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Pension Application of John O. F. Martin S30569

††††††††††††††††††††††† Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


††††††††††† State of KentuckyGreen CountySct

On this 14th day of October 1834 before the subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for Green County Kentucky personally appeared, John O. F. Martin, a resident of the County and State aforesaid aged 70 years the fifth day of December next who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in Order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832, that in the year 1781 in Pittsylvania County State of Virginia he was drafted and entered into the service as a private soldier in the malitia under the command of Captain Stephen Coleman, who was under the command of Colonel Robert Williamsthat Captain Coleman belonged to a Battallion commanded by Major Meridith Compton [Meredith Compton]. And that General Stephens [sic: Edward Stevens] commanded the Brigade to which this applicant and the officers under whom he served belonged. that he marched from Pittsylvania County and Joined General Green [sic: Nathanael Greene] at Halifax [Halifax County VA] in pursuit of CornWallis who was then retreating, as this applicant understood, from his pursuit after the prisoners taken by General [Daniel] Morgan at the Battle of the Cowpens [17 Jan 1781]; that after they joined Geníl. Green at Halifax Courthouse as afrsd they there made a stand and remained several days under the expectation of being reinforced b the Virginia State Troops, they however failed to come as soon as General Green expected, that General Green then moved on with the force he had after CornWallis and Crossed Dan River at what was then called Boyds Ferry [22 Feb], thence about 5 miles to one Hugh Dobinís [Dobbinsís at present Semora in Caswell County NC] who lived in the edge of North Carolina, and there encamped some days, and at that place 2 deserters were hanged who had been taken a short time previous,from Hugh Dobinís they moved on slowly after Cornwallis in the direction of Guilford Courthouse, marching and countermarching and watching the movements of the Enemy, that after spending a number of days in this way the Virginia State Troops (which had been some time expected) came up and joined General Green, that Geneíl Green was also reinforced by some Riflemen from the Counties of Augusta, Rockbridge & Botatot [sic: Botetourt] Ė that then Geníl Green began to prepare to give Cornwallis Battle, and at Guilford Courthouse they came to an engagement with Cornwallis which lasted something like two hour, that this battle to the best of this applicantís recollection was fought on the 15th day of March 1781, and that he fought in said Battle, under the officers afrsíd who were then under command of General Green, that he continued in service as aforesaid under the officers aforesaid 2 months and a half, and that he then received a written discharge from captain Coleman for a full tour of Duty but that said Discharge has long since been lost, he recollects that the Lieutenant of his company was by the name of Clement McDaniel.

that some time after the Tour above named and to the best of his recollection in the month of August or September and in the year 1781 he was drafted and entered into service in Pittsylvania County State of Virginia, as a private Soldier in the malitia, that he entered the service under Captain Armsted; that they marched against the British from Pittsylvania County to Petersburg, thence to Richmond, thence down James River on the North side, thence in a direction for YorkTown, that when they got within about 30 miles of York Town they Joined some malitia Troops who were on their way to York Town, that they continued their march until they arrived at York Town at the head quarters of General LaFayette (as he then understood), that the siege of York had then commenced [28 Sep] and was going on when they arrived, that during the Seige at York this applicant was a part of his time under the orders of continental officers while labouring in the entrenchments ó that he continued in service at York Town until the surrender of Cornwallis [19 Oct], and that then he marched and assisted in guarding the prisoners from York Town to Fredericksburg, thence some distance further in a direction to Charlottesville, that he then received a written discharge from Captain Armstead, & returned home, his discharge has however long since been lost that he was in actual service during this tour 3 months Ė

that shortly after the tour of service last named he moved from Pittsylvania County to Augusta County Virginia and in the month of February in Augusta County he was drafted and entered into service in the year 1782 as a private in the malitia under the command of Captain McCune, Robert Anderson was the Lieutenant, that he marched from Augusta County to what was called the barracks in Frederick County about 5 or 6 miles from Winchester, but that previous to their marching to the Barracks they were detained a number of days at Stanton [sic: Staunton] Courthouse waiting for the prisoners who had been taken at the Eutaw Springs [SC, 8 Sep 1781] and other places to be collected and clothing procured for them, that after a number, he thinks about 15 hundred prisoners had been collected they marched with them from Stanton Courthouse to the barracks near Winchester as aforesaid, that when they arrived at the barracks some of the troops who had been there were dismissed by Col [James] Wood and this applicant and his company were there stationed at the Barracks by the Orders of Col. Wood and kept for the purpose of guarding the prisoners, that there were a number of prisoners there who had been taken at diferent places, some taken at the surrender of CornWallis, some at the Eutaw Springs and other places, that he served out his tour at the barracks guarding the prisoners as aforesaid, that he was in actual service during this tour 2 months and a half and was then discharged by Captain McCune and returned home but that said discharge together with his other discharges has long since been lost.

that he has a record of his age and that he was born on the 15th day of December in the year 1764, in Halifax County Virginia

that when called into service he lived in Pittsylvania and in Augusta Counties

that he entered the service as a drafted malitia man each time, that at the Battle of Guilford, Captain Bachas, Captains, Williams, HuberCol. Steward and some other regular officers he recollects wer there

[From here to the signature is marked ďomitĒ in the margin.]

that at the Siege of York he recollects, that Geníl. La FayetteGeneral Mulinburg [sic: Peter Muhlenberg] & Geníl Washington and other Regular officers were there, though he does not recollect the names of many of them except those above named, that he moved from Virginia to Kentucky in the year 1807, and that he now lives and has for a number of years past in Green County Kentucky, that he is well acquainted with many persons in his present neighborhood who can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief of his services and amongst them he names, John Blakeman [sic: John Bleakmon], Jacob Wilcox, William Smith and William Martin; that by reason of bodily infirmity he is unable to attend Court and make his Declaration in open court; that he has no documentary evidence of his services and knows of no person living by whom he can prove his services.

he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any Statesworn to and subscribed the day and year first above written before me†††††††††††††††††† [signed] John O. F. Martin