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DOCTORS AND DENTISTS recalled in 1927

In the same square on Valley Street between the railroad and First Street, south, all of the earlier doctors had their offices. They were Dr. C. E. C. PEYTON, Dr. John C. DARST, Dr. Jerry FARMER, Dr. W. H. BRAMLITT and Dr. J. G. CROCKETT, dentist. Later, with offices in this same square were Dr. C. D. KUNDEL, Dr. J. W. HOLMES, and Dr. William FARMER, dentist. Dr. W. W. CHAFFIN had his first office on Commerce Street only a short distance from Valley street.
Dr. PEYTON was the first doctor to come to this community, having moved here in 1879. His practice during the earlier years extended over a wide territory. He was the physician for the zinc works, for the Altoona railroad and mines, for the Norfolk & Western Railroad along its main line and on the North Carolina Branch while that was under construction, and also for the various plants as they first opened here. He was a very accomplished horse man and always rude spirited animals. And in earlier days, when there was nothing but a foot-log across the creek at the site of the present Valley street bridge, it was no uncommon occurrence for him to ride his horse across this foot-log, rather than go around by the ford.

Source: SW Times Newspaper, February 22, 1927

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