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Pension Application of Claudius Buster W25310

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


[Punctuation and capitalization partly corrected]

State of Virginia   }   Sct.

Augusta County   }

On this 25th day of September 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Justices of the Court of Augusta County (and State of Virginia) now sitting Claudius Buster a resident of said County in the State of Virginia aged Sixty Eight years, on the twenty fourth day of November last, agreable to his father (John Busters) family record – Who being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June seventh 1832 — that he Entered the service of the United States in the Month of December 1780 (as well as he recollects) he entered the service  under the following named officers from in Albemarle County; Captain William Grason [sic: William Grayson], Lieut. Wm Gooch, Ensign Francis Montgomery, and Orderly Sergent Tarlton Woodson [Tarleton Woodson], he entered the service agreable to his [illegible word], on the Muster role, in Albemarle County, in the State of Virginia in which county this applicant was born. Was discharged in the latter part of March 1781 having served three months either from the time they received their arms at Richmond, or from the time they were received by Colo. (or Gen’l.) Nelson [Gen. Thomas Nelson] at yorktown, he does not recollect which. there were two other Companies from Amherst County joined with Capt Graysons, one under Capt. James Barnet [James Barnett], the other under Capt. Tucker. Our Field officers were Colo. [Charles] Dabney and Major Campbell, all under the Colo. (or General) Nelson; the service was at different places: York town, the half house [Halfway House between Yorktown and Hampton], and near hampton. Once the british sailed up York river, in night, landed near the half Way house, and destroyed some property, at that place, which place we marched to from the evening before. A Colo. Mallory collected some men, and gave them battle, in which he and some of his men were killed [Francis Mallory, killed at Tompkins Bridge near Big Bethel, 8 Mar 1781]. — This Applicant further states, that about the month of May, one thousand seven hundred and eighty one, it was rumered that the british were on their way to Richmond and there was a call for a great many of the men from Albemarle County, this applicant recollects the following companies that went into service at that time from the County of Albemarle, (and thinks there were more)  Capt. Daniel White’s, Capt Mark Leak’s, Capt Benjamin Harrises [John Harris’s], Capt John Burks [sic: John Burke’s] and Capt Lensy’s [probably Lindsay’s], at that time there was a proclamation that if any of those who had served the Winter before would volunteer for six weeks it should stand as a tour of duty, this applicant and many others did volunteer. his Company officers were Capt Daniel White, Leut Nathaniel Garland, and Ensign Francis Montgomery. the latter officers volenteerd. the whole marched and served under Colo. Ruben Linsey [Reuben Lindsay]. We join’d the main army under Gen. Lafatte [sic: Lafayette] as theay retreated out of Richmond [27 May]. When Colo. Linsey made a return of his men he made no discrimination in favour of the volunteers, so all served the three months after joining the main army. after marching and  counter marching for some days our army took a Northwesterndly direction untill theay got about as far as the County of Fauquier, theay then turned a more Southerly direction, through Orrange [sic: Orange] and Luisia [sic: Louisa] Counties untill theay reached Albemarle County. on that rout theay were join’d by Generals Wayne and Steuband with their forces [see note below]. After we join’d the main army there was a Colo Toler put over Linsey as first Colo. of the regiment. there was also a Major McAlhenny [sic: James McIlhaney] attached to the regiment who was (or had been) an officer in the Regular army. While our army were on the rout I have mentioned, the british advanced as far as Charlottesvale [sic: Charlottesville, 4 Jun] in Albemarle County, routed the Assembly then siting there, destroyed some property, and then retreated. our Army then followed them, but no fighting took place until they got near to Williamsburg, then there was some scrimageing. One at a place called hot watter [Battle of Spencer’s Ordinary (Hot Water Plantation) 6 mi NW of Williamsburg, 26 Jun] and another at hicory nut Church [sic: Hickory Nut Church, 8 mi NW of Williamsburg]. Shortly afterwards the british went aboard off their vessels at Jamestown, at which time and place here was a considerable battle [Green Springs Plantation, 6 Jul]. at that time the Americans lost a number of men both of Malitia and Regular troops. this applicant though near the scens of action, never was in battle. Shortly after the british went aboard of their shiping, our army mooved up James River to a place cald Maubin hills [sic: Malvern Hill] about sixteen miles below [SE of] Richmond, where they continued at the time this applicant was discharged, which was in the month of August 1781 after having served two full tours of three months each, at the different times, as stated. he has no docamintry evidence, and the most of those he was best acquainted with in the army are either dead or removed to the Western Country — he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pention or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on any pention Role whaever

This applicant states that he has resided since the War of the Revolution cheifly in the Counties of Abemarle and Augusta in the state of Virginia, that he has followed different occupations. About the last thirty six years he has lived in Augusta County out of which time he has [illegible word] upwards of twenty six years as a justice of the peace for the County, and the two [illegible word] last years was the Sheriff of the County and further saeth not  Signed       Claudius Buster



            Gen. Anthony Wayne joined forces with Lafayette on 10 Jun 1781. Gen. Baron von Steuben was already in Virginia.

            On 21 July 1854 Elenor or Eleanor Buster, 77, applied for a pension stating that she married Claudius Buster on 28 Nov 1815, and he died 20 Nov 1843. On 26 Sep 1855 she applied for bounty land. Other documents indicate that her name before marriage was Eleanor Paul.