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O'Dell - Moore Cemetery

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Coordinates - N37 00.011   W080 39.604

= On the same stone with –
FHM = Funeral Home Marker

Location: 5800 block of Nunn Hollow Road - Located 1.1 miles on
Baptist Hollow Road off of Lead Mine Road near Lighthouse/Lowmans Ferry bridge

Originally recorded by Andrew Hamblin - Re-Recorded March 2005 by Pam Jones and Tami Ramsey

Some notes per per William Hurst

Last Name

First Name




BRANSCOME Matthew J. 1989 1989   No stone found
COVEY James Kyle 30-Sep-1933 26-Nov-1997   SFC US ARMY
COVEY Mittie Lou O'Dell Oct 23, 1909 19-Dec-1981    
DUNCAN Infant Son   15-Jun-1976   s/o Roger & Jackie Duncan
EDWARDS Linda Lewis May 3, 1947 November 26, 2006

 d/o William Nuel & Lucille Elkins Lewis
GRAHAM John Claude 8-Nov-1920 7-Jul-1989   married Viola Hurst, Oct. 28, 1943
GRAHAM Viola Hurst 24-May-1924 June 3, 2001   married John Claude Graham, Oct. 28, 1943 - d/o Crockett Lafayette Hurst and Lillie Ann O'Dell
HAYES Jeffery E. 1965 1965   Stricklers FHM
HURST Clarence Earnest 8-Jul-1905 9-Jan-1945   s/o Crockett Lafayette Hurst and Lillie Ann O'Dell, w/o Helen Mary Boray
HURST Crockett Lafayette 1879 1940   o/s/s Lillie Hurst - s/o John Wesley Hurst and Mary O'Dell, w/o Lillie Ann O'Dell
HURST Harmon Paul 7-Aug-1913 18-Apr-1991   s/o Crockett Lafayette Hurst and Lillie Ann O'Dell
HURST Hugh Clint 4-Nov-1919 3-Dec-1987   o/s/s Josephine Hurst - s/o Crockett Lafayette Hurst and Lillie Ann O'Dell
HURST Hugh Clint, Jr. 4-Apr-1945 14-Aug-1977   s/o Hugh Clint Hurst and Josephine Finn, h/o Diane McPeak
HURST John Wesley, Elder 8-Nov-1853 3-Jan-1914   s/o Wesley Hurst and Charity Nunn, h/o Mary O'Dell
HURST Josephine 10-Dec-1920 1-Sep-1990   o/s/s Hugh Hurst - Josephine Finn, d/o Curtis and Hattie Finn
HURST Lillie Ann 1882 1960   o/s/s Crockett Hurst - Lillie Ann O'Dell, d/o Jacob O'Dell and Martha Margaret Bond
HURST Michael David Dec 12, 1961 Sept 24, 2003

US Army - Obit - s/o Harless James Hurst and Mary Theresa Spalding
LANIER Paul A. October 8, 1929 April 26, 2005

son of the late John Edward and Mary Williford Lanier
LESTER Rebecca Denise 1970 1989   No Stone found
LEWIS David Eli September 24, 1953 May 22, 1977   FHM
LEWIS David R. 1-Nov-1877 4-Jun-1951    
LEWIS Dollie M. 30-Jun-1886 31-Mar-1965   Bower FHM
LEWIS James B. 10-Oct-1918 14-Aug-1943    
LEWIS Lida Haga 4-Feb-1955 July 14, 1994    
LEWIS Lucille E. May 14, 1917 July 27, 1982    
LEWIS Mary E. 24-Mar-1929 9-Apr-1929    
LEWIS Paul T. 17-Jan-1908 15-Aug-1944    
LEWIS Richard Foy 12-Jan-1950 30-Mar-1980   SP4 US Army Vietnam
LEWIS William N. 10-Jul-1910 15-Feb-1953   VIRGINIA 213 INF TGN BN WWII
MILLER Minnie "Florence" 16-Mar-1903 1-Feb-1983   Minnie Florence O'Dell, d/o Henry Alexander O'Dell and Geneva A. Hurst
MOORE B. F. 13-Nov-1883 1-Aug-1913    
MOORE Crockett 22-Mar-1846 22-Dec-1935    
MOORE Eliaza Beth 22-May-1846 9-Jan-1928    
MOORE James Robert 2-Jun-1875 14-Feb-1956    
MOORE Minerva A. 24-Sep-1883 2-Dec-1933    
O'DELL Angelica Ann 9-Aug-1942 11-Aug-1942   d/o Arlie & Ann O'Dell
O'DELL Ann Phillips 15-Aug-1920 March 26, 2003

o/s/s Arlie O'Dell - Obit
O'DELL Phebe "Annie" D. 1-Apr-1914 14-Aug-2003

o/s/s Irvin O'Dell - daughter of the late
Henry Clay Dean and Rosie Simpkins Dean
O'DELL Arlie T., Elder 29-Jul-1917 23-Jan-1979   o/s/s Ann O'Dell - Stricklers FHM
O'DELL Arlie T., II   8-Oct-1939   Here lies ashes of - o/s/s Irene O'Dell
O'DELL Barbara B. 17-May-1939 27-Nov-1989   o/s/s James R. O'Dell
O'DELL Bessie F. 2-Mar-1922 October 30, 2000   o/s/s Willie O'Dell
O'DELL Bettie Lou 17-Oct-1922     o/s/s George T. O'Dell
O'DELL Charlie Lee 1989 1950   o/s/s Maggie O'Dell
O'DELL Daniel Lewis "Danny" O'Dell November 04, 1948 April 16, 2008

h/o Rosetta O'Dell - s/o Lewis & Pearl Edith Kidd O’Dell
O'DELL Darthuley Taylor 5-Jun-1879 9-Dec-1973    
O'DELL Dorothy V. 18-Feb-1926     o/s/s Malchom O'Dell
O'DELL Fred H., Sr. 11-Oct-1928 23-Apr-1995   o/s/s Thelma O'Dell - Bower FHM
O'DELL Geneva Hurst 5-Feb-1881 22-Oct-1964

o/s/s Henry O'Dell - Geneva A. Hurst, d/o John Wesley and Mary O'Dell
O'DELL George Thomas 15-Dec-1921 17-May-1993   o/s/s Bettie O'Dell
O'DELL Henry Alexander 2-Oct-1877 31-Dec-1948   o/s/s Geneva O'Dell - s/o Jacob O'Dell and Martha Margaret Bond
O'DELL Infant Daughter   Sept. 9, 1945   d/o Arlie & Ann O'Dell
O'DELL Irene R.   2-Mar-1935   Here lies ahes of - o/s/s Arlie O'Dell II
O'DELL Irvin C. 28-May-1900 19-Jul-1974   o/s/s Annie O'dell
O'DELL Jacob 25-Dec-1852 28-Nov-1939   s/o Abraham O'Dell and Dolly Day, h/o Martha Margaret Bond
O'DELL James 85 years old 4-Jan-1934

O'DELL James E. Oct 8, 1938 Oct 15, 1938   son of L.E. and L.F. O'Dell
O'DELL James R. 18-May-1939     o/s/s Barbara O'Dell
O'DELL James Richard 27-Mar-1880 5-Jan-1937    
O'DELL John R. 1-Oct-1886 2-May-1936    
O'DELL Katy Lee 1957 1957   Striklers FHM
O'DELL Laymon Archie 26-Sep-1908 22-Dec-1941

O'DELL Lewis 8-Mar-1896 31-Mar-1975   o/s/s Pearl O'Dell
O'DELL Lillie Cole May 19, 1917 January 30, 1999   o/s/s Luther O'Dell
O'DELL Luther E. Aug 27, 1916 April 14, 2003    
O'DELL Lydia Mae Turpin 1896 1918    
O'DELL Maggie Bell 1899 1970   o/s/s Charlie O'Dell
O'DELL Malchom Clarence 9-Oct-1923 1-Aug-1987   PVT US ARMY WWII - Bower FHM - o/s/s Dorothy O'Dell
O'DELL Martha Margaret 9-Nov-1859 13-Mar-1923   maiden name Bond, w/o Jacob O'Dell
O'DELL Nellie Agnes 5-Aug-1916 24-Feb-1919    
O'DELL Pearl E. 6-May-1903 29-Jun-1966   o/s/s Lewis O'Dell
O'DELL Thelma Q. 27-Jul-1933     o/s/s Fred O'Dell, Sr.
O'DELL Willie A. 4-Apr-1912 16-Feb-1991   o/s/s Bessie O'Dell - s/o Henry Alexander O'Dell and Geneva A. Hurst
PHILLIPS Jewell Golden Hurst 19-Mar-1947 6-Dec-1996   d/o Hugh Clint Hurst and Josephine Finn, w/o Bobby Ray Phillips
SCHOONOVER Ernest R. 1936 2000   Bower FHM

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