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Pension Application of Clement Hill W10106

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Kentucky  }                 On this 17 day September 1832 Personally appeared before the

Barren County }     Judge of the Circuit Court of said County Clem Hill a resident citizen of said County who being duly Sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made for certain Surviving officers and Soldiers of the army of the revolution Saith that he is now in the Seventy fifth year of his age  that in the commencement of the revolution he was a citizen of Fairfax County Virginia shortly after became a citizen of Rockbridge County Va. where he enlisted under Captain [illegible] Wallace in the month of April 1779 for the Term of eighteen months: Serv’d. the Term out and rec’d. a discharge a coppy of which I now have; the original I gave to a Maj’r. Charles Gladkin’s [sic: Charles Gwatkins] then of Bedford County Virginia to draw the pay due me for my services as a Corporal in which Capacity he serv’d for about fifteen months. When he enlisted he marched under Capt. Adam Wallace to Fredericksburg where he drew arms and clothing then marched to Petersburg. was then place’d in the 11th Virginia Regiment Commanded by Col. Abr’m Buford. The Regiment remain’d at Petersburg until in Spring [illegible]  he was then placed in the company commanded by Capt. [Thomas] Hord. The march was then taken up in a direction to Charleston South Carolina  did not reach there before the British & Tories had routed the Troups & Taken possession of Monks Corner [sic: Moncks Corner, 14 Apr 1780] which prevented the army getting to charleston. retreated then on the opposite side of Santee River to Lanoos Ferry [sic: Leneud’s Ferry], where we lay until Col. A. Buford came up with the Balance of the troops from Petersburg. immediately the news came that Col. Tarlton [sic: Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton] was coming up, Buford command’d a retreat towards Virginia but was overtaken by Tarlton and defeated at a place near the hanging rock South Carolina [Battle of Waxhaws, 29 May 1780]. he was not in the action I was on the forord[?] guard commanded by Lieut. John Bowen – who had the charge of about 24 prisenors the most or all of whom were tories, Bowen order’d the prisenors set at liberty & the guard to form a line of Battle by the side of the road – the next order was to run that Buford was defeated. The remainder of the army then Rendavous’d. at Hilsborough [sic: Hillsborough] North Carolina – we march’d from there to chesterfield courthouse Virginia  we remarch’d to Hilsborough to Guard Gen’l Gates [Gen. Horatio Gates, probably after his defeat at the Battle of Camden SC, 16 Aug 1781] & on Oct 25th 1780 was discharg’d at that place. in the latter part of the winter 1781 I volunteer’d in the [militia] Company of Capt Thomas Logwood to Bedford County Virginia  was in the Battle at Guilford Courthouse [15 Mar 1781]

he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pention or annuity except the present and he further declares that his name is not on the pention roll of the united states or the agency of any state  Sworn to and Subscribed in open court the day and year afs’d — the copy of the discharge before mentioned is produced by the said Hill & is hereto annexed.          Clem hisXmark Hill


The Barrer hear of Clem Hill of Col. Beufords Ridg’t

Having Served Eighteen Monnths which is the full Term of his inlistment as a Souldier in the Continental Army from the State of Virginia is hearby Discharged

Given Under my hand at HillsBorough the 26th of October 1780..                   Ab’m Buford, Col.

A True Copy f’r.. me Chas. Gwatkin}                                                                11th Virginia Ridg’t

I Do Certify That his wages is Setled and he is in due[?] from the first of August To the 25th of October 1780 — 2 monnths 25 Days                                Tho’s Ridley Maj’r.                   6th C.[?] Re’t[?]


NOTE: On 15 Nov 1842 Mary Hill of Lawrence County IN, age 76, applied for a pension stating that she married Clement Hill on 15 Mar 1783, and he died 2 July 1836. The file contains a copy of a bond signed in Lincoln County KY [then VA] on 17 Mar 1784 by Clement Hill and James Smith for the marriage of Hill to Mary Ann Douglass. On 8 Apr 1843 and 26 May 1848 Mary Hill applied for pensions under later acts.