.

Mr. Elder is going this afternoon to take in with Orville a banquet this evening by the merchants.

Mae and Ray expect to reach Minneapolis to-day.

June wasn't feeling well in Denver.  Hope she is better.


OCTOBER 1916 (280-88) FRIDAY 6


Orville came home earlier than was expected last night.  He is not a merchant but a wholesale buyer for the dormitory.  In inquiring about the banquet was told that they didn't know whether there would be room for him.  Would let him know.

After receiving an invitation and going was taken as somewhat of a slight so made them no more trouble.

He heard while gone that Mr. Abbott's father is dead.

Hammed my gray skirt this morning and pressed it.

Afterwards worked buttonholes in some of the boy's new waists.


OCTOBER 1916 (281-85) SATURDAY 7


We are having very fine weather.

(Orville went to Mr. Abbott’s funeral to-day.  Was buried in the family burying grounds at their house.  It is quite a custom here in the south to bury in that way.  Here, on the edge of Academy garden is a grave.  Orville rode out with John Thompson Brown who happened along.)

Am slow, this in parenthesis was yesterday and to-day he went to Lynchburg again to get his corn.  Got 1st prize on single ear, white, $5.  On 10 ear exhibit 4th prize.

Worked buttonholes in two waists.  Washed out a few of my clothes including 2 dresses.

Ripped and washed the lace front of my muslin waist.  Tillie went with Miss Daisy to make some calls this p.m.


OCTOBER 1916 (282-84) SUNDAY 8


A beautiful Sunday morning.

Churned about half a pound of butter this morning.  The little bit of cream was beginning to bubble so thought it a part of economy to churn it.

Some pious people would call me wicked.  My conscience is clear so I prefer to be my judge of my eligibility of entering the Good Place.

I read Spencer papers up stairs most of the afternoon.  Sent by Walter.

Miss Bushong, Miss Martha and Miss Barnes came over awhile this evening.


OCTOBER 1916 (283-83) MONDAY 9


Still cloudy and looks as though it may rain before the day cl. (I turned over two leaves)

The weather has gotten very warm again.  Badly in need of rain.

I ironed the few clothes this morning that I washed Saturday then helped with the washing which was a bouncer.

Mrs. Hanel came up this morning to see if Tillie could go with her to-morrow to Lynchburg to see Dr. Dillard.


OCTOBER 1916 (284-82) TUESDAY 10


Tillie and Orville got up early as she and Mrs. Hanel had to leave so as to catch the 8 o'clock train for Lynchburg.  I got up just as Tillie was ready to leave.

I was just through with the work and changed when they got back.

Mrs. Hanel went to see the doctor.

We called on Mrs. Barnett to-day.


OCTOBER 1916 (285-81) WEDNESDAY 11


Day devoted to sewing.

Mrs. Lee came up to try on my white poplin.


OCTOBER 1916 (286-80) THURSDAY 12


Are trying to get some sewing done before Mae and Ray come.

Making waists for the boys.


OCTOBER 1916 (287-79) FRIDAY 13


Orville's birthday.  Forty-one years old.  The half dozen handkerchiefs I sent for last week came to-day.

Intended to put them on his plate but forgot it and gave them to him after supper.

Tilda was here to-day and washed up the dirty clothes.


OCTOBER 1916 (288-78) SATURDAY 14


Went to Ladies' Aid this afternoon in the church.  Only Mrs. Barnett, Miss Daisy, Tillie and myself were there.  Decided to have a social,

I paid my dues, which amounted to $1.20.

While we were the church a telephone message came from Mae at Lynchburg saying they would be at Forest at 9 o'clock.  Orville got home in time to go for them.  Had barely time to change horses.  I went with him and got to the depot about two minutes before the train pulled in. They both look real well and unchanged.  Was so sorry June wasn't with them.


OCTOBER 1916 (2BO-77) SUNDAY 15


Wasn't an easy job to work this morning as we had so much talking to do, but we were short on butter and as we had a quart of cream after doing the skimming decided to churn it.  Ray thinking he was equal to that part of the work put on an apron but just then Mr. Padget came and Ray and Orville went with him to look at some cattle so the churning fell to my lot.  Had diner ready when they got back and Ray was tired with the long work in a new climate.

The Misses Evans and Bushong called on Mae this evening.


OCTOBER 1916 (290-76) MONDAY 16


Wash day and had quite a washing.

Orville and Ray went to Johnston's and got the sorghum.

Mae helped to iron this afternoon and Tillie went to bed with her sick headache.

Orville went to keep study hall.  We were sorry there wasn't some one to do it for him.  He was keeping it for Mr. Light who was away.


OCTOBER 1916 (291-75) TUESDAY 17


Finished the ironing this morning.

Mae and I went to Opening Exercises this morning.

Visited Miss Bushong's and Miss Martha's rooms.

Miss Bushong asked Mae to talk to the students.  Gave them a few minutes talk on the beauties of Virginia and a little on their club work in Minturn.

Mrs. Read took diner with us.


OCTOBER 1916 (292-74) WEDNESDAY 18


Rustburg teacher's conference to-day and to-morrow.  Friday the County fair.

Orville who had to go left this afternoon accompanied by Ray.

The rest of us expect to go to the fair.

Rained nearly all afternoon, which would make riding rather unpleasant.


OCTOBER 1916 (293-73) THURSDAY 19


Mae and Tillie washed their hair and while it was drying they went down to the brook and while out gathered some dogwood berries.

When they got back Mrs. Hanel was here.


OCTOBER 1916 (294-72) FRIDAY 20


We were to start early this morning for the Fair at Rustburg but we had such a hard rain all Wednesday night that we thought it wise not to go.

So we took a ride to the village and called on Miss Mollie Gibbs.

She went with us on to a gristmill, operated by waterpower.

We watched them grind corn between two big stones and Tillie bought what we watched him grind.

Got back about 1:30.

Mae took a picture of the mill.


OCTOBER 1916 (295-71) SATURDAY 21


Not much housework has been done to-day save getting something to eat and washing dishes.

Talking is the chief occupation.

Miss Moeschler came over after supper to practice a duet Mae and Orville are going to sing at church to-morrow.  Tillie sang in the chorus.

Went down to Mrs. Dooley's this morning and had our pictures taken on the big down tree.

Mrs. Hanel and Forest took us out riding this afternoon.

We met Miss Moeschler, Orville and Ray on their way back from Lynchburg.

They brought some oysters.


OCTOBER 1916 (296-70) SUNDAY 22


Orville and boys went to Sunday School.  A Mr. Clark preached this morning in the interest of the Foreign Missionary Society and we all went to church.

Mae and Orville sang their duet in which all the choir joined in the chorus.  It was very nice.  Miss Moeschler played for them.  People who didn't know Miss Moeschler picked her out for Mae.  They are much alike.

We all went to Mr. Johnston’s for diner.  Church again this evening but as Mae and Tillie walked home from Mr. J's they were tired and did not go.  I went with Mrs. Johnston.


OCTOBER 1916 (297-89) MONDAY 23


Wash day again.  Tilda came.

Tillie entertained the ladies of the neighborhood and the lady teachers in honor of Mae.

The sitting room was well filled.  The decorations were autumn leaves and persimmons.

Tillie served cup cakes, which I made this morning, fig Newtons and three other kinds of cookies and ice cream and chocolate.

Orville and Ray went to Bedford City to put up the exhibit.


OCTOBER 1916 (298-88) TUESDAY 24


A busy day for us and our stomachs.  On top of our family diner we were invited over to Miss Florence's to a light lunch, then to Mrs. Barlow Read's for supper and an invitation to spend the evening with the Misses Bushong and Evans who served tomato salad, salted wafers, sandwiches, and chocolates.

Had a good time at all places.


OCTOBER 1916 (299-67) WEDNESDAY 25


Were busy getting things ready for leaving.

Mae and Ray leave for Washington to-morrow and Tillie and I are going with them to Bealeton, or as near there as the fast train on which they will go, will allow.  Possibly to Culpepper as that is 20 miles from Bealeton.  This is where Mr. Millman lives but we don't expect to see him.


OCTOBER 1916 (300-66) THURSDAY 26


Mae and Ray left N.L.A, to-day.

Tillie and I went with them as far as Culpeper.  Also Virginia.

We got up early this morning and did a thousand and one little things besides packing our suit-cases.  We took Bird on Hanel'’s buggy and as we were all going and could not all ride Orville and boys started ahead and cut across.

When we got to the place where they were to come out Mae and Ray got out to walk.  Mae walked about a mile then the boys got out and walked with Ray the rest of the way.  Took the train at 12:30 for Lynchburg.  Changed a pair of shoes, bought pair of gloves and a vest then Orville gave us a street car ride through Lynchburg.  Ray treated us to something to eat then we gathered up our belongings and went to the depot.  Left at 6:00 and reached Culpeper at 10:00.  Mae and Ray going on to Washington.


OCTOBER 1916 (301-65) FRIDAY 27


Had good clean beds at the hotel.  Got up early, paid our bill and went to depot.  The morning was cool so we paced up and down to keep Virginia warm.  Tillie is afraid of germs the reason we stayed outside.

The train was half an hour late and we reached Bealeton at 8:30.  Mrs. Teats got us some breakfast, which tasted good.  William, Earl and Mrs. Martin came up this afternoon.

We went to a school play "The Ghosts" this evening.

They sold ice cream and Mrs. Teats bought and took ours home to eat.

Wrote three letters, to Mattie, Nellie, and Al's.


OCTOBER 1916 (302-84) SATURDAY 28


Tillie, Virginia and I slept together in Mrs. Lowry's room where there were two beds.

Wrote a letter to Walter and a card to Tommy this morning.

At 11:00 Earl Martin came up for us.  We took diner with the Martins then they took us over to see Orville's farm.  I consider it a very nice one and worth keeping.  Then called on Mr. Millman at "Edgewood." Had a view of "Fin Leven" where Orville and Tillie lived when I was in Bealeton in 1907.

We got back to Mrs. Teat's at 5:00 as she ordered.  Supper would be ready at that time.  I bought a crocheted yoke and pin ball from Mrs. Whitmer whom we met at Martin's.  They were made by an invalid sister.


OCTOBER 1916 (303-63) SUNDAY 29


Got up early so as to take the 8 o'clock train for Calverton, twenty miles.

We found Mr. Guy there with his cream.

Were going to ride with him but Mr. Spicer and Mr. ______  who had cars offered to take us out.  Tillie rode with Mr. Spicer and I with Mr. ______.  Mr. Guy also rode with us, then rode back to get his horse and buggy.  It was a surprise and got there early in the bargain.  There seemed to be preparations for diner as there were two picked chickens and a large dish of mushrooms on the table.

They were new acquaintances for me and my first visit to Calverton.


OCTOBER 1916 (304-62) MONDAY 30


Had to leave Mr. Guy's this morning to get the 9 o'clock train for home.  Mr. Guy lives a mile out in the country. Mrs. Guy put up a lunch for us.  Killed a chicken Sunday evening and fried it while getting breakfast.

Mrs. Teats met us at the depot in Bealeton with another box of lunch.  It was well that we had plenty as we were held up four hours this side of Charlottesville by a blast of rock that had fallen on the track.  Was 8:30 when we reached Lawyers and Orville had been waiting since 3 o'clock.  Had seven miles to ride, got home safely and found that the Misses Evans, Bushong and Barnes had been over to see the boys in bed and that they'd gotten something to eat.  Orville and boys had eaten at dormitory while we were gone.


OCTOBER 1916 (305-61) TUESDAY 31


Were busy all day doing little things.  Tidying up the house, sorting over apples, sprinkling clothes, washed by Tilda yesterday; brushing and putting away the clothes we wore while away.

All the lady teachers called on us to-day.

I have felt lonesome or homesick or something all day.  Have thought of Mae who would reach Spencer to-day and of how I would like to be with them.  Have no one to blame but myself as everybody was neutral, neither asked me to stay or go.


NOVEMBER 1916 (306-60) WEDNESDAY 1


The weather was beautiful all the time Mae and Ray were here and is still so.

Got a letter from Mae this morning written in Chicago.  They had gone to the depot to leave at 10:30 but when Ray and Mr. Chandler, a friend, got down from the 4th story where they had been getting Ray's and Mae's tickets fixed up, the train had been gone seven minutes.  Mae was so anxious to see June that she had to have a cry.

I went down to Mrs. Lee's this afternoon to pay her for making my poplin dress. $3.  Thought it would be more.  Made very nicely.

Mrs. B. Read called this p.m. and Miss Daisy Read was here when I got back from Mrs. Lee's.

Tillie and I went over to Domestic Science kitchen to watch Miss Moeschler make candy.


NOVEMBER 1916 (307-59) THURSDAY 2


Orville left at 8 o'clock this morning on his extension work.

Tillie ran away after we got the work done and didn't say "dog" that she was going.  She left Virginia and it wasn't long before she was gone, when Donald came home I sent him down to Mr. Hanel’s to see if she were there. It wasn't long before she and Tillie came together having been at Hanel's for diner.


NOVEMBER 1916 (308-58) FRIDAY 3


Put a patch on my crepe de chine dress.

Looked as though I'd burnt it while at Bealeton.

Baked a big batch of bread.

Tillie washed up the floor.


NOVEMBER 1916 (309-57) SATURDAY 4


A letter from Mae this morning saying they had reached Mattie's.  Jim and Hattie were not there when the train pulled in but they soon saw them coming.

June knew them and was so glad, put her arms around Mae's neck and said, "My Mama."

They are having a jolly time to-day and have been since the day they got there, Tuesday.

A letter from Nellie too saying she is going to be there over Sunday.

The social that has been planned for the benefit of the Missionary Societies was given in the school auditorium to-night.

About $20 was cleared.

Mrs. Kregg and her mother called and left a cake for the social.  Tillie bought a cake for 50cts.


NOVEMBER 1916 (310-56) SUNDAY 5


Been a fine day.  Almost like summer.

I got up this morning, slipped on my Kimono and slippers, went down and made the fire, put the apples on to fry then back up stairs to dress.  By this time Tillie was ready to go down.

Gave Orville his craving desire to lie in bed one morning till breakfast was ready.

They are having their last day together at Mattie's.  Mae and Ray leave at or soon after six in the morning for home.

Jim and Mattie will miss June.


NOVEMBER 1916 (311-55) MONDAY 6


Washday, and a big washing.  All our dirty clothes from the Bealeton trip were in . We were through by noon but the day was cloudy and damp, so had considerable ironing left for to-morrow.

Mae and Ray would reach Denver at 8 o'clock this morning and unless they spend a day in the city will reach Minturn to-night at 9 o'clock.

They've had a long trip and so many changes that I fancy they'll be glad to get settled down again.

Tillie and I called on Miss Bushong this evening.


NOVEMBER 1916 (312 -54) TUESDAY 7


Election day!  Wonder who'll be elected for President, Wilson or Hughes?

I am hoping the former as he has kept us out of war, where such as Roosevelt would have plunged us in.

Tillie and I went to Miss Harmanson’s room this evening where we were entertained by this lady and Miss Barnes.

They served celery and nut salad, saltines, cheese straws 1st course, 2nd course Marguerites and cocoa with two marshmallows in each cup.

11 o'clock p.m. Hughes has the greatest number of votes so far as counted.


NOVEMBER 1916 (313-53) WEDNESDAY 8


Foggy this morning but cleared up beautifully.

Mrs. Hanel told us yesterday that Mrs. Kregg was looking for us to-day.  When she called Saturday we understood that she would send us word what day would be convenient for her then we would see if it would be the same for us.  We have heard nothing, so did not go.  We are wondering now whether she is really looking or looked for us to-day.  It is while I'm writing this 12 o'clock.


NOVEMBER 1916 (314-52) THURSDAY 9


Heard from Mrs. Kregg this morning.  We didn't get the final decision, Saturday.  She sent word that we were to go to-day, so we got ready and left about 10:30.  Mrs. Lee was invited too and was to take Mrs. Hanel.  We met her at the store but Mrs. H. didn't feel well enough to go.  We had a good time and a fine diner.  Mrs. Gregg's mother, Mrs. Ewell is with her.  She can't talk very much as she had a stroke of paralysis last winter.

We left at 4 o'clock and were in the buggy started for home when Orville drove up with his new auto, having just gotten back from Lynchburg where he bought it.  A Ford.  Pete came along to drive the horse back.


NOVEMBER 1916 (315-51) FRIDAY 10


Got up this morning prepared to work but when I got down stairs found that Orville had invited us to go with him for a ride on his extension work.

We first stopped at Leesville where Miss Perriill and Edward Hicks teach.  Orville visited the school and Tillie and I called on Mrs. Snow, Allen's mother.  She insisted on our staying for diner.  While she was getting diner we called on Mrs. Anderson.  We took our lunch with us but it served us well for supper.

From there we went to Altavista.  Tillie and I sat in the auto and crocheted and tatted while Orville went in and talked to the scholars.  Got home at 6:30 and Edward Hicks rode to his house with us, three miles from here.


NOVEMBER 1916 (316-50) SATURDAY 11


Tillie did some baking this morning and I washed dishes, swept up and dusted.  After diner I took a nap then mended my corsets and took a bath.

While I was up stairs Miss Barnes came and when I came down she was eating pie.

Soon after she left we heard that Bird had run away with Miss Martha and Miss Bushong when they got near Forest.  Ran against an oil tank, which upset the buggy and threw them out but were not hurt.

Orville went to Bedford City this morning with three other men to attend the Farmers' Union. He and Tillie went to Forest to get Miss Martha and Miss Bushong who came from Lynchburg on the 8 o'clock train. We called on Miss Moeschler who is sick.


NOVEMBER 1916 (317-49) SUNDAY 12


Been a dismal day.  Rained a little during the night and has been cloudy and drizzly all day.

Orville went home with Mr. Barnett from Sunday school and stayed for diner.

I wrote to Ray and Minnie and also to Tommy and Ola.


NOVEMBER 1916 (318-48) MONDAY 13


Stormy to-day so Tilda did not come.

Found plenty to do in the form of mending, tatting and crocheting.

The sun came out after diner and I washed my two black skirts.


NOVEMBER 1916 (319-47) TUESDAY 14


Tilda came unexpectedly this morning so there was nothing to do but get ready.  We managed to get most of the clothes dry but had a few left to iron.

I went over with a pitcher of soup to Miss Moeschler but met Pete on the landing who told me that she was gone to school so took it in to Mrs. Talbot.

Found on my way back that the wind was much cooler.

Met with a little accident to-day.  The auto was standing in the yard and Virginia was trying to climb over the side.  I told her not to but she kept on so I went to get her and she ran and I ran.  I was about catching her when I fell and in falling knocked her down.  She wasn't hurt but I hurt my knee and rubbed the skin off my elbow, but maybe you think I felt calm and placid inside.  Think again.


NOVEMBER 1916 (320-46) WEDNESDAY 15


The weather has been much cooler to-day.  When the boys and Virginia went to bed they each took two irons.  A good fire has been necessary to-day.

Tillie pressed Orville's suit and finished the ironing while I did the work and got things ready for diner.

This afternoon I worked on Ola's centerpiece.

Miss Moeschler called after school.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over this evening with some tomatoes and a nice head of lettuce.


NOVEMBER 1916 (321-45) THURSDAY 16


Cold, cold this morning.  Notwithstanding the extra clothing I put on the bed I was cold all night.

Orville engaged one of the schoolboys last night to go to Evington to meet the later.  Came back without him.  Later he came and had hired a man to bring him.  Was a colored man.

Orville left at nearly noon on his extension work.  Was going to Big Island and would be accompanied by Mr. Abbott, Co. Supt.

When Donald undressed to-night he showed me how he'd patched his stockings this morning.  Had colored his underwear with shoe polish under the  holes. A very new way of mending to me.

The Ratchford family came to Mr. Barnett’s to-day.  The minister.


NOVEMBER 1916 (322-44) FRIDAY 17


Not quite so cold as yesterday morning.  I dressed my feet, put on my kimono and slipped down and made the fire.  Finished dressing while Tillie got our bread, butter and coffee ready.

Orville and Mr. Abbott are staying at Big Island tonight.

Mrs. Hanel came up this forenoon and stayed for diner.  Had soup.

Mrs. Samuella Reed called.

Tillie and I took our crochet work and called on the Misses Moeschler and Harmanson.

Tillie went to Mrs. Barnett's this afternoon.


NOVEMBER 1916 (323-43) SATURDAY 18


Gotten quite warm.

Tillie cleaned the floors this forenoon while I washed dishes &c.

Ladies' Aid.  We couldn't both go as some one had to stay with the children so I insisted on Tillie going.  She went with Mrs. Hanel.

Orville came home this afternoon.  Stayed with Mr. Abbott last night- Tillie and Stuart went to the store this evening and when they got back she found there was no sugar, so she wanted Stuart to go back.  His feet hurt too badly to go so Virginia and I started.  Had only gone a few steps when he came. Tillie had given him permission to get a cocoanut.  The feet instantly healed.


NOVEMBER 1916 (324-42) SUNDAY 19


Tillie planned last night that she could have the Ratchford’s for diner to-day. Mrs. Ratchford, Mr. and Mrs. Sims were at Sunday School.  Mrs. Sims and Orville went and got the rest of the family that were at home. Mr. R. and Datelle had gone to Quaker church.

After we looked the school grounds over Orville took them home and then we went over to Mr. Johnston's.

Mrs. Johnston came home with us and later Mr. J. and Cora came.  We all went to church.

Mr. Ratchford’s first sermon at the Academy church outside of the trial one a number of weeks ago.


NOVEMBER 1916 (325-41) MONDAY 20


Wash day again.

I didn’t put my hands in the tub to-day, churned, washed dished, took care of the bread and got diner.


NOVEMBER 1916 (32B-40) TUESDAY 21


[No entry.]


NOVEMBER 1916 (327-39) WEDNESDAY 22


[No entry.]


NOVEMBER 1916 (328-38) THURSDAY 23


Rained during the night and was cloudy and foggy when we got up.  This made Orville undecided about starting out.  Mr. Abbott had planned to meet him at forest but did not start until Mr. Abbott phoned that he was there.  They visited schools southwest of here. Got back at about 6 o'clock. They got supper then vent to visit with Miss Bushong.  We weren't looking for them back to-night but Tillie had rabbit on frying and potatoes boiling.  We added fruit apples.  Mr. Abbott had had no diner so his supper undoubtedly tasted good.  Orville had eaten his lunch while Mr. A. was holding a Board meeting.  He forgot to give Mr. Abbott his.


NOVEMBER 1916 (329-37) FRIDAY 24


After breakfast Mr. Abbott went to the opening of school while Orville went to attend to some dormitory business.  They afterwards started on their work of visiting schools.  Mr. Abbott as Co. Supt. and Orville on his extension work.

They got back in time for the Science Senior’s reception to the school faculty.

I was previously invited to be Mother of the club and was placed this evening in the receiving line between Miss Moeschler, the teacher, and Miss Luck, president of the club.     

The affair was formal for the training of the girls.

The affair was of a Thanksgiving nature.  She served turkey cranberry jelly sandwiches cheese straws and plum pudding.


NOVEMBER 1916 (330-36) SATURDAY 25


I baked a big batch of cookies this morning so as to take some to the Manse this afternoon to eat with the coca that Tillie took. Quite a number of ladies were there and two men Orville and Mr. Johnston.  The occasion was what the natives call a pounding for the new minister:  Mr. Ratchford, and his family.  We find them very agreeable.

Miss Moeschler rode with us.  We came back by New London to get some apples from Miss Mollie. 

Rather cool to-day.


NOVEMBER 1916 (331-35) SUNDAY 26


A beautiful day but cool enough to make the fire feel good.  Mr. Ratchford preached this morning to a good audience.

Orville retired to my room this afternoon where he would not be interrupted in the preparation of his speech at the Teachers Conference at Richmond this week.  He speaks on "The Future of the Agricultural Schools."

Tillie and I took a walk down to Mrs. Dooley's.  She was not at home.


NOVEMBER 1916 (332-34) MONDAY 27


Got the boiler full of clothes on ready for Tilda.  She did not come so we washed them out ourselves and in addition the boys waists and Virginia's dresses.

After diner Orville went to Forest to meet Mr. Abbott and Mr. Adkins two members of the school board.  Mr. Garber came and they held their meeting in the sitting room.

Orville took the two back to Forest after supper and Tillie went along.  Virginia and I were busy sewing when they got back.


NOVEMBER 1916 (333-33) TUESDAY 28


Tilda came about 9 o'clock so we finished up the washing.  Plenty of clothes although we washed a good many yesterday.

Finished all the ironing.

Miss Daisy and Miss Moeschler came over after school.

Miss Daisy wanted my currant cookie receipt.

Orville left to-night for Richmond going by auto to Lynchburg.  Will leave there at 2 a.m. to-morrow.  Will go to his birth as the Pullman is there waiting.  Reach R. at 6 a.m.

Mr. Abbott will meet him in Lynchburg.

Paid our party call to Misses Barnes and Harmanson.


NOVEMBER 1916 (334-32) WEDNESDAY 29


Started raining in the night and has kept it up most of the day.

All but five girls and three boys went home to-day.

Miss Moeschler and Miss Bushong stayed.  Miss Harmanson went to Baltimore and Miss Martha went home, to Concord, a few miles east of Lynchburg.

Miss Florence, the housekeeper of Home Department also left for Bristol, southwestern part of Virginia, to visit her sister-in-law who is teaching there.  Left her mother in care of Alice, colored, and the cook.


NOVEMBER 1916 (335-31) THURSDAY 30


Thanksgiving Day.

We expected to stay home to-day and eat chicken which we got ready.  Later Mrs. Hanel sent for us to go for diner.  Orville being in Richmond and Mr. Hanel at a sale it was women's and children’s feast.  Bonnie was the cook and she did finely for so young a girl.

I stayed till 2:30 then went home fed the little young chicks then went over to read to Mrs. Talbot.

Poor woman!  Has sat in darkness for fifteen years.


DECEMBER 1916 (33B-30) FRIDAY 1


A fine morning but roads rather muddy.

This was Mrs. Barlow Read's quilting day.  We had no way to go but to walk so at 10:00 Stuart and I started out.  Tillie, Donald and Virginia came later.  Tillie and Virginia rode home with Mrs. Mack Dooley, the boys and I walked.  Came across by Mrs. Tim Read's which gave us cleaner walking.

I delivered a message that Miss Daisy sent to Miss Bushong before going home.  It was about going to Lynchburg to-morrow.

We five of us, finished the quilt and took it out of the frames.

We weren't expecting Orville till to-marrow but he got home at 9:00 accompanied by Mr. Kirby, Agricultural teacher at Elk Creek, southwest Va.


DECEMBER 1916 (337-29) SATURDAY 2


Miss Bushong, Miss Moeschler and Miss Daisy went to Lynchburg this morning and had previously engaged Tillie to take care of the girls.  During the forenoon Tillie and Orville decided to go so I was left to look after the girls.  I went over and ate diner with them then had to come back and bake bread. Went over again at almost sundown but the Misses having gotten back at 4:15 my services to the girls were not needed so I went in and read to Mrs. Talbot.  Was dark when I got back and the house dark.  The folks came an hour later and I had supper ready.


DECEMBER 1916 (338-28) SUNDAY 3


Another nice morning but has looked a little like it is getting ready to snow.

Have had no snow yet.

We went out riding this afternoon and called at Mrs. Andrews but they had gone to church so we went on to John Thompson Brown's.  When we got nearly there we met Mrs. Brown and her daughter-in-law going to church but they insisted on our going on and they turned back.

Mrs. Brown made tea with which she served bread and butter and jelly.


DECEMBER 1916 (339-27) MONDAY 4


Our wash day again and was a nice day.  Got the ironing done.

I sewed the lace on the two little skirts that I made for June and Virginia.  Virginia's is for her birthday tomorrow.


DECEMBER 1916 (340-26) TUESDAY 5


Virginia's birthday.

She found her skirt under her plate at breakfast with some candy rolled up in it.


DECEMBER 1916 (341-25) WEDNESDAY 6


Should have written in this space what I've written below.  Orville did not come home to-night, so I cannot go to

Lynchburg to-morrow.


DECEMBER 1916 (342-24) THURSDAY 7


Orville left this morning for Lynchburg to attend the State Farmers' Union Convention.

Mr. Padgett went with him.

I intended to go too but owing to my not having my mind made up as to what I wanted to get decided to go tomorrow.

What I've written in this space should have been written in the space above.

Orville came home to-night so both Tillie and I are going to-morrow.


DECEMBER 1916 (343-23) FRIDAY 8


Got up a little earlier than usual this morning as Orville said that we had to be ready for 9 o'clock.

We started and reached Lynchburg at 10 o'clock then we had to mean business as Orville said we were to be through by 1 o’clock, as Mr. Padgett wanted to leave at that time.  We waited for him until three then he came and told us that he couldn't leave so we started home.

It is hard to get Xmas things in a hurry.

Bonnie Hanel went with us.


DECEMBER 1916 (344-22) SATURDAY 9


Spent the forenoon cleaning up the house.

Mr. Abbott and his sister, Miss Emily, called for Orville this morning to go with them to visit some school and to a teacher's meeting.

Mrs. Read and Mrs. Hanel called this afternoon.


DECEMBER 1916 (345-21) SUNDAY 10


Went to church, this morning,

The Johnston family and Mrs. Barlow Read took diner with us.  In the afternoon Orville took them and myself out for an auto ride.  Went past Belle View, Mr. Abbott's home, and around by Forest, 20 miles by the time we got home.  Were gone one hour.

Sat up after the rest had gone to bad getting my Montgomery order ready.  Am late with it.


DECEMBER 1916 (346-20) MONDAY 11


Rained a good part of last night and nearly all to-day so of course could not wash.

Tilda's girl called to-night and said her mother could not come as the youngest girl is sick with grimsy.

We found plenty to do working on our Xmas things.

Sent my Montgomery order out this morning.


DECEMBER 1916 (347-19) TUESDAY 12


Tillie went to Lynchburg to-day with Mr. and Mrs. Hanel.

It was 2:30 before I could get to my sewing.

Tillie didn't get home until 11 o'clock.  She went to do Xmas shopping. The train was late in leaving Lynchburg.


DECEMBER 1916 (348-18) WEDNESDAY 13


We washed to-day without Tilda.


DECEMBER 1916 (349-17) THURSDAY 14


[No entry-]


DECEMBER 1916 (350-16) FRIDAY 15


This afternoon from recess until close of school the domestic science department gave a reception to the faculty and high school students.

There were little experience given.  Miss Bushong gave her experience when behind a run away horse.  Orville and Mr. Elder theirs with a Studebaker car.  There was a prize given to the one who made the most words out of the words "Merry Christmas."

Miss Moeschler had a very pretty Christmas tree and a chimney built of blocked tissue paper, a mantel with two candles burning and an fire in grate made with lighted lantern wrapped in red tissue paper and sticks around.  She served two kinds of cake and a cup of chocolate with two marshmallows in it. The young people danced "stealing partners."

I got up with Hamer and made out to be dancing for “fun.”


DECEMBER 1916 (351-15) SATURDAY 16


[No entry.]


DECEMBER 1916 (352-14) SUNDAY 17


[No entry.]


DECEMBER 1916 (353-13) MONDAY 18


Tilda came unexpectedly and we washed.  She and Tillie took them over to the ....


DECEMBER 1916 (354-12) TUESDAY 19


School closed to-day for Christmas vacation.  Most of the students went home.  The number of teams gathered to take them home gave the place a businesslike appearance.

Miss Martha, Miss Bushong and Miss Barnes treated their scholars to oranges and candy.  Miss Daisy treated hers to candy.


DECEMBER 1916 (355-11) WEDNESDAY 20


Orville and Tillie went to Lynchburg to-day.  Mrs. Kregg went with them and Orville went for them and took her home.  The children did not go.

I was busy most of the day, churning, baking bread and pies and getting things ready for supper.  They got back a short time before dark.

I made our first mess of hominy.  The boys never tasted homemade hominy before and they think it isn't fit to eat.

Miss Martha came over this morning to bid us good-bye.  She and Miss Bushong and Miss Barnes sent us oranges and candy last night.


DECEMBER 1916 (356-10) THURSDAY 21


Orville started on his work this morning.  Went to Concord, Miss Martha's home, accompanied by Mr. Garber from Lawyers.


DECEMBER 1916 (357-9) FRIDAY 22


Finished crocheting the edges for the bath towels that I'm giving Mrs. Hanel and Mrs. Johnston.

Also finished making and sewed on the tatting for Annie Phillipo's handkerchief.

Orville came back from his extension work to-night.  The roads are very muddy from the snow, which was later followed by rain.

After supper Ted Hanel took Orville to Forest with Bird and took the 8 o'clock train for Roanoke.  Would stay there over night then would take the morning train for Blacksburg to settle bills for the building of the new dormitory.


DECEMBER 1916 (358-8) SATURDAY 23


Finished wrapping up my Christmas presents till my order comes from Montgomery Ward.  Sent the order on the 11th and have looked for it every day this week.

This is a strenuous time of the year.  Have been busy the last month or six weeks getting Christmas presents ready.

Later in the day--The handkerchiefs which I sent for arrived this afternoon.  So can send Tommy's, Al's & Mattie's out Monday.  Walter's will be later as all the order did not come.


DECEMBER 1916 (359-7) SUNDAY 24


[No entry.]


DECEMBER 1916 (360-6) MONDAY 25


[No entry.]


DECEMBER 1916 (361-5) TUESDAY 26


[No entry-]


DECEMBER 1916 (362-4) WEDNESDAY 27


Orville, Tillie and I have been busy all day getting the ingredients ready for the salad for the Farmers' Union to-morrow evening.  Picked eight chickens boiled and picked off bones, cleaned lettuce and celery and peeled and cubed apples.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston came over this afternoon and helped awhile.

She asked to borrow a pair of slippers from Tillie but she not having any I loaned her mine.  She was going to a dance and her own were too heavy.

I gave Mrs. Johnston the towel I had made for her.


DECEMBER 1916 (363-3) THURSDAY 28


My birthday, sixty-seven years old.

The years roll by too swiftly now.

If I live no longer then my mother and father I have only about five years more to live.  Hope the end will catch me with a good mind.

Have spent the day in tidying up and getting ready for the Farmers' Union supper.  The members of the Union and their wives were invited.  I was not a farmer or a wife but went anyway. There were about sixty people and we had a very enjoyable time.  They served stewed oysters, fried oysters, chicken salad and ice cream.  It was served in the dormitory dining room.


DECEMBER 1916 (364-2) FRIDAY 29


Tillie washed out a few clothes to-day and cleaned the kitchen floor.

I've not been in the working humor to-day.  Went to bed with Virginia this afternoon.


DECEMBER 1916 (365-1) SATURDAY 30


[No entry.]


DECEMBER 1916 (366-) SUNDAY 31


[No entry.]


Notes For 1917


Presents received Christmas 1916


Jim & Mattie                    -Tatted collar and for birthday a jabot.

Tommy & Ola                  -Fountain pen, 3 h'k's for birthday

Al & Edna                        -Ribbon bag

Ray & Mae                       -Corn file, silver thimble & oven holders

Walter & Hilda                -Two pair white silk stockings.

Ray & Minnie                  -Pair of hose and pretty bag.

Orville & Tillie -Pair of Scissors.

Annie Phillipo -Pretty bag

Mrs. Thomas                    -A book, "Long Ago and Far Away."

Mrs. Ashburn                   -Handkerchief with pretty crocheted edge.

Mrs. S. Read                    -Book, "Lilies from Havergal."

Mrs. Craig                        -Booklet, "Christmas Wishes."

Miss Barnes                      -Two yards of tatting around Xmas card.

Miss Bushong                   -Christmas booklet.

Donald T.                         -Pair of shoe trees

Nellie               -Goods for summer dress and beautiful collar

                                            to wear with it.  Later a Kodak book for my


Mrs. Hanel                         -Foot-stool made by Ted


Presents sent out Christmas 1916

                                         Tommy                 -      Box of six handkerchiefs

                                         Ola                       -      Center-piece with tatted edge

                                         Al                         -      Box of six handkerchiefs

                                         Edna                     -      Center-piece with tatted edge

                                         Mae                      -      Slip with crocheted yoke

                                         Ray C.                  -      Box of six handkerchiefs

                                         June                      -      Pair of red mittens

     Mattie      -   Collar and cuff set and two        handkerchiefs

                                         Jim         -                    Box of six handkerchiefs

     Nellie      -                  Collar and cuff set and two handkerchiefs

                                         Ray T.    -     Box of six handkerchiefs

                                         Minnie    -                   Tablecloth and 1 dozen napkins

                                         Mrs. Thomas - Crocheted yoke-

                                         Mrs. Wilson -  Doily with tatted edge.

                                         Mrs. Vickerman-Doily with tatted edge

                                         Mrs. Ashburn  -Apron.

                                         Mrs. S. Read - White domestic apron

     Mrs. Johnston- Bath towel with crocheted edges

     Mrs. H. Hanel -Bath towel with crocheted edges

                      Gracie Hanel  - Pair of red mittens

                      Orville     -     cloth for two shirts

                      Tillie       -     Aluminum cooker

                                           Donald   -     Two pair of stockings

                                           Stuart    -    Two pair of stockings

                                           Virginia -    Red rocking chair.

                                           Walter   -   Box of six handkerchiefs

                                           Hilda     -

                                           Maxine   -   A skirt and two pair of panties

                                           Keith      -   Red silk neck tie.








"Excelsior‑ Trademark. Daily Journal for 1917. Sold by Farnham Printing & Stationery Co., Minneapolis. Published Annually for the trade."


JANUARY 1917 (1-364) MONDAY 1


Washed to-day and had a big washing preparatory to moving.  Also got the ironing done.

I don’t know that any of us made any audible resolutions and perhaps not secretly as we have been so very busy.

The first of the year and I have no diary, so will have to write on other paper until I get one, then copy.

This first day of the year has turned out well both in regard to weather and the amount of work done.

Three years this coming spring since I gave possession after selling my home in Spencer.  Sometimes a sadness comes over me and would like to be back at the home but not the work.


JANUARY 1917 (2-383) TUESDAY 2


I little thought when I came here to Virginia the 24th of September 1915 that I would be here the beginning of this year.  There was a possibility of my staying a year but expected that to be the limit.  Orville and Tillie have tried to make it very pleasant for me and their kind treatment I appreciate.

We moved into new apartments, in new boy's dormitory today.  Tilda came back to-day to help us.  We wanted her to stay last night but her brother was visiting her so had to go home.  Came rather late this morning.  Mrs. Hanel sent some beans and corn cake for our dinner- I was so tired tonight that I went up stairs at 8:30 and undressed.  Misses Bushong & Moeschler came in just then and Tillie brought them up stairs to see the rooms.  I slipped on my kimono.  All the teachers and pupils came back to-day.


JANUARY 1917 (3-262) WEDNESDAY 3


Commenced to storm this morning but slacked up about noon so we had Tilda again this afternoon.

All we can do is to work along slowly and gradually find a place for things.

Rained all afternoon.

I was not so tired to-night.  Had a little better sense than I had yesterday.  I lay down at noon and took a little nap.


JANUARY 1917 (4-361) THURSDAY 4


Straightening up after moving is surely slow work so all we can do is to find a suitable place for this and that thing and exercise lots of patience.

Budd took Orville to Forest this morning to take the train for Lynchburg, then to Alta Vista to visit the school there and then to visit the school at Leesville where Edward Hicks teaches.  He expects to stay to-night with Allen Snow's mother.  Allen goes to school here and works for his board.  Orville calls him his most dependable boy.

Rained all day.


JANUARY 1917 (5-360) FRIDAY 5


Orville phoned from Leesville for Budd to meet him at Lawyers, about seven miles southeast, this afternoon.

They got home about dark and they said the roads are fierce.

Both Tillie and I worked all forenoon on the stove, cleaning it.  The dormitory having gotten a new double stove costing $140. wholesale the old one was brought over here.  The stove is a good one, a Majestic but my, so dirty!


JANUARY 1917 (6-359) SATURDAY 8


Failed to make a record of this day's proceedings.


JANUARY 1917 (7-358) SUNDAY 7


Also this.


JANUARY 1917 (8-357) MONDAY 8


And this.


JANUARY 1917 (9-356) TUESDAY 9


And this.


JANUARY 1917 (10-355) WEDNESDAY 10


And this.

Busy times- A little laziness and negligence mixed in.


JANUARY 1917 (11-354) THURSDAY 11


Orville went out with house and buggy to-day and visited one school.  The roads are bad and so hard to get around.

The wind was cold all day.  He got home about 3 o'clock and by that time had decided not to go any more unless he could go in the car or on the train.  It taken too much time and energy.


JANUARY 1917 (12-353) FRIDAY 12


We are tired nearly every night now-a-days.

Tillie oiled the floors to-day.

We went up stairs early this evening, undressed, got into Tillie's bed and read in "The Inside of the Cup."

Orville went to Lynchburg this morning to get out a lot of letters on the linotype.  Will then go to Bedford City, spend the night, return to-morrow but stop on the way back, at Montvale, to a basket ball game between Montvale and New London Academy.


JANUARY 1917 (13-352) SATURDAY 13


Been sleety and freezing a little all day.  The teachers and Tillie and I were invited to Miss Daisy Read's for supper to-night.  Tillie and I started out at 4:30 and went to Miss Martha's.  She couldn't go as Miss Bushong was sick.  Miss Barnes was there but she thought the weather was too bad to go.  We pressed her to go and get Miss Harmanson to come down and we would go ahead as the time to be there was five o'clock.

We had a fine supper and they are certainly entertaining people.  We took our lantern and all walked abreast on the way home and had lots of fun walking on the high frozen bumps.


JANUARY 1917 (14-351) SUNDAY 14


Preaching this morning but I stayed home with Virginia as she had a very bad cough.

After the rest went to church we made a pie for dinner then with the remainder of the paste made a turnover for her.

After dinner Tillie and I went up stairs and lay down on the bed and Alternately we read in "The Inside of the Cup." We are deeply interested in i t.

Later I went over and read to Mrs. Talbot Stoddard’s lecture on the "Passion Play."

Miss Florence brought our suppers in.


JANUARY 1917 (15-350) MONDAY 15


Rained and sleeted all day.

Caught enough water to wash in.

To-night is cold so am afraid the water will be frozen.


JANUARY 1917 (16-349) TUESDAY 16


Still cloudy.

We were not looking for Tilda but about 9 o'clock she came.

Seemed like a big job to get ready to wash then but had to,

She chopped the ice out of the tubs and it wasn't so bad after all.

Got most of the ironing done too.

Mr. Lemmon is hauling ice to Mrs. Read's.

Hope there will be another freeze up so New London Academy's ice house will get filled too.


JANUARY 1917 (17-348) WEDNESDAY 17


Been a fine day overhead but the roads are fearful.

Orville left or Forest about five o'clock and expected to get supper at Lockly Radford's.  Will take the seven o'clock train for Lynchburg, get into the sleeper on Richmond train, leave at 1:30 and reach Richmond at seven in the morning.  He is going to attend a convention of the extension workers Thursday and Friday.


JANUARY 1917 (18-347) THURSDAY 18


After some discussion Tillie and I decided to have the lady teachers come over after school and eat ice cream.  We had to get ready for it so Tillie made the cream and I the cup cakes and currant cookies.  They all came but Miss Daisy, she was about sick with tonsillitis. Tillie sent down some cream for her and her mother.  Also Mrs. Hanel some.

After we got the children to bed we went and called on three teachers in girl's dormitory.  Miss Moeschler, Miss Barnes and Miss Harmanson.


JANUARY 1917 (19-246) FRIDAY 19


There's still a little ice and snow so Tillie made good use of it by making some more ice cream.  Yesterdays was caramel, to-day's peach, canned.

We finished reading "The Inside of the Cup" to-night.  It surely has been interesting and I want to read it again so as to get the thoughts of Winston Churchill impressed on my mind.


JANUARY 1917 (20-345) SATURDAY 20


This was Myrtle Heathcote's wedding day.

Also Donald's birthday.

Myrtle was married at 11:30 and expected to leave in the afternoon for Mattie's in Spencer, Iowa.  She is brother Walt's oldest girl.

Donald was 9 years old.  There was a great cry for a birthday cake but owing to our time being all taken up we compromised by promising to make it in the morning.

This was Ladies' Aid day and Orville came home from Richmond while we were gone.  We met with Mrs. Hanel.

Orville brought me a sterling cream ladle to send to Myrtle.

This was Agatha Walt's wedding day too.  She was formerly engaged to Jim Burnish but he changed his mind and married some one else.


JANUARY 1917 (21-344) SUNDAY 21


No church to-day but Sunday school.  Rained half of the forenoon.

The cake was made this morning to the satisfaction of Donald.  We ate part of it for dinner.

I took a nap before dinner.  Read most of the morning.

Tillie took some pie and cake over to Mrs. Talbot about supper time.

While there heard that Edna Terrell was quite sick. Had eaten too much store goods which caused ptomaine poisoning.

They sent for Dr. Rice.


JANUARY 1917 (22-343) MONDAY 22


A warm morning and roads very muddy.

Tilda did not come so we spent the forenoon cleaning up. I swept up stairs and Tillie down stairs.

This afternoon I mended my corsets. Have had that job on my mind ever since we moved.  Not a pleasant job so is easily put off.

Donald has been sick all day.  Thought maybe it was measles coming on but there is not outward sign of the disease.


JANUARY 1917 (23-342) TUESDAY 23


Tilda came this morning.  We had the boiler on and were going to ourselves--if she hadn't come.

It was cooler this morning, in fact was last night as Tillie and I discovered when we went for a pail of water just before going to bed.

Father Hanel came over last night to visit with Orville.  He had one of his depressed spells and usually comes to Orville to get relief.  He hasn't had one for quite awhile and I thought he was getting over them.  He never tells what he worries over but Orville thinks it is over monetary matters.  His children have been quite a burden on him and necessitated the spending of considerable money in one way or another.  Orville has found that nothing relieves him till they begin talking religion.


JANUARY 1917 (24-341) WEDNESDAY 24


Mrs. Hanel came up this morning to get Tillie to walk with her down to Mrs. Kate Dooley’s.  Were gone about an hour.  I ironed my two dressed that were left over yesterday and was getting dinner when they got back.  I had made an apple pie.

Miss Martha came over this evening and made a long visit.  Talked over school matters.  Miss Martha is very loyal to the school but sometimes a little too authoritative with some of the other teachers.


JANUARY 1917 (25-340) THURSDAY 25


Budd went to Forest to-day to get Miss Bushong's bookcase so Orville went along to visit the Forest school.  After doing that he got to talking Farmers' Federal Loan, told Budd to go on and he walked home in the afternoon.

Miss Martha and Miss Bushong came over this evening.

Tillie came down with the Grippe to-day.


JANUARY 1917 (28-339) FRIDAY 26


Tillie has been doing some baking for to-morrow.  She, Miss Daisy and Mrs. Craig have to feed the man who are coming to clear up the cemetery. she made oatmeal drop cakes and doughnuts.  She told me to-night that she would like me to make some currant cookies in the morning.

My plan was to get at the yard with the boys but maybe I'll have a little time for that too.

Orville didn’t go out to-day as the roads are so very bad.


JANUARY 1917 (27-338) SATURDAY 27


Made the big batch of cookies and by to-night there were barely enough left for dinner.  Tillie took some to the church for the men, sent some to Mrs. Johnston also some to Mrs. Ratchford.

The boys and I did a little cleaning at the yard.

Tillie isn't feeling well, had a very bad cold.

Miss Moeschler is sick.  Her old trouble, Neuritis.  Has a good deal of pain around her heart.


JANUARY 1917 (28-337) SUNDAY 28


Church this morning and the Johnstons came home with us for dinner.

Mr. Johnston took Cora and Everett home after dinner and also went to water the stock.  He came back for Mrs. Johnston toward evening.

Got no letters written to-day.  Ought to have written one to Mae to send out in the morning.


JANUARY 1917 (29-336) MONDAY 29


Started to rain during the night and rained until nearly noon to-day, so of course we could not wash.  Tillie has been sick all day.

I finished fixing over my old black skirt.  I took two widths out when skirts became narrow so now I've but them back to make it wider.  It is change, change, change all the time and we never get through.


JANUARY 1917 (30-335) TUESDAY 30


Tommy's birthday.  Thirty-three.  Sent by Orville for something when he went to Richmond on the 17th but owing to lack of time and not knowing what to get came back without it. So, I enclosed a dollar bill in a letter and told him to get something.

The doctor was called for Miss Moeschler this morning.

Tilda came this morning so she and I washed and did part of the ironing.

Later--with the dollar I sent Tommy he got a silver frame for a picture he has of me.


JANUARY 1917 (31-334) WEDNESDAY 31


Tillie was well enough to finish the ironing this morning.

I pressed my skirt that I've just fixed over, did the house work and got dinner.

We called on Miss Bushong and Miss Martha this evening.

Miss Moeschler had quite a hard spell to-night.  The doctor has to give her morphine to ease the pain and make her sleep.

A phone from Mrs.Teats to-night from Lynchburg, while we were out.  Orville got it.

Her aunt at that place is sick and had come down to see her.  She wants Tillie to go to Lynchburg.


FEBRUARY 1917 (32-333) THURSDAY 1


This morning Orville and Tillie talked over Mrs.Tent's call, which came last night while we were out, and they decided to go to Forest and take the 12:30 train for Lynchburg.  They stayed with Mrs. Teats over night.  Her relative had pneumonia then paralysis.

I made ice-cream and cookies this afternoon.

Turned cool to-day.

Took Misses Evans and Bushong each a dish of ice-cream and a couple of cookies after study hours were over.


FEBRUARY 1917 (33-332) FRIDAY 2


Quite cold this morning.  We will hear of a very cold spell out West.

Tillie came home this afternoon quite chilled.

She found Aunt Ella as they call her very sick and in a comatose state.

Mrs. Teat's left for Bealeton a few minutes before Tillie left for Forest.

Orville was going to Leesville in the afternoon and intended to stay with Mrs. Snow to-night.

Cleaned the dining room and kitchen to-day.


FEBRUARY 1917 (34-331) SATURDAY 3


Didn't have much work to do to-day.

After we got the little done we had to do I went up stairs and sat down to read.  I soon got sleepy so lay down and when I awoke and went down stairs it was 2 o'clock.

Tillie had soup so I ate two dishes and then mended my coat.

Orville came home early this afternoon having walked from Lawyers, seven miles.

He went right to Farmers' Union.


FEBRUARY 1917 (35-3'30) SUNDAY 4


No church.  After getting the work done I went up stairs and took a bath and trimmed up my feet.  The latter is a big job.

After dinner I looked over some of the student's examination papers Orville was marking. I intended going over to read to Mrs. Talbott but Miss Martha came over to use the phone and then visited with us the rest of the afternoon.

A snowstorm came up to-night with a terrible wind.  It is surely cold.

We will get the icehouse filled after all.


FEBRUARY 1917 (36-329) MONDAY 5


Very cold this morning, wind fierce.

Only two or three country pupils came to school this morning.

Despite the cold Mr. Lemmon began hauling ice and kept at it all day.


FEBRUARY 1917 (37-328) TUESDAY 6


Francis, the colored dining room girl, came over early this morning. They had had some trouble in the kitchen and she was going to leave.  Alice (colored) had her married daughter helping her with the cooking.  The daughter's husband had been to see her and wanted to stay over night, which would have necessitated all sleeping in one room.  Francis thought that was not the right thing so objected to his staying so came over to talk with Orville about it.  Orville after breakfast met Mary Lizzie on the campus and told her that John couldn't stay.  This angered the mother, had more trouble in dinning room or kitchen then Alice came over and asked Orville for their checks which he gladly

gave them.

              Alice thought they couldn't get along without her.


FEBRUARY 1917 (38-327) WEDNESDAY 7


A little cloudy this morning but Tilda came so we

washed.  There was a good wind and the clothes dried nicely.

I sprinkled the clothes after dinner then lay down and

took a nap.  Found Miss Moeschler here when I went down stairs, the first time since being sick.  She feels badly yet but tries to do a little school work.

Tillie made her an omelet and a slice of toast.


FEBRUARY 1917 (39-326) THURSDAY 8


Francis with Pete's help and that of a new girl they've gotten are doing the cooking and dining room work.  They are having better cooking now.

Orville got up early this morning and walked to Forest to catch the 8 o'clock train for Lynchburg.

We didn't know he was going and were surprised when we got down stairs and found him gone.

This was the day on which he with others had to make his speech in defense of the farmers.  Others represented the merchants.

He phoned when he got to Forest.

Came home about 5 o'clock having rode from Lawyers with Mr. Creasy. Finished ironing made plain and currant biscuits.  Tillie made soup for the sale to-morrow.


FEBRUARY 1917 (40-325) FRIDAY 9


It took us all morning getting ready for the sale of pies and soup at noon.

The proceeds of this goes to the church.

Tillie got the Domestic Science dining room in order and necessary things carried over while I made the cream and cherry pies.

Bonnie Hanel helped Tillie all through.

I was tired when noon came but after drinking two or three cups of tea felt better.

When I was hurrying to get over to help serve Mrs.

Craig came and that relieved me.  Virginia and I went ever and got soup and pie.  She said she was going to treat me.  So she took my pocket book.  Easy, wasn't it.


FEBRUARY 1917 (41-324) SATURDAY 10


Were at the morning's work when Mrs. Hanel phoned that she was coming up, she and Tillie were both elated over the proceeds of the sale.

Mrs. Hanel expected to help serve but didn't feel equal to it. She sent Bonnie.  She was anxious to hear about it and when she came she and Tillie talked a streak. They were really the originators of it. I left them while I did my bedroom work and changed.

Tillie cleaned the dining room and kitchen floors after Mrs. Hanel phoned and that she was coming.

In the afternoon they walked over to Mrs. Barnett’s


FEBRUARY 1917  (42-323) SUNDAY 11


Preaching this morning.

 We left a chicken in the fireless cooker.

 Tillie went with Mrs. Craig after church to see Mrs. Read and   I got dinner ready.

The chicken was nicely browned so I made the gravy, set the table and waited a while for Tillie.  Orville then suggested that we eat as she might not come but she did as we were sitting up to the table.

Went to read to Mrs. Talbott this afternoon.  Had only read a few minutes when she went to sleep.

Ruth Patterson came to sit with her a few minutes so I left.


FEBRUARY 1917 (48-322)     MONDAY 12


Wrote a letter to Ray and Minnie this morning.  They wanted advise about Mr. Everson’s, Minnie's father, proposition about renting his farm of 93 acres. If Ray has gotten so he will work and do it well the offer seems to be all right.

I partly wrote a letter to Mae but the mail man came before I got it done but finished it to-night.

Went and read to Mrs. Talbott again this afternoon. She felt better to-day. She wanted me to stay and eat supper with her, which I did, and getting home at 8 o’clock found Miss Harmanson and Miss Barnes here.


FEBRUARY 1917 (44-321) TUESDAY 13


Early this morning the Misses Barnes and Harmanson came over with Valentine cards on which were invitations to go to Miss Barnes’ room to-night from 8 to 10:30.

Mrs. Craig came in before dinner and stayed till the middle of the afternoon then went to Mrs. Lees and from there to see Mrs. Tom Read who is sick.

Went to the party and had a good time. They served soup and grape fruit.

Had a joke with Miss Harmanson about a night gown some one had sent her.  She is small and the gown large. She is asking us all to make something for her “hope chest." I told her she ought to give it to me for my hope chest. Stuck my work bag under my coat and she thought I’d taken it. She was out in hall. To settle it Miss Martha got pieces of paper and on one wrote “g” which was to draw it.  I got a blank and made believe I got it and held it to Miss Martha to corroborate. Hid the gown.


FEBRUARY 1917 (45-320) WEDNESDAY 14


St. Valentine's Day.  The boys have been busy for a week cutting, pasting and lettering till we are tired of the mess.  I hope they'll not be another Valentine’s day for a whole year.

Tillie had been busy most of the day getting ready for the ice cream selling to-morrow for the benefit of the church.  She made the custard and got the donated things in order for quick work in the morning.

I went to see Mrs. Tom Read this afternoon.  She is sick with a very bad cold.  Found Mrs. Barlow Read and Mrs. Lee there.  Got home at 3:30.  Mrs. Hanel came up.

Wrote a letter to Hattie tonight also wrapped up the towel and included the beans Miss Martha gave me also some sample packages of methalotum.


FEBRUARY 1917 (46-319) THURSDAY 15


A rainy morning.

Orville and Budd froze the cream this morning, 15qt., 4qt. and 4qt- Mrs. Ratchford came at 11 o'clock to help sell the cream.  Mrs. Hanel also came.  Out of the twenty three quarts they took in $16., cleared $14.  All the milk and part of the pineapple was donated.  Mrs. Barnett also came over and helped to serve.

We were baking bread and before I went over I but two pans of bread and one of biscuits in the oven thinking I would run back in a few minutes but I forgot all about it till Tillie asked about it.  Ran home found them nearly burnt and hard as bricks.  I gave then a good dose of water and wrapped them up well to steam.  Orville did not go out to-day as it rained all forenoon.


FEBRUARY 1917 (47-318) FRIDAY 18


Our morning was devoted to sweeping and cleaning.  Tillie scrubbed up the hall.

Sent the letter to Hattie also the package containing the guest towel which was the belated birthday present.  Should have reached her New Year's day.

Miss Bushong's annual party came off to-night.  The students danced "Stealing Partners" then ice cream and several kinds of cookies which she bought were served.


FEBRUARY 1917 (48-317) SATURDAY 17


I made a big batch of currant cookies this morning.

This afternoon we went to Ladies' Aid at Mrs. Lees'.  Mrs. Ratchford, the minister's wife called and I rode down with her.  Tillie walked and called for Mrs. Hanel.  Those present were Mrs. Ratchford, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Hanel, Mrs. Lee and Tillie and myself.

The currant cookies suffered greatly while we were gone.  They all, no doubt, helped themselves freely.  They shrink from three-fourths of a 3 gallon jar to one-fourth.  Donald says Stuart carried them out by the pocket full.


FEBRUARY 1917 (49-316) SUNDAY 18


Tillie told me this morning that Orville had consented to take us over to Mr. Johnston's and we were to be ready when Sunday School was over.

Tillie partly roasted some beef yesterday, finished it this morning and took it along for dinner.  We had a good dinner, some of Cora's canned corn and Lima beans, also boiled tongue and plum pudding.  Along with the good dinner was a good time.

Got home at 5:30


FEBRUARY 1917 (50-315) MONDAY 19


A wet morning and no Tilda to-day.

Sent letter to Mae this morning.

Mended the embroidered corset cover Hattie gave me.

I experienced one thing out of the ordinary just after dinner.  I was coming down stairs and fell down the middle part of stairway. I rattled down like a thousand of brick.  Tillie screamed and Orville ran from office in time to find me squirming and wriggling to get room to straighten out my limbs and get a footing.  I skinned my arm and gave my head a good bump against the wall.  The stairway is dark and I was thinking of something else.  Got to the first step before I realized it.  Worked buttonholes in the dress Hattie sent Virginia afterwards.


FEBRUARY 1917 (51-314) TUESDAY 20


Another rainy morning and rained till nearly noon.  Clears up and sun very warm.

Ted Hanel left home yesterday.  His father found fault about his staying out too late.  Was at Mr. Barnett's.  The attraction was great.  Mrs. Barnett keeps girl boarders.

Ted is only sixteen.

Mrs. Hanel phoned Tillie to go down, Went just after dinner and stayed until 4 o'clock.

I had bread to take care of so I got very little sewing done.  Am working on my brown linen, enlarging it.

Misses Harmanson and Barnes came over after school and later Miss Moeschler.  After supper Misses Evans & Bushong.

Orville put up new, additional rules for boy's dormitory.  Rooms are dirty the most offensive being tobacco spit on walls and radiators.


FEBRUARY 1917 (52-313) WEDNESDAY 21


Failed to make a record of to-day's happenings.


FEBRUARY 1917 (53-312) THURSDAY 22


Washington's birthday.

The hatchets and cherry trees were made by Miss Daisy's children.

Tillie made cherry pies and treated the teachers to a piece each and telling them that the cherries were grown an the tree George out down.

Are we to judge favorably of her veracity here after?


FEBRUARY 1917 (54-311) FRIDAY 23


Another rainy day.  It was just Pouring down when school closed and some of the children went home in it.

Orville had Budd hitch up and take some of the village girls home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ratchford went to visit Mr. & Mrs. Craig.  Mrs. Craig wrote a note to Tillie to watch and ride up with them.  She was all ready but when we went out to call them failed to make them hear.  Wanted her to help entertain while she was getting dinner. Mrs. Craig’s mother is with her but she has had a stroke of paralysis which has affected her speech.


FEBRUARY 1917 (55-310) SATURDAY 24


Ted Hanel came home to-day.  His father wrote him a letter telling him to think about his future.  He was wise in coining back so as to finish his school work.  Has such a good opportunity for getting his education as far as a four year high school goes.

I cleaned the stove out after dinner.


FEBRUARY 1917 (56-309) SUNDAY 25


Church Sunday.

Mrs. Barlow Read came home with us for dinner.  She intended visiting Mrs. Talbott this afternoon but they all talked so fast and so long that she only had a few minutes to stay with her.

Tillie went with her.

Misses Barnes and Moeschler came over while she was gone,

We went to Christian Endeavor to-night.

Mrs. Hanel was up to-day.


FEBRUARY 1917 (57-308) MONDAY 26


A rainy morning

Devoted the day to patching a couple of the boy's waists and doing a little crocheting.  Am crocheting a corset cover yoke.

Went down to Mrs. Hanel's she was up and I walked back with her.  Sissie nearly took a cat fit  because I wouldn’t stay for supper. Promised to go to-morrow.


FEBRUARY 1917 (58-307) TUESDAY 27


I made a mistake this was the day Sissie nearly had a cat fit because I wouldn’t stay for supper.

This has been a fine day for a wonder Tilda came and it was warm enough to wash outside.

Tillie got Budd to bring the old box cupboard over and she fixed it up in the far end of the hall. Handy to put things in that are not used every day.


FEBRUARY 1917 (59-308) WEDNESDAY 28


Raining this morning and kept it up all day.

This was Nellie’s birthday. Intended to have had a waist ready to send her but did not send the order out in time.

Sent her a letter though which I think she would get today.

Finished ironing the few things left from yesterday.

Spent the day with Mrs. Hanel as I promised Sissie yesterday.

Mr. Hanel went to Lynchburg.


MARCH 1917 (80-305) THURSDAY 1


Raining to "beat the band" when we got up and kept at it all day.

Wonder how the month will end.


MARCH 1917 (61-304) FRIDAY 2


Rained all last night and now in the evening is still at it.  These are the spring rains in this part of the country and answer to our spring thawing of snow in the west.  An intrigue has been discovered between Germany and Mexico to draw Japan into the war.  On the side of the Germans in case the U. S. enters the war against Germany.  Her submarine warfare is terrible.  Starvation of the allies seems to be her only way of coming out victorious.

Tillie and I went to call on Miss Moeschler but not finding her in called on Miss Barnes.  Were treated to grapefruit and invited over next Tuesday evening to eat bacon.  We take the bread and anything else we wish to.


MARCH 1917 (62-303) SATURDAY 3


Mr. Elder has been away for two or three days invoicing his goods in store so Orville has had his classes to teach.

The weather has been so bad that Orville couldn't get out on his extension work.

He went to Lynchburg this morning.  Some business in regard to the Farmers' Union.  Had ordered some seed and the farmers hadn't come across with the money to pay for it.

Miss Moeschler came over and stayed all night with us.


MARCH 1917 (83-302) SUNDAY 4


Rained all day again.  Nothing going on.  No Sunday School on that account.  Stayed home all day.  Miss Moeschler stayed till nearly noon.

I spent most of the day after the work was done writing letters.

Got my bank book ready to send to Charles Howe in Spencer to be balanced.  Also wrote to Hattie and Al.

Orville came back from Lynchburg this morning and luckily got a ride.

Mr. Heflin came to see Miss Harmanson and Ted Hanel had to meet him.

Orville brought the mail.  A letter from Al with a post office money order for $30.  Just the right amount to pay my bill to Dr. Rice.


MARCH 1917 (64-301) MONDAY 5


Hurrah!  The sun came out this morning after hiding himself for five whole days and raining incessantly.  A good breeze dried the campus up so we could get around without rubbers, but, it is turning cold and by morning the mud will be hard.

The domestic science girls are doing the serving at dormitory this week. Have worked out menus for a week on a 25ct basis for each student for one day, three meals.  There has been so much waste in the kitchen.  From 9 qts. of flour which has been handed out it had been reduced to 5 and 8 qts.  Sixty people to be fed.

Went to English history class this afternoon.  This is Mr. Elder's class but Orville was teaching.


MARCH 1917 (65-300) TUESDAY 6


Tilda came this morning.  On this account Tillie declined to go to dormitory for meals.  I tried to show her that I could do her part of the work but she wanted to put me to the trouble of changing my shoes, stockings and dress.  She had her best shoes on and it wouldn’t have hurt her hair to comb it, needed it badly.  Of course I had to do the yielding.  We had a good dinner so I wasn't sorry although I felt miserably till I had gotten over the sleep which I felt obliged to take.  Must have been the sweet potatoes that had the effect on me.  Haven't had potatoes for so long.

I wouldn't let her go for supper either.


MARCH 1917 (66-299) WEDNESDAY 7


I have had two days at dormitory so Tillie now has two days.  She started with breakfast and they are reporting good meals.  Miss Florence has not been out to take any meals since the girls took possession.  Claims to be sick but I think it is mostly the thought of the business being taken out of her hands and knowing that they have better service.  The Domestic Science teacher and girls are being praised to the skies.  There had been much dissatisfaction about the cooking.


MARCH 1917 (67-298) THURSDAY 8


Miss Mollie's day to give lessons so Tillie took her to the dormitory to eat in Orville’s place as he went to Lynchburg this morning.

We are paying our board this week at the rate of $2.50. Expected the boys to eat in turn in Orville's place but they were afraid of being placed in too close contact with girls.  A girl on each side is too much and we have to sit where there's a vacancy.

Were not expecting Orville home to-night so Tillie got Miss Mollie to stay.  The lady teachers were invited in to spend the evening and bring their work.  We were sipping our cocoa when Orville came and he said "Oh a hen party!" Miss Mollie learned to crochet "Idiot's Delight." She thought the name appropriate to her.  She lives alone, keeps a cow, a few chickens and devotes Mon. & Thurs. to giving lessons to some of the students.  Miss Mollie and I went to supper together.


MARCH 1917 (BB-297) FRIDAY 9


Miss Mollie slept with me last night seeing Orville came home.

She went with Orville to breakfast and soon after coming back left for home.


MARCH 1917 (69-296) SATURDAY 10


Got a card from Mae this morning saying she is in Saluda with June.  Went last Sunday and she wrote Tuesday.  She has cankered sore throat mouth and lips.  Her temperature Tuesday was 99 so I think by now she is better.  Wrote her a letter to-night.

Made a big batch of currant cookies for Miss Moeschler this morning.  They were unexpectedly called up by Montvale to go and play basketball.  Took 150 down to dormitory and had a few left for ourselves,

Tillie and I went to dormitory for all meals to-day as the boys wouldn't go.  Thought one at a time could go with one of us but they were afraid of the girls.  Hope they'll have a little of it in later years.  Orville came back from Bedford City and joined the basketball team at Montvale.

Train 2 1/2 hours late, Got home at 12:30.


MARCH 1917 (70-295) SUNDAY 11


Preaching to-day.  The Ratchford’s were invited to dormitory for dinner.

The two Mrs. Browns were at church this morning.  We wanted to ask them to dinner but were afraid the dormitory couldn't accommodate them.  Were sorry afterwards as we found there was plenty of room, a number of the students had gone home.

Orville took Mr. Ratchford to his appointment at Ivy Creek after dinner and Tillie and Mrs. Ratchford went along.  We all went to supper and then to C. Endeavor.  Mrs.

R. was to lead but she wasn't prepared.

Tillie leads next Sunday night.


MARCH 1917 (71-294) MONDAY 12


A fine day, seems quite warm and am afraid too much so.

We washed and got our clothes dried nicely.

Miss Mollie called after she got through with her lessons.


MARCH 1917 (72-293) TUESDAY 13


Heard it raining in the night and has drizzled most of the day.  Too fine yesterday to last.

I mended up my clothes then sewed on Keith's suit.  Want to send it out Thursday so he will get it out Saturday.  He surely has quit looking for his Christmas package before this.


MARCH 1917 (73-292) WEDNESDAY 14


Finished Keith's suit to-day while Tillie went down to visit with Mrs. Hanel.

Am glad it is done so as to send it.

Wrote a letter to Walter and Hilda this morning telling them to tell Keith to watch the post office.


MARCH 1917 (74-291) THURSDAY 15


Sent Keith's suit and Hilda's towel this morning.

Received a letter a few days ago from Ray about the money he wants to borrow.

Elmer Bisbee has paid $1000. of the principal also $180. interest.  Am loaning Orville $800., Ray $250. so I gave Orville a check for $1050 out of which he will transfer Ray's.  This business was taken care of to-day.  Ray is going back to Preston to work Mr. Everson's his father-in-law’s farm.  Do hope he will be industrious and work intelligently.


MARCH 1917 (75-290) FRIDAY 16


Since finishing Keith's suit I've been working on an Indian head shirt for Ray's birthday on the 20th.  Finished it to-day and expected to send it out to-morrow but owing to the railroad strike which is expected to take place tomorrow evening have decided not to sent it until the strike is settled.

Tillie cleaned up front rooms and hall preparatory for to-morrow.

We went to the literary society meeting after recess this afternoon.


1917      MARCH (76-289) SATURDAY 17


St. Patrick's day and the day to wear green.

This was Mattie's wedding day eight years ago.

The Ladies' Aid met with us this afternoon.  There were

quite a number of ladies.  Mesdames Graig, Johnston, Dooley, Jinks, Cobble, Ratchford and Hanel.  Also Misses Read, Evans, Harmanson and Bushong.

Tillie served tomato soup with crackers, coconut pie, cup cakes and ice cream.

It was election of officers and Mrs. Ratchford was elected president.  Mrs. Craig succeeded herself as vice president also Miss Daisy as secretary-treasurer.  Meet next month with Mrs. Dooley.


MARCH 1917 (77-288) SUNDAY 18


Spent the forenoon, after the work was done, trimming up my feet.  An awful job.

Mr. Johnston came over this forenoon and went to dormitory with Orville for dinner.

Tillie and I were going over to see Mrs. Barlow Read but the wind came up so strong and cold that we thought it best not to go.  Mrs. Read has been sick with very bad cold.

Virginia burnt her hand quite badly this morning.  Was climbing up in front of the stove to get something off the warming oven.

Went down to read to Mrs. Talbott about four o'clock Read her a story about "George" and it proved to be George Washington.  She was much interested.  Is blind and lives in the past. She has been quite a history student.


MARCH 1917 (78-287) MONDAY 19


As it was fine this morning Tilda came and we got all ironed but two dresses of mine.

I cleaned my room floor this morning as we were expecting Mrs. Lowry this week but mail brought a letter saying that she'll not come till later. She was afraid the railroad strike which was expected to take effect Saturday evening would imprison her in Lynchburg.


MARCH 1917 (79-286) TUESDAY 20


This was Ray's birthday.  Can't say for sure how old he is. Would have to do some figuring.

I ironed my dresses this morning then swept part of the front yard.

Tillie had a chicken killed this morning and she then decided to invite Messrs Light and Elder to eat supper with us.

Seeing Orville couldn't go to the dormitory to eat Tillie wanted Donald to go.  He wasn't inclined to go alone and he began to cry.  She had a time to get him started.  Got as far as old dormitory and stopped soon one of the school boys was coming back at that time as I went around the building.  Then he knowing that Orville was watching him he finally made his way there and got his supper.  It worked Tillie up.  The two men enjoyed their supper.


MARCH 1917 (80-285) WEDNESDAY 21


Baked bread to-day.

Tillie and I swept all around the high tree by south door.      

Planted my tomato seed this morning.

Paid Dr. Rice, by check, to-day as he was down here.

$30. This pays for his services last August when I had

blood poison from an infected chigger bite.  It had a good

scab on and I thought it was healing but is was closed up.

Miss Moeschler came over after school and talked over the question of she and Science Seniors running the dormitory.  She doesn't want Miss Florence in store room again.


MARCH 1917 (81-284) THURSDAY 22


Been a beautiful spring day.

Got a letter from Hattie this morning telling of their snow storms, wading in three feet of snow.  Our rain Friday night must have been an expansion of their snow storm.

My bank book also came this morning from the First National in Spencer.  Had sent it to be balanced.

Orville went to Bedford City this morning.  Had some kind of engagement with Miss Gish, county canning club agent.  He will not be home to-night.

First day this spring for the car to be out.


MARCH 1917 (82-283) FRIDAY 23


Rained during the night.

Orville got home about 10:30 this morning and began making preparations for going to Lynchburg after dinner. It began raining about 1 o'clock and he would have gotten nearly there but waited for Mr. Elder, who wanted to go too, till 2:00 as he had a class that period.

Tillie killed a chicken yesterday and decided to keep it till to-day and ask Misses Evans and Bushong over to dinner.  Having to see Miss Moeschler the latter asked her if she didn't want to go in with her and entertain the faculty, Friday before Easter.

So Tillie gave up entertaining until then.

We both by invitation went to dormitory for supper.


MARCH 1917 (83-282) SATURDAY 24


Not much extra work to do this morning.  Tillie got Donald and Stuart on their knees to clean dining room and hall floors.  By having frequent repetitions into the corners and edges they got it done.

After the kitchen work was done I sewed on my new seersucker dress while Tillie finished two shirts she was sewing on.

In the afternoon I worked the buttonholes also took a walk with Tillie and Mrs. Hanel nearly down to Mrs. Dooley's Tillie and I went to dormitory for supper.


MARCH 1917 (84-281) SUNDAY 25


Preaching.  When we got home found Orville occupying the house all alone.  Had come home from Lynchburg after we

left.  I suppose we were all going to the dormitory for dinner.  Tillie and the boys went first. Orville told me that I'd better go as I couldn't walk as fast as he but found when he didn't come that it was only a scheme to get me started.  Had I known I'd have stayed home and gotten dinner for him.

Virginia ran away and went to Hanel'’s.  I questioned her too closely about a flower of mine she had.

Visited with Mrs. Talbott to-day.


MARCH 1917 (85-280) MONDAY 26


Stuart's birthday. 8 years old.  He wrote a latter to his Uncle Tom a few days ago asking him for a glove and ball.  So we are looking for a package some day soon.

Tilda came and we washed.  She stays at the dormitory with Francis so as to be ready for to-morrow's work there.  Cooks there three days in a week at 75cts per day.

Miss Moeschler thinks she has good servants with Francis, Tilda and Pete.

A letter from Nellie this morning stating as she terms it the banks proposition after they found she was going to leave.


MARCH 1917 (8B-279) TUESDAY 27


Been a rainy day.

Sent letters to-day to Nellie and Montgomery Ward.

Finally got the Montgomery order straightened out and sent in a new order for cotton and wool mixed crepe de chino for Nellie.

Tillie made one of the boy's waists and I worked the button holes.


MARCH 1917 (87-278) WEDNESDAY 28


Tillie cut nine waists out this morning and I mended stockings and sewed on my brown striped tea jacket.

We were going to let things slide to-day, that is the house work and saw but about 11 o'clock Mr. Abbott, one of the school board came, and we thought he would want to look through the house as it was the first time of his being here since we moved so we had to straighten up a little.

It didn't take us long and he went to the dormitory with Orville for dinner.


MARCH 1917 (88-277) THURSDAY 29


Orville was glad that it wasn't his day to be in school as the teachers would have besieged him with questions in regard to Mr. Abbott's visit.

Orville had to go to Forest early to meet a couple of men.  State poultry agent and State Boy's Club agent.  As the train was late teaching Forest they were late for breakfast at dormitory so we had to get it for them.

The three went to the country after eating and were back in time to eat supper at the dormitory.


MARCH 1917 (89-276) FRIDAY 30


Had to sleep the two men last night.

Orville took them away early this morning to visit Hermitage school a few miles beyond Forest after which he brought them back to Forest where they took the train and went on their way.


MARCH 1917 (90-275) SATURDAY 31


[No entry.]


APRIL 1917 (91-274) SUNDAY 1


April Fool's Day!  Not much of it went on here though.  It may be Miss Moeschler tried to play a caper on us.  She told me last night that she was going to send a pie over today day and it didn't show up.

Maybe she meant it for an April fool and maybe she didn't.  We'll find out later.

Orville and Tillie went to Hr. John Thompson Brown's this afternoon and as neither the boys or I wanted to go they took Miss Moeschler and Miss Harmanson.

I stayed home to start copying in my diary that I got from Tommy a few days ago. Sent him $2.50 but he got it for $1.65 and he returned the 80 cents.  I got nearly all of January copied.


APRIL 1917 (92-273) MONDAY 2


Washed and had a beautiful day for it finally.  Tried to rain part of the forenoon but about 11 o'clock the sun came out, the wind arose and we got every thing dry and mostly ironed.

Tilda, who stayed until after dark, went over to the dormitory to spend the night as she is going to work there to-morrow and next day, then again on Friday.

Orville and Tillie had a problem before them last night and to-day.

Tillie has been in bed with the headache all day.  Mrs. Hanel came up and visited with her this afternoon.


APRIL 1917 (93-272) TUESDAY 3


We finished the ironing and did a number of other little things this forenoon.

This afternoon we went down to Mrs. Hanel'’s and she and Tillie colored our three dozen eggs for the egg hunt tomorrow.

While they were doing that work I worked the buttonholes in one of the boy's waists.


APRIL 1917 (94-271) WEDNESDAY 4


The Easter egg hunt came off after school closed at 3:30.  All who wished to hunt paid 5cts.  The little ones were sent into the church while the eggs were hid and when they were let out there was quite a scramble.  Prizes were given to the one who found the most and who found none, basket of eggs and a crepe paper dunce cap.  After the eggs were all found Orville awarded the prizes and Mr. Hutchinson gave a little talk.  They afterward sold ice cream and cleared $16.00.

Orville went early this morning to meet Mr. Hutchinson.  He is state inspector of Agriculture and Domestic Science.  He took him back to Forest to-night and we all went along.  On the way back a wheel picked up a nail.  Had quite a walk home.

Virginia walked but wanted to be carried once.  We coaxed her on and after Tillie left us to get home before the boys who had gone to get the pliers, she talked about stopping at the store to get candy but we got peanuts instead.


APRIL 1917 (95-270) THURSDAY 5


Started to rain in the night and rained hard incessantly until 4 o'clock.  In spite of that Orville got up and Budd took him to Forest where he took the train for Appomattox to meet Mr. Hutchinson at that Agricultural school

By the way Appomattox is where General Lee surrendered to General Grant which ended the Civil War.

Budd went to Forest again to-night to meet Orville but he failed to show up.

Made button-holes this afternoon.


APRIL 1917 (96-269) FRIDAY 6


I made some cup cakes this morning to save the trouble of making them to-morrow morning.

Orville came home soon afternoon having rode from Forest with Kent Barnett.

Baked bread to-day.

There was a general going out of students all forenoon and part of afternoon, going home to spend the Easter vacation.

Katie Smith, three boys and Miss Bushong, one of the teachers, are the only ones that stayed over.

Katie takes charge of the cooking department.

Mrs. Martha requested Tillie to look after Katie as Miss Bushong didn't want the responsibility five minutes.


APRIL 1917    (97-268) SATURDAY 7


We did considerable cleaning this morning in dining room and kitchen.

After we got the work done I sewed buttons on three waists.

Donald dressed a chicken this afternoon.

We walked down to the store this evening and I paid Mr. Hanel a little bill I was owing him also got a few more things.

Found Mrs. Hanel not feeling well.

Learned that Miss Bushong came over after we left.

The children or boys were going to Mr. Ratchford's this afternoon but when Jimmy Hanel couldn't go they took their Easter eggs and went down there.


APRIL 1917 (98-267) SUNDAY 8


Easter Sunday.  Rained this afternoon.

I made a lemon pie after breakfast and by the time we got the work done it was time to go to church.

There was a good turn out even though the students were nearly all gone home.  There were two auto loads from Rustburg.

Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson Brown were there and they came home with us and took dinner.

Mr. Brown is seeking a state office which is to be established in the agricultural line and wants Orville to help him.  These people have been wealthy but like many Virginians have spent it.  They still keep Negro help.  Have a Negro cook.


APRIL 1917 (99-266) MONDAY 9


Was clear when we got up.

Expected Tilda but they probably consider Easter Monday a holiday.

Sent a letter to Mae this morning and when I got back with the mail found there was one from Walter and one from Nellie about saying that Mae and June are at Mattie's.  Has come out for June's sake.  She has been sick so much this winter.  Hope she will come on to Virginia.  Think she has free transportation.

Tillie and boys were working in back yard most of the forenoon.


APRIL 1917 (100-265) TUESDAY 10


Tilda and I came in for the washing to-day.  Tillie went to Lynchburg to buy crepe de china for a skirt to match goods Al sent her three years ago for a waist but couldn't match it as it is an off black so bought a full dress of blue silk taffeta cost $13.95. Will use the crepe de chins for a petticoat.

Orville had to meet the 8 o'clock train as Miss Gish, Co. Canning Agent, and Miss Roberts, state agent and take them back at noon so that was Tillie's chance.

They got back about 2:30, Mrs. Dooley with them.  Some pupils had come in and no way to get down so they drove her horse.  The Strother boys rode with Orville.


APRIL 1917 (101-264) WEDNESDAY 11


There was a little ironing left from yesterday so we finished it this morning.

Mrs. Hanel came up this afternoon and while she and Tillie were up stairs I took some papers down to Miss Florence.

Orville has been talking for a week or more of going to Washington, D.C. so decided this morning to start out tonight.  Rode to Lawyers with Randolph Arthur, would take the train from there.  Will reach Washington to-morrow about 10:30, Washington is 200 miles from here, Forest.

When I got back from Miss Florence's.  Mrs. Hanel and Tillie were gone to call on Misses Bushong and Evans.  Mrs. Kate Dooley was here when they got back.  Orville was just leaving and afterward we all walked to the store together.


APRIL 1917 (102-263) THURSDAY 12


The new oil or dust mop, in fact two one oil and the other dust came this morning and nothing would do but she must go over the floor, made them look better.  Her new dress also came and is very pretty.  Was left to be altered a little.

Tillie worked considerably at the yard to-day.

I worked at some of my Papers, some endorsements to make.  Also sent check of $208.60 to Spencer to paying tax of $171.77 with interest on it of $7.79 plus regular tax $29.04.

Received letter from Tommy containing reminder of Interest due April lst this year.  Also received a letter from Hannah Morton with Orville's picture when he was about two and one-half years old.  Was so pleased to get it.


APRIL 1917 (103-282) FRIDAY 13


It has been getting ready for two or three days to rain and it succeeded in the night.

The orchard, Mr. Lemmon's, close by is beginning to look green.  Peach blossoms are beginning to die so they, trees, will soon to be out in leaf.


APRIL 1917 (104-261) SATURDAY 14


Thought I would get my seersucker dress finished to-day but have button-holes and buttons yet.

We had to get ready right after dinner to go to Ladies'

Aid at Mrs. McDooley's.  As Budd couldn't account of the rain yesterday he took his over.  We met Mrs. Dooley's sister-in-law and her aunt from Memphis, Tennessee who have come to spend a few weeks with Mrs. Dooley and Mrs. Ratchford the latter relative.  We had a very nice time.  Also met Eugenia Craig, Mrs.Craig's daughter who is about nurse.

I nearly made my Indian head collar after coming back.


APRIL 1917 (105-280) SUNDAY 15


Just Sunday School to-day.  I spent most of the day copying into my diary.

Orville got back from his Washington trip to-day.  Stopped at Bealeton, visited with the Teats and looked the farm over.

Is not inclined to sell as every thing looks well.  I call it a very pretty farm, lies well.


APRIL 1917    (106-259) MONDAY 16


Wash day.

While Orville was on his Washington trip a telegram came that he with the other county agents of boys' and girls' club work had to meet in Richmond on the 17th so that necessitated his leaving to-night.  He took his car and left it at Forest.


APRIL 1917 (107-258) TUESDAY 17 


[No entry-]


APRIL 1917    (108-257) WEDNESDAY 18


Orville got back from Richmond this morning.


APRIL 1917    (109-256) THURSDAY 19


We were invited to Mrs. McDooley's this afternoon with the teachers and other ladies and as Orville was the only gentleman invited he took us over.  Three of the teachers rode with us, Miss Martha, Miss Harmanson, and Miss Moeschler.  The other teachers had previously been invited to spend the night at Mrs. J. Thompson Brown's.

We had a very pleasant time, met her relatives from Memphis, Tennessee, Mrs. Horace Lemmon and Mrs. Barcas, her aunt.  Ice cream and cake were served.

We met Mr. Dooley going to town.  Didn't seem to care to visit with a lot of women.

Orville didn't seem to be at all embarrassed.  He and Mrs. Barcas seemed to fall together.


APRIL 1917 (110-255) FRIDAY 20


This was our day to entertain.  Hadn't very much to do as we did considerably yesterday.

Budd made the ice cream at noon.

(In the afternoon Mrs. Kate Dooley called and Tillie and I walked with her part way.) This in parenthesis to be transferred to to-morrow.

Orville went early this morning to meet Mr. and Mrs. Walker, he a representative of the Federal Bureau of Markets.  A classmate of his at Madison, Wis. was John Tormey who With his father Tom Tormey lived in our locality at Preston, Wis.  He and Orville were out most of the day.  The ladies we asked in began to come about 4 o'clock.  Our entertainment was in honor of Mrs. Lemon and Mrs. Barcas of Memphis, Tenn., relatives of Mrs. Dooley and Mrs. Ratchford.  Orville took Mr. & Mrs. Walker back to depot.  Mrs. Read went with them to Lynchburg.  Virginia and I rode to Forest with them.


APRIL 1917 (111-254) SATURDAY 21


Orville went to Forest to-day at noon to meet Mr. Saunders, head of husbandry at Blacksburg, who was to talk at the Farmers' Union this afternoon but he failed to come.  Orville said they would be back for a 2 o'clock dinner so Tillie and I had to get busy.  I made some pies and she took care of the fish.

Mrs. Read came back from Lynchburg and rode with Orville.

Went over to school-house and stitched my cuffs and collar.

Mrs. Kate Dooley called this afternoon and Tillie and I walked part way home with her.  She is in some trouble about her hospital bill.


APRIL 1917 (112-253) SUNDAY 22


Was sick all last night and got up quite late this morning.  Every one had had breakfast.  I didn't feel well enough to go to church although it was a beautiful morning.  The little rain we had last night seemed to bring out the foliage on the trees so much.  Cleaned up myself and room while they were gone.

Mrs. McDooley went to dormitory for dinner with Miss Moeschler.

This afternoon we went over to Mr. Johnstons.  Orville took Mr. & Mrs. and Lucile out riding.  Tillie went with them  and I stayed with Cora.  The boys with Everett. 6:30 when we got home.


APRIL 1917 (113-252) MONDAY 23


A fine day and wash day.  We have a large washing and we are surely tired at night after getting the ironing done.

There was a ball game here between the Academy and Blackstone Military school

The Academy boys won.  A good turnout.

Miss Barnes came over and we walked over to see the close of the game.

Did a little repairing at my white dress to-day.


APRIL 1917 (114-251) TUESDAY 24


The morning was fine although a little hazy.

Virginia and I went to school during opening exercises. Afterwards looked the garden over and tore down from the apple tree in there nests of tent caterpillars.  The foliage is nearly all eaten off the tree.

Orville took Miss Daisy, Tillie and myself down to Ratchford’s after school.  Their visitors, Mrs. Horace Lemmon and Mrs. Barcas of Memphis, Tenn. leave to-morrow for home. Quite a wind storm came up before we left with a very little rain.  Made it considerably cooler.


APRIL 1917 (115-250) WEDNESDAY 25


Virginia and I went to chapel again this morning.

Afterwards went into Miss Moeschler's sewing class and saw the pretty voile dresses they're making.

Tillie cut out for me this forenoon the pink waist that I'm going to make for Nellie.   

We went to the ball game this afternoon which was between the Academy boys and Amherst.  Academy won 17 to 3.


APRIL 1917 (116-249) THURSDAY 26


This was the day for Tillie to go to Bedford City to the Presbyterian.  Mrs. Ratchford was also chosen as a delegate but thought it best not to go as she had company.  Mrs. Read and Mrs. Barnett also sent word that they couldn't go so Orville and Tillie went alone.  Orville's intentions were to take her and then come back and go right to Lynchburg.  We expected him home to-night but he has failed to show up.

Virginia and I called on Mrs. Lemmon this afternoon.  We got some flowers which with some iris Elizabeth Wilson brought us will send to Nellie in the morning.


APRIL 1917 (117-248) FRIDAY 27


Got the flowers off this morning, iris japonica, narcissus, honeysuckle and dogwood.

The weather which has turned cool is favorable for them.

Have been busy nearly all day.

Went down to Hanel'’s after supper to get Virginia.

The Seniors gave the Juniors a reception to-night in the form of what they called a "Hobo Hiki." A walk of a mile or so where they served refreshments.  They paired off at the gate, boys with white pants and girls in white dressed.  They looked very pretty.

It is not 10 o'clock.  If 0. & T. come now they'll have to call for the door to be unlocked.


APRIL 1917 (118-247) SATURDAY 28


They did not come home last night.

I got up before thee children and after making the fire dragged out the carpets in front rooms.  Had just gotten the rooms swept when Orville and Tillie came so had to stop and get breakfast. they had slept at Mr. Abbott's and left early.

After dinner we all went to Bedford City in the car, to the ball game between the Academy boys and those of Randolph-Macon.  Academy won 4 to 2. The first game that I've ever taken an interest in.  Really rooted once when the Academy made two.  Got back about 6:30. 15 miles.


APRIL 1917 (119-248) SUNDAY 29


The baseball team came home in the rain last night.  Threatened to rain just before the game started yesterday but passed around.  Budd met the boys at Forest at 8 o'clock.  Homer Heflin in jumping down an embankment for the ball sprained his ankle so he was out.  This let R-M gain two scores.  We had gone to bed and were asleep when the boys came, but the yelling of both girls and boys was too hilarious not to be brought to our senses.

Mr. & Mrs. Hanel called this afternoon.

Been cloudy and cold all day-


APRIL 1917 (120-245) MONDAY 30


Wash day and Tilda had walked two miles and was here when I came down stairs.

I darned a tear in one of Tillie's dresses this forenoon before I helped with the washing.

Pressed my coat after dinner and then got ready to go with Orville, Mr. and Mrs. Ratchford’s to Mr. Koiner's west of Forest Depot.  Mr. Ratchford was to conduct a short service before the body of Mrs. Koiner’s sister was taken away for burial at Atlanta, Ga.  Had been with her ten days on a visit.  Had come for a change as she had been ill some time.


MAY 1917 (121-244) TUESDAY 1


May day.  Found a May basket hung on my door this morning. There had been a knock and went out and found it was Stuart.

In the afternoon another knock came at the front door.  Tillie and Virginia were gone to see Mrs. Hanel so I had to answer the knock.  Opened the door and saw the basket but no one in sight.  Looked first to the right then to the left and presently heard a giggle and saw three heads sticking around the corner.  They were Sissie Gracie and Virginia.  Something to eat was the next thing in order.


MAY 1917      (122-243) WEDNESDAY 2


                                    [No entry.]


MAY 1917      (123-242) THURSDAY 3


The important feature of to-day was the ball game between N.L.A. boys and Chatham which is a boy's school.  The game was closely won by Chatham 3 to 2.

Orville drove the car over and we sat in that during the game.

Mrs. Read and Mrs. Hanel were with us.

Mr. Penn Arthur and family were there. First time we had seen Mrs. Arthur.  He is always talking of his entering into a contract with her at marriage that she would always stay at home.


MAY 1917 (124-241) FRIDAY 4


Rained nearly all last night and has been cloudy and wet all day.

Finished the waist for Nellie to-day and will be able to send it out to-morrow.

Got a letter from her to-day saying the flowers I sent her were all spoiled but the narcissus.  These were sent in bud form and also buds of iris.

Tillie cut out a dress for me for June's birthday an the 21st.  Also have to make something for Mae's birthday on the 17th and also for Al's on the 18th.


MAY 1917 (125-240) SATURDAY 5


We rather neglected our house work to-day so as to got some sewing done on the domestic science machines.

This was farmers' union day.

Mr. Saunders, from Blacksburg who is at the head of animal husbandry came to talk to the farmers on cheese making.  Orville went to meet him but met him walking down from Forest.  He has a big farm over the mountains.  Has a number of tenants and the women do the milking.  They are paid by the cow so the more they have to milk the better they like it.  Orville went with him to his farm last summer. 40 miles from Blacksburg.

Mrs. Johnston, Lucile and Everett came over this p.m.


MAY 1917 (126-239) SUNDAY 6


After we got the work done I spent my time writing the remainder of the little talk I gave to-night.  Took the word "Work" for a subject.

Just before it was time to go Misses Bushong and Evans came so had to excuse myself.  Tillie and Orville could not go. I afterward walked down to dormitory with Miss Moeschler.  Sat awhile on the porch then she walked home with me.  Misses Barnes and Harmanson made an addition to the company.


MAY 1917 (127-238) MONDAY 7


No washing to-day as it has been raining all day so devoted the day to sewing.


MAY 1917 (128-237) TUESDAY 8


Still raining.

Am sewing on June's dress for her birthday the 21st.

Will make Mae, who's birthday is on the 17th, some thing, hard to decide what.


MAY 1917 (129-236) WEDNESDAY 9


Finished June's dress to-day.  Have collar to make for Mae and a towel to crochet lace for.

Miss Moeschler gave a lunch this evening and Tillie and I were invited.  We had tomato salad with cheese straws then pineapple soufflé.


MAY 1917 (130-235) THURSDAY 10


The first fine day this week.  We ought to have washed but the School Board was going to meet and we didn't want to be in work too deeply.  We had to clean the house up.

Orville had to meet Mr. Adkins, at Forest, at 2:30.  He lives at Lynchburg and is the third member of the Board, John Thompson Brown's successor.

The other two members Mr. Abbott and Garber came before dinner on horse back and got their dinner at the dormitory.

Miss Moeschler gave a Board dinner at 5:30.  The three members of the Board, Orville and to fill up the table he invited Mr. Ratchford and Father Hanel.

They had a five course dinner.  Tillie and I went over after the men were through and got chicken, pineapples, strawberries and cream.


MAY 1917 (131-234) FRIDAY 11


Washed out some waists for the boys and dresses for Virginia this morning.  Afterwards swept the back yard and cleaned up separator room.

Cora Johnston and Jennie Hicks called at noon. Cora was asking for the privilege of pressing, after school a dress she has been making at school and which she wore tonight.

The Juniors are giving their reception to the Seniors.  All went to Lynchburg by auto where they will get their supper and then return.

Rather cool to-night-

Orville and Tillie were invited.  Their auto will also carry two or three more.


MAY 1917 (132-233) SATURDAY 12


To-day's mail brought me thirteen carnations from Nellie for Mother's Day, to-morrow.  She had written to Lynchburg at A. Borsch, florist, to send them.  Am so pleased with them and to think that she thought of me.

The weather is quite cool and has been since our last week's prolonged rain.

Tillie set the old red hen to-day.

She went with Mrs. Hanel to the village to see Mrs. Abbott.

got a telegram for Miss Harmanson from Mr. Heflin saying he was going to Fort Meyers, Monday.  I carried it down to her.


MAY 1917 (133-232) SUNDAY 13


Mother's Day.  Tillie and I each wore one of the white carnations Nellie sent.  We ought to have worn two as that is the number to wear if our Mother's are dead.  I didn't know it till evening when Miss Moeschler gave a history of the day at Christian Endeavor.  Mrs. Ratchford read a piece of poetry on "My Mother."

We rode with Orville this afternoon, all but Tillie, to Forest.  She stopped half way at Mrs. Craig's.  When we came back the rest of us went in and made a short visit.  Mrs. Craig's mother, Mrs. Euell had had a stroke of paralysis, which affected her speech.

Orville went to Forest to mail letters.  I sent the package to Mae for her’s and June's birthday.  Missed the mail man yesterday.


MAY 1917 (134-231) MONDAY 14


Wash day and a big wash we had after only washing a few last week as Tilda could not come.

Have considerable ironing left for to-morrow but would have finished if Tillie and I hadn't gone to the ball game.  It was played on the home ground with the Episcopal boys from Lynchburg.  Our boys won 14 to 0. The Episcopal boys took their defeat very good naturedly.

Miss Moeschler came over this evening then we walked home with her.  Francis was still up and we went into the store room while they put things away in the refrigerator.  A new one and cost $50.  The dealer knocked off $5.  Price $55.


MAY 1917 (135-230) TUESDAY 15


Got up before any of the rest and wrote a letter to Al. A birthday letter for Thursday, no, Friday the 18th.  I get his and Mae's mixed, one on the 17th the other on the 18th.

Also partly wrote a "thank you" letter to Nellie for the carnations before breakfast and finished while Tillie finished the ironing.  Got them off in the mail.

Orville took a load of women to Lynchburg this afternoon, Mrs. Hanel and Mrs. Read who went to see doctors, Tillie who went to take care of Mrs. Hanel and myself.  I went to get a pair of shoes but wound up with two pair, oxfords and high shoes. both together cost $7.50. Orville took Mrs. R. & H. home then went up for Mrs. Craig to practice pieces for Commencement.  Took Miss Moeschler and Effie Luck for a ride when they took Mrs. Craig home and Miss Martha was quite put out as Effie hadn't asked her if she might go.


MAY 1917 (236-229) WEDNESDAY 16


Orville said this morning that the little talk he had with Miss Martha last night disturbed his rest.  Told her he thought he and Tillie wanted to take Effie out for a ride they had a right to without asking her whether she might go. She has charge of the girls but he thought if he as principal of the school was willing to give her the privilege to go with them it ought to enough.  Were gone not more than half an hour.

Mrs. Hanel sent up for Tillie this morning as she was sick.  She came back the middle of the afternoon.

Mrs. Jinks called for Tillie to go to Mrs. Tom Read's with her.


MAY 1917 (137-228) THURSDAY 17


Got a letter off to Mattie this morning.

Tillie cut out my dress and the boy's waists this morning while I worked button holes in some of Virginia's new clothes.

Went over to school house after school and sewed up the seams in my dress.

Went over to church and practiced pieces to sing baccalaureate day, the 27th.


MAY 1917 (138-227) FRIDAY 18


This is the day that Miss Moeschler invited us to the sitting room to a reception, mostly for mothers.  She gave her the privilege of each asking a lady and those whose mothers could not come asked a neighborhood mother.  The mothers all appreciated the honor.

They served ice cream and cake.

Mrs. Abbott, from the village, called on us afterward.

Very warm to-day.


MAY 1917 (139-226) SATURDAY 19


Sewed on my dress this morning after we got the work done.

Found Miss Moeschler in sewing room making collars for waists.

Went to Mrs. Tom Read's this afternoon to Ladies' Aid.  There was a good turn out.

Tillie gave her report of the Presbyterian that she attended at Bedford City.

Miss Lizzie Read, whose school closed very recently, served ice cream and cake.

The Rustburg troupe gave their play to-night.  Was very good, "Mrs. Tompkins’s Hired Man."

Very warm.


MAY 1917 (140-225) SUNDAY 20


Been very warm all day.

Tillie and I went over to the church after Sunday School was out to practice the pieces again.

Orville and Tillie with Miss Moeschler took Mr. and Mrs. Ratchford to Quaker this afternoon in the car.

The installation services for Mr. Ratchford was in order for this afternoon.

Mr. Ratchford preached in the Academy church to-night.


MAY 1917 (149-218) TUESDAY 29


The first of the exercises of Commencement began tonight.

We have been busy getting some sewing done before Commencement.  Now that it is done we shall devote our time to merely getting something to eat and attending to exercises.

The reading and declamatory contests were to-night. Prizes are to be awarded to the first but this will not be given out until Friday morning.  Was nearly night when we got home.


MAY 1917 (150-215) WEDNESDAY 30


Memorial Day.  Hope some one went to the Cemetery in Spencer with flowers to put on Pa's grave.

Had to take a nap this afternoon to make up for last night.

We had the Harris-Saunders Literary Society debate.

Resolved that the Government should own and control the Railroads.

Affirmative-Robert Hicks/Negative-Robert Harvey


MAY 1917 (151-214) THURSDAY 31


Class night and every thing was good.

Have been busy all day getting ready for the big dinner to-morrow.  Boiled seven chickens and made pressed chicken, we also made pies, or pie shells.

I went down and helped Frances make pie shells.  I found she had made paste of cream and that with the lard she had used made the paste so short that it was just impossible to roll and pick it up without breaking so I mixed up some fresh.  They made sixteen pies, eight coconut and eight chocolate.

Tilda came and helped to-day.

The School Board met here to-day and appointed a successor to Miss Martha.  Also hired a Mr. Hart to succeed Mr. Elder.


[Addendum To May Written On Separate Sheet And Stuck In Later Point In Journal]


I find there is quite an omission in leaves in my diary.  So will fill up briefly on this piece of paper.


Monday May 21, A fine day, so, of course, washed and ironed. 

Tuesday, May 22, Had a few things left to iron and spent most of the day getting Things put away.

Wednesday May 23, Went to school house after school


[sheet torn at this point.  Continued on the back]


Miss Bushong stays with an increase of $5 per month making $80.  Miss Barnes takes her old place, also Miss Daisy and Miss Moeschler has charge of the dormitory and girls, Orville took Mr. Adkins and Mutton to Lynchburg and was pulled for going without back light.  Saturday May 26, I made pies and cookies this morning and this afternoon pressed my dress and made button holes and sewed buttons on the boy's new white waists.  Sunday May 27, Baccalaureate address this morning by Rev. Clark of Roanoke.  This afternoon installation service of Mr. Ratchford....


JUNE 1917 (152-213) FRIDAY 1


Commencement day!

Exercises began in  auditorium at 10 o'clock.

Every night and also this morning the auditorium had been packed.

There were fifteen graduates and they all did their part exceedingly well.

After the Commencement exercises and just preceding dinner Mr. Abbott presented, in behalf of the graduates, a flag to the school, after which the whole school sang "The Star Spangled Banner."

After dinner a meeting in Auditorium on the prospect of establishing a cheese factory and after that a baseball game.  Thus ended the school year.


JUNE 1917 (153-212) SATURDAY 2


Miss Bushong and Miss Martha left to-day.  Miss Harmanson Thursday.  Mr. Elder stays over Sunday and Miss Moeschler will stay a few days to get the dormitories cleaned up.

This had been a hard week.  Had it not been for the naps every afternoon I believe I would hardly have been responsible for anything.

Have not tried to do much to-day.


JUNE 1917 (154-211) SUNDAY 3


Just Sunday School this morning and Tillie and I went.  This is only my second time to go.

After dinner we all with Miss Moeschler, Mr. Elder, Homer and Ted Hanel went over to Mr. Johnston's.  We took the freezer, ice and cream and made ice cream.  Mr. Johnston took me out to show me his peaches on the trees.

We went in the wagon with rack boards all around the edge.  Had a good time.  Waved at the Johnston's which they returned, as long as we could see them.


JUNE 1917 (155-210) MONDAY 4


Washing and ironing day.

Miss Moeschler, with Frances and Pete started cleaning the dormitories.

Allen Snow started painting the roofs of dormitories.  Homer some other work.


JUNE 1917 (156-209) TUESDAY 5


They all went to dormitory for dinner but myself.  I felt more like going to bed for a sleep.  Had just about gone to the land of Nod when Donald came with a plate of dinner.


JUNE 1917 (157-208) WEDNESDAY 6


Are taking our meals at dormitory.  We all take a hand in getting the meals.

Tillie and I stayed over this afternoon and helped.

All the lamps from the three dormitories were picked up, emptied, cleaned, burners and wicks boiled, chimneys cleaned and put away in store room ready for next fall.  The fruit jars were also picked up and cleaned.  This was some work I’ll tell you. We were all tired to-night.


JUNE 1917 (158-207) THURSDAY 7


We worked at dormitory to-day.

Allen and Homer kalsomined the sides of kitchen to-day. My first job this morning was to pick a pail of peas, then hull them.  We have had peas till we're nearly tired of them.       The boys kalsomined the ceiling and put the second coat on sides.

Pete, colored, left after dinner.  Went to Lynchburg and from there will go to Baltimore to visit his sister.  He said, "I'm worn out."

Frances went home to-night.


JUNE 1917 (159-206) FRIDAY 8


Helped at dormitory again to-day.

Tillie painted while the boys were finishing the kalsomining.  I cleaned the cupboard in hall between kitchen and dining room.  It had surely never been wiped off since the dormitory was built.  There was a thick coat of grease on the front of drawer.

Frances came back this afternoon to clean the kitchen floor.
JUNE 1917 (160-205) SATURDAY 9


Helped at dormitory until after the dinner dishes were washed.

Came home took a bath and a nap.

Mr. Elder came back this evening.  He announced the fact in a letter Miss Moeschler got this morning.

After we got the supper work done and were going home Miss Florence called me in under pretense of seeing her mother.  It was really to tell me of the way she felt toward Miss Moeschler who had put all the department things away and locked the store room.  If Miss F. had taken such care of things she might have still had the position.  She spoke straight of Miss M. said, "She is of a very common family." Or one she is willing to work.


JUNE 1917 (161-204) SUNDAY 10


Church this morning, Communion Service.

Miss Florence had talked of having Orville take her mother over in auto and run it by one of the windows so she could hear the sermon and partake of the sacrament.

But she changed her mind deciding to have Mr. and Mrs. Ratchford at the house some day this week.


JUNE 1917 (162-203) MONDAY 11


Miss Moeschler went home this morning.  Orville was taking her to Forest to catch the 7:00 train and as he had to drive on account of muddy roads they had to leave at 5:30.

I came down to make them some toast but when I got the bread it was moldy.  Orville said there wasn't time to make anything so they both went without anything to eat.  Miss M. would get to Salem, near Roanoke, about 9:30.

Seeing it was early I put the boiler on thinking Tilda would come.  It was foggy and she didn't come so I thought we'd wash out the boiler full but we kept on until they were all done.


JUNE 1917 (163-202) TUESDAY 12


Orville left right after dinner with Mr. Abbott and Mr. Hanel on their Food Conservation lecture tour.  They talked at several places.  Mr. Hanel who is a German was quite interested in going.  While he is of German birth and visited his native country some years ago he stands for Uncle Sam.

Tilda came to-day, cleaned up the house and helped with the ironing.

Miss Florence had the Communion for her mother this afternoon and Tillie and I went over.  After it was over Miss Florence served ice cream and cake.  Emily Talbott a grand-daughter of Mrs. Talbott is there helping Miss Florence pack up.


JUNE 1917 (164-201) WEDNESDAY 13


[No entry.]


JUNE 1917 (165-200) THURSDAY 14


We got up a little earlier than usual this morning.  I fed the chicks got kindling made the fire and stirred up some muffins while Tillie cleaned up4he separator.

After breakfast I went up stairs and wrote a letter to Mae having missed sending my Monday letter.

After getting the letter in the box I went into the garden and hoed for an hour.  When I came back found Frances here.

Had Tillie cut out collar and cuffs, which I am making for her birthday present.  The day, June 6, is past, hadn't time then as we were getting ready for commencement week. Hemmed them this p.m.


JUNE 1917 (166-199) FRIDAY 15


Orville who had been away since Tuesday came back this morning about 10 o'clock.  He brought a Mrs. Turner from near Huddleston where he had been.  He took her right to Mrs. Hanel’s where she stayed till after supper then came up here to stay all night- (Orville took her back after dinner accompanied by Tillie and Virginia.  Mrs. Hanel was to go but was taken sick so Mrs. B.)

I am premature, the part in parenthesis comes under the head of Saturday.


JUNE 1917 (187-198) SATURDAY 18


Mrs. Turner stayed until after dinner then Orville with Tillie and Virginia and Mrs. Barlow Read took her home, a two hour ride! Mrs. Hanel was to go but she was taken sick so Mrs. Read went in her place.  This left me with the boys, Allen and Mr. Altizer.

Allen and I had a big time with the boys to get some peas picked off some pulled vines. A number of attempts and repetitions were made and the peas of each attempt but the last were left where hogs and cows could get them.

Mrs. Koiner called this afternoon, came with Mr. Koiner who came to Farmers' Union.


JUNE 1917 (168-197) SUNDAY 17


Decided last night to get up early this morning but the morning was so delightfully cool that it got the better of my grand resolution.  Consequently it was late in the afternoon before I got thorough.

I lay down and took a nap about 4:30.

Had just gotten up and was out getting kindling when Orville and Tillie came.

Had fried rabbit for breakfast and also for supper.  Budd gave the boys two last night.


JUNE 1917 (169-196) MONDAY 18


It was a fine morning so we got a boiler full of clothes on feeling sure Tilda would come, but she failed to show up for some reason or other.  So we played the same stunt that we did last Monday--went on and washed.


JUNE 1917 (170-195) TUESDAY 19


Tilda came and we cleaned up the house in the forenoon, she did the sweeping and I cleaned the windows inside and outside.  The flies so soon speck up the windows.

Mrs. Read called this afternoon on her way to Lemmon's.  We wanted her to stay all night but she thought she would have to go home to get ready to go to Bedford Thursday.


JUNE 1917 (171-194) WEDNESDAY 20


Finished Tillie's collar and cuffs to-day.

Crocheted the little square edged work to put around

them.  They are real pretty.

Orville and Virginia went away about 10 o'clock and didn't come back till after dinner.  We learned after they came back they had been at Mr. Johnstons.


JUNE 1917 (172-193) THURSDAY 21


Board meeting to-day.  Now that schools out and no dormitory to eat at we had to prepare something for supper.  I made lemon pies early this morning, For supper we had fried apples, new potatoes that Mr. Johnston gave Orville yesterday, scrambled eggs and biscuits and the pies.

Orville and Tillie went to Lynchburg.  Left at 10:00 and got back at 2:30.  They took Miss Florence and Emily Talbott to spend the day with an aunt and they brought Mr. Adkins back, he is one of the Board.  Orville took Mr. Adkins to Forest to-night where he met Miss Florence and Emily.  Virginia and I went with him.  Mrs. Read went with us to take the train to Bedford.  Callie Read called to-day.


JUNE 1917 (173-192) FRIDAY 22


 [No entry.]


JUNE 1917 (174-191) SATURDAY 23


We did very little house work to-day.  Sewed most of the day.  I made an apron this forenoon and this afternoon cut out and partly made two knee skirts.

It has been very warm.


JUNE 1917 (175-190) SUNDAY 24


Church this morning.

After getting a lunch at noon we got ready to take a trip in auto to Bedford City to visit the Wings. They are people who moved here from near Minneapolis six years ago. They bought a farm, which they devote considerably to fruit, built a very convenient, Up-to-date house but are dissatisfied, Mrs. Wing especially.  She thinks they didn't all surrender with General Lee.  She heard one woman call the flag "nothing but a rag." While this may be true of some People in that locality I have not noticed any antagonistic spirit around New London Academy.

We got home at 9:30 and tired.


JUNE 1917 (176-189) MONDAY 25


Wash day.  Ironing day and churning day.

On top of all that Tillie had to go to Lynchburg with Miss Florence and her mother who left the Academy for good.  Orville took them in the car and were seen safely on the train for Richmond where Miss Florence's brother lives.  Miss F. has been here six years at the head of the Home Department.  It has been turned over to the Domestic Science department which will run it with the aid of the regular servants.  Mrs. Talbott, the mother, is seventy-seven, been blind fifteen years and is very feeble.  She was tired when she got on the train.


JUNE 1917 (177-188) TUESDAY 28


Such a warm day!  It was given out Sunday that the Ladies' Aid would meet with Mrs. Ratchford this afternoon. it has previously been held on Saturday but the ladies at last meeting, at Mrs. Jinks, talked over a change as they considered Saturday a very inconvenient day.

I dreaded getting ready and putting my corsets on as I had been going without them for several days. I managed with some difficulty to get my dirty clothes off the clean ones.  Such days as these they are very "loyal" and stick closely to you.  After my toilet was completed it wasn't so bad after all & we had a good time.

Mrs. Ratchford and children and Mr. Ratchford's nephew and wife came up this evening to look over the school grounds.


JUNE 1917 (178-187) WEDNESDAY 27


Orville started out early this morning to take the bride and groom, Mr., Ratchford’s nephew and wife who were on their honeymoon from South Carolina, to Lawyers to take the train for Washington, D.C.

We were just ready to retire to-night when an auto came in. Found they were a couple from Roanoke, a Mr. Turner and a Miss Fore.  They were on their way to Lynchburg, she to visit a sister and he in connection with the work he is in.  He had a new auto, a Dart, and it got the better of him.  We kept them over night.  They had had no supper.


JUNE 1917 (179-186) THURSDAY 28


Orville and Mr. Turner began, after breakfast, to work on the auto.  They kept running it a little till they got down into the works then the thing defied them.  Orville then decided on taking them, tying the auto behind his car, to Lynchburg--but when he got beyond the village, near where Mrs. Junks lives, found his engine was getting hot so gave up the idea of taking the auto, but took Miss Fore to her sister's and Mr. Turner to the garage to get a man to go out to fix up the car.

Mrs. Craig called to-day.  Came to look over some church books that they are going to send to Taylor's Mountain with other things.  Also came to see Orville about taking her to Lynchburg.


JUNE 1917 (180-185) FRIDAY 29


We were all invited to Mrs. McDooley’s for supper tonight.


JUNE 1917 (181-184) SATURDAY 30


Tillie and Virginia dressed ready when they got up to go to Lynchburg with Orville and Mrs. Craig.  Expected them back soon after noon but it was supper time.  The hub on one wheal broke and had to phone to Lynchburg for a  man to bring one out, were about half way home.  Also had to phone home for Allen to take the horse and buggy, which Tillie and Mrs. Craig drove home.

They saved nothing as Orville got home first.

The boys and I stayed home.  Got dinner for Allen.  Made two pies in the morning so had one left for supper.


JULY 1917 (182-183) SUNDAY 1


All went to Sunday school but Orville and myself.  He had so much running around to do last week that he got behind with his correspondence, so was enough, if you may give it that name, to stay home and take care of some of it. I, also, partook of that nature and looked over old letters so as to destroy them

Forest Hanel made ice cream at the dormitory.  Mr. and Mrs. Hanel came up also Mrs. Lee who came to call, Orville had to meet Miss Moeschler at Forest to-night so he invited Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Hanel to go for a ride.  I also went and Virginia.


JULY 1917 (183-182) MONDAY 2


Had a big wash to-day.

Sent cards to every body to-day.  A flag covered one side.  Wanted them to get them by the Fourth.

Orville and Miss Moeschler went to Lawyers.  Orville went on some business and she to see some club girls.

The well drillers got here to-night.

Budd went to Lawyers to get their traps. Mr. Hanel went to Lynchburg this morning to bring home the car he has bought.  He got along very well till he got within a mile from home then in turning a corner he ran into a foot embankment and into the wire fence.


JULY 1917 (184-181) TUESDAY 3


The drillers began work this morning.  Went down about 40 feet to-day.  Good pay at $2.50 per foot.

I cut out my voile tea jacket this afternoon but sewed very little on it.  Tillie had the headache this afternoon so Miss Moeschler and I looked after supper.

Miss Moeschler and Orville got up the schedule this afternoon for the canning club exhibition which lasts all next week.


JULY 1917 (185-180) WEDNESDAY 4


Got up this morning at 5:10 as I knew Tillie wouldn't be able to get up and get breakfast.  It was already when Orville came down.

Miss Gish, the County club agent, with three girls came up from Bedford this morning to see Miss Moeschler.

This was the Fourth of July.  Been nothing going on around here.

Orville was invited to go to Lynchburg this afternoon with them, the Hanel's, in their car.  Mrs. Hanel wanted 0. to go as Mr. Hanel hasn't mastered it yet.


JULY 1917 (186-179) THURSDAY 5


Well drillers went home after dinner.

Went down sixty feet.

They have to come back to put the casing in when they get it and then drill a few feet deeper.


JULY 1917 (187-178) FRIDAY 6


Been cooler to-day as the wind is in the east.

Rain is badly needed.

Went over to sewing room this forenoon after we got the work done and sewed on my tea-jacket. This afternoon Miss Moeschler, Tillie and I went over to see Mrs. Barnett and her daughter, Mrs. Ollie Hanel.  We rode with Orville in the car.  He went to Forest and called for us on the way back.

After getting back I went to the sewing room again and basted the band on while Tillie got supper.

Miss Moeschler moved into her room in boy's dormitory to-day.


JULY 1917 (188-177) SATURDAY 7


Heard it rain again just about day-break.  Hoped it might be a good steady shower.  Didn't amount to much.

There, also, was a little shower this afternoon.

I churned this morning the first thing after breakfast while Tillie made a cake and did other little things.  Then we washed the dishes and I afterwards peeled the peaches Orville bought the other day.

I about finished my tea jacket when Tillie called that they were waiting for me.  Were going over to Mr. Johnston's.  Found him cutting and binding rye.  I went over to see whether I'd forgotten how to make a band.  It came to me as natural as life.  Bound fifteen or twenty bundles.


JULY 1917 (191-174) TUESDAY 10


We got the work done, things ready for dinner then at 11 o'clock I went to Auditorium for chapel.  Orville gave a short talk on the necessity of canning and drying vegetables.

This afternoon I went to the canning class.  A lesson and actual work on canning beans.

Miss Hughes, who is the teacher, is from Loudon County, Va. She is a very efficient worker.  She graduated from Harrisonburg with Miss Moeschler.


JULY 1917 (192-173) WEDNESDAY 11


Went to chapel again this morning at 11:00.  Orville talked on the Winter Garden and what and how certain vegetables can be preserved without canning.

The winter gardening of such things as lettuce, radishes, onions and cabbage will not apply to the northern states.  Parsnips can be left in the ground and dug most any time during the winter.

Went to canning class again.

This is the only class we seem to be able to get to.  The house work in the morning prevents us.  The different classes are canning, bread making, food value, and record keeping.

Mrs. Hanel came up this p.m. I went home with her and ate supper with them.


JULY 1917 (193-172) THURSDAY 12


Quite a number of ladies came to the canning class this afternoon.  Some of them were here yesterday.

Corn was the vegetable to-day.  They canned two jars this morning more this afternoon as the corn wasn't enough ready to afford anymore so the two classes this morning each canned a jar.

She explained it all this afternoon.  The canning of vegetable is practically the same for all.

They have to be boiled one hour for three successive days to kill the bacteria while in acid fruits one boiling of 15 or 20 minutes is sufficient.  The acid helps to kill the bacteria.


JULY 1917 (194-171) FRIDAY 13


The last day of short course.  Drying was the specialty to-day.

A number of ladies were present.  Mrs. Kobler, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Grim, Miss Collie Read and Tillie and Myself.

Thirty-eight girls attended the course and the majority seemed interested in the work.

Miss Hughes, the teacher of canning, has been since coming here promoted to State worker.


JULY 1917 (195-170) SATURDAY 14


Tillie is enthused about canning, so she picked snaps this morning and after we got them blanched there were enough for four half-gallon jars.  She also got corn enough for one quart.  The two-quart is required twice the time to boil daily as the one-quart--4 hours.

I got most of the beans ready for canning.

After the dinner work was done I took a bath and trimmed up my big toe nails.  It takes time to out cow horn.  Such nails as I have!  I inherit them from my father.

Orville went to Bedford to-day with a load to Farmer's Union.  After getting there a man engaged him to go to a place 12 mi. from Roanoke to take charge of a conservation meeting.  Miss Moeschler went home this p.m.


JULY 1917 (196-169) SUNDAY 15


Tillie boiled her beans again this morning.

This afternoon we went to Johnston's, took ice and cream and made ice cream.  They had lots of young people there.

We left in time to get to Forest to get Miss Moeschler who returned on the 8 o'clock train.  Mr. Elder was also at the train to meet her.  He came home with us.


JULY 1917 (197-168) MONDAY 16


Tilda did not come.

Orville and Mr. Elder went to Lawyers to see some club boys and their work.

This afternoon they and Miss Moeschler and Tillie went to Lynchburg.

I washed the dishes then read in "Michael O'Halloran," written by Gene Stratton-Porter.  They got home about 7:00.

It rained hard for about ten minutes after they had been gone long enough to get to Lynchburg.  We needed it badly as we hadn't had a rain to do any good for a month.  Garden was at a stand still.


JULY 1917 (198-167) TUESDAY 17


Tilda came this morning.

Didn't get all the clothes dry.  Rained enough to keep the last ones wet.

Tilda stayed as it was raining at the time she goes home.

Mr. Elder left just before dinner.  Had to catch the 12:30 train for home.  Lives at Concord.  That is also Miss Martha's home.  Not far from Lynchburg.

Mr. Elder has enlisted and goes to training camp the first of August.  In Georgia I think.  Going south where it is not so cold for the winter.


JULY 1917 (199-186) WEDNESDAY 18


It rained a good deal during the night and was still at it when we got up.

Tilda stayed all night and worked all to-day.  Looked the beds over, swept up stairs cleaned porch &c.

I finished up the ironing.


JULY 1917 (200-165) THURSDAY 19


This afternoon at 5 o'clock all of us including Miss Moeschler went to Evington in response to an invitation from Miss Frances Brown, to a Red Cross social.  Ice cream and cake were served.  The objective was to get members and raise funds to establish a Red Cross unit.

I joined but don't know that I'll be here to help much.


JULY 1917  (201-164) FRIDAY 20


[No entry.]


JULY 1917  (202-183) SATURDAY 21


This was a busy forenoon.

Orville went to the village and bought three pecks of plums from Mrs. Driskell--40ct per pack.

Then Tillie proceeded to can them.  Went at it by the regular canning process.  Also canned two quarts of snaps and one of corn.

This afternoon Miss Daisy and Mrs. Lee called having been initiated into the Farmers' Union.

Miss Moeschler and Tillie drove Blaze up to Mrs. Browning’s to hear about the Woman's Canning Club.


JULY 1917 (203-162) SUNDAY 22


A warm morning and church day.

We, Tillie and I were late as we often are.  We live the nearest but it seems that every one but Mrs. Saunders get there before us.  We are so lazy about getting up and especially Sunday mornings.  We got there in time for the collection and that's something providing we have something to put in the box.

Miss Moeschler and Tillie went to Mrs. Tom Read's this afternoon.

I stayed home, wrote a letter to Mattie and finished "Michael O'Halloran."


JULY 1917 (204-161) MONDAY 23


A cloudy morning and Tilda didn't come.

Tillie put a boiler full of clothes on and kept adding until we had a good sized washing.

While the clothes were getting ready I churned.

It rained before they got dry and mud splashed on the ones which hung rather low so they had to be put in water for to-morrow.  There's a good big washing for to-morrow ever though Tilda comes.

I sewed a little on my corset covers.

Orville went to Lynchburg to a Board meeting.  He called but no one showed up that weren't right in town but Orville so he came home.  Took the three children with him.


JULY 1917 (205-160) TUESDAY 24


Tilda came this morning and we dug into a big washing, sheets, table cloths and quilts galore.  We hadn't many real fine clothes so we got the ironing nearly done.

Tillie made sherbet to-night and we ate it on the porch after supper.

Tilda told Tillie to-day that she couldn't wash for her much more unless they took the clothes down there.  She was getting tired of walking.

Orville went to Rustburg this morning to help Mrs. Rolls with some of her country work.

We got acquainted with her during the Short Course of demonstration work which began on the 9th.  Mrs. Rolls is an English woman.  Been here 5 yrs.  Is quite active in her work.

Miss Moeschler wrote a letter to Mae this morning for me, Promised me last night she would if I'd sit out on the porch.


JULY 1917 (208-159) WEDNESDAY 25


[No entry.]


JULY 1917 (207-158) THURSDAY 26


[No entry.]


JULY 1917 (208-157)  FRIDAY 27


[No entry.]


JULY 1917 (209-15B) SATURDAY 28


I churned this morning.  Tillie consented to let me fill jar with butter to sell.

Orville, Tillie, Virginia and I went to Lynchburg this afternoon.  We took the butter and exchanged it for cheese.

I bought myself a hat.  Paid $3.50 for it.  Got it cheap on account of it's being out of season.  The straw is called lizaray.

Also bought little presents for Maxine and Keith.  Two pair of half-hose for Maxine and a tie for Keith.

We all went to a picture show.


JULY 1917 (210-155) SUNDAY 29


Hot!  While at breakfast this morning Orville talked about making our visit to see Mr. Elder and his people.  We all agreed, Miss Moeschler included, to go.  Orville said we were to be ready by 11 o'clock right after Sunday school.  It was 11:30 though when we stopped at Gravel Ridge school house and ate our dinner which we had taken along.

Got there about 2:30.  Found Mr. Elder had just left for Lynchburg but had a pleasant visit with his mother and sister.  His father is a minister and was out at one of his appointments.  Left at 5:00 and got home at 8:00.


JULY 1917 (211-154) MONDAY 30


Still hot.  This was wash day.

We ironed outside under the trees at the back door.

The weather is almost unbearably warm.

Orville left this morning for a week's sojourn in 6ampbell County to help Mrs. Rolls with her demonstration work.  He has to make the speeches along with the county agent Mr. McDonald.

I wrote a long letter to Mae to-night.

Miss Moeschler had some work over at the dormitory and I wrote while waiting for her.

Tillie and children were gone to bed.


JULY 1917 (212-153) TUESDAY 31


The weather is still very warm.

I sewed on my corset covers and nearly finished them.

Have two sores on my left leg, one on the left side of ankle and the other on the inside of knee.  I showed them to Tillie to-day and she commenced doctoring them.  I've taken care of the one near my knee but can't see the other well.  Not very sore and only large as a pea but it was a similar one that gave me all the trouble last year about this time.  If we keep this open it will be all right.


AUGUST 1917 (213-152) WEDNESDAY 1


It is still scorching hot or was till late this afternoon.  Thunder heads began to show up and about 4:00 had a storm, not a heavy one as it went around mostly but it cooled off considerably.

I churned this morning and after the dinner work was done I intended going over to school house to do a little sewing and pick up all my work but Tillie looked at my leg and determined against my remonstrance, to call up Dr. Rice.  He came in a couple of hours, looked at and cleaned the sores said we could use healing medicine on the knee one but the other must be poultice and I must go to bed so as to keep the swelling down that comes from being on my feet, giving it a better chance to heal.


AUGUST 1917 (124-151) THURSDAY 2


Spent the forenoon on the boy's up stairs, dormitory porch where Tillie moved her bed a week or more ago.  After Orville left Monday morning the boys moved one of the dormitory beds out and yesterday Virginia had one moved out so now there are three.  A delightful place to sleep.  Would be better if screened.

Am poulticing my foot.  No poison in it whatever.

Been very much cooler and very comfortable.

Miss Moeschler and I were to go to Mrs. Barlow Read's this afternoon and stay all night.  I couldn't leave my bed so Budd took Miss Moeschler down.


AUGUST 1917 (215-150) FRIDAY 3


Been a nice day.

Orville came home just before noon.  He knew about my sores before he went away Monday and came home from Leesville to see how I was as, he said, he expected trouble.

Have no temperature and can eat like a farmer but am refraining from eating too much while in bed.  The core in sore is not loose yet.  Tillie tried to remove it to-night.

Mr. Elder came from Lynchburg to-night to see Miss Moeschler.  Came in car and brought two couples with him.  They stayed until nearly 11:00. Tillie served lemon sherbet and cake.

Miss Moeschler had a nice time at Mrs. Read's.  I was disappointed so was Mrs. Read.

Mrs. Hanel and her sister called this afternoon. Also, Mrs. Talbot and Mrs. Dooley.  Mrs. Talbot is Emily’s mother and teacher at Bristol, Va. where Miss Davis teaches


AUGUST 1917 (216-149) SATURDAY 4


A beautifully cool morning.

Orville went away again yesterday afternoon to Evington and Rustburg and came back this morning before breakfast was ready.  Came from Rustburg in 58 minutes.  Fast driving.  It took us two hours to go that far Sunday.

He put his "Bull Dog Accelerator" on a week or so ago and he likes it very much.  Walter's invention.  It was named after Gotch, his bulldog.

Mrs. Lee and Miss Daisy called this afternoon having been to the Farmers' Union, which they joined a week ago.  Tillie went to see Mrs. Ollie Hanel’s new baby his afternoon.  She came before the ladies left.


AUGUST 1917 (217-148) SUNDAY 5


Been a beautiful day.  So much pleasanter now that it has cooled off.

Sunday School was attended by all the family but

myself.  They left me on the porch reading some of the Spencer papers.

This afternoon Orville and Tillie went out to St. Stephen's church, Episcopal, supposing church began at 4 o'clock but it was in the forenoon so they went on to Mr. Abbott's.  Was nearly dark when they got home and were almost starved.  Virginia was to go but was asleep.  She felt badly when she woke and found the car gone.

Mrs. Tom Read and Miss Lizzie came to see me this afternoon and brought me a lovely dish of peaches and cream and cake.  They are Miss Daisy's mother and sister.  They have certainly been nice to me while I've been in Virginia.  Just after they left Mrs. Craig and her mother called.


AUGUST 1917 (218-147) MONDAY 6


A bright morning.  Tilda came so they had to wash without me,

Orville and children went to Forest after breakfast and didn't get back till afternoon.

I was lying in bed this morning with my back to the door when Stuart came in saying, "I've something good for you Grandma." I said, “That's what I want." When I turned over there I saw a teaspoon and a box of salts. That’s the way to disappoint a fellow.  Latter he came up with little pancakes and a cup of coffee.  Half rations.  Makes me think of the way the Germans feed their prisoners.  Well, I suppose they think that is the best way to treat me.  Sent letters to Ray and Mae.


AUGUST 1917 (219-146) TUESDAY 7


Been a cool day.  Looked like rain this morning and in fact did rain a little.

The rainy aspect of the weather kept Miss Moeschler undecided about going to Huddleston but finally decided to go and went over for Elizabeth Kabler who went with her.  They are holding a canning and drying demonstration.

Got a bunch of papers from Walter and have spent a good part of the day reading them.

The primaries are being held for Governor and State Superintendent.  Orville went to a schoolhouse south and has been three times.

Wrote to Tommy and Ola this morning and this evening picked or strung beans for tomorrow’s dinner.


AUGUST 1917 (220-145) WEDNESDAY 8


Sent out Keith's and Maxine's birthday presents a necktie for Keith and two pair of half-hose for Maxine.  Also wrote them a letter.

Mended my stockings and finished up my corset covers.

Miss Moeschler and Elizabeth Kabler came back from their trip.  Got back at noon.

Tillie, Orville and Virginia went to Bedford after dinner.  Were going to call for Mr. Abbott.

We are going to bed at 9 o'clock but they are not home yet.


AUGUST 1917 (221-144) THURSDAY 9


Orville and Tillie got home at 11 o'clock.

They brought me five beautiful peaches from Mr. Wing's.  They are selling them for $2.25 per bushel.

Orville has ordered two bushels from somewhere for $1.25 per bushel.  They will be coming some day soon.

Miss Moeschler and Tillie made a big chocolate layer cake this afternoon, four layers and thick ones too.

Tillie also made pineapple sherbet for Forest Hanel to freeze as it was Sissie's birthday.  Six years old.

This was to serve the two families so after going to the dormitory to hear Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Hanel'’s sister, sing, we ate the sherbet there under the trees.

Just as we got through eating Misses Mary and Lizzie Read came but plenty to serve to them.

I cored translucent apples this p.m. that they brought from Mr. Abbott's yesterday. I dressed and went down stairs after dinner.


AUGUST 1917 (222-143) FRIDAY 10


Helped with the work all forenoon.  This afternoon we all rode to the cornfield in auto to get sweet corn to dry. I sat in car and crocheted while the rest picked the corn.  This was on account of the sore on my ankle.

We got the corn cut and cooked and spread out early.  Then Orville and Tillie went out and got some more to take care of to-morrow.


AUGUST 1917 (223-142) SATURDAY 11


A little cloudy this morning but the sun finally came out and the corn on porch roof got pretty well dried.

The corn that we put up to-day Tillie mixed with tomatoes and calls it "soup mixture."

A Miss Paxton, canning demonstrator, gave a demonstration this afternoon to the ladies of the neighborhood.  The ladies turned out well.

Orville went to Bedford City this morning to Farmers' Union.  Got back at 2:30 and at 3:00 started for Lynchburg where he took the train for Bealeton.  Went to see about the farm and to borrow money to pay off a lady who holds a note against it.  Said he'd be back Tuesday night.


AUGUST 1917 (224-141) SUNDAY 12


A fine morning.

Went to church.  Was a good turnout.

Mrs. Ratchford who has been to the Grottoes, visiting her mother and sister came back Thursday she was in her usual place this morning.

After church is a regular visiting time I suppose like all country churches.  I don't dislike the custom, it certainly does us good to mingle with each other.

Tillie went down to Hanel'’s to see about Budd's taking Blaze to Huddleston.  She soon phoned up that she was going to Forest with them.


AUGUST 1917 (225-140) MONDAY 13


A little cloudy this morning but Tilda came.

It really has been a very busy day.

I churned the first thing while Tillie and Tilda were doing the first of the washing and other after breakfast jobs.

I sent just a card to Mae this morning.

Tillie is getting ready to go with Orville to Blacksburg next Wednesday.  She was at the school-house most of the afternoon sewing on two dresses, one seersucker the other gingham.

We got the ironing all done.


AUGUST 1917 (226-139) TUESDAY 14


To-day, of course, Tillie finished her dresses and did a number of other little things preparatory for her trip to Blacksburg.

I went over to sew on Frances' waist this afternoon but in a few minutes I looked out and saw Mrs. Lemmon coming so we all, Tillie, and Miss Moeschler came to the house,

Orville and Tillie packed up the suit cases tonight.  Had to take bed clothes.


AUGUST 1917 (227-138) WEDNESDAY 15


We had to get up early this morning as Orville and Tillie wanted to start by 7 o'clock.  They had to wait a few minutes for Nick Jones who was going with them.

I worked in kitchen all forenoon and this afternoon cleaned up the front room and Orville's office.

It drizzled for an hour or more this morning and was in hopes it would soak things up well but it didn't amount to any thing.


AUGUST 1917 (228-137) THURSDAY 16


Cleaned up back yard this morning with Donald's help.  We made it look very much tidier.

Miss Moeschler, Virginia and I went over to Johnston's this afternoon.

They were canning corn.


AUGUST 1917 (229-136) FRIDAY 17


Churned this morning.

I had two or three jobs laid out to do while they're gone but it doesn't seem as though I can get at them.

We are getting along nicely.  The children are much easier controlled than they were last year while Tillie was in Columbus.


AUGUST 1917 (230-135) SATURDAY 18


I got the work done before dinner, cleaned kitchen floor and did a little baking for to-morrow.

After we got the dinner work done Budd hitched up Blaze and we drove over to see Mrs. Palmer.  Miss Moeschler wanted to invite her over to the ladies' club Thursday.

Stuart went with us and he came in very handy as there were several gates to open.

Virginia was at Mr. Hanel’s.


We thought Orville and Tillie might possibly come home to-night- We sat on the porch till 9 o'clock.  They did not come so we went to bed.


AUGUST 1917 (231-134) SUNDAY 19


Orville and Tillie came home about one o'clock this morning.  I didn't hear the auto come in but heard Tillie talk after they got up stairs although I was with the children away down at the other end of the hall on the porch.  Miss Moeschler, whose room is joining theirs, didn't know they were home till I went in and told her the next morning.

Tillie and Miss M. went to Sunday School with the children and Orville had to go to Lynchburg.

I had dinner ready by the time S.S. was out but they stood over at the church talking with other women for an hour and an half.  Wasn't that enough to make any one provoked?  Orville came just as we were through eating.


AUGUST 1917 (232-133) MONDAY 20


Wash day, but Tillie and Tilda had to do it.

I went with Orville and Miss Moeschler to see club boys and girls near Huddleston.

Got a bite of dinner before we left, early.

I churned but by the time I got butter, Orville said he would be ready in half an hour so Tilda finished it.

Leonard Miles who is going to work at the Academy digging ditches came back with us.


AUGUST 1917 (233-132) TUESDAY 21


No rain yet.  The corn is curling up.

With our regular cooking for the men and getting things ready for the picnic to-morrow we have-been digging all day.

Tillie was expecting Tilda this morning but she didn't come.

No, the latter statement should be in to-morrow's account.  We have been so busy since the men came that I've neglected my diary and am writing several days from Memory.  I began with the 23rd and have been writing backwards.

Orville went to Forest this morning to get the plumbers.  Homer Heflin came to-night.  Will work at ditching.


AUGUST 1917 (234-131) WEDNESDAY 22


Sunday School picnic day.  All met at the "Lodge." The eatables were all put on a table at the east of Lodge, outside where Mr. Hanel had his ice cream stand Commencement day.  The table was loaded with pies, cakes, sandwiches chicken, ham, pickles &c.  What a pile some people can put out of sight at such a time!  That's what it is for though.  The plumbers and trench diggers seemed to enjoy it.

After the dinner things were picked up the ladies went to the church and held Ladies' Aid.  Talked over roofing the Manse barn and sending the Missionary box to Taylor's mountain.

A little girl came to Mrs. Johnston's this morning.


AUGUST 1917 (235-130) THURSDAY 23


Have been busy again to-day.  Tillie spent most of the forenoon getting her minutes ready for the ladies club and also giving to some an account of her Blacksburg trip.

It met at 3:30 with Mrs. Browning as president.  Miss Roberts of Blacksburg gave a very interesting talk and touched on points concerning the Institute, which Tillie did not, also talked on food conservation.

Was 6 o'clock before we started supper.  Tillie missed giving Homer his pie to-night.  A cloud came up about 5:30 from south west and went around to the east, Just a good sprinkle here.


AUGUST 1917 (236-129) FRIDAY 24


Had breakfast nearly ready when Tillie came down this morning.

We've worked hard getting dinner and baking bread mixed up with the canning of apples and tomatoes.

Tillie again missed giving Homer his pudding at noon.  We were both surprised and amused.  We sent for him to come back but he caught  on and refused.

Got quite cool to-night, no sign of rain.  Corn is curling badly for want of it.

Mr. Johnston and Everett came over to-night.  Got a sack of bran and also wanted to secure work.


AUGUST 1917 (237-128) SATURDAY 25


Been a very comfortable day, wind has been cool.

It keeps us busy all forenoon getting things ready for dinner and supper and then considerable to do after dinner.

Tillie and Miss Moeschler went to the creek with the boys after we got the work done this afternoon. They wanted me to go too but I felt that a rest would be the best thing for my feet and legs so after I had swept up my room I lay down and slept.

After I tot up I finished Frances' waist and my            tea jacket.

Miss Moeschler went home, to Roanoke, to-night.

Orville took her and the two plumbers to Forest where they, the plumbers, would take the train for Lynchburg.


AUGUST 1917 (238-127) SUNDAY 26


A beautiful cool morning.  It was so cool during the night that I am just sleeping under a sheet, dreamed of ice which seemed to be about the time to be getting more covers.

We all went to church this morning.  Was a good turnout.

Mrs. Lee told me this morning that we were going to have a "fight." I asked, "Why." and she said, "Because I hear you're talking of leaving." So, some day, we're going to have a settlement.

We all made three visits this afternoon, to Mr. Bass where we were treated to watermelon, to Mr. Johnston's to see the new baby girl and treated to cider and to Mrs. Barlow Read's and got a lemonade mixture and cookies.


AUGUST 1917 (1239-126) MONDAY 27


Wash day.  A fine day and Tilda came as usual.

The mixture I got at the different places yesterday was a little too much for me.  Felt all right till after breakfast when I felt the conglomeration working on me and felt it all day.

Mrs. John Thompson Brown called this afternoon.  She came to meet her daughter.  Frances who was coming home from Dr. Brown's and who was to meet a lady to discuss conveniences for going around for getting registrations for the Defense League.

Orville and Tillie went to Forest to-night to meet Miss Moeschler who was returning from home.


AUGUST 1917 (240-125) TUESDAY 28


Miss Moeschler went to Ratchford's to-day to help Ethel do some caning.

Mrs. Ratchford and the girls brought her home in buggy.

There was a meeting in the Auditorium by Mr. Edmondson of Lynchburg on Red Cross work.


AUGUST 1917 (241-124) WEDNESDAY 29


Have had the same work to-day as every day while the men are putting in the water system.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett called to-night.  They had been to call on the Ratchford’s but didn't find them at home.  Were gone to see a Mr. Scott, son-in-law of Mrs. Leftwich, who had been thrown from a horse.  Had ridden the horse sidewise to water.  The horse got frightened at something throwing him off backward injuring the spine which paralyzed his left side.


AUGUST 1917 (242-123) THURSDAY 30


I churned this morning and got white, soft butter, the result of no ice which ran out the latter part of last week.  We are surely missing it.

I lay down soon as dinner was on the table and when I got up after the men had gone out found Tillie had done the same thing, leaving Miss Moeschler to look after the men at the table.  They, with the boys, had about eaten every thing up. I couldn't eat anyway.  Tillie had some saltines on hand.

I drank buttermilk after churning and that acted as a physic during the afternoon which seemed to clear thing up and I ate a good supper.

We had a heavy rain for a few minutes this p.m. but not nearly enough to get to the roots of the corn.  The corn I'm afraid is past redemption and especially the late planted.


AUGUST 1917 (243-122) FRIDAY 31


Was cloudy this morning.  Heard a very soft rain before I got up and it sprinkled a little after.

Have been busy with the cooking for the men and getting little things picked up to take with us to-morrow.

We are going home with Miss Moeschler who lives at Salem near Roanoke.

Are leaving Homer in charge of the cooking.

The plumbers will go home to-morrow night for over Sunday.

Orville has been to Bedford City to-day getting the car overhauled.  So expect everything to go smoothly tomorrow.

Received a traveling bag from Ola to-day, one she has made to keep little traveling trinkets in.  It is pretty and I feel very proud of it.




It rained nearly all of last night and was still raining this morning so that put an end to our going to Salem by car.

However Orville had to go to Roanoke to see some prospective teachers so he took the car as far as Forest then took the train.

Miss Moeschler decided she wanted to go home any way and then persuaded me to go with her.  Budd took us to take the 1:25 train and we reached Salem at 3:00.  They had had no rain there so had looked for us and waited dinner some time.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (245-120) SUNDAY 2


The Moeschler family consists of nine girls and one boy.  The boy, a young man, is Teller in Clifton Forge bank.  He came home this afternoon, unexpectedly.

Some of the girls went to Sunday School this morning and this afternoon to Mission school.

Miss Moeschler and I stayed home all day but this evening we with Alva and one of the girls went to the Baptist church and such a walk!  Near the house, for a short way out, is a baby mountain.  I was afraid that if I got started going I wouldn't be able stop so one got on either side of me and I got down safely.  Coming back was a good climb but not so bad as the going down.  That was a long walk.  The Moeschler’s live quite near a Tubercular Sanatorium.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (346-119) MONDAY 3


Labor Day.  We had planned to go to Roanoke to-day not thinking of its being Labor day.

We stayed home and I learned a new piece of crochet work.  One of the girls who is in the canning club picked her tomatoes and wanted to can but had no Salammoniac.

Gladys and I got ready to walk up to the Sanatorium but I didn't feel well so gave it up.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (251-114) SATURDAY 8


Had a meeting this forenoon, which was very interesting.  She told us that salts isn't a good physic, that is not to be taken often and especially in an appendicitis case as it causes a too great peristaltic action of the bowels and also draws out the moisture.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (252-113) SUNDAY 9


Church this morning.

Tillie partly put up a lunch, before going to church, to be ready to start on an auto trip to Huddleston 16 miles to see the Turner family.

Mrs. Hanel was the originator of the idea so they went too in their car.

I decided not to go and lucky that I did for they had a regular tear up of one of the tires.  All but Orville came back in Mr. Hanel’s car and he then went back for Orville.  He had to get a man out from Lynchburg and when they got to the car he lacked the right repair so they had to drive to Bedford to get it.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (253-112) MONDAY 10


Plumbers came back this morning.  Orville met them with horse and buggy.

Turned cool to-night.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (254-111) TUESDAY 11


Been cool all day.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (255-110) WEDNESDAY 12


Miss Moeschler and I got ready this morning to go to Lynchburg with Orville but just then Mr. Ratchford came along which reminded Orville of his promises to meet Mrs. Ratchford's mother and sister, Mrs. Sims.  So there was nothing to do but get back into dirty clothes and get to work and then get ready to go again after dinner.  All the children went.  Virginia and I got separated from Miss M. but later ran across her on the street.  Our being together was of short duration as Mr. Elder spied us.  He wanted us to go and get something to eat or drink but declined going as I didn't want to use up the little time that they might be together.  They leave Friday, he said, for Ammiston, Ala.

Red Cross meeting to-day.

I bought a pair of corsets $5.00 and two gauze vests 3got each.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (258-109) THURSDAY 13


As Orville was going to Forest this morning Miss Moeschler and I went along and stopped at Mrs. Craig's to see her mother, Mrs. Ewell, who had been sick.  We found her lying down.  Mrs. Craig was gone to the garden and always has her mother lie down while she is out for fear of her falling.  Helped Mrs. C. shell her Great Crowder peas while we were visiting.  It was noon when Orville got back so we hopped in and hurried home and found the men through eating.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (257-108) FRIDAY 14


[No entry.]


SEPTEMBER 1917 (258-107) SATURDAY 15


Miss Bushong and Miss Rennar, Miss Harmanson's successor, came to-day.

Miss B. with her dark skirt, red sweater and blue hat looked real natural as she walked over the campus to-night.

Miss Moeschler and Miss Rennar were timid about staying in the dormitory alone to-night so they came over here and I gave my bed to Miss Rennar and I slept with Miss Moeschler.  She thought her room wasn't tidy enough to put any one in and I thought mine wasn't.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (259-106) SUNDAY 16


No church to-day and were all glad that we didn't have to bustle around and get ready.  Have been so busy all week cooking that it seemed good to be without the men.

A series of meetings began to-night.  Mr. Ratchford is assisted by a Mr. Kaffey of Lynchburg.

Quite a number of students came to-day and Orville has been busy receiving and entertaining their parents.  All have a multitude of questions to ask also some money to hand over.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (260-105) MONDAY 17


Wash day as it was fine.

Also school opening day.  Has been a very busy day for all of us.  We with our washing, ironing and entertaining.

A Mrs. Leftisee who brought her boy here to school spent most of the afternoon with us.  She is a very bright woman and very entertaining. Has been a nurse. Orville has been too busy to eat to-day.  He said he was tired when he came into breakfast.

There are so many new students and each one has to be located and first payment made.

The well and tower men finished their work to-night.

Orville said to-night that he had taken in over $700. Are charging $7.50 for rooms for session and $12. for board per 4 weeks.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (281-104) TUESDAY 18


I churned the first thing after breakfast while Tillie washed the dishes.  She then ironed a piece or two then went over to the dormitory and helped Frances and Lulu get dinner.  There are between 70 and 80 people to cook for.

While she was gone I ironed a few things and got dinner.  After dinner we went over and helped to wash dishes and set the tables.

No one knows what a job it is to wash those dishes till they just do it.  It always seems a tedious job to wash and wipe 6 or 8 glasses but there's a little difference between that number and 80.  Then there was the same number of glass sauce dishes.

We went to meeting to-night and I at the request of Genevieve Meredith sat in the choir.

They sent the engine to work to-day and the water was turned on. Donald, Stuart and Virginia all got into the bathtub together to-night.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (262-103) WEDNESDAY 19


We are having beautifully cool weather but need rain.

The first two days of school are strenuous.  To-day they got things settled so that they had the regular classes.

Tilda came again this morning and, she and Tillie cleaned up stairs.  This afternoon Tilda cleaned down stairs and Tillie went to Lynchburg with Mr. and Mrs. Hanel, the latter to have a tooth drawn.

We all went to church to-night.  I afterward called on the girls who are rooming in the kitchen in Lodge. I met Miss Marsh who occupies my room up stairs.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (263-102) THURSDAY 20


We had to get our work done this forenoon as the Ladies Club was to meet in the afternoon.

I went over to the school house to sew a few minutes during the noon period.

When I got back I found Tillie and Virginia ready to go with Orville to Lynchburg.  This was a surprise as we thought nothing but absolute necessity would take her away.

However the club met and voted on a name.  The one chosen was "New London Academy Home Demonstration Club."

There was a good turn out.  After this was over the Red Cross members had a meeting and appointed officers.  Tillie made chairman.

Went to church again to-night.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (264-101) FRIDAY 21


Nothing this forenoon but doing up the regular work.

This afternoon we, Tillie, Virginia and I walked to Mr. Ratchford's to see Mrs. Sawtelle and Mrs. Sims, mother and sister of Mrs. Ratchford, the former will stay all winter and the later a few days more.

Orville came for us about 6 o'clock.

I got blisters on my heels walking down there.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (265-100) SATURDAY 22


Tillie got up this morning with the headache so didn't feel like doing much.

I went to the school house after dinner and finished stitching my new aprons, two blue afghans and two white dimities.

At 3 o'clock the Red Cross ladies came, a committee to arrange work for the members of the Red Cross Club.

Just before supper went over and visited a few minutes with the servants in dormitory kitchen.  Found them busy making biscuits and egg omelet for supper.  Afterward visited with Miss Moeschler a few minutes.

Later went to church.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (2B6-99) SUNDAY 23


Tillie sick with headache again and didn't get up till after dinner, then she and Miss Moeschler went out for a walk.

Miss Moeschler came over and ate dinner with us and Orville ate in her place at dormitory.

I went to church but had hard work to get ready to get there in time.  Didn't stop after church to visit anyone as I had to get dinner.  We had chicken, potatoes, corn and apple turnover.

Homer Heflin one of the school boys and who has been sick for a few days was taken by Orville to Washington to be operated on for Appendicitis.  Orville would also take in the conference with President Wilson at 10 o'clock to-morrow a.m. to present to him the Necessity of retaining the men on farms.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (267-98) MONDAY 24


Tilda came so that meant wash.

We washed inside for the first time this fall.

The wind in the east and cool.

Mrs. Barnett called this afternoon on her way to Mr. Ratchford's.  Took Tillie along with her.

Mrs. Ratchford's sister, Mrs. Sims, leaves for her home near Natural Bridge, to-morrow.

We didn't quite finish the ironing to-day.

I worked a little on the hair pin crochet for one of my white aprons.

Went to bed early and read in "The Valliant’s of Virginia" until I got sleepy.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (268-97) TUESDAY 25


Tillie has trouble with her head every morning.  After awhile it passes off.

After getting the work done we went to the far garden to gather some tomatoes, both ripe and green.  I thought she was going to the home garden till we got to the dormitory and to save the trouble of coming back to the house for a pail I went in there to borrow one.  A pail full of tomatoes is quite a load for one who has all she can do to carry herself.  Got back as far as Hanel’s when Mrs. H. saw me and told me to leave them for Budd to carry.  Was glad to do it.

Orville got back from Washington early this afternoon.  Homer was operated on yesterday morning at 9:30.  His appendix was gangrenous and had affected the tissues around it so that they could do nothing but pack it.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (269-96) WEDNESDAY 26


Mr. & Mrs. Hanel went to Lynchburg this afternoon.  They asked Miss Moeschler to go with them but as she couldn't leave school Tillie went.

Mrs. Hanel bought new hat and suit.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (270-95) THURSDAY 27


Heard from Washington this morning in regard to Homer.  Said he was in a very critical condition but there had been no hemorrhage.  They could give no assurance of his getting well until after Sunday.

He is having a hard time to get his education.  His father has had a great deal of sickness in the family, which Necessitates Homer's working his way through school.  His mother was operated on for Mastoid abscess at the same hospital he is at and has still to go occasionally to have it treated as the bone is diseased.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (271-94) FRIDAY 28


There was a literary program to-day but didn't know it until too late or I would have gone up to Auditorium to hear it.

We went down after getting the supper work done and sat on dormitory porch with Miss Remnar, Miss Moeschler and Mr. Hicks.

Was glad to hear Mr. Hicks say that he was going to have the campus cleaned up in the morning.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (272-93.) SATURDAY 29


Orville, Tillie and children went to Lynchburg this afternoon.

I spent a good part of the afternoon in bed.  Read, after lying down, until I got sleepy.  Am reading, "The Valliant’s of Virginia" by Rives.  A history of three or four generations of men named Valliant.


SEPTEMBER 1917 (273-92) SUNDAY 30


Had forgotten there was church to-day until I saw Mr. and Mrs. Lemmon going.  Was too late then to get ready. Tillie, who had a clean dress on put on her coat and hat and went.

In the afternoon the family with Miss Moeschler went to Mr. Abbott's.  The boys went to pick chinquapins and Virginia and I went down to Mr. Hanel’s.

Mrs. Lee was there.  She had been to Forest with Mr. and Mrs. Hanel.

We called on Miss Bushong to-night for the first time this year.


OCTOBER 1917 (274-91) MONDAY 1


Wash day.  Tilda came before I got down stairs.  Not as large a washing to-day as usual

Orville went to Lynchburg this afternoon up put up the exhibits, potatoes, corn and manual training furniture.

Budd hauled the things and had just gotten there when Orville had so helped awhile to put things up.

Next week is Bedford fair so there'll be a repetition of the work.


OCTOBER 1917 (275-90) TUESDAY 2


Lynchburg Fair began to-day.  It was children's day so the family went.  They also took Wallace Teats.  I should have gone too but have a very bad cold and thought it better to wait until Thursday.

Went to the Red Cross meeting this afternoon at girl’s dormitory.  Pattern for the nightingales hadn't come so could not cut them out.  So far have 20 little pillows promised and the getting of goods for cases was decided on.

I partly made a collar for Hattie to-day with baking bread, finishing up the ironing and attending the Red Cross meeting didn't do badly but expected to do more.


OCTOBER 1917 (278-89) WEDNESDAY 3


After getting the work done this morning and while Tillie went to the garden and afterwards to dormitory and visited with Miss Moeschler, I wrote a few day's events in my diary.

This afternoon Tillie went to Mrs. Hanel’s she having phoned up for her as she isn't feeling well.

I wrote a letter to Hannah Morton this morning.  Wrote in regard to my stopping off there on my way home.


OCTOBER 1917 (277-88) THURSDAY 4


This was Lynchburg day at the fair Orville and Tillie went again after an early dinner.  I decided not to go as my cold is bad yet and might prove serious if I should take another on top of it.

They slipped away from Virginia and she never inquired about them until bedtime and then she thought it was time for Daddy to come home.

I cut out and sewed on two knee skirts this afternoon after taking care of bread I was baking and getting things ready for supper.


OCTOBER 1917 (278-87) FRIDAY 5


The weather is fine but wind in south, which will bring rain before long.

Must have been nearly 11 o'clock when they got home last night.  They got supper in town then went to a picture show.

Mr. & Mrs. Hanel were there too, Mrs. B. going as chaperone for the school girls.  There were two couples of young people in each car.  So they were well loaded.


OCTOBER 1917 (279-86) SATURDAY 6


Weather turned cool to-day, warmed up out doors but cool sitting in the house.

I was just ready to go to the school house to sew on some knee skirts I am making when Mrs. Hanel came.  Tillie had just gone to see Mrs. Dooley.  Her son, Robert, left yesterday.  He was drafted and after working hard to get him released, failed.  She is a widow with-this son and one daughter, Allie, who is going to school here, The mother is feeling badly over her son.

After sitting awhile Mrs. Hanel got cool so she proposed taking a walk to warm up.  Went beyond her house toward Mrs. Lee's and picked a few persimmons.  I must send a box to Mae.


OCTOBER 1917 (280-85) SUNDAY 7


Been a fine day.

Tillie wanted to go to Johnston's but Orville had no gasoline and the buggy was gone so she and boys walked over after dinner.  Virginia did some fine whooping because she couldn't go.  It was too long a walk for her.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnston brought them back , in fact were about ready to start over when Tillie got there.

Mr. Johnston brought me a dozen beautiful apples, which I will put in my trunk if I have room.  Went to Christian Endeavor to-night and after coming back wrote a letter to Mae.

Orville made the first fire in furnace this afternoon.


OCTOBER 1917 (281-84) MONDAY 8


A heavy frost last night.

Wash day as usual when the day is fine.

Was a fine morning but by noon it began to cloud up and the last clothes barely got dry.

Orville left for Bedford to take some exhibits after an early dinner.  I would have gone with him had he given me an invitation.  I didn't like to suggest it for fear I might be some trouble to him.  He never refuses taking any one if he can.

He got back at 5 o'clock and then had to go to Lynchburg to get Hammet.  At noon Mrs. Jinks phoned over wanting to go with him to have a tooth treated.  Tillie jumped in the car and went along.

Hammet did not come as they had just taken an x-ray picture of his leg and was not developed.


OCTOBER 1917 (282-83) TUESDAY 9


Started raining last night and rained all night.  Been cloudy all day.

Miss Moeschler had two sick girls to-day and was necessary to take them to town, one with tooth-ache the other weak eyes.

Orville left with them for Lynchburg soon after 11 o'clock and got eyes and teeth taken care of.

After getting there he found Hammet could come home so he phoned to Ted Hanel to meet them at Forest with the car, having taken the girls with horse and buggy to Forest.  They got back about 9 o'clock.  The small bone in Hammet’s leg was broken near the ankle.


OCTOBER 1917 (283-82) WEDNESDAY 10


A beautiful sunshiny morning.

While Tillie fussed with the boys, mending their trousers, sewing buttons on &c I washed the dishes.

After she got them off to school she and Virginia went to Lemmon's to see about some apples to can.  They have lots of fallen ones.


OCTOBER 1917 (284-81) THURSDAY 11

I have opened up my trunk and am beginning to pack things as I think I’m through with them.

It is fine enough here yet for summer underwear but I think I’ll dress in my heavy underwear when I start home.

The weather must be getting pretty cool out west.


OCTOBER 1917 (285-90) FRIDAY 12


This was the last day of Bedford fair and the day we had set to go.  It began to rain soon after we got up so that put an end to it.  I couldn't go to Lynchburg fair as I had a bad cough and maybe it is well that I couldn't go to-day, as my cough isn't well by any means.


OCTOBER 1917 (288-79) SATURDAY 13


Tillie went over to the dormitory this morning and found Miss Moeschler sick so she brought her over had her take a hot bath and then go to bed.  Got up about the middle of the afternoon went to her room and to bed.  Tried to get Dr. Rice but he had gone away on the train for the day.

Orville went to Bedford City to-day to Farmers'

Union.  Mr. Creasy and Lawrence Read went with him, also

Donald and Stuart.  He got the boys each an overcoat and sweater.

This was Orville's birthday.  Forty-two.  Born in 1875.


OCTOBER 1917 (287-78) SUNDAY 14


Church this morning.

I wore my entire white suit.

Orville, Virginia and I went to the dormitory for dinner.  I afterward stayed with Miss Moeschler awhile as she is sick.

Letters from Hattie and Nellie say there has been a snow storm in Iowa.


OCTOBER 1917 (288-77) MONDAY 15


Nita, Tilda's daughter, came to wash this morning.  Is good help.

Mrs. Dooley came with the cows this morning just as we were sitting down to breakfast.  The cows had gone down the rock road and were coming up by Mr. Dick Lemmon's.  She heard them low, knew it and called them.  They came straight up and she drove them home.  She knew that there would be money to pay if they got to Mr. Lemmon's.

Mr. Hanel took Misses Bushong, Read, Barnes, and Marsh to Lynchburg to see "Ben Hur" to-night.


OCTOBER 1917 (289-76) TUESDAY 16


We hadn't much housework to do to-day so I cut out Orville's nightshirts.

This was Red Cross day and they met with us as Miss Moeschler, who has been sick wanted to sleep this afternoon as she is going to see "Ben Hur" to-night.

Mrs. Lee brought the nightingales all out so they were distributed among the different members to make.

They set the time for social for benefit of the Red Cross for Saturday the 27th.

Orville took Miss Moeschler, Miss Kabler, Mr. Hicks and myself to Lynchburg to-night to see "Ben Hur."


OCTOBER 1917 (290-75) WEDNESDAY 17


I went over to the school-house to sew on the nightshirts but did very little before the bell rung so went over the last period which was vacant and sewed until dark.  I also made the nightingale which was my share of those distributed yesterday.

Orville and Tillie took Aunt Sophie to her church near Lawyers to get help in the dormitory.

After they were gone I went over and helped Frances with the dishes.  She is really clean and left the kitchen tidy as could be.  She had to take Sophie's supper to the cabin as she had no time to eat before going.


OCTOBER 1917 (291-74) THURSDAY 18


Sewed hard all my spare time to-day on the

nightshirts.  Finished them to-night after supper.

This evening Orville took Tillie, Miss Marsh and Miss Moeschler to Lynchburg to hear Harris Hart and others talk on the Liberty Bond question.  They got home at 11 o'clock.

I had gone to bed but was reading in "Red Rock" by Thomas Nelson Page,


OCTOBER 1917 (292-73) FRIDAY 19


Orville found his nightshirts on his chair when he went down to the breakfast table.  He had no idea what the goods was for that I sent for last week by him.  They are his birthday presents but a few days late.

Started raining at noon and has been dark and disagreeable all afternoon.

Mrs. Lee sent her Red Cross things up this afternoon.

Mrs. Hanel called for Tillie to go to the school house with her to talk to the high school students about helping with the Red Cross social the next Saturday evening.


OCTOBER 1917 (293-72) SATURDAY 20


We worked busily until 11 o'clock then Orville said he was going to Lynchburg so Tillie thought she would go for the ride.  The two boys went but Virginia who wasn't at home came just as they were ready to leave.  We had quite a musical for awhile but she got reconciled in time to help make toast for our dinner.  I had real tea and she Cambridge . We enjoyed our tea and toast together.  They got back in about three hours.  The Ladies' Aid met at the church this afternoon but it was too cold to sit without fire so they came over here.  I didn't join them to-day.  Was baking bread.

We heard to-night that Mrs. J. T. Brown is dead.


OCTOBER 1917 (294-71) SUNDAY 21


Mrs. John Thompson Brown was taken sick Friday evening about 5 o'clock and died at 11 o'clock that night.  They were very aristocratic people and before the war the parents were quite wealthy but now it is dwindled down to nothing.  They were and are very hospitable.

We went to the funeral which was at Good Shepherd church near Evington.  Mrs. Ratchford and Miss Daisy went with us.


OCTOBER 1917 (295-70) MONDAY 22


Nita or Juanita, Tilda's daughter came to-day to wash, her mother is at Brown's.


OCTOBER 1917 (298-89) TUESDAY 23


Orville went to Forest early this morning to meet Mr. Hall and his helper, the plumbers, to install the tanks.  They will be here two or three days.

When he got to Forest he found Mr. Worrell state high school inspector, waiting as he had heard Orville was going to be there-

This was the day set to go to Lynchburg to get my coat and hat, so we went after dinner taking Mr. Worrell with us instead of  K to Forest.  Tillie and I went to opening exercises this morning and heard Mr. Worrell talk to the students.

Got my coat and hat, coat $45. Hat $10.50. Such extravagance!


OCTOBER 1917 (297-68) WEDNESDAY 24


This was the appointed day to visit Mrs. Craig, so we Tillie, Virginia and I went and got there at 11 o'clock.  We drove Blaze in the buggy.  We had such a good dinner and a good time.  We had to leave soon after 3 o'clock as we had the plumbers to cook supper for.  We left their dinner all cooked.  Orville was here to serve it.

We took our thread and crochet hooks to learn to make "Monkey Face." We did very little but she loaned me her directions.

Her mother, Mrs. Ewell, had gone to visit her son.


OCTOBER 1917 (298-67) THURSDAY 25


[No entry-]


OCTOBER 1917 (299-66) FRIDAY 2B


[No entry.]


OCTOBER 1917 (300-65) SATURDAY 27


[No entry.]


OCTOBER 1917 (301-64) SUNDAY 28


[No entry.]


OCTOBER 1917 (302-63) MONDAY 29


Was cloudy and foggy this morning so our washer-woman didn't come

About 9 o'clock Mr. & Mrs. Hanel came along were going to Lynchburg and brought Gracie in to leave while they were gone.

Their coming gave Tillie the inspiration that she would like to go too, so she went up stairs slipped into her clothes and fastened them mostly on the way.

Virginia and Gracie played up stairs and while they minded the warning, not to open the drawers they stirred up a box of clothes.

Orville got back from Roanoke this afternoon.


OCTOBER 1917 (303-62) TUESDAY 30


Washed to-day.

Red Cross met to-day so Tilda worked at the ironing alone consequently had some left for to-morrow.


OCTOBER 1917 (304-61) WEDNESDAY 31


[No entry.]


NOVEMBER 1917 (305-60) THURSDAY 1


[No entry.)


NOVEMBER 1917 (306-59) FRIDAY 2


[No entry.]


NOVEMBER 1917 (307-58) SATURDAY 3


Orville went to Lynchburg to-day, left between 9 and 10 o'clock.  Tillie went with him and they took Miss Mollie and Mrs. Stephens who live in New London.  Miss Mollie teaches piano in N-L.A- Tillie got my two pair of shoes one of which had been there a long time.  Expected to have to pay $1.50 per pair but they were only $1.

I made an apple pie so it would be ready when they came home but they got their dinner in town so the pie was saved for dinner to-morrow.


NOVEMBER 1917 (308-57) SUNDAY 4


I did considerable picking up in my room to-day, or this forenoon, also gave it a good sweeping which it has not had for some time.  Have had things lying around so while I've been packing.

After dinner we rode with Orville to Forest.  He went to get the mail and take some.

After getting back they went to Mr. Johnston's and I rode with them to Mrs. Dooley's and visited with her and Allis till they came back.  She hurried and made biscuits so I could eat supper with them.  Orville began to talk about my not going home, wants me to stay awhile longer.  They can't see why I want to go home in winter.

Misses Bushong and Barnes called this evening.


NOVEMBER 1917 (309-56) MONDAY 5


Wash day and of course not much time for anything but washing and ironing.

Tillie went to Mrs. Hanel’s this morning and got off the two parts which help to compose the packages to be sent to the soldiers in France.  Bedford Co. or chapter is furnishing 50 packages, and the parts we at N.L.A. furnished are 50 packages of gum and 50 of Hershey chocolates.  When the final packages are made up they will contain several articles, checkerboards, writing pads, gum, Hershey's &c.  Tillie phoned to Lynchburg this morning to have sent in the morning for 108 yards of Twill to make bed shirts for our boys in France.


NOVEMBER 1917 (310-55) TUESDAY 6


Election day.  Orville was requested to take Mr. Read to the polls. He has been sick for considerably more than a year with cancer back of one of his ears. He has been in the hospital for a long time where his ear was removed.  The sore has healed but there are symptoms of it breaking out in other places.

The Red Cross met here to-day.  They cut out a few bed shirts for the ladies to take home with them to make.  The goods came this morning.

Just as we were going to bed to-night Miss Barnes went over for Orville.  She was in study hall and having some trouble with the boys. She is very quick tempered and out spoken.  She uses her authority in a way the students do not like.


NOVEMBER 1917 (311-54) WEDNESDAY 7


Am quite unsettled about going home as people think I'm foolish to go west in winter.  They write from there that they are having lots of snow and that it is very cold.  At the present time here it is like spring. Girls are wearing while dresses and white shoes and will all winter.

Tillie has an abscessed tooth, one that has been crowned about 20 years.  She walked down to Mr. Hanel’s this morning and stayed all day.


NOVEMBER 1917 (312-53) THURSDAY 8


If they hadn't changed my mind about going or starting home to-morrow, as I had planned, I would have been putting the last clothes into my trunk to-day and roping it up. Instead of that Orville was going to Bedford City and we all went with him.  Tillie to have the dentist look at her tooth and to have the boys and Virginia's teeth treated ready for filling.

We got Red Cross yarn for socks.  Now we knitters will have to get to work.