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Records of the Post Office Department in Washington show that the first Post Office, for the area this is present date Snowville, was established as "The Foundry" on August 13, 1850. In the same year, its name was changed to "Humility', on November 19, 1850.
The postmasters of Humility were:
Chester BULLARD, appointed August 13, 1850
Reuben J. RUKE, appointed March 11, 1852
Chester BULLARD, appointed March 25, 1854 (no explanation was found for the brevity of Chester BULLARD's tour of duty in the position of Postmaster, which seems to have lasted only six days)
On March 31, 1854, the Snowville office was established. The following is a list of its postmasters, showing the dates on which each was appointed:
Stillman B. SNOW, March 31, 1854
John CARMICAL, December 31, 1857
William T. SHELOR, November 4, 1858
Joseph H. WINSTON, January 29, 1866
William H. SMITH, May 27, 1872
Joseph H. COVEY, May 3, 1881
Joseph H. WINSTON, September 25, 1883
James W. BOCOCK, July 20, 1885
David J. SHOWALTER, June 10, 1889
William SHOWALTER, October 28, 1890
Clifton E. ELMORE, October 27, 1893
Genetho S. HALL, July 6, 1897
Thomas H. ELMORE, April 4. 1914
Lonnie C. ELMORE, October 1, 1949
Miss Martha J. BILL, May 16, 1950

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