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Transcribed and reproduced from articles appearing in The Southwest Times Newspaper

Bits of This and That


Southwest Times article dated Tuesday, August 4, 1925
Old Paper Is Full Of News---
'Virginia People' Of 1882 Published At Newbern And Dublin
 Story written by H.H. FARMER dated Tuesday, October 23, 1925



Interesting Pastime
Names mentioned L.B. Frost and Ray Farmer
Contributed by Curtis Farmer


 Ghost at the Graham Home
 J.I. Rhys, Canal builder, native of Wales


 Slave Graveyard found at Aust Home
 J. Frank Wysor appointment

Special "thanks" to my transcribers: Pam Jones, Carolyn Worrell, Teresa Ferrell and Liz Linden
**NOTE - Some images may appear blurry due to the fact that they were images produced from microfilm

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