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Snowville was the center of education for the Pulaski area in it's early days. Its greatest progress
in education did not come until around 1856 and 1857. The first schools were private schools which
were held in various homes. Then, in 1858, a public school was set up and housed in a
building which had been erected originally for use as a woolen mill. When the War Between the
States made it impossible to carry on the manufacturing of woolen goods, the machinery was set
aside, and the building was used for the first public educational institution ever to be established
in Snowville. Several years later the school vacated the werstwhile woolen mill, and moved to
another structure located up on the hill back of the residential sections of the Town.
At one time, Snowville had what would be considered today a junior college which was supported by
private subscriptions. A few leading citizens engaged Mr. John Hopwood to serve as a teacher in the
school for a period of five years. The men who contributed their own money to promote the project
were: William S. Bullard, son of Dr. Chester Bullard; Dr. Chester Bullard, minister; Mr. Haymaker,
minister; Capt. David B. Bill, merchant; Cliff Bullard, grandfather of William P. Bullard of Radford, Virginia;
Frank Bullard, a man who later helped to found Lynchburg College; and Rush Miller
In addition to funds supplied by these men, each pupil enrolled in a grade above the fourth grade
paid $2.50 tuition per month.
In 1884, the Pulaski county School Board built a three-room school which was later used as a
Community Club center. For a time, a building in the west end of Snowville was used to house a
four- year high school and a seven-year elementary school. Later some of the high school classes
were moved to the upper part of the old store building located near the Little River. For some
years, students from miles around came to board at Snowville and attend school there.
At one time Messrs. E.T. and J.W. Showalter taught the four years of high school in one room.
Then, about 1922, because the number of students had decreased, the offerings of the Snowville
High School were reduced to two years.
Later, all high school pupils living in the Snowville area were transported to Draper and Riner to
attend school. In the year 2001, Snowville pupils were being transported to Dublin, Virginia to
attend the consolidated high school there.
Snowville High School has graduated many boys and girls who have become successful and
useful citizens. Some of the earliest ones were: Dr. A.W. Showalter, M.D., Bentley Hite,
Attorney at Law; Miss Clara Scott, former Supervisor of Pulaski County: Eddie Moseley, math
teacher at VPI and a minister of the gospel; Manuel Reynolds, former Principal of Riner High
School and Byron Meredith, former Pulaski County School Board member
Among the early teachers of Snowville were: Stillman B. Snow; John Hopwood; Miss, Annie
Lucas; Miss Grace Sayers; E.T. and J.W. Showalter; Maurice Lowman; Miss Marian Thomas;
Misses Marie and Helen Elmore; Misses Carmel, Kathryn and Ruby Showalter; Miss Josephine
Lucas; and Miss Blanche Lancaster.

Source : Louise B. Allison - Louise B. Allison wrote this history in 1958 and it was transcribed by

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